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The Purrrfect Cast.


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who would make the perfect cast?

this is the group i would love to see in action

A lawyer(woman)

An elementary school teacher(woman)

A Baptist Youth Minister(male)

A Wanna be model/ actress(woman)

An extremist(ski diver, bungee jumper, ect.)(male)

An Athlete(male)

A Valley Girl(of coarse woman)

A cosmologists(girl)

A Cop(male)

A Doctor(woman)

A playboy/or/playgirl model(boy)

A Gym Trainer(girl)

A tv buff(boy)

A farmer(boy)

see, i think this would be good.. cause there are some very self-composed people here.. they would be outspoken, and want to be in control

(lawyer, extremist, athlete, model,cop,doctor, gym trainer, and even possibly the minister)

then like always you would have the layed back people(floaters)

(teacher,cosmologist, tvbuff, and farmer)

just bring some people back like David, he was a hoot!

Who would YOU like to see be a cast member.


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no playgirl model :lipsrsealed2:

no tv buff(boy)

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I've been an avid watcher every season, and it's so annoying that I can't remember the names. The name David from season 4 means absolutely nothing to me.

There are a few who stand out, and I recognize their names...but most of them are just a blur.

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Using past casting decisions, here's a house where we're sure to see stars: :bash:

Elisabeth Hasslebeck (young, blonde, conservative, religious, Survivor crossover)

Rosie O'Donnell (the token gay, her liberal views = good for fights with other guests)

Donald Trump (middle-aged man with a paunch there for the publicity and not the money)

Lindsay Lohan (the alcoholic bitch/actress) :food-smiley-005:

Mary Kate Olsen (alternating with her twin Ashley)

Rob Marino (He's done Survivor and Amazing Race twice, but no BB? What gives???)

Evil Dr. Will (to give Rob some competition)

Janey (to give Elisabeth someone to lecture to and the men something to look at)

Osama bin Laden (so we'd know where he is)

Bill O'Rielly (so Trump and Elisabeth will have an alliance larger than two)

Chris Rock (to make us laugh)

Marla Maples (Trump's ex)

Amber Marino (no one will know she's married to Rob) :P

Britney Spears (she's already shaved her head and Lindsay won't have to drink alone with Paris in jail & all):cheers:

Personally, I wouldn't like a celebrity BB house - the Surreal World sucks!

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king123 Posted Today, 04:45 PM

How did the .. i think Europe.... edition go of celebrity BB go??

The BB UK ended up in a big international racial incident because of how an Indian actress was treated by a some of the other contestants. The actress went on to win and her main tormentor (a previous winner) was denounced and her businesses lost money.

Incidently, she is the same actress that Richard Gere kinda kissed during an AIDS awareness show in India. Another furor erupted, Gere was burned in effigy and the actress went from being the country's darling to persona non grata for a while.

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I kinda like the celebrity Big Brother idea. That could be fun.

As long as the houseguests aren't wanna be's with agents i don't care. I really would like to see more down to earth, regular people. It's nice to have a few of each sex that are easy on the eyes but i want to see people from all makes of life.

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