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If Erika wins final HoH


ericka wins the last hoh???  

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  1. 1. Who will she take to the final 2

    • she will take Mike Boogie
    • she will take Janelle

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I think she will take Janelle. It is a game and you do have to lie but to promise and swear on your mother is a bit much. I think Erika has just had enough of Boogie and she is tired of being played. Still cannot believe Boogie said what he did about Erika's vote and their relationship. What a spoiled lil brat!! Get ready Will, your good ol' pal Boogie is following right behind you just as he has been the whole game. :lol:

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shes not going to win against either one of them ESPECIALLY if she wins final HOH and takes Boogie...If she does that then she will lose Janelle and Howies vote and that would seal the deal right there... Boogie would have Will, Janelle, Howie, Danielle and James... to Erika's Marcellus and George... She might have a chance against Janelle, but a small one!

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Just now in a candid minute alone, Erika says:

"Those motherf*ckers...that's okay...Will got his and Boogie is about to get his."

All things staying the same (and Janelle needs to feed this anger), there is no way Erika will take Booger. She wants the HOH just for the pleasure of the vengeance. No problems here. ;)

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Erika CANNOT beat Booger.....votes would go down like this:

Will would vote for Booger.

Janelle would vote for Booger out of revenge.

Howie would be influenced by Janelle to vote for Booger.

CG would be influenced by Will to vote for Booger.

Danielle would vote for Booger out of revence.

James would vote for Booger simply to keep a girl from winning.

Marci could go either way........BUT Erika still loses.

With Janelle, Erika at least has SOMEWHAT of a chance.

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