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What Is Erika Describing? - No Spoilers Please


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I thought we could use a brain-teaser for those of us who don't know.

It's a short-lived post since most of us know a lot.

If you DO know, and feel like posting, then make up something more interesting.


I stopped in and flipped on the live feed. First spoken words were what follows.

(The quote could easily have been a repeat from an earlier time)

What do you think Erika is describing?

Janelle said it:

"I think Erika described it best. It feels like a baby in an incubator that can't be touched."

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I guess I should have said -- for myself --

If I knew Erika's answer I wouldn't put it here. I don't know it (yet).

But I am enjoying thinking about the concept.

And when I find MY answer, I think I'd like to share it here, in this place.

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I don't know and I don't care. "No Spoilers Please"??

What's to spoil?! A question asked, but no answer wanted, unless it's a goofy made-up response??


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As a generic format for a thread it might have been fun, but the image described is not one I want to hold in my mind for an extended period.

("Are you pondering what I'm pondering, Pinky?")

And in fact to get it OUT of my mind (by getting closure on the question) I'd appreciate it if someone who KNOWS the answer would PM me and tell me what it is - that will replace the described image with its referent. TIA

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