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For the record, here is the transcript from just before FotH:

Danielle: I don't wanna go first. Somebody else go first.

Will: Heads up.

Howie: I farted.

Crew: Stand by...Action.

Will: Not laughing.

Marcellas: Not gonna take that over.

Howie: Hey Georgie.

George: James always has the same look on his face.


Danielle: I can't help it. I'm ready for these people

Howie: I'm glad I'm not here in my underwear. It's freezing out here.

James: I wish you would just strip down, dog. Does anyone have gum?

Danielle: Do I have to spit it out?

Howie: Spit it over the fence.

James: Give it to me.

Howie: I have to take a pee

Crew: Walk them back around and check lighting.

Will: Do you want us to stop and spin around?

James: Altoid?

Will: Look how many people here yet.

Crew: Checking your faces.

Howie: Can I pee in the bushes real quick.

James: Yeah, pee dude.

Crew: I'll take you to the bathroom after this shot. That might do it.

Howie: ...stepping in dog sh$t.

Danielle: I need tissue. My nose is running.

Will: Howie's gotta take a dump guys.

Howie: I do. Nerves.


Who was goign to stay up until whenever but then decided that sleep was more important than Boogie's reaction to the Jury Inquisition...

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10:23PM BBT

We are back from jury questioning...

Boogie is trying to figure out why Howie wanted to know who Erika's early targets were. He doesn't get that question. Erika says she doesn't know but the people close to her always knew she wanted to take out Will late in the game, the puppet master. Erika asks if Boogie liked her speach, the one where she took credit for the biggest move in the whole game which was getting rid of Will.

Boogie said he was kind of hoping tonight would let them know which one of them was winning but the questions were so mysterious that he can't tell who has who's votes.

Long silence.

Erika is looking very smug. She says she is responsible for sending home the biggest player (Will) & the 2nd biggest player (Janelle I assume). Erika says Janelle is going to look like a stupid jealous girl. Janelle asked Erika if ass kissing & throwing comps was part of her game play.

They say all the other HG are hypocrites. Erika said that in BB4 they didn't rake even Allison over the coals & that no one on their jury really behaved badly during questioning except Janelle. They say the only person that was really out of control was Janelle. Erika says she is just jealous. Boogie says she is just a child & is used to having things given to her.

Boogie says Fuck this is going to make the "thing" interesting.

Erika says that Boogie might win because Janelle might persuade Howie. Boogie says, tough to say because they did vote seperately last year & that Howie's manhood got cut & the only way Howie can salvage his pride it to get the last laugh.

Boogie couldn't read Danielle but Erika thinks she has Dani's vote.

Erika asks Boogie if he is sick of her yet. They have wine & Erika says lets get drunk!! They got wine, lots of wine. BB gave them 2 big 1.5 litre bottles :o

Erika says Janelle really is quite the crazy girl. Boogie says yeah she is like the drunk girl at the club. Boogie says Janelle is fucking nuts. She kept saying "I'm not done yet". Boogie says he thinks the overall tone fo the group favored him.

Erika doesn't feel like she coasted or floated at all & she had to win competitions :rolleyes:

Erika thinks that her game & Boogie's games are very similar (game? what game Scarika?)

Erika is now taking credit for CG putting up Howie she says Boogie didn't do it but she talked CG into it after everyone left the room (yak)

(sry I can't watch Erika undeservingly stoke her own ego, thought I could but I can't, you take it Fuskie)

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James asked Erika, 'Why should I vote for you if you deplored Alison's floatng strategy?'

Boogie thinks he will have Will, Janelle and James. Erika will have Danielle, Howie and Marcellas. George will be the wild card.

Erika says she said all that she wanted to say, that she sent out the two biggest players, Will and Janelle.

Boogie says he wanted to tell Marcellas not to vote against him just because of ego.

Erika says Janelle will come across being stupid and jealous. Boogie says it is because she is so young.

They agree that anyone who complains about throwing competitions (Danielle) needs to realize this is All-Stars.

They are drinking left over red wine.

Boogie: Danielle has no right to f$cking question me. If she doesn't want to vote for me, don't use that as an excuse. I'm f$cking happy with what I did. I lied to everyone but George and Will, and George I never had a reason to.

The jury inquisition never goes as smooth for the finalists as they anticipate and it certainly seems like is the case tonight.

They say Janelle was really out of control with her questions. She was just jealous. She's just a child who gets everything she wants. They sound really bitter and superior. But it should be a hum dinger of a finale, according to Boogie.

George won't give it to Boogie because of the impression he has so much money. But he seemed a little mad at Erika too, so he might vote with emotion.


Who could go on or could go to bed; guess which one he chooses...

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11:35PM BBT - Erika is rewriting history. Now, after listening to Boogie list the many "alliances" he and Will were in, he is now saying that she would have preferred to be in final two with Janelle because she would have "smoked" her. She says that Janelle was nothing this season, she [Janelle] was manipulated and had competitions. She claims that Janelle would have had George and Howie but that Marcellas, Danielle and Boogie would have definitely voted for her [Erika]. She even thinks that Will would have voted for her but Boogie says that Will would have voted for Janelle because Erika was responsible for getting him out. Boogie seems to be a little more grounded in his opinions [G-d! I hate to say anything remotely nice about Boogie] but Erika seems to be really full of herself. They both agree that it will be a close vote, 3-4 either way. Erika actually believes that she and Boogie were the best players [apparently, Erika thinks that one single move trumps all the manipulations and maneuvers made by Will in the game - And they call this a reality show!].

Boogie has told Erika a couple of times about the "Legion of Doom" and how they posed for pictures in a gangster/rapper pose to celebrate the LOD. He tells her how Danielle used to say "LOD, Live One Day" when she was drunk which was code for Legion of Doom.

Erika is being really nauseating now, she is telling Boogie that she never trusted Chilltown and that she knew everyone was being manipulated by CT and that she is only here because she was the only MF who didn't trust CT. [Puleeze, if she hadn't got to Janelle in the Eleventh Hour, she would have been gone herself because she DID trust CT - the diary rooms will prove that]. She has also claimed that she told everyone (except Chicken George) that they were going home before they were voted out. [Yup, that really happened]. Erika is trying to act like she has been a badass all season and says everyone on the jury are just bitter jealous people. Boogie is playing nice but then he has to spend another three days with this delusional woman.

I don't think I can listen to anymore of her foul mouthed-BS. I am going to bed. Night all!

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11:35 AM BBT

Boogie and Erika sitting in kitchen telling it all ! Boogie tells her about The Perfect Storm, The Legion Of Doom. Erika laughing at him and then she proceeds to tell him that she was aware of most all that was goign on behind her back. She said "Boogie I was born on a Tuesday but it wasn't LAST Tuesday!"

Boogie says he thinks the night Danielle was ding donging the HOh that Erika was way weak and afraid. Erika assures him that she was simply playing up to Will and she wanted Will to believe she was weak so he woudln't suspect that she was actually after him.

Erika has been going on and on for about an hour now about how she started to piece things together very early on and they discuss the votes and Erika says "I believe that i should win because I took out the greatest player of all time when I took out Will" She says that Will goiing home was all her!

Boogie asks her if she thinks she could have beaten Janelle in final two and she says very emphatically "YES! OF course!" Boogie says "JANELLE??? REALLY?"

Erika says "Yes,..she was NOTHING to me this season,..her 10 comps were nothing but they were thrown to her, she was easily manipulated,.and I did not in the least feel threatened by her at all! I have been saying since week 4 that I wanted Will out and that Will was the best player and the biggest threat,..not Janelle!"

Erika has had just enough wine that she is now being extremly confrontational to boogie!

She is claiming to know just about every move that was taking place in the game and taking credit for both Danielle's and Will's evictions.

Heck according to her she is responsible for every single person who left so the jury shoudl just vote for her!(yeah right!) I am outta here,.can't listen to anymore!

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Update for last half hour

2:46am bbt

Boogie and Erika outside in the hot tub. They were going over who has what votes and why. Erika being quite cocky and tells Boogie that it was her who protected him through the entire game. She is implying that even Boogie needed to watch out for Will as Will was setting him up to look like the bad guy. Boogie tries to explain to her that this was a good thing and part of the strategy, so that people would thing he was hated and take him to the end. He argues that she is trying to make it like Will played him but that Will actually made him look better. Erika says Will made Boogie look like the hit man instead of the strategist. (ed. They are both being somewhat hostile during this conversation). Erika then brags that she took out the Brains of Chilltown. Boogie gets angry at this statement and gets out of the hot tub. Erika starts pleading "Don't be mad at me". Boogie says she just insulted him. She tries to backpedal and says he played a great game.

They start discussing the final three and Erika admits that she wasn't sure if she would take Boogie or Janelle to the end. She felt like she was in a difficult spot since she wanted to take Boogie but had promised on her mother to Janelle that she would take her. Plus she felt she absolutely could have "smoked" Janelle. (ed. ok?) Boogie seems irritated and can't believe she didn't know what she was going to do and was going to possibly take Janelle. (ed. They are still hostile during this conversation, they have been drinking)

Boogie seems annoyed/angry and gets up to go in the house. Erika is still in the hot tub. As he's leaving she asks him not to be angry and don't let things be weird between them. He is keeping his cool, and downplays it by saying he's just hungry and tired and is going to go make something to eat. Boogie goes into the kitchen and says something to the camera but you can't hear him. As soon as he left Erika says "F&ckin A&&hole".

After a few minutes Erika goes in the house, walks past Boogie ignoring him and goes to bed in her single bed in the green room. Boogie finishes eating and goes to the ant room to go to bed. He slams the door when he goes in. Then he goes back out of the room to get something, comes back and shuts the door loudly again. Then he is trying to untangle the CD player and head phones and drops the CD Player. At this point Erika yells "Why are you being so mean"? Boogie very nicely apogizes, explains that he didn't mean to make so much noise, he dropped something. She yells out a couple times, don't be mean, don't be mad at me. He tells her he's not mad and really does not want to get into this with her tonight. She keeps pushing. He says lets just go to bed, I really don't want to talk tonight. Let's get up tomorrow and talk then. Erika then gets out of bed. Boogie hears her and tries to cut her off and says I really don't want to talk about this right now. Erika comes in his room anyway. Boogie says "Don't be that girl, I really don't want to talk right now" E: "Boogie" B: You just do your thing and I'll do mine, we're in a bubble here, we've both had some wine, and I don't feel like going over it. Let's get up tomorrow at lunch time, reset and talk then". Erika goes back to her bed and yells "God, get me out of here please"

Erika gets back out of bed and goes outside and is looking around the couch for a cigerette. They show a close up of her trying to get a butt out that's stuck in the ashtray. She finds a butt and lights it and says "It looks like I'm smoking a joint, it looks like I'm smoking pot in the big brother house"

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Just to finish off the wee hours, Erika goes into Boogie's bedroom and takes some pills (Benadryl) and goes to bed in her room.

Boogie gets up, closes the door, and returns to bed.


About last night:

Several times Erika insisted that Boogie recap things he said about her in the DR. He seemed to forget everything else and concentrated only on the night that "they" evicted Will, yet saying "I never called you whores or anything." He never came anywhere close to preparing her for what she will learn in a few days.

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12:07PM BBT: It's twelve o'clock. Do you know where your finalists are?

12:47PM BBT: There was a ruffling of sheets. Now if that doesn't get your blood pumping, I don't know what does.


Who wonders if, besides Will, Boogie has ever met anyone he didn't think was unequal to him intellectually...

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1:27PM BBT: Erika yawned.


Who soon followed...

1:28PM BBT: Erika got up, put on a shirt and went to the bathroom. She splashed water on her face, checked her teeth, then returns to the kitchen and stands next to the BY door looking out. She actually steps outside and into the sunlight, ending speculation that shes a vampire. She goes out to the HT and cleans up their dity glasses.


Who hopes this doesn't mean they are going to get up now...

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1:52PM BBT: Boogie has arisen.


Who watches him walk right past Erika on his way to the WC where she looks up but no words are spoken...

1:55PM BBT: Boogie goes outside and sits on a lounge chair by the pool. He doesn't even wonder where the empty bottles went.


Who would like to describe more motion but just can't bring himself to lie...

2:00PM BBT: Boogie is in the pool. Erika gets up, hits the bathroom and then joins her outside. For the first time today, they talk to each other. They hug briefly and then Erika returns inside. Boogie follows and they start talking about food.


Who notes Boogie went back outside to to sit alone...

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2:27PM BBT: Boogie and Erika are outside. Boogie is eating. They are discussing the inquisition again. Erika says that the Jury members aren't all stars. They had a second chance and blew it. Boogie says it is all about egos.
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2:33 BBT: Boogie and Erika outside, Boogie asking about "the thing," but you really can't understand what he's talking about. Talk moves to the jury questions, where they sarcastically talk about Janelle.

2:37 BBT:

Erika: Maybe they'll get us a movie. Can they do something today, or no?

Boogie: I was kinda trying to sell it. I was like, "you know, if you did it at like midnight - it's three on the East Coast, how many people are really gonna be on the Internet? She was like, 'yeah, we can probably set something up in the HOH room.'" Fire, but feeds quickly return.

2:45 BBT: Boogie sings, FOTH, but they return less than a minute later. Boogie and Erika have been talking about Chilltown's past alliances and how they used them to their advantage, like The Perfect Storm.

2:53 BBT: Erika: "I guess I should tell you know, I had an alliance with EVERYONE. Seriously, who didn't? I had an alliance with nearly everyone..."

3:02 BBT: Boogie starts giving shoutouts, then starts to mention the Q&A with the jury, and we get FOTH for about two or three minutes. They come back for a moment, but then we get another FOTH, not sure why (wasn't paying close enough attention to what Boogie was saying). When the feeds return, Boogie is heard saying, "...winner. Mark it down, Internet."

3:08 BBT: Another FOTH for a minute. Erika brings up the time when she was spying in the Storage Room and Boogie ruined it, then makes fun of what Janelle was saying.

3:12 BBT: Whoever's controlling whether we see feeds or fire is click-happy today, apparently. They keep going back and forth.

3:30 BBT: Boogie and Erika playing cards at the dinning room table.

4-ish BBT: Card game is over... Boogie's in the hottub, Erika's looking at herself in the gym mirrors and generally just wandering around the house.

4:22 BBT: Erika just came out of the diary room, saying, "I need to get the f**k out of here!" She wanders for a bit, then takes a nap on the bathroom couch.

4:35 BBT: Boogie out of hottub, laying on chair in backyard.

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Ah, but they're eating in two different places. <see video>

7:50 Playing scrabble. Very safe.

Unless they consider the words they think up to be highly symbolic.

Hey, ya never know. First turn, Erika didn't have the tiles to put it on the board, but she asked about how to spell the word misery.

8:15 Still scrabble. No whine tonight.


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