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All I see is FOTH now, I haven't missed anything since I turned my feeds on earlier with Mike sunbathing and Erika sleeping. What's the difference?

I still can't wait for the finale even if nobody else does.

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About last night ...

At one point during a break in the game, Erika commented that "Now it's just like we live here" and Boogie agreed. <Some living -- these two have zero discussion except for the scabble game.>

First game -- Erika beat Boogie, by about ten points.

I think they had a second game.

They got to see a movie around midnight.

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Still sleeping.

Cam 1 Camera is fixed on the "Love and Hate" signs with definitions on the wall

Cam 2 Is on the ducks in the bathroom. Red ducks with the devil horns, and the white ducks have angel wings.

Cam 3 Sleeping HG (both in the bed they have made on the floor).

Cam 4 Same shot different angle.

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12:41PM BBT - Just got FOTH so BB are probably at last giving the sleeping rats hamsters a wake-up call! We are probably in for another action-packed, fascinating day NOT!

12:48PM BBT - Briefly the feeds come back. Boogie and Erika are still in bed (in the dark) and Boogie is telling her that on nights when he doesn't have to work late, he likes to be in bed watching TV by 11:00 p.m. He says he's not a late night person! Then we get FOTH again!

12:58 PM BBT - All four feeds just came back. Feed 1 on Boogie in the kitchen, feed 2 on the living room table, feeds 3 & 4 on Erika still in bed (in the dark) then FOTH comes back. Perhaps they are encouraging Erika to get up?

1:05PM BBT - Feeds 1 & 2 on Boogie in the BY eating breakfast and asking the cameraman if the internet is on today. He asks the cameraman to move the camera in response but the cameraman does nothing. Boogie: "Oh, you're not going to play today?" Erika in the bathroom doing ADLs and saying "Only one more day in hell." They are now both in the kitchen silently going about their business.

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Erika inside, mumbling about how they're like an old married couple who don't talk anymore.

Boogie, outside, has asked the camera for the second time if the internet is on or off. Camera won't respond, so Boogie says, "Okay, I guess I'll be quiet then- assume that it's off."

<I agree with the camera -- don't give that boy any more stage time than he already has.>


Erika wanders through the house talking to herself. Says it's easy to be alone in there even with a hundred people behind the walls -- cuz she can't talk to them. Loves Boogie to death, "but my, he's a moody guy. And I'm an even-keel girl." Then sits at counter, turns directly to look up at camera and says that Legion of Doom is a stupid name. "(more like) Legion of Dumb." Then adds that Chilltown is a dumb name too.


Erika comes out of DR and calls to Boogie. "Go to the Diary Room, Baby." Boogie approches and says, "Okay. You ready? We'll still call it 'the thing'...." FOTH While he's in DR, Erika gives the camera a sample of a few ballet movements and labels them, calling them "probably the most complete warm-up moves for ballet." She ouches, complaining of her rib, saying it will never be the same.

Now cautioning everyong on never signing up for BB. Says, sure, she's in Fanal 2, but it was a f*in war to get where she is now. "That rope veto saved my ass. Thank God that Will could not get that f*ing veto off. That's what got me here."

Just remember, if you want to play this game:

Don't throw competitions.

Always try to get that f*ing veto....

Never feel safe.


Boogie out of DR. They comment on how much they like Jonah (McMichael?), and how funny he is. Apparantly Jonah said to Boogie as he was leaving DR, "Well, I'll see ya tomorrow night, as long as your head fits through the door."

2:05 -- Boogie calls out "27 hours." <time frame for last of live feeds?>

When first out of DR Boogie also mentioned that he's still only allowed six. (Don't know if that's for 'the thing' or for the Wrap Party.)

Boogie is going to work out in the gym, leaving Erika alone yet again. He comes back to get the CD machine and headphones.

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We come back from a FOTH and both are missing. All four feeds do obvious pans arond the rooms. Silence, and nobody home. Then FOTH again. Back, and they both come out of the DR. Erika says something about heels and Boogie says, "That'd be awesome."

Boogie goes back to gym and Erika makes a bowl of something in the kitchen.

5:45 Boogie running on machine. Erica sitting in front of her suitcase, sorting through lotions and makeup.

<and looking for those Jani gloves?>

5:55 It seems they've been told about not allowing liquids on planes, and that's why Erika was going through her bag. She referred to "liquid explosives."

It also sounds like Erika figured out the HGs were in Palm Springs. She bragged, "Don't underestimate me. I'm a smart girl."

And finally, she requested DVDs again for tonight. She mentioned Sex in the City just before FOTH cut her off.

She goes to gym and headphones, Boogie lays on the counter-area floor for some abs action.

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They are on indoor lockdown. Erika said something about "no reason to treat us like animals" as she leans against the sliding door -- and then we have FOTH.

(It may be that they have been on LD all day. That would explain why Boogie went to the gym instead of outside.)

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Flash: They are no closer together now than they were 48 hours ago.

12:10 -- Hey, wake up. Somebody got to Boogie (maybe in the DR)

He went and got all 'real' for a minute. <see video>

p.s. They're still no closer, just in case y'all were expecting two miracles.

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Erika & Boogie heading to the shower in their swimsuits (Yeah!! we have less than 24 hours left that they can force us to look at Erika in a bikini)

Now they are showering & Boogie is telling Erika why he is so gassy. He is lactose intolerant.

Boogie tells Erika what a hottie she is. Erika says "you really think I am a hottie Boogie?" Boogie says she has the hottest body of any girl he has ever hooked up with.

Boogie tells Erika to try to get Meet the Parents if she can.

Boogie then proceeds to sniff the crotch of his shorts. I guess they weren't too rank because he put them on :huh:

Boogie goes into the dining area & we hear an undisguised female BB voice say "OK Mike, let me tell you the choices. We have Sex in.... & FoTH

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actually, they went INTO the showers with their suits on, but they quickly took them off once they were in their respective showers. Erika was already in her shower when Boogie headed over to his - she held her door open to let him in to share her shower, but *diss* he walked right on by and into the next stall. A few minutes later Erika poked her head around the divider and announced that she <might> peek.

They talk some small talk, then Erika leads the conversation around to whether Boogie really thinks she's hot...then she confirms for him that he really is sexy...as she walks over (she is now out of the shower and in her towel) and looks straight at him in his shower. He tells her that henow thinks that he is a little bit sexy, but he used to be only funny.

Boogie pleads with Erika to PLEASE go NOW to ask them for a movie tonight (thre reason for our extended FOTH right now) "Maybe Meet the Parents" and he adds as she is walking down the hall, "I'll do whatever you want-" so she calls back "You will??!" all happy, but he didn't get it, because he answered "yeah, I think we like the same things."

It's so sad watching Erika pining away after this guy who she is about to learn some heartbreaking news about -

and, we learned earlier tonight, as Boogie asked her how it was for her last time around re-acclimating into society, she went straight into heart-break...literally: she actually went home to find her house empty-Josh had moved all his stuff out. This year ain't gonna be much better.

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Well, here's an odd turn of events.

The live feed QUAD CAM is carrying the audio of the BB house but full-screen video of a volleyball game on CSTV (Brazil vs. __?__). The other (single) feeds are normal. I guess they know how boring life is in there.

Anyway, can tell by the audio that neither is out of bed yet.

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still getting feed from an obvious sporting network when logged onto the quad cam. Right now there is a football commercial, yet you can hear boogie farting in the background.

cam 4 - view of kitchen from LR cam

Cam 3 - Bug room view in night vision

Cam 2 - nightvision of a restless sleeper tossing on the mattress on the floor

Cam 1 - night vision of HG sleeping with banging around in the background.

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The two have been outside on the couch. Let's see....

Erika watched all of Ghostbusters last night (Boogie fell asleep). She's wearing the same clothes from yesterday - the ones she slept in.

Boogie's ear is still bothering him - wants to see a Doctor before he flies.

Erika says thanks, darlin' when Boogie takes her batteries to replace them in SR.

Erika can't wait to see her friend of same name, and her family. She and friend will hug for 20 minutes.

They figure the flight will be 4 - 4-1/2 hours

They're going to have "Last Time" dip in the pool after their coffee.

Boogie tells Erika she was snoring this morning at "Chicken George levels." She doesn't want him telling that to the internet -- "I'm dainty," she says.

Erika was called to Diary Room.

When she comes back out she calls "hey, gorgeous" to Boogie and tells him it's his turn.


Erika now trying on clothes again.

Boogie comes out and they look over his clothes, both for tonight and 'the thing'. <see video >

Now Boogie is packing up all of George's collections and costumes - garbage bags.

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Boogie still working on clothes and packing.

Erika sitting at the gym mirror with her makeup kit(s).


Erika working on clothes now (changd back into the white bottoms and grey off-the-shoulder shirt).

Boogie running/working out in the BY

Erika takes clothes to the laundry but not what she's been wearing for two days!

Now she's having a bowl of cereal at the counter while she watches Boogie outside.

Then she goes to the LR to do some floor exercise, and mentions that aching rib again.

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It's now 2:12 and Booger has come back inside. He told Erika that she'd better hurry up if she wants to wash her hair. She's freaking - like three hours isn't enough. She yelled at the walls "YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME HOW MUCH TIME WAS LEFT!!!!" and now is in the shower. She told booger she'd dry her hair outside to get it done quicker. He's in the storage room getting something to drink and packing up his smelly workout stuff.

Now he's eating - but he had to wash a knife so he could cut his tomato.

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