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August 24 Live Feed Updates


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They're back. They are making food. George is belching. Dani says "I know why I'm here now. I talked to Dr. Zachary." Erika says she told her it would help her.

They tell George that his wife won't recognize him because he has lost so much weight.

Dani is ordering everyone around. She tells James that he shouldn't make her angry--he wouldn't like her when she is angry.

Dani is being very flip and cheerful this morning. They are joking around, although Dani is ordering people around in the kitchen.

Dani: You! Put that half and half away!

James: It doesn't say "Dani's Bitch" anywhere on my forehead.

Dani: It says it on your ass.

George: OOoooooh!

James asks if today is the 24th? Dani thinks it is the 27th. Then she backs up and says no, she thinks it's the 24th.

(James is eating cereal. He pours it and just tucks the top back together and puts it in the cabinet, oblivious to the roaches. Don't they have Ziplock baggies??--ed)

Dani was already busted for singing earlier, but now she sings again, and we have a brief FOTH

As Boogie is coming downstairs, James says "It has begun!"

Boogie comes in and thanks Dani for cooking eggs for him.

James: So, Boogie, you wouldn't let us in last night, huh?

Boogie: Hell, no!

James tells him he missed a good time.

James is sitting at the table, looking really paranoid and on edge.

Danielle is sitting across from him, giving him "meaningful" stares, but not saying anything, as Boogie warms his eggs in the microwave.

James asks what time BB told Boogie he has to be out of the HOH room. He says "Noon."

James: Damn!

Boogie: They're strict in there. Noon. Get your ass out!

BB is playing loud music.

It's "It's In His Kiss" but it's not Cher.

Another long FOTH (It's going to be one of those days, I think. --ed)

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Mike/Will conversation...

W: they ask questions in the DR, often they are leading you one way or the other

M: this morning they were pushing, is it real or is it fake

W: mine was, are they playing you? After the last 2 days, I have ZERO ZERO worry that Janelle is playing us, I am telling you, definately not

M: in the DR they used the term Fem Fetalle... like you said, if it goes down that way, they got by the best

W: you are 100% sure about Erika?

M: no, never 100%...

W: ok, I'm 99.8% Janelle is not...

M: this morning I wasn't doing the cocky thing

W: it's this week that makes the decision... let me ask you, I have the potential to win this HOH, but if I win, the gig is up, who do I put up? I think I'm better off not winning it still... If I put up Dani/Janelle, Erika votes out Janelle, now Jan/Dani are together... I could put up Dani/Erika, tell them we are backdooring Janelle, we win POV and don't use it

M: that's why I think it might be better for Janelle to win it this week... here's the beauty of it... if we get Janelle to win it's perfect... what if Dani wins it, she said she's putting me/Janelle up, not in a bad way.. if you/me win POV, we come off and she puts up Erika...

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12:15 came in for lunch.. found Will Boogie telling Dani in WR that they are voting James out (I think) because of the danger to them. Dani is responding with OK OK OK....

Now all on outside lockdown W/B in corner in yard whispering strategy... continuing to go over what ifs.

BB comes on says: This is a warning, it is against the rules of the competition to discuss your votes.

Boogie calls out "is that you guys?" (James, Janelle, Erika, Dani on couches call back.. no) Boogie makes light saying... "how many ducks on the wall is not votes...."

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Before flames...

Erika, James and Danielle were playing cards.

George was packing. Jani went in to talk to him asked if he had passed gas and when he admitted that he had - she told him she would come back in a little while.

Went to flames and trivia for a few mins.

Then back on feeds for a second. George asked the camera man if it was a busy day for him since he kept following him while he was packing.

Erika was laying down and Danielle was talking to her (in the bug room).

Back to flames and trivia for a few mins. And while I was typing this out the feeds came back on.

Erika still lying in bed. James was in the storage room and Dani looks like she is cleaning up the bug room a bit.

They are on Indoor Lockdown

Erika decided to go walk on treadmill. Mike in WR doing pushups.

George is packing his stuff in a garage bag and put it on a stick some sort - looking like a hobo bag. (ed LOL)

Mike talking to George in RR

Talking about how much free time they had in season 1 since America voted them out. That it was different this time around. Said he had a lot of stuff he made at his home of all the things he made. Mike laughing saying George made a lot of stuff this year. That he was going home with all he brought in plus double that.

Dani and Erika whispering but all I can hear is Dani going mmmm hmmm.

(1:26 bb time)

Dani in br getting ready. Mike is actually ironing (or trying to) saying this isn't something you will see often.

Now has Erika helping him.

Trying to figure out what to put the iron on. Erika (the dummy) just touched the hot iron and burned herself. Now asking BB what to do about a burn.

(1:30 bb time) Flames for brief second or two.

Erika in br checking out her teeth and also complaining about her finger hurting.

(1:37 bb time)

Will/Janie laying in beds - Will said Mike will put the blame on James leaving on Will.

George eating his slop

Erika and Dani practicing for HOH. Erika saying they can't celebrate this time.

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Erika/Danielle still in the gym ... talking about sessions with Dr. Zachary - Dani telling Erika that she told Marcellas to take prizes in graveyard POV. Also saying how mad she was that she felt alone in that POV and she worked so hard. That she was in solitary confinement and they were having a party.

Dani telling Erika how angry she was after this week's POV. Some one made a remark about giving janie wine after the pov..says it just hit her wrong

now she is asking "why wont they let us see the tapes? they let us see the hoh before redo? you know its there, why wont they show us"

Saying how James is now leaving. They they didn't have to let everyone go back in to redo it just James (and who ever else was left at the time) back in.

James finally getting his stuff ready. Geroge on the couch. Guessing that Mike, Janie and Will are still laying down.

Dani was talking to herself after Erika left WR - I think she was saying she needs this HOH.

(I have to get ready for work... and to record BB.... be back later on tonight.)

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Also to add to the discussion about graveyard POV Erika pointed out to Dani that Marc got the trip to Aruba and the $5000 (when infact Boogie and Will got those...does the house still believe the lies?)

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447pm BBtime

james and boogie are in the gym, james says he would much rather lose against 'you guys' in final four....he says 'you know chicken george doesnt deserve to be here'....basically a last plea for mike b to vote for him to stay...and that he (james) will take out janelle,george,erika

449pm BBtime

back to our regularly scheduled FOTH

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James is with Boogie in the workout room. He is trying with everything he can to talk Boogie into keeping him. He says if they do he PROMISES to get Janelle out. They call Will into the room with them. Will said James had already spoke to him and he wants to make it happen. Will quickly makes an exit. Boogie keeps trying to leave the room and James keep talking to him. Boogie says he is 80/20 on keeping James. James says he doesn't understand. Boogie says that he will be honest with him. I'm worried about how good you are in HOH and POV. James says I swear Janelle and Erika are my targets. I'll get Janelle out! James says Please, alliances normally don't work out in this house. Let's make LOD work.

(ed. I missed alot of this convo. but this is pretty much what was said)

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Boogie & Dani were in the workout room. Boogie said he was sorry for James leaving but he didn't have a vote & Will just didn't trust him. When Boogie leaves Dani says to herself "Will's ass is mine". (this coming from a HG who hasn't legitimately won a single comp, had 2 given to her but no wins)

Erika comes in & they start talking about getting to eat Sushi tonight. Dani seems to perk up a bit.

Dani & CG talking in redrum talking about how they can't believe they are final 6.

All HG hanging out in kitchen area. Dani says they are thinking about letting CG eat food tonight.

Janelle goes to the bugroom to lay down & read the bible.

Not a lot going on. Mostly everyone's just hanging out waiting for the food.

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Danielle and Boogie talking in the workout room about Chilltown's decision to evict James - Boogie is a little anxious, trying to apologize and is eager to place the blame on Will. Danielle is still pissed at their betrayal of LOD and is not in any mood to reassure him - telling he yes she WAS trying to win HOH and the game is SO going to get worse instead of better (but not in a threatening way).

Boogie leaves the room, and Danielle starts lifting arm weights in heels and pearls, muttering 'Will you're ass is mine'

Erika enters and whispers to Danielle that she plans on reassuring George that there is no harm in him going up . . . Danielle says right because it doesn't matter who goes up. Erika says right, and if George comes down then Will goes up - in fact whoever goes down, Will goes up. The two agree that decision was so easy, then they hug.

Danielle then goes to the red room to apologize to George for not giving him her vote. George doesn't seem to mind (but he probably does - who wouldn't).

People hanging out in the kitchen now . . . doing a post-game HOH reassessment, discussing questions, etc. Conversation is flitting all over the place - Will looking somewhat less cocky than usual. They talk about how few people are left, they wish BB would give them a kitten to cuddle and play with, the wish for a Motley Crue concern in the backyard . . .

Janelle in the yellow room reading the bible

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Conversation with Boogie and Danielle:

Dani tells Boogie she is not happy with CT.Dani says janie voting out james made no sense, he will know how she voted.Boogie blaming it on being paranoid.Dani and Boogie both say they are emotional players. Boogie said Will would not listen.Dani says she feels responsible for james being evicted Boogie dont Dani don't feel like that "Dani tells Boogie she is still with them and Boogie said I know

Dani still questioning why janelle would not vote for james.They are glad Janelle didn't win HOH.

Boogie left the gym and Dani said your ASS is mine Will!!

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Dani gets Will alone in the exercise room. Will apologizes for James going byebye. Will says he is about to tell Dani something that he hasn't even told Will Boogie.

(& the Will BScapade begins...) He says that preshow Kaysar approached him for an alliance & that Kaysar wanted it to appear that it was good vs Evil. The alliance didn't really pan out but that before Kaysar left the house he pulled Will aside & told him to never trust James. (Lots of side, back & forth talk). Will says Janelle is going to ruin his game & he wants to get her out. He says that Janelle voting James out proved to him that James was really bad but Will tells Dani he is sincerely sorry that James had to go.

Will assured Dani that she is his #2. Boogie is #1 but she is def #2. Dani says she feels like they should talk more. Erika comes in & asks about the twist. She says now that it is expired can we know what it was & who had it? Will says "I can neither confirm or deny if I had the power". Will says it is BS that they had a twist that expired.

7:05 BBT

LD is over. Erika starts smoking cigs.

Erika tells Dani "Can you believe we have made final 5?" (I count 6 HG so either that is a guarantee to Dani that she isn't going on the block or Erika can't count :D )

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Janelle,CG and Erika go into the gym to ask about the power and what it was. Will says I cannot confirm or deny it ....ask him to ask Boogie.Boogie in the DR. Dani says straight up "I didn't have it" Will says this is proof of a poor produced reality show and WTH it expires in 2 weeks.

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Everybody seems to be in the backyard except for George (?) Boogie was jogging and I was going to give him 5 minutes max to last but before I could write that he gave out - lol.

Will and Janelle were power walking and invited Danielle and Erika to join them - nice to see everybody having a good time together :) The girls are all bonding books they have all read - they like VC Andrews and Anne Rice. Will's trying to join in on the giggling by interjecting bad jokes but is sounding like a doofus - he makes a comment about feeling like he's fallen 'behind enemy lines' - lol.

The emotion's pretty positive in the house - a short while before the houseguests were reflecting on who and how many have gone before them. Will, Boogie and Janelle met briefly in the bugroom and Will reassured Janelle that he has a plan and will approach Erika with a deal. He also dispatches Boogie to ratchet up the showmance full-throttle (ick! Still not sure who's playing who there)

Janelle also likes a book called 'The Game' . . .

EDIT: Found George - he's in the red room unpacking and trying to find a place for all his props (lol) - his sombrero, the flags, the cocktail umbrellas.

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Will talking about his favorite movies - In The Company of Men, Dark City, The Tempest, The Reckoning (something about molestation in the middle ages :o) . . .

Now only Danielle and Will powerwalking - Janelle got tired and is now on the couches watching them. Boogie and George are in the hottub but the camera is not on them - I think Erika may have gone to go change. You can hear them talking about Vegas - Boogie likes to go to there in the summertime for 3-day weekends because they have pool parties during the day and regular partying at night.

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747pm BBtime

everyone goes up to see Erika's HOH room: it has a flower pattern rug and bedspread, its pretty but with a lot of orange......

they all remark how alison looked a lot bigger in the pic from BB3, mike b. says alison was 'chunky' and will remarks on alison's roseacea(acne)

george whines about her mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies...........she got a coldplay cd, so of course will has to start singing and make it go to FOTH

they think they are getting sushi again tonight (what is the obsession?)

george bets that they are bringing in KFC chicken and mashed potatoes to torture him tonight

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Boogie now outside playing Pool, George is back in the red room (i believe, no camera's on him) others are in HOH talking about dogs, Will and his Girls....

F1&F2 on BY, just Boog

F3&F4 on HOH, Erica, Dani, Jani, and Will

Will and Janelle make a graceful exit to check th SR, now going outside to walk talk to Boog, ask where CG is, didn't hear the answer BB calls Janelle to DR.

Erica and DAni discussing votes in private now, Dani says Boog tried to keep James, Will is the one and she can't believe Janie lied about her vote to James

switching to Will and Boog in BY now:

will telling Boog what to convince Erica to do only heard put Dani up as pawn,

CG comes out will says welcome to the CT meeting, they are asking if he knows who the vote against him was....

CG: who would have ever thought us 3 would still be here...

Boog says erica is tough but she won't look Dani in the eye and Nom her, how can they scare her into doing it anyway...

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