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August 24 Live Feed Updates


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Will with more coaching CG obviously went inside

Will: tell Erica don't tell Will this but i think we should get rid of Dani she'll flip eventually and we should keep Jani. you can beat us or CG in comps but Dani and Jani are tough, you should nom both.

Boog says we can't ask for the moon, let her make her noms then we'll do our stuff in POV.

now talking about CG, missed most of it...

Will: a genuine problem for us is if Erica dosen't nom us, Danis lightbulb will go off and She'll know Erica is with CT. this is how they will get Erica to Backdoor Dani. when Dani gets pissed at Erica

Boog: saying CT cannot go up even as pawns, he has to work it with Erica.

Will says Dani has been to Erica's house, he heard talk about Dogs in HOH "is this the same one that i saw at your house..."

Boog: Food's here!!!

Baja Fresh, Will is Pissed....

CG says he thinks Baja Fresh must be a sponsor of the show

they say it's okay they made it seperate this time, Baja Fresh is good....

CG comes in again, Will asks can you eat

CG says no, Will says then i won't either, Just Kidding, if i win Slop pass i Promise to give it to you CG...

Jani: me too

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no more game talk, just chatting about stuff, Will prompting Boog for some story about Joe??

(ed, i'm a slow typer so i am not even trying to get this one down)

now we have FotH, i think Boog said his Last name, maybe it was Jonah not Joe???

feeds back

CG going to BY by himself.

switching to QuadCam... taking an extremley long time to load....

by the time i get it it's FotH now on all feeds!!!

CG alone in RedRoom now, poor thing looks hungry, eveyone else eating the tacos/fajitas

other HG discussing Nakomis and a Tshirt with her name mispelled from her sister say it looked as if it said Nachos

CG coming back to Kitchen, humming a little...

Will discussing Howie calling Boog a punk and Julie calling him out on it.

Boog says that must have been the craziest eviction ever in BB

CG looks like he feels bad about Howie leaving still, not even touching the slop he just made

back to HOH questions, was that just a question or did that happen (How calling Boog a punk) oh yeah it happened...Janie remembers it...

now discussing evictions who left nicely who was an ass about it...

HG start siging American Pie....


we're back Boog talking about a phrat party...Will no talking about a stoner Phrat, getting kicked off campus having one last party, setting couch on fire, throwing it in pool nextdoor, an Animal House party

Dani asks where will went to college, he says Emory in Atl, then University of Miami, something in between but i'm slow sorry...

will keeps on singing so we keep getting Foth talking about song Hooks now with Backstreet boys "i want it that a way" before another Foth

now LFO, how Will loved the song his year, starts to sing...more Foth...

Erica went back to Hoh reading letters

Will now talking about other MTV shows, the one where they mocked the Boy bands, (missed the name) now Andy Milanokis (i know is misspelled that one)

trying to tell Dani all about wierd stuff Andy does on show

Will says Andy's show is clearly for stoners by stoners, he's obviously stoned all the time.

(ed:anybody who can take over???)

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Erica doing Shoutouts to people she knows showing thier pic to camera in Hoh saying i miss you i love you

no more game talk so i'll post if i hear any game talk!!!

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okay i stepped away for cigarette and missed some but now Boog, Will and Jani in BY talking who has won more Hoh, who's the best etc...

Eric and Dani in Hoh, talking noms maybe CG, switching cams...

Dani: you need to talk to CG, he'll vote out Will over Janie.

Erica: no he won't

FOTH again

i gotta go for the night i hope someone can take over!!

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9:33PM BBT CG and Boogie in the HT and Ericka is asking BB for liquor. She tells BB she will be more sexy, "I know sex sells."

9:35PM BBT Ericka is now taking a shower

No sign of Will, Janelle, or Dani

Correction: Ericka went in the shower to change into bathing suit, not to take a shower

9:38PM BBT Ericka is getting in the HT with CG and Boogie.

George looks up at Ericka and says "Wow."

Jani is playing pool with Will in the BY

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9:40PM BBT Ericka, Boogie, and CG talking but very hard to hear. I heard something about Ericka waiting for BB to tell her something in DR.

-George is putting his face into the water. (Fun stuff, huh.)

-Ericka is saying how it is easier to talk in DR because you cant see anyone and shes just looking around so its easy to talk.

9:45PM BBT Nothing to Report but my feeds just went down ?!?!? Sorry.

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Danielle, Erika and Janelle are playing cards on the red couch outside and having fun, laughing.

I can hear the guys out in the hot tub.

All four feeds are on the girls, though.

(My normal feeds went down, too, so I had to load up the feeds that have no time outs--not the normal BB feeds)

The talk is about past seasons. Erika says that everyone hated her season--hated the twist. Janie asks why her season was so hated? Erika says that everyone hated the twist. Dani says the twist sucked. And the winners. Jani agrees: The winners sucked.

Janie: Sorry, Guys!

Dani/Erika in unison: Sorry, Guys!

Talk is now about the picture in Erika's room. Dani says that she told "them" (DR) that they aren't getting anything out of her! Jani says that Alison looks a lot better now, though. They agree. Erika says that was not a flattering pose (for Alison).

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