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August 24 Live Feed Updates


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its 10:20

For the last hour all HGs in the backyard playing cards, drinking wine, and singing so often we get more flames than anything. At this moment Dani, Boogie, Erika are on Will to STOP singing or BB will withold alcohol. He continues to sing/speak lyrics from Garth Brooks among others. CG is in HT by himself and several of the HGs have been called to the DR in succession... (CG, Dani, James, Boogie...) Boogie not drinking says the wine made him sick last night says, this is good night not to drink it leaves more for you guys. Most just sitting and yawning now.. maybe an early night?

Will has asked Janelle to do the HT several times, she keeps declining.

10:30 people have scattered.. Erika and Dani playing pool, Will inside, CG and James in HT... leaves Will flirting with Janelle on the couch. Still not much going on.

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10:35 PM BBT

Will and Janelle sitting on the couch in the BY. Janelle is trying to get Will to get drunk with her. He says he doesn't want to because he won't be able to compete in the HOH.

Will says he likes White wine better than red because it doesn't stain his teeth. Janelle says, "it's more a vanity thing then". Janelle asks if her teeth are purple and Will says "No, they're pearls". Janelle asks if her lips are purple and Will says a little. Will takes a minute to brush a bug out of Janelle's hair.

The argument insues about drinking and not drinking.

Will: You have to win HOH.

J: Why? Are you going to quit hanging out with me?

W: Yeah cause I am going to be in sequester.

W: No I wouldn't do that. It's really an important one. You think it's a crapshoot.

J: Honestly, I can't remember like I used to. My brain doesn't work the same. Something happened. I can't explain it. I would have won it but Howie was gone.

J: I can't do it without Howie.

W: Are you serious? Can't I be that . . . to you?

J: I would like you to be

W: I will be more than that

J: Yeah what do you want to be? Tell me in my ear

W: No, uh-uh.

J: You are so annoying

W: Just trust that you are right. Is that cool?

J: That I am right about what?

W: I think what you think is correct.

J: How do you know what I think? What are you talking about?

W: You remember that conversation?

J: I guess

James comes out and the conversation stops momentarily.

More conversation between Janelle and Will. She keeps telling him he needs to win HOH because her brain is shot. He tells her that she will do fine that he won't win and will be going home.

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11:00 PM BBT

James in the BY chugging beers. Everyone is amazed at how fast he can chug beer. Dani keeps pressing him to do another one. James gets CG to count while he chugs beer. He does it in 4 seconds. Very impressive. They ask how many beers he's chugged and he says 4 plus drank 2 glasses of wine. James thinks he will puke tonight.

Janelle, Will and Boogie playing Cutthroat. Will chalks Janelle's pool cue and Janie says, "Thank you Will. I love the way you rub chalk on my poolstick". Will laughs and tells Boogie, "I have met my match."

Will asks Janelle if she has ever met anyone who's flirt game was as strong as hers. (Feeds timed out and I didn't hear her answer.)

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11:30 PM BBT

HGs gather for more beer chugging by James. CG counting as James chugs. Five seconds this time but still very fast. James starts telling a story of when he was in college. Said for the benefit of this story they will call the girl . . . Dani says Bambi. Somebody else says Cory. He starts telling the story of how she was a little hefty. . . FOTH

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Feeds back after about 10 minutes

Will and Janelle on the couch. Lots of eye contact, whispering and touching. Janelle has been force feeding wine to Will out of her glass. Janelle puts her arm around Will and he tells her to stop. Janelle says she is offended. Will puts a barrier of pillows between him and Janelle.

Will says does everyone know this is a fake yard and a fake house?

Gets up and goes over to Dani. Says he never gets to hang out with Dani. Dani is all giggly and drunk. Will says he wants a cigarette. They tell him he can't have a cigarette because he is a doctor. They decide they are going in the HT. Dani and Janelle go inside to get into their suits.

Boogie and Erika are playing pool. Will runs over and jumps on top of the pool table.

Dani and Janelle come back outside and ask Will why he is standing on the Pool Table. He says he's training for HOH. BB comes on and says "Will, stop that!" Will is still straddling the pool table as Boogie and Erika continue to play.

Will is not playing pool with his feet, knocking the balls into the holes. He doesn't have his mike on - he took it off when he took off his shirt.

Janelle back outside and tells Will to get down and get in the HT. Will made some kind of remark about this being Baywatch when Janelle came out.

Will and Janelle start singing in the HT and we get FOTH.

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12:13 Everyone except George get out of the HT and go to the HoH. They plan on jumping wet on Boogie's bed. They ring the bell, beat on the door, the walls and chant the bet-you-can't-sleep wake-up call. Boogie is trying to sleep, rolls over and flips a bird.

The group returns to the HT, Janelle is on the couch smoking. They ask her to get back in the HT, she responds I'm fine. They all serenade her with "You've lost that loving feelin'". (FoTH)

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12:04 AM BBT

Will, Janelle, Erika in the HT. CG is sitting on the chaise. They keep begging him to get in but he declines. They ask where Boogie is. James is loose as a goose. Dani is eating Top Ramen noodles (very badly I might add). Will takes the bowl and eats some. They say it's really good. James takes the bowl and eats some too. Dani protests because he is eating all her Top Ramen.

Will says it's been 60 days and James finally gets cool. They give him a round of applause.

Will says he doesn't see any reason the women can't remove their tops. He says he and James are totally bored. Dani says you first.

They are seemingly having a good time. Someone spit on Dani and she said "Why do you have to spit on the black person? Spit on the white people. Water fight ensues and then James takes the water bottle that was in the refrigerator and pours it on all of them. Erika bails out because of the cold water.

They then go up to the HOH room to try and get Boogie out of bed. They are ringing the HOH doorbell, pounding on the wall and chanting for Boogie to get up. He isn't budging. The doorbell continues to ring but Boogie still isn't getting up.

They give up and go back out to the HT.

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Janelle returns to HT to give Will a hit off her cigarette.

Danielle is in her pj's, dares James to take off his shorts and he does (he has on undies). She tries to take off Will's shorts but he threatens to tell Mr. Reyes.

They are having a good time singing (James, Erika, Janelle, Danielle and Will). we get FoTH

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12:23 Quick break from FoTH, it looks like they are playing spin the bottle

12:25 Bottle lands on Janelle for second time, she kisses Will both times; first time was on the cheek, the second time they went under water. Will says it was also on the cheek, asks Janie to stop kissing him. Lands on James, who kisses no one I could see. Bottle lands on Erika who kisses James on the cheek.

They end the game... go jump in the pool. Will pulls Jack Shack over to jump into pool and we get FoTH

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12:24 PM BBT

Feeds back after FOTH and the HGs are playing spin the bottle in the HT. The bottle lands on Janelle and she kisses Will on the lips. He pulls her under the water and you can't see what's going on. They play a few more spins with Erika kissing James on the cheek.

They decide to jump in the pool. FOTH

More of HGs behaving badly shortly. I'm sure BB is giving lectures by now.

:D (I'm out for the night since Mendes is here.)

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12:35 Return from FoTH

The group has returned to the HT. Something hit Danielle right on the top of her head, and her head hurts.

Danielle goes inside to take a shower.

Erika suggests they all go to take a shower. James says goodnight to Erika, Janie and Will

E leaves Janelle and Will alone in HT

J: You're scared of me Will

W: Yeah

J: Why

W: I gotta get out of this hot tub

Will says she is too attracted to him, she insists she is not, just wants him to keep her company.

She thinks something is wrong with him, he is acting weird.

(My feeds are choppy)

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12:50 Will pulls Janelle to his side of the HT, then moves away. He expresses concern about the people on the internet (tee hee)

They share water and flirt.

Will feels their friendship boundaries are becoming blurred. Asks that she never do anything that he would feel uncomfortable with. She agrees. They still flirt, despite his protestations.

He asks her to tell him a secret, but she says no we

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2:12am BBT Feeds still only showing 2 people sleeping - Erika and the back of Chicken George? Erika looks tense even in her sleep with her arms all clutched in tight protecting herself . . .

Oh - action! Feeds just switched to Will and Janelle just finishing up with their nightly shower together (not in the same stall). Janelle is applying deep conditioner to her hair.

Janelle's upset with Will because she thinks he made a joke tonight at her expense that was laughing at her and not with her. He apologizes and says he would never hurt her.

Not much talk otherwise . . . Janelle just combing her hair, Will flossing his teeth. They are now discussing how many times a day they look in the mirror - Will says probably about 5000 and Janelle says probably about 2000. Will says she's probably then about 2x the industry standard while he's probably about 5x the industry standard, and Janelle nods in agreement (My note: Guess they're too busy looking at themselves in the mirror to notice their industry standard's about 990 times off ;) )

Will is going to bed and Janelle is sad that she'll have to be up by herself. Will asks if she is mad at him and she says no and wishes him a good night.

* * * * *

James up to take a pee . . . Janelle is happy to have some company but dude is practically sleep-walking. Makes a quick rinse of his hands, wishes 'Janie' and good night and heads back to la-la land . . . zzz

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2: 15 am Feeds change to Janelle in a towel in bathroom, she goes to shower

Will emerges from the toilet, drying hair.

They argue about something Will found funny, but she did not. Janelle says he was making fun of her. Will says he would never purposely try to hurt her. Will grooms himself while Janelle conditions her hair.

2:25 am Will heads to bed, leaving Janelle to stay up the night alone

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3:24am BBT Janelle's quite fond of the couch in the bathroom. She's now back inside reading the Bible. They keep flashing briefly to a closeup of the text, but I can't make out what passages she's reading . . .

3:32am BBT Janelle turning in for the night - nighty night Janelle :)

PS Dani is the only one who sleeps on her tummy - everybody else sleeps on their sides . . . (wonder if that means anything :huh: )

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