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August 26 Live Feed Updates


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Will taking a shower.

Dani, CG & Boogie at/in the HT. Dani is talking about Raging Bull & Robert De Niro.

Nothing much happening at this moment in time.

While drying off, Will blows his nose into the towel & then proceeds to dry his hair with the snot side of the towel :blink::o

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Will: Hey, How are you?

Janie: I Just woke up

Will: What's going on?

Janie: Nothing. How's the trampoline?

Will: It's really fun, I missed you on it. (He sits next to her on the bed)

Janie: What time is it?

Will: Like 10

Janie: It is?

Will: You have to get some sleep tonight, because you have to do well in the POV.

Janie: Alright - as she pulls the covers back up around her

Will: No! Not now!

Janie: laughing - Did you talk to anyone?

Will: Did I what?

Janie: Talk to anyone?

Will: Not about anything. I'm thinking tonight I'm gonna get Boogie to

go to Erika and be like look Danielle wants you out next week. The best thing that could happen is that you win POV and take yourself off.

Janie: Mmm hmm

Will: Worse case scenario, I go up, you guys save me. Best case scenario is Danielle goes up and we kick her out.

Janie: Mmm hmm

Will: And Erika, she probably won't do that, but you guys will save me (Janelle nods), so you win POV and you'll be safe.

Janie: Mmm hmm

Will: That's a whole lot easier than doing it any other way.

Janie: I know.

Will: You want me to let you sleep?

Janie: No.

Will: My legs are hurting so bad. (Long stares between them)

Janie: What? (smiling)

Will: I'll be up. If you want to play cards, I'll be up.

Janie: Alright

Will: Roll around. You need anything?

Janie: No

Will: Okay

Janelle stays in bed.

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Just checked in with the feeds . . .

Will is trying to get Janelle to come out of the bug room - not sure if it's because he's worried she'll go back to sleep and be out of it for tomorrow's POV competition or whether he is trying to get her to 'maintain the lines of communication' with others as he was last night. But he took her hand and led her out and she went along with him . . .

Everybody else was in the kitchen/dining room studying the memory wall of houseguests' faces.

Now it's just Janelle, Will, and Danielle in the kitchen - Erika has just joined them . . .

Boogie now back from DR and George is absent - I'm assuming he's now in the DR. The feeds keep going to Foth, possibly because they're mentioning the names of books (?)

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Boogie and Will now up in HOH talking strategy - Will is laying out his strategy for getting him, Boogie, and Janelle to final 3 . . .

W: My plan is to have Janelle be friendly with them. This is what we have to say: Erika, you can't beat Janelle in finals, you can't beat Danielle either. Danielle's trying to get us to try and get rid of you, you can't play HOH next week. Danielle's coming to you and saying let's get rid of Chilltown, Danielle's coming to us and saying let's get rid of you. At least with Janelle you know where she's stand. We're friends with her. Get a truce with Janelle, let's get rid of Danielle, we get rid of Chicken George next week . . . it'll be the final 4 dating show.

B: Thing is, it's hard to sell Janelle - it's like these girls' their minds are so like . . . imagine if we weren't with Janelle and someone brought this up (my feeds crashed, sorry :( Basically Boogie was trying to tell Will that Erika'll never go for that)

The women + George are all in the backyard giggling over books - nice to see them getting along again :)

EDIT: Now everybody minus Booger at the dining room table with the cards out discussing the rules of Poker.

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Everybody turning in for the night because the POV comp is tomorrow and everybody is playing now that the game is down to 6. They are discussing sleeping arrangements because BB closed down the red room this afternoon where George usually slept. George is now sleeping in the green room (I think ?). Dani is now sleeping in the same room as Will and Janelle (I think she is hoping to eavesdrop on them!), Erika went upstairs to sleep with Boogie, who appears to have fallen asleep with his headphones on.

Will talking about his job, his life, his ego, and his addiction to fame . . . let me switch feeds to Erika and Boogie . . .

. . . Boogie is trying to sour Danielle to Erika and she goes uh hu, uh hu, then innocently asks him who Janelle would put up if she got HOH next week - busted! Erika's responding with comments like "oh Danielle's so scary, she's got to go" but is definitely not falling for Boogie's attempts to make her feel like Danielle is more of a threat than either Janelle or Will.

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<_< Its 5:03 BB time and all the little ones are tucked in their beds.

Boogie and Erica in HOH

Will, Dani and JAnielle in BUG room and CG in green room.

(I miss Howie :unsure: )

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11:08 BBT

Cam. 1 & 2 Dani doing dishes.

Cam. 3 Sleeping Erika and Boogie

Cam. 4 Georgie in bathroom, getting ready for the day.

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will/mike b/george are in the gym, they are all laughing and talking about dumb stuff

danielle/erika are in HOH, not looking happy, danielle tells erika 'janelle gots to go, she makes will stronger'

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this is interesting...danielle says that when she talked to Dr Zachary (the BB shrink), she asked her when she was in solitary confinement and the others had won prizes if she felt she had been played

and now danielle says : yes....i got played...she asked if i was embarrassed and now yes, i am, i got played

she now says CT has gots to go

erika is draped over the big orange chair in HOH, added grunts of agreement here and there

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I turned on the live feeds since nobody has reported for a few hours. Not much going on. Janelle, Will & Erika in hallway outside HOH discussing what "Christmas gifts" they'd like from BB (for POV competition). CG is puttering around in the kitchen and doing something with the peanut butter. No other HG's can be seen on the quad cam. Will in & out of HOH bathroom and now flirting with Janelle - he's making Janelle give him compliments and teasing her about how much she loves him.

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5:06 BBt

Will,Jani,CG playing Gin at kitchen table

Dani going to use HOH bathroom(she walked in on Boogie in the downstairs bathroom "taking care of business) :o

Erika in HOH

Veto comp is going to be sometime early evening BBT...they think about 8:00

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4:45 PM BBT

Boogie and Erika lying on the floor in front of the HOH room doing Darth Vadar training. Will comes out of the DR and says the POV comp will be mid-evening. Says BB will give them a 2 hour warning. Boogie remarks that he thinks this POV will be amazing. Will sits down on the floor next to Boogie and Erika. Talk starts about him and the trampoline.

Janelle comes out of HOH. Will says he hasn't jumped on the trampoline with Janelle. He jokingly says he's afraid she will fall down on top of him and make it wierd. Will tells he "Don't act like you're too cool for school" and invites her to sit down and talk to him. Janelle says she was going to go start getting ready for the comp. She relents and says "Fine Dr. Delicious, whatever you say."

Boogie and Erika must have gone back in the HOH room because they are off camera.

Janelle sits down next to Will on the floor and he whispers something to her. She replies, "I have been. I'm trying my hardest."

Erika comes back out of HOH and Will changes the subject to wanting a massage chair. The conversation changes to what they asked for for Christmas. Erika said clothes. Janelle said she asked for trips and we get FOTH.

George is in the kitchen and they are standing at the railing talking to him. Will and Janelle go downstairs to the BR. George says the bathroom should be dry now because he mopped it. He said the toilet is sparkly clean. Janelle says "Thanks Mr. Fart". George replies, "Don't worry about it. Any time for you. The robust beauty queen from Minneapolis, Minnesota - JANELLE!"

Will and Janelle in the BR. Janelle blowing her nose and Will in the toilet. Janelle asks Will what he's going to do today. Will tells her "I know you are falling in love with me. That it's getting weird. Janelle replies I am not. I hate you. He tells her to say it again, she does; he says you can't say it three times. She says it again. Will asks her what she feels about him, fishing for compliments. She says he's funny, fun to hang out with and she enjoys her company.

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5:15 PM BBT

Janelle, Will and George playing cards in the kitchen.

Feed 4 shows someone sleeping. I'm guessing it's Dani since we haven't see her on the feeds. She has the blanket over her head and wrapped up like a cocoon.

Feed 4 switches to a full face shot of Erika. Looks like she is lying down reading something.

Dani is up and gets up and goes to the BR. She opens the door and Boogie is in there. She says "Sorry!"

She goes into the kitchen and tells the others you will never guess what just happened. I walked in on Boogie. Will says he doesn't want to know. Janelle says "Whacking it?" Dani confirms. Says she is going to HOH to use the bathroom.

George says "Great, I just cleaned the bathroom."

(I have to leave in a few minutes but will be back shortly. I hope someone can take over.)

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6:45 PM BBT

Will and Dani talking about HGs that made it to the All Stars. Will says Diane was too sensitive to be in this game.

Dani starts talking about Nakomis and how smart she was. Dani said she was so laid back and was non-committal when she talked to her in the house. Said the six finger plan was brilliant. Said it took everyone by surprise. Said Jase was taken completely by surprise. Said when Jase finally figured out that they had the votes to take him out, Cowboy told him "You've just been bitch-slapped!" They are laughing. Dani is very animated.

Goes on talking about Cowboy and how he was funny with his one-liners. Does demonstration of how Cowboy won his POV.

Dani said everyone called Cowboy names but she liked him.

6:56 PM BBT

George is still in the bathtub. :huh:

Janelle is in the BR fixing her hair. Will and Dani sitting in silence at the kitchen table. Dani is shuffling the cards. Will has his chair back against the wall with his feet on the edge of the table.

Will asks "BB can I get confirmation of what we are supposed to wear?" Asks Dani if it's going to be athletic.

Dani starts talking about the comp in Season 6 where they had to dive in the water. She is asking Janelle about it but Janelle doesn't have her mike on. BB reminds her to put it on.

Feed 4 is showing Erika lying down on the HOH bed. It doesn't look like she has even begun to get ready for the comp. Still in her robe and no make-up. Have no idea where Boogie is.

Back to talking about comps in Season 6. They discuss that they might have someone hosting the comp tonight - possibly Monica.

Start talking about the Christmas thing and how it will probably be in the snow. Dani says she doesn't do well in cold.

George still in the tub.

7:06 PM BBT

Boogie strolls into the kitchen. Looks like he's being sleeping. He asks Will what time the comp was starting. Will says probably in an hour. He said they told him 2 hours at 6:30.

Janelle is sitting on the floor stretching and Will is showing Dani all his bruises and scabs. Dani is drinking something out of a wine glass. Not sure if it actually is wine or if it's juice or something.

George is still splashing around in the tube, adding more hot water occasionally.

Janelle back in the BR finishing her make-up. Dani walks in the bedroom and gets her ratty pink robe. I guess she's cold. Erika looks like she's sleeping now - her eyes are closed.

Lo and behold, George is letting the water out of the tub. The sea monster has arisen! :D

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