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  1. Yeah it seems they been doing more than just dancing. They seem unusually close.
  2. I loved the Bollywood dance and he did an amazing job.
  3. /mourn I keep thinking Bristol will go home but when I look again, she's still there. The whole state of Alaska must be voting for her
  4. Absolutely - he's gonna need a transfusion if he keeps losing blood.
  5. I was really impressed with her in the challenge but where is her backbone? She must have left it at home
  6. ITA! Then she goes and sells out RC by telling Pete about the clue. It's unlikely her attitude will change and I doubt very seriously that Pete will be able to control her.
  7. I would really be embarrassed if I was Russell. I honestly don't know what his problem was - not enough food, water, bad swimmer?
  8. Meh . . . Granted, he's a very good dancer but he doesn't ring my bell.
  9. No it's a popularity contest. I'm really upset that she stayed and Joey went home. No way she could out-dance Joey. NRA must have voted for her
  10. Yes I think I drool every time he comes on the screen
  11. Bleh - Joey goes home and Redneck Woman gets to stay. Something is not right about that.
  12. Exactly - I don't know if she's just playing low-key or if she was not trying to divulge that "they" found the idol. Sharing an idol is never good and I think Abi is a loose cannon.
  13. She's one of those "in your face" players. I expect to see some neck action if she really goes off!
  14. Cookies? One of those astute statements you hear from these twits. Reminds me of Ashley from BB.
  15. Russell is exasperated. Roxy didn't drink enough water? WTH - did you realize there was going to be a physical challenge? At least Angie pulled the sled but spent the rest of the challenge under the bench. Glad Miss Eyeroller went home
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