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August 10 Live Feed Updates

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10:25 BBT

Howie, Janelle and Kaysar realize that there is plastic rat in the glass box where the tarantula's where. Janelle tells the other two NOT to say anything to anyone else. They all disperse to take a look around at the rest of the house.

10:30BBT Janelle & Kay in bug room looking at rat in glass cage. Janelle, Kay & Howie led James on about what they are going to do when one of them gets HOH. Marcie told Kay that James goes both ways.

Kay says he can't believe that he might be leaving tomorrow. Says that he wanted to fix his mistakes from last year. But it didn't work. Janie talked about her mistakes from last year. Talked to much & didn't get to know the people.

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10:00 bbt Sov4 practicing for the hoh in the bug room


Josh had merci robe

Allison said Erika and Janelle have fake breast

Sounds like Janelle apologized to James for thinking he was working with Danielle

10:30 Janelle and Kaysar are alone

janie is wondering where the things the "ghosts" had came from

Devil Duck the bath room

they are whispering hard to hear marci looks in on them from the other room through the spider tank

Jan : I feel bad that i don't trust james

Kay: it goes both ways, he said to me why did she pick marcellas over you for the pov, ... trust me it goes both ways

Jan: do you think he'll turn on me

Kay: no, i think he wants to play differerntly, just make decisions as a group

Jan: I just feel like he's using things i say or do against me

Kay: yeah like i heard him say that howie would never put the house on slop

Jan: he seems like he's trying to get them to go against me

Kay: i feel like i tried to set things up differently, thought I'd play differently, i tried to not turn on james, or make a big move, pace myself

Jan: i don't know what mistakes i made last time, i talked to much, didn't get to know people, i think i'm getting to know people better

Kay: me too, i feel like i've gotten to know them better, like erika and chicken george

Jan: Yeah, i like all of them

Kay: one on one jase is really easy to get along with

Kay: i've never sat down and talked to marcellous, i've talked one on one with everyone but him

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10:33 BBT

Janelle tells Kaysar she feels bad for not trusting James as much. Kaysar tells her it's both ways. James has come to him and said "Why didn't Janelle pick you for POV comp. She picked Marcellas, Janelle is up to something." Janelle says "Really... we talked about it ahead of time." Kaysar says he knows, that's it's just paranoia on both their parts. He tells Janelle not to mess this up and she needs to not think that way. James is cool with them.

Kaysar talks about not wanting to get too paranoid himself about James, like last year. He doesn't want to play aggressively like he did last year. Janelle says she's trying to play better this year too... like: Not talking to much, being more personable with people, etc. Kaysar says that he talks too much too.

Janelle says she really likes a lot of the houseguests this year. They talk about some of them and what they like.

Kaysar tells Janelle that Danielle is the brains of "their" alliance... Janelle says she knew that before even coming into the game. Kaysar says that Marcellas is the rat.

10:45 BBT

James comes into the YR with Janelle and Kaysar. Janelle points out to James about the rat. James plays it off but, you could see his mind working feverishly. (ed. Any bets on how fast he shares this with Danielle?)

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12:18 AM BBT

Boogie just Janelle know that it was in fact Will who put the rat in the tarantula cage. Boogie is pissed that CG stole his cushion to sleep on.

Kaysar is frantic "I'm gone" telling Janelle that if the votes aren't there to just vote for James.

Will wants kaysar to get Boogie to talk about the vote. Kaysar wants a staight up answer from CT. Boogie says they have a signal system and will be deciding after the speech. "we love you both and we hate you both" telling Kaysar he ccould be an incredible ally as well as a foe.

Boogie says that if James stays he's a bigger target. If Kay stays then he could be another Danielle.

CT is saying they're positive (Floatherd) has CG but Kaysar is saying he has him for sure. Kaysar asks CG for his vote and CG tells him he can't say. Kaysar pleads but CG says he can't say.

CT tells him to come up with a "bomb ass speech" and they will signal to each other how to vote.

Now Kaysar tells them to "vote me out" "I don't want to be dicked around" he's telling them you know and let him now "don't play with my emotions" CT still tells Kaysar they're still undecided.

Will is lying to them that it would be good that they go final five even though earlier upstairs they want all of the SOVs out.

Now they are talking about if Janelle wins HOH how they are going to celebrate. Will says why doesn't Howie win one. "COme on he tries" Janelle says. But Will says he one one last year...Janelle say it's because they threw it to him.

Kaysar wants a decision "right now". CT wants to sleep on it.

Ragging on Danielle Janie calls her a psycho. Even CT joins in. Talking about how her saying that they want James out and they didn't fall for it.

Boogie says they call themselves the "Misfits". Janelle says if she wins HOH she's gonna say "Pack your fucking bags Floatherd"

Kaysar says he wants to know by 11:00 am. "I just want an answer". Boogie is worried about the end and Kaysar would be unbeatable. He doesn't want to waste the chance and have it come back to bite him.

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12:42 AM BBT

Janelle is talking about how upset she is about Marjudas. Saying she's done with him.

She told CT the reason they never got rid of them because the floaters wanted CT out. Telling CT that Marjudas was throwing a fit because they didn't put up CT.

Telling CT their first 4 week strategy.

Will wants to know if Marjudas and Danielle are a pair. Janelle tells them about when Howie eavesdropped on them in the bathroom and heard them say they are pretending to hate each other but are really working together.

CT would like more evidence if it's true.

Janelle says if they win HOH she's gone "you're screwed" because you guys will be next.

Janelle wants to win not some buch "to get rid of the bitch" but just to make a huge scene.

Janelle wants for them to for sure let them know so she can vote accordingly.

Janelle "nighty night"

Kay and Janie leave.

CT whispeing saying they have a good thing going with Danielle . They will vote out Kaysar. They said if CG keeps Kaysar than it will make him the new target.

They think James will not put them up. Will is worried about Marjudas. He wants to know for sure if he's a part of Danielle alliance. Boogie says that he trust Danielle 100%

"I would love to flip it and get rid of James" Will says but Boogie said we would lose Danielle.

Now they are talking if Janelle is HOH that they will flip the vote and keep Danielle over Marcellas.

Boogie says he trust James more than will does.

Talking about splitting the money 50-50.

Boogie said "Right now we don't have an enemy in the house" Will being smarter says "Just for a week".

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1:03 AM BBT

Howie, Will and Howie goofing off in the BR.

Everyone else sans CG outside in the BY.

CT going over their voting dilema with Howie telling them how they're split on the vote. Rehashing what was said in the previous post.

Howie not saying much. Asking Howie abou a possible final four with Janie. Asking Howie about his conversation he heard with Dani and Marcellas.

After talking about CG and everything CT is getting info from Howie and Howie is readily letting it flow.

Now CT wants to come up with a name for their (so called) alliance. Janelle is trying to expain the HOH Q&A and how CT can help her win it. CT getting more and more info from the SOVs.

Kaysar back in. CT "What up Kaysar"

Whispering so hard to hear.

CT all alone now. I think they are talking about throwing it. Will make the final judgement to see how the competition goes. They see it as the chance to get rid of Marcellas and protect Danielle. Laughing about their new alliance and thinking of a new name.

Ct wants to confront CG about him saying CT needs to go and form yet another alliance with him.

They are in fact gonna throw the HOH.

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1:31 AM BBT

Sovs in the BY doing Jedi Drilling. James "These floaters are really starting to piss me off"

Janelle refuses to cut any deals with the floaters and will not allow them in her HOH room.

James talking about CT throwing contests and how it puts a bigger target on their back.

Talking how Jase was the dumbest player this season for not staying with Sov.

Howie ranting about the floaters being schemers.

There are talking about CG and if he's really as dumb as he appears.

"personally I like him..but he gets on my nerves" James says about CG.

Talking about the past HG and what was said and what they were holding.

Talking about Bunky and his namimg the spider afetr him "Come on guys leave Bunky alone.. love you Bunky" Janelle says and James says "I don't know him"

James bring up last year again. "Oh for Heavan sakes" Janelle exclaims

Back to Jedi drilling....

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12:16 BBT

Janelle & Kaysar in kitchen

Howie, Marcy, Dani, James on BY sofas making chit-chat

Will & Boogie getting ready to bed down in the bugroom. Jan & Kaysar come in. Kaysar says he needs Will's vote or he is leaving. Jan says if Kaysar doen't have the votes to stay then they (her & Howie) need to vote for James because he will be staying. Kaysar agrees that they should vote for James to stay if he can't get enough votes to stay. Will says get boogie & ask him. Boogie tells them Erika is trying to get him to vote Kaysar out. Will says nobody has told him how they want him to vote. Boogie & Will say they haven't decided who they are voting out yet & that they have a signal to each other for the live show when they decide how to vote. Boogie goes over pros & cons of who to vote for. He tells Kaysar that a pro of keeping James is that he is a future target. Boogie says who is your 4th vote. Kaysar pauses then says he has George voting with him. Boogie says why would CG go against all them & vote to keep you. Kaysar says he has talked to him. Kaysar says hang on a sec & I will go ask him. Kaysar goes & asks CG but CG says he can't say how he is voting. Kaysar says "So I am going home". Kaysar says "you can't say in a bad way or a good way". CG says it is against the rules to tell how you are voting & he can't say.

Kay goes back in bugroom. Boogie tells Kaysar to make a good speech tomorrow & sways them he can have their vote. Kaysar says just vote me out I want to go home. They say why. Kaysar says (laughingly) they are toying with his emotions. Kaysar says if he stays it will cause an uproar because the floaters will realize they have lost CT & CG. Janelle says yes & then we have voting power in the sequester house.

Janelle starts making fun of Howie & saying that the only reason he got an HOH last year is because they threw it to him. Kaysar says it's funny that they think they have CG. Will asks Jan who the SOV wants to go. Janelle says Dani, then Marcellas, then Erika, then Chicken Snores. Janelle says it really doesn't matter who goes after this week because we will have the voting power. Will says they will sleep on it.

Boogie says Dani saw him in the kitchen w/Janelle on the spyscreen & asked what they were talking about. Janelle says Dani is a psycho. Kaysar says Dani thinks she is such a mastermind. Will tells Boogie to have a showmance w/Erika so he can drive the bus over her :lol: . Jan asks if the SOV get HOH next week will CT vote out Dani. CT says they want Marcy gone. Will tells Jan not to let Marcy paint her nails next week. Jan says I will only paint my nails w/you Will. Will says OK then let Marcy paint your nails.

Talk of how Marcy will jump back to SOV if they win HOH. Janelle says no way we won't take him back. Kaysar says Erika & Marcy are done to them. Jan says if Marcy tries to hang out in HOH when she wins she will slam the door in his face.

More rehashing the "why Diane" questions.

Jan says Marcellas is a different person & she hates him now. Jane says the reason she didn't go after CT is because the floaters wanted her to go after CT :rolleyes:

Will asks if they think Dani & Marcy are together. Jan & Kay say yes. Will says I need more proof. Kaysar says Howie overheard them in the bathroom saying "keep the act up".

Janelle calls Dani a bitch again (for like the 10th time in 30 min). Kaysar says Dani thinks she has flipped the whole house. The floaters think they can get rid of the SOV & then turn on CT. Kaysar says if he stays it will ruin the SOVS. Kay says if he stays tomorrow he will laugh in their faces. Jan says she really needs to win HOH tomorrow that it is about more than getting rid of the bitch (Dani). Jan retells her "give me the keys bitches" from BB6. Jan & Kaysar leave.

Now CT all alone in bugroom. Will makes a big laugh face. Lights go out & they start whispering. Boogie says staying w/Dani is the smart thing. They don't really believe Dani & Marcy are together. Boogie says besides Jan/Kay/Howie that he Will & Dani are the strongest 3-some in the house. Boog says James makes a great 4th until things get rocky. They says if CG votes to keep Kaysar that is good & will anger the floaters & make him more of a target. (I think Will says they should tell the SOV to vote out Kaysar & then Will may vote to keep Kaysar so it will look like a SOV did it & anger James--not sure though they are russling the covers & whispering so I can't hear good). Boogie says no they should stick with Dani because they have a good thing. Will is convinced that the floaters will stab CT in the back. Boogie says no they won't & he trusts Erika & Dani. Will says he wants to go ask Dani if she has an alliance w/Marcy. Will says he would love to flip this & get James out of here. Will asks Boogie if they have an agreement to split the money 2 ways if either of them wins it. Boogie says he imagines that they will have to split it more ways than 2 but yes. Boogie says right now we don't have an enemy in the house. Will says yeah for 1 week. They hear someone coming & fake sleeping. It's Howie.

Now those 3 whispering. CT tells Howie that they want to get rid of whoever the SOV tell them to. Howie says it is a tough decision. Will (pumping Howie for info) says he wants to get rid of James & Boogie wants to get rid of Kaysar so they don't know what to do. CT tells Howie that Kaysar is really pressuring them for their vote. Howie says he is going to talk to both nominees & it is a really tough decision. Will says Dani told them to vote out James. Howie says "no shit?". Boogie says Erika told him to vote out Kaysar so they don't know who's lying to them. Will asks Howie what he thinks of a Jan/Howie/CT run to final 4.

Boogie asks Howie if he really heard Dani & Marcy talking. Howie said he was in the bathroom could hear more of what Marcy said during the convo but yea they are together & he heard them say "yeah we are going to get them" & "we are yelling at each other & they think it's real".

Talk moves to what Howie really thinks of CG. He thinks CG is genuine & here for his family but he is smarter than they think.

Howie says he is going to yell like it is the superbowl if Janelle wins HOH tomorrow. He says he will do it if CT wins tomorrow too. Janelle comes in. They wanna name their alliance of 4. They say they will name it tomorrow if one of them wins HOH, if not their alliance crumbles. CT says the floaters think they are with them. Will says do not discuss their alliance of 4 with either James or Kaysar. Boogie says Erika feel safe so he thinks she won't try for HOH. Janelle coaches CT on how to throw the HOH & let her win it. Janelle says she is going to yell "pack your bags" to the floaters when she wins HOH. Kaysar comes in. Convo changes to quizzing for HOH questions for a sec then Howie & Janelle leave. Will & Boogie continue to fake-practice for HOH until Kaysar leaves.

Now Will & Boogie alone again. They think they should throw HOH. They feel pretty safe unless Marcellas wins it. Will says James is smart & it won't take him long to figure out CT is playing both sides. Boogie still thinks there is no Dani/Marcy alliance that she is playing him. Will says they have to throw HOH tomorrow but they need to make it look like they tried so Dani won't think they can't step up to the plate if she needs them.

W&B talking about how hilarious it will be if they tell Jan & Howie that they are going to listen to the speeches & do live hand signals on the show. Tell them if boogie pulls on his ear it means evict Kaysar & if he rubs his stomach it means evict James. They are then going to do a crazy mixed up signal to confuse them.

Boogie says Howie CAN NOT celebrate with them tomorrow. They want to see Janelle yell "pack your bags" so it will start a war & keep the target off them. Will says if they manage to stay this week that they have to start winning HoH back to back to back. he says it will be tough but they can do it.

Will & Boogie make an agreement to split all prizes from here on out. They keep what they have won seperate so far but from this day on it is a split.

Feed switches to Dani, Marcy, Erika in HoH talking about nom strategies. They want to nom Howie & James. so they can backdoor Janelle. They are going to threaten CT that they better step up & use the POV on one of the noms if they win. They are going to threaten CT to do this before they make their noms. They are acting like they have a 3-man alliance. To them it doesn't matter if Marcy or Erika win HoH because they are on the same page. They say Kaysar is mad but he would have gone after them & they didn't see janelle out there yelling for them when Dani won HoH.

Erika says that if Janelle says anything like "giving keys & bitches" it will be on. Marcy & Dani says they know not to go there :lol: Dani says if Janelle says anything like that she is going to just stand there looking mean & ready to fight & tell her to come get them. She says she will tell her she isn't giving her shit until she apologises on live TV. Marcy says he will drag Janelle by her fake ass hair. Dani says surely Janelle can't be stupid enough to say that but if she is Dani will costs CBS some money & drop some bombs on the live show. (woohoo it is going to get nasty if Janelle wins HoH & is dumb enough to act a fool). (Dang) now Dani says if Janelle acts badly she is going to take the high road & not act ghetto. They say they really don't think Janelle will act badly.

Marcy says if Will makes it to the end & is up against Janelle or Howie he would give it to Will. He says he would give it to Boogie or CG over them too. Marcy said Janelle has worked herself into such a place that she can't win. He says he was such a fan of hers but not now. Dani wonders if Howie hates them. Marcy says the SOV is just spoiled & they don't understand them.

2:09AM BBT - Quad Feed check before bed...

2 Feeds on Erika, Marcy, Dani in HoH

Howie, Janelle, James in bathroom prepping for HoH comp

(nite all)

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2.37am BBT, Howie, Kayser & Jan

Janelle saying she regrets taking out Diane, shoulda taken out Danielle instead but 'he' wouldn't let me

Howie complaining about slop/farting

Now going through all the faces they'e seen, going through them thoroughly as though questions about them might come up in a comp.

2.45am, still studying for comps

Janelle & Howie say 'Happy Birthday!' to Kayser & go off to bed

2.49am BBT

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4 feeds of sleeping HGs still...

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9:56 AM BBT

The Black Widow is up pacing in the kitchen....decides to scrub her head in the kitchen sink, and turns around walking around lathering up the suds. Shouts out 'Good Mornings' to family/friends (other spiders, probably)..... :D <sorry, had to say it!>

Two other cams show HGs continuing to sleep. I hear no snoring!

10 AM BBT - music starts to wake them all up! (Black Widow does her morning dancing....)


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feeds back with james and kaysar talking in the gym talking about being on slop.

j: when are you going to pack

k: later today

j: let me know i will pack with you

feeds swithch to hoh bathroom with danie and cg talking about how to push the button on the competition.

bb hollars at howie and marci to Get up.

d: marci time to get up, that is why they do that. it is 11:00 i need to clean out the hoh so they can make it clean for you.


marci rolls over and puts head on cot like he don't want to get up.



feeds back on hoh room danie and erika are cleaning up the room taking out all the cusions and thing that go down stairs and throwing them over the bannester to the kitchen.

feeds switch to brief foth then back to kitchen when cg, howie, will and erika are making breakfast. janie is setting at the table reading her bible.

f1 switchs to james and kaysar talking in the gym about someone they don't trust (not sure who)

1050 FOTH

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Kaysar was giving James a pep talk about working together as a team, making the assumption Kaysar is leaving

K: they will go after Janelle, she's a huge target! If they get out Janelle, they will see you and Howie as floaters... (I believe 'they' are CT)

12:20bbt and still FOTH

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Will and Boogie have been sitting at the table eating for some time now with George talking to them. They asks George if he is on slop as of 12AM.

James and Kaysar are in the Bug Room talking.

Janelle is still doing her hair.

Will and Boogie in the kitchen telling stories to George.

Janelle is now in the Bug Room with James and Kaysar asking what she should wear.

Boogie and Will going on about some story and Kaysar and James were talking in Bug room. I changed feeds to listen to James and Kaysar and FotH :angry:

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Howie must have whacked because Kaysar is asking him if he washed his hand and Howie is going on that he has already been tested. Jamelle is all dressed and someone (cant tell who) is having a cold shower.

Will is talking to George about what he could have done to make him look younger and telling him that Will already had a skin cancer at 29 removed.

Janelle is coaching James to not push the button too soon at the competition and to calm down.

Boogei is ironing his shirt.

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Jani says right now she is just pissed and wants revenge.

Jan asks Kaysar to call Big Daddy

J: Just ask them for my sidekick and get his number.

K: You really want me to call him.

J: Yea, I wish I could remember his number, but I can't.

K: BB has your sidekick? They won't let me have it. They told us before that we couldn't have anyone elses numbers.

J: Oh, just try.

K: What would I tell him anyway?

J: That I'm really sorry and miss him and can't wait to talk to him again.

K: And that you are retarded and do stupid stuff in here, but you care about him. And if you didn't you would have already broken up with him in the DR.

J: Yes. (smiling, and eating chips.)

Then flames again.

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