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August 10 Live Feed Updates

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Feeds came back for a short time.

Everyone was sitting around in the LY being pretty quiet. Dani got up & went to the bathroom & James followed. (They were whispering really low so I only caught part of what Dani said) She said BB asked her who she thought was loyal to her & she said James. James said he told them Dani was loyal to him too.

Dani said she thinks she understood the sheep/lamb clue. She said Dolly was a sheep & they cloned her (she said something else that I couldn't hear) & then James said "that is really good Danielle".

Nothing much else happened & then FoTH.

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Lotsa movement going on.

CG, Dani, Erika, Will in the kitchen chit-chatting. Some talk of how poorly Howie is acting about losing HoH.

Boogie, Howie, Janelle, James in bugroom. Someone says that 4 people have gone to DR & guessed what the clue meant. Howie is still bitching about losing HoH wah, it's not fair wah, I was the 1st to click in on that question, I am going to lose the game blah blah blah. The Howie pity party goes on & on & on.

Marcy & Erika go to bathroom & hug & congratulate each other on their safety.

Will trying to convince the kitchen gang that BB told him there was 1 more eviction before sequester. He says either that or BB was lying to him. Marcy says the SOV could at least come out & join them & act like adults. Marcy says he is going to say something to them in front of everyone & tell them don't do this, don't make it like season 6 again. Dani tells him not to say anything. Dani starts singing "I see your true colors"

Marcy says he just doesn't want CT to sit back there & stir the pot & fire things up. Janelle walks thru the room & Marcy says Buxom. Jan ignores him.

The camera focuses in on a bell that is sitting in the middle of the dining table (It looks like the kinda of bell you see at a hotel check-in counter. Has it always been there?)

Dani, CG, & Erika go to the bugroom to join CT & SOV. Lots of farting & snoring polite small talk going on.

Marcy laying alone on the redrum sofa.

Erika & James whispering in the bathroom. Erika says she thinks she should nom Howie & James so they can get Janelle out. James says noooooo nom Howie & Janelle because Jan can't play for the veto & if Howie wins it he will take himself off. Erika asks if they are sure Jane can't play for POV & James says yes, she told Will.

A female BB voice says "HG". James says Allison? & we get FoTH (7:47ish BBT)

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The S6 alliance was talking with each other for a while. Right now, Erika is talking about what she might want in her HOH room. George is sitting at the table doing nothing. Will is sleeping at the table. FOTH Feeds return.

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7:45 BBT

Female voice: Houseguests?

someone says: Alison? was that Alison?

and we get fire

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