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July 31 Live Feed Updates

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BBT 11:50 AM.

K tells J she has to stop telling Marc things because its like leaving their back door open. He tells everything, he makes it like he slips. He's a nice guy but this just doesn work for us. You are leaving us vulnerable.

J, Okay, Ill stop telling him everything.

K, If E ends up going home, terrilble. If CG goes home, terrible.

J, If Di goes home?

K, Di is a threat. With Will we can kind of predict what will happen. With Di, we cannot predict what will happen.

J, I still don't think any of the others will put us up next wk. By James saying he is going to make a personal decision, what does that say.

K, I don't know.

J, What did Will say to you?

k, Nothing. B talked to me last night.

J, What did he say

K, He said that he talked to you and we had an arrangement. He said we will be you slaves, and I said, lets just make it about mutual respect.

J. I didn't make a deal.

K, We just have an understanding.

J, Marc asked if we made a deal and I told him no.

K, Marc is an idiot, he is just being paranoid.

Feed switch to E and Di.

E, I honestly don't know Di.

Di, I wouldn't want to come back in here. I don't think its an option though.

E, See Di, I always told you, actions speak louder than words.

Di, I know.

Feeds back to HOH Rm

K, I like him when we are just hanging out. he's fun to talk to, its just when it comes to the game, he makes no sense, terrible decisions.

J, Are you sure?

K, Positive.

J, But sometimes it seems like he's smart.

K, I don't have all of the answers, but I know he doesn't. You know that J, you are smarter than that.,

J, I just like him

K, I like a lot of peopel in this house. I liked Jase. Are we giving out charity?

J, No.

K, See you downstairs.

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(back to Kaysar/Janelle)

Kaysar talking about how bad it would be to follow Marcellas advice of putting up CG

K: alrgitht, make it a charity case, we are giving out charity

J: I'm NOT making it a charity case!

(Kaysar leaves to go downstairs)

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BBT 12:00 pm

Feeds go with K as he walks around. I can hear H asking Ericka what size her boobies are.

H, D's

E, NO!

H, Dble D's?

E, NO! C's.

Di and E are in the BR then feeds switch to Jan in HOH br putting on her makeup.

Feeds now on B and Di.

Di, She lied to me last night.

B. They don't seem to get it.

Di, If I go up against her, (E) and I stay, all hell will break loose.

B, We will talk,

B goes into the BR with Will.

I can hear James talking about Jan must have made a deal with CT, but I can't see him.

B and W just laying on the bed not talking.

Feeds switch to BR where Di and E laying in the bed.

Now back to B and W laying in bed. E comes in and asks B if she can wear a tshirt because she knows she will be on the camara today.

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BBT: 12:25 pm

Feeds now on James and K in WR. K telling James what Jan is going to do, James leaves there quickly and goes to the BR.

(Feeds switching quickly today)

Now we see B and W laying on their beds again. Idle chit chat. Sports, Ohio State draft picks, etc.

Now we can see Marc and Dani in BY on the red couch.

Marc, Now it comes down to CG or Di. I just want that one night of good restorative sleep. When your head hits the pillow and nothing wakes you up until your body wakes you up.

Dani, Its the uncertainity. (?) Nothing is certain.

James joins them bantering with H and CG.

Feeds now on E and K.

K, Your not going home, but I can't get a straight answer.

E, My tummy hurts.

K, And your going from a size zero to a size negitive.

E, I know.

Feeds switch to BY with James and CG talking about something and then we go got Fire.

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BBT 12:35 pm

James leaves Dani and Marc so they begin talking again.

M, James is the smartest member of that team.

Dani, Oh, I know he is the smartest member of that team.

M, But he will be the first to go of that team.

Dani laughs and says, He knows that.

BB, HG's please go outside and close the sliding glass door.

Dani discussing her grocery list again. What they have and what they don't have.

Now on the red couch is W,Dani,Marc,Di. We go to Fire.

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1:30 pm BBT

Janelle in HOH listening to music by herself in room

Dani, Diane & Marcy on red sofa in backyard. Dani and Diane looked very troubled--eyebrows knitted. Dani gets up and asks if it's too early to get a beer. They talk about the time, then she announces B time!

Kaysar & James in bug bedroom talking about Janie and how she isn't listening to group.

J We were to stick together as a team. I gave you what you wanted last week.


James says Marcy was about to cry.

Kaysar: He was pissed.

J I want you to wake me up when you go to gym and we can do it together. Laughingly says he wants to see his abs. Both laugh. Begins talking about bad times in HS football. I'm not going to be a professional athlete.

K You don't have what it takes

J Like 100 more pounds, speed. LOL

K What are we going to be doing next week besides saving our butts.

J Same thing we're doing this week. We're, right now, being sent down the river. It was Janie, last week who said it's too early to go after the floaters. Diane isn't a threat to anyone. She is living in her car (what has that got to do with anything? )

We're going to have to play this as a team, not individuals, but that would be four weeks from now.

K When it's too early it is a detriment.

J Yes and now the mistakes of last year are being repeated.

K We're not even close to that.

J Now you've turned every potential ally against us.

K Janie isn't going after us. At least from my conversations with her. I WANT Marcy out of this game (he whispers to James)

J Guess you'll have to get HOH next.

(Both lying on beds staring at ceiling.)

BY: Will says the 4 aren't together in HOH room after being asked by Dani. No... they are all scattered. Then Dani, Boogie, Will, Marcy, Ericka, Diane playing the movie trivia game AGAIN!

James & Kaysar:

K says Happy Birthday to Jiminy

J Cricket?? A guy? How old?

K 24

James takes a mattress off a bed to put on his and BB announces "James stop that!"

J It's okay for others to do it and not me? Okay... I've got you BB When Boogie did it, he didn't get yelled at. Apparently there are favorite sons here.

K We learned that last year

J You're right

K says Happy Birthday to the cameras again. James.... Stop that.

J It's ridiculous that they let one person to do it, and yet it's a big deal now.

K It's obvious why.

J don't tell me they didn't see it. It's BB house and they see everything.

K These beds suck

J Janie is a Fing stupid bitch.

K Take it easy there Chief. Don't lose your cool... play smart

J She lost her cool she F. us all.

K We'll see what happens next week now

J I'll get HOH & put Howie and Janie up. They already have made deals.

K Talking to Boogie there isn't a deal, there is just an understanding betw the 4

J Dani told me that they were coming after Season 6

K Someone is lying Boogie is lying or Dani. Probably both

J We knew next week would be the most dangerous and our numbers couldn't dwindle and now we've made an enemy with everyone in the house.

K holding up four fingers, as though counting, then sighs heavily

J Do you realize that with the numbers CT can easily keep Diane It is possible. E is a stronger player than I am. Marcy is crying about this and maybe he wants to keep Diane.

K Boogie told me that to show a good sign of faith with Diane

J He told me that too, but it is like last week. Can't believe him

K he thinks that Will might go home and he might be playing like a floater and is totally baling.

J I don't trust anyone.

K I trusted you.

J I trusted you and Howie.

James leaves for restroom.

1:55 pm BBT B)

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BBT 1:50 pm

James and K talking in the ant rm.

K, We didn't make a deal with B but we have an understanding. He isn't going to put up any of the four.

J, Thats funny because just yesterday B told Dani he was going to put up one of us.

K, When was that?

J, Yesterday. We knew this was a critical wk and we couldn't make any mistakes. Look what happens.

(James is staring at the ceiling)

Lots of dead air.

J, you have to realize with the numbers,. CT could easliy keep Di.

K, Floaters won't vote to evict?

J, I don't know, E is a stronger player. Marc is crying about this, I think he wants to keep Di.

K, I know.

J, CT could lead the charge.

K, I know. B told me he would vote out who we want to show a sign of good faith.

J, I know, he said that before.

K, He knows these people are no good to him. He;s jumping ship. He;s bailing.

J, I don;t trust any of them.

K, I trust you, Jan and Howie.

J, I trust you and Howie. I have to use the restroom.

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BBT 2:05 pm

James wandering around the house. E tells him your alright James. James tells her not to believe the hype (?). Dani,W,B,Marc in BY doing their movie game. E joins those on the red couch in BY. James and CG bring groceries out of SR into the kit. CG appears to be making something out of the slop. He has it wrapped in alum foil and now pounding it to crush it all up.

James back with K in Ant Rm. He gives K the rundown on where everyone is.

J, Marc is an emotional player.

K, I told Jan

J, Im glad to know that Jan is playing for herself. She isn't a rocket scientist but she is cunning. If you say you are a part of an alliance than you should play as such. (Look who is calling the kettle black)


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2:05 pm BBT

Yellow Bug Bedroom is James & Kaysar

J Marcy is an emotional player and is dangerous I'm glad you're playing the game by yourself and hiding behind us. She is incredibly cunning and knows what she needs to do to get to the end. Just don't do it under the guise of playing with a team. These moves are completely self-preservation. Howie told me that Janie said that I was worried..... FLAMES & WTLM

Kaysar & James not saying anything--just lying in beds.

In BY the Movie Trivia Game is still happenin'

2:15 pm BBT B)

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James this racket is getting on my nerves.

K, I think you are loosing it.

J, Can you blame me?

K, Yeah.

James puts a hat on his head and face and is now laying quielty on his bed. He changes the hats for a pillow.

Switched feeds to check in on BY and they are still playing the movie game. Same people. Can't see H or Jan.

Quad cams are on K and James in the ant rm and BY.

Di sitting quiely, doesn't appear to be particpating in the movie game. (Apparently the point to this game is to keep the "chain" going by naming a movie that a particular actor is in, then by their name (like Smith) it leads to someone from another movie, etc.. Its kind of like the Kevin Bacon phenom thing.)

BBT 2:20 pm

Di goes into the Kit and says to CG that "she" has had it in for her from the beginning. They discuss the slop and Di says she isn't going out like that she'll just drink water. They are discussing various ways of making slop. I think he is about to deep fry slop! (lol)

E leaves the BY saying that she needs GasX and Will tells her she can fart here. (lol) She throws him a backward smile. She went inside and came right back out.

Marc and Dani keep the movie game going but others are having side discussions. Marc is called to the DR. Dani is really into this game, she is up dancing around, very happy when she thinks of a movie.

Im out for awhile. Back when more to update.

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Dani, Will and Boogie are in the BY talking about their alliance. Dani says that James is determine to go with them and vote off the Sov 6. Will isn't buying this completely, but says if this is true, good. Those three decided that Diane is the one who needs to go, Erika will be a more loyal player to them, according to Dani.

As people come out of the back door, those three instantly talk movies again, then when alone, they go back to game talk.

Dani is bragging about how she has her hand in everything. She says that K is very angry, but not angry enough to leave the sov 6. Dani asked Will and Boogie if they win HOH, which they have decided NOT to lose the HOH this week, would they put up Jan. Boogie says yes, Janelle and Marcy. Dani says good.

Dani is acting like she is calling the shots on this new formed alliance. Boogie wants to know about getting K out instead of Howie. Dani says that Howie will follow Janelle, K thinks for himself. She wants her alliance to take out the sov 6 supporters. Dani wants to know if Chill Town has any promises to Janelle. Boogie says he kind of put out there that she would be protected but oh well.

Dani is now telling Will and Boogie about how Sov 6 really trashed Diane during last season. She tells them that Diane wouldn't even go to the wrap party because of what was said. James called Diane to apologize and Janelle would get on the phone and act like she was ordering beer. Which made the apology not sincere. Diane is out there now telling Boogie and Will what actually was said on the phone by Janelle. She said James was sincere.

Will and Boogie are talking about how they can't figure out Janelle, one minute she is smart and sensible, then the next minute she is trash talking and being totally crazy. Dani is making comments about how it makes no sense how Janelle trashed talked everyone last season when they weren't even there to comment.

Dani said she told Sov 6 at the wrap party they were wrong to do that to Diane, she was one of their most loyal fans and now they should eat a d*ck for the way they tore her apart on the show.

All went quiet for a long time, then Will tried to figure out if it was Monday or Sunday, Dani told him Monday and now all three are quiet. Boogie went in the house I believe, leaving Diane, Dani and Will.

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2:40 pm BBT

Back Yard -- Dani, Will & Boogie strategizing together.

D I got rid of Jase and you would do this but she didn't so he's going to backdoor her. By her nominating Ericka she made another enemy

Will left.

Boogie James has their trust

Dani He was already one of the 4 You think we should keep Janelle in this

Boog NO! Let's all try to win and then talk it out

Dani You have to take the power away from them. They have no power or say so in the game. The house decides and the two are nominated. She crossed them

B Who would you like to go before Howie? Kaysar or Howie?

D Howie does anything that Janie wants and Kaysar does what he wants Have to take out Howie cuz he is the supporter. Do you h ave any deals with Janie.

B No we kind of sounded like we offered protection. She was much more concerned about Di

Dani Season 6 raked Di over the coals. Di was big fan of Janie and James at time. But at party James says why Di not here. It is because they smack talk Di. James apologizes to Di but Janelle apologized but her apology wasn't heartfelt. Di thinks James was sincere, but Janelle didn't seem sincere because Janelle was also talking to folks around her and yelling out to them.

Will returned and Boogie telling Will about what happened between Di and Janelle.

W Janelle is intimidated by the girls because she wants all the male attn

B She is one way one time and another way next time.

Dani James and Janie were Di's fave players.

Di Janelle talked about Drew and Holly and Holly is really nice person.

B goes inside.

Silence in the BY for some time. Livingroom is George lying on one sofa and Howie on the other sofa. Howie looks like he's asleep. George isn't asleep.

Talk outside finally begins and it's topic is 'What hours Will works' which he begins to answer. 70-80 hrs a week. Some are teaching or medical education also. Resident/intern education i have that to do also. My gf lives in NY and every other weekend we see each other and on holidays. At MY house I don't really have anything to do. If I go out on Friday or Saturday, it is at the restaurants and ends up as work.

Dani begins talking about her hours and work.

2:55 pm BBT B)

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Will, Boogie and Dani are alone again. Will just told Dani that she is as tight with him as Boogie. Dani is now talking about how she gets all the information from others. As she was going on explaining things, someone came out and now we have movie talk again. They can switch the talking so smoothly. Now they are alone again and Dani is going to talk to CG. Will just said he had no idea that Marcy was going after Will. Dani said in the beginning he was, but now who knows.

Dani says that Janelle didn't put her up today because Janelle didn't have the votes. Will reminds them that they have to plan for someone coming back in. Dani says DON"T hope for Jase to come back. She says they want Diane to come back. Now we are back to movies again. LOL

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BBT 3:10pm

W, My relationship w/B is the strongest and you (Dani) are right there behind him.

D, Yeah, I know that. I know Marc is after me, but if you let people know that you know, they will get scared and come after you.

More movie talk so someone must have come out, but I can't see them.

D, Okay, let me deal w/CG.

W, Ok fine, my question is this, do you think you are being over paranoid? Marc hasn't given any indication of coming after you.

D, I think he was at first.

W, Who do you think is after you.

D, I think Jan was but she didn't have the votes.

B, She doesn't want you staying if it doesn't go her way.

W, If someone comes back we'll have to have a talk.

B, Id rather have Jase.

D, No you dont want Jase.

More movie talk. Erica outside.


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(OK do you really wanna know)

Boogie, Will, Marcellas, Kaysar, Erika on BY sofas. They are having a very detailed talk on the many methods you can use to remove ass hair :huh:

Dani, James, & CG hanging out in the kitchen chitty chattin.

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Marcellas talking in red room to Danielle and Erica (diana was there to, but left for DR):

Marc says Jan nominated Diane for personal reasons and that it will cost Jan

They all wonder if Janelle or the SOVs are still popular with viewers

Marcellas goes on to say how he was in HOh listening to Jan crying about the noms and all he could think about was what he will say on his nomination speeches when he gets hoh and puts up two of the four and how he wants them (SOV) to have to compete for the veto and have to decide which one of them will go.

Erika and Danielle want Howie and Janelle to go up, they don't even consider James part of the SOVs. they're mad that Jan hasn't come down and explain her nominations. Marcellas says that Jan should have gone to Diane if she thought D had a beef with her. he goes on to say that "it is disgusting" how Jan just want to be the only girl in the house and to make no mistake "you are under attack" (he says this like 3 times).

Marcellas tells them that Janelle was the last one of the four he was planning to go after but now she's his number one target "with a bullet".

Danielle then says that what janelle is, is called a "vixen". Erica complains that the problem with women is that we don't stick together and how she tried to get close to Jan. Danielle says they need to make sure that Janelle does not get POV (when they nominate her, I guess)

They continue to bad mouth Janelle with Marcellas stirring the pot and being the most vicious about her.

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Marcellas and Danielle have been sitting in the red room talking negatively about Janelle. How Janelle has only nominated Diane for personal reasons. They all want to put Janelle up next week.

Around 7, Janelle has finally left the HOH room and has joined Kaysar, Howie, Will, Boog outside she's not saying much, won't even join howie with the 'Oh, Janie'

Howie: I want my Janie doll back

7:12 Janie has joine Howie, Will and Kaysar in a game of Pool

They are saying Beau is gayer than Marcellas, and he's happy unlike Marcellas who is always grumpy

Jan: I like to go out with Beau, he's really fun

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2 cams are still on red room (Marc, Erica and Danielle)

2 cams on BY: Janelle, Will, Boogie, Kaysar and James playing pool...FOTH

Back to BY...Will is teaching Jan the game. Only will Kay and Jan playing now

... in Red room Marc, E, Danielle and Diana are talking about the show Top Model

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Will, Janelle, Kaysar and Boogie sitting at the kitchen table

Dani and Marci in the kitchen

talking about whether or not marcellas would hook up with an previous gay BB players, marcellas is saying if he did, it would just be about "the act" and has nothing to do with liking anyone.

Will: Bunky's ex husband had 5 penis rings, 'my question was like 4 wasnt enough?'

Dani has now sat at the table to eat.

Will: tonight for dinner I will have tooth paste (after marcellas suggested adding pickles to the slop)

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Dani, James, Diane, Boogie and talking about cleaning sheet.

James now bitching about him trying to change mattress and BB bitched at him.

Kaysar, Janelle Will playing pool. [Riveting stuff]

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