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July 31 Live Feed Updates

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Kaysar and Boogie talking, Kaysar is trying to figure out if Will wants to stay. Boogie, saying will wants to play but he doesn't want to be stuck in sequester for weeks. Boogie says that he is enjoying himself more than Will is.

B: I just want you guys to know, I'm not going on a suicide mission to prove a point. The first two weeks I wanted to go after (the 4 of you), like oh they're the cool kids. I don't want to be in Mexico for a month, the only thing I can do is to work with you guys, I'm not like James I didn't come here to lie to everybody... the floaters will come after us next week if you don't come after us now.

K: we can take the conservative approach and knock you off one by one

B: we will be you servants

K: i don't want it to be this whole servant thing, i want it to be mutual respect

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9:37 BBT

(popped in on middle of)

Kaysar & Boogie in bugroom whispering. Boogie assures he isn't going after SOV. Boogie says he sees what is going on & that the 4 SOV are tight & they also have seperate alliances too. James & Danielle are tight, Janelle & Marcellas are tight. Boogie says knocking out Janelle would only get him an early vacation to Mexico. He says he's not like James who will peel off ASAP. He wants to work with them so he & Will can go as far as possible. Boog says if the SOV ultimately decide to get rid of Will he will understand. Boog says if the sea gets a little rocky James will be the first to go. Kaysar says if they kick out Diane they will see what happens but if they send Will home they could pick him up (as in join the SOV?) Boogie leaves.

Feeds switch to Boogie & Will in bathroom. Whispering. Boog says the SOV seems confused about what Will wants so he told them Will may still want to bail before sequester but if things start to look like CT & SOV are going to work together Will may want to go the distance.

Feeds switch to Kaysar & Janelle in LR talking about her HOH CD. She asks Kaysar what's wrong now? He says nothing he has to pray.

Feeds switch to many HG in the kitchen.

(I'm off to bed but looks like MBE a good night of waffling ahead :lol: )

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good evening everyone!

Just tuned in.

Diane, Erika and Dani in the BY (all 4 feeds on them)

They discuss how Will and Boogie must be hysterical in the diary room and they're excited/ scared to see them.

marc to the DR

They now discuss Jase's DR's are probably good, and take a lot of jabs at them.

Diane is now finding out that Jase didn't get off the couch when Nak left

Howie playing badmitton in the BY with someone, I can only hear it. Howie getting into it saying things like "FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT BITCH FUCK!!!"

The 3 discuss their goodbye messages to Jase and how heartfelt Dani was, and how Diane was "a hardass"

I hear CG screaming as well... so it must be Howie vs. CG in badmitton.

Dani: he cracks me up. what's he wearing on the live show?

CG is going to be a geisha girl, he's using Di's red lipstick and Dani and Erika are doing his makeup

now they dicuss the movie memoirs of a geisha

Dani and Erika loved that movie. They sobbed.

Diane is smoking the hookah now and was smoking a ciggarette earlier

discussion turns to the movie 'under the tuscan sun'

now we're on the movie 'man on fire'

Kaysar joins and starts smoking the hookah

Erika to K : whats your fav movie?

Dani: he doesn't have a favorite anything, remember?

Kaysar enjoyed Braveheart

now they talk about the patriot, gladiator, and bravehart.

Diane wishes they saw bravehart tonight

Will and Boogie studying for hoh comps.

Janie calls will up to hoh.

Janie makes sure Will will vote the way she wants.

Will says Janie doesn't even have to tell CT who it is, consider it a done deal.

Janie tells Will she decided she will NOT put him up.

Will says Janie is right below Boogie on the loyalty scale.

If CT wins hoh, Janie is immune along with 1 other person of her choosing.

Janie: "what about 3 other people"

Will asks for Janies loyalty scale.

1. howie

2. marc

3. Kaysar

4. James

Will reassures her more. He says to consider it done, he'll let boogie know. Not to worry about a thing, and actions speak louder than words

Janie asks if she should let the person know they're going up, Will advises Janie not to tell the person going up shes going up

Will goes downstairs to Dani and Boogie and Kaysar and announced that he- Will- had ketchup and water for dinner

All 4 feeds on Janie alone in HOH listening to music.

11:14 bbt FOTH

all 4 feeds Will washing his hands alone


Howie and Janie in hoh

J: i'm nominating Diane. i made a deal with CT.

H: did you tell anyone

J: kaysar. i haven't spoken to james yet. is he gonna be mad?

H: oh yea.

J: losing an allie, getting rid of an enemy. bottom line

J: if boogie didn't get off the block he'd be gone.

Janie ate most of howies ice cream.

J: remember Diane said before the show on jokersupdates she wanted to get rid of me? she said she never forgave me and doesnt like me.. etc etc. I'm sorry but i get forget that. And her roommate called me and told her how much she despises me. she said 'diane hates you shes comming after you'


Janie figures her odds for safety.

She counts James and Dani as people she's safe with.

Howie likes the move of getting rid of Diane.

J: there's no retalliation... we're got rid of her whole season

they laugh

J: sorry.

H: i'm not sorry at all.

J: if she didnt post on jokersupdates... that was stupid. im on jokers all the time.


H: i'm playing this game and i'll probably always be friends with you, maybe kaysar and james.... they walked all over me last year because I was too nice. fine. i don't give a shit.

J: i told erika i'd secure the votes.

H: she knows she is safe?

J: yes.

J: nobody is talking me out of this decision.

feed switch.

will to dani: if i get hoh next week, 2 season 6ers are going up. yeah like i'd put up floaters.

they laugh.

more hushed convo and laughter.


James and Dani quick chat in storage.

they decide Diane goes this week, and next week Jame says they're puting up Janie and Marcellas together, Janie goes.

Dani: thank you! thats all ive been waiting for! finally!

James is very mad that Janie chooses her own agenda rather than the groups

Dani, Kaysar, Will, George and others out in the BY laughing over random stories. Lots of chit chat over nothing, and fire over will talking about the movie


all 4 feeds on marc alone. doing absolutely nothing

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Howie & Jan in HOH, Marc & Erica in BY

M: If the 4 think that other ppl will do the dirty work for them they're crazy.

Talking of how they need to win HOH next week.


Marc keeps saying how 'karma beat his ass down'

James & Danielle whispering in gym-room! (I can't hear them though! :(

(Feeds sketchy, pic not keeping up with sound)

They leave the workout room, James says 'u look great by the way'

James up to HOH room

James: Danielle said she'd vote out Diane

Jan: Was she mad?

James: No, but she doesnt know what you're doing

Talking of James interview with Julie, questions she asked him. James: On one hand u wana respect her on the other u wanan call out all the stuff thats been happening thats probably been edited

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Talking of James' goodbye speeches in S6. Janelle says shes sorry her goodbye was horrible. She'd said something like, sorry I can't vote for you to stay I'm better friends with Howie

More talk of past season

Jan: Last yr was so much more fun

James: It was fun for you guys!

On & off FoTH

BY now with Danielle, Marc & Erica

Talking of Marc & Dani's season

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3:00 am BBT

HOH Janie, Howie, James, & Kaysar talking about their season--esp. Maggie and her followers.

In BackYard is Ericka, Danielle & Marcellus. They aren't technically floaters because a floater is the one that goes with the people in power that week. This season it was Jase. Will said that he isn't a floater because where is he going to float to because the 4 have had the power. CG will be the floater and if he doesn't have a plan to tell me, then you won't get Dani's vote.

CG tells them "I don't know what a backdoor is..... I don't know what that or this is...." He said, I want to backstab and cheat and all that stuff before we came in. Ericka said maybe we should take him out. Dani & marcy says no way! Use him as a pawn target. Tell one of the 4 you're the pawn this week along with CG. But then maybe put up 2 at a time of the Sov 4 and if they get veto, put up another one of the 4.

Whne Janie made her nomination Dani went to her to make her understand why CT is still here. Janie said that she didn't have any help. Marcy said no way because the 4 of them were in HOH for 4 hours. But then, she DID talk with Mike and Will together and that's when she changed it. So that shows she has a deal.

Dani looks at Ericka and says Game On. Marcy goes inside.

E Game was boring until my key wasn't in that thing. I'm fiesty.

D Nuf already If I win HOH my speech will be perfect. After I say what I gotta say, you won't have anything to come to me about, unless you have anything to add to what I just said.

Marcy back and says as producer and host of housecalls, everyone wants to play differently than they did in their seasons. Plus all different things come up this season. Biggest thing this season to me is that you don't want to look like an alliance, but all the same people are in the HOH room all the time, together.

D In my season it's like this is what's going on and that's that!

M Perception is everything. What you think, what you see, becomes it.

James comes out to join the BackYard crowd.

Marcy whines he cannot get in HOH bed until after 3 am

James talks about Monday's schedule--guessing at it. Then talk goes to asking BB for alcohol and the type they want. Tiki party.... Food.... Candy competition from James season

Howie now joins--he's brushing his teeth.

3:20 am BBT

Still talking about their seasons' competition. Janie makes an appearance outside then goes back into house.

Marcy going to go talk to Janie and then go to bed. He's the big, black Ken doll.

Marcy & Janie in HOH and Marcy gets in bed then starts talking about Betsy Wetsy doll and how they put the Betsy Wetsy into the Ken doll and gets out of bed and looks at it. FLAMES & WTLM :(

3:30 am BBT B)

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3:40 AM BBT

In HOH, Janie went to bed and is reading.

In BackYard is Erika and James on the red sofa, and Howie walking in a circle on the grass. All talking about making pizza dough. Think ingredients would be egg flour water and salt. Will was dumping all the candy all over himself, and then he uses the excuse of good TV. It's not looking responsible to those who go to his practice.

James & Erika get up to go to bed. Howie continues to walk.

James and Erika in the bathroom and James telling her: Marcy talking a lot of smack about us.

E A floater is a person who floats from power to power. None of us is doing that.

J Janie is scared of women. If I side with you I won't be with the 4. The new 4 would be Howie, Kaysar & Marcy. (They are close to a motor in the bathroom [between the toilet & sink along wall] and I cannot hear anything!)

James is annoyed that his alliance isn't sticking to word. Mentions Janie leaving next week. Every week they put someone up and then they change minds by making deals with someone else. I didn't want to really be a part of the 4, but it ended up that way. I don't like being used. Walks off and goes to bedroom to sleep.

Erika noisily sifting through things in her bathroom basket for over a minute. Walks to picture board, sits down and just contemplates over it.

Howie still walking around in huge circles in the BackYard.

(Right now it seems that Janie is not going to put up Will, but will put up Diane. At this point, everyone--her alliance, the others except CT, are upset with her. )

After several minutes of sitting in front of picture board, Erika goes to bedroom to sleep.

3:55 am BBT B)

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Its 5:15 BB time and Howie just finished his shower and is now going to bed.

He climbed in the big bed in the red room between the others, cannot see who.

(Hope they dont sleep all day!)

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7:56 AM BBT: Diane up. Walks into kitchen to check the time on the stove, then heads to the bathroom. She leaves the toilet without washing her hands and heads back to the giant bed with Howie and Erika.

8:02 AM BBT: Diane sneezes 3 times and sniffles. She then rolls onto her back and pushes her blanket down below her knees, adjusts her pajamas and pulls the blanket back up over her chest after Howie rolls over.

8:21 AM BBT: Diane is doing alot of tossing and turning. She's on her back, then her left side, then rolling over to her right side. She seems annoyed that Howie is hogging the blanket. She keeps adjusting her pajama bottoms. Wedgie problems maybe.

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10:50 BBT "Good morning houseguests. Veto ceremony will be in 90 minutes."

Boogie just told James that he's going to "pull a Marcellas; Not use it and get myself out of here." (sounds like he was kidding...)

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10:51am BBT

Feed 1: Dani in bathroom...she apparently has a zit on her shoulder and she is working hard on it with scrubbing pads.

She has made coffee and washed her face today. She seems fairly busy.

Feed 2: Kaysar doing cardio in the gym. He still seems down.

Feed 3: Dark room on James who was talking to Boogie a few minutes ago so he is apparently awake.

Feed 4: A sleeping HG

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BBT: 11:00 am

Boogie and James laying in bed in the dark discussing S6 and how James was backdoored, blah, blah, blah.

K in WR running on treadmill, J comes down from HOH into Kit then back up to the HOH rm.

Other HG's still in bed.

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BBT: 11:20 am

Feeds are back with K still on treadmill, W,Dani and Ericka in the Kit. Will telling them again about his ketsup soup from last night. Dani sounds like she is making a shopping list. Ericka said all she needs is her pickle.

B getting out of bed finally. Lights are now on in that rm. (Camara just went threw the spider tank following B from one rm to the other, that was pretty cool)

B, Di,James,CG,Will in BR doing ADL"s. Will says that H will never spend the night at his house because he's afraid he will come and not leave.

11:25 am

Someone in the shower, can's see who, just hear the water. Feeds switch brielfy to HOH rm with Jani and Marc sitting up in bed and then we go to Fire.

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BBT 11:35 am

Feeds are back.

Marc and Jan are in HOH discussing yet again the Veto Nom. Jan is determined to put up Di but Marc is still saying that Di is not coming after Jan. He says even if she did, she would not have the votes to back her up.

M. You have three options. what you should do, what you could do and what you won't do. Should do is Will, Could do is Di. If you nom Di it shows that you would nom anyone. When you nom E, it scared everyone except your alliance.

More talk of last year of what they did wrong last year.

J, Ill go ask K. I had a dream, Michael was in it and I had to look for an apartment and Big Daddy called and yelled at me for hanging out with Michael.

Jan goes to WR to talk to K. Will is there so she tells K she has to talk to him. Will tells them they can go right ahead.

K and Jan leave that rm and go back up to HOH rm.

J, So I was going to nom Di, but Marc said to nom CG.

K, That is so stupid.

J, M said it will fix everything.

K, No, thats what happened next yr., This is going to fix everything.

J, I know because I have secured the votes.

K, With CG?

J, No, with Di,.

K, This will be a wasted HOH. You either take out W or you take out Di It would be completely foolish to go after CG. Marc has stupid ideas and he is sitting here whispering in your ear.

J, I make stupid ideas too.

K, No you don't. You make great ideas and then get talked out of them'

J, And she already knows.

K, And if you chg,,,

J, It will make me look scared.

K, Then get rid of W.

J, But then I will have lied to him.

K, We cannot loose James.

J, We didn't loose him, he's really pissed at me. He said that we lied to his face. We told him we were going after will and B.

K, Im going to tell him I didn't know about this because if he thinks the whole team is coming after him we are screwed. Ill work on James. Do what you have to do.

J,. He came back in here last night again and he was nice again.

K, Marc is making you make bad decisions. Im telling you right now, in the next couple of wks Im taking him out.

J, No your not. And Im not telling him you said that.

K, You can't see it, but he goes back out and tells everyone everything. Don't play dumb with me Jan, you are smarter than that.

J. But I love Marc. Heres the thing, Im going to feel like the biggest witch today.

K, You have two choices, if you have commited to going through with Di then you can't back down. This is not that bad of a move.

J, I just feel horrible. I feel like a bitch, but this is personal. I feel really mean. James said the next time he gets HOH he is going to do something that is personally good for him.


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(back from FOTH, Janelle/Kaysar in the HOH room on all feeds)

K: say Danielle is not in the game, then what?

J: Erika? Why?

K: then go after Chill Town? Who is final 5?

J: I don't want to do final 5, it's week 4

K: Where do you put Marcellas? He's terrible for our game, he goes around leaking info, who do you think told Alison information?

J: that was Marcellas?

K: yes, you told only him and Jase... we got our back door completely exposed because of him

J: alright, I'll stop telling him things

K: he talks about normal things, then throws in random things like it slipped, that's how he does it

J: he's kinda like Ivette

K: i don't want to align myself with Ivette... with that said, it doesn't work for us

J: I'll stop hanging out with him so much

K: you can hang with him, but you can't tell him stuff

J: (exasperated) I understand...

J: alright, I won't tell him anymore stuff, just girl stuff... on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad are my nominations?

K: if Erika goes home, terrible

J: oh, she's not going home

K: Diane is coming after us... I don't know, I'll let you know next week when everything is boiling over... we won't know until after it happens...

J: like with Nakomis

(my feeds are skipping some)

K: they might go after George next week, so one of us may go up with him... not to say this is a bad move to put up Diane, it's a risky one, but I see where you are coming from...

J: and James flipped out.. by James saying he wants to make a personal decision for him...

K: Boogie talked to me last night, that was it, said he talked with you, wanted to make an arrangement not to go after each other

J: I didn't want to make it formal, like a hand shake or ...

K: Marcellas is an idiot in my opion

J: no one made a deal

K: I'm tired of his accusations


Erika says if one of them goes, and the other has the chance to vote them back in, to do that... Diane says she'll do the same for her.. but she(D) wouldn't want to come back in

E: see Diane, I always told you, actions speak louder than words

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