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July 31 Live Feed Updates

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Cam 1, 2: kitchen table, talking about sheets, and James is saying after he moved a matress how BB has "so much fucking hatred towards me, they hated me last year too"

Cam 3,4: Janelle and Kaysar playing pool, Will and Howie have joined them

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james has called dani away to talk to him

James: who does janelle want out more

Dani: Diane

and we never do what the HOH wants

James: not when they fuck you

what about getting marcellas to do a sympathy vote

balls out

i thought this was dani bb3

Dani: Diane will betray us, that girl backstabbed, they were like 'damn what just happened to us', she lies....you never do what the HOH wants, but that will be balls out

(whispering, hard to hear)

Marcellas has joined them

James: when she stood up I knew she sold her sole

James: It doesn't make any sense

All : It doesn't

Marci: she not only through the game for herself, she through the game for the 4

James: I told her she lied to my face

Dani: howie went to diane and told her she was safe?

James: I wanted to put up boogie last week, and the talked me into Jase, ok next week you put up will and boogie

James: I told them to be honest this time, and now they made me look like a liar, Boogie is talking about putting you (marc) and janelle up

I called her out for putting up Erika and Diane, all cause she's scared of Diane

Marc: you are the low man on the totem poll

James: I know this

Dani: Jase holds janelle accountable

Marc: I got your back, what she did to me was just crazy

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Dani has now run to boogie in the gym to tell him

Boogie: I told her I'd vote out diane, it was the only way to save will

Dani: ok, then this conversation is over

Boogie: I'll have to run things over with you next time.

Dani: told you guys you never had anything to worry about

Dani what was agreed

B: Janelle we are protecting you, and she asked about marcellas and will told her

Dani: so the deal was erika is staying

Boogie: deal was also to not put up janelle and howie

Dani: i worry about her that she wants to be the one woman standing with only men... marc feels like he's done everything for her and she's done nothing in return

Dani : we got 4 days, and people can do alot with 4 days

Dani: i know erika is trustworthy and diane is not

what i would like for is to be a tie, so that its all on her, and for us not to do the dirty work

don't change anything, don't want you to break your word

Boogie: you act as the advisor from now on and tell us what we need to do

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