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July 25 Live Feed Updates

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for some reason they are going to reenact the veto ceremony and they are all going to be other people

dont know who's idea it was to do this

but they are all into it

boog is excited

jase said he wanted to be dani

janey says she is going to be will

now they are all singing jesses girl

jase, marc just had the audacity to call me out for singing in the house

boog, well if you want to host an internet show, you cant be wild and crazy

jase, my wild singing, god jase is a rebel

jase..omg im a rebel

janey, how are we gonna play this drinking game

boog, open your mouth and pour it down your throat

will is making fun of janey

howie is laughing

boog is rounding them up to go into the living room for the reenactment

boog showing janey how to chug

they are all already very loud and riled up

erika is going to be cg

trying to make herself cry

still a bit confused as to why they are going to do this...perhaps for us feeders?

this was supposedly the biggest fight in the house so far, and they want to re-live it again with alcohol

janey has on sunglasses and i guess she is going to be jase

she goes to get a hat

jase is james

boog is will and in the orange chair next to erika who is cg

erika has on the tinfoil hat

and a necklace that boog gave her is the veto

here comes georgie

erika, this is the veto ceremony....she is standing with the necklace pretending to be cg

and my feeds cut

back and

erika, a final word why i should save you...

boog, whats up cg...normally someone would address the person with the veto neclace and ask that i be placed around his neck...stands and says i am the greatest player that played this game

5 yrs ago i came in here and i asked myself where would i find my motivation..well i hated everyone

this yr i decided i would like everyone, but then i took a look around and realized i hate everyone here, i hate myself for being here..this show sucks, and i dont want to be here, so i ask you all to give back to the community, if you dont grant my wishes i will throw every pov and hoh, fuck all of you ..cg deserves it all, not one of you went up and congratulated him..frankly i am ready to go home, i hate ech and every one of you

erika, as cg, turns to willboog, and says fuck you...

erika as cg, i am here to play..and i am supposed to be crying...i am quite the opposite of the good doctor, i am honored to be in the presence of each and every one of you, we got a second chance guys...and im very honored, now fuck you all

boog, now cg this is the part where you use the actual veto

erika as cg, i am going to veto my nom

janey as jase, goes in to the block chair

boog is sounding like bb telling jase to get back in his seat

jase standing as james...i chose to nom you jase

jan as jase, i m not cut out for a game like this, i belong on survivor, i play like a tribe, what the fuck is this, i belong wearing a loin cloth on an island i dont belong in a house with ppl like you, i as well dont wanna be here, send me the fuck home, i hate everyone in here too, i dont expect a xmas card from everyone of you, i am not going to talk to any of you guys, i am not gonna text you and say hey whats up cuz thats just not me

erika as cg adjourns the mtg

jan as jase stands up and says james you are a fucking pussy and she stomps off

i guess they are done

i get that cg made a big speech about being honored and liking every one, but he forgot to actually use the veto

will stood up and told them all he hated them all and that was him motivation

jase told them all that he hated them all too and that he deserved to be on survivor not here

jase, followed by me cut to walking outside and throwing the fire extinguisher

kay comes in and they tell him he missed it

they are going to do it again with different ppl being different ppl

im not going thru it unless they come up with something they forgot

they want kay to be jase

jase is cg

erika is will

will alone on the red couch, i am playing this entire couch...(he's funny)

cg is james

erika seems to think she is an incredibly talented actress

they are all cracking up, but it's really not that funny

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switch to by

dani talking to howie talking about marcellas

and that she went up first week

howie, well you dodged that bullet and you are here...

switch to diane and james playing badminton

di i am satisfied with whoever goes really

james i want jase to stay and nominate him next week and whup his ass in the veto comp

di you are handling yourself very well, i am really proud of you

howie comes up and starts the moaning and groaning

he says he just aint got it in him

he still has the ear thing

he got stung by a bee

his b-hole hurts (?)

james, shut up and grab a racquet

hear others in the background sounding drunk and loud

they have been slamming their alcohol

it is 9:21 bb time

on quad

the ones in the living room are doing it over and over again

kay doesnt want to participate as he feels like he would be making fun of cg

they tell him to think of it as a saturday night live skit (really makes you wonder if these guys are acting more often than not)

2 feeds on l.r.

boog is cg

dani is will

not funny

2 feeds on a hard core badminton game in back yard

nothing to report as they are just going over the same thing in the house

and just silly banter over the badminton game

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Will, Janelle, Boogie, Jase agreeing that that was the best Veto ceremony EVER. Boogie wishing he could have Tivoed it. All agreeing that Tuesday's show is going to be the bomb. All wishing happy Birthday to Christa (ex BB contestant?)... more banter...then

fire on all 4 cams.

We're back with 2 cams on badmington game on BY (Howie, James, marcellas and Diane) and 2 cams on LR were all the rest are still hanging out...Jase is now impersonating Cowboy first and now Nakomis doing their introduction speeches on season 5...not funny but they seem amused by it

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Approximately 11pm BBT: Janelle and Erika Join Boogie, Howie, and Will in the pool. They have the beer and whipped cream out. Janelle begins by licking some first off Howie, then off Boogie (Boogie...ewww). Things get a little kinkier when Boogie encourages the girls to lick some off the other's chest. Erika goes first off Janelle, then Janelle goes next off Erika. Boogie then sprays cream all over Will for the girls to lick off him at the same time. He didn't really seem to mind when it was just one at a time, but he was quite uncomfortable when it was both... so much so to where Boogie had to grab him by the hair to hold him in place. Crazy!

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11:15 BBT The houseguest are hanging out in the pool (or is it the hot tub) and Boogie ask Janelle to lick whip cream off of Howie. She licks whip cream off Howie and Boogie. Will tries to get Howie to run around the house naked. Howie pulls down the back of his shorts. The houseguest all chant at Howie to streak. Howie gets called to the Diary Room. Janelle licks whip cream off Erika. Then they both lick whip cream off of Will. Boogie trys to get the girls to do a 3 way kiss with Will. Will says no he is not doing it...he is NOT doing it. He fights and eventually gets out of the water. Then they try to get the girls to kiss Boogie. Janelle and Erika would not kiss him. They say they don't want Diane's sloppy seconds (from kissing Diane on his birthday) Boogie goes to the hammock and pouts.

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well there was some crazy stuff in hot tub

erika and janey made out and boog sucked erikas toes

they squirted whipped cream on will and janey and erika both tried to lick it off him but he ran away screaming..i love you baby, to the cameras....

then jase put whip cream on boog but no one would touch him

janey got up and left

now will and boog and erika at hammock and boog says, see this is why i need you here

erika is telling boog ....do you know how hard i am working?

she is telling him all she knows and boog is reciprocating

didnt know they were this tight

boog telling erika about how he was trying to get marcy on block

he says that he defended erika to the sovs

boog says it was idiotic they didnt get rid of marc

janey comes out showered and tells boog and erika that they would make a cute couple

erika now saying that she wont kiss boog cuz she wont do sloppy seconds cuz she says that boog kissed diane on his birthday

he is saying that i was not a real kiss

he describes how he would kiss erika

( i know this hot tub stuff sounds hot, but it really was kind of gross with boogie involved in it all, he was so demanding attention, it was kinda sad and disturbing)

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11:30 BBT Boogie and Erika are sitting in the hammock. Janelle comes up and tries to get Erika to kiss Boogie. Erika refuses to give him a kiss. He is trying to convince her to give him a kiss. He asks her to give him a kiss on the cheek and she says no. Janelle begs on Boogies behalf. He asks her why she won't do it. She says why do I have too. He says you don't. Janelle leaves. He asks Erika if she wants to meet in the storage room. They laugh. Then he asks her again for a kiss on the cheek. (This crap is getting old. I'm going to switch feeds) They are on all 4.

They are talking about Jase throwing HOH. Erika tells Boogie Jase threw it. Boogie acts shocked. They keep going really quiet where I can't hear them. Erika tells Boogie he was close to going up and if he went up he would have been out. He says no he had to votes to stay. They discuss how that would have worked. She assures him he would have been gone had he gone up. Boogie asks Erika why he won't put him up. She says she did not throw HOH. He asks who she would put up if she won HOH. She says Howie & Diane to split the house and Howie would go. He says you think Howie would go. She says they don't have the votes. The ponder over who has whose votes. She keeps saying trust me trust me. She tells him the whole calling out thing is not in his best interest. She say Marcelleous has his back. He says it's guilt by association with Jase. He asks if they are voting out Jase and she says of course. We are not voting out Will. She says she is protecting Will & Boogie. It has been her objective and that is why she told James to put up Jase when he asked her opinion. She keeps telling him she will protect him as much as she can. She says her an Marcellous call the shots because they are the floaters. They decide who stays and goes. She is trying to tell him that is why he needs to stop calling out floaters. Chill Town needs to Chill. He says he needs to joke around because it would be more Glarring if he was to sit around quiet.

(I am having a hard time following Boogie. He is not making real perfect sense and back tracking a lot) He asks her not to tell anybody that Marcellous told him that he is not willing ot have another Jason in this house aka Kaysar. Boogie says that CT will look out for her. She tells him that the BB6ers tell her that Boogie is going after her and Danielle. He says if you believe that. She says I only believe what you say. I don't believe what James says. He says Danielle is somebody he did try to evict the first week because she would burrow into the game but it's better for you...Erika cuts him off saying she is ready. He says the point being they came to me and I protected who I wanted to protect. You, Danielle, and Diane to a certain degree. I threw Marcellous under the bus. Erika whispers I told you the beginning of the game I would watch them for you. Boogie says I am going to have some momentary moments of inaction. He tells her "I have to warn you that...you have to be careful how cunning you are on the floating side because Diane is all Whoa is me and you are playing smart and are great at it" He says he is great for tempering peoples opinions. If Jase stays and wins HOH and then doesn't finish his thought. Erika says she won that POV she won to protect Boogie & Will. She says she doesn't throw comps. He says he is skeptical that people will go after the 4. They are afraid of them. She disagree's. He says do you think if Marc got HOH he would put them up or the two of us? No he is too afraid. Jase interrupts and ask if he is interrupting and they say no it's the same stuff just who they going to vote out. They talk about taking out the BB6.

Ok I need to take a break from this. I will pick up in a few if things get more interesting. They keep going over the same stuff over and over.

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(just a quickie)

Erika & Boogie in the hammock...Erika says Jase is leaving

Erika (her exact words): I will protect you :blink: The thing with the floaters is that we have the power :huh: we are the swing votes :huh: me & Marcellas, we call the shots :huh: we decide :huh: it's us that decided (OMG OMG where is that vomiting smilie when you need it :lol: )

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erika and Janelle are eating whipped cream off of differ4ent people and eachother. First I think it was Janelle liking off Boogie, Jan wouldn't let them have Howie lick off of her, Erika licked it off Janelle, Erika licked it off will, Janelle licked it off Will, Erika and janelle licked it off boogie at the same time.

They are daring howie to race around the yard naked. Are telling him he needs to do it for his fans. They voted him in for stuff like this. lots of chanting for Howie.

Dani comes over and they ask her if she would like to joins them and lick off people etc.

BB just calls Howie to DR. will and boogie tease him saying BB will tell him the fans have recounted and want him out.

Jan says she wants a diary room

Will asks jan and erika to kiss. they say they will kiss eachother and will @ the same time. They chase him around the ht, boogie is spraying him in the face with whipped cream, boogie has will by the hair, will is yelling "I am not doing this!!! Baby I love you!" and will escapes.

Jase asks boogie to come to him and asks will for the whipped cream. he purs some in boogies mouth and tries to get erika and jan to 3 way kiss boogie. They won't. jan says something abt diane's sloppy seconds. Boogie seems to get a littel upset. says they will want to kiss with Will when he has a real life gf but won't kiss him when he gets a little peck from Di in the ht. Jan leaves Dani teases Boogie abt a wife. Erika says it is the rules of reality tv she can't touch boogie. Boogie says it was a little peck nothing big... Erika claims she saw it.

now boogie is asking Will what he should do because he trusts him and he doesn't know how to treat these reality romances. Will says boogie shouldn't worry because she (erika) is just jealous. Boogie asks for a "summit" with erika on the hammock. erika brings her drink, mike asks will to bring her mike over. (Jase seemed to be saying something derogatory to erika as she leaves... I think so I couldn't see for sure)

when Will comes over boogie says the girls were all about Will first off. Erika says it is not a big deal it was just licking a little whip cream and boogie started it by licking off her on his birthday. Boogie seems to be really working the showmance angle with Erika. says the kiss with Diane was nothing. Erika says "we aren't having this conversation here" mike thinks they should talk about it. Mike says he finds Erika irresistable. Will is trying to help Mike out. Says Erika is "cool as hell and super hot body"

Mike is telling her tonight is a perfect night for us to interact. Erika asks if he is "calling her out"

Erika saying she is working really hard to protect him. Boogie says he is protecting Erika. Boogie says that last night he told BB 6 that Marcellas said stuff abt getting rid of BB 6. He says he told them that ERika and Dani didn't say anything. (he was talking about his convo with them last night about saying what all the floaters were telling CT).

Mike says obviously its will you jase and diane... in terms of protection. (obviously CT's plan is to use erika and diane). Mike says he thinks it is great that erika walks away from him. They say that BB 6 is not smart for not getting rid of Marcy when they had the chance.

Jan comes over. asks if they have kissed yet and calls them a "cute couple". Jan says they shoudl kiss, Mike says he would only kiss erika if it wasn't sweet and no tongue. Jan says that Mike is way cuter than Josh. Mike thanks jan for her endorsement. Erika still saying she won't take sloppy seconds. Boog says no sloppy seconds he was just silly and being drunk on his b-day. Jan is saying it would be sweet... erika still says no. Boogie says "just on the cheek". E still says no. Jan leaves. Erika says Kay asked if she was with mike boogie, and she keeps saying "eww no. He's gross he farts all the time."

She says Jase threw her under the bus... he said "well I've been throwing HOH's too" BOogie thought Jase was just joking. erika says no. and says boog needs to win HOH. Mike asks why erika doesn't win it. she says if she is to stay in with the BB 6 team and protect him from them she can't. she tells him "it was close you were up and out the door" She claims it was her idea that she told BB 6 "if you want to break up mr & mrs smith and ct put up Jase" ERika says she is voting to keep will (of course) but she is trying to protect boogie. Mike claims he is not throwing HOH's. ERika says don't put floaters up those are the people that you need for their votes. She says the floaters have the power. She says the floaters decided that Diane was to stay.

Mike tells her of the trip to the HOH room again. once again tells her that he threw marc and Dani under the bus. said Diane occasionally agreed that bb6 needs to be tagetted. but that Erika said nothing about it. Erika says bb6 told her that boogie told them to go after erika and marcellas. he says why would you believe them? erika says she only believes what he says.

boogie says he had one night that he messed up. but he covered it with his b-day. erika once again makes sounds that she had a hand in covering for him. Mike tells erika that she needs to be careful because di is now playing her game (E's game) and E is getting looked at. E claims she knows she has to start "playing" and says she won the POV on purpose to protect all the others (CT).

Boogie now saying he and Jase offered a deal to take out marc and offered them "amnesty" during the week they needed it. (kay can't play pov and james can't play HOH) says he asked them why would they risk that for one vote. (making it sound like they were going to keep the deal and bb6 is stupid for not listening to them... didn't they laugh earlier today that they weren't going to keep the deal?)

gotta go to bed......

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Erika acting like she has an alliance with Boogie (who knows what the non-committal queen is really doing) . Talking about how she is looking out for him. Erika says she won the POV to protect Boogie :blink: & she hasn't been throwing HOH comps she just hasn't been able to win them. Jase interrupts. Convo changes.

Janelle & Will come up. Janelle is trying to kiss Will or something & he doesn't want her to.

James & Dani in the HOH. James is going over his strategy (but sry I just can't listen to it yet again)

(nite all)

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Danielle, James and Jase talking in BY. Jase is trying to get votes, saying that Dr. Will is playing the same game as he did in season 2. James saying Jase had a hand in losing votes by scaring the floaters.

Ericka, Boogie and Janelle in the HoH bathtub, playing at having a secret alliance. Boogie wants to get more alcohol. The girls are asking him to go get Will. Ericka and Boogie telling BB they should have more wine and they will have a better show. Want one more bottle of Chardonay.

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Boogie says this is the Janelle I met a year ago. Janelle says Will doesn't have any appeal for them (she and Ericka), he's not cool. Feed switches to BY

Jase swears he wants to leave as a man, not being backdoored. When it happened on his season, it killed him. Jase says if he stays and wins HoH he will not go after season 6, Danielle or Diane. He swears this, hand to God, on his unborn child.

Howie is not buying this. James and Danielle seem to want to keep Jase. James keeps wondering if Boogie would vote against Will, Danielle says no way. Danielle says that Dr. Will can turn it up if he gets to the seqpester point, that he has been saying before All Stars that he (Dr. Will) will win this game.

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Now Danielle and James feel their best bet is to keep Jase. Danielle says she needs to talk to Kaysar.

They say Jase won't get Janelle or Marci's vote, that those two are in cahoots. They count Danielle, Kaysar, Howie, Diane and Chicken George. That would be the five they need to keep Jase. James wants to see Will's face as he leaves.

Danielle and James talk about pre-game alliances that Janelle made. She wants him to talk to Kaysar about it. James says Jani is playing to the public and will never talk about those alliances because it would look like she betrayed the Sov 6. Danielle says she already betrayed them by saying she doesn't trust James.

Feed switches to Howie in the HoH bathroom with Ericka, Boogie and Jani still in the tub. Howie joins them. Much silly laughing and "Oh yeah"s.

Bathroom is flooding, James is going to be mad.

Boogie and Ericka flattering Howie and Janelle.

Camera focuses on water going into the HoH room.

People shown running up the stairs. (HG's or Staff?) FoTH

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11:51 James & Dani in the HOH

James is visibally upset. He says he sickens him that people throw the competitions. He needs HOH to stay in the house and gets sick to his stomache everytime he competes. I guess he told Erika to get out of his HOH room and get her own (the feeds came in mid compeition) Erika told him she doesn't need to win HOH and he wonders if it means she is throwing them. James says he doesn't mind if Diane wins it next week. Dani says she will lie but she is "readable" James said it was easy to work all these people being HOH this week. Everybody except George who was hard to work. He stumbled and said he was forced to join and alliance and James couldn't tell him that he is not in with CT. James says he got screwed by CT and he is not even in their alliance. Dani says I will see what I can do. "Let me talk to Kaysar" They need 5 votes. They debate who Boogie will vote out. Dani says she wants to talk to Will and see if he really wants to go home and then talk to Boogie to see what he wants to do for him. She leaves and says she will meet him there (the HOH Room) tomorrow and fill him in.

The camera follows Dani downstairs to the kitchen. I'm checking other feed's

Everybody is chanting Janey loves Will (She was chasing him trying to kiss him earlier) Dani walks outside and ask if they can fit one more person in the Hammock. They all go on about Janelle wanting to kiss Will. Nothing great. Janey is saying she didn't want to kiss him she wanted to whisper in his ear. Will does not buy it. They all try to convince Will to let her whisper in his ear. He says no he knows where that leads.

I'm switching to Kaysar & Diane in the Living Room. Diane is talking about how Jase makes her mad. Kaysar says it's just his game. They talk about how hard it has been to put people up. It's not always as easy as it should be. Look at this week George was suppose to go out.

Kaysar: Look at me I shaved my head to make sure he went out

Diane: That's how fast shit changes in the game. I just wanted you to know we are good.

Kaysar: Yeah I do know.

Diane: Says I don't know about Janelle I haven't talked to her but I will talk to her. I like her and I think outside the house we could be really good friends.

Kaysar apologizes for the nominations last week. Diane says she thought it was a brillant move on Kaysars part. Kaysar tells her that if she thinks of anything or comes up with anything let him know. He says he will do the same for her. Kaysar says he is glad Diane approached him. He says he feel terrible because she cried. She says she is glad she got put up so now she will be ready for next time. They talk about how Jase & Will are freaked out being up together though they are trying to act like they both want to go. Diane says they will be friends afterward.

12:09 BBT Will is telling Janelle and Erika what is good about them in the bathroom.

Jase & James in the BY

James says Janelle and Erika work men better then any women he has ever seen. Jase says Erika texted him before the show out of the blue saying "You and Me Jase to the end" Jase said he knew it was bullshit when she saw her buddying up with the BB6. Howie comes out and interrupts. He is looking for Dani's key. Apparently she lost it earlier.

Jase: Howie. Dr Will is good at what he does. I didn't feel like I was part of you guys and Dr. Will brought me in without giving me my CT tee shirt. Dr. Will will be laughing in the DR about how you voted me out and Boogie and him are still there.

Dani interrupts saying that Diane told her Will admitted to her that he was her 2nd vote.

Howie turns on the razor and it is LOUD.

Jase: Will goes around saying send me home whatever and then Boogie goes around selling it for him. He keeps saying he wants to go home but one more week, two more weeks. If he wanted to go home then why not leave the 1st week. He wants to stay in.

James: That's how he plays that's part of his game.

Jase: He will win and say ha ha I did it again. I played the whole house. I don't care if Will makes it to the end I will not vote for him just because.

James: I would vote for him in the end.

Jase: Dr Will is a smart guy

James: He is genious.

Jase: I know how the diary room converstations Will is saying we sucked Jase in and look he is out ha ha.

James: Partly it is your own fault for how you act. You scare the weak players and bring it out yourself.

Jase: You are right.

They go on to keep talking about how Dr. Will is playing the game. James says he cannot stand how Boogie and Will run around like they own the place. Jase says it's part of his arrogance. He says it is not about money for Will but so he can win just to say Look I did it again. Howie says he is a sneaky little Bastard. James says it's not about being sneaky he is a genius.

Jase: Will tries to belittle our faith in the game. He tries to make people doubt themselves and the game.

Dani says she knew when he talked about the vote today. She was like "Whoa Will is playing the game"

The send out Happy Birthday's to Cali (Jase's gf daughter) and to Sarah.

James says that he was sticking to keeping his deal with Jase and was not going to put him up until they found out he was part of an alliance which then made his deal with Jase null and void. Jase says CT played him by calling everybody in last night and then leaving Jase to be the spokesman. Will completely left Jase alone to pitch putting Marcellous up to Kaysar and James. James said they wanted me to put up a floater so I put up their floater. Jase says "Me" and James says yes. Jase basically goes onto say he was played by Will & Boogie. He explains how it went down. James said wow he really is that evil. Jase says as soon as nominations were done they both distanced themselves from him. He says Boogie flat out shunned him and dissed him. He says that is when he realized what they had done to him.

Jase goes over how he got screwed again. He says he was not really in the alliance. He wasn't even there when Will & Boogie talked to James. James says to Jase that if they keep him in the house they are running a huge risk. He says no you are not. I give you my word I am not going to go after any of you or Kaysar or Janelle (Kaysar and Janelle are not there) He wants to go up on the block and be able to compete for veto so he canJase says he wants to go out like a man. He does not want to be backed door. James jokes that Jase's mom will kick his ass. Jase says he may go after Boogie and James said he had no problem with that. He says if they get HOH next week and want to put him up he will be cool with that. He just doesn't want to go out like this. He says if he loses he loses. James tells him he has to get the votes that just cause they agree doesn't mean anything. He tells him let us talk.

He leaves. Dani asks what do you think Howie. Howie says he has nothing to lose. James says Boogie and Will have not guarenteed us Jack Shit. Howie says you could not trust them anyways. James said he did not want to put Jase out in the first time. Howie said he betrayed us by joining CT and Jase admitted it and was coming after them. James said CT threw him under the bus. James tells them they need to find out if Boogie is voting for Will. Dani & James say it isn't going to happen. Dani says she is going to ask Will if he wants to stay or go. Dani says "He said he doesn't want to make it past sequester but if he gets past the point of sequester or winning this thing you all have not seen nothing yet"

They talk about how Will is a maniuplator. Look they are up there working up Erika and Janelle right now. They say it's the booze (Janey is drunk and singing) . They talk about how Will works on everyone's insecurities and cast doubt.

Boogie comes down in a towel and interrupts. James gives Boogie shit about using his towels. James tells Howie to go upstairs and check on Janey. "Somebody's got to look after the dumb ass"

Howie leaves and James ask Dani. What do you think? Keep Jase? Dani says yes. James says his gut has been telling him that the whole time. He says the only reason he put him up was because he was coming after the BB6 and Dani. Dani says she has to talk to Kaysar. Dani says Jase will not get Janelle or Marcellous's vote. James said Howie does not do well when he thinks he has been betrayed and he thinks Jase betrayed him regarding his vote. Dani ask if BB6 usually agrees on who to vote for or what. James said they usually try to back the HOH but last week it was because of bad nominations. She asks if James and Kaysar have talked about Janelle's pre-game alliances. He said not really. He says Janelle will never talk about her pre-game alliances on the show. She knows how to play the not only the house but the viewers at home. She will not make it look like she is betraying her alliance. Dani says she already has by saying she don't know if she can trust James. James says the good thing is everything Janelle says to Kaysar, Kaysar tells him. They talk about what a game player Janelle is on how she is on another level. James said he heard Janelle had contact with Dr. Will before hand. Maybe they had something going on. He says Janelle talked all men. Erika contacted Janelle first. Dani says "What is wrong with you people?" James said it is not me. You and me talked all the time. Dani says Howie had a valid point that everybody should have a 1 on 1 with Dr. Will about wether he wants to stay or go. James says Howie came into play this year. Dani says she can tell when Will is bullshitting. James said he wants to send Will home and he wants to make it a suprise. He doesn't want him to know before hand he is going. He wants to have Boogie sitting there looking shocked. They have to keep it tight. She ask him if he can get Kaysar and Howie's vote. He said he thinks so. They say Janelle cannot catch wind of it or it will be a firestorm. James said it may be good to see where she alligns. Dani says like a test. They talk about Janelle pushing to keep Kaysar in the house.

FIRE~~~ I'm taking a break now.

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Howie sitting behind Janelle in tub, acting sexual, she tells him to stop it. Boogie continues with "I must say this is actually an honor" FoTH

Boogie: I have an awsome schlong (Howie tells Jani to grab it, she says Noo)

Boogie: Not now, I'm in the tub and I am a gentleman. Guys like Will are pretty, guys like Jase but tell you what I got a big chin FoTH

James, Will come into the bathroom.

James starts cleaning up the bathroom, Jani calling Will a wuss.

Will asks Janelle whats her offer, she says she won't say because he is too chickenshit to do it.

The bathtub crew, minus Howie, try to coax Will into the tub.

(There's a lot of small FoTH breaks throughout - Night all)

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1:01 am BBT..Feeds keep going in and out. We get bits and pieces of Dani talking to Kaysar in the backyard. Dani said "So you think Jase should go" didn't catch the answer because of FIRE.

1:06 BBT Back mid conversation between Dani & Kaysar.

Dani: If that's the case it's not easy then

Kaysar: There has to be more then that (I have no idea what they are talking about exactly cause of the fire)

Erica comes out and gets in the jacuzzi. She listens to Dani & Kaysar talk.

Dani: I have that gut feeling

Dani tells Kaysar about Howies idea to have each HG talk to Will 1 on 1. She explains that if he flips and says yeah I want to stay then they know how he is playing it. Kaysar says that is a good idea. He just does not want to do it too prematurely (referring to booting Will) Dani tells Kaysar Jase is a man. Jase will keep his word.

They are interupted when Will plops down in a chair next to them.

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4:00 BBT

Most of the house is asleep. Erica, Kaysar, Janelle, Marcellas, and Howie are in the backyard discussing a variety of subjects. One was evicitions. They decide Jase shoud go this week. Then George, then Boogie. But that changes to maybe leaving George alone until after Boogie and Will.

Janelle and Marcellas go to bed, or at least to the BR for ADLs.

Kaysar and Erica have a discussion on war, Jihad (sp?), and young men having to kill strangers.

In the meantime, Howie is in the Jack Shack (for the second time this season he says). When he exits (baggie in hand), he asks Kaysar and Erica how they can go without it. Both reply that they just don't think about it.

As Howie dives into a zipped baggie of tortilla chips, Kaysar comments on not washing his hands. Howie makes light of it, and Kaysar says "Okay, then would you please finish those chips."

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Howie , Kay, Erica sitting in backyard in very deep (LOL) conversation.

Howie asks Kay about his religion and he tells Kay his religion is JEDI.

They are now talking about sequester and were it might be. Howie says they took their passports and he believes they will be going somwhere other than North America.

Kay and Erica tell them that they always have taken their passports.

Howie says *Your right* ;)

Kaysar is asking about Mexico if they can ride jet skis and stuff. They were in a Town called San Fransico.

THey continue to chatter about Mexico and they hope theya re going there.

Janelle was washing up and must have gone to bed.

Just Lays , Howie and Erica up now. Sitting outside , Howie did spend some time in the jack shack. (I putting it on Youtube)

be back soon!


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7:33 BBT... All is quiet in the Hamster dwelling... A few stirs here and there but nothing to be excited about. Everyone sleeping..............

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8:27 BBT...... All the hamsters still sleeping.... Marc turned over on his side and let out the biggest fart!! (I bet he feels better now ..LOL)

8:45 BBT...... Boogie up and going to the BR, washed his hands and is now back to bed...

9:00 BBT.... Boogie back up, grabbed what looked like some kind of pills... got back in bed, took them and layed back down. Someone farted really loud again... might have been Boogie..

9:04 BBT... WOW! Someone is really gassy this morning.. ( I feel like I'm on fart patrol LOL!)

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10:00 BBT.... Lots of tossing and turning, but everyone still sleeping... (this is boring. BB needs to wake these hamsters up!!)

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