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July 25 Live Feed Updates

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Dani is up. She was in the storage room, then left (didn't catch what she was doing... had it on quad when I walked into the room). She's now using the bathroom.

10:55 BBT (three min later): Comes out of toilet room and washes her hands, then puts up her hair.

10:56 BBT: ADLs

11:01 BBT: Appears that everyone but Dani is still asleep.

11:04 BBT: Dani is making breakfast (looks like she's having something that involves eggs).

11:10 BBT: She's eating now... and wow, she's chewing loud.

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11:14 BBT: Dani walks out back and across the lawn... then turns around and goes back into the house. (No idea why.)

She goes into the gym, grabs some weights, and returns to the back yard. She sets down the weights and starts collecting things that are laying in the back yard and puts them in a pile off to the side.

11:16 BBT: She says, "Good morning America! I'm gonna work out for the first time in the Big Brother house." Then, she grabs the weights and begins doing lunges in the back yard (I hate lunges.)

11:21 BBT: Dani is still doing lunges when the F3 switches to a sleeping HG. When I switch to quad to see if anything else is going on on a different feed, I get fire. Ten minutes later, we're still on fire.

2:33 BBT: Feeds return, and Chicken George is in the shower. On F3 and F4, the HouseGuests (Jase, Will, and Mike are the only I see/hear) are still asleep. Big Brother says, VERY angry sounding, "I said, it's TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY." The HGs should back, arguing with BB. They continue to sleep, then BB says. "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day."

2:34 BBT: Jase(?) sings and we get FOTH. They quickly return and still, no one is getting up... but they are laying in bed talking.

2:37 BBT: Janelle is up and in the bathroom. Will, Mike, and Jase are still in bed, but appear to be awake. Someone sings, we get fire but it quickly goes away. George doing ADLs.

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11:33 am BBT

BB - I said it is time to get up for the day

someone yells out F*** You! Why? You are a D***!

CG showering

someone says "Last night boogie farted out of his D*** and __________"

Someone is singing *Shake that thing...* Song by Sean Paul Fire

BB- The bedroom lights must stay on

sounds like Jase - so you want to play hardcore, you want to play by the printed rules... starts singing "shake that thing again" Fire

jase- oh shut up!

BB Thank You

Jase - I have a hangover

someone says "you put on a girls sweatshirt and you were like crush that bitch

jase - the girls are f***** whores

CG is out of shower and shaving

HG still in bed talking mass s***

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11:40 BBT: George and Danielle are out back talking. I can barley hear them (my volume is up as much as it goes), but I can hear George telling Danielle he wants to vote out the doctor.

CG: Let me know if there's a change of plans... but... I'm voting him.

Dani: Okay, you got it.

CG: Jase is a time bomb.

Dani: Yes, he is... but... he is. He's upset - and he had a write to be - but when a grown man is in a game and when he looked at James and said, "you broke my will," I turned to him and said, "don't give up."

Dani: Just keep your vote hush-hush.

Dani says that she's working on two more votes, and then they might be able to "swing this thing."

11:43 BBT: BB announces that it is an outdoor lockdown. Then fire.

11:44 BBT: Will, Booger, and Jase are up now. Seems they are getting dressed. Dani is still working out in the back yard.

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female says good morning

someone is singing - quick fire

CG done shaving walks out of bathroom

janie out of loo, washes hands, puts up har walks out of bathroom to kitchen, CG comes in from BY heads back to loo,

CG - it is hot already (talking to dani in BY), I am gonna vote the Dr. out

dani's mic is off

CG - I just wanted you to know which way I am going

CG- mine is for sure that way

dani- yeah I know let me give you an example, when we were out there and we asked who voted for diane he didn't answer it, he is trying to stir up animosity and no one caught it but i did

CG- just let me know if there is a change of plan

D- yeah I got it

CG - jase is a time bomb

d- yeah but when a grown man starts in with you broke my will..., and the house hasn't decided (my feeds are choppy)

D- lets just be hush hush

CG - yeah, and if you need help with anything let me know

D- yeah I think I have got it, let me talk to a few ppl

CG- yeah _ after a few weeks

D- yeah the beast is stirring

CG- ok talk to you later dani

BB_ this is a lockdown please head out the glass dor

idiot jase starts singing and we get fire he is seriously pushing buttons this morning

someone tells boogie that he was out of control last night and that he said he was gonna piss on someones face...

dani out in back yard still working out and counting her reps, and finushes reps and says something, heavy panting and breathing

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BB- attention HG there are fresh batteries in the SR

dani still in BY working out

11:47 AM BBT Fire on all feeds

diane lunging in BY

james and diane in bathroom, sounds like eill singing in the toilet

erika in shower, jase now in bathroom

will out of bathroom, then back in to wash hands

everyone getting ready to go to BY

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11:54 BBT: BB plays the outdoor lockdown announcment again.

Marcellas, Booger, Diane, and Danielle are outside. James just went in to locate his lost sunglasses (he found them).

A minute later, Will is called to change his batteries.

12:01 BBT: BB calls for an outdoor lockdown twice in a row. Jase, Booger, Marcellas, Will, James, Diane, Danielle, Howie, and George are outside. I previously saw Janelle, too.

BB tells Will to change his mic, and he tells them he just did that. He asks them if he seriously has to again, and gets no response.

Will is then instructed to do it again, so he gets up to do it.

BB thanks will, and James tells Howie BB is hitting on his boy.

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1:30 pm BBT

BY area is James & Kay & CG talking about the amount of weight CG has already lost. Perhaps he could be on a calendar as the sexiest man of the year. In the pool is Mike, Dani & Erika.

CG sits down on a chaise, sits down on it at the level where the head should go, and it collapsed, leaving CG hitting against the side of the house and to the ground.

Talk of each other's weights.


Back to the BY and talking food, likes and dislikes.

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James saying he's worried about Jan & Marc. He's concerned that Jan won't get rid of him. Kay said she will.

James saying all floaters want Will at the end, because they might win, he'd vote for Will

James saying that Boogie might want to keep Jase, if Will doesn't want to stay AND if he thinks he can beat Jase.

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1:50 pm BBT

James & Kay talking in yellow bug room.

Janie not willing to get rid of Marcy, but Kay says she is. James didn't want Di to go, but he went with team. The active one not wanting to vote out Di was Marcy. Kay says Janie has said it was too early to put him up as well as putting Erika up.

Kay telling James that Jase wants Janie out. James was arguing about trying to keep Jase, but now has reservations about it since Jase wants to go after James alliance members. Now Jase says that he wants to go after floaters. James thinks Will playing game harder than any of them

Will says he doesn't want sequister, so he would be good to drag to the end. Half the house hates him, though. Alison & Jun hated each other but they stuck together to get to the end. It's not about who you like or hate, but who you can beat. James doesn't care who he is with, hope it's folks that are good at the game. If the floaters take Will or Boogie, they win because both W & B have $$ and jury would recognize that. Do we do what's best for the floater allies, or what? They don't want to protect anyone, so why should we protect them if they aren't doing anything for us says James. That will be the first nomination speech.... James, Kaysar, I can't beat you guys in the end because you have your entire voting season in the end. Erika & Marc cannot take Jase to the end cuz they cannot win. They will not win against Jase or you and me (James & Kay), but they will win against Will, Boogie and maybe Dani.

James: Jase will be like anyone else trying to get him out. Kaysar is unsure about all this that James has brought up. He is very torn and will have to think about it.

Have you talked to Dani at all? Dani wants to keep Jase. Dani will go right to Will. Mike won't ever put up Will.

James gets up and as he is leaving to get something to eat, says that Kay should get back with him cuz James really wants to talk this out.

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James poses the ?:

Do we what is best for our allies or for ourselves?

Dani, CG & Boogie are at the pool talking about River Phoenix & Johnny Depp.

*I hate Johnny Depp, so I am trying to find something else*

They are talking about River's death and Johnny basing his Pirates of the Carribbean character off of Keith Richards.

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Marc singing & dancing....

How showing people his bee sting....

Not much to report.

Chit Chat with Kay, HOw, E, & James in the Kitchen.

Talking about kids. E said she'd want one someday. If she can't meet the right guy she'd adopt over being artificially inseminated.

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3:18 BBT

Jase napping on a chaise by the pool

Kitchen's crowded with HG

Marcellas sitting in his PJs wearing his sleepy mask on top of his head (at 3 in the afternoon :rolleyes: )

Dani & James folding clothes in BY (I come in mid convo)

Dani: ...stop playing with the fire cause somebody's gonna get burnt

James: I agree completely. I would rather go with someone you can partially trust than someone who you know certainly the f*ck can't

(Talk of how to fold towels)

James" so are those options that you told him?

Dani: I told him & everything & he asked me what my gut is

James: another thing, if he tells me he's keeping you safe then that's all I care about (alliance alert :huh: )

Dani: Exactly. That's how my gut tells me he should stay in the game. That's how my gut & I told Kaysar the same thing.

Kaysar comes over & talk changes to working out.

Later on...

Now James & Howie in the HOH cleaning up. Howie alternating between his annoying baby-talk voice & making his annoying sexual sounds. Janelle in HOH bath applying make-up. Howie gets called to DR.

Feed switches to BY. Lotsa talk of past seasons. Will is talking about what Boogie did last nite. Say Boog went from being in a bathtub to flipping. Boogie says Howie & Janelle were threatening him in the bathtub so he stormed out.

Will doing situps & making a wierd noise that is annoying. Will says last night was hilarious. He says when is the last time you saw a guy stick his dick in an apple juice bottle? Boogie is worried that his mom might see that he pee'd in a apple juice bottle while saying he was going to piss in Janelle's face.

Will says Janelle is either the most popular or the least popular person depending on how this is being edited. Boogie says he isn't being any meaner to Janelle this season than Janelle was to other people in her season & they loved her. Talk of how much they will show of what happened at the POV on TV. They say CG's popularity is going to go thru the roof after tonight's show.

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Nothing exciting going on tonight. HG just hanging out, chit chat. Erika and Janie playing chess.

Di: if we only have a deck of cards...we would teach everyone how to play and it would never stop.

Jase: Can you imagine, if this were our season, it would be the week Holly left. Doesn't that seem like forever?

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All 4 cams on SOV, Marc hanging out. Diane was with them but she was called to DR. Howie says "Hi, haters!" then they all say 'Hi' to Janelle's mom...just chit chat, nothing good.

11PM All cams on BY now, 2 on Will sleeping on red couch, 2 on Diane and James, then on Marc, then on Jase...they're figuring out what a komquat is (yawn)

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