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July 23 Live Feed Updates

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at the pool table,

Janelle asked what day it is,

Howie jul 22

J - How long have we been in here,

H 20 days

etc, (you can figure it out)

Janelle says, so we are 1/3rd done now.

Now Janie Howie and Kaysar or going over possible trivia answers.

lol, who won the power of veto today,

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4:00 am BBT - 4:30 am BBT All but Kaysar are asleep. Kaysar's been lying on sofa nearly all this time with his hand on his head. He's been slowly, very slowly rubbing his newly exposed scalp. Twenty-five minutes later, he gets up, walks to the gargoyles by an arched door and sits down and reminds me of the "Thinker" statue by Rodin.

4:30 am BBT Kaysar gets his mat and begins prayer time between the Gargoyles and the back of LR red sofa. After four minutes, he gets up from mat, removes his microphone while walking to bath toilet. (It's so quiet in the house I can hear the cams whirring in movement.) He washes up, retrieves his mat, goes to the"Bug" Bdrm, and settles into bed. 4:38 BBT

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BBT 7:12... looks like someone cleaning up the BY, I think its Marc.(I could tell by the wiggle) He just went into the BR washed his hands. All other HG are sleeping quietly. Marc just went back to bed.(must be nice to wake up and have a burst of energy, then go back to bed)

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7:23 am BBT

All asleep in the BB house... marci fidgeting a lot and massaging his head

marci laying on couch (so it looks like) he is awake, seemingly cannot go back to sleep

snoring in background

7:30 am BBT

Marci still fidgeting looks as if he is in deep thought

7:40 am BBT

marci still laying on couch but writing around and in deep thought

someone is mumbling in their sleep

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8:10 am BBT

everyone still sleeping marci still wrestling bears and in deep thought

I hear a lot of background noise like doors slamming, cabinets closing and a big plane flying over now and again but all cameras show everyone still in bed (or the couch)

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8:32 am BBT

everyone still in bed, have cam on all 4 and all there is is some serious heavy breathing on the mic.???????

8:39 am BBT

a lot of loud snoring (CG must be out of his REM cycle now)

marci continues to be very restlesst

a lot more movement of the sleeping HG's

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Boogie is up.. uses restroom... washes his hands and puts his contacts in... sprays on deoderant and heads to the kitchen..

Danie now up and going into the kitchen... Boogie says to Dani

Boogie said he hear something she did last night... did not catch it but told her not to do that ... now they are trying to get the coffee pot ready to make coffee. Dani is showing Boogie how to make coffee.

Dani offers to make Boogie eggs.. he says no .. english muffins.. then say no ... pancakes. Dani does not know how to make pancakes so Boogie offers to make them for Dani.

Boogie does not put enough water in the coffee pot so Dani show him again what to do.

Dani asked if Boogie had talked to James yet... he says he did but not much cause it was right after the comp.... Dani warns he he HAS to talk to james .. says he needs to... Boogie asks if he is considering putting him up.. Dani only says again .. You NEED to talk to james. Boogie says he will that he has an idea...Boogie goes to change microphone.

They go to the bathroom Dani is spilling her info... Says Boogie nees to tell James that Marcellas said he wants James out... She say others want Jase out... Dani says again to tell James Marcellas wants James out..... Boogie says he will tell him that if he puts Marcellas up and gets him out he would be safe ...

Dani tells Boogie to keep Kaysar and James safe and not the other two sixers .... for sure.... Boogies warns Dani about James jumping back and forth. Warns her James will get her next.

Boogie says James will listen to her .. dani says no that she had warned him to leave chicken man alone... that she had a feeling he would win veto.. and it happened...

they part saying their plan is for Boogie to talk to James and tell on Marcellas.. have marcellas put up and voted out.

Boogie goes to the kitchen and gets the Bisquik out to make pancakes... haha.. he is reading the instructions... and asks Dani how many ounces in a cup of water... lol.. IMO haha yea... he knows how to make pancakes.

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Marcellas is now getting up... can hear a shower running in the background. IMO i think Dani is letting Boogie do her dirty work to get Marcellas out.

Marcellas goes through the kitchen to the restroom (pottie) and did not speak to Boogie as he works away trying to make pancakes. Boogie is talking to himself as he is cooking and mixing. Marcellas walks back through the kitchen and did not say a word, Boogie just watches him and says nothing. Marcellas goes back to sleep.... Boogie, still talking to himself, decides he needs bananas for the mix but there aren't any ... disappointed "I really could have pulled off an advance move" .. lol... Appears to be Dani in the shower while Boogie makes breakfast.

haha boogie is talking to himself... "Giant Pancake flip.. can it do it .. yes... that is NOT a rookie move right there" ... he seem to be having so much fun with himself..lol

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10:55AM Boogie has been in the BY going over what he is going to say to James. You put up Jase and Will you have the votes to get out Jase. Will goes home and you have us coming after you. If you go up against Kaysar, you dont have the votes to stay. Do the math, you are 1 of 6 the odds are not good for you. You put up Marcellas and he gets voted out. You only have to put up with him whining for a couple of days and you dont have people pissed at you. Dani walks out.

Boogie and Dani are in the BY talking about Marcellas. What Marcellas has said about Dani on HC. She says he called her vile. She says that he played the game just as hard as she did and called people names.

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Dani said she did not come in with an agenda against Marcellas but his bad mouting her has changed changed that. Dani says he calls her vile still and her question to him is when he was playing just a mean or meaner as her that he was a hyprocrit ... and that is the problem she has.. but she had decided to let it all go and had no reason to want him nominated. But when marcellas asked why she went after him in the metor game she said she did not know where she stands. She told marcellas that she will let him know if she is coming after him and that she did not trust him.

Then in week two she found out Marc wanted her nominated .. so she wants him gone now. Boogie says that she is a good position for them to cut that "little cancer" out .. that he likes marcellas but he is starting to mess in his world so he is the most likely person that needs to go... he is definiately a player .. flipflops back and forth. Boogie says he is so desperate that he will do what every and f* over whoever to stay ... he was kissing up to James when won.

Dani said her mother even told her that Marcellas always shows his true colors when he is nominated and to be warry of him. Dani said she was upset when she found out he was gunning for her because she did not come in with intentions to get him. Boogie said it is obvious that Marcellas wants the chance to say that he knocked out Dani. More talk of past happenings during Dani's season .. said she talked in metaphors to marc in the past to know when he was running his mouth and selling her out. It worked. Dani said after he told her business... she knew he had to go and that she did have an alliance with Jason.. had to protect him too.

Boogie talks about how erratic Marcy is ... Says James is a huge backdoor person that thinks Marcy has his back.. Boogie says that Will has no motivation... says clearly that Will would not even eat a bowl of oatmeal to stay... boogie says he talked him into staying one more week.

Boogie tells Dani about approaching James about keeping Will one more week in case sov 6 does not get hoh next week... will give them a break. Boogie thinks people in the house are afraid of putting up Kaysar because he is American's favorite.

Dani repeats her story of telling James not to put up Chicken George... Boogie asked who she suggested.. she said no one.. did not want to show her hand. She told James she had a bad feeling that C Geo would win veto and he did ... said James ask if she wanted to say "i told you so" ...

Boogie says people think Jase is with them but that they have not had any conversations for an alliance... that he is basically on his own.. floating as needed. Dani told Boogie that he is going to have to bring Jase's name up to protect him and Will. Boogie says that if it were to come down to Jase and Will that he will fight for Dr. Will. Boogie talks about the sov 6 starting all the paranoia.

Said stupid to go after Diane because of the paranoia .. Boogie says it is neat how it flipped. Dani says that Marcellas told all of them that he made a promise to Di not to vote her out... Dani asked Di about that and she say no he did not... Dani realized Marcellas was telling a huge lie and they all found out about it.

Boogie asked about the M/M Smith... dani says that she went to Diane and asked her to be honest and that she would decide her vote on questions... asked why Di did not vote for her to stay in the house.. Di said to cover her butt .. Alison lies and noise cover her... Dani ask di about the m/m smith.. she said they did talk about it on the phone that the would but that she had been sold out in the past but never agreed. Dani did not believe her. Dani said the night before votes she confronted Jase about the m/m smith ... asked about the details and Jase reacted ... she knows it is true.

Boogie said he approached Jase told him diary room asked him about it in the storage room.. Jase said no .. he did not know anything about it. Boogie did not believe him... it was so obvious he was telling a lie.

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Dani & Boogie in the BY chatting. Talk of Marcy & how he can't get over what happened in her season. Thay says James can't get over the possibility of being back doored. Boogie says he thinks if a non-SOV wins HOH next week they will go after Kaysar next week since he can't play for the veto. Dani says she told James not to go after the Chicken man this week. Boog says everyone thinks Jase has an alliance with CT but he doesn't. He says Jase just likes to chill with them & cut up. He doesn't want everything to turn into the Jase & Boogie show if Will goes home & that he would vote for Jase if he goes up against Will (well duh :lol: )

Dani says the reason Diane stayed is because the smart thing to do is to find out who a strong alliance like the SOV wants to keep & then do the opposite. Dani says that Diane said Marcellas didn't promise her he wouldn't vote for her so he was lying about that.

They talk of Mr & Mrs Smith. Dani said she asked Diane for her honesty about it. Diane said that her & Jase did have a conversation preshow about an alliance. They met & said they were going to work together but Jase told her he would only work together as long as he could so she knew he would throw her under the bus. Dani says that Diane gave her too much info so she thinks she was lying & the alliance does exist. Dani says she confronted Jase about it & his eyes got real big. Boogie said the same big eye thing happened when he asked him.

Boogie says he is concerned about pushing so hard for Marcellas to be nom becausof Janelle. Dani says to push it only w/James & Kaysar & she tells him to present it to them as he is coming to them as a man of honor & integrity & to keep it between only them. Dani says the way to deal w/Kaysar is to point out to him that you are being honest. They laugh about Janelle actually telling Dani to convince CG not to use the veto. Dani says leave the Chicken Man alone, we gotta give him credit for what he did. They think that CG can do the slop for 60 days because he really does need this money for his family. They say can you imagine if CG wins HOH & laugh that they kinda would like to see it happen but would hate to see James go. James coulda called out CG in a more respectful way at the nom ceremony. Dani said she sooooo wanted to win that HOH (last week).

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Conversation continues between Mike and Danielle.

They are now discussing Chicken George and how badly he wanted that Veto. They both believe that he deserves the credit for what he did during that comp and should use the veto to take himself off the block.

Both Danielle and Mike agree that George really does need the money.

Dani: wait for america's choice, he'll get it.

Mike: he deserves it

Mike: could you imagine if he wins HOH, wow.

Dani: yeah

Mike: i kinda don't want to see James leave, but it would happen.

Dani: i told james, even when you nominate someone, you don't have to make it ugly

Mike: yeah, you know. you really dont have to

Dani: it's all about delivery

Dani: we are business people, i am very direct and wouldn't be disrespectful when nominating people.

Most houseguest's are still sleeping.

Mike and Danielle are talking all about her season.

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11:10 am BBT Danielle & Mike in BY sitting on red sofa. All other HGs still in bed.

Talking about each others encounters between others in the house regarding strategy.

Going to Di to find out more about Mr & Mrs Smith and how Di said there was an agreement between her and Jase, but didn't follow through. Dani didn't believe it. Jase hams it up in SR and Di dyed hair black. It would be good alliance between 2 that APPEAR to not be talking. Jase asked if he had alliance but Dani kept staring and he continued with I may have agreements with some but that can go unsaid.

If you (Mike) go to try to put up Marcy without bringing up Janie to Kaysar, you have to present it with honor & integrity so he will listen to you. Dani presents to Kaysar showing what she is going to be doing, and does it.

Janie said maybe Dani can get CG to not use the POV, but CG shaved head, eating gooop for 60 days, leave him alone, you have to give him credit. CG at the age he's at and point in life, he really, really needs this. He's living out of state, sending $$ to the family. A shaved head is nothing. Eating goop is nothing. Dani says CG is going to be America's Choice. Imagine if he wins HOH. It would make unbelieveable TV.

Told James when he nominates someone don't make it ugly. Make it tactful and very respectful.

Marcy divas around the place.... they laugh. Don't let homosexuality fool you cuz he's still a man.

Much talk about Dani's season and how she threw so many competitions and her strategy throughout that particular game.

11:30 am BBT

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Will is up wearing that odd tall bandana, ski cap with a hole in the top thing on his head (that makes him look like a conehead w/a chia pet growing out of the top :lol: )

Will & Boogie in the bathroom. Boog says they need to go to Howie & James & make a pitch. Howie & CG come in & interupt. Will gives CG an attaboy for winning the POV. The whole bath now full of HG doing ADLs.

The house is up & in full swing now.

Will: Boogie was talking in his sleep & at one point in the middle of the night I put my mic on him cause I thought he was trying to have a strategy talk with himself :lol:

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CG is complaining about how bad Howie shaved his head and asked how he should have his slop. Over easy maybe. Boogie is playing with his ear in the bathroom. He and Will are talking but I cant hear them

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CG standing at the kitchen counter eating his slop. Diane sitting accross from him eating chips out of a bag.

CG is staring deeply into his slop. He has this look on his face like he is going to either:

  1. Grab Diane's chips & make a run for it
  2. Run screaming from the house at any moment
  3. Puke
Will asks if Howie got up took a dump & then went back to bed. HG say yes & Will says "good for him".

& (goodness gracious great balls of) Fiya

Back after about 5 min of FOTH

CG eating his slop one granual at a time & making a face

Someone sings & FOTH (UGH I'm out to mow my grass)

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George is outside eating his slop alone. Diane is in gym working out while Boogie and Will are in there talking to her. They decide they want Italian for one of the feast meals.

(feeds are choppy)

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