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July 23 Live Feed Updates

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Chicken George is laying on his bed alone as the rest of the house eats (he looks so sad and lonely)

CG comes out to the kitchen

James: Did you ask him if you get HOH if you could get off food restrictions

George: They have to run it by their superiors

James: You can beat this.

CG: If I can make it to 30 (days) then I'll be fine

Jase: No way are you going to make it that long

CG: I'll figure out how to fry it and bake it

Jase: Last week it was flinstones golf, this week tarred and feathered

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10:00 BBT

James and Marcellas are outside playing badminton.

Danielle is just sitting on the chair watching.

Howie, Will, Janelle, Diane and Kaysar are sitting at the kitchen table talking.

George is in the kitchen and mike keeps wondering around.

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FOTH, Feeds return to James and Danielle talking in mid conversation. ( all 4 feeds showing dani and James)

J: i told george, that i have new found respect for him, like as a gamer, he scared a lot of people today and i have to hand it to him. He was hardcore.

D: you have to give credit where credit is due

J: yep.

Janelle came outside to check the laundry and started singing..


Ericka has taken over for Danielle in racket ball ( as james called it)

E: you have to be really easy on me, and i have to win

James: What fun is that

E: for ever game i win, i'll take off an article of clothing.

E: i said easy

James: that is easy, clothing

Diane and Janelle also picked up a racket and started playing doubles.

BB once again announced that the houseguest's are not allowed to talk about their diary sessions with other houseguests ( will and mike)

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Still playing in BY. Feeds go to Marcellas and Dani. She is bored and wants to start the fire. Then says she wants some wine. ( so much for the "Im never drinking again")

Now they are talking about when the Veto Cer. Will be.

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Houseguest's are outside chilling.

George is wondering around.

Ericka is complaining that it has been a very stupid long day

Danielle is complaining that her feet are dirty and she's sleepy.

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Diane and Boogie on that couch thing. (it's late and cant think of the word. :rolleyes: ) Will in the HT and sings we get FotH.

Feeds come back. George in couches and James and Janelle still playing

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Diane and Boogie are whispering. I cant hear them.

Now Will, Boogie and Jase are talking about what CG is eating. He licked a knife and he is eating the slop dry.

Will said he feels bad but it was his choice.

(I have a feeling that I will miss something when I go to bed. But I cant stay up any longer. Hope someone can pick it up. night)

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all 4 feeds are on Diane and Mike, however they are talking so low, i can barely hear them.

They are talking strategy.

Will and Mike are chatting about chicken george and having to eat slop for 60 days.

Will: i bet BB is going to bend on that, and it is going to cause a huge internal war.

Mike: they can't change the rules.

Will: what about if he wins HOH or something.

Mike: they can't change the rules

Will: they can do whatever they want actually.

Now pretty much all houseguest's are talking about chicken george and eating slop.

Dani: when we were eating it, he would always come up to us and say "you know guys, it's really not that bad"

Kaysar: his hands where shaking

Dani: yeah, it was really bad. It bugs him, he could barely take it down.

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Feed's switched to Kaysar and Danielle talking about marcellas.

Danielle started talking about her diary session and we got FOTH.

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Howie, James, Janelle, Diane in Kitchen & dining room area. James says he has one more day to think about his replacement nom since the nom ceremony isn't until Monday.

More talk of veto comp & the not playing for veto part & how many days you would have bet to eat slop.

Jase: you gotta look at it like you bought yourself this week, you couldn't even play for POV next week so if you go up you are fucked but even if you made it past that you're running on slop for 30 days while everyone...

(I have seen posted in several places on here that the winner can never play for veto again. Everything I have heard points to that they only gave up playing for veto next week. Someone correct me if they have seen otherwise)

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(This is my last post for me tonight, please cover for me until Jem is back on the job tomorrow AM. Thanks for all your help)

11:30PM BBT: Kaysar and Danielle are on the patio talking about Marcellas. Kaysar thinks that Marcellas contradicts himself and changes his mind too much. He makes everything into a big drama. Danielle agreeing wholeheartedly with everything. Danielle tells Kaysar that Marcellas's story about voting for Diane because she needed the money is a crock because Marcellas said that needing the money was not a good excuse. "Everyone has a sob story."

They feel sorry for Chicken George, they think some of the others are too hard on him, "It's not like he's fooling anyone."

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Howie joins Will in the bathroom. Someone is in the shower. Will starts talking about Howie's love handles. Says something about how they look like 2 pigs wrestling over a rolo or something.

Feeds (all 4) switch to Kaysar & Danielle talking neg about someone (a male, MBE Marcellas?). They keep saying "him". Danielle says she went to DR & said I thought I was cool with him & I never brought him up for nom. Kaysar thinks he's paranoid & is like I am not going to let Dani take me out of this game. She said he has pushed her & it didn't have to be like this. Dani starts to talk about her DR again & FOTH. Kaysar says she has a valid reason. Dani says he said when she was up there winning HOH he wasn't worried but she says he should have been worried. Kaysar says the constant contradiction & hypocrasy gets to him. Kaysar says he makes this big huge drawn out soap opera of a deal every time. (It is definately Marcellas they are talking about but no name is mentioned) Kaysar said he was voting for Diane cause she broke out in hives & needed the money. Dani says yeah & he got mad at me in BB3 for saying I need the money. They can't believe he is already thinking ahead to final 3 & who says he is gonna make it that far. Kaysar says if you are thinking ahead that far you are playing selfishly ( :lol: when did BB become a giving to others kinda game :lol: ) Kaysar doesn't see eye to eye w/him. Danielle says WHATEVER & he was fine with me. She says it was strictly business but he's making it personal. (I missed whatever happened to bring this on)

Kaysar says he doesn't feel good & he doesn't want to be here anymore for whatever reasons. Dani says we gotta stop complaining & that the feeders are prob tired of hearing it ;) . Kay says being cut off from everyone is hard. Dani says her daughter's B'Day is today. They say even though Will kids about it that they can tell he is sincere & really does miss his girlfriend.

Kaysar says here is the thing, if you were to hang out in your home like this you would be in a robe. Talk of getting all made up for the shows. Dani says the only time she gets fixed up is for the Thurs show & doesn't care what she looks like in the DR or at other times.

Now talk turns to another "he". (UGH I dunno why they refuse to say anyones name). They feel sorry for him & think it must be rough to know everyone wants you gone. (I think they mean CG)

Erika comes out & Dani says where is my wine? Erika says there is none because they drank their entire weeks worth of wine last night. Dani says she is going to go hang out with CG cause she feels bad that he is all alone (good for U Dani) but then she doesn't get up.

Kaysar said he almost threw up from pain (his ear I think). Erika says this is one crazy injury season of BB. They say Kaysar, Howie, Will, Boogie have all had ear things & Erika's rib injury. Erika says she is going to go wash her face & go to bed. Kaysar says where is everybody are they asleep. Erika says yeah.

A bit later...

All feeds on Howie & Janelle playing pool.

I can hear the dryer running in the background (exciting)

Will and Boogie have a brief conversation in the Bug room. Will thinks that the SOV have already made up their minds about who is going up. Boogie thinks they are stupid not to use the opportunity for a free week as Kaysar cant play for Veto. Will says that Boogie should talk to James but Boogie said he did right after Veto and James was still really mad. They decide Will should talk to James.

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(just before midnight, BB time):

danielle and marcellas lounging on the red sofa outside pretty far apart from each other, danielle says softly 'my heart goes out to chickengeorge'

midnight BBtime:howie and janelle playing pool, marcellas and danielle on the red sofa....looks like the two of them are falling asleep

just after midnightBBtime: Ffyyyah

12:06am BBtime

feeds back, two cams on kaysar and diane in the kitchen, two cams on janelle and howie talking to erika and marcellas on the red sofa outside

(my feeds are stopping off and on pretty bad tonight, and its too irritating for me to deal with much longer)

janelle went into the kitchen, and now marcellas/erika are talking game:

M: jase is going to go after the four

E: thats why he's keeping him in the game....he'll go after them but not him (meaning james isnt putting up jase, because jase will go after season six but not james)

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the SOV in the HOH talking of who to put up against Will. Janelle really wants Jase gone but James keeps trying to steer them away from Jase. Boogie is mentioned. Marcellas is mentioned but Janelle yells NOOO.

We keep going in & out of FOTH so any convo is hard to follow

(Kudos to) Diane goes & joins CG in the LR for a casual convo.

After FOTH comes into middle of James being mad & saying that he will not let the 3 of them (the other SOVs) make him into a liar. They tell him Jase is a good liar. James says they will all eventually go after each other. Howie says but not right now. James says he sees Jase making his best decision if he stays in the house 1 more week. James thinks Jase wants the sequester money so he won't go after them next week. Janelle says all she wants to do is make it to sequester. (I guess no one is trying to win they are all wanting sequester :rolleyes: the money is about the same so who can blame them) Janelle is pushing hard for Jase to go. James is pushing hard for Jase to stay. There has been no mention from James who he wants to put up.

Talk goes on & on & on about nom Jase vs not nom Jase.

Janie says after week 3 of 12 we will be 1/3 of the way thru (brainy Janey :unsure: ). James tells her 3 weeks is 1/4 of the way thru.

They say the gameplay will change & you won't be able to trust anyone once they reach the sequester point. (I can't take their circle-talk anymore)

Switching feeds to Dani, Erika, Will in BY.

Will says things have changed so much for them since their season. He says they have much more than they did back then. Will says it's funny that now they sit around & argue about CG shaving his head. Will says they (BB) could do some things to make the show more interesting like raise the prize money for each week that you stay. Then you would see people fighting like crazy.


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Will is talking about some show he was on & wanted to produce for BRAVO so we get FOTH every other word.


Jase: but BB would never


Will: we threw parties after our seaosn & the restaurant comped it but BB


They are still repeating the same old same old in the HOH about who is better & who should go.

Every other minute we get FOTH

(I am out can't take the FOTH :wacko:)

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1:08 am - BBT!

CG follows Diane into the bathroom to finish their <somewhat> normal conversation. Erika is in kitchen (where CG talks to her for a minute). Erika is cordial but hurries back outdoors.

(Note) Split comments from Quad Cam watching:

Two feeds on BY: BY again - Dani, Jase, Will & Erika are kind of sitting around talking about everyone rappin' last night. Jase is twirling a racket nervously, Will sits quietly and observes everyone. Dani ...always...does the talkin'. They rehash more of the Ghost of BB's Past. :) Will says he just can't get into being there. They talk about their reactions when they knew they had made it into the All-Star house.


Will describing some competition show, mentions a network....FOTH Will continues rambling and mentioning this network...<boring>

Two other feeds on HoH: James & the other SOV's continue to obsess about who to put up. No matter what the other 3 feel, James WIL NOT bend with his loyalty to Jase. (Shouldn't they be really worrying about HIS loyalty to them?) James wants to talk to Jase. Janie thinks Boogie is more "trustworthy." Still obsessing.....talking about people playing until sequester-time. James finally says to get off the strategizing and have some fun. James wants to talk to Jase tomorrow (today). Kaysar tries to figure out where Jase's "mind frame" is. They feel he's not only playing for himself ...but for his life, his "little girl"...and playing hard.


HoH room is still arguing about who they should put up, discussing strategy, and trying to listen to each other's opinions.

FOTTTTTTTTTHHHH! <omg> Sorry, this is so disruptive to writing, the cams really are off/on/off/on, getting only snips of convo. It is off air more than on....(I grow older.....) Is there REALLY any reason for the flames other than to totally annoy us?

BY, Dani talking about the fun you have during the Wrap Party. Will, Jase & Erika still there, too.

Kaysar trying to rationalize about NEXT week....will Will tell Boogie not to put Will up....will Boogie do it?

Snippets of info before MORE FOTH....

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HOH room

Talking about Boogie being an athlete, good at physical comps not mental, Jase is not an athlete

James: He was horrible at badminton

Kay: Hes athletic naturally but he doesnt work on it

Talking about setting moves for the future, if Jase goes against us he could directly f*** himself up

Kay: I say we go for Boogie

Jan: I think thats the wrong decision

Jan: Jase stupid for not staying with us

Kay: Yeah I was startin to give him the benefit of the doubt but he bailed on us

Jan: What stupid gameplay

Talking of making a deal with Jase, asking him not to come after Sov 6. Jan is worried Jase would tell the floaters if they made a deal, James says we cant play for them, Kay & Jan say we need the floaters right now.

James: If we get rid of Boogie Will will come after us

K: Will will go crazy without Boogie

Jan: I seriously think we should get rid of Jase

Talk of going to kitchen to make nachos/roast beef sandwiches

Erica & everyone been waiting for Kaysar to start the hookah

Erica & Jan in kitchen, Howie James & Kay gone to 'raid the storage room'

Oopz no, Howie still there

Feeds switch to bedroom & cam on Marce in bed, lights are off

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James, Howie, Erica & Jan in kitchen

Talking about B-U-S-T-O

How: Yeah ur fat husband & ur ugly dog, I'm so jealous huni!

Kay comes in - Kay: Howie, same damn line over & over again!

Jan: We still find it funny though!

Jan: Wouldnt it be nice if Busto came in & made a guest appearance? The way she laughed was a wheeze.

James: Due to emphazema (??) n shit

James: If u guys heard what they said about u in sequester, I passed out in their room remember

Jan: So did I, everyone imagines seq to be some mansion, I was on a mattress on the floor!

General chit chat, Jan making food (sandwiches I think)

Talk bout Howie having a light sabre when he got HOH

J: I'd like a Barbie doll in my HOH basket

James: So we could throw it in the grill & watch it melt?

Jan: Nooo

Erica goes outside

James: Think I'm guna go to bed

Howie: Really?

James: Yeah what else am I guna do, hang out with u fuckin losers!

Jase enters on way to bathroom, James goes up to HOH

Will, Kay, Erica, Howie, Danielle, Jase in BY

Smokin hookah

Will: I wish we had a good book we could read to each other

Jase: We have the bible and the Koran

Will: I'm guna be a muslim christian

Will says he is jewish, Erica is too

Howie to Will: Is there something in a plant somewhere in South America that could cure the aids virus?

Will: Makes u wonder, who knows, birth control comes from mexican yams and horse mare urine (?? not sure)

Eric: Ibuprofen comes from the rainforest

Will: Approx 1% of the population are immune to diseases

Will talking about working in dermatology, says he provides people with a high quality of life.

Kay asks Will about prostate cancer, what increases the the risk of getting it, genetics or lifestyle. Will says 'again, internet viewers dont quote me, its not my speciality!'...but he thinks its abit of both - genetics and lifestyle

Ericas dog had prostate cancer

Will says how twice he's seen people with something that he thought was wrong with them, thought it was a form of skin cancer, he gave them his card & told them to get it checked out, they looked at him like he was a psycho but one emailed him the other called, they had skin cancer n thanked him so much. Now they're his patients

Jase has a blister on his foot

Jase asks a question about 'what was that song in Jaws when...' FoTH

All talk about what will happen when the world runs out of resources

Will: In 500 years having a tree will be unheard of cuz it takes so long for that wood to grow and its all being logged etc

Danielle says she is going to bed

Will carries on talking about patients hes had with skin cancer. People come in & ask him to look at something and say whats wrong, when Will tells them they need to get a biopsy, patient doesnt want it but eventually agree to it, when results are back its skin cancer, patients in denial, says 'no, i dont believe u' Will tells them to get a 2nd opinion, Will has to send them a letter saying that they're going against his medical advice.

Will says how someone could have something on their skin that they've had their whole life but it could transform into a cancer. Talks about a patient that this happened to, patient didnt believe him

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2:21 AM BBT

Will, Jase, Kaysar, Erika, Howie and Dani are in the BY. Some are smoking Hookah (mostly Erika)

James & Janelle are in the HOH~ They are talking about Sarah. Janelle is eating (as usual) They then discuss the the cameras in the room and whether or not they reset themselves. James is still very bitter towards BB.

James: I cannot believe how I blew up today

Janelle: Whatever

Janelle: We are not turning into the nerd heard are we?

James: I hope not

They then discuss the Nerd Heard's simularity to BB6 in this game. Then the Nerd strategy and then how they are different then the Nerd

Janey: What do you think is going to happen next week?

James: I know longer have faith in anything. I can say the worst case scenerio is George wins HOH. It will be a crapshoot.

Janelle: I hope not this is All Stars vompetitions should be hard not a crapshoot.

James: We are here for a game not a tv show.

Janelle: Whatever.

Janelle: You do not think somebody is coming back?

James: No.

Janey: Why?

James: Because it will make this contest f_ing stupider then it already is.

They talk about George having to eat slop and wether or not it will make people feel sorry for him and if that will work to his advantage. Janelle thinks they will.

They go back and forth about how stupid it all is and James rants about BB trying to send him home. They talk about last season and the competitions.

They switch back to talking about the Veto Comp....


Back to Janey & James talking about the game (all old stuff they been over 100 times)

They discuss Dani's loyality.

Janelle: What do you think of Dani? Is she plotting against us?

James: Season 6 is safe with Dani until she tells us otherwise.

Janelle: You don't think she is plotting against us?

James: No. The floaters will take care of themselves.

Janelle: What do you think the odd's of Jase putting us up if he gets HOH next week?

James: No not with half of Chill Town Gone & not Will. Will will go crazy without Boogie. Jase would be stupid to put one of us up because we would come right back at him the following week.

Janey: If one of us gets HOH next week who do we go after?

James: We go after Jase. Put up Jase & Will or you can put up George.

Janelle: I don't want to put up George again.

Janelle: So who do you want ot go this week?

James: Boogie or Will I don't care you guys are voting you decide. I prefer Boogie to stay but whatever. They didn't even compete in the HOH

Janelle: Do you think BB wants us to get rid of Chill Town

James: Oh yeah they are not performing they way they wanted and they drive BB crazy. Well they got their story for the week.

They keep going on about it. I need to take a break...odds are they will keep going on about the floaters and such.

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Talk of teens with acne. Will says its rewarding to treat people with acne cuz they're so appreciative when he helps cure it

HOH room

Jan: What do u think about there not being any girls left in the house

James: I think it sucks

Jan: Most of the guys are in really good shape, u think BB will try to fix it so that another girl doesnt leave?

James: What are CG & Boog doing in this house, coulda put Lisa, Monica

Jan: They put Boog cuza Will

James: Boog here to keep will entertained

James: I like this room, dont wana give it up. Hope Julie doesnt ask me stupid questions about veto & CG. I'd say, well Julie, the entire house thinks the Veto comp was fixed...

Jan: (Laughs) Dont say that!

Go over veto comp, what wuda happend in more of sov 6 were in it. James says annoying people get evicted 1st then the strategists, Howie is safest because of this. Janelle doesnt have a strategy, James thinks she a excellent gameplayer.

Jan goes downstairs, turning off light so James can go to sleep

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2:50 BBT

James & Janelle still chatting. Nothing real interesting. James keeps saying he is tired but Janelle is not getting the hint. James says maybe it was the way it was suppose to play out and maybe it was not fixed. Except for the not using the POV because that is all you have as HOH. Maybe it was an oversight by BB.

They discuss Jase some more. Janey tells him he was stupid for telling Jase he was safe and that is why Jase didn't really play for Veto. James says he didn't really look at Jase as playing for himself since he didn't put Janey up the first week when he could have. James say his strategy is to keep more people in the house that will vote for you then against you (I thought he was not telling BB his strategy anymore?!)

Janey says she is going to go downstairs so James can sleep.

Janey goes downstairs and is approached by Dani. She asks Janey what is going on. The feed cut to somebody in bed. I cannot tell who it is and the audio isn't very good either.

I changed feeds.

Kaysar, Howie, Janelle are outside talking about Jase. Kaysar says he is paranoid about being backdoored. They talk about how hard it would be to backdoor somebody when they don't pick the Veto players. They try to figure out if they could do a backdoor at week 5 (apparently they cannot do math at 3 am)

They talk about Jase being Hell bent on keeping Jase in. Janey says "Yeah Why" Kaysar defends James saying he has some valid reasons. They go on and on about James should not have told Jase he was safe. They go back to trying to figure out how they would do a backdoor if they wanted too.

It's 3AM BBT & I'm done. I have got to get sleep.

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Howie, Jan & Kay in BY. Looks like everyone else has gone to bed

Talk about future HoH's, who would they put up? How many people left in week 5? 10 in house, 9 competitors for HoH, 2 on block

Howie: James is hell-bent on keeping Jase like we were with Nak. Maybe cuz James told Jase was safe

Jan: He shouldnt have told him that n then Jase cuda played good in veto

Talk about how to backdoor, put up 2 weak players so they have to play veto eg: Marc & Erica.

Kay: If I had a tan on my head it probly would look better, looks like I just got outta jail!

Playing pool, Jan & Howie V Kay

Kay: Lets go after Boogie next week

Jan: I'm worried about Jase gettin HoH, that James has a deal with him

Kay: He doesnt have a deal

J: How can u tell?

K: I can tell when someones lying

J: I didnt wana get rid of Boogie this week, I feel bad cuz I think he feels safe

H: All 3 people who were in harms way were playing in the veto comp so they shuda done better!

K: Yeah but James told all those 3 they were safe!

K: Last time how far did Boo get?

J: Week 4

K: No, in HoH

J: Jase n Boog got out at the same time

J: Jase will win HoH next week & I'll go home

H: It'll be a crapshoot

J: I hope not, HoH should be endurance or Q & A not crapshoot, this is all stars not a baby game

J: I dont think BB want us in power much longer, what do u think K?

K: I dont know, we can win anything, I could've won 2day

Talk about how long they've been in the house?

H: 20 days

J: So we're a 3rd done, I told u!

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1:38 am BBT

Kaysar says he has talked to Jase, and says Jase wants the sequester money. Janelle asks if she would rather play at the end with Boogie than Jase? James insists Jase isn't an athlete. Boogie is. Kaysar finally says "we should go after Boogie." Now they get caught up recapping what happened last year with strategy. Kaysar wants to play conservative. James thinks they could all go to Jase & ask if he wants safely to make it to sequester. They toss around ideas of who they still need on their side for a week or two....Erika, Marcellas, Dani. James is unbendable about the Jase-thing.....Janelle is still totally against not putting Jase up. Their final decision? LET'S GO EAT!!! :D

They find Erika in the kitchen....yes, she's eating! Everyone rounds up some grub. Camera finds Boogie snoring away. CG is tossing around. Boys' room is looking quiet.

Howie can eat AND go into his "ooohhhhh, Jannnneeeyyyy" vibrations! Talking about last year when everyone was "finger-banging" in the bedroom. They want a "busto" (April) in the house - more convo about last year's BB. Talking about April and Howie calling her husband and dog "fat." Janie asks Howie when he's going to settle down. Kaysar, Erika, Howie, James & Janey all rustling around the kitchen making food. Janey wants "busto" to make a guest appearance. Says her laugh was a wheeze from her smoking. James asks Erika why she always seems like a smart-a$$ to him. Erika insists she's sincere, and he's not used to that. James says he's a "nice guy." (ok......) :lol:

James shushes Howie for talking to loud. James is proud of the way Kaysar played today. (yesterday) Erika tells Howie he's "such a boy." James & Erika are eating grapes. James decides to toss one to Janey and they start playing the grape-into-your-mouth-Grape Game. (she misses them all) Janey & Howie admit that they are just kids at heart. Janey wants a Barbie in her HoH basket.

Jase walks through laughing that those outdoors thought he was going to hit his p*nis with the badmitton racket he's been holding all evening. The ones in the kitchen try to look like they think it's clever. Ahhh...so they are still in the BY...(cam hasn't been on out there).

Kaysar's worried about his head getting burned now that it's shaved. Jase/Boogie picks food tomorrow. Dani wants dessert. Will goes into why you should stick to nutritious things. Howie, Dani, Will, Jase & Kaysar's together. Kaysar's got the hooka going again. Jase wishes they all had a cool book to read to each other. Will mentions the Bible. Jase is half christian/jewish. They ask if he's half-circumsized. Erika asks if his mom was jewish. Dani is non-denominational. Erika says she's only become good later in life. Jase thinks the world is going to he** anyhow. Will compliments Erika on her hooka-smoking. Talk about where medicines come from. To any disease, 1% of the population, is immune. (Go, Dr. Will) "Internet, don't bust my nu**." Medical conversation mostly by Will....some of it making everyone squimish. AIDS, carcinoma. "you have to die of something.....every man will eventually get prostrate cancer. " Erika said her dog died of it. <omg....> Will likes to give ppl a high quality of life, and feels that easy to do as a derm. (Those eating should be spewing by now.) Kaysar asks him more about developing prostrate cancer...and what the odds are. Will answers genetics, environment, lifestyle. <wishes the cams were actually on CG instead> Moves on to breast cancer....on to skin cancer...on to lymph nodes....Will is continuing on with teenagers and acne & is glad he can help them...and how grateful he can do something for them. (gawd syndrome) Talking about going to older doctors v. younger doctors.

Flips to HoH room....and James/Janey talking more about "what ifs" ..definitely strategizing again. Talking about whether the show is going to look like a fix to the viewing audience. James can't believe CG will have to be on slop for the rest of his time in house. James isn't even on slop, but is worrying about CG. James & Janey are still discussing that this competition was rigged. Janey asks if Dani & Erika might work together in weeks to come. James feels safe with Erika, and he feels ok with Dani. Dani knows she needs to be careful around Marci & Jase. James thinks the floaters will be easy to take out because they're not part of a group. Janey is sitll worried about Jase getting out of the house, so they compare themselves to the 4 Horsemen, but James said they just self-destructed. James is frustrated that the week is ending like it is. Janey wonders if George is the "mole"......he doesn't care who the other 3 want to put up....Boogie or Will. Will will want to go home if Boogie goes. Still won't say he'll put up Jase. They talk about how Will and Boogie egg BB on so they may want them out. Talking about people like Diane who are in great spots now under the radar. James says it's all about the TV show....competition 2nd. Tonite they had no alcohol, but after the veto ceremony, BB will definitely give them alcohol again. James says he's going to apologize to whoever the producer was today. Janey worries about not having many girls left in the house. She says it's because of the girls in physical comp with the guys. James feels Janey could beat most of them. James says to Janey to keep more people in the house who are FOR you than AGAINST you, and that's the best strategy. Janey leaves James so he can go to bed. She heads out to join the "excitement" in the BY.

Everyone has started to break up to go to bed. But Howie, Janey & Kaysar sets up the pool table. They immediately start talking about why James won't put up Jase. Questions why James still thinks he's "backdooring" Jase. Kaysar explains the strategy of backdooring and why to Janey while they start playing pool. Everyone else seems to have crashed and inside, the place is quiet. Kaysar suddenly says, "hey...let's just go after Boogie." They talk more about Jase and him knowing the game...but the fact is (as Kaysar says) that James still won't change his mind. Janey worries she'll be going home next week. Howie says something encouraging. Janeys hates that the game is such a crapshoot and not the best players winning the comps. Kaysar doesn't want them to develop a self-defeating attitude. Kaysar says James' reasons are valid for not putting Jase up, no matter how strong he is. They agree Boogie isn't one of the strongest players...and they should want the strongest competing at the end. They are still playing pool. (that's why I haven't gone to bed) They are all pretending to be concentrating on the game, but they are all stressed about an evening of frustration trying to convince James to put up Jase. They talk about how long they've been playing (3 weeks) and how much longer they have....trying to decide if they're a third of the way there.

Janey thinks you should be smart to win, but Howie says then he can't win!

With that comment, I'm off ....they're still up testing each other on trivia now.......

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