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Sunday, October 25, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Comic bedroom (CBR)
Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:04 AM BBT

Cody is in the kitchen finishing up the pasta on the stove top.


Enzo is in the PBR, alone, whispering to himself..."Bad.....bad...fucking bad...I don't give a fuck. It is what it is man. Shit man. We had a good run, though, man. I had a good fucking run, man. Damn. Fuck....Fuck...Fuck."




12:07 PM BBT

Cody goes to the PBR to tell Enzo the pasta is ready. Enzo is happy to eat some pasta.

Cody: How is it? Good?

Enzo: Mmm. It's good.



12:23 AM BBT

The Final Three are just chatting at the kitchen table. Cody is trying to fix his house shoes. he has a knot in one of the laces. Enzo says the key bedroom still smells like the Crisco from OTEV. He says he has been using Tyler's HOH basket as a trashcan in the PBR.



Enzo discusses the part 2 competition. It is a comp they did one at a time. Enzo said he kept messing up and cursing every three seconds. "I was a little cry baby because I suck, that's it." He tells Cody that production told him not to say anything when he goes back into the house  I was like, "Cody you got it. I fucking suck" coming into the house......"I was like get me out of this house...and then I seen her crying. I was like it's not yous twos (sic)....I'm the fucking asshole. I'm the piece of shit....I'm sorry to all those who had faith in me. It was a fun comp, though."


From conversation, it sounds like there was an obstacle course involving going up stairs, a balance beam and swings (or swinging obstacles) and cardboard standups of pigs and the houseguests. Apparently they had to recreate given images then pose for a picture. 


Nicole: it sounds hard to get all the pigs standing up at one time

The feeds are going in and out while Enzo discusses the competition. 

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12:47 AM BBT

Nicole replays the conversation with Tyler that she had about Slick Six when Dani slipped up and came into the room saying "she wants to have a meeting with the group" (Dani slipped up in front of Nicole stating SLick Six was about to have a meeting. Nicole wasn't in Slick Six, and she wasn't supposed to know about it....but, she did.)

Nicole: Tyler immediately accused me of having an alliance with Da'Vonne and I said, no... you do.....the Slick Six

Cody gives Nicole a hard time saying she did not need to have that conversation...she blew up Dani's game and Tyler's game. Nicole defends herself saying that Tyler was trying to pin an alliance on her, so she had to play defense and point out that she knew about the Slick Six.

Enzo: He was mad, Yo. (he being Tyler)

Cody: He said Nicole knows about the Slick Six....he was like, I think Dani is trying to pin us to go after Da'Vonne and Bayleigh. He said he was going to try and find out if that's what's happening. That's when he went to Bayleigh to find out if Dani was trying to pin something on them.

Enzo: I just feel like you could not trust Ty...

Cody: no, he said too much shit

Enzo: he figured you knew because you were close with Dani

Nicole: When Dani said it she did not even mention the Slick Six...he immediately got defensive knowing what she meant and tried to accuse me but I came back at him

Cody: with the facts

Nicole: and he was like, oh now you won't believe anything I say. It was his fault. He got defensive. And then she got mad at me but she was the one who said it.

Enzo: I was like I don't care if Nicole knows. We got the Core Four.

They continue rehashing the drama surrounding Dani and "Mrs. Fact Check" aka Da'Vonne.



1:07 AM BBT

The FInal Three continue discussing the season and the HGs and how everyone kept asking who they would put on the block.

Enzo: I was like, I am not telling anyone anything, yo.

Enzo says he felt like he was getting close to Dani, "this season...it was messy. There was so much shit going on....I wish Memphis would have put up Dani and David

Cody: He was never putting up Dani

Nicole: How long before he knew she was betraying him?

Cody: he knew but wanted her to go after others...I even said to Tyler, no, I am not backdooring Dani. I said you can go after Dani if you want to go after Dani

Enzo: yeah, and I was like I'm not fucking doing it.



1:15 AM BBT

Cody says he feels Dani wanted to go to final two with Da'Vonne. Nicole agrees, "They had a final two for sure." Enzo says he had a good relationship with Dave in the beginning, "but he was a wildcard. You never knew what he was doing...what he was saying...where he was at." Cody agrees. Enzo says, "He said he was friends with Tyler and then he voted Tyler out, and then Tyler forgives him"

Nicole: David got that rolling on his own. He said he handshaked with Ian.   

Cody: thank you David

Nicole: So David did it. He brought it on himself

Enzo: I didn't understand him, yo. I couldn't figure him out.

They laugh about how bad David was with the game.

Cody laughs about how he and Nicole "put on a little show in the backyard" to cover with Da'Vonne

Nicole: it worked...what would you give my acting on a scale of 1 to 10

Cody: in that moment a 12...fucking fire

Nicole: Whoo!

Cody: oh my goodness this game was chaos

Nicole: Yeah, I like stormed off...so dramatic

Cody: I was like, yo....that worked perfectly. Dude, that was fucking money. I was slightly pissed when that whole plane blew up...I was like so now I'm the asshole.

Nicole: it all worked out

Cody: it all worked out

Enzo: who knows what they are saying in the jury house. Who the fuck knows.

Cody: I kinda want to like sleep until the backyard opens. What time is it?

Nicole: 1:17

Cody: I think we'll have it at night until morning

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1:33 AM BBT

Enzo is telling a story about getting a massage and being naked but the masseuse was like, "no, no no.....she took my robe off...you know, in the islands I though that's how it is"

Cody: you said you had your ass hanging out

Enzo: I thought that's how they do it

Nicole begins holding her crotch and running for the restroom.

Cody: Oh my God

Nicole: no, I'm okay

Cody: Oh my God...almost twice in one season....you almost made her pee her pants twice in one season

Nicole asks him to clarify because the story is confusing

Enzo: me and my ex.... at the time, we go in and lay down with our robes on. The girl comes in and takes the robes off and she was like no, no, no.....she left and I put my shorts on...it was a hut. My ex was like what the hell are you doing?

They continue to laugh over Enzo's story




1:48 AM BBT

Out of boredom, Nicole begins tossing peanuts into champagne glasses, "I feel like this is a particular skill....Enzo is going to come out and say oh shit"

Enzo walks in, "Oh shit. What the fuck happened over here?"

Nicole starts laughing.





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1:50 AM BBT

Nicole is finished playing her peanut toss game, so she crawls on top of the table to clean up.

Nicole: Hamster Nicole, Hamster Enzo and Hamster Cody are all in the kitchen. We are having a good time.

Cody: Nicole is literally on top of the table.

Enzo: A weeeally good time.

Nicole: DId you...you didn't give Moo-Lawn the flowers?

Enzo: No I got upset at Moo-Lawn.

Cody: Why?

Enzo: because she laughed at me

Nicole: no she didn't

Enzo: I told her to go fuck yourself because she laughed at me after the comp. We aren't talking. Maybe we will talk tomorrow.

Nicole: Is this your guys' first fight?

Enzo: Yeah

Cody: she told you you suck?

Enzo: yeah

Cody: that's fucked up





2:30 AM BBT

Nicole and Cody are playing chess again in the kitchen.

Enzo is in his bed in the PBR with his eyes covered talking aloud about the competition and his position in the game, "Oh fuck yo. Why didn't you get rid of Nicole when you had the chance? That's all I'm gonna hear. It got me to the final three. What are ya gonna do? They wouldn't get me to the final three. Christmas, maybe. But, she didn't win that HOH. Yeah, I played perfect until the end. I'm not embarrassed of what I did, though. I am embarrassed with that comp today. But as far as the whole season...I played awesome. I am proud of myself....if she was the last HOH...just make it quick....fucking make it quick, yo. Let's go...I don't want the fucking bullshit. Rip the bandaid off. (he mocks things he thinks Cody and Nicole would say 'I think personally for me'..."

*feeds cut to stars




2:51 AM BBT

Nicole and Cody chat in the WA.

Enzo is still talking aloud in the PBR, "That kid is on point, yo. He studies and wins comps. He knows his shit. He is one of the best. Cody is one of the  best. After this season, If he wins it, he will be one of the best. One of the best. You gotta understand, he played on season 16 with Nicole, so they had that dynamic already. Of course. If I played with someone from my season, I would have had a dynamic with them. I had a dynamic with nobody. Yet, I was in an alliance with almost everybody  [That's why you get my vote for AFP, Enzo  -MamaLong]  That's just how the cookie crumbles, yo. That's it."


3:48 AM BBT

Cody and Nicole are still up chatting in the WA. The lights are off in the PBR, but Enzo continues mumbling about the season.

The feeds cut to stars.


4:15 AM BBT

The feeds return to Enzo still sighing loudly in the PBR and Nicole in her bed in the CBR, but the lights are on. Cody is not on camera.


4:30 AM BBT

The BB22 House is dark and silent.


8:52 AM BBT

The house is still dark and silent.


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11:34AM BBT All HG are napping.


11:58 AM BBT All HG are still breathing...just sleeping.


12:22PM BBT Enzo has moved his leg. And they sleep on....


12:23PM BBT Nic is up and heading to the WC. She comes out, washes her hands and heads back to bed.

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1:07PM BBT: Cody gets up in the WA and feeds are cut.


1:12PM BBT: Feeds are back to all of the HG sleeping.  Someone may need to put a mirror under their noses to make sure they're alive.


1:30PM BBT: The feeds are back and the houseguests are ALIVE!  Nicole is applying makeup and Cody is gargling.


1:31PM BBT: Cody is telling Nic about a bizarre dream he had.  There were people that weren't houseguests, but talking about Da'vonne and nobody would talk to him. 

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2:00 PM BBT

Cody is humming in the kitchen while he eats.

BB: Humming is the same as singing. Please stop humming.

Cody: Oh. Okay Bob. My goodness, you're so mean. 

Cody then mocks Bob by repeating the message.





2:22 PM BBT

The FInal Three are hoping the get more alcohol today.

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2:00pm BBT Cody is humming in the kitchen while he eats. Big Brother says, "Humming is the same as singing. Please stop humming." Cody says Bob is so mean, then repeats the message mockingly.

#BB22: 2:45pm BBT Cody and Nicole play another game of Chess at the DT. 20 minutes later, Cody wins.

3:37pm BBT The F2 are in the KT. Nicole recalls the lies Memphis tried to tell her. Cody says Memphis was arrogant and trying to play the game too late. Enzo agrees he was too comfortable. 

3:49pm BBT Enzo can't believe Christmas thought she and Nicole were good after Christmas tried to backstab Nicole during the Triple. Nicole thinks Tyler talked Christmas into it and she regretted agreeing to it. 

4:05pm BBT Enzo says Memphis hid behind Keesha, Nicole A, Janelle and Kaysar at the start of the season. Nicole F says Nicole A was really nice. Cody say she told Janelle that Nicole A was repeating their plans to drive a wedge between them. 

4:11pm BBT Enzo says Da'Vonne swore she was good at endurance but fell off the wall so quickly. Nobody who was nominate ever won Veto this season, except Kevin, who wasn't the target so it didn't matter. They talk about how mad Christmas was to be nominated in the F4. Enzo says Christmas would have been mad at him if there were only two people left and he still nominated her.

4:20pm BBT Enzo and Cody are in the KT but Nicole goes to the CBR, crawls into bed and begins rehearsing her jury defense against the accusation of being carried by Cody. She basically says it is unfair to expect someone of her size to be able to compete physically with someone like Cody. There are different ways to play the game and her game was more social until she needed to win. 


4:25pm BBT Enzo says tea and peanut M&Ms. This is the life. Cody heads tot he BRs to check on Nicole. He says she needs to get up and get active. Nicole says her body and mind are used to not getting exercise. He leaves and she continues rehearsing her defense in her head. 

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4:42 PM BBT

Cody and Enzo are working out. Cody is using the weights and Enzo is walking in the upstairs landing.

Nicole is alone in the key bedroom practicing her speech..."I feel like I gained a decent position back."

Nicole: I hate talking in front of people. I hate it.


4:45 PM BBT

Nicole: I'm getting anxiety again. I won the first...I'll say that...I won the first endurance comp. I won the final three. I brought COdy here. I could have but I am not afraid of him. I feel I have played just as good as him. I volunteered to go on the block... I'm just frustrated because I need to believe in myself. I am frustrated because I know I deserve it. I don't know how to convince other people I deserve it. 

I'm putting so much pressure on myself. I need to stop.




I just want a piece of paper and a pen. That's how my brain works. ANd I'm frustrated about it...This is so important. I can't even have a piece of paper and a pen...to get my thoughts out.


4:50 PM BBT

I have spent 254 days in this house..more than any houseguest ever. And that is not by luck. It is not by chance. Okay, so, I have spent 254 days in this house, more than any other houseguest ever. That is not by chance. I walked into this season as one of two former winners of this game. Immediately, my strategy had to change. I needed to build a weak persona. I did not want people targeting me because I had already won this game. I had already heard people saying there's only two people that have already won and we need to put them on the block. I had to surround myself with strong people. I had to make everyone think I was weak, useless and helpless.  Okay! I had Dani  who was a social butterfly;  I had Cody who was this physical beast;  I had Ian so much brains, and also the other former winner and I had to keep him close, and on top of those three I had Christmas, badass female competitor on my side. All of those people I had them telling me, whether it was true or not... I was their number one...wait that might piss people off...I had all four of those people protecting me in this house.

Also, coming in I had Da'Vonne and I needed you to trust me and I meant every word I said. It wasn't gameplay It came from my heart.


Nicole continues running through her points over and over to set it to memory.


Nicole: That came straight from the heart. I meant everything I said to you Da'Vonne. Okay, that's the beginning... My social relationships got me a spot in the Committee which was the strongest alliance in this house...won every single HOH this entire season, except two.  I had the same chance as everyone, but I did something different. Instead of winning competitions, I played weak....I knew that alliance was going to have to go after each other eventually, and I didn't want it to be me. That's a really good beginning. 


Nicole continues reviewing her speech.


Everyone in the Committee had the same opportunity I did. They wanted to win competitions, and I didn't. I threw all my competitions in the beginning of this game..  I did not want to give anyone reasons to not want me in the house. Not only did I throw competitions, I kept my mouth shut. Anything anyone told me, I did not repeat. On day 28 my game blew up in the backyard, saying Cody and I were playing the entire house....Cody and I did have a final two. ....What did we have to do? We had to separate. I had to convince people that he meant nothing to me...that we were not working together. That was a day in day out facade that I had to put on.




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4:57 PM BBT

Nicole continues practicing: Okay then that's done....I finally regain my composure and I' still playing weak. Everything went exactly as I want every single week when I have won no competitions until this point until day 41 and Ian is on the block. I had a choice to make...either blow up my game with the Committee or lose a number. I decided I had to sacrifice Ian. I couldn't sacrifice my game. It was too early. I had to hide my vote. I blamed my vote on David. He lied about his power and everyone thought he wasn't trustworthy....wait, I won't say that.....Da'Vonne and Kevin bought it. I felt terrible about it.

*feeds switch for a minute then return*

I had to make sure if I was sitting next to anyone else on the block during a double eviction.  that I would stay, so I went to work. I started telling people things and using information I had to my benefit. I survived a triple eviction.  I survived.

I sat next to the social butterfly of the season and I survived. The day after the triple eviction, I turned it on. I got first or second in every competition after that.

And I won the first part one HOH endurance against Cody....and I brought him here. I am not afraid. I am 5'1" and 100 pounds, I know my size doesn't have anything to do with this but it does in physical competitions. I had to use what I had to the best of my ability...I couldn't be a powerhouse winning competitions. I couldn't even get up a ramp at one point. I don't even work out that much. What I can do is build a weak persona and make you all believe it....I had several of you come up and tell me how weak I am of a player to my face, and I realized I'm a pretty good actress. In conclusion, not only did I have to play against all of you this season, I had to play against the outside world yelling my name over a wall.  I acted weak all season and until day 59, I turned it on, and I am sitting here even though none of you wanted me to because I already won this game.


Okay, I'll run through that again, I gotta go pee.


5:37 PM BBT

Enzo and COdy are being loud out of boredom.

Nicole: Okay dokey, what are we gonna do?

Enzo: I thought we were going to play chess, but now I'm not in the mood.

COdy: Yeah you got my hopes up.

Enzo: What about dominoes?

Cody: We traded good dominoes for bad dominoes....Help Us!   (they begin begging BB to give them something to do)

Enzo: Let us back in the HOH room

COdy: I am losing my mind

Enzo: Let me back in the Have Not room. I want to crawl through the thing again. I don't even care if you walk by every minute....or I see one of your legs

Cody: I saw one too. And I saw one of you over the sink. I was like... Hello, you bloody bloke.




[Cody has been so hyper today that I've had to take breaks from the feeds. His energy has been way too much for me today, and he is still talking 1,000 miles per minute at amped volume, behaving like he's on some powerful uppers, and bouncing obnoxiously all over the house.  God Bless his mother!  -MamaLong]


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Cody does an Ace Ventura impersonation for a good 10 minutes.  "Houston, we have a problem. I am out of underwear. We need to do wash."

Nicole says she is running out, too. They are hoping to get to do laundry tonight.


5:57 PM BBT

Cody is out of the shower and is getting dressed in the WA. Yes, he put deodorant on his feet, again.

Enzo is still walking laps on the landing. Nicole is in her bed in the CBR.


6:05 PM BBT

Enzo: Come on. Give us something tonight. 3 beers each.

Cody: please

Enzo: Give us something to watch on tv...give us a luxury comp.

Cody: now you're asking too much

Enzo: I'm sick of fucking walking. I'm gonna lay down....Oh shit (he sounds in pain)

Cody: what just happened?

Enzo: I just layed down....I'm so fucking sore.


6:12 PM BBT

Cody is playing himself in backgammon again.....drumroll....he is winning.





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6:03PM BBT: Cody is debating what to make for dinner. He starts playing backgammon by himself and talking to Enzo. He says he will start dinner around 6:30 and has only eaten eggs and bacon today.


6:15PM BBT: Cody still playing backgammon alone.


6:30PM BBT: Cody still playing backgammon alone. Nicole is napping.


6:40PM BBT: Cody going to ST to get things to prep for dinner. Nicole still napping.


6:44PM BBT: Cody cooking dinner. Enzo upstairs in the loft napping. Nicole still napping.


6:55PM BBT: Cody sits at the KT table eating alone. Nicole and Enzo still napping.

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7:02PM BBT: Enzo in the WC. Cody finishing his dinner.


7:04PM BBT: Enzo now in the KT with Cody eating. Cody is washing dishes. Nicole still napping.


7:11PM BBT: Enzo making a salad with Cody sitting at the bar behind him. Enzo says he was laying on the floor just to do something different. Cody says he was thinking Enzo was just done. They both laugh.


7:16PM BBT: Enzo gets in the shower, Nicole is still napping, and Cody is sitting alone in the KT.


7:26PM BBT: Enzo still in the shower talking to himself. Cody goes to the CBR to ask Nicole if she is hungry, then goes to the KT.


7:32PM BBT: Nicole is in the KT with Enzo and Cody. They are making and eating dinner, and talking about foods they would like to have for the next few days.


7:46PM BBT: Enzo laying on the couch in the LVR talking about Halloween and movies he likes. Cody playing backgammon alone in the KT. Nicole washing her dinner dishes.


7:54PM BBT: HGs are trying to come up with different topics to talk about. They then begin to say they should do accents for an entire day and try to find the best one

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8:01 PM BBT The final 3 are talking about what they want to eat for dinner. 

8:11 PM BBT Cody Enzo playing chess and nicole is watching them play a hole lot of general chat going on. 

8:27 PM They finished their chess game and are now laying in the lounge chatting. Enzo says he is 42 and he wants out of the house bye. the talk then changes to the cameras and microphone.

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8:43 PM BBT The final 3 are talking about halloween and trick or treating. Enzo talking about his parents checking his candy. Nicole talking about what candy her parent passed out to kids. 

8:54 PM BBT Nicole is sharing who all is on her podcast she has had, She is telling them about her podcast she has. 

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9:35 PM BBT

Nicole is applying makeup to her face in the WA.

Enzo is on the couch in the LR smacking on something (loudly).

Cody is not on camera.


10:01 PM BBT

Nicole has joined Enzo in the LR. Cody comes out of the DR talking like Forrest Gump. He says he had trouble getting his thoughts out.

Nicole: Am I next?

*feeds cut to stars


10:20 PM BBT

The feeds return to Enzo and Cody hanging out in the LR and kitchen discussing their clothing items.


10:46 PM BBT

The final three discuss the benefits of dogs over cats. Cody does not like cats. Nicole points about that they can take care of themselves. Nicole loves both dogs and cats.

BB: please check the storage room

Nicole: We got a bottle of wine! Thank you! This is good wine.

Enzo: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Nicole: That's what Memphis likes, so it's first class.

Cody is talking about what they are eating: I am not enjoying this. It reminds me of slop. 

(it looks like dog food)

They discuss Memphis and how he owns a lot of restaurants and has a lot of money.




10:56 PM BBT

Enzo and Cody continue complaining about the food.

Enzo: They better give us dinner tomorrow night. It's Monday. Fucking FInal Three. I had a fucking meltdown for the first time ever. Let's go. Give me some shit. Give me some fucking food tomorrow.

Cody: We have nothing to do.

Enzo: We should get the backyard tomorrow.

Cody: We should get it. I think they will finish that up tonight, maybe early tomorrow.

Enzo: We can play pool and get laundry time which I'm looking forward to.


11:38 PM BBT

Cody and Nicole are playing chess while Enzo is in the DR. They discuss Enzo and how he is in a good mood now. They don't want to hint to him that he will not be going to final two.

Cody: yesterday showed how delicate he is [Enzo threw a huge tantrum after the part 2 competition...by his own description.  -MamaLong]

Nicole: Yeah, that made me really sad. I don't care if you have been promising him.

Cody tells Nicole that he has tod Enzo throughout the season that he has him to the end, but he never offered him final two. "I feel you can have the conversation just like I can have the conversation."

Nicole: What do I say?

Cody: Just say you have no idea what you are gonna do.


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