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Sunday, September 27, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:20 AM BBT

Cody, Tyler, Enzo and Christmas are talking about the comp in the HOHR. The competition involved a ball pit & ropes, and looking for answers to questions about the season and evicted HGs.

[Sure sounds like OTEV to me.   -MamaLong]

Christmas tells Cody that they couldn't see the ramp to the ball pit from where they were sitting, so she didn't always know who was in the ball pit. Tyler tells Cody that Kevin and Cody grabbed the shirt at the exact same time but Cody was just closer to "the thing" (I think he means rope)

They continue discussing David going for the money and that Kevin is their target.

Tyler: They you called the HOH and I called the veto. I knew it was going to be OTEV. I said you either go find the names or you go find the prizes

Cody: I am just blown away, still, that a person on the block fucking jet for the money

Enzo: and that was the first round...yo, I found the last shirt and I dropped it and I went to the other side and picked on up then dropped it

Cody: oh, that was yours I picked up? 

Enzo: yeah

Cody says he kept second guessing his answers "just stick to your first answer"

Enzo: I knew it was Janelle and I was like that's not it, I knew it was Bayleigh....I was looking at you because you had a shirt and I was like "he got the wrong shirt....shit"

Christmas: when David was running back Dani was like that's a different color shirt

Enzo: yeah, it was a 10g shirt .... I grabbed a 10g too and one with me and Da'Vonne

The answers to OTEV's questions were on t-shirts.

Christmas: our name was only on one...no love   (she means her name with Cody's name)

Tyler: mine was Tyler...something crazy

Enzo: I'll be wearing that shit. I'll probably wear it at the airport on the way home, Yo! Fuck it!

Cody: But, really though, I want  a BB All Star mask....we should be exiting the house with BB masks.

Tyler: maybe they will give us some

Christmas: I do too

Tyler: yeah, that's merch....they are selling them, right?

Cody: How are we not exiting....Like, how am I the chief marketing officer

Christmas says she was given a lot of stuff on her season (towels and mugs...drink canisters)

Cody: how do we have nothing....there is so much merch

Cody: How do we have nothing...there is so much gear

Christmas: I don't understand it! Can we have some loot?

Enzo: I remember in the beginning that in the beginning the mother fuckers were pulling up the ropes and shit. I was like throw the rope down. I couldn't get it.

Tyler: yeah that first round....I fucking had to dive




Enzo: that shit was fun, though....fun


12:50 AM BBT

Dani, Christmas and David are talking about the shirts and inflatable toys in the WA

David: let's be twinsies (wearing the matching shirts)

Dani: just not on a live show...I'm down

David: did you hear that? We are going to be twinsies

Dani: I can't wait to play in the pool with all these tomorrow

Dani leaves the WA

Christmas tells David he is ballsy

David says he panicked....he wanted to get votes for AFP, so he panicked when he saw people running he thought it would be better to get the $ instead of just losing, "something is better than nothing"

Christmas: that's nice that you are doing that with your earnings

David: not earnings...just prizes. I don't want to paint the wrong picture out there. I don't get it. People used to want to win the money.

Christmas: it's not like that any more. I do I say this? WHen you are on the block and you take a prize over the veto or even trying to get the veto, it causes pause

David: right....I can see that

Christmas: I am not saying that to be an asshole. I am saying it to be like...give you clarity

David: people didn't want to talk. They feel some kind of way about it. It's telling in terms of response to conversations


[I have to add a note here....trying to transcribe David's conversations isn't easy, folks, He talks in small combinations of words with a lot of pauses....He assumes understanding on the part of the listener, but he doesn't speak in complete thoughts. t's a struggle to get it down in a way that doesn't change the context.  -MamaLong]


David realizes he forgot about his pizza and runs to the kitchen

Christmas: Oh My God



12:57 AM BBT

David joins Christmas in the WA while she is prepping for bed

Christmas: give me one minute.....my nose gets so dry. It's bleeding

David: I know it's early, but I don't know what Cody wants to do

Christmas: I don't know what he wants to do now either...I'm gonna be real straight up with you

David: for me, you have a good story line.....the team (he means his crossfit team) is going to ask me all about you

Christmas: you gonna tell them I'm an asshole?...I am going to tell you a little story and then I am going to be straight up with you



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Christmas tells David about BB16 when the house turned on Frankie and Caleb refused to play with Frankie (they were a team in the Battle of the Block comp called "Moving the Chain"). Frankie ended up winning "Frankie had to figure out how to play this two person game by himself"

David: I've heard about this....I had a literal dream about that comp

Christmas: he won....he saved himself from being evicted. No matter where you are in this game, you fight for your fucking life.  

David: yeah

Christmas: People see that you just gave up. That is what they are going to perceive it as. That you don't respect your position on the block or that you don't care to be here so you just went for cash because you are going home eventually.

David is distracted by what's going on in the kitchen and he is not really listening to Christmas

Christmas sighs.."Imagine...you remember the games in 2010..."

David: David interrupts Christmas "No, I....when.....no, no...I get the perception in the house"

Christmas: It's not just the perception David. You are a crossfitter. You fight even when you know you are dead last.

David: But the story of what I am trying to do in terms of other things is bigger than that

Christmas: okay.... well, it just kills your time here. WHat's the point of being here?...Like, I am trying to not be frustrated, but....This is like crossfit for me. I understand why you did what you did, but I am going to express my frustrations with it. I'm going to leave it there.

David: okay

Christmas: you know what it's like in a community that loves and respects a fighter and the fighters always go further. Everyone loves an underdog

David interrupts her again

David: I have been fighting my entire life

Christmas: I am not doubting that

David....I am going to defend myself right now. 

He tells CHristmas that once the obvious targets left, he was the obvious target. He wanted to take a moment to take control and get some money for a good cause

Christmas: good for you. Good! I just want you to know that from my perspective in the game, that's how I feel.

Tyler comes in and David leaves. Tyler begins brushing his teeth and CHristmas vents to Tyler.,

Christmas: Dude! We should have kept Nicole A! I love and respect what he wants to to with the prize money, but....like I would be better to that cause the longer I'm in the house....not my journey, it's his. I have to respect that.



Christmas goes in the kitchen and gives David a hug

Christmas: Hey, I'm not trying to give you shit or anything, I just want to share my frustration

David tells her he wants her to express her feeling with him

David: I got a little defensive because I have my reasons...I understand...I don't want anything that will cause a divide between you and I

Christmas encourages David to openly discuss his goal of helping BLM  "I think if you fight for it you stay in the game longer and represent them in a different way  and stay in the game longer....like why didn't he fight to win and stay in the game and represent"

David: I get it

Christmas: there is nothing more powerful than the veto...it is the most powerful. It hurt my heart to see you not fighting for the opportunity to save your ass

David: yeah

Christmas: whether you are a target or not...like, you waved the (she meas white flag)

David thanks Christmas for keeping it real with him because "not everybody would do that"

Christmas encourages him to keep his ears to the ground

David: everything you said is valid. I appreciate it. Now I can shield against this and try to work around it the best I can. I have to figure out a method to get past it.









1:06 AM BBT

Christmas and David dig into their pizza in hope of a "carb coma" to kick them off to sleep. Cody comes through and admires it. David tells him he loaded it with bacon, pep, cheese, peppers, olives, mushrooms

David prepares a big glass of Sprite  

David: it's a Sprite party

Cody enjoys some pizza, too

Kevin moves through the kitchen and David tells him he loaded the pizza up like he did earlier.

Kevin: oh, yeah....goodnight guys

David: now I feel I can never bake one normal anymore (a pizza)

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1:45 AM BBT

Tyler and David are in bed in the PBR. 

David says that he doesn't know what Cody would have done had he won it and pulled himself down.

Tyler: you'll be okay

David: I had a good talk with Cody....he was like, David....God Damnit...just stop...just stop

Tyler: that's me all season.....Fucking David, again. Fucking David, I can't contain it....fucking stop. I was like...Weeks. I had fucking given up you Bro. We are rolling into final eight and you are still on your bullshit. You better fucking get it together. You cause me more headaches

David: I'm still here

Tyler: still here, just sitting there fucking ATG still asking BB for lights out....this fucker is bullshit this whole time....God Damn....can't believe it.

David: David is laughing "can you believe I am still in this bed?"

Tyler: Watch you go on a fucking win streak now. STraight to the fucking final two.

David: I needed this....this is momentum

Tyler: did you get 5k too

David tells him that he did not get 5K too

Tyler: well, they are going to think you did





David: my shit is fucking out there

Tyler: you better fight fucking hard the next few weeks. They are gonna use whatever they got, Bro.

David: people will use that whenever they can

Tyler: it ain't that serious

David: I know my family is watching

Tyler: they will be hyped...I'm sure Angela is gonna be mad at me for grabbing the 10K then throwing it away like a dumb ass

David tells Tyler that he wishes he had gone for it (veto)  "I don't know...just wanted to win something"

David: first round. I barely even thought

Tyler: I get it man...  that was bait, man....it's not like it was just 5K or 2 or 1 ....10K that's a fucking ton. Crazy.







1:48 AM BBT

The cameras move to the HOHR with Dani, Enz o and Cody

The discuss the slip and slide competition. Enzo says "that will be fucking crazy, yo"

Dani says she doesn't think they will have it this year





 2:55 AM BBT 

Nicole has joined them in the HOHR. She is sitting on the floor eating string cheese    [great meme bait -MamaLong]


Enzo says that being a Have Not is keeping him disciplined because he has been snacking on so much junk food

Dani agrees that there is nothing but crap food in the house

Cody: are you like hungry a lot?

Enzo says he isn't. "I like the slop the way we cook it.....with ketchup or with the soy" (he means soy sauce).

They discuss that David doesn't realize it was a bad thing to take that money

Nicole: he was just smiling








3:22 AM BBT

David and Dani are in the WA getting ready for bed

Dani throws her head over to get it put up so she can wash her face

David starts singing "I whip my hair back...I whip my hair back"...remember that song?

Dani: this water takes so long to get hot. It's so annoying.

David: yeah, and that's not right....Dani, that is not the way we live our life.

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3:32 AM BBT

Dani and Nicole are  in the WA

Dani: I am shedding in here more than I have in my whole life

Nicole: how come?

Dani: I don't know....probably stress

They are talking about the t-shirts from the OTEV comp

Nicole: I don't get

Dani: mine is stupid, too....they were supposed to be silly puns

Nicole: how is mine a pun

Dani: well a pun or to sound like band names or something  

Dani: the only one that was funny was the one with Cody and Christmas

Nic: what did it say?

Dani: it said "Code Red Cody and the Christmas lights"






They begin whispering


Nicole says she feels bad because she hasn't won anything giving them little control to make moves in the direction they want

Dani: yeah, but Nicole, remember we said... it sucks but the only *inaudible* we have actually taken...we have to be flexible because we are still getting what we want. We can't be like I want this and I want that...Da'Vonne is really the only hit we've taken. I am really nervous about Thursday, though. I don't feel confident.


They discuss what the other HGs would do and who they think they would put up

Dani: He won his in his season (Tyler)

Nicole: what?

Dani repeats and says "he would probably put up me and you unless he would put up Enzo, I think maybe, but I don't know

Nicole: who would?

Dani: Tyler, on Thursday  (Nicole is in her own head right now and not listening to Dani) Memphis would put up David and Enzo. Tyler, I don't know

Nicole: he would not put us up..... *Inaudible but I could tell it had to do with Ian*

Dani: Nicole, you know I didn't want to do that

Nicole: I don't know

Dani: I don't agree with that...it sounded like Ian was throwing us under the bus a lot more than I thought

Nicole: well, everything has to be really good and calculated. Not, just because

Dani: I know....we have to win...win....and win. We have to!


Dani: two down and three to go

Dani brings up an important point and something they need to communicate to Christmas

Dani: Christmas....say like "oh my God.....we need to get to final six....no alliance has ever done that before" so we have to focus on that. That will trigger something in her because that's all she cares about is crap like that

Nicole: she is really focused on that

Dani: that's what I'm saying. Let's drill that in her head.


Dani tells Nicole they are safe with Memphis


Dani: I hope there's no nonsense this week! I hope there is no nonsense!

The girls decide to head to bed. Passing through the kitchen

Dani: have you seen Christmas' cake out here. It's like three weeks old

Nicole: yeah

Dani: it's definitely rotten


3:45 AM BBT

The girls head to bed. Dani stumbles through the room. Nicole crawls in what used to be Enzo's bed. They complain that it is so cold in the room.     They settle in bed and the BB House grows dark and silent.

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10:37AM BBT HG still sleeping. All lights are out in the BB house still.


11:08AM BBT We have stars. Maybe wake up time.



11:21AM BBT Feeds are back. Lights are still out in the HOH BR. Cody is still sleeping. In the KT, David and Memphis are awake (kind of). All cams change to Cody, who lets one loose as he sleeps.


11:29AM BBT BB calling different HG to get new batteries and go to the DR. David cleaning the KT and trying to make small talk with Memphis. Memphis finally talking a little but his face shows he is not thrilled.


 11:33AM BBT BB opens the BY. David and Memphis say thank you and head outside. BB has called Xmas to go to the DR for the third time. She hasn't moved in her bed. BB asks David and Memphis to lower the awnings.


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11:40AM BBT Nic and Xmas in the WCA. Xmas is loading her hair with an oil. She is now braiding it. In the BY, David and Memphis still talking.


11:54AM BBT Xmas joins David and Memphis in the BY. Cams all switch to randoms shots of the house.


 11:58AM BBT Xmas talking to David about turning down 6 figures jobs. She says she was on food stamps when she started her gym. She says that she was a contractor and paid 6 figures tax free. David is talking about working.

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1:17 PM BBT A plane flys over the BY and they all stop talking and wave at it. Christmas and David are talking about working out. 

1:28 PM BBT Cody is talking abour travel and traveling. Kevin is making hashbrowns or slopbrowns to eat. 

1:32 PM BBT Christmas is talking about Bobsledding and some guy that was pushing the bobsled in the olympics. Cody bring up Lolo from BB cleberity and how she was a bobsledder. Kevin is eating his slopbrowns. Tyler walks in and says they smell like burnt bacon but the crunch though. 

1:45 PM BBT Memphis is out by the pool sun tanning. Kevin is eating his slopbrowns. Nicole finally comes out and Tyler says what up you finally came outside. The Houseguest are outside enjoying the sun while they can. 

1:52 PM BBT Kevin is making drink and really focused on it with the hand crank mixer. The Guys are out by the pool getting a tan on. Some are in the pool as well. 

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2:16PM BBT: Stars


2:31PM BBT: Everyone is in the BY. General discussion.


2:43PM BBT: HGs still outside. Not much conversation going on.


2:47PM BBT: Cody joins Enzo in the HN room. They start talking about Nicole. She says that one of them will go next week. Cody says the only on he thinks will put them up is Christmas over Nicole and Dani. They talk about how mad she was that she couldn’t play in the POV, and Enzo says he wants to see Nicole win HOH and put up Memphis.


2:49PM BBT: Cody says that Dani is paranoid because she’s been playing everyone in the house. Cody says that him and Enzo are sitting in a good spot right now because everyone is after each other and not them. Enzo says he wants someone else to put Dani up on the block so they don’t have to worry about it. He says after this week, he doesn’t care who leaves. They talk about Dani and how she’s trying to make Cody go against Christmas, but if Christmas leaves next week it won’t be good for their game.


2:52PM BBT: Cody says that he feels like Dani is trying to pin him and Enzo against each other. The conversation moves to Memphis and how game smart he is. Cody says David took the 10gs so they don’t feel he is a threat. Enzo says he likes David a lot, but he’s had it with cockiness. Cody asks Enzo who had the last power, and Enzo says “Christmas?” Cody says “Yes, she told me!” They talk about how much of a threat Christmas is and how shocked Cody was to learn she had a power.


2:57PM BBT: Enzo tells Cody that they are in a good spot right now because they are running the whole house.

3:01PM BBT: Cody leaves the HN room and goes into the HOHR. Feeds go back to general talk.


3:16PM BBT: Kevin, Memphis, Tyler, and Nicole in the BY talking about OTEV and Zingbot. They discuss different OTEV comps.


3:36PM BBT: Christmas and Memphis in the KBR. Memphis talking about how he thinks this week may be a double eviction and who should go. Memphis leaves the room and Christmas follows.


3:40PM BBT: Nicole and Christmas in the BY playing with a beach ball. Dani, David, and Memphis in the KT eating, making tacos, and general discussion.


3:57PM BBT: General discussion outside. Dani and Nicole in the KT eating and general talk.

4:10PM BBT: More general discussion.


4:30PM BBT: General discussion, cleaning the kitchen, and playing games in the BY.


General Discussion and games continue.

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5:30PM BBT Cody and Kevin have a convo in the HOH BR. Kevin tells Cody that he is exhausted by his (Kevin's) actions because he isn't that person. Cody says he understands. He has been on the block so much. Cody says he should have communicated better himself. Kevin tells Cody that he does think that Cody can see things from his perspective. Cody tells him that he is glad they had this conversation. Kevin says he just wants to clarify that he knows Cody wasn't out to get him. He tells Cody that he isn't out to get Cody either. He feels it was just the circumstances. Kevin tells him if for any reason he stays, he wants him to know that he is not a threat to his game.


5:50PM BBT Memphis has come to the HOH BR to talk to Cody. They discuss Dani and Xmas. Memphis tells Cody that Xmas thinks he is coming after her to put her up. He has been trying to calm her down. Memphis says he isn't willing to throw any HOH. Memphis says he would just nom David and a pawn if he won HOH.

 6:00PM BBT Cody talks with Enzo, Nic and Tyler. He tells them about his convo with Kevin. he says it was nice to clear the air. He says it will be nice not to have any weirdness around them anymore.


6:39PM BBT We get stars and then reels.

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11:10 pm Big Brother Time


Feeds have returned


House guests scattered over the house


Camera on Cody making his bed and putting clothes away.  He is checking to see if things are dry,


House guests in the kitchen snacking and laughing.

No game talk.


9:23pm Big Brother Time


Not really sure what is going on, seems like while we had puppies something happened related to pictures of house guests being "made larger". (short comments between Nicole F and Danielle), not pursued.  Kevin has what looks like a small tablet, he is looking at pictures on it with Danielle. 


Cody is making his bed downstairs, he is checking clothes in drawers in the hallway.  Not sure why.


(Kevin and David are still in the house, seems like HOH could not have happened until it is decided who is staying. Kevin and Enzo are still have nots, they were saying it is nearly Monday and we are nearly done)


There must have been photos taken, David and Nicole F are telling their social media people to post them.


Still goofing around in the kitchen, Memphis comes in with his hair combed forward, it looks awful.  Christmas "fixes" it, looks worse.

He says it looks like a toupee.  It does.  Christmas points at his wall photo, says it is not the same guy.


Cameras move to David, Nicole F and David in the cartoonish bedroom.


They are still talking about the photos.


Memphis and Christmas come in, Memphis shows off his hair, Nicole F tells him it looks good with the beard.  Memphis starts jerking his head around trying to act like Nicholas Cage (our apologies to Mr. Cage).  They tell him he is going to hurt his neck.


We get stars coming and going.


Christmas say this is why Memphis goes to bed at 10 pm, he turns into a Gremlin at 10:01pm.


General talk around the house.
















11:44pm Big Brother Time


Camera is on Memphis and Christmas for a few seconds then changes to David and Kevin in the cartoonish bedroom.


They are talking about items in the veto that they did not grab and keep.


Kevin leaves camera range, we can hear him talking to Enzo for a few seconds, then cameras move to the kitchen.


Kevin, Nicole F, Tyler, Enzo, Danielle in the background.


General talk.


Enzo trying to teach Tyler Italian, Kevin pacing, Tyler snacking, Danielle staring into space.....


Tyler deciding to make "fancy burgers" tomorrow....Tyler commenting on Danielle sleeping all day.


Cameras move to Enzo, Kevin an David in the cartoonish bedroom, they are talking about jury visits, so 


We get stars...


Just general talk about slow moving time and reactions to zingbot.


They rehash OTEV.


Nicole F joins them, Enzo is saying he is upset that he didn't trust himself.  David says he knew he wouldn't have won, he didn't remember one of the answers.


They talk about other competitions that may not happen this year, they mention "slippery slope",


We get stars.


12:00am Big Brother Time----------------------Monday!!


Enzo, Nicole F and David still talking about competitions.


Cody. Tyler and Danielle in the kitchen, Tyler says he told Danielle she looks like she is from the 70's.  Danielle says "he told me I look like I was born in the 70's"  Tyler says "nuh uh"  Cody compares her to Squiggy Fromme (Charles Manson follower).  He goes on to talk about a movie related to that kind of story. (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I think). Cody tells Tyler about Charles Manson, Tyler says he doesn't know much about that. Enzo confirms the movie name.


We get stars again


12:05am Big Brother Time


Speaking of turning into Gremlins, let's avoid that.  It is time to crawl into my sleep space.

Today would be a good day to tell yourself you are special and a good friend.

Goodnight dears,






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