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Friday, August 21, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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0144 Tyler, Christmas & Cody in HoH
They are all on board to put up Kaysar & Janelle, if one of them comes down from the veto they said they could put up Kevin or even ask for volunteers because they aren't worried that people wouldn't vote out Janelle or Kaysar.

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0203 Da'vonne, Bailey & Tyler in HOH
They think Kaysar was the other vote to stay [It was Enzo -SCRTsqrl]

Tyler asks Da'vonne & Bailey advice on how he should approach putting up Kaysar & Janelle. They conclude to kinda blame the house for this week because Janelle & Kaysar are causing drama. The only way they could wiggle out of this is if Memphis won safety, saved one of them and then the other won veto but they don't think Memphis would do that. Bailey leaves.

Da'vonne asks Tyler if one of them does come down who would he put up as a rando, and he said he doesn't know, that's what they need to figure out but not now. Tyler asks if she's good with their six and she says yeah, she thinks their six are solid. [Tyler, Cody, Bayleigh, Da'vonne, Dani & Enzo -SCRTsqrl]

0215 Dani & Tyler HoH

Dani and Tyler discuss if he pulls house guests choice for veto that they can get Christmas to be like "oh me me me" because she's always loud and then he can just be like "ok sure" so it just looks like he was put on the spot to pick her, and it's like he doesn't really care. Then they say if Dani or Nicole F win's the safety they should save David because he isn't with anyone and to kind of bring him onto their side without actually including him in the alliance. They have no idea where his head is at, they said if he won HoH everyone would have no idea what would happen. 

They talk about how weird it is to be double dipping [having multiple alliances] and it's unfamiliar. They want to make sure Da'vonne doesn't suspect anything but Dani doesn't think she'll win anything. Tyler is thinking long term, and Dani said Memphis is playing week to week but they agree once Kaysar and Janelle are gone Memphis will be the next biggest target in the house, they think he would back stab them in the long run because Dani points out if Tyler and Cody keep winning, Memphis will want to get them out.

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0230 Ian & Tyler HoH
Tyler confirms he and Ian are good, they chat for a little while about how Janelle & Kaysar as 'making up alliances' in the house and creating drama, just making clear again that he's putting them up.

0246 Enzo, Tyler & David in HoH
Enzo asks what he should do if he wins safety. Tyler says as long as it's not Janelle & Kaysar. Enzo says should he save Memphis and Tyler says, I dunno, I don't want to sell us out. Enzo says he could save the rookie (David, who is in the room). Tyler says non commital just not Janelle, Kaysar or Ian. Enzo says maybe Da'vonne? He says maybe he should just throw it. [It sounds like everyone wants to throw it so that will at least make it funny to watch -SCRTsqrl] ENzo says he's already thinking about HoH next week.

Enzo says David had two votes, he doesn't even know who that second vote was [it was him of course -SCRTsqrl] but he knew the other one was Kevin because Kevin admitted it. Tyler and David say it was Janelle. They mention how the last two players voted out were America's favorite player. [Truth, the only america's favorite left in the house is Tyler -SCRTsqrl] 

0253 Tyler & Bayleigh in HoH
Bayleigh confirms they are good with their six and they aren't on anyone's radar and that Janelle did them a favor by calling out an alliance that doesn't exist and they don't think anyone will catch on to their alliance. Bayleigh thinks her fans will ditch her for working with Tyler and Tyler says, it's a chance to show forgiveness and not hold a grudge, especially in today's world. She said before she went in Swaggy told her she could work with Tyler but not Kaycee. Bayleigh said she's glad Swaggy decided reality TV isn't for him because people don't respond well to his personality. She said she's retiring after this year and Tyler says he is too. 


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8:32 AM BBT  Memphis is up and in the KT.  Kevin is in the lovers lounge, talking out loud about his options.  He is naming people that he thinks he can work with, and others that he can't.  He is having a difficult time understanding what to do.  Dani and Memphis go to the SR, Memphis is looking for toilet paper, Dani exchanges her mic battery.  Memphis is standing outside the DR room, but BB calls for Christmas to the DR.  Memphis asks her to request TP, as there isn't any in the entire house.  He isn't happy.

In the lounge, Kevin is still trying to decide what is going to happen.  He feels that Tyler won't put him up, not even as a pawn.  He is afraid what might happen if he is a pawn. 

8:42 AM BBT  Kevin still in lounge.  He said other than Enzo, who is doing a phenomenal job, he and Enzo and possibly David are the only ones not interconnected. Some have done the Challenge together, or the Amazing Race, they have all played together.  Kevin says that puts him a a big disadvantage.  Kevin said if it goes the way he wants it to go, Kaysar goes this week, Janelle stays.  Kevin says he needs to build stronger relationships with people this week, Day, Bayleigh, Enzo, Cody, Christmas.  He is trying hard to work things through in his mind.

8:50 AM BBT  Bayleigh is in the WA, doing ADL's.  She leaves the water running the entire time she is there. 

Kevin is still in the lounge.  He says Janelle lacks social skills.  He is considering coaching her.  He said she will be nice for 15 minutes, then the other 45 minutes in the hour she will be totally rude or mean.  Kevin said he should stop trying to fix Janelle, and focus on himself.  He is not sure what the guys will do.

8:58 AM BBT  Bay is alone in the KT, then goes back to bed in the HN room.  Kevin still in lounge going over strengths of other players.  He said Cody and Tyler are going to dominate, but it is too early to break that up.  He says if they get to the end, everyone will applaud and say they deserve it.  Music/Stars  Wake up call?

9:05 AM BBT  HG's are starting to get up and move around.  David asks Dani what she is going to have for breakfast, she said air.  He says air is good.  Kevin,  Dani and David are in the PBR.  Dani getting ready for the day, Kevin is back in bed.  David says it is always sunny in California, Dani said no it isn't.  Kevin wants pancakes for breakfast, David said he does too.  He said someone made pancakes when he was on slop, and he wanted them Friday after he got off slop.  David then admonishes himself because he is supposed to be eating healthy, and he wants pancakes.  Just general chatter about if David misses his family, his brother is in the Navy in Japan.  Dani asks about his mother, what is her name.  It is Trenelle (sorry if that is spelled wrong).  Dani said that is pretty, what is her middle name.  David doesn't remember...just that it starts with an M. 

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9:12 AM BBT  Enzo, Bay, Memphis and Tyler are in the KT area.  No game talk

9:21 AM BBT  Enzo and Memphis go to the LR.  Memphis said he doesn't know what Tyler plans on doing, but he feels pretty safe.  Enzo and Memphis are trying to decide what they are going to do with the Safety Suite.  They might throw it so they won't have to show their hand yet.  They discuss yesterday's HOH comp, and how it was winnable. Talk turns to Nicole, they liked her, and she was smart.  If Janelle goes up, it will be an easy out. Trying to decide who to pick if they win.  Enzo might pick Da'Vonne.  They agree it would be a good call, no suspicion.  Enzo is happy they get to do something today.  Enzo wants to play in the POV too.  He wants to play $hit.   They talk about Christmas crushing the Safety Suite last week.  There was no way anyone was going to beat her. 

(out for a bit if someone can take over)


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9:49AM BBT: The house is very quiet, just people moving about making breakfast or getting dressed/makeup/teeth brushing.  Kaysar is in the HOHR and Tyler tells him he'll be right back.


9:53AM BBT: Kaysar and Tyler begin their talk.  Kaysar asks him how happy he is right now. "Pretty darn happy!".  Kaysar is very somber as he talks.  He asks Tyler if there's anything he wants to talk about.  Kaysar says he doesn't want to take anything personally. He sees people getting mad in the house and doesn't understand.  Tyler said "it's just a game, man - ya know?".  Kaysar tells him that he has a lot of respect for him and doesn't have a problem with him - on a personal level.   Kaysar says he's not up to barter or beg.  Tyler answers that Kaysar's been saying his name, so...     Kaysar says "I know you guys want to put us up".   Tyler corrects him "there is no YOU GUYS...it's ME"  


9:58AM BBT: Kaysar says that he knows they were being targeted.  Tyler says "not by me".   Kaysar thought they'd be working together, but he heard from others that he and Jani were targeted and didn't want to be stupid and double-crossed.  Tyler says he gets it and that he's been so straightforward in this game "ya know what I mean?"   He feels like he'd be on the block if he didn't win HOH and that he could've messed up his whole game.  Tyler tells him he doesn't want to go home, and that he's "straight up with you, dude".    Kaysar says he believes him and repeats that he respects him a lot.


10:02AM BBT: Kaysar tears up as he talks to Tyler.




10:03AM BBT:  Feeds are cut to kitties and puppies.  

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1:53 PM BBT.  Xmas and Cody are talking about flaxseeds in the KT.  Nicole says congratulations Dani, you should be really proud.  Dani and Da'Vonne are talking in the PBR.  Dani thinks Memphis didn't try.  Xmas was chosen to be safe.  Tyler and Enzo are talking.  Tyler says he didn't want to sell out the alliance.  Enzo says Xmas is going to win sh*t.  Enzo says stop being jealous and win stuff (not sure who is talking about).  Enzo won and saved Xmas.  

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2:21 PM BBT Janelle, Ian and Day are in the CBR are talking about one of Janelles season that she was in, Cody is in the kitchen. Kevin was laying on oe of the bedrooms and we get FOTH. They come back on and more talk of the seasons. Dani Enzo and kevin and Nicole are talking about the Saftey Suite had something to with lazers and FOTH. 

2:26 PM BBT Christmas goes in the SR and see they stocked them back up on groceries and says Yeah they stocked us up again and i can eat it all. Tyler tells her he knows they done see it earlier and she just says oh. Enzo and Ian are talking about the Saftey Suite. Christmas is instructing a excersize in the KT.  

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2:30 PM BBT

Christmas is leading a workout in the kitchen because the backyard is still closed. Tyler, Bayleigh, Kevin and Memphis are participating.

Janelle is talking with Ian and Enzo in the CBR

Cody is cooking at the stove

Ian: Nominations today  (he lets out a big sigh)

[I expect Tyler to put Kaysar and Janelle on the block today  -MamaLong]


Ian: tough, tough game

Enzo and Janelle tell him to not let it get to him

Ian: how many times were you up?  (he is asking them how many times they have been put on the block)

Enzo: 3 times

Da'Vonne begins to answer but the camera follows Janelle and Kaysar to the KBR


Kaysar is pretty bummed out, just not feeling safe and recovering from slop. Janelle encourages Kaysar to not stay in bed all the time. Janelle has come to terms that they will be put up because Tyler said he has to do what the house wants. Kaysar is taking it rather personally. Janelle tells him "the house wants what the house wants" but Kaysar feels like no one will associate with them now.

Kaysar- here we are

Janelle- about to go on the block together again

Kaysar- that's what the house wants

Janelle: that's what the house wants....it's sad because I would have worked with Tyler

Kaysar: this just wasn't in the cards for us



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2:35 PM BBT Enzo tells Ian he just wants to win some comps. He says he is too old for this stuff. He wants his kids to see he won comps. Ian says it is whatever it is and Enzo says that how you do it. Enzo ask how many time he wents up and ian says 3 times in season. They ask Day and she said 1 time in season 17. Janelle ask Kaysar if he is okay and he said yeah he is just exhausted from everything going on. Janelle says that she talked to Tyler and he is super nice and that he said he has to with what the house wants. Kaysar mentions that he is being avoided because they dont want associated with them. Janelle says here we are on the block together once again, Janelle says that she dont think they were targeting them and kaysar says yeah but they are associated with them. 

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2:42 PM BBT

Kaysar says they couldn't have played this any differently. Janelle mentioned that she spoke with Tyler and he was really nice about it, but "it's what the house wants". Kaysar says there is a 10% chance that Janelle and Memphis will go up.

Janelle- No! It's me and you

Kaysar- did he specifically mention us

Janelle- yeah  [Kaysar is in major denial]

Kaysar- wow! the whole house....they don't have a good poker face....like no one would talk to me

Janelle- don't let it get you down....we have been nominated before

2:48 PM BBT

Cody is talking with Da'Vonne about how different everyone was compared to when he played at age 23. Dani joins them with kale in her hair. 

He describes his previous season as having more family style dinners and "shooting the shit" but this season is so different with "some people here and then other people over there"

Cody- the excitement is gone

Nicole asks Da'Vonne how her day was today

Da'Vonne says she needs "to make sure the Lord's words are on the right side"  (she moves her Bible from her left to her right)


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2:40 PM BBT Kaysar tells Janelle that is the cards we are dealt. He says his plan was to lay low and be friendly. Janelle says that he could have done that if she wasn't here. Ian comes in and the chat stops they talk about food. Day Cody and Nicole are talking about food and washing clothes. 

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2:56 PM BBT Kaysar ask Ian if he is going to nap and Ian says that there not a chance he just sitting in the bed because it is comfortable. Janelle is at the Mirror putting makeup on. Kaysar leaves to use the bathroom and Ian asks if she has talked to Nicole and she tells him no and she asks if she has said anything to him and he says nope. Awkward pause while Nicole and Day are talking about the saftey suite and FOTH.  

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3:05 PM BBT

Nicole, Dani and Da'Vonne are chatting in the CBR. Nicole asks them who their BB crush is. DaVonne denies having a crush. Dani says "well I'm married to mine" and Nicole says she never had one. Nicole asks Da'Vonne about the Canada guy she mentioned. Da'Vonne gets embarrassed and says and says she can't believe she actually said that. SHe hides her face. They begin chatting about David and Da'Vone brings up how he has an anger issue. SHe tells the story again about how he was yelling at the ball in the veto competition "you my bitch". Cody walks in and the girls tell him they are having "ball talk"

3:10 PM BBT

Tyler is telling David in the HoH ROom that Memphis will be the next target for him. "If he doesn't win HoH" he would put him up. They discuss whether or not Memphis is "an actual dick". 

Tyler: "it's so blatant and aggressive"


The camera switches to put all 4 cams on the loft where Enzo is quite animated in discussion with Cody. The cameras split back to the HOHR again where Tyler and David are still discussing Memphis. They also discuss Da'Vonne. Tyler had warned David to be careful what he says to people and reassures David they have a tight final two alliance. "I will tell you everything" He wants David to try to get in tighter with Da'Vonne and he will try to get closer to Dani "then we can compare notes"





3:15 PM BBT

Cody and Enzo are discussing that they don't trust Da'Vonne. They say Dani doesn't trust her either.

Cody- going around talking about there being an all boys' alliance

Enzo- she is in our alliance....why is she doing that

Cody- with Day, I do have to worry

Enzo mentions that Da'Vonne gave him a look after he won the Safety Suite and saved Christmas "Christmas is going to win some shit"...he goes on to say he can save who he wants to "If I told you you're good...you're good"

Enzo says he is gonna talk to Da'Vonne but wants to talk to Bayleigh first. Cody tells him to go straight to Da'Vonne because he doesn't know how Bay will present it.

Enzo- there are two targets right now....Tyler sets the precedent today...if others don't do that...we know where they're at, and then we will see

Cody agrees. Cody says Da'Vonne would put them up but he doesn't know what Bayleigh would do. (referring to also putting Jani and Kaysar on the block)

Enzo walks in the HoH and does a good job of stroking Tyler's ego while he heads to use the restroom "I can't wait to see what happens when you put them up, yo....we are it...we are good...since day 1....we are good"  [I left out the 20 or so f-bombs because I couldn't keep up, but they were like every other or every third word  -MamaLong]


3:35 PM BBT

David tells Kevin in the PBR that he feels the house likes him better that Memphis. Kevin responds "oh, 100%"

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3:42 PM BBT


Big Brother: "The Diary Room is temporarily unavailable. You will hear will an announcement when you can return"

Kevin: Oh that is new

Christmas enters the bathroom to "take a quick shower". Bayleigh was next in line but she tells Christmas to go ahead because she doesn't want to feel rushed.


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