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Friday, August 14, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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6:44 PM BBT still on reels 

6:52 PM BBT Da'vonne and Christmas is in the SR talking, Da'Vonne apoligizing to christmas for crying she feels so bad. David and Nicole A are the nominations. 

6:55 PM BBT Kevin tells David in the SR to try and win the veto so he can turn it around. David is pissed off he says screw that he is 30 years old and feeds cut then come back on. 

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6:55 PM BBT Tyler comes in and tells him he is there for a reason and to remember that when playing the veto. Nicole F comes in and checks on the cam, David says yeah he is just hurt by the word. Nicole F brings up when she was called a fruit loop dingus and tell him to just mention that he is a good player but the speech was not necessary. Enzo comes in and encourages him and tells him there still a lot of fight left the veto comp and he leaves. David says man first Ovi, then Kemi and now Nicole. He doesn't want to be up against her.  

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7:13 PM BBT

NicoleF tells David that she's got him and they will get through the week together. Cody tells David that he should go talk to Memphis...not let himself build up anger... and let Memphis know that he is here to prove himself

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:7:00 PM BBT Dani goes in to check on David he is now in the PBR. Tyler, Ian and Nicole F are all in the room with David. David gets up and hugs each one and tells him he appreciate everyone of them. Meanwhile Janelle Kaysar and Memphis are up in the HOHR room talking about david. 

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7:15 PM BBT

Janelle, Kaysar and Memphis in the HoH Room.

Kaysar tells Memphis that NicoleA hangs out with the (Cody's side) then tells them (Kaysar and Janelle) everything "NicoleA will never go after you. Da'Vonne will never go after you. David is with them."

Janelle- yes, David is with them


Christmas tells David in the Have-Not room to go for the veto and take control of his own game. "Just win the veto...please listen"

David- I won't ask anything until I play all my cards  (meaning he won't campaign until he has to)

Christmas- I'm gonna give you unsolicited suggestions. Don't isolate yourself. Pick up your social game. Make them have to keep you. Don't promise anything you can't. Don't over promise. This is when you have to begin working with people. Pick up your social game, be involved, go down there, get your head right. If you mope, I mean....just show that you want to be here ....what did he say....said welcome to the big kids table?"

David- the grownups table

Christmas- Oh...the grownups table....well, that's my non-winning ass advice

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7:15 PM BBT Christmas and David are in the Have-not room talking and Christmas tells him the same thing that she would tell Nicole to tell him to get his head in the game and play the veto. Janelle Kaysar and Memphis are up in the HOHR talking. Cams switch to Kevin and Nicole in the Key room. Nicole A says she knows this is a game and this is irrational and it just sucks. Kevin tells her when she was sick everyone came to her. Kevin says when he wasn't feeling sick noone came

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7:21 PM BBT

Kevin is comforting NicoleA in the KBR  

Nicole- I don't want to say this on camera....but it just triggers, like from last season...it's my own fault

Kevin- she was fishing for information

Nicole- and I told her everything...so she was like just put her up    [Nicole is talking about Janelle   -MamaLong]




7:25 PM BBT 

Bay and Day join Christmas to console David. They refer to Memphis and his speech as "big personality.....he had to change the words... inappropriate, rude"

7:30 PM BBT

Janelle talks with NicoleA in the KBR. Janelle says that she meant for it to be NicoleF but she didn't have enough time to talk with Memphis. Nicole is pissed at Janelle saying that she is f*ing loyal "didn't y'all watch my season, I went to final 3 with a showmance"

Janelle- I was just talking with him up there... I threw her name out there, hers and Ian's....he was uptight about the safety suite thing

NicoleA said she told him exactly why she didn't want to use it "because it was my show of faith...I am working with you"

Janelle- he said he told you to play it and you said no...I think you'll be okay...we are gonna look like idiots if you leave....this is terrible

Janelle says Memphis was too scared to put up NicoleF and that he is playing scared  [no, he actually has an alliance with NicoleF and Janelle is his backdoor plan   -MamaLong]



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 7:25 PM BBT Ian comes in and asks if it is okay if he comes in and says yes it okay.  Ian then asks them if he encouraged them to play and they both say yes he encouraged everyone to play. Nicole F then goes in with Nicole F Ian and Kevin. Christmas gives David some advice, don't mope around don't isolate yourself stuff like that. Bayleigh gives him some encouragement. Janelle and Nicole A are talking the KBR. Nicole tells Janelle that she is a loyal player and Janelle says she knows. Janelle says she talked to Memphis and he told her it because she didn't play in the comp. Nicole A says did he watch my season I went all the way with a showmance, Janelle says she knows. Nicole then mentions Nick from her season and she won against him,  

7:30 PM BBT Kaysar comes in where David is talking to him and to see if he is okay. David tells him yeah he is going to change and eat some food.  Kaysar then leaves the room. David has a monolog he says he doesn't know if this appropriate for the cameras. He talks about the handshake that he was given meaning about it being a soft one than the word he said. he said he felt the tension and he hates to be up against his sister referring to Nicole. He is gonna change then eat some food. Nicole F comes in and talks to him he tells her he wants to go down stairs and eat some food she says okay and leaves the room. 

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 7:40 PM BBT Nicole A Kevin and Janelle are still talking in the KBR. Janelle tells her it's okay to be emotional. she keeps reassuring it okay to cry and she knows she is a Capricorn. Janelle tells she knows it sucks. Janelle leaves and Da'Vonne comes in and asks if she is okay. In cams 3 and 4 we got David Memphis Ian cody in the KT. Da'Vonne goes out and comes back with tissues. David then comes in after eating and Nicole A tells him Hello. 

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8:00 PM BBT


David and Nicole are consoling each other in the KBR

Nicole- Ovi, we f*ed up....of all people to be next to

David- I know....I remember....two people from the same alliance...we go for veto and try to win in..you've seen it many times in this game

NicoleA- but

David- there's no buts.....don't say that, no buts...look at me...no buts. I don't deserve anything more than you do

NicoleA- I got my shot last season and you got f*ed way too early

David- but we are here for a reason....some of his words cut a bit, but he made a good game move. You've made better. You have gone as long as him in this game with meaner players.





8:13 PM BBT

Nicole talks to herself "I am a phoenix and I have risen from the ashes before"....."Oh Memphis. One of my sisters' favorite players ever.....well, I guess their opinions changed"




A few minutes of quiet contemplation then "I am okay. I am a Long Islander. I am an Anthony...I am strong"  *camera changes rooms


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8:30 PM BBT

Da'Vonne and Dani are talking about Memphis in the lounge. They agree that Memphis has made enemies with just about everyone and he will find himself out soon. Da'Vonne mentions that she has to pretend about Memphis "play the game" but he really rubs her the wrong way    

Dani- Messy Messy Memphis

Da'Vonne- imagine David coming down and him putting up me or Bayleigh....Nicole coming down and he put up me or Bayleigh

They discuss that Janelle has got to go. They like her, but she is "emotionless" and can't be trusted. Dani says that Janelle was terrible in Amazing Race, but she is not trying to throw shade...she just did terrible.  They say Kaysar will be fine once Memphis and Janelle are out. 


8:43 PM BBT

Kevin and Dani talk in the lounge. Kevin shares that he went to the HoH after noms to try and thank Memphis for not putting him up. He rang the bell but they wouldn't let him in. He could hear them (Kaysar, Janelle and Memphis) laughing.

Dani- what game are we playing? 

Dani tells Kevin that Memphis' speech rubbed her the wrong way "I don't want to see people cry"

Kevin says that NicoleA is getting played (by Janelle)

Dani doesn't understand what Janelle is doing, but now it's obvious she is working with Memphis and Kaysar.

Kevin tells Dani that he thinks Christmas and Memphis are working together    [he is correct  -MamaLong]

Dani- I thought Janelle and NicoleF were cool because they were both on Amazing Race...I didn't know they had beef


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8:00pm BBT: David and NicA. in the KBR talking about being on the block and encouraging each other. David tells her to fight for the Veto and he will too. She said she got screwed last season and David said but you are here fight for the Veto.
8:05pm BBT: David and NicA. repeating themselves in the KBR. Kevin and Day in the CBR talking and Day tells him the only attachment she has other than Him, NicA. and Ian is bayleigh. Day keeps moving around a lot where you can not hear what they are saying.
8:12pm BBT: David leaves the KBR leaving NicA. alone  she lays on the bed and says she is a Phoenix and has rose from the ashes before. She says Memphis used to be one of her families favorite players of all times so guess their opinions have changed. Most HG just walking around the house or sitting.
8:15pm BBT: Enzo and Christmas  in the PBR talking about their kids and Christmas says  how they share custody of her son and how her and the ex appreciate  each other. In the Lounge Dani and Day talking about people  cheering after noms were over upstairs. Nicole F just getting out of the shower and NicA. coming out of the WC. They NicA ask if Memphis is upstairs as she wants to talk to him  and NicF. says i think so. NicA. heads upstairs.
8:24pm BBT: NicA, stops in the KT on the way to the HOHR to wash her glasses, She ask if Memphis is in the HOH and Janelle says no i think he is in the DR. Janelle and Cody making dinner .
8:29pm BBT: Day and Dani in the Lounge talking about  Janelle and Bayleigh . Dani says she hear that Janelle and Bayleigh talked before coming into this house and if she is not working with Bayleigh we know she is working with Kaysar and i bet she is working with Memphis.
8:36pm BBT: Cody cleaning the KT as Janelle and NicA. sit at the island, David and Kevin walking around in the KT. Dani and day still in the lounge repeating themselves. 
8:40pm BBT: HG are walking and sitting around the KT and LVR areas waiting for Memphis to get out of the DR so they can finish cooking the fish and eat dinner. Janelle is going to make sloppy Joe's for tomorrow. Kevin says i was just kidding you do not have to make it and Janelle says no i do not mine i am bored in this house tonight. Tyler is sitting at the table eating chex cereal dipped in peanut butter.
8:43pm BBT: Dani and Kevin in the lounge talking about Memphis , Kaysar and Janelle going to the HOHR right after noms and would not let him in there at all. Dani said i would be so mad and i did not like his speech it made me mad and rubbed me the wrong way . you know what i mean? Kevin says yeah me too.
8: 46pm BBT: David and Kaysar in the STR looking for things they can have for the have nots. NicA, sitting with Tyler at the KT table telling him how the season started on her season.
8:53pm BBT: Day and Christmas in the WA , Christmas doing her make up as day is getting into the shower. Most Hg are in the KT area eating dinner just general talk going on.

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9:13 PM BBT

Production can be heard in the house over the speaker just after NicoleF gets called to the DR

Enzo says they're gonna screw up and play someone's DR session  *feeds cut

Enzo gets riled up, acting silly, and starts complaining about being stuck inside "you are not allowed to keep humans inside for 4 f*ing days straight"

Cody jokes that they will say they let them outside because of the HoH competition. 

They go back over hot it was outside during the HoH competition



*I'm out for the night  -MamaLong

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9:00- 9:15pm BBT: Hg have been eating and talking General talk, Ian, David and Nicole in the LVR while others eat talking about going to bars. 
9:17pm BBT: Ian telling bad date stories in the LVR. NicF. is waiting to go into the DR while Ian waits to go get  his punishment. In the WA NicA. and Kaysar  are talking with Day as she takes a shower. Just general talk going on.
9:20pm BBT: Ian telling about a bad date he went on  He says he is dressed up and and wanted to go on a date he says he looked up a girl and wanted to get her to go out that night and she finally agreed, She asked where he wanted to go but he wanted to go to a restaurant and so he says he drove there and she told him text when he gets there so he gets to the bar and does not see anyone out there for a date,He says he went in and texted her and she told him i thought i told you to wait outside and she tells him i am outside now. He says he went out and it wasn't quiet what he had wanted to go out with, He then describes her. The HG are laughing at him. He says we go to a restaurant and grab a table and then she was just rude and mean to me the while time,so anyways he tried to keep it going and it was like the whole night got off on the wrong foot. So after about 15 minutes i started like i got my phone out to have someone text me so i could leave and 5 minutes after that her phone rang and she left.

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6:54PM BBT Apparently Memphis had a harsh nom speech and referred to David directly as "boy" during noms or while making him a have not (it's not clear yet).  David tells Kevin in the storeroom, "Fuck that 'boy' shit. Motherfucker, I'm 30 years old!"  [Does Memphis get one of the new BB22 production HG racism strikes for this? - BBLurkerPlus]

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9:33PM BBT Memphis and Janelle talking in the HNBR. Memphis telling her about a friend who has a 3 month rule on dating. We get FOTH. In the lounge, NicA and Day are talking. Day says she tells David all the time to stop cleaning up after everyone and doing their dishes. NicA says that David got f'd last year. Day says that she did too. NicA says that she played her game. NicA says she isn't sure if Janelle is actually with them or not.


9:40PM BBT NicA is telling Day that she didn't play in the Safety Suite because it was supposed to show faith to Memphis that she can play next week and hopefully keep him safe. NicA says there were others who didn't play but she was signaled out. Day thinks David is the target. NicA says she will feel guilty if she is the reason David goes. Day says that she has to fight to save herself.


 9:50PM BBT Memphis and Janelle in the HOH BR talking about going out clubbin and how it changes as you get older. All 4 cams change back to the lounge with NicA and Day still trying to figure out who is with who. In the HN BR, Kaysar is doing his prayers.



 9:58PM BBT Kevin joins Day and NicA. He tells them that Janelle has been in the HOH for over 30 min sharing wine with Memphis. Day decides to exit so they don't see her with them. Kevin tells NicA not to be with Memphis side, it's not the good side. NicA says she can't make waves right now since Memphis is HOH. 


 10:06PM BBT Day and Bay in the DR. Bay says she is homesick today and had to talk herself out of leaving three times today. She says that she was thinking about what a great life she has but she has a reason she is there. In the KT, David is asking what the penalty is for eating as a HN. Dani tells him and say s it ins't worth it. They bring up that nothing happened last year with Jax eating in the shower.


10:12PM BBT Memphis tells Janelle that no one wants to put her up. He thinks she has such status that no one wants to take the shot. She tells him that she truly believed that she and Kaysar were going up. Memphis says that the kids in the house he feels do not have the mental capacity for what it takes. He says they may take him out but he doesn't think so.


10:18PM BBT Janelle and Memphis talking in the HOH BR. They agree that they don't want to go to jury. They want to go home if they don't win. Janelle tells Memphis that NicA is super loyal and they should scoop her up. Memphis says he wants to wait until after Veto. Memphis thinks they can get David to work with them. Janelle disagrees. Memphis thinks David looks up to him and he is treating him the way he is.

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8:53pm Big Brother Time


House guests are coming to the dining area with their dinners. Looks like a variety for them including salads and salmon.


General chit chat with periods of silence.



Nicole F and David are talking in the living room, again just general chatting.



9:00pm Big Brother Time


House guests still coming and going from the table.


Ian has joined Nicole F and David on the sofas in the living room.


Enzo tells Nicole A that he is terrified of this season, it is impossible to tell who is with who.


Nicole A says she is ready for the veto and will win it.


Enzo says, “If you don't then you gotta get votes. That's it.”


Nicole A agrees


Enzo is making jokes about Big Brother going big time and giving them “Ah beer.” tonight.


Janelle has decided to make sloppy joes, Kevin says his mother has never made them because she is Japanese.


Enzo is making jokes about not being able to be outside. Cody and Nicole A are laughing, Cody is giggling at him. Enzo laughs about the grandma character, says he had no idea what they were saying.

He was concentrating on the gold tooth.



House guests gravitate towards the living room because they hear that Ian is going to tell a story about going on a date.


In the washroom lounge area Kevin is telling Nicole A he will make her a breakfast of bagel, egg and advocado with a spoon of peanut butter. He tells her to get rest and hydrate for the competition.


Camera goes back to living room area where house guests are still talking about bad dates and being cat fished. David and Cody are talking about ways to stop being tricked by fake pictures. Enzo says he will never send a picture out, but he will receive. Everyone laughs at him.


Tyler says he has never been on a date, he had a high school girlfriend, he had no girlfriend in college, then met Angela on Big Brother.


In the HOH room Janelle is talking to Memphis, but no game talk.

Nicole A and Davonne are on the sofa in the downstairs lounge.


Nicole A is upset that David has been treated with disrespect by Memphis. Nicole says the words,

“welcome to the big boys' table.” that were directed to him during the nomination ceremony. Davonne asks Nicole A. about Janelle telling Memphis she (Nicole A) was disrespectful. Nicole A tells Davonne that Janelle told her that he was not into big alliances. Nicole A tells Davonne that Memphis said he was telling everyone to play in the Safety Suite. Nicole A says that she told Memphis she was not going to play in that competition this week, that she was going to play next week, and even agreed that he would be her plus one if she won. Nicole says that Memphis mis-spoke what she told him.


Nicole also tells Davonne that Janelle and Kaysar gave her a list last night of seven people they were working with, and that there was another side of the house. Janelle's list was Janelle, Kaysar, Nicole A, Baleigh, Davonne and Christmas as well as Memphis.


Nicole questions is that if the nominations were made with a list of people who did not play in the competition, there were several others who did not play, so why is she being singled out with David.


Nicole thinks there are two groups who are planning to get out the “middle people”. She says she knew he was going to put her up after he spoke to other people for about a half hour, then spoke to her for 30 seconds.


Davonne says after both Nicole A and David have been vocal about how they were treated in their season and people know that, how could Memphis push out a repeat of that narrative. Nicole A says she doesn't want violins, she isn't afraid of him after those people she played with. Davonne thinks that the behavior Memphis is showing will prevent people from keeping bargains they have made with him. Davonne says one of them has to win the veto to remain safe and keep Nicole A safe at the same time. She believes Nicole A is a pawn, even though she is not perceived as one.


Nicole A says she was very upset when she saw David's photo under hers at the ceremony. She says she talked to David, but not quick enough.


While they are talking Kaysar opens the door and leaves, then Nicole F comes into the room “looking for her cup”. When she leaves Davonne says, “She wasn't looking for no cup.”


Nicole A says, “I know.”


They are talking about how many times they have seen people in pow wows. They compare notes, Nicole A is upset because she feels like Janelle tricked her into telling what she knows. Nicole A tells Davonne that Janelle told her that she (Janelle) and Kaysar went to Memphis after the nominations and asked him why Nicole A, since she was working with them. Nicole A says Janelle told her she (Janelle) wanted Nicole F put up.


Nicole A also says that she has heard rumors that Memphis has made comments about her eating habits. Davonne says to ignore it, concentrate on the veto competition.


Kevin comes into the room and says, “Guess who's upstairs?”

Davonne, “who”

Kevin, “Janelle and Memphis are up there sharing wine together.”


He tells Nicole A to be careful with Janelle, she is spinning a web around her.


Davonne decides to leave the room, she will talk later when the house starts shutting down.


Nicole A tells Kevin that Janelle has told her about a group in the house.


Kevin says “that is not the side of the house you want to be on.”


Kevin says he is a huge fan of Janelle, but the reason Memphis put her up has nothing to do with not playing for the Safety Suite. He says “If Janelle is trying to recruit you, why are they humiliating you?”


When Nicole A tells him her reasoning, he calls it “that's bull s**t.” He goes on to say, “We are all stars.”


When Nicole A tells Kevin that the plan might be to get rid of Nicole F, Kevin tells her again, “That's bull s**t” He tells her it is a made up name. “If she hugs you and says I didn't know, that's a lie.


Kevin is very angry about the way Memphis is treating people. He tells Nicole A again to be very careful about how she is thinking about Janelle. He tells her Janelle can navigate things that repel her. He believes that in truth, Janelle does not like him at all, but is able to cover it up very well. He says he noticed looks that passed when they talked. He tells Nicole A that she should not give Janelle information, Janelle is using her.


Kevin reminds her that her assumption of two sides of the house are only assumptions. He tells Nicole A that Christmas is working with Memphis, Janelle, Kaysar already. Nicole A is surprised.


Danielle joins them in the room and asks Nicole A if she is okay. Danielle tells Nicole A she was very surprised that Memphis nominated Nicole A. Danielle was also upset by Memphis's comments to the nominees, and his boisterous attitude when he announced the nomination ceremony was beginning.


Nicole A tells Danielle that the story she is hearing is that Memphis ordered Nicole A to play in the Safety Suite competition and she said, “No, I am not.” Nicole A says that story is not true at all. Nicole A says she has no idea why all this has happened.


Danielle agrees with Nicole A and Kevin that there is a back door coming. Danielle says no one wants to talk game, people only claim to be cool or say not to worry.


Kevin tells Danielle that while they were making sloppy joes Janelle asked Memphis if they could have his wine tonight. He tells her that Janelle gave him instructions to finish the sloppy joes then went to the HOH room with Memphis. He says they have been up there for a half hour, Danielle says it has been an hour.


10:23pm Big Brother Time


Danielle, Kevin and Nicole A continue to talk about Memphis's attitude right before and after the nomination ceremony.


Tyler and Davonne are talking in the storage room. Davonne is telling Tyler that Memphis demanded house guests play in the Safety Suite.


Tyler tells her Memphis is not telling anyone what he is doing.


They are interrupted by Cody and David.


Davonne leaves the room and Cody and Tyler tell David to go talk to Memphis. They tell him if he catches Memphis off guard it may cause him to want David to stay.


Camera moves back to the kitchen.


Danielle, Kevin and Nicole A continue to talk in the downstairs lounge.


Camera moves to the HOH room where Janelle and Memphis are talking. The wine bottle in question is open on the coffee table with an empty wine glass in front of Janelle.


It sounds like Janelle has talked Memphis into the possibility of working with Nicole A by recruiting her using the “we will save you”.


Janelle asks if he is good with getting rid of Nicole F, Memphis says yes, he is good with that, but not this week. Janelle says Nicole F is not really taking a shot, she has already won the game, and Nicole F is easy to send out. She thinks it is not time to send away Tyler quite yet.

Memphis says he feels the same way with Ian, that he is not excited about living in the house with him. He is annoyed that Christmas saved Ian. He feels that Ian would have been a perfect back door.


Janelle says Nicole F is the same thing, she is sneaky.


Both of them say the house would be fine with Ian going on a back door. Janelle says in later seasons back door is used a lot.


Janelle says David is bad at the game, it is like he is playing for the first time.


Memphis says the diary room questioned him about what he said about David at the nomination ceremony

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10:23PM BBT Kevin, Dani and NicA talking in the lounge. NIck is talking about Memphis talking back to production. Memphis told BB that he could come up with better lines. Dani says "what was that"? She says that he is a cast member and needs to sit down.


10:29PM BBT NicA is crying in the lounge. Dani and Kevin are trying to comfort her. She feels bad for David being OTB. They are trying to perk her up. She says that she doubts herself and isn't sure she should have said yes to coming back. 


10:38PM BBT Janelle is telling Memphis that Cody told her to play for safety but also say he thought she was cool. Memphis says that if David goes home who do they have. Janelle says that Xmas is a wild card and so is Ian. 


10:44PM BBT Kevin, Dani and NicA talking about Memphis. His speeches today were disrespectful. Kevin says he acted like they were children. Dani says as a parent, would you want someone to talk to your kids that way? They laugh about Memphis coming out in his HOH robe. Dani says only Marcelles can rock that robe. 

 10:51PM BBT Bay talking to Enzo. She is saying how no one in the house is having fun. Her season they had so much fun. We get FOTH. We are back to the HOH BR. Janelle and Memphis are talking about fishing on the lake near her house. 



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1034pm Big Brother Time


Memphis tells Janelle that eventually Cody will slip up because he talks too much.


Janelle tells Memphis that Cody gave himself away during his HOH when she talked to him. That is why she played for safety. Janelle says Cody is very likable. Janelle says she has walked in on Cody and a group several times, that there are four with two others in tow.


Janelle tells Memphis that someone will win the POV, and would it be a good idea to put up one of the six others. Janelle says that Nicole A being on the block could be good for them, since no one would think they like Nicole A.


Memphis says if they could get numbers to get out David, they could do that. Janelle says if he wants to pick her to play POV and she wins, she (Janelle) will use it on Nicole A. She says that would set it up perfectly. Memphis says that would be a perfect back door set up to get Ian out.


Janelle tells Memphis that Nicole F and Ian are very tight, that is why she took slop for him this week. She calls both of them sneaky. Memphis agrees if he gets a house guest choice he will choose Janelle to play.


Ian comes to the door.


He goes straight to the sofa and takes Memphis's spot. Memphis moves to the bed.


Camera moves to the cartoon bedroom.


Baleigh is talking to Enzo, she is saying that keeping Nicole A is a good plan.


Camera goes back to HOH bedroom.


Talk has moved to chit chat.


Camera moves back to cartoon bedroom


Talk is about preparation time for veto competitions. Tyler has joined Enzo and Baleigh. David also comes into the room


General chatting

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11:06pm Big Brother Time


Cody, Nicole F, Christmas are playing back gammon. Memphis leaves the HOH room and tells them that Janelle is onto all of them, with the exception of Christmas.


He leaves and heads down to the kitchen.



Cody goes into the HOH room with Memphis.


Memphis tells him he gave Janelle a bottle of wine and got all kinds of information. Both of them are laughing about his intel.


Memphis says “they” are grabbing at straws, “they” think the house is split the house. They believe they have everyone in the house other than “the six”. Cody says the snake's head is Janelle and Kaysar.

Memphis says Janelle and Kaysar think the head of the other side of the house is Nicole F. Cody says if one of them wins HOH he will be on the block with Tyler.


Cody tells Memphis that he is tight with David, so he is not a problem. They agree that they want Nicole A out of the house, but there is a problem when they can name alliance members. Cody says that both Baleigh and Davonne will vote to evict Nicole A. Cody says they all were telling people that Keesha was staying and he told Davonne. He says the culprit in the stories coming around is Janelle.


Both of them agree that Janelle is going to talk herself into a wall. They are more worried about Kaysar because he is thinking strategy and he can use Janelle's wins to get someone out.


Memphis says both Janelle and Kaysar are “literally making s**t up.” Cody says they claim that he is constantly with Tyler, even though that is not the case.


Cody says if the veto is used, Kaysar should go up. He says that Memphis can use the “i didn't know” excuse and with so many other people in the group he would not have to win any competitions.


Cody tells Memphis that Kaysar told Christmas that if she hadn't won the safety she would have been put on the block. He tells Memphis he (Memphis) needs to calm that down. Memphis says he needs to comfort her and do that. Cody says Christmas is the one person in the group that needs to be cuddled.

They continue to complain about Christmas being needy with them.


Cody plans to talk to Davonne.


Memphis wants to name the alliance “The Hard Six” he says production will not let him use the other name he had selected. They laugh and say someone needs to start thinking of a name.


Cody goes to the have not room and tells Christmas and Nicole F that Memphis has showed his loyalty by his nominations.


Memphis comes into the room.


Memphis fills Christmas and Nicole F in on the information Janelle gave him after Cody leaves the room.


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