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Thursday, August 13, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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Week One Summary: This first week has been interesting, for sure. All of these All-Stars came into season 22 with an experienced mindset focusing on the social game. There was a lot of exchanged conversation of HGs claiming no one is talking game to them, but the only HG not getting a lot of true game talk or building of an alliance includes David, although he is sprinkled in here and there with several HGs. 


Cody claimed to many that he did not want to win HoH, but also said that he didn't want to be up on the block week 1. His nominations were based on his relationships. Kevin and Keesha were obvious nominees once Kaysar won safety, protecting himself and Janelle.  Cody would not have put up Memphis because they established an alliance pre-game (there has been a lot of pre-gaming this season, which should be expected, fair or not, in an All-Star season). 


Cody put up Kevin and Keesha because those were two HGs that didn't really attempt to establish a relationship with him (until after nominations, of course). 


Enzo won veto and kept his word to Cody by keeping the nominees the same. Kevin has been campaigning on the daily, although his campaign has included promises that he won't be able to keep (he cannot save/protect everyone). 


Kevin believes he has a solid alliance with Da'Vonne and NicoleA. Keesha has not been campaigning much at all, and she has projected herself in the game in a careless way by exposing her presumed alignment with Kaysar/Janelle. 


The only HGs truly working with Keesha was Memphis and likely the other OG pair in Kaysar/Janelle if one of them had one HoH. At first, Memphis attempted to steer votes to keep Keesha, but later in the week, he showed indifference. 


Kevin has been outright told by Cody that he will be safe this week. Cody did not commit to anything for Keesha, telling her it was up to the house. As of the wee hours of this morning, the talk was to keep Kevin. In addition, Memphis told Keesha she was likely the one being evicted (by unanimous vote, but it should be noted that Ian has told the Nicoles that he is not the type "to vote with the house"... also, Janelle is pretty much out of the loop with what the majority want. When she asks the HGs they act dumb. 


All of the HGs want to keep Janelle on their good side because they know how powerful she is, but I think it's fair to say Janelle is the #1 target right now. I'm confident that Kaysar will tell Janelle the house is voting out Keesha even though Janelle wants to keep Keesha). However, we all know that in this game, an eviction vote can change. Should Keesha not be evicted, we can assume that Memphis has a heavy ear in Cody (I didn't witness this happening, though) and maybe serving as his "Derrick" this season. 


Some alliances have been established, but they are quite peppered. I always appreciate @89razorskate20's alliance/deals graphics each season, so here is his BB22 graphic.) It should be an exciting eviction and Week two in the All-Stars BB22 house    ~MamaLong


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12:03AM BBT: Enzo leaves the HOHR first, followed by Nicole A. They're both going to bed and say good night. "We're good," Nicole tells Cody as she leaves. Cody says he "knew" Nicole A would vote for Kevin. They talk about how Janelle thinks she has the numbers. Cody wants to know what to say to Janelle tomorrow. "In my humble opinion," Bayleigh says, "she's doing a lot right now." They talk about Janelle talking to Da'Vonne. Bayleigh says Da'Vonne does not trust Janelle. "Dead a**," Cody says. 


12:06AM BBT: Bayleigh says their group is "perfect." They talk about Enzo being all over the place. Cody says he has a good "one on one" with Memphis. Bayleigh thinks Janelle is trying to "play" her. 


12:13AM BBT: Bayleigh says week one you have to "respect the HOH" and go with the flow. They talk about Cody's brother and Da'Vonne. They talk about how smart Da'Vonne is.


12:16AM BBT: Cody says Dani will come and talk to them tomorrow. Cody and Bayleigh complain about not getting any time alone to talk. They talk about Cody's season and his alliance with Derrick. 


12:28AM BBT: Nicole A and Dani are chatting in the WA about voting and "what's next." Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, and Cody are in the HOHR rehashing all of the same conversations about what Janelle is doing, why Kevin needs to stay, and what will happen after the vote.


12:34AM BBT: Janelle and Nicole F are in the WA with Dani as they get ready for bed. They talk about clothes. The group in the HOHR are still having the same he said/she said conversation. Nicole A asks if someone can do her make up tomorrow. Janelle says she will. Christmas and Tyler are whispering in the CBR. Tyler says he's "struggling" and he feels like he's "not on the same page" with Bayleigh. He says he'll talk to Christmas more about it tomorrow, but feels like Bayleigh doesn't like him and he's having a hard time talking to her. Tyler says he's frustrated. They talk about Christmas' season. "The internet ruins this game," Tyler says. Christmas asks about Angela. 


12:45AM BBT: Ian walks into the HOHR. Bayleigh asks him what's going on downstairs. Ian says everyone is getting ready for bed. In the CBR, Tyler and Christmas talk about Janelle. Da'Vonne walks into the CBR and says she's getting ready for bed. Bayleigh leaves the HOHR, when she's gone Cody asks Ian what he's doing tomorrow. Ian says Kevin will stay tomorrow, he says his gut feeling is that Kevin will stay. Ian says Kevin staying is "cool" with him. Cody says neither Kevin nor Keesha are a threat to Ian. "I don't know who's going after who," Ian says.


12:51AM BBT: Cody tells Ian that Ian doesn't have to worry about having a conversation with Cody and then Cody telling the rest of the house. Ian says he didn't think that would be a concern. Cody asks Ian what he would do if he wins HOH. Ian says next week "sucks" because they still have nothing to "go off of" in terms of who should go on the block. Ian says he hasn't figured out who's in an alliance yet. 


1:02AM BBT: Cody says he's going to bed soon, he and Ian talk about what they think the next HOH comp would be. Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Nicole A, and Dani are chatting in the WA about makeup. The rest of the house is either in bed or getting ready for bed. 

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1:05AM BBT: General conversation throughout the house, Cody and Ian talk about what they're wearing tomorrow. 


1:10AM BBT: Ian has left the HOHR, Kaysar walks in and out of the WA while everyone gets ready for bed. Nicole A tells Bayleigh in the WA that she's nervous about tomorrow. Dani walks upstairs to the HOHR to talk with Cody. She asks what he and Ian were talking about. Cody tells her he talked to Bayleigh and Da'Vonne earlier. Cody tells Dani in the HOHR that he's stressed. Da'Vonne joins Dani and Cody in the HOHR. 



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9:03 PM BBT Janelle and Keesha are in the KBR talking about shoes and different sizes. Janelle is not happy she has to wear the star costume during the live show she has a dress she wants to wear. Keesha says she just wants to know if she leaving so she can prepare for exit if she is the one. Janelle says she is going to talk to everyone. 

9:15 AM  Kevin and David are in the KT doing shouts outs and giving out their social media accounts. No game chat going on at the current moment.  

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8:50 AM BBT  David is cooking himself some breakfast, Memphis and Cody are sitting at the counter.  Cody gets called to DR.  Janelle and Keesha talking in the BR.  Janelle is upset that she has to wear her costume for the live show tonight.  She complained earlier to Cody in the KT, he said they should cut her some slack.  She is still upset, she wants to wear something cute (the price you pay for safety).  Keesha and Janelle are talking about shoes, stores closed during Covid shutdown and they couldn't go try things on, then about what states are considered Midwest.  General talk.

In the KT, David is back from the WC, and sits at the dining room table to eat his breakfast.  Kevin comes in to make something to eat.  Kevin asks if David thinks anyone is watching the live feeds right now.  David said it is 9:00, if people are working from home, they can be watching.  (on the east coast it is noon, us furloughed people are watching). 

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 9:21 AM BBT David says he would love to have seen Derrick in the game. He also gives Nick from his season a personal shout out and kept telling him he would get a call and didn't believe him. He wanted to tell him once he got the call but couldn't for obvious reasons. Janella and Keesha still having a general chit chat. Feeds cut 

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1:22AM BBT: Bayleigh and Christmas are whispering in the CBR about Janelle and Christmas' conversation with Cody. Christmas says they don't know where the line is. They talk about what they want to do tomorrow and who they want to talk to. Christmas says she wants to be "open" with Bayleigh. Christmas says if she wins HOH, Bayleigh is safe. Bayleigh says if she wins HOH, she will play strategically. 


1:32AM BBT: Bayleigh leaves to go to the HOHR, Christmas gets into bed and says she wants to "go to sleep." The group in the HOHR talk about who is asleep. They talk about Bayleigh's conversation with Christmas. Bayleigh says she think Christmas is trying to flip the vote in Janelle's favor. Cody tells the girls in the HOHR that he's happy Kayar and Janelle can't play in the safety suite. He says he doesn't feel like he can connect with Kasyar, because he doesn't know if their conversations are "genuine." They talk about Janelle's past seasons. 


1:51AM BBT: Bayleigh wants to know how they're going to have conversations after tomorrow without the HOHR. Dani says they can use a room downstairs, Cody says they'll just keep "rotating" people in and out. They talk about how hard it is to not have the backyard. 


1:56AM BBT: Bayleigh and Da'Vonne leave the HOHR. Bayleigh wakes Christmas up. She tells Christmas they're "all on the same page." Bayleigh gets into bed. In the HOHR Cody tells Dani about all of the conversations he's had and what he's heard. It's a rehash of all the conversations they've been having all night. Cody counts the votes.


2:16AM BBT: Dani tells Cody that she's going to tell him something so he can trust her. She says she's hung out with Memphis outside of the game a few years ago. She says Memphis' ex-wife was her wedding planner and that Memphis trusts her. "On my life," Dani says, "we are not friends, we don't talk. But we're cool." "That's a good thing," Cody says. Dani says Memphis is "fine" with her. Dani says Memphis is "erratic" and will "destroy his own game." She says Memphis thinks he's in charge of the game and he wants "to do everything and come up with everything."


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9:25 AM BBT  More people are coming into the KT.  David is finished eating, Kevin is eating at the counter. Keesha and Janelle each come in separately, Janelle goes to the WA, Keesha goes upstairs, Day comes in.  No game talk, just early morning chatter.

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9:30 AM BBT

The HGs are already beginning to gather upstairs with their must-haves for initial lockdown. Although Janelle got to shed her Star outfit last night, she has to wear it for the live show.

NicoleA- they will give us warnings though....like what time is it?....ten minutes


*feeds cut to stars then critters to prepare for the day. They will likely be back on later today and we will get to watch the HG's getting ready for the live show, unless COVID has changed that typical procedure for production.


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 9:30 AM BBT  Bayleigh and Kevin are talking while eating breakfast. Production comes on and says there are fresh batteries in the storage room. A few minutes later production calls for Enzo to come downstairs. Tyler asks is everyone is up. Janelle is in the bathroom Tyler comes in and says i thought you were done with this and she says I thought I was too and she is pissed that BB told her they would let her know. Feeds cut

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2:40AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for about twenty minutes. When it's back, everyone is asleep but Dani and Cody, who are in the HOHR talking. Dani tells Cody to not let Ian "fool him." Cody says he won't have to put Ian up, because Memphis wants to do that. "He won't skate through," Cody says about Ian. Their conversation switches to family and then previous seasons. 


3:27AM BBT: Cody tells Dani that he just wants to see how tomorrow is going to play out. Dani says Ian is 100% going to throw the HOH comp tomorrow. She says he doesn't want to "get blood on his hands" right now. She says he's playing a great social game. Cody says anyone throwing comps this season is a bad idea. Dani hints that she thinks Da'Vonne may try to throw it also. They talk about Bayleigh and Tyler and what happened between them. Cody says Tyler will always "play nice" until he needs to push himself. Cody says Tyler is "so smart," and Dani agrees. They talk about Tyler running his season. They can't believe Tyler didn't win the game. 


3:35AM BBT: Dani and Cody discuss who they think will be good at comps and which type of comps they'll be good at. They believe Ian will be good at all of the endurance comps. Dani says Ian won a lot of comps his season. Cody talks about his season and what he won. They talk about the money BB gives them and the feeds cut on and off. They talk about their skin and how they wish they could go outside in the sun. 

3:42AM BBT: Cody tells Dani what's in the medicine he uses for his skin. Dani tells him Dr. Will told her not to use that on her face. Cody says he's been using it on his face for years. 


3:57AM BBT: Dani leaves the HOHR and goes to the WA to get ready for bed. Cody begs BB to let him sleep in past 10AM. "Don't wake me up," he begs them. 


4:15AM BBT: The lights are off and everyone is in bed. 


4:34AM BBT: Kevin is up and out of bed, he uses the WC, washes his hands, and then just stares at the wall for several seconds. He paces around the WA and then stands in front of the sinks. He starts to count the votes on his fingers. He appears to be visibly upset. 


4:42AM BBT: Kevin is back in bed, but still awake. 


4:56AM BBT: Everyone in the house is asleep once again.


7:17AM BBT: Big Brother cuts the feeds and the wake up call begins. 


7:30AM BBT: David is up and cleaning the KT. The lights are on throughout the house but many HGs are still in bed. Ian, Memphis, Kaysar, and David are in the KT. Memphis talks about yoga and how the girls can do some crazy stuff. He talks about his ex doing yoga. 


7:36AM BBT: Janelle and Keesha join the boys in the KT. Nicole F walks through the KT a few seconds later. General conversation throughout the house as they try to wake up. 


7:37AM BBT: Dani is up, she walks through the CBR where Bayleigh and Christmas are still in bed. 


7:48AM BBT: Keesha panics in the KBR about the vote. "Please tell me you're voting for me," she asks Janelle and Kaysar. Janelle tells Keesha that Ian is the swing vote and she has to get Ian to vote to keep her. Ian, Memphis, Kevin, and David are in the HOHR. All are very sleepy. In the KBR, Keesha says Ian will think about it. Keesha starts to tell them about a conversation she had with Enzo, but BB cuts the feeds. 


7:57AM BBT: Kaysar wants to know about Janelle's conversations yesterday. Janelle says something feels "weird." Keesha tells Kaysar and Janelle about conversations she had yesterday. 


8:04AM BBT: Keesha leaves the KBR and goes to the KT to talk with David. Kaysar tells Janelle that he's talked to Cody, but he doesn't "trust them." Janelle says Christmas is really nice. Kaysar wants to crush Cody's alliance and then pick up Tyler. Kaysar says he wishes they were safe, and if they were he wouldn't go for the HOH. Janelle says one of them needs to win HOH, tell everyone to use their safety suite so that's out of the game early. Janelle tells Kaysar she thinks Keesha could have the votes.


8:07AM BBT: Kaysar says he's trying to leave his options open, because he feels like they're good with everyone. Janelle and Kaysar both agree that if Keesha leaves, they're in a bad position. Kaysar says he doesn't want to go out on a limb for Keesha, he says he doesn't believe she has the votes. BB cuts the feeds. 


8:09AM BBT: Kaysar says he thinks Keesha is going. Janelle says "that's not the truth, because we don't know." Kaysar says he didn't think any of this would happen, in regards to their alliance and everyone assuming they were working together. "There's no other pairs," Janelle says. Kaysar says Cody will go after them, but wants to know who else. Janelle says "Tyler." Kaysar says Tyler is with Cody. Kaysar says they need to align with Bayleigh and Da'Vonne, it's the only way they can guarantee safety. Janelle says "they don't trust us." 

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8:13AM BBT: Janelle says they have favor with the house now, but she's worried if they play like they did last all-stars they'll lose favor with the house. Kaysar says he thinks the numbers are against them right now. Kaysar says he and Janelle are "smarter than these people." Janelle wants to know why everyone is passive, Kaysar says they're all scared. "Playing it safe doesn't work," Kaysar says, "they have to take a risk at some point."


8:26AM BBT: Kaysar says he was frustrated after his conversation with Cody because Cody won't tell anyone what he wants. Kaysar says he's playing too passive. Kaysar says he reads people really well, he says his conversation with Cody in the HOHR was "riddled with bullsh*t" and Cody wouldn't "get to the point." BB cuts the feeds. 


8:33AM BBT: Janelle and Kaysar break up their conversation and Janelle leaves the KBR. David, Memphis, and Keesha are eating in the KT. 


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10:32 AM BBT Still have kitty cam and music

10:40 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Janelle is in the WA with Enzo, talking about Mexican restaurants.  In the LR, Ian is lying on a couch with a blanket, Nicole A is eating something on the other couch, and Keesha is setting in the nominations chair.  They are talking about people getting presents today, Memphis walks through carrying a bag tied up with something in it.  Keesha says yay, she loves presents.  Then it cuts to stars and music again.

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10:43 PM BBT Janelle and Enzo talking in the bathroom. Keesha, Nicole and some others talking in the lounge. Feeds cut to FOTH again. 

10:46 AM BBT Feeds come back on, Nicole F and Da'Vonne in the CBR talking about breakfast foods. No game talk as they are all getting ready for the live show. 

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10:45 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  LR is the same, no talking.  Feeds 1/2 are in comic BR.  Day and Nicole F are talking about being hungry.  Day asks Nicole F when she is to get her dress, she thinks it is after the second LD.  She says it is only around 10:30, and she thinks it is too early to get ready, but "they" seem to be pushing it.  Feed cut for a moment.  When it comes back, Day says she was glad at first that they were told they get to wear their own clothes, then she was like...oh, no.  Laughing about Nicole F hitting a ball and it didn't even leave the platform. 

Feeds switch to WA.  Enzo says somebody is getting a letter tonight, someone is getting pictures, someone is getting music.  Janelle asks if Cody got anything, he said nothing, no letter, pics or music.  Kevin, Nicole F, Janelle and Enzo are in the WA getting ready for tonight, showers, hair, etc.

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10:54 AM BBT Kevin just got out of the shower, Janelle is curling her hair. David is sweeping up the WA Nicole has some kind of mask on Enzo is shaving his face. Keesha and Nicole A are talking in the lounge. 

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19:52 AM BBT  Enzo is in the PBR with David.  David said someone is getting a win tonight.  Enzo wants to take a nap, changes that and says he wants to rest his face. Enzo lays down, again says someone is getting a letter and pictures.  He and David talk about what they want to wear, Feeds switch to Janelle and Day.  Janelle asks if Keesha or Kevin is staying.  Day said she doesn't know.  Day says Kevin is acting safe.  She said she isn't going to blow her game by going against the majority.  Janelle said they can still do this.  Day says Keesha still isn't doing much campaigning.  She keeps saying she needs to talk with this one or that one.  The vote is tonight, she needs to get on it!  Janelle is really pushing to keep Keesha.  Day says this is All Stars, and the first vote, it shouldn't be that difficult. They wonder who Nicole A is voting for, and Christmas and Dani keep asking  Janelle who she is voting for.  Day asks why they keep asking Janelle?  She says she doesn't know.  Janelle goes to PBR to find Dani.  Enzo and Nicole A are in there as well.  No game talk.  Enzo says the show will start at 6 PM their time, he has to count back from the East Coast time.  (I think it is on at 8:00 tonight).  Feeds cut.  Dani and Enzo joking about voting someone out so they can come back, for a reset.  They think there is a battle back, Covid negative. 

11:01 AM BBT  Feeds cut again.

11:16 AM BBT  Feeds are finally back.  Nicole F is finished with her face mask.  She is in the WA with Kaysar and Memphis.  Feeds switch to PBR.  Day seems to be shaving Enzo's hairline.  Nicole F comes in to ask Day what she is wearing tonight.  Cody asks if Nic was upstairs.  Cut feeds again. 


(I am out, no game talk, just prep for tonight)

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11:17am BBT: Janelle and Bayleigh talking in the KBR as the feeds come back on and bayleigh says she just takes awhile to open up and Janelle says ummm hummm. Keesha walks in and talk stops. Bayleigh then says she is going to go get a shower and beat this face because i have to be real cute. In the PBR Day  was doing something to Enzo's neck, Cody laying in the bed and David in the other bed just general talk going on as HG prepare for tonight's show.
11:21am BBT: Bayleigh and Janelle still talking in the KBR Bayleigh ask if Janelle was campaigning against Keesha and Janelle says for Kevin and Janelle says no i never did. Bayleigh says ok.
11:26am BBT: Bayleigh tells Janelle she is just sitting back and watching what is going on she is not  picking anyone  she then says if you just sit back and watch you can see who is gravitating to each other. Janelle says i do not see Kevin working with them do you and Bayleigh says no he even asked if he could meet Swaggy and if he would like him and Bayleigh says yeah. Janelle starts talking about who Kevin worked with in his season.
11:30am BBT: In the KT  Cody is running the vacuum cleaner , In the WA Kaysar, NicA., Keesha, Christmas  NicF, are all doing make up and hair just talking general talk. In the PBR Day is whispering to Dani  and David  very lowly about Keesha. Bayleigh is getting into the shower now and Janelle walking around drinking coffee.
11:34am BBT: David and Kevin in the STR , David smiles at him and shakes his head, Kevin says this is so stressful and walks out of the STR. In the CBR Dani, Day, Janelle and Bayleigh talking about  Christmas and how she is voting, Dani says that is real weird. Bayleigh says she does not know that Keesha is trying hard enough in this game and walks off, Dani says she only talked to me  two days ago and it was only like two words. day says i wish she would have dome more and then says i think Keesha should know before the live eviction i do not want her going out like that it just is not cool. Janelle walks out saying we are on the same page.
11:40am BBT: HG getting ready for the day and show tonight  and cleaning house, Alot of very low whispering going on.  Kevin talks to Enzo in the Loft about he appreciates him for looking out for him this week.
11:44pm BBT: Kevin moving his suit case out of the HNR downstairs, Janelle in the KBR doing her make up.
11:47am BBT: Dani tells Tyler and David that BB said rehearsal is 12-1 pm and HOH LD from !-3pm . Dani leaves the room to go get ready . Janelle and Kaysar in the KBR whispering low and getting ready.
11:49am BBT: Enzo, Cody and Ian at the Loft, Enzo saying that he think this HOH comp will be a crap shoot. Ian agrees with him.
11:55am BBT: Enzo tells Cody and Ian there is something going on  as they sit in the Loft. Ian just sitting rocking as Cody eats . In the KBR Kaysar and Janelle talking about who is working with who and Nic F comes in and says they have 5 minutes.

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12:02PM BBT IN the KT, HG getting food. In the loft, Enzo, Ian and Cody talk. Cody is listing off who he feels confident with (he lists half the house). Enzo says they will know after the votes tonight. Enzo says he wants to win HOH so bad.


12:11PM BBT IN the PBR, Enzo, NicA and David talking about the show. Enzo says he is ready. NicA says her too. Enzo just wants to play. Xmas comes into the room and talks about N.O. and that is whee she was born.


 12:16PM BBT Enzo is the only one left in the PBR. Tyler comes in and says Kevin is staying. Enzo says he will see if everyone votes how they are supposed to. Tyler says make sure Kevin knows they are keeping him. Enzo says if Kevin goes, they know they are being kept out of the loop and if he wins HOH then he is going after everyone. In the lounge, Day is talking to Keesha. She says it's because she didn't talk to anyone. Keesha says she talked to everyone. Day says that everyone says she didn't campaign to them. Keesha says she did. Day tells her not to tell anyone that she told her she is going.


12:27M BBT Memphis asks Janelle if they have a boat. She says they have 3. One for large parties, a speedboat and a piece of crap one for the kids to work on when they are older. They have a lake house in MN. Memphis says they have to think about it now that they live on the water. We get FOTH on and off.



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12:10 PM BBT  In KT,   She is talking about her pink and green shower cap.  Kaysar said he doesn't know how they come up with things to talk about.  He said he talked to Memphis for 30 minutes, now he has nothing to say, just "hey" as they pass.  Christmas said she has to keep it light, not talk about her family or she will cry. Christmas is talking about how she "ugly" cried the other night.  She said she tried to get into the DR, but couldn't make it fast enough, so she went upstairs to the loft and lunged for the bed.  Now Memphis and Janelle are talking about Vegas and people that are always there.

In the downstairs lounge, DaVonne is telling Keesha that she is going home.  Keesha is crying.  Day said she wanted to tell her so she could cry it out in private, that "those people" don't need to see her upset or cry.  Keesha said other people were supposed to tell her, she is thanking Day for telling her.  Day leaves, Keesha stays, talks to the mirror and said she doesn't know why she cries so much in the house. 

Feed cut for a minute, come back to Dani and Nicole A in the PBR talking about what music they asked ffor. Nicole A said boy bands, One Direction, Backstreet Boys, Imagine Dragons.  Dani asked if she like Taylor Swift, Nicole said she is okay.  Dani said you better or you are going up!  (joking around).  More talk about music, then they leave.  Dani said she needs to get something to eat, Nicole is hungry too.  As they leave, they ask Cody and Enzo in the next BR what they are doing.  They thought something was from 12-1, but...Feeds cut.  Dani is in the PBR talking with David.  She asks him to not say she is mean, it really bothers her.  He said he is just joking around, she knows that, but it still hurts.  David said he will next time say how she is being so wonderful today, so nice.  Dani said then she will know he is being a jerk.  She again says she has to get something to eat.

12:30 PM BBT  Cody comes in and tell Enzo they are filming at 3:30 (that is and hour and a half before it airs?)   Keesha is packing, Nicole A is with her.  Keesha likes the new BB bag, she gave her last one away.

In the CBR, Dani is talking with Cody and Enzo.  Enzo said everyone are like cockroaches, scattering around the house.  They are whispering about Keesha going home.  They think Janelle is stirring things up.  Christmas come back from the DR, says she had to take her meds.  Cody said he has been talking about everyone, Dani said but they have turned off the feeds.  That is when the feeds cut.

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 12:35PM BBT Cody, Dani and Enzo talking in the CBR. They are talking about if Janelle will try and keep Keesha. Enzo says that they will find out tonight. Dani says she is sure they are voting with the house. Talk about when the feeds go off for the show. We get FOTH.


 12:41PM BBT Puppy reels. We have HOH LD.

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