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Friday, August 7, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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0301 BB Time: Nicole A & Kevin (bathroom) - Kevin thinks things will split old school and new school. Kevin thinks Janelle & Kaysar are together. He thinks Cody will nominate Memphis. Nicole A says but if Memphis comes down would Keesha goes up or would they put them up together? Kevin says Tyler is always in the HOH room. Kevin says he has Nicole A’s back. Nicole says me, you, Da’vonne, Ian? Where does Bayleigh fall? Kevin doesn’t know. They both think if it ends up being old school versus new school that it’s good for them so they can kind of lay low while the bigger players on each side go after each other. They think Janelle is either in with Cody and faking a poor relationship, or they really aren’t on the same side but they aren’t sure yet.

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12:00 AM BBT Janelle has her punishment costume. She's a puffy star. Christmas tells her "your future is bright"








12:15 AM BBT  HoH Room

Tyler comes in to use the restroom. Cody is deep in thought.




Tyler- what you thinkin'? How you feelin'?

Cody- I feel good, Man. I think Keesha and Kevin

Tyler- yeah

Cody says it makes the most sense.

Cody- when there is nothing to really pull at. I know it's gonna backfire for people and that sucks.

Cody says that he isn't bothered by Janelle and Kaysar and the safety comp. He feels they just weren't sure about things. Tyler says "they said they want to work with us"

Cody talks about how he doesn't want to give anyone reason to talk shit and that they need to keep it on the low. "We never really hang out together down there, so it's good"   [everyone knows they are working together, they aren't as incognito as they think  -MamaLong]

Cody says he is not sure about Christmas though. Tyler says, "she named her baby Loyal, Dude. I think she'd be good."

Cody and Tyler decide to chill and be the nice guys and let the Type As clash and go after each other. Cody "I think just going with those two....I feel less bad this time (about nominations). This is a game. I am here to do well.  Kaysar talks a lot but I don't have a good feel on him. But he's a loyal guy. He was loyal in his season. If he comes in I know he is gonna be loyal. I just don't want to get in the situation where we are friends with everyone and then have no one to really put up. But it's just two days in and shit's gonna unfold."

Tyler- I feel we are in a good spot, though

Cody jokes about how he walked on some pegs and could now be considered a comp beast. He doesn't want to be a target. "I just want tomorrow to be done, get the veto and play out the week."

They joke about Enzo and how he is all talk....they laugh saying that they like Enzo but he just wants to talk. Not sure they can trust him. They want to work with strong people.

Tyler says there was something he wanted to tell him about the house but he can't remember now. "It must not have been important."

Tyler- this is a weird dynamic. I didn't expect it to be like this.

Cody- as long as we don't overplay we're gonna be in a good spot because we have a great social game.

Tyler agrees 'I feel like people are gonna gravitate towards us naturally". Tyler then says goodnight and heads downstairs. He passes Kevin on the stairs as he is heading to bed. They fist bump and Tyler says "Sleep tight."





1:18 AM BBT NicoleF, Kaysar and Keesha are talking in the key room. Nicole wants to go to sleep but the lights are on. Kaysar is waiting to be called to the DR, but he's about to fall asleep. They discuss that they have no idea why BB woke them up so early Thursday morning for nothing, and now they are all exhausted


1:28 AM BBT  Nicole and Janelle are talking in the lounge. Janelle asks her if she thinks it was a bad idea that she played her pass.

NicoleA says, "well"

Janelle "it doesn't matter"

NicoleA- yeah just go from here

They begin chatting about Christie and Nick from BB20. Janelle loved how Christie was so confrontational.

Nicole- she's a savage and she's hysterical

Janelle- she's so funny! I love her!



Enzo is trying to sleep in the PBR with a buff over his eyes because the lights are on.


Kevin walks in the lounge to say goodnight. Janelle tells him there are DRs going on but she is waiting for her Xanax and melatonin. NicoleA says she is drinking her tea. NicoleA jokes that she should get a Michie/Holly showmance pillow because she was part of that

Janelle- yeah, but they broke up

They chat about Kemi and Bella. NicoleA tells Janelle that Bella would just detonate everything   [recruits don't really know how to play -MamaLong]

Janelle- so stupid, but I love her


1:55 AM BBT  Kaysar joins Janelle and NicoleA for game talk. Janelle tells them that Enzo can't stand NicoleF because she cries all the time. Kaysar says they need to consolidate the power "we can be like, we heard there's an alliance". NicoleA shares her earlier conversation with Da'Vonne "her approach is so different" Janelle says Da'Vonne is not working with them (Cody/Tyler/David)


2:00 AM BBT

Kaysar says he feels like Cody is going to go after anyone who seems like a strong pair. They expect noms to be Keesha and Memphis. Kaysar says that he had a talk with Cody about him and Janelle and how people may assume they are best friends, but it's been 15 years. Cody asked Kaysar who he would work with and he told him Tyler

NicoleA- that's smart 

Janelle agrees

NicoleA- don't focus on this, just focus on winning the next HoH

Janelle- definitely

They discuss the safety comp and how they didn't understand what Kevin was doing.

Janelle- did he have his pass

NicoleA- I don't know

Kaysar- why would he want to use it? He is a floater. 

Janelle- you don't think we should mention anything to Bayleigh and Da'Vonne

Kaysar- not yet.....wait until you have power...when Memphis and Keesha go up then talk and tell them that they are going after pairs

NicoleA- there is an even number of people in the house. Who is my person?

Janelle- Ian

NicoleA- yeah. Ian is very nervous

Kaysar- I'll talk to him tomorrow

Janelle- he is really nervous

Kaysar- why is he so nervous

NicoleA- social anxiety

Kaysar- well, I'll pull him and talk to him tomorrow

Janelle says that it is obvious they are in trouble so they need to talk and let him know that they will work together. The laugh over the idea that anyone wouldn't believe they are a pair (Kaysar and Janelle) but they are still trying to spin it.

Janelle- it would have been nice if people would have campaigned for safety so we could see who is nervous

They talk about David and how he is stressed out; he looked like he was going to pass out. NicoleA said that she talked with him and he feels he doesn't belong here, or that others think he doesn't belong [I want to shake David and tell him that he is there, so make it happen!  -MamaLong]

They speculate that maybe it will be Ian that goes up. NicoleA says it could easily be her.

Janelle- we need to....come join us Memphis. We need numbers

NicoleA- what's the outside perspective on me? Like why would I go up?

Kaysar tells her they would get rid of her and Ian  that there wouldn't be as much backlash  

NicoleA- Damn

Janelle and Kaysar head out. Nicole sits alone for a long time, thinking. She looks worried thinking everything through.


3:05 AM BBT Kevin and NicoleA are the last ones up. They talk in the bathroom. Kevin is speculating all over the place. He asks her what Kaysar and Janelle had to say. She tells him that they feel pretty much the same about things (that it could be Keesha and Memphis going up) Nicole tells him to just wait for noms and see where the line is drawn. Earlier he saw Janelle come out of the HoH room and gets in his head...makes a shocked face

NicoleA- what? Don't scare me! Just tell me

Kevin- Maybe they are working together!  (Janelle and Cody)

NicoleA- no, that's a front




3:44 AM BBT  The Have Not room lights go out and the whole house is now dark and silent.


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 Sleeping Arrangements

Have Not Room: Ian, Memphis, Nicole A, Kevin

Photo BDRM: Dani, Tyler, David, Enzo

Key BDRM: Nicole F, Janelle, Kaysar, Keesha

Comic BDRM: Christmas, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh

Cody is asleep in the DR


6:44 AM BBT  House is dark and silent





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1:30AM BBT: Christmas, Nicole F, and Keesha are in the CBR, talking about hoping to get to go outside soon. Christmas says she's never played in a VETO comp. The rest of the HGs are in the LR and no one is talking. 

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11:37pM BBT: The group in the CBR talk about who to put on the block and how hard it is to decide who goes up. They discuss previous seasons and how they with Kaycee had come back. BB throws up the star slate for awhile. 


11:52PM BBT: Dani and Nicole F are whispering in the PBR, they talk about Memphis and Keesha and how "tight" they were on their season. Nicole says they aren't anymore, because she asked him. Dani says she doesn't know "where they're at" and she "worries" about that. Dani says Memphis wants to nominate Keesha, she says she's fine bringing in Tyler and Memphis from the "outskirts" if they take Keesha out. Dani says she's not thrilled about their group being mainly guys, but it is what it is. "He seems like a cool dude," Nicole says about Memphis. Dani says they need to be careful with Tyler, even though she likes him, he's playing the same game he played last time. Dani says Cody is into their group, she tells Nicole about their conversation from earlier. 


11:53PM BBT: Bayleigh walks into the PBR and all game talk stops.


12:00AM BBT: Christmas and Da'Vonne chat in the CBR about marriage. The other HGs are in and out of the KT chatting about clothes and Janelle's star costume. 


12:08AM BBT: Nicole and Kaysar are chatting in the KBR about immunity and the twists in the BB House.


12:16AM BBT: Tyler walks up to the HOHR and asks if he can use the bathroom. Cody is sitting in the HOHR alone, staring off into space while Tyler uses the bathroom. 


12:18AM BBT: Tyler walks back into the HOHR and asks what Cody's thinking. Cody says he's thinking of going with Keesha and Kevin, he says he's not wanting to start out with smashing people. He doesn't want to take any risks right now, he says he's had a lot of conversations. Tyler says Kaysar pulled him aside and told him what Kaysar said to Cody. Cody says he doesn't think Kaysar doesn't trust him. Tyler says Kaysar wants to work with him and Cody, but he wanted to run it by Cody first. Cody thinks Kaysar is "covering his bases" and watched Tyler's season and liked how Tyler played. 


12:21AM BBT: Cody says no one knows week one who is a strong player and who isn't. Tyler says Janelle approached him and asked about Cody. Cody says no one brings Tyler up to him, "which is money," Cody says. Cody doesn't want people talking about them, they both agree that they think they're good right now. Cody says he's just going to put two up and tell them it's not a game decision and that he wishes them luck in the VETO. Cody says he does feel a little bad about putting Kevin up, because Kevin came up and tried to plead his case. Cody says he is hesitant about Christmas, because he doesn't know what to do with her. They both agree she'll do great at comps. 






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12:24AM BBT: Tyler and Cody talk about hoping to get in a "rhythm" of back and forth comp wins. They agree that Christmas would be good to add to their team. Cody says he wants her on their side because she's a "type A" personality and as long as they're the "nice guys" the "type A's will clash" and then the "type A's" will go after each other. Cody says he'll have to "bullsh*t" a little here and there, but he's better prepared this time. They both agree that's part of the game. Cody hasn't been able to feel out Kaysar, he says Kaysar "talks a lot" and is a "loyal guy," so they think he would be a good asset. Cody says what he does not want is having too many people and too many friends where it "f*cks" you up at the end. Tyler says he feels good where they are now because everyone is "cool" with Cody. 


12:27AM BBT: "The conversations seem good," Cody says, he says it'll come down to noms and VETO and he doesn't want to have to put a third person up and wants to leave noms the same. Cody says he would want to give "house guest choice" to David because he deserves it. Cody says he couldn't pick Tyler because it would expose their alliance. "I just want tomorrow to be done," Cody says. Cody goes onto say Enzo keeps wanting to talk, the two laugh. "He only won one competition on his season," Cody laughs. 


12:30AM BBT: Cody wants "big, powerful people" to stay in so they can take all the attention and he and Tyler can ride safely to week 4 or 5. Tyler says there was something else he wanted to tell Cody, but can't remember what it was. "We're gonna be in a good spot," Cody says. They both agree it's "weird" that everyone is tiptoeing around right now and no one is talking game or trying to form alliances. 


12:32AM BBT: "As long as we don't overplay," Cody says, they'll be good. Tyler agrees, that letting things happen naturally is the best way to go about things right now. "We're good bro," Tyler says before they laugh, shake hands and he leaves the HOHR room and turns the lights out for Cody. Kevin is standing in the hallway outside the HOHR when Tyler walks out, Tyler tells him good night and goes downstairs.  


12:35AM BBT: Ian, Bayleigh, and Christmas are in the CBR chatting about BB and that "they're good" to them. Da'vonne walks in. A small group is in bed in the KBR talking about previous seasons. 


12:42AM BBT: General conversation throughout the house, HGs are in bed chatting or getting ready for bed. Most HGs alternate between talking about their season of BB or their personal lives outside of the house. 


1:05AM BBT: Janelle and Nicole A are in the lounge whispering, Janelle wants to know what Kaysar told Nicole A. Nicole says Kaysar is pretty sure Cody, Tyler, and Nicole F are working together. Janelle agrees, she tells Nicole about her conversation with Tyler. She says Tyler told her he didn't think Cody was going after "threats" and would put Keesha up. Nicole A is worried she's going up. Janelle is says she is 100% sure "those three' are working together. Janelle wonders if Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are included in their group. Nicole says she doesn't think they're in the loop. Janelle says Enzo wouldn't let them put Memphis up. "I haven't heard anyone from them," Nicole says. Janelle says David talks zero game and Tyler only talks "a little bit" of game. Janelle wonders if it's a "giant alliance," and Nicole says she hopes not and doesn't want to be in the dark. Janelle says Nicole F has already lied to her. Janelle says Nicole was acting whiny earlier and just lied the entire time. 

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8:28 AM BBT:  David is up and in the WA. He uses the restroom and then checks himself out in the mirror and attaches his microphone. On the other feed, I see someone (Memphis I believe) is up and leaving the HNR. Memphis heads to the kitchen to make coffee.


8:38 AM BBT:  Memphis and David are in the KT. Both seems to be in a pre-coffee zombie mode.  Memphis has a blanket over his head while he compiles the dishes that were left out overnight.

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1:09AM BBT: Nicole A tells Janelle that it's very "telling" how people enter and exit rooms. Janelle says it's "very weird" that Nicole F is working with Cody, because Janelle says Nicole F is the reason Derrick isn't there. Janelle says Kaysar is able to "read lies" much better than she can. "Tyler is definitely working" with Cody, Janelle says. "He's up there a lot," Nicole agrees. "I know they're working together," Janelle says. Nicole tries to figure out who Cody would put up next to Keesha. Janelle says she'll be bummed if Cody puts up Memphis or Nicole A. Nicole doesn't understand why they're going after Keesha. "They're going to go after who they want to go after," Janelle says. Nicole says she would think Cody would approach her and tell her he would put her up because he's "straight forward." Janelle disagrees, she says Cody isn't like that. "He would just put you up?" Nicole is shocked he wouldn't tell someone before he did it. 


1:13AM BBT: Nicole wonders if she should talk to Cody tomorrow. Janelle says she doubts that Nicole is the target. She's pretty sure Cody is putting up Memphis next to Keesha. Janelle says Tyler and Nicole F can not win HOH next week or else they'll put up Janelle and Kaysar. Nicole does not like that. 


1:16AM BBT: "We can take them," Janelle says and Nicole agrees. "We will!" Janelle says. Janelle tells Nicole about the conversation she had with Cody about how he's already planning to play for safety next week since he can't play for HOH. Janelle says Nicole F "throws HOH's until she rolls out of bed with her showmances on week 9." They talk about Nicole and all her previous showmances. Janelle says she hasn't talked game with Nicole F at all. "She's not interested in working with me," Janelle says. Nicole A says she's just been trying to talk to everyone and thinks it's weird Nicole F isn't.


1:18AM BBT: Janelle says they have to get HOH next week to have the numbers. Right now it's just Nicole A, Kaysar, and Janelle. Janelle thinks Ian would work with them. 


1:20AM BBT: Janelle and Nicole agree that Cody is nice, but Janelle says Cody's mind was made up a long time ago. Nicole wants to talk to him tomorrow, Janelle doesn't believe that will change anything. Janelle believes Cody was trying to "trick" her. Janelle believes Cody was after Kaysar. Nicole says Kaysar thinks that too. Janelle says that means she's next on Cody's radar. 


1:22AM BBT: Nicole says she forgot how hard the beginning is when you're "trying to find your footing." Janelle agrees. Nicole says Dani, Da'Vonne, and Bayleigh all fall in the middle. Janelle says Dani is laying low right now. "She's with Nicole a lot," Nicole A says and Janelle agrees. They talk about the BB community and meeting other HGs outside of the show. 

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8:40 AM BBT  Memphis and David in the kitchen. They found ants near the sink  [the houseguests that never get evicted] 

Memphis is walking around with his blanket over his head like a granny.

He made coffee and David is cleaning the kitchen island.

David- so Memphis, are you from Memphis?

Memphis tells him he grew up there "My parents live outside of Memphis in a place called Carterville, Tennessee



They are really quiet, neither really talking. Memphis looks like he is so tired




David tells Memphis he is quiet because he is gonna do his meditation before people get up



8:57 AM BBT  Dani is now up and about. She passes through the kitchen and David stops meditating. They say good morning and she heads to the bathroom.

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1:25AM BBT: Janelle thinks David and Tyler may be working together. She doesn't understand how Da'Vonne hasn't picked up on that yet because she's "very good at the game." They talk about Da'Vonne and Cody's brother's feud, as well as Bayleigh and Tyler's feud. Janelle asks Nicole if it was "dumb" of her to play her pass. Nicole says "it doesn't matter" at this point. 


1:27AM BBT: Nicole and Janelle talk about Nicole's season and all of the fights. Nicole says it's "so awkward" when people are screaming at each other.


1:31AM BBT: Janelle and Nicole continue to talk about Nicole's season and the HGs from her season. They talk about Bella. Nicole says she was a recruit, "so she was bad at the game," Janelle laughs. Nicole says Bella and Kemi were the strongest women in the house. 


1:38AM BBT: Janelle talks about Rachel Reilly and what she would do with Cody. Kaysar joins the two in the lounge. Janelle says she's waiting for BB to give her medication. Janelle gets Kaysar up to speed on what they've been talking about for the last thirty minutes. Kaysar talks about seeing David and Tyler together.


1:41AM BBT: Kaysar thinks both Tyler and David are "on the fence" on how they want to play earlier in the day. Kaysar says Tyler and David would have outed their alliance if they had played earlier in the day. Kaysar says Cody is a "horrible liar." "He's so bad," Janelle says. "Regurgitated crap from old seasons," Kaysar says about what Cody says. "He couldn't look me in the eye," Kaysar continues. "Is this all-stars?" Kaysar laughs, "does he think he's playing with newbies?" Kaysar says he tried to extend an olive branch to Cody. Nicole A is still shocked that Cody wouldn't tell them he was targeting them. Kaysar and Janelle are floored that Nicole thinks HOH's should tell their targets that they're targeting them. 


1:44AM BBT: Kaysar says Cody was acting shady earlier. He says everyone was watching him earlier. Kaysar says he talked to Bayleigh and Bayleigh told him that Tyler told her Cody knows who he wanted to put up earlier, before Janelle and Kaysar were safe. Kaysar updates them on what he saw during the day, "I see everything," Kaysar says, "I see all moving parts." Janelle tells them she hasn't told Keesha yet because Keesha would "freak out." She tells Kaysar about her conversation with Tyler earlier in the day. 


1:55AM BBT: Cody leaves the HOHR and goes downstairs. Nicole, Kaysar, and Janelle are still in the lounge circling back on their conversation, repeating themselves. Cody enters the DR. 


2:00AM BBT: Nicole hopes she doesn't regret not using her pass this week. Janelle doesn't understand why Cody is going after Keesha and possibly Memphis. Kaysar says Cody is going after the pairs. 


2:24AM BBT: Kaysar has left the lounge, Janelle and Nicole A are still in the room, trying to figure out what Cody's thought process is. Nicole just keeps saying "damn." Kaysar is called to the DR. He brings Nicole and Janelle blankets first.

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2:40AM BBT: Janelle says Josh and Kaycee both tested positive for COVID and that's why they aren't here. "I hope these people are OK!" Nicole says. Janelle leaves the lounge to go to bed. Nicole stays by herself. 


2:41AM BBT: "What the f*ck!" Nicole A says once she's alone. She talks to herself for the next ten minutes. She says she thinks she's in "another pickle."


2:58AM BBT: Nicole A is in the WA brushing her teeth, Kevin walks into the WA. Nicole tells him she was talking with Janelle in the lounge and Kaysar joined them for a bit. "He's in the DR," Nicole tells him. They chat about towels. 

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3:00AM BBT: "What do you think is going to happen tomorrow?" Nicole asks Kevin in the WA. Kevin is mumbling and mouthing words and it's hard to hear what he's saying because BB doesn't have his mic up. Eventually BB gets their act together and we can hear Kevin say there will be a split between "old school and new school." He says that's why David is in "new school" and Memphis is with "old school." Nicole says then she should be in new school, but she's not with Cody and Tyler. Kevin says he may just be pulling this out of his "a*s." Nicole says Cody is putting up Keesha, Kevin agrees. Kevin says Cody is working with Tyler. Nicole agrees.



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9:15 AM BBT The feeds come back



Christmas talks to Tyler in the SR, "Hey! How was your day yesterday?"

Tyler mumbles

Christmas- lots of this (she moves her nad back and forth like a DJ spinning a record)

Tyler says "yeah"



David tells the HGs that he is definitely a morning person  *feeds cut* 


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2:05AM BBT: Nicole and Kevin continue to whisper in the WA. Nicole tells Kevin to "wait until noms" and see if there's a line drawn then. Kevin wonders if Janelle and Cody are working together based on something he saw earlier in the day. Nicole tells Kevin to wait to see how it goes tomorrow. Nicole doesn't think Cody will put Kevin up. 


2:15AM BBT: Nicole leaves the WA and goes to the KT to get water. Nicole goes to the loft upstairs to grab some blankets before heading to her room. 


4:00AM BBT: All of the HGs are in bed and the lights are off. 

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9:00 AM BBT Wake up call


9:15 AM BBT The feeds return. Memphis is sitting in the LR with Dani. Christmas comes by wearing a robe. Memphis asks her about her son Loyal and he got his name. She replies she got it from a philosopher. Tyler and Kaysar are in the SR rummaging through the food for some breakfast.


9:20 AM BBT David, Kevin and Bayleigh are hanging out in the KT. David says that he is definitely a morning person. Da'Vonne and Keesha are in the WA getting ready for the day. They discuss how they hold the door closed with their hands while using the water closet so that no one walks in on them. 


9:25 AM BBT Most of the HGs are up and about, talking about random things, such as how they slept or the temperature of the rooms last night. FOTH.


9:28 AM BBT In the WA, Da'Vonne is telling Keesha that production still has not provided them a blow dryer, a flat iron or a curling iron. BB took theirs away when they came in. Nicole F. is called to the DR. 


9:32 AM BBT Cody is downstairs eating some cereal. Christmas, David, Kevin and Ian are sitting around the KT counter. Christmas is talking about seeing a red dragonfly while in sequester that she originally thought was a murder hornet coming at her. She talks about the sequester house she was in and BB tells her not talk about production.


9:37 AM BBT In the KT, Christmas is telling David, Tyler and Kevin about her zip line tour that she took. It was extremely stressful for her because she is afraid of heights. She recalls being so scared that her legs were buckling.


9:40 AM BBT Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are whispering in the CBR. They decide to move to the lounge. Da'Vonne says that naturally the two of them are on the same team and need to work together. However, they can't be seen alone talking like this, so they need to be Bayleigh agrees. Bayleigh says that this is what she came back to BB for. "Your victory is my victory". Bayleigh tells her that she also feels comfortable with Cody too. Da'Vonne is in agreement. "I am down for the cause. The movement." They call it the black girl magic alliance. 


9:43 AM BBT Bayleigh and Da'Vonne both admit that they are confused by David. Da'Vonne says she doesn't know him and doesn't know what to think about him. Bayleigh says that she is close to David and she will talk to him for her. They quickly separate before the house catches on that they were talking alone in the lounge.


9:46 AM BBT David is walking around looking for Nicole A. Bayleigh reminds that she is probably still asleep in the HN room. Cody is listening in and admits that he completely forgot that other room was up there.


9:51 AM BBT Bayleigh is talking to Cody at the DR table. She tells Cody, where BB can hear, that production needs to provide them bottled water and protein shakes. Meanwhile Da'Vonne is talking to Dani in the PBR. They both feel really good with Kaysar and think he is a good guy. Da'Vonne points out a photo of Dom to Dani. Dani admits that she was upset that Nicole has photos of Victor all over the house but she wasn't finding pictures of her husband. 

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David talking with someone about a DR session at 2:30 AM. David gives a shocked face.



Christmas notices there is no veto hook on the photo wall. She talks about how in sequester she would sit out and drink coffee every morning and watch the dragonflies. David said he had the same three lizards every day. Christmas says she had tennis, a pool, a lush backyard. It sounds like they were put up first class. They continue talking about the wildlife they got to see.



Christmas tells David she is like a squirrel and shows him her tattoo. She likes her feet on the ground and she relates her ADD personality to that of a squirrel.  She tells about her bf taking her on a surprise trip to Costa Rica and they went on a zipline. She was thinking cool it would be fine, but then it was like 300 feet off the ground "I don't do heights.....this was some Tarzan shit....I was so scared."

David asks her if she screamed like Tarzan

They begin discussing spirit animals. 


9:42 AM BBT  Bayleigh and Da'Vonne talking in the lounge and agreeing to work together.

Bayleigh- your victory is my victory

They both like Cody.

Bayleigh says she is excited about their black girl alliance "going on"

Da'Vonne- I'm excited....for real

They hug and separate to not draw attention


Cody tells Bayleigh and David that he got called in the DR around 2 AM "to run lines and shit". He is not happy about it.

*he gets a warning "you are not allowed to talk about production"

Cody- well, don't call me in at 2AM



Bayleigh asks Cody if he is drinking apple juice. He tells her it's Red Bull 'I don't drink coffee, I drink Red Bull."

Bayleigh- excuse me production, but we need water bottles and protein shakers....uh, we need a dishwasher. That would be great.

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9:54 AM BBT Da'Vonne talks with Dani in the PBR. She tells Dani that she talked with Kaysar and really likes him. Dani agrees. They make note of the photos on the wall and how they may be used in a comp. They agree that they like NicoleA a lot and that she acts older than she is. They also like Ian. Da'Vonne tells Dani that she has talked with NicoleA a lot and she was really mistreated on her season "she has cried...but it's good, she needs to get that out".....warns Dani that there will likely be a "men alliance". They talk about working with Tyler. Dani said she wasn't expecting to like Tyler because he seemed fake on his season. Day says he will make a good shield. Da'Vonne mentions to Dani that Nicole F did her wrong. Dani agrees. They mention that they were expecting Meech to be in the house because someone thought they heard her voice.      *they disperse




10:04 AM BBT

Cody talking with Enzo in the loft upstairs about Janelle "I asked her who she would go after and she was like, weak players....Bro she's intense". They talk about working with Bayleigh and Da'Vonne. Cody says Da'Vonne is smart..that she knew everyone's game in her season. 


It definitely seems like Cody is working with Enzo. Enzo is also working with Tyler and they both bring him up as a possible "to bring in to the alliance". [Cody is playing this really well]



Cody says he likes Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Keesha, Janelle. He doesn't want his noms to set the house off. Cody talks about working with NicoleA and that he wants to talk with Kaysar again "but I want it to go naturally....I have to do a little ass kissing"

Enzo- you got to...I do like Nicole F too though...she was crying back there though. She says she cries when she is tired.

Cody- I really like you....we got this. Derrick was brilliant but that's not what I'm doin'

Enzo- yeah meow meow cool

Enzo says he wants to keep it light and be the funny one everyone wants to keep around. 

Enzo- I want to talk to Janelle without f***ing Kaysar being around

Enzo jokes about the Italians taking the game "If we do this.....That's legendary"

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10:15 AM BBT  Cody and Enzo are still talking in the upstairs lounge area.  They agree on Cody, Enzo, Dani and Nicole F in a tight alliance, then bring in a couple more, like Tyler, or Ian or Nicole A.  Final 2 deal with Cody and Enzo.  Enzo doesn't trust Kaysar, Cody has been talking with him but doesn't feel comfortable with him.  Cody wants to stay in good with Janelle, because she is a competition beast, and if she gets on a roll, he doesn't want targeted.  Enzo and Cody say they can talk and people will forget since it is first week.  Enzo will say Cody is the HOH so he has to talk with him

Talk between Cody and Enzo has changed to how they are sleeping (not well) and how exhausted they are.  Enzo wants the back yard to open up, he feels with 16 people in the house, they are stacked up on one another.  They discuss when the yard should open up.  Enzo said he wants to go outside so he can sleep.  He said he will have his shades on, so they won't be able to tell that he is asleep (does he forget they are listening?)

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 10:03AM BBT Cody and Enzo talking about not trusting Kaysar. Cody says he and Jani had a good convo and he had told her she was good. They discuss that David is a number and happy to be there to play. Cody says he trusts Day and Bay.


10:16AM BBT Enzo and Cody still having a brofest. Talking about each of the HG. They are talking about their alliance and how to play. Enzo says to show no fear and just be cool.


10:21AM BBT In the LR, Xmas, Kaysar and Memphis are talking about businesses. Memphis talking about opening a new location in Ft. Lauderdale. They mention a mutual friend and we get FOTH.



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10:22 AM BBT  Ian is in the WA talking with Nicole F while Day is taking a shower.  Ian wants to know where Janelle is.  Nicole F says she is asleep.  She is surprised because production usually makes everyone get up.  Maybe they realize how exhausted everyone is.  Ian asks how she slept.  Nicole F said she tossed and turned a lot, but she doesn't know why however she is better today.  Ian agrees he is better today.  They ask Day how she slept, she said she did okay.  Ian said production dimmed a lot of the lights in the common area.  He noticed it when he was up to go to the WC. 

Back to upstairs lounge, Enzo and Cody are still talking.  They are saying who they think are together, especially Janelle and Kaysar.  Discussing the safety that Kaysar won, and made Janelle his plus one.  Enzo said if Janelle wins it next week, she will take Kaysar.  Cody reminds him that Janelle can't play, once you are a plus one, you are done.  Enzo agrees.  Cody will play for safety next week, since he can't go for HOH.

10:32 AM BBT  Enzo and Cody still talking upstairs, now about Jersey.  Both went to the Jersey shore this summer.  Cody now talking about Covid.  He said he went places and was showing houses and coaching, but he was smart about it.  He didn't want to get sick and lose out on coming onto the show.  Enzo thinks if there wasn't any Covid, there would be a whole new cast instead of All Stars.  Now Cody is talking about counter-culture.  He hates that people send sh*t to people's parents and their work to get someone fired.  He brought up about Bay talking yesterday about things that happened to her after her season.  Cody said Paulie (his brother) was ruthless, didn't matter guy or girl, and Cody's mother got some crap for it.  Cody is talking about production, and what they want for the show, drama and such, and we get stars/music.

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10:37 AM BBT

Cody and Enzo are talking about how  ridiculous the cancel culture is. They don't understand why people out there will do whatever they can to tear people down. Cody mentions that people sent stuff to executives with  Zach's (from his season) mom's job and Bayleigh mentioned that people sent stuff to her dad's work

Enzo- like, why? If you don't like the way I played, sorry


Ian joins them and they start talking about the bathroom and how there is a camera in there. Cody says they don't watch it, but Ian corrects them and says that production was teasing him during his season...."what were you doing in the bathroom last night?"

Cody- really? you were yanking it?

Ian- yeah and they saw it

Cody- Dude, I love you

They begin talking about how they and other HGs have pulled off masterbating in the house  *the feeds switch*

10:50 AM BBT

Christmas comes up and asks Cody if she can use his shower. He tells her that he doesn't mind. She is grateful because she says the shower downstairs has lukewarm water. 

Enzo- it's more private

Christmas- yeah, and just to have a few minutes by yourself

She runs to get her shower stuff

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