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Wednesday, July 31, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:00 AM BBT Bathroom Area (Cliff, Jess, Kat)

Cliff asks Kat how she's doing

Kat- okay I guess. I'm still hoping I have y'all's vote

Cliff- you know you have mine

Kat- to evict me? (laughing)

Cliff starts taking a shower

Tommy joins them as Jess is complaining about her wrinkly toes

They start comparing their feet.

Tommy says his skin is red because of the pink. He had eczema as a child.

They begin talking about slop recipes

Kat tells Jess she killed the slopsa recipe (everyone loved it)

Tommy says he didn't want to eat something that was meant for the have-nots

Discussion turns to dry cracked heels

Cliff mentions how people use hoof cream on their feet

Tommy suggests a moisturizer and then socks over top 




12:06 AM BBT  Backyard (Jack and Sis)

Jack is checking Christie out...keeps looking her up and down as Christie explains that the two of them have a connection but she wants to honor girl code and not upset Sis. Christie says that Sis wasn't into Jack as much at first, but now her feelings are growing so she doesn't want their connection to be bad for that relationship.

Christie goes on to tell Jack that Sis was asking her a lot of questions about sex and that Sis was fascinated. 

Christie- I do love her a lot and I don't ever want her to be threatened by any kind of relationship

Jack tells her that they haven't talked much lately...he doesn't want the Sis thing to get in the way of their 3 (The LOL alliance with him, Christie and Tommy) Jack says he is still trying to figure out Sis' sense of humor...he wants things to advance but he has to protect himself. Yes, he does care about her. Yes, she is beautiful. Yes, he cares about her. "But, at the end of the day, you're the person I gravitate to.....you and Tommy, but you more so"





12:32 AM BBT  RV Bedroom (Kat and Sam)

The nominees shout out all the live feeders, especially ones named Sam and Kat. 


Holly, SIs, Christie and Nick discuss that the RV will only have Kat and Nick tonight because the girls are doing girl night. Christie says she will leave the room for Holly and Michie tomorrow night since it's the last night of her HOH, but Holly says no. She wants the girls to stay up there both remaining nights. They then discuss the bed bugs

Nick- I thought you were afraid of the bed bugs

Holly said she washed all the bedding, and Tommy saw the bug and said it wasn't a bed bug

Nick thinks it's not bed bugs because they bite in a line or cluster.

Holly does not seem to be worried about a bed bug issue anymore.


2:21 AM BBT  Have-Not Room (Jess and Nicole)

Nicole is telling Jess that the 6 (SIx Shooters) want to be a final 6 but they are all so afraid they are turning on each other (this is true)

They discuss that if Sam stayed he would go after them

Nicole- in her brain I am more expendable than Kat

Jess- they don't know who you would put up...I think Sis is trying to make something happen to put doubt in their mind (they have figured out that Sis was trying to work with Sam


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2:29 AM BBT Nicole tells Jess that Sis has been acting really strange around her...giving her eyes and acting really arrogant. Jess tells Nicole that Sis was trying to get Holly to put her up instead of Sam. Jess tells her that Sis was so mad that Holly won.

Nicole says that in this game...not out of the house because she likes everyone and wants to be careful about what she says...but in this game she is mean. Nicole says her laugh is fake. Jess says she is playing a weird game being so sweet and doting with the guys and then really aggressive with the girls

Nicole says that she and Sam went in to the HOH when Jack and Sis were in the HOH room. They didn't know that Sis and Jack were in the shower.

Jess- oh my God, awkward

Nicole says  later she said something to them like y'all should spice things up because we didn't hear anything and then later she confronted her and said "I will have you know that I am not quiet and I am not boring...I was like, oh shit"

[the general consensus in the house among the girls is that Sis is not a nice person; and I have to agree  -MamaLong]

Nicole tells Jess that she has agreed to vote the way Holly wants her to vote, which is to evict Sam

Nicole tells Jess how she feels awkward when the girls plan their sleep overs and girl nights out loud in the backyard naming all the girls except her and Jess, which is why when she went in the HOH room during the face masks, she declined because she wasn't invited in the first place. Nicole says it doesn't really bother her except that the girls are fake about it making it seem like she was included all along.  Jess and Nicole discuss all the relationships in the house. They have it all figured out. Nicole knows that she, Jess, or Cliff have to win the next HOH or they are f'ed

Jess- after this it will be 5 to 6 (5 others vs. SIx Shooters)

Both girls agree that it was still the right thing to get rid of Bella, but they have to win this next HOH. 

Jess- basically

Nicole- if I don't win this one, I'm going to have a breakdown and start crying

Nicole says that of the three couples, she likes Michie and Holly because they are straight shooters

Jess says she feels that Holly and Sis would not be friends in real life, but in this game you have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer

3:20 AM BBT  A Successful prank

Sis hides behind the rocks under the spiral stairs and waits for Tommy to come out of the bathroom. She jumps out and scares him. Sis laughs hysterically, so proud she finally pulled off a good scare.



3:21 AM BBT Jackson opens the fridge and starts laughing

Jackson- what is up with the peanut butter...it's absurd

Jack- who in their right mind would...

Christie- a child

The girls watch from upstairs in the 'peanut butter gallery' LOL!

Jackson continues laughing saying he knows that people are doing it to try to get to him. He counts out 7 different jars. Jackson is convinced it's Jack. He then finds more peanut butter behind the milk. He then starts finding a lot of jars of jelly.

Sis- Jackson, I think you are doing it to yourself.

Tommy- maybe people just like it refrigerated

Jackson- I know it's you. The gig is up...I know it's you. It's okay

Christie- I don't think it's Jack  (this is a joint effort)



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4:00 AM BBT Everyone has gone to bed leaving just Michie awake in the kitchen eating and doing laundry. 


5:00 AM BBT After eating a full meal of egg whites he gets ready for bed and says his prayers.  The whole house is now dark.


5:12 AM BBT


Michie is back up now messing with the weights outside. He cleans up around the yard then heads to bed around 5:18 AM. He is definitely restless. (anxiety at its best)


8:40 AM BBT The house is still dark and showing sleeping houseguests


It's campaign day, so I imagine Sam will rev up his one-on-ones. The plan is still to evict Sam, and it looks like it will either be unanimous, or Sam will get Nick's vote to stay. Nick has been teetering back and forth on this because he wants to "prove himself" but Sam is "his boy."

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10:01 AM BBT  We finally have FoTH, hopefully waking up the HGs for the day.

10:10 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Michie, Tommy and Jack have joined the girls Christie, Holly and Sis in the HOH room.  Michie said he was up until 5:30 doing laundry.  They discuss how long it takes for things to wash and dry.  Michie said it is on medium heat, it is like trying to bake a chicken in a 200 degree oven.  Everyone laughs, and said they hope BB does a montage of his Jackson-isms.  Jackson said something about 6-shooters.  Michie said if he loses to any other than the 6, he will be butt-hurt, upset, etc.  They are talking about being in the jury house, and they won't have to be fake, don't have to kiss *ss.  Tommy said if they make it to final 6, he is going to run naked in the house.  Christie said she will join him.  Jack said he will helicopter off the KT island.   Christie leaves and goes to WA.  Sam and Kat are in there as well doing ADLs.  (I had to switch into the WA, couldn't take any more of the HOH room)

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10:22 AM BBT  Sam is talking about singing Karaoke.  He said he doesn't have a great voice and he can tell when he goes flat.  He prefers to harmonize.   Kat and Christie leave, Sam gets undressed then goes to the WC. Feeds switch to the Have-not room. Jess and Nicole are talking.  Jess said not one of "them" has come through that door in the 4 days they have been have-nots.  Nicole said it is a social experiment.  She said 2 people couldn't go outside, so everyone stayed inside.  As soon as the 2 could go outside, everyone went outside.  She also note some people are chased or followed (in a good way), while others are ignored.  Jess feels they are being lead in certain directions.  Nicole agrees and said in the early part of the game she realized she is not like most of these people.  Nicole says she tries an experiment since week one.  She wants to see if she can figure out who will come check on her.  She said it was Ovi, Kemi, Jess, Kat and Cliff.  She said if she and herself(she doesn't want to use anyone else) had the poison ivy, no one would have stayed in to keep her company.  Jess is saying last week people were trying not to be rude by making cookies, etc, but this week they don't care.  No one is coming up to talk, like they did with last week's group.  Jess said no one hung around upstairs for Cliff's HOH.  Nicole said there are 2 types of people in this world, and she is on one side.  She is happy with it, but feels the others are fake. 

10:31 AM BBT  Nicole said there is a theory that everyone seems to have jumped on, that tomorrow will be a double eviction (nope) and one goes home while the other goes to the jury house to be alone for the week.  Jess said maybe.  FoTH


(They slept late, I am out for a while)

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11:05 AM BBT  Kitchen  (Cliff, Nicole and Tommy)

They are folding towels and talking about the music from this morning, High Hopes and something from A Star is Born. Tommy said he was up and running around to High Hopes. Cliff says he hasn't seen A Star is Born yet. Tommy told him he has to see it.

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11:37 AM BBT There isn't much going on in this house. The houseguests are slow to get up and moving today. *feeds cut to WBRB

The biggest news is that Christie finally got her period. Tommy got curious and started asking questions, "but if it's too much, don't answer."

The feeds are back. Tommy is in the middle of making eggs and potatoes when production calls him to the DR. He begs them for 5 more minutes to finish the eggs.

Production- Tommy

Tommy- yes?

Production- YES

Tommy- Oh thank you! Thank you! It might not even be 5 minutes


12:00 PM BBT The houseguests are moving around more now. 

Michie- I'm about to go shower and shit

Tommy- Today is the flash mob at 6:00 PM. We have to do rehearsal. I'm so excited!


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12:15 PM BBT Bathroom Area (Kat, Sam and Nicole)

Talking about the flash mob dance and Sam worried he won't remember the moves. He asked Kat if she knows the dance, and she responds that it was her job to know dances....sometimes they would learn a new dance right before a game. Kat continues talking about her cheerleading career and how if you mess up a dance move, you get yelled at.  She used to dance for the Dallas Mavericks and tried out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders twice. She made camp but didn't make the  team. She says she didn't have enough experience.


12:20 PM BBT The houseguests are dragging today. Cliff is laying at the dining room table icing his calf. Nick can barely stay awake. Tommy is dreaming of getting HOH so he can listen to the Pretty Woman soundtrack. Jess notices Cliff's foot...

Jess- Cliff? Your foot is still so swollen! What is going on?

Cliff- I'm keeping it elevated and icing it

Christie- still a lot of pain, too

Cliff- well, I feel it but it's not so much pain....tender, though

Jess asks Nick what's wrong in Spanish. He responds in Spanish that he is really tired, doesn't know why.



12:45 PM BBT  Sis is putting her shoes on in the RV room and notices the camera is watching her. She waves then has some trouble getting her shoe on and releases her Inner Sis facial expression.


*Feeds cut to WBRB


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12:51 PM BBT  RV Room (Sam and Jess)

Sam campaigns to Jess saying that he obviously knows her best bet is to vote with the majority, but the one thing he wants to point out is just to be vigilant. He tells her that her name came out of his mouth a lot earlier in the game but nobody said a word until this week..."it's just coincidental that all the sudden now they're spilling all my laundry...now that I'm cornered." He tells her that Jess as his target would have never been revealed until he was on the block. He knows she has to do what she has to do, but if him staying will help her, please keep him. He tells her she could be "mistook for being a floater"(sic). He tells her 100% he will not go after her as his target. Jess tells him that she tries not to think too far advanced in the game and just deal with the current week. He tells her that people keep telling him he needs to regain their trust but can't tell him how he broke their trust. "Nobody can give me an answer."



Sam tells Jess that if he is the one to go tomorrow, he wants to leave being the Sam that everyone likes. He is frustrated that when he asks people about their vote they say things like they will vote with whatever the HOH wants or that they will vote with the house, "but, throw me a bone....someone has to be running things"


Jess asks him if he was in the 8 alliance. He said no, he was the #9. He tells Jess he is "on the end of the crappy stick. He didn't flip on an alliance"

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Christie walks in the RV then apologizes when she realizes she interrupted a one-on-one. Sam says "you're next" and she leaves.


They go on to discuss the Black Widows blow out, which Jess maintains she did not start. They also discuss the vote flip to evict Cliff. Sam is trying to point out to Jess that she often may think she knows what is going on, but someone else is making the decisions in the house. Jess tells him she understands. but "ultimately, my connections in here aren't the strongest because I am a married woman and there is only so much I can do socially". Jess understands that she will always be a lone wolf and she has to pick her people wisely. Jess knows she isn't a comp beast...she gets it. She knows she is getting further because no one sees her as competition. As much as she doesn't want to be "that girl", she has very little control.


you'll still be good.png

The one-on-one with Sam and Jess comes to an end.

Jess- I'm sorry that it's you this week...I hope we can be Facebook friends

Sam- Whatever happens, happens

They hug, and their talk continues.

1:36 PM BBT  Sam tells Jess he will be rooting for the underdogs, "so you, Cole, and Cliff...and if I win a power I'll send it to you"

Jess and Sam walk out of the RV to find Holly and Tommy practicing the Flash Mob dance.

Sam asks Jess if she's going to do the dance. She doesn't reply. Sam says, "I'm not."

1:43 PM BBT Sam goes to the storage room and grabs his suitcase. He puts it by his bed then goes off in search of his next one-on-one.

1:45 PM BBT Tommy and Christie are in the boat room quizzing each other on BB facts. Christie knows her days really well, but Tommy not as well. She tells him it's okay, she's gonna make sure he knows it "I'll keep quizzing you"


Michie comes in and says Sam wants to campaign in here. They leave and let him talk with Michie alone.

Sam- I really don't have much to say...I don't have any beef with you. You have a good social game...and you have it without having to talk too much. You listen. You're in a good spot. I can't offer that you're weak and you could use me...but, if you see in the future that relationships get testy and you think you could use me...I'm here

Michie- you're a competitor through and through...a really good social game...you're doing really well

Sam- I could have pulled myself out sooner (Nickella alliance) but I didn't know. I'm thinking what can I offer you...you could definitely rely on me

Michie- this is not an easy week. The easy ones were the first 4. Now it gets hard. Personally, I would rather have you here.

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Sam tells Michie that he has never come after him. Michie says that even if he did, he would respect that. It's a game.

Michie- I'm curious as to why it's been pushed on you....is this their way of eliminating the witnesses?  [exactly]

Sam- yeah, I've been in rooms where names have been dropped and I know for a fact who dropped names, but it does me no good to say it because I'd be thrown under the bus

Michie- this is me saying I have blind faith...this stays here...I'm trusting you

Sam- yeah, okay

Michie- my question to you is, (Michie has forgotten what he was going to say)...you've never broken my trust directly. If I was in a position, a read between the lines kind of thing, and I was doing shady shit on the side...I would want to cover my bases. I would be nervous about the alliance that didn't work out coming to the surface. (Michie is trying to fish out the names from Sam)    like, let's make them look like liars so they won't spill the beans. If I was scheming on both sides of the house I would gravitate to the better side...and there are some people that are pushing you really hard

Sam- there is one person who has dropped names and if I called that out, they would never believe me...I bite my tongue

Michie- I would rather have you here than go home

Sam- I'm not trying to trash talk Kat, but I... Christie said why did you name drop anyone else except for you and Nick 

Michie- I'm not HOH and it's not my place to go and run my mouth...I talk more than anyone else in the house and drive my friends crazy [you drive me crazy, too  -MamaLong] In real life, I talk more than Christie does, but I can't do it here because that's how you get targets on your back. That's how you get in a position you don't want to be in. My mom's biggest concern was that I was gonna talk too much. So I'm a straight shooter, I support Holly 100%. Am I a fan of Kat up against you? No! I would have rather seen other people


Michie- the way things look right now, you are probably gonna go

Sam- I know but I'm still not gonna blow up people

Michie tells him he thinks it wouldn't help but Nick will still be here so 

(Tommy calls for dance rehearsal but both boys say they aren't gonna go)

Michie- if you have something you want to get off your chest...it could help Nick's game....you think it wouldn't do any good, but if there are things I should be made aware of with people I think I can trust....but, I can't

Sam- who do you think you couldn't trust

Michie- it's obvious

Sam starts talking about Tommy and Christie and "the 5 thing"...he asked Christie if it was real and she said yes, but we don't have the votes

Michie- did she start it?

Sam- no! Nick did it....don't burn me while I am still in the kiss. I'm gonna tell you some stuff


Michie- I won't. If there are things I need to know, don't walk out the door with these secrets

Sam- originally I had a bomb ass eviction speech and I was gonna blow things up but the girls are all gonna wear poofs in their hair and I would be a dick if I did that

Michie- you don't owe me anything

Sam- yeah but I do like you and I would rather see certain people go to the end...that's why I was gonna shake the shit on my way out...to put cracks in this. 

2:05 PM BBT

Sam- okay, shake my hand

They shake hands sworn to secrecy

Tommy comes in to get them for rehearsal, interrupting the conversation [I can feel Michie's blood pressure rise because he almost got the goods].

Sam tells Tommy he is embarrassing but he will do the clapping thing. Tommy says take a pause, you can do it. Sam follows him out.


In the HOHR Holly is telling Kat about Sis being pissed at Kat because she says she is flirting with Jack. Tommy comes in and tells them to come to rehearsal. They say they know the dance and continue talking. Kat denies flirting with Jack, but Holly says fuck it. We are savage in here. They decide their final two name could be "Savage".

Sis comes in claiming she really has to pee. She says Jackson is in the bathroom downstairs. Holly says that Jackson is still sick.

Kat is trying to make campaign cookies as a surprise but everyone is in the kitchen so she can't bake them. She asks Sis to please not say anything about the campaign cookies.


[Today's conversations keep getting interrupted]

2:11 PM BBT Holly and Kat go join rehearsal leaving Sis in the HOH bathroom

Jack is hiding outside of the HOHR to scare Sis when she comes out. He tries, but it doesn't work.

2:15 PM BBT Flash Mob dance rehearsal begins. They are really good. 


This Flash Mob Dance is scheduled for 6 PM BBT.




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2:26 PM BBT  Rehearsal is over. Tommy says the code word is "sunflower" so when they hear that they need to be getting ready. Sam will count them in. "be ready at 6" Michie will not be participating because his leg hurts too bad [more likely he just doesn't want to participate in something he feels he won't be good at]. Everyone else is being a great sport and they did fantastic in rehearsal.

2:30 PM BBT Michie and Sam head back to the boat room to finish their one-on-one

Sam starts telling him everything about Christie and how she promised "to be Cliff's bitch" if he put up Jack and him. She told Sam that she would pull out that they were bullying her about the power. Sam completely blows Christie's secrets to Michie....all of it.



2:39 PM BBT

Sam tells Michie that he thinks she flipped back to them because Michie won that veto. Michie agrees.

About the flipped vote with Cliff versus Nicole

Sam- I was told that vote flipped last minute

Michie- the night of

Sam explained to Michie that he knew they were the bottom feeders and when he asked Cliff what they should do, Cliff said to keep voting with the house.

[just a recap....Michie and Holly already suspected all of this with Christie, and Holly really tried to get Sam to reveal this to her before the renom. He still held it in, though, so they put up a pawn instead. This information could have helped Sam earlier, but it's too late now]


Michie- so Christie was all gung ho to get out me or Jack

Sam- yeah, mostly Jack

Sam tells him that when he won the veto Christie knew she couldn't continue that plan. Sam leaves nothing out 

Michie- she made you look bad

Sam indicates that he was pissed but what could he do

Michie- so I want to get this right...Cliff wins HOH but is on the fence about making a move so he comes to you and tells you if he has support from the house he will make a move

Sam- yes

Michie- and she also agreed not to use her power and that she would play the pity card (they were bullying her) 

Sam- yes

Michie- she then because I won the veto was forced to show loyalty to us but still didn't want to use her power so she pinned you and Nick as the bullies

Sam- we had numerous conversations...you'll watch this back and see

Sam tells him that he caught Christie in a conversation with Cliff a few days ago...he heard Christie talking about the house wanting him gone (Sam) and Cliff agreed to whatever the house wanted. Christie then later played it all off as her not knowing who the house wanted to go and she was super sweet to him saying she didn't want him to go but it was Holly's decision

Michie- this will benefit the right people's games

Sam- do you think any of this would be beneficial....why am I going...couldn't you use me to help your game

Michie- do you want me to do that because I will talk to them...but, you told me to keep this here until you leave

Sam- can you trust Jack

Michie- he's my boy

Sam- if there was a flipped vote, I wouldn't care if shit hit the fan

It's a go.....Michie is on his way to talk with Holly and then Jack

Michie- give it about 20 or 45

Sam- if this can help me

Michie- there's no guarantees...hypothetically speaking, if I tell this to Jack and he's on board, would you be willing to work with me and Jack, and Nick and Cliff to get out Christie

Sam- yeah

Sam- I want to tell you something else that cannot be released at ll...so all cards are on the table...

Michie- okay

Sma- me and Sis talk a lot....I told her about the Christie thing and she swore that she wouldn't say anything. She told me to tell Jack, but I didn't think it would help. So, Sis knows.

Michie- that just shows she can keep her word...I give you my word...I got you

Sam- and Jack is good with his word

Michie- yeah...me and him are close...closest.

Sam- and I believe Cliff's word

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Michie- he is honest [yes, Cliff is the best]

Sam- I have been extremely loyal...I never went out of my way to campaign..my thing in this game is loyalty

Michie- you have never given me a reason to distrust you. You h ave only made an enemy out of Christie

Michie- this is your best shot

Sam- it wasn't my campaign plan, though

Michie- but it is your best shot because you have been painted an enemy. I'm gonna see what I can do.  We are not naive. We are not ignorant. I told you my speculations because things did not add up. When you get caught, the first thing you do is eliminate the witnesses.


[Folks, we are in for another Christie break-down and very exciting bumpy ride if this vote flip moves forward  -MamaLong]


Michie- I'm gonna go pee and then kick start this horse

Sam- about 30 minutes

Michie- 30 to 45

Sam- okay


Cliff is heading up to HOHR to get icy hot. Michie comes out of the bathroom and Holly asks if he wants to go upstairs. He confirms that their suspicions were just confirmed. He then chastises Holly for putting up Kat.

Holly- Fuck. She cannot go home

Michie- this is what my gut has been warning me about.....my gut was right...what did I tell you

Holly- as long as the vote does not flip...he can still go

Michie- you're going to hear what I have to say  

3:05 PM BBT

[Recap: Michie never wanted Holly to put up Kat as the renom because he suspected Christie was being disloyal. Sam just confirmed his suspicions and now Michie is berating Holly for not listening to him and putting up someone else. Michie wants to flip the vote. Holly does not. We will now get to see how much influence Michie actually has over Holly.]


Holly and Cliff in the HOHR

Holly- I would feel so bad if anything were to happen (a flip)

Cliff tells her he is good with whatever

Cliff- how are you feeling Jackson

Michie- I'm alright...I have definitely felt better. I have felt worse, but definitely felt better.

Cliff- with regards to tomorrow, I'm going to try to win this thing. I welcome any advice.,,,any tidbits

Michie- I have a couple up my sleeve

Holly- we might

Cliff finishes putting on the icy hot then says he is gonna go find Kat and tell her Sam is handing out cookies...watch her go crazy.

Cliff thanks Holly and leave the HOHR. "See y'all at the flash mob"

Michie- come over here. I gotta be looking at you for this one.

Holly- oh fuck....are we screwed?

Michie begins telling Holly everything Sam revealed



3:16 PM BBT

Holly is pissed- this is something he should have told me before....I told him he had to tell me what was good for his game...I couldn't risk putting Nicole up. 

Michie tells her that Sam and Nick will be willing to take a shot at Christie. He asks her if Kat will do that. Sis gave Sam his word that she wouldn't tell anyone.

Holly- she tried to tell me but she forgot what it was

Michie- no she didn't want to blow her word with Sam

Holly- it worries me though because she has him in her corner

Michie- who are we worried more about, Sis or Christie.....who does Sis have in her corner

Holly- Sam....Fuck, I should have put up Nicole. But I would have lost so much trust with the Six Shooters and Kat volunteered.

Michie- I knew it

Holly- I think Christie will bury herself on her own

The doorbell rings. It's Kat.

Michie tells Kat that Sam is handing out cookies because he heard she was baking cookies. Then he tells her he is teasing.

Michie shows Kat how to balance three trays of cookies on her arm like a server then she leaves to bake them.


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3:40 PM BBT Living Room (Sis, Jack, Christie, Sam and Nick)

They are discussing all of the Jackass episodes. Christie says she would go straight and marry those guys. She loves funny guys.

4:05 PM BBT

Sis and Sam head upstairs to play checkers (code word for game)

Sam tells Sis that he told Michie the Christie story and he was freaking out

Sam- he said I don't know if anything is gonna change but he's gonna talk to Jack

Sis- do I act like I know or not

Sam- he knows that you and I talk so just roll with it...he told me that he knows we are  close. He even said that he had a feeling if it was me and Jack up thee you would probably vote out Jack

Sis- oh my god...(laughing)


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4:22 PM BBT   Sam and Sis hide in the Have-Not room to talk

Sis encourages Sam to talk to Jack, but he is afraid it will all backfire. Sis tells him that she. Michie and Holly want to keep him. Jack only wanted him out because he was convinced that Sam was wanting him out. 

Sis- you need to talk to JACK

Sis asks Sam if Nick really is trying to win their trust back, or is he funcking with them

Sam tells her that he really is trying to win their trust because they are his best bet

Sis says, but eventually, would he turn on us

P A U S E   [I know Sam...this always annoys me, too  -MamaLong]

Sam- well, yeah, you all are...but not yet because that would be stupid 

[it just astonishes me that people seem so surprised to learn that their housemates want them out...only 1 person wins this game]



4:32 PM BBT  Have-Not Room  (Sis and Sam)

Sam tells Sis that if there is any chance the vote will flip, he will cut the part of his speech where he tells his boys he is coming home

4:20 PM  HOHR (Michie and Jack)

Michie tells Jack all about his conversation with Sam about Christie

Michie- you can't trust anyone in this game 100%....your name is getting dropped by people in our 6

Jack looks heartbroken




Jack- I have confidence in this game.  That bitch don't scare me.  But,  I could do a backflip with this knowledge...if she were to win HOH next week, would she have the gall to shoot that shot at me....I don't think she would...this early. This is why she has been weird all week.

Michie- I know she's your number 1. I know you want her in the end with you.

Jack- no I just wanted her to know that I had her...it's different

Michie- is Christie the one that is doing all the dirty work and making it look like others are doing it?

Jack- why is she moving on the six? she's not that dumb?

Michie- is she though?

Tommy, SIs and Holly join them in the HOHR

Tommy- our flash mob is at 6. I can't forget

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Michie notices that Sis looks sick "are you okay, SIs"

Sis- no I feel really sick...have a headache and feel like I'm gonna throw up

Michie- that's how I was feeling a few days ago

Sis- I feel really nauseous and my head is spinning

Tommy leaves to get her something to help her feel better

Sis tells him she'll try it (Sprite)

Michie says the way she is feeling is the way he was feeling (suggesting maybe it is a virus that he had)

Holly- well, at least we know it's not one thing we though (she and Holly were talking earlier about how relieved Sis was to get her period)

Kat rings the bell and enters the HOHR with her campaign cookies. She asks for Sis to join her in the Have-Not room.

Sis takes a cookie and begins eating it. 

Kat- first, I want to know.....I know you and Sam are really close. If I'm being 100% honest, I know the votes I potentially have and the ones I might not

Sis- you have my vote

Kat- oh, okay

Sis- if there is a rogue vote...it's not me...we are close but I just love him as a friends but I'm voting with the house

Kat- I want to reiterate to you that with the 6, even though I'm not a part.... I'm #7, but I'm with y'all.

Sis- you don't want anyone to know you are with us

[Sis eating this cookie has me confused. Just minutes ago she told Holly she couldn't stomach anything because of her nausea]

5:00 PM BBT  Boat Room (Sam and Christie)

Christie mentions that she saw him talk to Jackson for a long time

Sam- yeah, but he is so quiet...he was just like "I don't know Sam"

Christie- I feel like he and Holly are close and I assume they would have the most impact on the 6

Sam- I think you do, too, though

Christie- have you spoken with Jack yet

Sam- not yet



Sam tells Christie he is thinking about breaking out the celery sticks to rival Kat's cookie campaign  (he is joking of course)




He tells Christie he wore his dad sweatshirt to pull on the heartstrings.

Kat campaigning in the Have Not room. ....with Tommy then Jack.

Kat campaigns with Michie, too

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5:40pm BBT Tommy leads some of the HG through a Flash Mob rehearsal. Sam, Michie, Kat and SisI are rehearsing while Nick and Cliff watch. Holly and Jess are having a quiet conversation in the HNR.

5:45pm BBT Correction. That's Kat in HNR sharing slop cookies with Jess.  Everyone else is rehearsing the Flash Mob in the LR.

5:50pm BBT Jack and Sis are snogging in the WA.  Holly is preparing for the Flash Mob performance. Kat and Jess are still talking game in HNR without actually saying anything.  Tommy continues to lead rehearsal in the LR for those who want it.

5:55pm BBT Holly and Sis are in HoH. Sis is dressed for the street.  Holly is touching up her makeup.  Sis is eating chips. She leaves to go downstairs, leaving Holly alone in HoH. Jack and Tommy are in the Boathouse, Kat and Jess still in HNR.

5:59pm Jack hits the WC while everyone but Kat and Jess mill about in the KT.  Tommy heads up to LR and gives the ladies a 1m warning to curtain.  

6:00pm Christie says Theater Time - Tommy will cue us 5m late.  The HG are all decked out in casual street clothes as they prepare for the Flash Mob.  1-2-3-4 Clap It Up, 5-6-7-8 Clap where you are!  The Flash Mob quickly assembles, with Tommy calling out the dance moves and all the HG follow.  Yeah we didi it, Tommy says, Hammer Time.  The whole house performes the complete routine and celebrates their success.

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#BB21 6:05pm BBT The HG disperse. Tommy is so jazzed, all the HG did the routine. Nick says he was nervous but Christie says he was amazing. Christie tells Tommy he came, he saw, he conquered. She tells the rest of the house that Tommy's been talking about doing this since they first came into the house.  They talk about the dance going viral, singing Corner Corner Corner Corner.  Holly wonders if Brett will be doing it now.

6:08pm  Jack and Sam retire to HoH where Sam tells his tales on Christie and makes his pitch to stay. In the WA, Tommy tells Christie he's always wanted to get his family together for a big dance project but they wouldn't do it. Christie says he did it, made a non-believer a believer. Christie says she's needed the workout - she's been eating her weight in cookies.  Nick says he was nervous but Tommy says he murdered it, the energy was sick.   Tommy keeps humming and we get FotH.

6:13pm BBT Jess and Nicole are now eating in the KT. Kat and Holly head to the RV - Holly is eating while Kat tells her about the convo with Jess.  Holly doesn't want Jess to think she's just using her. Kat relates about the campagn Jess says Sam was making to her, that Holly was just doing the dirty work of others.   Kat is worried that Christie will make a deal with Sam and send her home.  Holly says she was nervous about that but really thinks Christie wants to send Sam home.

6:15pm Michie enters the RV to listen in on Kat and Holly, who says that Jess keeps changing her mind. Holly updates Michie on Sam's campaign to Jess and how it made Jess paranoid. Kat says the good thing about Jess is that she doesn't blab (though that is what she just did, telling Kat about Sam's campaigning). Michie and Holly confirm to Kat they are not flipping on her.  Meanwhile, Sam continues to tell Jack the history of the house from his perspective in an effort to flip the vote.

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6:20pm BBT Holly and Michie continue to reassure Kat in the RV while Sam continues to share his game revelations with Jack in HoH. 

6:28pm BBT Kat returns to the KT, leaving Holly and Michie in the RV.  Cliff offers her some food but she doesn't want anything right now. She then opens the refrigerator and decides to make something.  Tommy and Nick are chilling out in the Boathouse.

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