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Wednesday, July 31, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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7:40 PM BBT

Jack just told Tommy everything they have discovered about Christie via Sam. After multiple conversations around the house, it does not seem like a flip will happen.  Sam's push to reveal Christie has certainly put a bigger target on her back, but once confronted (if confronted) about it, Christie can easily say she always just tells people what they want to hear. There are now larger cracks in the Six Shooter alliance, which will certainly benefit the Outsiders and Cliff's Angels.

[I expect Sam will be evicted tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a new HOH.]  


I have to head out, but I'll fill in any gaps in the morning. -MamaLong

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10:05PM BBT KT Sis was gonna jump up and have Sam lift her.  It goes poorly at best.  She didn't jump and he didn't lift. Her jump was a hop before getting to him and then I think nothing resembling a jump.  Cliff asks what the chance is Tommy would want some more chili.  Upstairs a bit ago, Tommy called it dog food.  Nick tells Cliff that.  Christie is eating more fruit loops with her mouth open.  Cliff says that Tommy didn't even taste it.  He swallowed it whole.  

Sam tries on someone's glasses and they say he looks like someone from a movie.  Sam starts listing off; Spiderman, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConahey.


10:05PM BBT HoHR Jess and Nicole are discussing who all are in the KT.  They came up about 10 because someone said everyone was up in the HoH room. Tommy and Michie say, nope.  They were interrupted and now can go back to their talk.  

Michie says he doesn't associate Tommy as a package deal with Christie.  Sam was about to tell Michie something about Christie and right when Michie was about to get him to tell him, they came in to get people to do the flash mob.  Tommy asks how does this make us want to vote out Kat instead of him.  Michie says I am not gonna vote out Kat because Holly wants Kat here and I respect Holly and am going to do what she wants.  Tommy agrees, Me too.


10:13PM BBT HoHR Kat appears and Tommy offers her some sprite zero to settle her stomach.  She says she would usually take a nap, then realizes she can as it's after 10.



10:15PM BBT KT Nick gives Sam the odds that he had to not go home this week, 83% (really 83-1/3% 5/6).  Since if anyone but Nick won, Sam would've been safe.  Nick points out he would be 100% safe if he flipped the votes.  Jack sticks chicken in Sis's face offering it to her across Sam's face.  They have been far from sensitive to the HNs this week.  Christie is showing her talent of flowing her tongue in half.  Front of it lays back other tongue. Che can also mover her middle toe and nothing else. Jack says he can flap his ears.  Cliff can write with his left hand upside down in cursive.  [I can do that while writing correctly with right hand at same time - rms]

Christie said too bad you can't show us while Cliff said if I had a pen I could show you.

Nick wants cliff to tell a joke he told them before.  Christie says it wasn't a joke, she really did.  Cliff said, I can't remember who it is, Reese, whatever.  Sis is making a dumb noise with  liquid in a wine glass with plastic wrap over it.  [BOB MAKE HER STOP WE CAN'T HEAR!! - RMS] 

Holly says, (?) say Witherspoon?  Cliff replies, no, with a gun I think.  [BOB HEARD ME!!! He called Sis to the Dr but she had stopped already. Thanks for nothing, Bob! - RMS]

Nicole is gonna wear Sam's Santa hoodie and she's gonna say HoHo, Sam's gotta go like he had said HoHo, Nicole's gotta go.

Sam says he wants to hear TEARS falling when he sees the goodbye DR sessions.




10:26PM BBT Kt Cliff is telling a story apparently to Sam, about having won 12 free pizzas from Little Ceasers.  When we went it turned out it was 2 at a time so he got 24 coupons for a free pizza.  So Cliff would always offer up to buy pizza for his roommate and guy next door, if they would get it the next couple of times.  So he milked it for 2 more later from them that week.  One time his roommate asked for something other than Little Caesars and he said, nope, I love Little Caesars.  Christie and Jack were yelling over him as he told it.



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10:33PM BBT WA Christie throws up a controversial symbol (the OK sign) to Jack.


Sis, Sam come in.  Sam says he went into the RV room last night, could see Kat wasn't in her bed but the blankets, etc were all piled up so he SMACKED it really hard.  Jess yelled thinking he just hit her.  Sam says, she's not there.  

Nick heads in and decides to go get some chocolate, then someone mentions ganache.  Nick is sure there wouldn't be any left on Wednesday but there were a couple of bits, so he eats some and feeds Jack some.  


10:41PM BBT HoHR Cliff is saying it will still be the four of us.  Make it through another week.. I feel for Sam, but it is what it is.  We don't want to lose you. 

Kat replies, thank you.  I feel good about it.

Cliff is applying some lotion to his calf.  They don't want to be called to the DR tonight.  Cliff hopes if he hops into bed they will leave him alone for the night.  He said his leg is feeling better but still swollen.  


Kat says she would love to win the HoH but she thinks she would rather win it in the quick HoH.  She doesn't want Sis to win the HoH and she is a bit worried Nick might put her up too.  He has said he doesn't want to put any of the 6 up.  Cliff is gonna try to find out because that wouldn't help any of the non-6 people.  Cliff says it is kind of her list too.  They say good night.


1046PM WA WOW, Travis ABUSE!!!!  Sis is bouncing travis off her knee and feet like a hacky sack!


[PoPTV code: CANOE]

10:53PM BBT Holly is putting on loose jeans, backward hat, black t-shirt, open long sleeve guy's shirt.  Jess puts a fake mustache and soulpatch, ...  She says she is taking Kat out on a date.


10:56PM BBT TBR Tommy is telling Christie that Sam is going to throw her under the bus (in his speech?).   They say he made everyone swear not to say anything to her until after he leaves.  Tommy claims it's weird and stupid.  Sam is leaving. He knows that.  He is just trying to throw you under the bus before he leaves.  Christie asks, Cliff knows?  Tommy says, I don't know.  Christie asks, Holly, Jackson, everybody knows?   Tommy says Jack told him. Christie repeats, Jack told you? What the f'? Tommy says, please don't say anything.  Christie says I'm not gonna say anything.


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11:00PM BBT KT People watch as Holly goes upstairs.  They asked how she was gonna do it.  She took a flower out of the arrangement and put it in her mouth.  She had 2 wine glasses and bottle with her.  Kat is busting out laughing along with Holly.  Kat says, I think I may use the HoH shower for the first time.  She says, I guess Brett couldn't make it.  The skit goes on for over the next 15 minutes as they role-play..  It ends up going on the road down to the KT.  Michie is freaked out looking at her.  Kat says she is turned on a bit.  Holly says she is Bocephus Rhett, B Rhett.  The HG aren't sure if Bocephus is a real name.  [How can Kat not know Hank Williams, Jr goes by that? -RMS]


11:21PM BBT WA Nicole tells Sam she was gonna make a joke in the GoodBye Message and BoB said, no, don't say that because he has a wife and kids.  She was gonna say that our showmance started when I gave you my spare loofa and it ended with us in the have-not room.  I love you and I'll miss you.  Sam said it's true, it's true.  Nicole explains that Bob said that's very personal and it's like an inside thing.  Not all the fans would know that and he has a wife so we don't think it's appropriate for you to say showmance.  She thought is there stuff on the outside where people are coming for my head?  Sam laughs and repeats it's fine.  Sam says that's why he was careful with Bella.  The way she flirts so he was like don't touch me, don't touch me.  

Sam says he hopes everyone is teary eyed by the memory wall.  Sam says even after today since I heard it's probably not working.  Now I almost regret even doing it because I don't want to cause shit on the way out.  What if it slips out tomorrow.



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11:32PM BBT WA Nick tells Sam that Tommy feels like he is on the outs.  He thinks they are gonna turn on each other pretty soon.  Nick says he doesn't care what they say, he's shooting his shot tomorrow.  Nick tells Nicole, you, Cliff, Jess.  Do you think she's ready.  Do you trust her?  I couldn't even imagine what would happen if one of us would win.  I don't care what they say or who they tell, they've burned me so many f'n times.  The only person I trust to not put me up is Tommy.  He's not gonna take a shot at certain people.  He thinks if they can make it another couple of weeks that they will split apart.  He tells Nicole that he thinks people are coming after me and you the same f'n.  We're both going up.  Nicole says that would suck so bad.  Nick says if you go up i'll take you off.  I don't care if I show my cards.



Nicole says, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna DIE.  Sam is freaking out why are Jack and Christie talking to me. Nick says at this point, she would only be freaking out if she knows that she's caught because that's what happened to Bella.  What were their reactions when you told them?  Were they genuinely surprised?  Sam said Jack was like hmmm.  Michie was like I f'n knew it.  He was pissed.  Nick says he doesn't trust Michie.  Nick says Nicole knows that he was just pretending to like Nick.  He then asks Nicole what he was saying again.  Nicole says Michie was all a a big f'kery with Bella.  It was all that.  Sam says Michie claims he sort of went along with it but he felt bad that's why he ended up telling us right off.  Nick says he(?) and felt bad after.  I respect that.  Sam said yes.  If i were to get these votes flipped, (he makes a bomb dropping sound).  Nick says he really only needs one of them too flip.  Sam says if i get Jess, you, Nick, Cliff.  Nick says I need confirmation.  Too bad you can't grab your balls and do it.  Nick says in the end it would still be 7-2.  Sam says We still would remember we'd run the house.  


Sis comes in and convo changes to general stuff.  They talk about her taking her makeup off using vaseline.  She complains they should give us makeup wipes.  Someone says wow, look how at how fake your face looks.  (think it's sam, joking with her).


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[BIG 6 SHOOTER INFIGHTING CONT'D!  reaction to Sam's revelation - RMS] 


Tommy tells Michie she (Christie) was just in the back with him, Jack and Sis and we were like what's up, what's up.  She was like she's an energy reader, I know that something's up.  I don't know how we want to handle that if we want to continue to lie to her or if we want to tell her before.  I don't know what to do but are we gonna look like the biggest scumbags in the word if do wait til he leaves.  I don't know if i see the point.  I won't do anything unless I have the support of everyone.  

Michie interjects I'm not saying sh*t because I shook his hand.  

Tommy says, I know, but you know I don't see the point if he's leaving anyway.  

Michie continues, But it's not my decision.  He didn't have to tell me and he told me on the grounds that I wouldn't say anything.  

Tommy agrees he told all of us on the grounds.  To go the next day with all of us knowing.  

Michie says what he shouldn't have done is told 5 people.  

Tommy says, right but he did, he told 5 of the 6.  So know it puts us in a bad spot because do we hold onto this information because after this week we are left with Christie.  We are still left with her.  Is it smarter to include her in on it since he is leaving anyway or does it make sense.  Do you know what I mean. I'm not gonna make the call but I'm just like voicing both sides.  

Michie says, no, I'm hearing you out.  

Tommy continues, because I am getting interrogated and I am like f' what is the repercussions of this of me lying.  Because, then we have a person gunning for 5 of us.  Sam is f'n making a mess before he f'n leaves.  I don't doubt that he is telling the truth.

Michie interrupts, after I am hearing the things I am hearing on top of the what Sam told me, he's telling the truth.  

Tommy agrees, I don't doubt that he is.

Michie says he's 1000% telling the truth.  

Tommy says we are the ones who are gonna have to clean up the mess.  

Michie replies, what a tangled web we weave.  

Tommy says, I wonder if we tell her and make her believe that we don't believe it.  That way she can continue to play both sides.  You know what I mean, because we are left with her.  If she finds out that we knew about this and didn't want to tell her til he left, I don't know if she will ever.  I don't know what she will do.  

Michie says I don't trust her anyways.  

Tommy replies, Right, I hear you.

Michie continues, She has already thrown my name under the bus to multiple people in this house.  

Tommy, no that's a valid point.  [understatement! wow, this is panicked Tommy trying to react to Sam's revelations! - RMS]

Michie says, she is coming after me 1000%.  I am target number 1 in her eyes.  She sees Jack as another threat but she is closer to Jack than she is me.  

Tommy says, I don't know that.  I didn't know that.

11:44PM BBT BRL  Michie continues, She's vocalized it to multiple people and multiple people unrelated to each other told me this.

Tommy, Uh, huh.  I'm not saying I doubt it, I don't, I don't.  I'm just trying to think what the best way to handle this information is.

Michie says, Sit on it.

Tommy says, that's what I'll do.

Michie, Sit on it, just sit on it.  

Tommy replies, OK.

Michie repeats, Sit on it.  What scares me is if she... Jack walks in

Tommy says Yo, what's up.

Jack asks if he is allowed to be in this conversation.  I just left the RV and she's crying but I haven't said anything. She has an idea that something's up.

Michie interrupts, well something is up because I just got hit with another wave of information.

Jack says ok, well.

Michie interrupts again, and she is 1000% coming for me.  1000% and I can't go into details but she has said things to people that only us in the 6 know.  And there is no way in hell it came from anyone else because the source that told me the things that was said and the when it was said.  I am target number one in her book and she is going to take her shot the moment she gets her chance.  She has vocalized that to multiple sources, multiple different times and multiple different people.

Tommy adds, Let me just say this too, are you aware that Holly told Kat about the little pranks that you pull. Are you aware of that, ok cool.  Because I wanted to make sure it wasn't that because it could've gotten out that way.

Michie says, yeah, yeah.

Tommy says got it, but if it's not that then that's all I know about.

Jack says he still hasn't said a word.

Tommy said, same.

Jack says, things happen, it's a typical Wednesday, everything's fine.  She's like I can feel it something's up.

Michie interrupts, You're target number 2.

[can someone continue here, BBAD flipped to Christie, grrr - rms]


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11:46PM BBT CBR Christie is crying and tells Jess that she feels weird today.  She doesn't know why she feels like this, she just misses her life.


BRL Tommy continues, ... you to keep it (their word)? Because when Sam walks out that door tomorrow and we are gonna be the ones left with her. And what is gonna be best for our games moving forward.  Are we gonna be the ones to feel the repercussions of this even though we gave Sam our word.  What does it matter at this point, he goes home either way?  

Jack agrees, He goes home either way.

Tommy says, So do we consider telling her to make sure she is not blindsided and she can continue to play ...


[So much for trusting your word if you are any else in the house then! - RMS]


11:52PM BBT CBR Jess talking to Christie about being told about alliances.  

Christie questioning what Sam may be telling people.  

Jess says being on the outside looking in she sees a lot of sh*t and she can't really connect dots.  She just sees who's like bing genuine and who isn't.  That's the only thing I can go by and if your gut is telling you something is off, something is f'n off, you know.

Christie says, I don't even know anything.  I really don't know anything any more.

Jess says she knew that there was some weird thing that would potentially try to save Sam or if it was just Sam talking sh*t.  You know if people had numbers to make it actually happen.

Christie says I don't even know.  I don't even know what's going on.  I don't know anything.

Jess says, that's really fucked up because people are thinking you do.  I mean it's not anybody else's votes but the 6 that you.

Christie asks, they're all keeping Sam.

Jess says, No, I don't think so.  Not all of them.  [Jess, you are clueless in this game! she manipulates you SO EASILY - RMS]

Christie says, some of them are keeping Sam.  

Jess replies, they want to.

Christie says, I know Sis wants him to stay.

Jess says, I don't think it will happen.  You'll need a lot to do that.  Sam wouldn't be good for anybody's game.  

Christie repeats he not knowing anything while crying manipulation.

Jess says, what are you talking about? You know what you ask and what people tell you.

Christie says, well obviously people are lying to me.  

Jess asks, why would they lie to you?

Christie replies, because I didn't know that was even a question.  I thought that Sam was going unanimously.

Jess agrees, I thought he was going unanimously too.  Maybe he is.

Christie asks, so is he lying to get people to flip?

Jess replies, He could.

Christie asks, but why did Tommy say to me that something is up and he'll tell me tomorrow and not to worry.  What does that even mean?

Jess replies, it means for you to not worry.  Maybe he is trying to make sense of it.

Christie, I am too emotional for this game.  I take everything so heavily like and I try to be as honest as I can and I realize no one else is.

[Jess, I would move away from that bed ASAP and watch for lightning bolts.  Maybe move to side make room for the growing nose - RMS]

Jess says, you don't have to worry about that with me.

Christie replies, I know that.  I always know that with you.

Jess says the only thing she knows is that of course there are people who want him to stay and Sam has campaigning to a lot of people. Who knows what the f' he said to everybody else.

Christie asks, But Michie and Holly are making it like they want him gone.

Jess replies, They do, I'm sure they do.




11:56PM BBT BRL Tommy said he's having one hour meetings with everybody today.  Holly says, we're still good for tomorrow, right.  They all say yes.  Holly goes back into her B. Rhett voice.  



[out, Orwell saved me from her lying meltdown - rms]

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