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Friday, July 26, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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6:03PM BBT - Nick and Kat are in the boat room where Nick says he's not surprised and that he did it to himself.  He wishes he hadn't removed himself from the alliance that he created.


6:05PM BBT - Sam, Analyse, Tommy and Nicole are eating at the KT table while the rest of the house are in the food line with their plates.


6:13PM BBT - Sam goes looking for Nick and finds him and Kat in the boat room.  Kat leaves to go eat.  Sam jokes that it's weird to hear that the majority wants them out when he's part of the majority.   Nick tells him he shouldn't have been surprised.


6:22PM BBT - In the KT, Sam suggests to the house that the nominatees should act p*ssed off for an hour and not break character and blow up BB.  They all laugh, but no takers.


6:32PM BBT - Jess and Kat are in the WA and hope that they're chosen to play in the POV comp so they can leave the noms the same and hope that everyone else feels the same way.


6:34PM BBT - Back in the trailer, Jack tells Sis that if he's chosen as houseguest' choice, then he would use the veto to take that person down.  She laughs and he says he's serious, because it showed faith in him.


6:41PM BBT - Nick tells Sam and Jack in the boat room that he'll be choosing Jess to play because she won't win the POV.  He and Sam know that nobody will use the POV to save them, so the need to pick bad players.


6:50PM BBT - Holly is braiding Sis's hair while the other girls lay around and keep them company.  (Nicole, Chirsti, Jess and Kat)


7:00PM BBT - Holly announces to the guys in the boat room that she's heading upstairs to take an epsom bath with Sis.  They all say that they'll be up soon to watch.  They then continue to talk about Tim McGraw's music and how much they love him, which is the music that Holly chose for her HOH.

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7:05PM BBT - Holly, Sis and Christie are up in the HOHR. Michie was in bed listening to music after taking a shower.  


7:07PM BBT - Holly tells Michie in the HOHR that she hopes that she hasn't blown up her game by putting up 2 strong competitors that might come for her later.


7:07PM BBT - Christie and Jess are on the upstairs sofa eating ice cream.   Nicole joins them.   They're trying to figure out which hall camera is the one that feeds into the HOH monitor.


7:10PM BBT - Michie tells Holly that he can't stand how self-centered Kat is and how everything is about her.  Holly said that she knows, but she trusts her and she'll be safe if she's a pawn up against Sam or Nick.


7:29PM BBT - Christie and Nick are talking in the camper bedroom.  He can barely get a word in edgewise while she dissects their relationship in the house, and how they had some stressful times.  She then tries to build him up in his chances of getting votes this week.


7:40PM BBT - Jack is up in the HOHR bed with Holly, Michie, Sis and Tommy.  Michie tells them how Sam monopolized their time with his biblical analogy.  They say that he brings up controversial topics like religion and politics.


7:47PM BBT - Christie continues talking with Nick in the camper bedroom, but now with Sam listening as well.  Nick assures her that he is fully aware of Bella's pitch to stay and that she's not telling him anything new.  



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8:03PM BBT Holly and Analyse are in the HOH BR. We keep getting FOTH. Holly tells her that she can't remember which pictures she submitted for HOH. THey talk about a dream Analyse had about her dog. We get FOTH again.


8:09PM BBT Nick talking with Crusty. Crusty telling him where Bella went wrong. Jack and Tommy are there too. Holly and Analyse talk about Jack and jackson and if they will stillhave a relationship outside the house. They are both considering it. Holly says Jackson is so sweet. Analyse agrees and thinks it's because he is Southern.


8:16PM BBT Holly telling her that Jackson has told her so many times he is proud of her. She says he pulls her close and tells her over and over. Analyse says that is so sweet. She squeals.


8:20PM BBT Nick is being told that if he gets to stay this week, he gets to start over. In the KT, Jackson, Jack and Jess are snacking.

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9:06pm BBT


A group is in the rv bedroom, Tommy has his normal space on the floor while others are scattered around on the beds.


It seems Tommy leaned on Jack and got paint on his “200 dollar” jeans. Tommy says it will come out, and makes jokes about it.


Nick is talking about his game with Bella, nothing we haven't heard before.


In the HOH room Holly is telling Sis that she is not sure she will continue to have Michie in her life after the game. They have different goals, she wants to travel extensively, Michie wants to go to Vegas. Holly says “He is 24, I was 24 once.” She continues in the “I can sacrifice this” vein during the conversation. [I call this excuses to cut ties]. Holly does say she likes Michie, he is sweet, Sis agrees.


Holly talks about the close living in the house.


Jessica and Nicole come to the door, Jessica asks if they have had their baths, but they tell her it is missing from the bathroom area. Holly tells her she has already looked in the bathroom drawers. Jessica commiserates with her, then leaves shortly.


Talk resumes about Holly and Michie, Holly continues to list Michie's niceness, sweetness, endearing qualities, cuddling. Sis repeats, “Oh my God, I love that.” over and over again.


Sis tells Holly Jack is not affectionate and she loves affectionate guys. She says Jack is more like, “kissey kissey” and not much cuddling.


Holly says Michie holds her hand, she can't sleep, if she moves he readjusts. (creepy to Grannysue)


Sis says her ex was cuddly, he will never talk to her again, and she may have screwed up. Holly encourages her.


Back in the rv the group is still discussing the same old same old....Nick believes he can win and stay, Chrisite remains non-commital, Tommy grunts approval at intervals.


Jack and Michie are in the kitchen, Jack mentions tea, Michie claims to hate it. They mumble back and forth with their backs to the cameras. Jessica comes down and Jack samples cookies.


Christie continues to hold court in the rv bedroom. Nothing new.

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8:23PM BBT Jack and Michie talk in the KT. They say it would be interesting to be real roomates. Jack asks if Holly spoke to him about his speech last night. He says no. Jack says he knows Michie doesn't care but thought he would give him a heads up. Michie says it's his life. He heads to the HOH room.


8:28PM BBT Christie askign Nick where he was when Bella was pithcing to Cliff. Nick says that he knew she was going up but he was in bed. Christie going on about Bella trying to make a deal.Int eh HOH BR, Jack and Michie have taken thier postiins on the bed with the girls.


8:50PM BBT Nicole, Jes and Tommy talking. THey are wondering about HNs. Jess says they hope BBdoesn't do it again. Nicole says she would like to try it. They tell her feel free.

8:55PM BBT Jess telling Nicole that they each left people that they love at home. She says going forward, they are going to lose the friends they have made and it is hard. Nicole agrees.


9:00PM BBT Jess and Nicole talk about not being angry at those in the house. Jess says that she will still try an find Bella outside of the house. They are not holding grudges.

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10:00pm BBT Holly calls the HG to the LR to read an announcement from BB. The HoH is not going to pick the HN this week. Instead, the first three that dropped in the Poison Ivy HoH comp will be HNs. That means Jessica, Nicole and Sam are Have Nots.  Nooooooo! cries Sam.

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9:00PM BBT wherever ... summary of next 40 mins:

Jess and Nicole talking game... ok, next

Kat complaining about what her BB wikia page probably looks like

Kat, Nick, tommy talking about what upcoming comps may be and which ones they would like to play

Jack telling Jackson that whoever wins better pony up money for their trip to Vegas with the 6 after the show, Like you owe us at least 10gs for winning  Jackson said, like RACKs, RACKs,...  and then discuss how much 2nd place gets.  Tom will make it to 6 but hasn't won anything but hasn't made enemies,...

Jackson says Tommy will be a superstar coming out of this.


Can't have an hour go by that Michie isn't IN THE FRIDGE WITH IT OPEN EATING!  In SR with Jack talking about throwing away the cookie dough, needing to put all the veggies and stuff into the fridge.  No chocolate milk, which Nick asks about later and is also disappointed.  SR is SLAMMED with food.  and, of course, it wouldn't be a food area in the BB house without Jackson letting gas fly.  Oh, and opening their less than name brand Peanut Butter with his MOUTH and likely eating right out of it!


Cliff asks Tommy where he went to school, Tommy replies, what do you mean?  Cliff says, "was it an IVY LEAGUE!"  laughs and Holly says he is a dad.



glad to hear most of their foods are NOT name brand! Cliff has a pack of Fig Nortons (in case i get in trouble for saying the brand name).


Christie challenging if Jack would really spend $35 grand in Vegas in one trip.  He thinks he will just have to pay for one night and then be comp'd the rest.  Then he brings up Amsterdam.  Christie says Michie wants to go to Vegas for 2 weeks.  She says, only 2 days is enough.  If you go for more than 2 weeks you die.  


Christie and Tommy can't shower.  They have to do just minimal parts,...  


9:51PM BBT WA Jack, Christie, Sam, Sis going over the days and comps



9:56PM BBT KT Nick asks Cliff if he picks him for PoV comp, will he pick Nick.  Cliff is gonna check with everyone to make sure everyone will accept if Cliff does take Nick down.  Cliff says he won't screw him over.  [guess it means he will get back to him and if he says he will after checking, he will - rms]



10:00PM BBT LR Have Not meeting. see Fuskie's post above. Then the old have-nots help the new ones pick their sleeping spots.  The HN ask when it starts.  Holly thinks maybe they can binge before midnight, but she will check.  Then others say you don't want to eat then get a 'penalty nom' [pretty sure that is just code for some accumulative penalties and then they get a punishment we don't hear about - rms]

Now to Michie talking about his s*t'n blood.  

Then they talk about the best options for eating slop.  

[Cafe Slop Menu: -rms]

Slopnola, slop burgers, slop nuggets, slop pudding, slop ice cream



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10:10PM BBT all over house, people choosing beds, taking pillows

HNR Sam, Nicole Sam says he is worried about food, he already has issues.  He says, maybe I will go on a diet with a 2 Protein shakes a day with slop, 

Sam says if he gets HG choice, he wants to pick Cliff.  He says Nick may pick her.  Nicole says it's already going around that if HG picks you then you aren't obligated to pick them.  Sam says then if that's the case he would pick Jess because she wouldn't likely win.  Nicole says I'd feel better playing and not doing well.  Sam say then tell Nick that.  Jess had brought it up to Sis and Sis was like, huh, I wouldn't use it, you would be stupid to use it.  Sis asked Sam if he was gonna ask her to play and Sam asked if she would use it on him and she was like (some sarcastic gibberish).  Sam then says if Cliff wins veto and Sam is feeling comfortable.  He and cliff would pretend having a huge fight and then he would be blind sided when Cliff uses it on Nick.  Sam believes he can pull off a made face and blow up.  Then they put Jess up against him and maybe Jess would go home and nick and sam would buy a week.  Sam is gonna approach Cliff.  Nicole says talk to Cliff.  He said because you took him down.  Cliff will say he has to talk to Holly.  Sam says she will say leave noms the same so no blood on your hands.  Sam says she is worried about getting blood on her hands putting up Jess but why wasn't she putting Nick and Sam up.  Is Jess gonna win something and come after you?  



10:19PM BBT HNR Nicole, Sam  Sam says, IF She (Jess) said, Sam, honestly i heard you were gonna put me up, Sam said he would reply to her, Since when, when was that a thing, you and I joke all the time.  Nicole had interrupted, saying she would say even if it was a week 2 thing, it bothers me.  Sam doesn't want to go up to her and say you know i love you right because she would think he heard something.  He wants to act like he doesn't know because If you hadn't told me, I would have thought Jess and I were fine.  


[PoPTV code: COUNSELOR - rms]


Sam is excited about their protein shakes.  Nicole lists of having had cookies, cookie dough, chocolate.  She needs it.  Sam says we have to go all the way downstairs to p, damn.  Nicole says it's good exercise.  This is ou hangout room.  Nicole says you guys know i love you both.  He says I wouldn't burn you.  You'd be the last person I'd burn.  Sam says he laid off the milk last week because he knew the Hn needed it and  hopes they don't down all the milk.


10:21PM BBT HoHR  Holly, Kat  Kat says I love her to death but I don't trust.  If I was HoH i would probably have to put her up.  Holly says I honestly struggled with that a lot today, I almost put her up instead of Sam.  [I think they mean Nicole, maybe someone can check feeds. - rms]

Sam says he almost feels stingy because he wants to give Jess the best bed but because of his back surgery.  At least we don't f*rt and you aren't snorers.  Not like me and Jack.  Did you hear Jack, he mimics a loud snore.


10:23PM BBT TBR Christie, Jack, Tommy, SIs Christie says Jackson is someone that takes things very personally and I wouldn't want him to say something I didn't say.  Christie says, "Like this game is so Sketchy, it's horny as f' to me"  [wow, pot, kettle  you 6 hate if anyone else talks game with anyone  - rms]

Then she discusses some conversation with 'him' where he thought Kat told her but Holly had and she had found out from Jackson.  


10:25PM BBT HoHR Jess, Holly,.. nuf said


10:30PM BBT TBR Christie, Jack, Tommy, Sis   Christie thinks Holly/Jackson may have been considering flipping the votes.  Tommy and Christie brought up that they had said Bella made a compelling point that they were at the bottom of the 6's totem pole.  Tommy says it may have been entertained but they didn't go through with it.  Christie said Holly was sketched out when Kat was up there and said that [apparently, some reference to Bella's comments - rms]

Christie says on top of all of that, Jackson may think now he talked shit about him.  Apparently, Nick may have said stuff.


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10:33PM BBT HoHR Jess, Holly Jess says she was up on the block for something Bella did that was shady.  Holly, "They were basically like taking all the names that Bella said yesterday and using them as options for me to use and I was like, mm, no, that's not how this works. So, whatever, but that's also, but that's the reason, that almost like reaffirmed why I you know what i mean its like (shift to soft quiet voice) we don't need toxic energy, we need positivity and team work and  whatever, anyway, so, but anyway" ...

[wow, ugh, snore - rms]

Jess asks if she is picked to play, doesn't mean you have to use it.  We can talk later about it.


10:36PM BBT KT Michie, Nick Talk about PoV comp, Michie says you have a job to do,  Do whatever the F' you have to.  You are here for 500 grand It's like when I was up against my boy, it's fight or flight.  Nick says you're f*rt'n too much,  Michie says he's trying to let it all out before he goes up.  Nick asks if he picks someone and they take him off, will she be mad.  Michie doesn't think so but he can't speak for her.  Nick tries to say it would be good if he stays because he can be in jury and also it would let him play his own game.  Michie fights a cramp but gets through it.


10:44PM BBT TBR Christie, Jack, Tommy, Sis  Sis asks for Jess if she gets picked what should she do. She says she wouldn't use it.  Christie said Nick was gonna pick her but he also said he wouldn't be picking a person to use it on him.  He knows no one will so it would be someone who he can beat.  Tommy says He thinks Nick is a bigger threat because he's more liked.  Christie says he's a flight, smooth talker, makes every girl thinks he likes them.  He's a skeez.  She says you literally asked your girlfriend out yesterday and you're already starting with me on live television.  Christie says Bella never would've left this house happily like she did if she knew... Tommy interrupts laughing with "I thought that was gonna be the end of the sentence, "She would never have left this house" ...  Christie says "She would've had his head on a plate, and his cross would've been thrown in the street, she is the most jealous person alive."

[amazing what they think is ok to talk about, they explode if someone says similar about them - rms]

Christie, he definitely has to go, it would be ideal if Sam won the veto, put Kat up and vote nick out.  Would squash everything with Kat of us working with her.  "This game is annoying, I love it so much."  


10:50PM BBT KT Holly, Cliff  Cliff if you needed to and are worried about it, if he picked me i could go ...


10:53PM BBT HoHR Michie, Holly  She wants Nick and Sam to believe Michie is the only one who listened to her about other options but everyone else was deadset on picking them.  Michie is freaking out about the water going into the tub being hot.

Holly says, "I'm trying to act like a sheep that's doing the wolf's duties."  [so, the truth that everyone in the house knows but you - rms]


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11:00PM BBT WA Kat, Jess Kat looks like the movie, the MASK in the mirror, Kat and Jess talking game same old Jess talking about Sam hating her, Kat feeding that fear, Jess calling him a coward since she isn't the biggest threat.   

[sometimes, it is also do you deserve to be there, have you won, what do you contribute to the house/their game - rms]


Sam comes in and  Nicole apparently has been in there too, finished shower.  They talk about what they will have to eat as HN.  Sam says they apparently diagnosed that he does not like texture in his foods. Apparently, Michie lets the doors slam behind him in the bedrooms.

Nicole comes in jokingly mad they took her bed. Nick is in her bed, bunch flipped beds.  Jess says it will be an interesting week.  Nicole tells her to build bridges.  You both need each other and you are just not seeing it.  Jess says she knows but she wants to trust him like she does Nicole Kat and other people. I need people i trust i feel like that's so cowardly for him to like throw you and throw me and throw kat under the bus.  The hurts me because you are on the block for a reason because you play a dirty game.  Nicole says, i didnt know he said that.  


11:22PM BBT WA Sam, that Cap'n crunch has no berries in it, weird.  Nicole asks if he tasted it, Sam, no he just looked at it, why is it yours, Nicole, "penalty vote" be careful.  Sam says, I keep forgetting thank you for reminding me.  


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11:30PM BBT HNR Jess, Nicole, Sam they talk about the different beds, how people tried to move things around or prop up a bed, whether or not Sam's pillow is holding his head/spine in alignment.  Jess says she kept her smiley face disk, nicole did, Sam now wishes he has. Jess puts hers out as the Have Not good luck charm.  Sam says good, after the Veto comp if he isn't smiling at least something in here will be.  

Next is food talk about slop, oatmeal the calorie counts.  Sam says Michie freaked him out but he eats a lot so maybe it's just him.   Sam, I don't eat that much so i'm used to being dehydrated and parched.  Nicole says she went through plenty of college days not eating much and long college nights not eating.  Then she adds, doing homework, not out partying by the way.  Sam replies, "I totally thought you were partying thanks for clarifying, you seem like the party person."  Jess says each bowl is 240 calories, I don't know why Michie is saying, I honestly don't understand his calorie intake.

You asked him how many bowls you should eat and he started talking in circles.  Sam said, it's because I knew the answer but he kept looking at me like i was dumb.  He said, Sam, you at least need 1500 calories to move during the day.   so they went to the chart, 1/4cup=240 calories.  so a full cup is one bowl of slop so that is about 1000 calories, so I said I will have a protein shake in the morning, a bowl of oatmeal for lunch, 2 o'clockish and a protein shake at night and he was like YOU WILL DIE!!!!  Why, you told me the calories I need I told you the calories i was taking in that's like 1500...

11:43PM BBT HNR Jess, Nicole, Sam They continue discussing the slop and oatmeal diet.  Jess asks if the other protein from the containers is the same.  Jess didn't like the Whey protein isolate.  She wants a regular protein shake.  [Sam, this could be your way to Jess, HN Chef! - rms]

they go to sleep finally.


10:44PM BBT KT Michie eating out of the box of Raisin Bran.  He almost puts it back up without closing it.  Takes his container of fruit up stairs, opens it and eats some as he goes up the circular stairs.  Puts it in the HoH mini fridge.  He steps on a screw as he enters the HoH bathroom.  thrilling tv watching Holly brush her teeth.  Michie is reorganizing a few things on the table.  


11:52 BoB shows a stack of food in the THL.

Chili, pop tarts, crackers (like ritz) couple of cans of nuts, sun glass, maybe 3 boxes of cookies a blue plastic loofa(?)

[i am guessing Cliff's HoH stuff was moved out there - rms]


[saved by Orwell, gn - rms]

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