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Tuesday, July 23, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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11:25 AM BBT Jess, Nicole, Nick, Cliff, and Sam are in the kitchen trying to wake up. Jess and Nicole mention the boredom and that they wish they had markers or crayons. Nick says he will read the Bible some more today. Sam tells Nick about Jonah and how he should read that story. 

Nicole- I wish we had cards

Cliff- or dominos

Nicole- it would be cool if they could give us boxes and boxes of dominos and we set them up all over the house  (a domino maze)

They all agree that would be really fun, and Cliff suggests it be a competition.

[Sam is very quiet and looks quite pensive today  -MamaLong]


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12:05 PM BBT  Bella and Sam in the living room

Bella hints that she has a plan and it doesn't involve Sam at all

Bella- I need to talk to Nick because you and I can't talk one on one

Sam- you could do that....go hang out 

Bella tells him she will talk to Nick and then fill him in

Bella- it's a one in a million .....or they could just give me a power

They are laughing about looking for a power around the house

Sam- in the cereal boxes

Bella- America! Give me a power

Sam- we need it now

Bella- Send it....UPS



12:10 PM BBT 

Bella- who knows...maybe they will give me a power tomorrow

Sam- send it  FedEx....I knew I could count on you America

*Kat comes in

Sam- Katherine, please put on your microphone

Kat- I know, I'm getting shit on today

Bella calls her over to the couch

Bella- we trust you...know you didn't say that

Kat- I was just frustrated because I didn't tell anyone

Bella- I think it was miscommunication

Kat- it was like literally her going to her and putting two and two together on what was going on

Bella- it's literally all good

Kat- I just feel shitty

Bella- not as shitty as me



12:15 PM BBT

Kat tells Bella that you just never know and Bella responds that she will start campaigning later; and if she finds a power let her know

They discuss Ovi's power and how he didn't get a chance to use it.

Kat- that would suck...I think he could have replaced both (HGs on the block)

Sam- I'm surprised he didn't tell anyone

Kat- I think he told people...it was part of his campaign ...I've always wondered...would you rather go home before jury and have your whole summer or go to jury

Bella- I would definitely want to win something...that's why I'm depressed

Kat- but you never know

Bella- I came all this way...I'm definitely going to I just hope people understand that I'm not just going to roll over and die

Bella comments that she doesn't want to make people feel uncomfortable and suggests she meet with two at a time

Kat tells her: this may be bad advice....but, you should talk to people the way you want to

[Bella is actually being really great about her impending eviction.  -MamaLong]

Bella- but, yeah...sorry for the miscommunication. But, I really don't understand the Jess thing

Kat- the things she gets upset about...I think are irrelevant

Bella tries to explain her position

Kat- even if you did say it or you didn't, it's fine...it's like you were telling people that you didn't have a special power...I guess you had gone to clarify with her

Bella- yeah, I told her I thought it was Jack or Jackson

Kat says that Kat sometimes sounds like Jack....but it's not something to get made about...she said 'I hear you're telling Bella shit that I tell you'...I was like, what? Dude, I'm not telling people what you're telling me...I'm telling people I don't have a power. I don't see the issue. I don't think it's a big deal.

Bella- do you want me to talk to her?

Kat- no it doesn't matter

Bella- I will if you want

Kat- it's not even like a.....I'm a person that I don't get caught up in the power thing. I would probably be the dumbass that would be like 'hey guys, I have it'....but, no, I didn't understand it...and I know what it's like to be on the block

Bella- teach me your ways...give me insight


12:25 PM BBT  Christie and Sis in the Boat Room

They are talking about Jack and Michie.

Christie says that Jack is more about the respect and such, but Michie is all about "a show"  [it's clear these ladies do not like Jackson]

Christie- He wanted me to cook him slop (Michie)

Sis- this goddamn slop is making me so nervous....I will get so mean

They continue talking about how much food Michie eats and how he threw the cookie dough away

Christie- he told Kat that he purposely spills shit on the floor just to piss people off..and I was pissed off about that rogue vote...like if you are going to do something

Sis- tell us

They continue discussing all the things Jackson is doing and how he isn't a team player. They are also concerned for Holly and him being bad for her game. 

Christie- when it comes down to us 6, I would put him up against Holly

Sis- I just hope us 4 stay close (Tommy, Jack and Christie)

Christie- I feel the same way...he feels the same way, we spoke about that


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1:45 PM BBT

The afternoon has been rather slow. The HGs are just hanging out fighting boredom. There has not been any gametalk, and no sign Bella campaigning yet. 

Nicole and Kat cleaned Cliff's HOH room for him, and everyone is generally cheerful today....even Bella.


As of now, the plan is to evict Bella just about unanimously (Sam and Nick have pledged to evict Jack), although Cliff is still hoping for a vote flip to get Jack o

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#BB21 2:00PM BBT - Kat and Nicole are in the HOH room cleaning it up for Cliff. Sam, Isabella, and Jessica talking about names and what they mean. Sam says he gueses he will go out and talk with everybody. Sam also states that he doesn't do the live feeds. He does after dark.

#BB21 2:05PM BBT - Sam and Jessica talking in the BR talking about Isabella. Jessica states that people love her for who she is but game wise she says that Isabella has screwed everyone over. The conversation then switches to votes and both Sam and Jessica both think there will be ten votes. Nick and Bella are in the RV room reading the bible and Isabella whispering something to Nick.

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2:35 PM BBT  HOH Room (Cliff, Nicole and Kat)

They discuss the vote and weigh the pros and cons of Bella versus Jack, pointing out that it is best to keep Jack solely because they can't get the majority votes.

They say Jack is playing a cleaner game and they enjoy being around him while Bella is someone everyone wants out. They discuss the option to bring the vote to a tie, but that would then completely divide the house (blowing all invisible alliances) and make them a huge target. Cliff says if they decide they want to go that way (get out Jack)...let him know.

Kat says if she wins HOH she would put up Nick and Sam. Nicole says she is unsure of how tight the HGs are with each other and she wants to make sure she plays based on the game and not her emotions. The three feel at this point they are safe because the targets for the other side of the house are definitely Sam/Nick. They should be fine for 2 weeks.

Cliff- there is something to be said for being patient



2:46 PM BBT  Jess joins them in the HOH Room They ask of the others know they are all together and Jess says she doesn't think anyone is paying attention.

Cliff reviews that they should all vote together. Jess says it's all risky because it's looking at morals versus game. 

Jess- If he (Sam) votes for Bella and Nick votes for Bella it will be 2 against the house..and here's the thing...say we vote her out...will Bella have any loyalty to us or would she continue causing chaos around the house.

They all agree it is too risky to keep Bella and they know Nick has no loyalty to them either.


2:50 PM BBT

Jess- I was telling Sam that on a personal level, everyone loves Bella, but on a game level she causes too much damage

Kat- Bella has been the meanest to me in the house. If I voted to keep her my mom would be like what?

Cliff- it's out of my hands....it's up to y'all

Jess- we do that and we lose Christie's trust forever

Cliff- we just need to be a little more patient

Jess- they are underestimating Kat

Kat- if we do a wall comp, I will get far

Jess- and so will she (Nicole) and so would Sis

They discuss tat Sam is committed to going for Jack and Jackson.


They all decide they do not want to sacrifice their games for Bella. They need to get her out. This way they can lay low while Jack/Jackson duke things out with Sam/Nick.

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2:42PM BBT Kat, Cliff and Nicole talk. Kat says that she thinks Jack would game more with Christy then with Analyse. Cliff says that he thinks Jack and Jackson are more solid then anyone else. Kat says that she thinks she trusts Christie maybe too much.


2:49PM BBT Jess has joned the group. They decide Bella will have no loyalty to them if they vote Jack out. They said the other 5 will be after them. They all agree that Nick is out of both groups.


2:59PM BBT THe four continue to talk.They agree that it is Bella going. Cliff wants to tell Chrisite that everyone is voting together. They are worried about a rogue vote. Kat says that she knows Jack is a strong competitor but she is not intimidated by Jack.

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3:07 PM BBT 

Kat- we need to have an alliance name....I'm thinking Cliff's Angels

Cliff- no, no, no

Jess- I was thinking Cliff's Cuties or Hogg's Hunnies

Nicole suggests the Hogg and his piglets

Kat- I think we should go with Cliff's Angels

Cliff- No....don't do that....that sounds too much like I'm leading this thing...we are all partners in this thing

Jess- well we do have a blonde, redhead, and brunette

Okay Cliff's Angels it is

Cliff- y'all are gonna kill me...please don't use that outside of this room


3:13 PM BBT  Have-not Room

Kat meets with Christie

Christie- I just can't spend another minute with Michie...he talks about himself...I just can't hear it anymore. He is mean

Kat- I know. It's music to my ears because for the longest time I felt like I was trapped because he and Holly were the only ones I had

Christie- it's a shame because I love Holly and he's gonna bring her to the dark side

They talk about how annoying he is taking every conversation and making it about him....and he talks shit about everyone


Kat tells Christie that she is really worried about Michie making it to jury. They agree they can't let that happen. 

Christie- I never really loved Michie to begin with

Kat- HI'm glad I can voice this because I've been holding it in....he is such a douchebag...he says thing that make himself sound cool but he has dragged my name around saying about things that did or didn't happen...I'm worried that something he has about me on the live feeds (could hurt her outside of the game)

Christie- it would be my pleasure to get him out...I would love to get him outta here...he is pissing me off so bad... Especially with the slop, he is expecting all of us to cook for him, he eats it all then doesn't clean any of it.

Kat- in a weird way I feel so strongly about the way he has made me fell and look in the game and on the live feeds that I feel the only way I could get redemption is if I'm the one to backdoor him

Christie tells Kat that he hasn't made her look bad...that he is making himself look bad (AMEN). Christie tells Kat that Holly looks way more pathetic than she does "because she is standing by a guy that has treated and talked to you like shit and to her like shit".....I would be so happy to see you backdoor him

Kat- I really want to win HOH next week

Christie- I really want you to win....I would easily throw it to any of the girls...not Holly...but I want to show my loyalty to the girls

Kat tells Christie about he has been wanting to work with her off radar, and that it makes her feel used. Kat says she really wanted David to come back because he was ready to take him out.

Christie- I don't like him. He is not a nice guy. He does things that ....he cast that rogue vote

Kat- what the ...that's so shitty

Christie tells her  that Cliff knows

Kat- wow...Cliff is good because we were just talking about that (Cliff didn't reveal that he knew who cast that vote)




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3:25 PM BBT

Kat- it's interesting because CLiff told me not to tell anyone that I was going to vote Bella because he thought the person who cast that rogue vote may do it again

Christie- Oh, wow.....Can I trust Cliff

Kat- YES you can

Christie starts crying and says "I really feel like I can and I trust him more than the people I'm working with." Christie said other than Tommy, she doesn't trust any of the 6. She feels bad about putting up the first week and voting to evict him, because I love him   

[I can't help but wonder how long Christie will keep this info. Kat gave her a secret. I want Christie to be better  -MamaLong]

Jess comes in and sees Christie crying.

Christie says it's not a bad cry.... she is crying because she loves Cliff. [hoping this remorse is real]

Jess- do you want me to leave

Kat- I hate to ask that. I don't want to be rude

Jess- I mean if you don't want to talk in front of me that's fine (laughing) because y'all are my two best friends in the house

Jess and Kat explain that they put one of hair extensions on a pillow with one of her hats in the bed they share so Jess won't be lonely (since Kat is a Have-Not)

Jack comes in and announces that Bella is campaigning in the RV


3:45 PM BBT  RV Room (Nick, Bella, Tommy)

Bella asked him about his vote and he answered that he will go with the house. Tommy says he doesn't know how the vote will go.

Tommy- I just don't know what's gonna happen with the Nicole thing. I could see it going a few different ways (Nicole has not revealed her vote to him)

Bella- okay, love you...thanks for checking in


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4:48 PM BBT  Bella and Holly in the campsite area; Nick in RV;   everyone else is in the Have nOts room

They are talking about relationships, current and past.  Bella asks Holly if she typically dates older me. Holly said yes.

Holly- My last boyfriend was 10 years older than Michie. He (Michie) is 7 years younger than me. That's a lot of years

Bella- but does it feel like that

Holly- Yeah. Well, maybe not 7 but a few

4:57 PM BBT  Kitchen (Holly, Bella, Nick)

They are talking about the microphone transmitters and trying to figure out the numbering system. They determine that the HGs received their numbered transmitters in order alphabetically, first the girls then the boys. 1=Analyse, 2=Christie, 3=Holly...)

Bella- In Chinese 4 means death and my mic is 4.   I will be the 4th evicted on the 4th week....4 is  a bad number.

They head up to the HOH room and join Cliff and Sis chatting about  random things and talking about the overwhelming boredom.


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5:00 PM BBT All of the HGs are in the Have-Not room making up hypothetical Zings for the HGs

Christie- "Kat, I don't know what is less believable, that Brett's gonna be your boyfriend or that you're in Mensa."    Jack- Zing

They encourage Christie to do more

Kat- well I am offended (laughing)

"Sam, I don't know what's worse, your jokes or your pimple obsession."

Jack does one-  Kemi, did you ever get your sweatpants you requested in your HOH basket? Zing

Christie- David, you say you manifested your own birth, Did you manifest going home, twice? Zing! (Christie's Zingbot voice is great)

They request to hear Nick's

Christie- Nick, Say Less!      Jack- ZING!

Tommy offers his own.....Tommy, the only boyfriend you are walking away with is Jack.    Zing

Nicole- I don't know what mine would be and it worries me....it will be the fact that I don't win anything

Christie- Michie's will be about food and farts   (he is currently in the DR)

Christie suggests one for Sam "The only thing we are going to send you is your eviction notice.  Zing"

Sam offers his own- "you're so worried about your own butt you fail to see everyone thinks you're a pain in the ass"    Zing

Christie- oh, his hemorrhoid butt

Christie says hers will be about her PMS....I'll get roasted





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6:22 PM BBT

The HGs (other than those on Slop) are enjoying Taco Tuesday



6:40 PM BBT  Boat Room (Christie, Tommy, Jack)

Tommy asks Jack if he feels good. He replies that he just wants off so they can "Shake and Bake". Christie comes in and makes a comment about Cliff being "the man".  Tommy says he's not so sure because it (the deal)  really just gave him (Cliff) a good deal, nothing really for them. "He is now safe for  2 weeks maybe more"

Christie- yeah...it was a good deal...he is brilliant, and I want to work with brilliant

Kat comes in and they start talking about possible nominations for various HGs should they win HOH.

Holly joins them and they continue random chatter.


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6:02PM BBT - While Jack and Sis are prepping dinner in the KT, Kat, Christie and Tommy are eating slop in the HN room while Nick and Sam watch on.


6:22PM BBT - inserted from above post...


6:38PM BBT - While the HG clean the KT, Sis is showing Jessica where her pain is - and then the feeds cut tot he boat room with Christie, Kat, Jack and Tommy.  The girls leave the room to Jack and Tommy.  Jack said he's excited to be off the block and hopes to win the next HOH.  Tommy said he must be ready for the "next phase".  


6:44PM BBT - Christie tells Jack and Tommy that she's obsessed with Cliff now and how she's happy to have him on her side.  Tommy said he's not convinced that it was a huge play to save Jack because Cliff was just buying himself some safety in the process.  Jack is pleased with their work this week to save him.


6:45PM BBT - Holly is cuddled up to Michie on the LR sofa whispering/complaining about another woman in the house that she's annoyed with.  (?)  Feeds cut back to the boat room where Christie, Jack and Tommy tease Kat about getting a letter from Brett if she won HOH.  



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6:50PM BBT - In the KT, Nick asks Bella if she remembers his mom's phone number.  Sam teases her about saying it on camera and asks how he was able to tell her the number to begin with.  She laughs and says she used the Bible.  Feeds cut for a minute.

4 minutes ago, MamaLong said:

6:51 PM BBT

I'm out for the rest of the night.  I'm happy to fill in gaps in the morning.                    -MamaLong


Thanks, Mama!  You rock!!!  <3 

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7:00PM BBT - Bella, Nick and Sam are playing a game of catch in the KT where they have to answer questions about this season, so they're studying for a future comp.  


7:06PM BBT - Holly and Kat are in the TBR chatting about Michie.  Holly said she has to take into account that they're locked in the house for the remainder of the game, so she can't dump him - she has to continue to play along with him.


7:41PM BBT - Sam and Tommy are in the room outside of the camper where Sam guages if he and Tommy are still good and in the same place.  Tommy reassures him before they head to the KT.


7:44PM BBT - The girls (Sis, Holly, Kat, and Christie) are talking about plastic surgery contraptions and Kat says that she wants Kybella where they get rid of the fat under your chin.  Christie said it was a waste of money because she had it done 3x and look at her.  Not only did it not work, it was also painful.  "chin lipo and a brazilian butt lift"  Holly said she had her fat frozen before going into the house.

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9:17Pm BBT KT Nicole was called to the DRD.  As soon as Bob said, "Nicole" she replied, "Yeah"  and she went to the DRD.  Jack says that is the his favorite "bug-a-roo" of Nicole's.  Before Bob even finishes sayinG Nicole, she says, "Yeah" and they joke about he response being like, Yeah, that's me or Yeah, I'm here.  Cliff is having a hot dog.  Jess says made her realize that hot dogs are under utilized.  Cliff says if he really wants to get fancy, he has 2 cans of Chili, Hot no beans.  He will make chili dogs when they get the yard back.  Christie says she will toast the buns.  He will break one out and some beers and they will have a party.  


9:18PM BBT WA Nick, Sam, Bella  Bella asks if she should go talk to Holly and Michie now or wait til tomorrow.  Sam says now.  Make sure you bring'em in last minute no one will know(? brushing his teeth)  Sam says i wish I'd go before y'all talk to both the girls(?). But then i could win the next HoH.  Nick says we need to in.  I talked to Kat and i was sorry about yesterday.  She said she understood.  He said you gotta do what's best for your situation and win HoH and so do I. [if i understood toothpaste talk - rms] 


9:19PM BBT BRL Bella, Holly, Michie  Bella said she will make it short and sweet, not really, because i don't know how to o that.  Holly says, i will make it long and asshole-ish.  Bella said you are the first people she is doin this to so we will work it out.  She is gonna explain more about herself and how she played this game.  She played more on emotion and reactively than trying to trust in people.  She didn't trust anyone and gamed so hard.  She was recruited so she didn't start watching until the week before.  Michie said before you know it you had 7 or 8 lose ends and tried to eep separate and ... before you know it blew up in your face.  Bella agrees it was chaos.  Bella says she's jittery and nervous.  Michie says, you're all good the your time, these are 2 people you can experiment with , what works what doesn't, what sticks what to change.  verbal kisses all around, bunch of affirmations between all of them...

Bella said she gamed to hard because she didn't trust anyone and she was trying to be the one creating things and never let the things come to her.  If she stays in she is gonna let things come to her.  Michie says if you get trigger happy you miss shots and sometimes they ricochet and hit you back.  Bella believes the first 3 days really screwed her and since then she has been trying to recover but hasn't been able to.  She also never approached people and admitted she was wrong.  She is acknowledging it and apologizing.  Her 2 main campaign points are Jack is a much bigger target than her.  He won first HoH, won the power, 2nd in last HoH.  Michie says he is a contender, Bella repeats he is a huge contender.  even though he is on your side she knows part of her problem was thinking too far in advance  She does think this is something people need to consider.  If he is in this house.....

....   and a majority.  That's all they have wanted this whole time.  She is only asking for a tie.  She says I do have 2 and she needs to get 5.  Since Cliff originally put Jack up it's easy for him to say you were one of my original nominees.  She tries the couples approach that the other person in the couple will save each other.  Bella shows that Christie almost used her power to save Jack and they are like a showmance.  They have a final 2.  If you are up against Jack or christie, that will be really really hard.  She says Nick (and Sam, then backed off and not Sam) says if Jack makes it to the final 2, then Nick is voting for Jack because he has scammed every one.  This is your chance to take a stab at Jack, get him out and you still have the rest of (the alliance). Not pretending it doesn't exist, we can be honest with each other.   You guys ( the alliance) or really close.  1) jack would now be out you can literally put me up on the block, if not, Nick won't put you up.  You would have a free pass to get your 5 in the jury (into the jury weeks) and still figure it out. If you get Jack out you would get 2 strong men, Sam is a comp beast and Nick is really smart.  You get out Jack and you get 3 people, Nick, me and Sam on your side.  If for some reason there is a shift, I doubt Sis will turn on you.  If you lose Chritise and Tommy, you still have Bella, Sam and nick.  You worked so hard to get on this show.  Play smarter not harder.  Why have to wait until each competition to see.  Right here for the Veto, had it been a different comp, it could've been Jack who won.  And maybe if you were up someone who wasn't her, you might not have stayed.  You're playing an odds card and it's admirable for you to be there for your friend. You go outside of the house and people are like he was loyal but jack wins $500,000.  He wins BB.  


She's not saying she doesn't want to win, she wants to win, but how much Nick and Sam have done for me and are there for me.  I just want to make it so that this game for anyone seems fair.  Because if Jack is still here, the six of you are still here, you'll take out Sam, Nick, Cliff, Nicole and then what, you 2 are on the bottom of the 6 totem pole.  You are good with Sis, Tommy and Christie but are you as tight with them as Jack is.  He has a relationship with each of the 4.  Looking at the numbers, Me, Nick, Sam wouldn't have the numbers to do anything crazy.  I have told you guys from day 1 I trust you guys more than Jack, they agree, she says she is volunteering for them to put her up if they win and don't want to make cry moves or waves.  As long is Jack is gone, at least the gas is fair for nick and sam.  They will be so grateful for them letting her stay 1 more week and for Jack to be gone.  Jack being gone this early is still great for your game.  You can work with Nick and Sam.  To me (Bella), it sounds like you get a better deal.  Not saying you would hide behind Jack as he is a bigger target but you gain more targets (for the others; Nick, Sam, Bella) If she can get just one more person.  You can blame 2 people for having voted that way.  If it did come out they can't be mad because they still need the numbers.  You would be in Sam's good graces.  I hate to bring Sam into it but he has my back because they know they are going up on the block.  


Or, it will be you with Jack.  Has he really been that loyal to you that if it was you and Christie on the block, would he vote out Christie?   If jack had won that veto, would Christie even bring up using that power?  ....

...  I know you don't want to be dis-loyal but where are his loyalties.  He can't take you all to the end.  Christie has said she won't go to the end with showmances.   Bella reiterates the wins Jack had.  Chances he will win more stuff is extremely high.  Once you have the bottom feeders out, you don't have the numbers any more.  Nick and Sam know they will be up next week if they don't win HoH.  If they do, and Jack is still here, they will be taking shots, so it may be Jack and Jackson up again next week and what is the chances of you winning PoV 2 weeks in a row.  


Christie pokes her head in to offer Michie some slop pancakes .  [hope someone was watching the door for Bella - rms]


She wraps up. They say they want to chew it and digest on it some but she makes good points.   and says she will be talking to everyone so it won't be obvious who.  She's gonna do doubles.  If they want to talk some more, you don't even have to tell her.   If you do, let Nicole know, she could be her third.  If she hears it from you she can know it's real.  You can proceed however you want.  Bella feels bad for dropping her name.  Holly says she knows nicole was on the fence.  Bella says, she knew her time is limited so she will make big moves anyway.  Even if you just have Nicole they may think Kat and Jess were the other two.

9:46Pm BBT Bella will tell Nicole side that she is campaigning.  Bella says she will volunteer to go up if she is here.  She doesn't care to make it to Jury.  She doesn't care if she goes out next week if she can also take out Jack.  If he makes it to Jury, and you are up against Christie.


They joke about having a code word.  If someone comes up to Nicole and says blueberry pancakes, then know they are for real and listen to them.  Michie says it's his safe word.  Holly says, it is and it's gross.

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9:50PM BBT BRL Holly, Michie and Jack  Michie says but we got Kat.  Kat hates Bella.  Michie says he didn't know this was a potential tie breaking week.  Jack says if it's a tie, Cliff has our back and will pick Bella.  Michie said 'Too evict Bella?"  they say yes he says Cool.

Michie says  she would have to get Nick, Sam, Kat, Jess, and Nicole.  Holly says Nicole says she is so overwhelmed,  stressed out

Michie talks over her and says I can't believe Nicole literally was given an olive branch like this.  That is the most unappreciative,disrespectful, are you kidding me.  Jack says so we put Nick and Sam up and if one comes down, nicole goes up and you vote the guy out.  

[They make it sound like they aren't considering it, but wait,... - rms]


9:52Pm BBT CBR Bella is telling Nick the blueberry pancakes code word.  


9:53PM BBT BRL Holly, Michie, Jack   She's been a savage for ... days so why stop now when you are almost half way out the door.  Holly was also talking,  Both guys just talk over her all the time.  She said, she's not surprised she's trying.  Jack says you heard my speech.  I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Michie says either eat the halibut or save it for me, just don't throw it out.  Jack says i appreciate you guys.  Michi, "get the f out of here"  Holly, "shacking hands and kissing babes"  Jack leaves as he and Michie try to quote George Bush 'Fool me once, shame on me, Fool me twice"  Michie says "Can't get fooled again"  Jack says "Shame on me again" and laughs


9:54PM BBT BRL Michie, Holly  Holly says, i feel like we should talk about this later, we shouldn't stay in here mulling it over. Michie says he feels like jack was a bit sketched out, low key but he isn't gonna show it. And Bella made some valid points.  Holly says, every single thing that came out of her mouth is a thought that has already been in my head because i know that both of us are in the bottom of the pecking order in that group and i know you and Jack are boys but so are he and Tommy.   and we are not even gonna start with Christie.  Michie says we're talking about this later i can't do this right now.  Holly crawls out of the bed and he says you look hot.


9:55PM BBT CBR Bella, Nick.  Nick asked if christie was listening at the door.  how do they know you were campaigning? Christie came in there.  Bella says she is gonna campaign with the other people, too.  Nick says it will become personal if she leaves.  He will blow up Christie's game to Nicole before he leaves.  She describes the conversation with Holly and Michie.  She thinks her arguments are so logical.  Nick asks if he she has talked to Cliff.  She said she is going to.  he also wants Nick to talk to him to make sure Cliff will vote for her to break the tie.


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Nick, Bella, Anallice, and Sam are in the WA


 8:41PM BBT Tommy goes into the toilet closet shortly after Jackson left it.


Tommy: (from inside toilet closet) Did he throw up in here?

From WA: Everyone laughs

Bella: (shouting to Jackson in the kitchen) Michieee...you left some streaks.

Nick: Tommy just went, "yo, did someone throw up in here?"

(Jackson starts walking back from kitchen and talking)

Jackson: Nah, I literally just shat.

Bella: (laughs) Well, we heard.

Jackson: I'm like....b...bleeding.

Bella: From your asshole?

Jackson: Yeah.

Anallice: All you guys are. [assuming she means everyone on slop. Christie was before, too, and got checked out. - BBLurkerPlus]


Immediate FOTH cuts this off


Here's the video:


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10:02PM BBT THL Cliff, Nicole, Bella, Jess, Sam  playing games.  Bella went to talk to cliff but it sounds like Sis is taking shower in HoH.  Jack went in to HoH and Cliff said make sure she knows you aren't me! Cliff i splaying backgammon with Jess and Jess did a good move and got really excited.  Sam is beating Nicole at Checkers. 


10:09PM BBT Kat, Christie, Holly  Holly is describing the discussion with Bella but she lies saying Bella believes she can get Nicole and Jess.  She also says Cliff will be a tie breaker for her but he will be for us so it doesn't matter.  

Kat says Her, Cliff and Nicole talked already about it and they are voting Bella.  Kat says there can't be any swing votes because Jess and Nicole are afraid it will be blamed on her.  They said that's why they aren't giving a definitive answer to try to keep people from throwing a vote in case it swings the vote.  Christie asked what her reasons were, she said just that she isn't a threat and hasn't won anything  

[FINALLY, leaving the important stuff out talking to Christie, maybe a 1% chance they will think this through - rms]



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10:22PM BBT THL Cliff, Bella, Jess, Nick  (Nicole, Sam?) others playing games while nick and bella talk on couch.  Bella feels like she was at an interview and is waiting.  You don't know but you feel like you got it.  She took her chance and has no regrets.  She feels like she took her chance and at the right time.  She wonders if she would've waited til tomorrow.  She now is just gonna campaign to other people but she isn't using the same campaign to the other people.  She is gonna rely on hoping Michie and Holly come through.  She recaps her wrap up with them.

[PoPTV Code Word: OVI - rms]


10:28PM BBT THL Bella talking to Jess she is trying to sell Jess she would vote for a girl.   She claims she is trying to give all the girls a chance because it fells like Jack is so strong,...


10:29PM BBT TBR Tommy, Jack, Christie Jack says he isn't gonna put up someone he worked with going forward.  It shows no honesty or integrity.  Christie says She agrees but if I was a smart player which he (Cliff) is because he told her he has been watching since 3 and told everyone else he has been watching since 16, he will say great, sure but he will not take it seriously.  He will continue to make..., i'm telling you I know, it's because its what i would do.  If someone invites me into an 8 person alliance, as number 8, half way through a game. I would say amazing, great, perfect, but in the back of may head i would say, ok, lets get me through the next 2 weeks, they will keep me safe and then i will take shots at the strongest people of the 8.  Jack asks what's your convincing play then? Christie, i don't think you need one, I think we have his back for the next 2 weeks, like we said and then we continue with our solo plan.    Jack, so you don't want to bring him into the 8, Christie, he's gonna say yes.  If you want to tell him that, that's fine. You can't expect him to sty loyal to it.  Tommy, no, no, no, we are talking it out. Jack says, no i never did.  the way you are approaching it is like you have a better idea.  Christie, no, i don't have a better idea. (Jack says Ok and  waves his arm in a grand gesture 2 times then both arms like he won or something?) I just don't think there needs to be an idea.  I say leave it at two weeks.  Jack says, yes but at least we have him work with us for those 2 weeks. She says he wouldn't touch any of us for the 2 weeks at all.  [seems like jack wants Cliff to work aka vote with them, Christie just wants cliff to not touch them but they can't communicate - rms]

Christie feels everyone is on the same page that Sam and Nick are next to go. So that's 2 weeks right there, so to treat him like an idiot would insult him.

Jack, The only way we prove it to ourselves is by weeks of showing it and how we to grow together.  Jack says he isn't gonna put my someone from somewhere up to gain trust from you, I am not gonna do that, but i am definitely gonna show you trust by if you are up on the block in the next couple of weeks or if someone else takes a shot at you i will sacrifice myself to take you down.  She says then go for it, whatever you think.  

[self serving comment, cliff not gaining trust by putting Bella up, instead someone should sacrifice their-self to take jack down aka christie using power - rms]


Christie, i support that, if you want to get us all in a room and pitch that to him, i 100% will be there and 100% back it.  I am not gonna do that because I would just see that as someone smooth talking me who I know already is the biggest threat in this game, meaning you (Jack).  I would immediately ask, ok, so there're six people in this room are you gonna put any of each other up.  Now this is me asking, we are down to 8, are you not putting Cliff up first.  Jack, f*, i'm putting him up.  Christie, that's what i'm saying, he's not an idiot, he doesn't need to you to promise him an 8 person alliance.  If i was him and i was approached by you, strong player, I would take that information to the other side of the house, here's a solid 8, now we're gonna take him down.  Jack says, so how do we outsmart him.  Christie, we get him out without making a promise, we send him out on a double.  Tommy asks what if we have fake fights, we start to part ways.  



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10:33PM BBT TBR Tommy, Jack, Christie Jack says, I f'n hate you, then says i'm practicing.  christie starts to say i'm not gonna fake fight with anyone

Sis comes in.  Tommy says maybe we make splits in the 6.  Tommy says maybe split up so instead of making us stronger (8) make us weaker.  Christie says, he's not dumb.  

She recaps for Sis their discussion about Cliff.  She says he really wants to work with us.  They agree, but we don't need to solidify an 8 with him.They go back to the faking splits, drift.  They discuss if nick or sam are up and Jess was HoH would she backdoor one of us, yes.  Tommy said he told Cliff he took Orwell.  They laugh.

10:42PM BBT THL Nick, Sam Nicole in the background while Bella talking to Jess still sounds like some of the end of the conversation she had with Holly and Michie.


10:44PM BBT TBR Tommy, Holly, Sis, Michie, Christie Tommy recapping with Michie what they discussed. Christie leaves to go to bed.


10:45PM BBT THL Nick, Sam in the background while Bella talking to Jess still.  Nicole is listening in.  Bella was apologizing about the Black Widow thing with Jess.  She says she is owning up to how she was and the mistakes just like before.  Nick comes over.  Christie shows up and says goodnight, then leaves.


Nicole's question to Bella is, what is your plan going forward.  If you win HoH are you gonna f' us over.  She starts to try to do her campaign speech again with Nicole.  More of the earlier discussion about listening more,...


10:54PM BBT TBR Tommy, Holly, Sis, Sam Sam says he's so nervous.  Tommy says he loves this humor so much (holly's) she is glad someone gets it.  Tommy says, sam that's stupid.  Sam says i consider you to be separate (from nickella) and like with the house.  Sam says I think nick and bella buried me.  He says Jess, Nicole don't have a target, nick's may be bigger than mine.  Sam says, sorry if i become an annoying fly at the BBQ.  They laugh.  Sam says it's gonna suck so bad.  Holly says, not gonna suck for us, ... Sam says well good, as long as people aren't Kemi'ng me.  Doesn't want to walk into a room and see a great migration.  Holly says, yeah but you win comps.  Sam said not this one he was next to worst, Jack was worse.  He says he inst gonna start s*t either.  He doesn't want to feel like he's the annoying guy.  He said Nick said next week he is gonna hang out with Sam all the time, Sam said no you aren't.  Sam says he doesn't want to ostracize all you guys and when he's gone, Ok, i'm ready to be friends now!



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11:00PM BBT back to Bella campaigning to to Nicole/Jess. Lines exist, there are people who work together.


11:04PM BBT HoH Jack, Cliff says they just wanted assurance that Cliff would vote Jack if he was gone(?)  Cliff says even though we've had our you know, obviously i went after you, i'm ready to just go ahead and jump and be done with them and get in with y'all.  Jack says, and move forward with us and i'm excited to work with you moving forward.  Cliff says, i'm happy, you know, it was never because of any love for them, it was just the way the numbers were going trying to find a spot to land.  We talked, Jess, Kat, Nicole and I and we all basically said look, no-one wants to hang anyone out to dry voting different ways. We all decided we feel much more comfortable going with y'all and doing some of that. I don't know what they are doing. I will also say and I mentioned it before they are worried there will be some rogue vote cast and it's gonna catch them.  Keep that in mind don't become too cocky like y'all know it's gonna happen that way.  Jack says he is gonna wait to campaign tomorrow.  He's been in the HoH seat.


Jack says he isn't gonna do any crazy game and he hasn't lied to anyone.  He wants to play an honest game, continue to do well in PoVs when anyone needs me and I show up.  That's the game i play.  Cliff says here's the latest.  Nick's gonna play nice and cool so he doesn't blow Bella's chances but if she goes out, he's gonna blow the game up.  Cliff says he has made his decision to jump on board with y'all.  He isn't going back and forth on this.  He doesn't know what wacky plans they have but he doesn't see it happening.

Cliff says he's basically telling everyone it's out of his hands.  He's not gonna be changing anything.

[come'on Cliff, #8 of 8, really?  hope you want more than that - rms]


11:09PM BBT THL Jess and Nicole  (Hear Michie in background talking loud)  Jess asks if he (Cliff) wanted to talk. Nicole says i think so, should we go in or wait.  Nicole says he looked at me and went.  So she doesn't know if he wants us in there or in here.  So this is my argument that you talked me out of last night and we all got talked out of this morning, back I see where they are coming from.  Jess says, of course, of course, .  Nicole says  even if you and I are on the same page, I don't know if Kat will be.


11:15PM BBT KT Tommy and Bella on couch.  Bella campaigning with Tommy.  When Bella says, I respect your decision, I love you, it's short and sweet. I kind of chopped it off but, Tommy says, that's great.  She repeats, I love You, Tommy says I love you so much  [in an almost monotone voice as he doesn't smile and looks away as he starts to say it. As I said before, they have no idea what the word means - rms]


She recaps again she wants to listen to people who trusts here, let things happen organically, ... 

Tommy says i am not gonna say either way what i am gonna do but if i do have to vote to evict you , i am sure this goes without being said but me and you are close like i am obsessed with you.  Bella says you don't owe me any explanation either way.  Tommy says no, i know, but i just want to say that like i'm obsessed with you and you are my friend for life no matter what.



11:20PM BBT THL Jess and Nicole  talking to Cliff  Nicole, That's how we will put it, right, we are currently looking at both options.  Jess, Bella makes an insanely good point, I hate to say it.  Cliff says, what is she talking about doing? Jess, She isn't even campaigning against him she's making valid points on why she's.  Cliff says we will talk about it later, I have to go to the DR.



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Nicole is telling Jess that it has been said they already have Nicole.  She is trying to figure out who is saying Bella already has Nicole.  She thinks Bella said, I already have Nicole, I only need you 2.  They are trying to figure out where i fall.   Because everyone is so f'n interested in what she is doing.   Michie spoke to Nicole so late last night asking her how she felt (about the vote).  (In background, Cliff is leaving dressed to go to the DR)


11:23PM BBT HN Christie, Bella, Kat Bella campaigning.  


11:28PM BBT TBR Jack, Michie, Tommy, Sis  Michie telling Jack what Bella campaigned with Tommy listening.  She wants to give everyone a fair shot.  She doesn't even care about winning.  Michie says i'd rather lose to Jack than anyone else.  Michie says he sure doesn't have Holly's vote.  He says Nicole has to go.  She knows her time is limited so she may as well make some moves.  Tommy asked how he knows this.  Michie says this stays here.  Bella said that she has talked to Nicole that if they want to go through with it, give a code word to Nicole to let her know it's on.  He even tells the code word, Blueberry pancakes.  She says she can get 5 if she gets Michie and Holly.  Michie says if Nicole works with us, she goes before cliff and cat, if she works against us she will go after nick and sam.  Michie thinks it was a huge slap in their face after they saved her.  He continues and ays out more of her pitch.  He says he isn't budging until they get to 6.  He wasn't budging on the 8 until he saw nick and bella doing stuff.  Cliff and Kat and then our 6.

Tommy thinks she is trying to create paranoia like she may have the votes.

[well, she took her shot, good for her.  doubt Kat/Jess/Nicole/cliff will come through - rms]


11:40PM BBT Bella, Nicole THL Bella trying to explain what she said about the codeword.  Nicole is wondering what if they tell me and they don't vote so it comes back 3.  Bella describes possible HoH comps like wall comp that should be coming and you have a good chance at that and you still have Jess. Sam and Nick will be here gunning to win HoH.  Bella thinks at this point its a good point to take the leap.  She said you told Sam you were gonna take big moves.  

Tommy came up and Bella left.  Nicole said she wants to be on the same page.


11:43PM BBT HN Jess, Kat, Christie Christie says her campaign isn't flipping her vote.  Jess says morally she can't do it. Christie says Jack knows she made a deal and its 2 weeks.  He doesn't realize she plans to work with Cliff further.  Jack was trying to bring him in but she pushed back.  Christie says she wasn't gonna work with Jack to sell that plan.  She knows Cliff will work to get rid of Jack and Michie and she plans to work with him on that.  

[someone really sold some morality push against Bells, likely Christie - rms]


Christie claims Sam said he would put Jess up.  

[thanks for saving me Orwell! gn - rms]

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