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Saturday, July 6, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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1:21 AM BBT Nicole and Bella in the bathroom 

Bella- And he thinks you might have the power. No, not in a bad way....well, like he's not sure if it's you or Cliff (Whactivity week 1) because he doesn't want it to be used against him.

Nicole- this is true. I just worry

Bella- mmmhmmm...

Nicole- I mean I worry in general, but

Bella- yeah, but going forward, I promise you...like, I didn't want to put you  in that spot again. It was really uncomfortable...his plan is really just to put up Kemi and then put up Jess next week, so that's his plan and what he wants to happen. And, like for our sake...just, like let him have that power trip.like, unless  someone else wins HOH next week 

Nicole- yeah,  we should probably talk somewhere else; I hear what you're saying..from here....like, I know you are more with it in regards to to the social dynamics of the house; I guess my fear is like where do I fall, you know what I mean

Bella- Well, that's the thing. I feel like in his eyes Kemi...like when we are together...like we are *Sam walks in 

Bella to Sam- will you go to sleep please...there's no one in there

*Sam heads inthe John


he ...if he was to put you up I would not be okay with it...I don't trust them 100%. ..if it comes to you up against someone else... I would rather you stay 100%. The conversation is that he thinks you have the power...if I thought something was going to happen I would tell you

*Sam comes out of John area and rinses his hands

Bella- and I know it's hard...because it's like hard like to factor...but like I would never

Nicole- I hear ya

Bella- so I just wanted to say like that I felt really bad because you are literally one of the people that I like 100% trust and I would want you to trust me, so like I understand if it like takes a moment to build back  

Nicole- okay, we will

Bella- I love you...I hope you can take a leap of faith and trust me again...I want you in this game

Nicole- I want to be in this game...no, like I love you and I really do trust you but that's why...you know the way you said that to me...it was just

Bella- I know...and I knew I was digging a hole....and I realize that oh *f...the only thing I can do now is to be honest and say I am so sorry....it's not even an excuse it's just like at the time I thought it was the best way....because what if Holly and CHristie

Nicole- I hear you 100% but I wish you would have been more like 'the 4 of us had an agreement' and didn't give it a name...instead of making it such a concrete thing

Bella- I know...but if you were there you would have seen that it's not that serious...they just laughed at it. They weren't even bothered. And like, I don't feel sick about that. WHat I feel more sick about is you

*Tommy walks in

Bella to Nicole- I'm so sorry (they hug)

Tommy- are you guys okay? I love you both

*both girls say yeah

Nicole- we were just having a moment

*Nicole and Tommy start singing "having a moment" *fish*     Nicole leaves

Tommy to Bella- are you good?

Bella- yeah, just kinda sad and Nicole always helps me out

Tommy- okay, good

Bella- why are you awake

Tommy- because I'm going to the DR...I love you *he kisses her on the forehead

Bella- Tommy, you are amazing

Tommy- I love you so much (then he heads to DR)







1:30AM BBT  Michie, Holly, Christie and Sis in the kitchen for late night sacks; Michie eating grilled cheese with ketchup; SIs says she loves that; Christie eating a quesadilla

Michie to Christie- do you want some

Christie- no I just gouged myself on my quesadilla

Michie- you gouged yourself?

Christie- I don't even know if that's a word..if it's English... engorged...I think I meant to say...yeah, I gorged myself....I do that a lot. I use words the wrong way and when I do I feel like Ovi because he does the same thing....it's so funny

Christie- I love our house....our f'ing dirty house


2:00 AM BBT  Lights out...everyone sleeping

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7:55AM BBT Cliff is awake and settles in boat room for his morning notes


He expressed his love to his family and his concern about the earthquakes if they weren't the epicenter (in LA), knowing they could have been serious, but for them it was just a little shaking...water in pool sloshing, chandelier moving, mirrors creaking, etc...states they got under the dining room table and right under back door beam...some were scared. They did get some emergency safety briefing/training. He mentions that they think Michie has the power, but he can't be concerned with that. Cliff says had he been in that comp he would have done well because he was raised with snakes in his house.


8:02AM BBT Cliff mentions there were people up to no good on July 4th....someone was skywriting and they got locked down. He appeals to people not to try to communicate with them...try to mess up the game... and let him have time outdoors. "I would hate to have someone try to mess with the way we play this game....just stop."


8:04 AM Cliff notes clipped again for morning wake-up. 

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8:00-9:00am BBT: Cliff is up in the BRL giving shout outs to his family and telling them about the earthquakes , He then talks about the banners flying over the house and them getting and IDL he ask to please stop sending banners people. He goes to the KT where Jessica joins him and starts making bacon in the oven. David comes in and gets a cup of coffee. Jack, Tommy, Sis, Holly and Jackson up in the BR just laying around and talking about what time they went to bed. Kemi and Nicole whispering  very softly in the bed.

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8:45 AM BBT  House guests are up, Christie, Cliff , Jack Jess, Nick are in the KT eating and chatting.  Bella, Kemi and Nicole are in the bedroom talking.  Kemi said Jack makes her want to scoop her eyes out, and feeds switch to KT crew.  David is in the KT as well.  No game talk.   FoTH


Feeds back, again on the KT.  Jack is cutting mangoes.  Cliff tries a piece and says it is good.  Jack said what he likes about mango is when you first take a bite, it transports you to another place.  Jess offers half an avocado.  Jack takes it.  Christie asks what time they will be picking players.  Kat, Kemi, Bella and Nick and Nicole are just talking about past players.  They liked Winston, Kemi said he had a Hugh Jackman vibe.

8:59 AM BBT  House is on indoor lock down.  People are just killing time until they pick players for the Veto.  Tommy says he doesn't drink coffee, when he is offered some.  Not much talking in the KT.  In the bedroom, just general talk because so many people are in there, especially since Nick jumped in bed with Bella and interrupted the girl talk.

9:02 AM BBT  BB asks the HGs if they have changed their batteries.  Then BB calls out Ovi, Kathryn and Holly to exchange their batteries.  Someone asked if Ovi was even up, Tommy said he doesn't care, he isn't part of the game right now, he is sleeping.  Kathryn gets called to the upstairs DR.  Christie is talking about how her teeth don't line up right on the bottom, and we have FoTH.  Has gone to Kitty cam


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 9:00am BBTL Jack is cutting up mango as Tommy watches, Cliff is washing dishes and Jessica just sitting in the KT.

9:02am BBT: Jack has Tommy taste mango as he said he only tried it one other time and didn't like it, Jessica says if you got a bad mango then it only takes one time to ruin the taste so he tries jacks Mango and makes faces. Jack says Mango is so tropical it takes him to a different place.

9:13am BBT: We are now on Kittie cam as maybe they are picking players for the POV competition.

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9:47 AM BBT Feeds are back

Comeback Campers Room

David (to Ovi)- I wonder why she chose....damn....if the alliance....if what I understand about the alliance. Jack and Jackson were in the bathroom talking about who was going to be nominated....he was able to get her to choose him. Of all the people there she felt most comfortable choosing Jackson. He might save her potentially...but, what it does is hide that alliance. That's my speculation   (Jess chose Jackson as houseguest choice)

Ovi- yeah, let's go out there.


*It sounds like Bella will be competing, too.  (Jack, Kemi, Jess, Bella, Jackson, Sam...Nick is hosting)

Bella- I know I'm gonna win....I'm gonna beat you

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9:47 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Can hear David talking, said it was strange that "she" chose a member of the alliance to play for her.  Jackson was picked, not sure who he is playing for.  Ovi said no use moping about it.  David said he isn't.  They leave their Camp Comeback room to join the rest of the HGs.    Downstairs everyone is hugging, then go off to WA, scatter around the house.

9:50 AM BBT  Jess, Christie and Sam in the KT chatting.  Jack and Michie are in HOH room.  Jack said Michie can do whatever he wants if he wins the Veto, but it will make Jack get even more blood on his hands.  Michie said he was just throwing it out there, he will do whatever Jack wants.  Jack said Kemi is going home no matter what (yet he can't vote)  Jackson just farted, and Jack said it is already in the room, because Michie runs toward the bathroom.  Michie sprays then goes in to take a dump.  Michie asks if Jack wants to make some lunch.  Jack said he is good, he had and english muffin with egg and extra egg whites for breakfast, plus mango, so he is good.   Jack goes to take a shower.  He said he hopes there isn't any slime today.  Michie said he wants it all, he wants it to hurt, he wants to feel it.  Michie says he is going to go make some food.  Jack, still in the shower, said to tell Christie the shower is open if she wants to use it...AKA wants to talk. 

10:00 AM BBT  Not much going on.  People are eating, getting ready for the day, no game talk.  Most are waiting for the Veto.  Bella says she is so gassy, Nicole says thanks for the announcement as she leaves the WA.  Cliff is in the shower.  Bella is excited to play for the Veto.  Everyone seems to think this will be the rewards/penalty comp.Sam comes in and says he didn't want to play in this one, now he has to go out and win another one.  Sounds like Kemi, Jess and Jack are playing along with Bella, Michie and Sam.

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10:45 AM BBT They are all expecting the rewards and punishments comp, with talk of there being a trip to Fiji 

*Bella claims she would take the trip; Jackson claims he will not win unless it is to keep Kemi from winning

10:53AM BBT All the HGs are dressing in island wear. Cliff is wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Tommy found a resort style outfit. Sis is wearing one of Bella's dresses. Sis and Bella are taking apart some of the decor flowers to put in their hair. Kat is borrowing a competition shirt from Cliff (Jack is ironing it for her). Christie is borrowing a sunflower top from Bella and wearing a flower in her hair.


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9:47am BBT: Feeds are back as HG are hugging and laughing, They go to the KT to finish breakfast, David and Ovi are in the camp room and david says i cn not believe she picked him to play for her. Jack and jackson go to the HOHR to get a shower and jackson ask do you want me to use it and jack says no dont use it. But if you did  would i put up kathryn and jackson says yeah.

10:01am BBT: Jackson back to the KT while Jack gets a shower. Jackson says Jessica i can't thank you enough for picking me and she says oh your welcome Jackson.

10:05am BBT: Playing in the POV is Jack, Jessica Kemi, Jackson, Bella and Nicole.

10:06am BBT: Christie, Holly and Sis doing makeup in the BR as bella does makeup in the WA while Cliff is taking a shower. Just general talk going on.

 10:08am BBT: Christie tells Nick she can not wait to see him is costume as he is hosting the comp.

10:13am BBT: Kemi in the BR talking to  herself and the camera saying she will win POV and take herself off the block and watch Jessica cry some more. She says more Jessica tears. In the HOHR Jackson is eating his breakfast while Jack is finishing up his shower, 

10:26am BBT: bella and kemi still doing makeup in the BR and talking about the makeup and the cameras following them. In the KT  Tommy and cliff are doing dishes and talking general talk.

10:34am BBT: jackson and Christie in the HOHR talking and jackson ask ok if jess has the veto do mi take it from her and win the veto? Christie says i would not take it from Jess but i would take it from kemi. She tells him he gets to play HOH next week so go for the trip. He says but what if Sam has the money or trip then what do i do. Christie says if you come in second and you have a punishment then i would take the money or trip because then they will think yall are working together if you dont.

10:43am BBT: Nick in the BR telling Cliff about bowling and how hard it is. Holly still doing her makeup, Kathryn and Sis comes in and sits down. In the HOHR Christie and jack are still talking about the POV and what other HG are doing in the house, Christie says she likes talkling to Sis but she is so different around Holly but i like getting her alone she is so fun.

10:51am BBT: HG just sitting around waiting for the POV comp to start and  deciding what they will wear for the comp as they sit and watch the players play.

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11:24 Am BBT

Bella- are you ready to get destroyed, Mick

Michie- how so?

Bella - in your a**hole

Michie- *laughs

Bella- I am so excited to compete against you and Jack because I'm going to f'ing murder you guys then talk shit for a whole week

Michie- yeah, that's funny. I just hate to embarrass you in front of 5 million people


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1:05PM BBT In the WCA, Jessica getting reassured by the girls that she has a good heart. She is concerned about Jack.  They tell her to stay true and know this isn't her week.


1:12PM BBT In the WCA, Jessica, Kat, and Holly discussing how b*tch is an empowering word, Jessica says it is like it means they are badass.


1:21PM BBT In he WCA, KAt, KEmi and Holly talk about they want Brett from last season in the house. He is their favorite. Cliff comes in an they talk about the argument last year with Bayleigh. 


1:33PM BBT In the lounge, Jack comes in and tells Jessica that he adores her and that Kemi is his target this week. He tells her that he knows she is trying to investigate and he supports it. He says that what he would do in this situation is just be bubbly and friendly.

1:41PM BBT Jessica, Jack and Analyse are still in the lounge. JKessica is going on and on about being "girl power" and how she loves women (platonically). Jack and her go back and forth on the game. Analyse has been quiet.


1:48PM BBT Tommy and Bella chatting. Bella says she is tired of Nick already. They are going back and fort. Talking about the game and yet not really saying anything. Tommy says he would love to win the game but he knows he won't.



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2:04PM BBT Jack and Bella chat in the HOH BR. Jack tells her that he respects her game 1000%. She says she would like to see Cliff go up because she wants to see what the power s. She doesn't want him to go but she just wants to see what the power is.


2:13PM BBT Analyse and Kat are in the lounge talking about what they had heard from Jess. Analyse doesn't understand why Jess keeps brining up her name if she is all about the girls. She says she doesn't care because Kemi is going.


2:23PM BBT Jessica, Tommy, Cliff and David in the KT talking about their family back home.


2:29PM BBT We have animals feeds - maybe time for Veto

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5:00 PM Conversation is confusing....seems Sam won a trip. I don't know if that's in addition to veto, or what.

*Sam won the trip to Fiji

Kemi- I wanted to go to Fiji

Bella- I'm so happy for Sam


Conversation in the bathroom between Kemi/Bella/Sam is about Sam going on the trip with Melissa. I think he won veto but traded for the trip, or maybe he won both. It's confusing. 


Kat mentions Tyler knowing about her liking Brett, so he must have been at the comp.

19 minutes ago, morty said:

Are we sure it was Tommy that won the trip?


Tommy didn't play in the comp.

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5:58PM BBT RV Room Sis, Nicole, Kat

Kat- (holding an orange, she asks Sis and Nicole) I'm gonna sound like the biggest idiot in America: can you peel an orange without a sharp object

Sis- yes

Kat- how

Nicole- with your fingers...I'm playing with my foot so I don't think you want me to touch it...with your thumbs; put your  thumbs in the middle and just...no, no no, your thumbs 

(Kat goes to bite the orange)

Sis- or bite it   {LOL}

Nicole- it's gonna be bitter because orange skin  .... get in there Kat    {yes, she did it all by herself...Yay, Kat}


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7:00 PM BBT Dinner time, and the group is doing "Gratitude CIrcle Saturday"...sharing things they are grateful for.  They pound the table after each HG shares. {I love this group! They really do treat each other like a family!   dysfunctional, yes, like most families  -MamaLong}


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8:26pm BBT


A group of house guests are in the bathroom lounge, Christie says she worked for a dentist until she opened her store. Someone mentions her outfit, she says it comes from Forever 21.


Kemi goes into the storage room and yells, “Guys we have beer and wine.” Everyone piles into the storage room and thanks Big Brother. In the back ground someone is yelling for Jack.


Everyone goes into the kitchen area, David is carrying a pair of yellow knee socks with something red on them.


FISH for just a few minutes.


Kat is pouring wine while Jessica opens the second bottle. Jack is mumbling very low while staring straight ahead. Can't hear him or tell who is talking to.


The wine is poured and we have, “cheers”. General chatter. Boys discussing shotgunning beer, Tommy is learning how to do it, and he does it very well. (choking a little). “drown myself,” he says while coughing. But he recovers quickly and brags to the others.


FISH again for a few minutes.


Cameras return to house guests in the kitchen talking in groups.


FISH again for a few minutes


Cameras return to more of the same. Christie and Tommy says they have a song for the days in the house and start singing it.


FISH screen is popping up intermittently.


House guests are starting to move out of the kitchen area, some are going to the boat bed lounge.


General chatter all around the house.


Holly is telling about cooking and grocery shopping for the family ranch(es). She says the blue pot is exactly like one she used for summer cooking on a propane stove.


9:20pm BBT


In the boat bed lounge house guests are talking about Noah and the Ark, Evolution, motorcycles.


Sam asks Kat to go get his pain cream in his top drawer. Kat returns with it and Sam thanks her, Nick says he will put it on Sam's back for him.


Kemi tells them about double consent on recordings in DC, explaining what it is.


Sam says if you look on a penny there is a building, but he mumbles what it is. ( I googled it, got nothing)


Talk moves to “The Bachelor”, Kat says she dated a guy who wore a dental coat on an ad.


David comes in and several people move to make room for him on the boat bed.


Still general chatter.


Meanwhile Michie is digging through cupboards in the storage room. He settles for a banana.


He goes back to the kitchen and talks to Holly about the house guests in the boat bed lounge. He says it is fun, but useless.

He is eating what looks like ice cream and Holly helps him get his leg up on the bench and puts ice on it for him. Michie says the way to his heart is food and beer. He thanks Holly for saving him a beer earlier. Sis and Tommy come to the kitchen and ask if Michie is okay. He tells them he needed to ice his foot and the boat bed lounge was too crowded.


Sis mentions Nick and Bella's showmance, Michie says “who cares?” He says if it doesn't affect him it is not something to care about.


Bob calls Michie out for singing.


Michie is making avocado toast now, he says he eats triple the amount the girls do.


Tommy says he is very tired, the alcohol might be making him drowsy, he plans to sleep downstairs tonight. He says he would be a Debby Downer if he goes into the boat bed lounge with the others.


Michie wonders if Sam will use the veto this week, Tommy says he doesn't think so.


Bob calls Kemi to the storage room.


Kemi runs to the room, and the crew from the boat bed room comes into the kitchen to see what she got. Kemi comes out with a package of muscle heat pads and waves them at others as she walks away.


In the HOH Tommy asks Kat if her and Tommy are falling in love and she says “No, nononono” loudly. Christie says when they paired up people in their heads Kat and Dave came up. Kat continues to deny any deep attachment to Dave, she says he is just alone in the game. Christie says he is growing on her.


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9:15PM BBT watching BBAD - In BRL are Kat, Kemi, Jess, Sam, Ovi, Christie, Sis, Bella, Nick - Christie makes a joke about letting someone croak and says it is referencing the POV game.  Kemi asked if Tyler said anything during the entire veto comp.   They also talk about trying to get Tyler to talk about things and he wouldn't.  They asked if people liked them out there and he said that they knew he couldn't talk about that.  Ovi mentioned someone had the most time on the TV sideline.  Christie said anytime anyone asked him anything he just (then she shook her face like he couldn't answer it).  Then BB cut away to another feed.


9:45PM BBT Bella and Nick in BRL.  Nick says he thinks they shouldn't be in there alone.  Bella leans over and kisses him a quick peck.  Sam comes in and asked if he is really a Mental Health Therapist.  Nick confesses to having his masters in Mental Health Therapy and it being more than what he has made it seem.  Sam asks how long Bella knew, nick says day 5 probably.  

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