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Saturday, July 6, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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10pm est


A group of people have gravitated to the HOH room.


Tommy says David was in the bathroom crying and he didn't know what to do. Michie says he was there and was a little tough with him.


Michie is lying on the floor with his leg propped up on a pillow.


The group is watching David by the memory wall, Cliff says, “He pointed right at my picture.” After some discussion they decide he might be pointing at his own. Cliff tells them David is neat and does his part in the cleaning.


Jack tells them it is about 10:15. Ovi says he may wait until 11 to go to bed in case he is called to the DR. Jack tells him they are only calling the competitors.


They start singing for a few seconds, Bob ignores them.


It seems to me that Jack is trying to scoot Ovi out, but Ovi takes a seat on a chair and starts talking to Michie. Just general chatter.

After a few minutes Ovi decides he is going to brush his teeth, but tells them he may be back later.

Ovi leaves the HOH, says he might be back.


Talk moves to the schedule this week on CBS.


Ovi goes in search of Nicole and finds her in the rv bedroom. He tells Nicole he had to make stops all over the house to come and find her. Ovi tells her he is ready to compete and come back, he wants to spend more time with her and Cliff. He says he hates everyone else. Nicole says they are too much, she had to leave the kitchen. She says she isn't even sure what she was getting away from. Ovi asks if she needs to vent, he tells her to do a word association exercise with him. He tells her, “A lot of things have changed in this game, but you know what hasn't changed? Your family.” Nicole gets a little teary, Ovi reassures her that she has done as much as she can as she plays the game. She says it kills her to see people sink in the game that don't deserve to sink. Ovi compares Big Brother to the game Battleship.


Ovi says he wishes they fit in like the other people, and Nicole says that is something that bothers her. Ovi tells her she has made it work, and that is her strength. She says she is worried that she has disappeared in the house, but Ovi tells her that groups are spread over the house, so no one knows she is not somewhere else.


Kemi crashes into the room, they tell her she can stay if she wants. Nicole sobs and Ovi jumps up, Kemi laughs, tells him she was pretending. Ovi tells her she is very good at it. Kemi leaves.

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10:38pm BBT


Nick, Sam, Isabella, Cliff and Kemi are in the boat bed lounge.


All of them are laughing at scenarios where Sam would use the power.


Kemi demonstrates how her mama slapped a hand, everyone says it hurts.


Isabella says her dad forces her siblings to paint one hour every Sunday. He makes them run, play soccer, play the piano and keep a diary.



Ovi, Cliff, Kat and Nicole are in the rv bedroom. Kat says she is happy to not be on the block, she loves the twist that allows evicted house guests to stay. Ovi says there is no weight on his shoulders since he cannot be put on the block now. He says it is just a count down to the possibility of returning. Ovi thinks the fourth person will be evicted, then have the battle back immediately. Ovi says no one has really felt the effect of someone leaving. They all believe it will be rough to see someone actually leave the house.


Cliff says goodnight, saying he is ready to go to sleep, Kat goes with him, she is ready to call it a night as well.


Ovi and Nicole decide to call themselves the “under dogs” Nicole says “life vests” means they are being used. It sounds like Cliff is also an “under dog”. Ovi is being comical, he calls himself “brown”. After several crazy names, they may have settled on the “Fellowship”, based on the Lord of the Rings. Ovi tells Nicole that using the ladder to go upstairs is a way to avoid the cameras. (assuming HOH cameras).


Ovi and Nicole to the tree house to avoid being in the rv bedroom when the others come into the room.



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11:45PM BBT  HOHR Jack and SIs

Jack is getting very touchy-feely under the blankets. SIs kisses him then they get a little frisky under the covers. 

(11:48PM BBT  The backyard opens)

11:51PM BBT Feeds switch  (very interesting....normally, the cameras would stay on that)




11:52PM BBT Backyard with Bella, Nick and Sam

Bella is playing cornhole and the boys are watching; she tosses bags \Bella- Nick I thought you were getting my sacks for me

Sam- Bella wants to have sex with you

Bella- I didn't say that

Sam goes on that he as just kidding

Bella begins playing with the water hose that's filling the hot tub and Nick tells her to stop...."she's so annoying"

Nick- you're gonna get us in trouble

Bella- Nick, you're so angry

Nick- They dont' like us

Bella- who doesn't like me

Nick- because I f*** up all the time....

Bella- why

Nick- because I complain all the time prob'ly

Sam- yes, some of y'all are so f'ing spoiled with your complaints are

Nick- Valdemort doesn't like me so I try to be nice all the time

Bella is still playing with the hose

Nick- Can I throw her in the pool? *Bella moves away laughing "no, I have my mic on"

Nick- okay sleep alone...sleep with Sam...we are in a fight now

Bella- oh, we're fighting now *jumping with joy

Nick- she's happy we are fighting; she's so weird

Nick- no, i never fight

Bella- yeah, right

Nick- I went 2 1/2 years without fighting with my ex

Sam-  *laughing* yeah, cause she was 4'11 and farted all the time

Nick- she was 4'10 1/2"....OMG... I've never had someone fart as loud as her, ever ....like 6 months in  (talking about his ex)...I got out of the shower and she was like this on the bed..."bwhaaaaaaaaaa"...she just kept saying "I'm so embarrassed"...Bro, I had tears coming from my eyes...she was so tiny...it was so f'ing funny...she probably would hate that I'm telling this story right now...nah, she's sleeping  so I can say it (Oh, Nick)



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