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Monday, July 1, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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12:13AM BBT: Jackson tells Jack, Analyse, and Christie in the HOHR that he's a little worried about Nick. He says Nick really wants them to let him win HOH and they're worried that he and Bella have something going on. Jackson says he doesn't trust either of them, especially since Bella "has been talking sh*t." Analyse is shocked. Christie says they need to let Kat win so they can stay under the radar. Analyse is worried that Kat can be easily persuaded. Christie says if Kat puts her up she would "lose it" and then win the veto. Holly says that Kat trusts her and Analyse and that Jessica is "pissing her off lately." Christie says Kat said Jess is telling her not to trust anyone. 


12:19PM BBT: Nick and Bella are cuddled up in bed together in the TBR, with Tommy pushed to the side. Nick is whispering into Bella's ear, but it's too quiet to hear what they're saying. It sounds like Nick's talking about Kemi and how Kemi said she would put up Bella. 




12:25AM BBT: Sam jumps into bed with Bella and Nick, waking up Tommy. He whisper about Kemi for several minutes. Nick says Jack "isn't happy" with Christie. In the HOHR, Christie gets ready for bed while Jack and Analyse are in bed. Christie says Jack can stay for now, but when she wants to go to bed he's out. In the TBR, Nick circles around to all of the earlier conversations with Sam, Tommy, and Bella. 


12:45AM BBT: Ovi gets up and talks with Nick. Ovi says it's hard because they don't know him yet. Nick tells him he just want Ovi to be Ovi. Nick says if Ovi can tell him that he has seven to eight votes to keep him, Nick will vote to keep him to stay. But otherwise it's better for his game to vote Ovi out. Ovi keeps telling him that a lot of people say he's safe and that he thinks he's safe. Nick leaves and Ovi is in the TBR alone, he talks to himself. He says "Nick's smarter than that, he has people he's working with."


1:03AM BBT: Ovi talks with Tommy in the BRL, Tommy tells him he's good and that he needs to just stay cool. 


1:13AM BBT: In the CBR, Nick talks with Jessica, Nicole, Kemi, and Bella. He tells them he hopes one of them win the next HOH. "So we can put Jack on the block?" Kemi asks and Nick only shrugs and says, "I hope one of you win it. "You don't want to win?" Kemi asks, Nick says no, he doesn't want to put anyone up. Jessica asks if he just wants them to do his dirty work. Nick says no, he just wants to keep everyone safe. He implies Jack has put a target onto his own back by getting into showmances. He doesn't think Jack and Analyse are "f***ing" but who knows. 


1:18AM BBT: Nick leaves the CBR, they talk about Jack and Analyse for a few minutes. Jessica doesn't think they're doing anything. Kemi says she doesn't think they should be talking about this. They continue to do so. Kemi says she doesn't like Jack for the same reasons everyone else doesn't like him. They don't think Analyse should get caught up with Jack. They think she would be better with Jackson because he's "a good person" and Jack isn't. Meanwhile, Jack and Analyse are asleep in the HOH bed. 




1:30AM BBT: Nick, Holly, and Jackson are in the KT whispering, Cliff walks in and the talking stops. Nicole comes in and tells them good night. Jackson talks about what he's had to eat tonight. Cliff and Nicole leave and then Nick, Holly, and Jackson are talking about Analyse and Jack. They think they're doing something upstairs and it "doesn't look good." "Let them do their thing," Jackson says, Nick's worried everyone is talking about Jack and Analyse. Ovi walks in and says good night. 


1:29AM BBT: Bella is talking with Nicole, Jessica, and Kemi. She's talking about the votes for the upcoming eviction. Nick walks in and tells them Christie is out of the DR. Kemi is called to the DR. 



1:36AM BBT: Christie walks into the HOHR and wakes up Jack and Analyse. Christie say she's "f***ing exhausted" and she's "over the DR."  Holly walks into the HOHR and gets into bed. Jack and Analyse hug and Jack leaves the room. The girls talk about Jack and Analyse snuggling, Analyse tells them she doesn't want to kiss anyone on TV and Jack said he's going to try to keep it "PG." Christie says Jack is downstairs telling everyone about them cuddling. 


1:47AM BBT: Christie tells Analyse and Holly that Jack is "not a Tyler" and that he's "the villain" that everyone wants out. Analyse says if she liked Jack, she would tell them. She thinks it's fun to hang out and cuddle with him, but she wouldn't see him outside the house. She says she has "more chemistry" with Jackson than she does with Jack. Christie says Jack is a "mean boy" and Analyse is "so sweet." They talk about Jack for awhile. Christie and Holly agree that Analyse needs to "be careful." Analyse wants to know how to "back off."


1:56AM BBT: Bella has whispered conversations with Jessica and Nicole, it's the same conversations they've been having all night. Jessica wants their three, Bella, Nicole, and herself to be "solid." In the HOHR, Christie, Holly, and Analyse talk about Jack and Jackson. Christie says "you see what you get' with Jackson and Jack is a "manipulator." 


2:08AM BBT: Kemi joins the girls in the CBR, they talk about Jack and Analyse. They whisper really well, so it's difficult to hear exactly what they're saying. They talk about putting up Jack and Analyse if they win HOH and tell Analyse she's a pawn. They agree they need to separate the guys. 


2:24AM BBT: In the CBR, the girls ask Bella if she trusts Nick. She avoids answering the question, she does say, "I've found out certain things."  Jessica says she will "never not fight for girls to stay here." They want to vote all the guys out. 


2:50AM BBT: The conversation in the CBR dies down and everyone gets into bed. The lights are already off in the TBR. 


3:00AM BBT: The lights are off throughout the BB House and all is quiet. 

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1:55 AM BBT – Formation of the Black Widows Alliance (Bella, Jess, Kemi, and Nicole)

(The Black Widows use the double peace hand sign to form a W and a synchronized hand clap/snap thing)

Trying to decide on a name:

Jess: “I want it to be something…super powerful girls.”

Nicole- “No cheese”

Bella agrees “no cheese”

Jess: “okay we need something like with the number and black widows.”

Bella and Nicole drop their jaws in delight.

Jess- “Like, I don’t want to be too super aggressive, but I was thinking Black Widows because they eat up all the men.”

Nicole singing “Black Widows, Baby”

Bella- ”We’re going to end up getting rid of all the men then eat up the babies”.

Bella- "I want us to be complete transparent...and trust each other......thi is perfect."

2:09 AM BBT Kemi joins them and they fill her in on the plan. She loves it.

Widows are talking about concern over Sis and how her association with Jack could be perceived

Bella - “Every single one of us signed up to be here. We are all going to have to make our bed and lie in it. We’ll all do some crazy sh**. We all have to live with those consequences. As much as we can be there for each other, we are all going to f**k up…I could put a giant target on my head.”


2:49 AM BBT The girls go to sleep with their organized hand clap thingy



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7:22am BBT The Cliff Show has begun. Cliff is wearing a hoodie and has pulled up all the blankets in the room atop him and he's going, brrrrrrr.... Must be cold on deck this morning!

Chilly this morning, he says. Good morning to my family and all the live feeders out there. Monday morning, day 13, 7:15 our time. 9:15 in Houston. He has 2.5 hours till anyone else gets up. He values his morning private time and hopes he can continue the pattern of sleeping late and getting up early. He does shout outs to his family and he misses them and can't imagine not seeing them or knowing what they are up to for 3 months. Shout outs to BB youtuber, Mad Rose. He enjoys her BB parodies. Shout outs to Joker's Updates and Hamster Watch! [I might not listen so closely, since Morty didn't get a shout out. -  Monadyan]


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7:15AM BBT: Clif is up, he uses the WC, washes his hands and then goes to the KT. 


7:23AM BBT: Cliff is in the BRL and gets ready to have his talk with the cameras. Cliff says it's "chilly this 'monring." He greets his family and all of the live feeders. "Monday morning, day 13," he starts, he says he has about two more hours before anyone else gets up. He says he might go back to sleep, but he values his private time. He says it will become more important. He talks about how late everyone goes to sleep. 


 7:30AM BBT: Cliff gives a shout out to his family. He's happy he gets to stay here a little longer, but he's not sure what's going to happen. He talks about his routine at home and that he loves what he does "so much." He says it's different than being stuck inside this "insane asylum." He says the "cracks are starting to form," and he talks about the veto ceremony. He says it went well, but not as well as he expected.


7:38AM BBT: Cliff says he has a fear of getting sick in the house. "That would be horrible," he says if one person gets sick it will hit all of them. He says it will only take one virus and he says playing the game while sick would be miserable. He goes over what happened the night before, he wants to join up with Jackson, Kat, and Holly and the "HOH room crowd." He says there are some problems with that, he thinks he would be at the bottom of that group and he would need to pick off people in that group. He says if they get rid of Ovi, it will be six guys and eight women. He doesn't understand why Kemi isn't going home this week. 


7:41AM BBT: Cliff doesn't understand Christie's decision on keeping Kemi, he says he'll have to wait and see how things play out. He says Ovi is "sweating it." He says he'll tell Ovi that he's going home so he won't be surprised before the vote happens. Cliff doesn't want to damage his game by telling Ovi more than he needs to. He says he tried to prep Ovi, but Ovi still thinks he's safe. "Lord help me" Cliff says if it comes down to his vote. "I don't want to be the deciding vote," he says, and hopes that it will become more obvious the next few days.



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7:35am BBT  Cliff continues... The cracks are starting to form as he expected. Veto went well, not not as he expected. Sam pulled him off. He is going to tell Sam today that if he wants his support he will help him out in exchange for the veto used on him. He can't figure out why Christie put up Ovi and not Kemi. Ovi told him that he volunteered to go up to help get Kat out. He thinks the Power Kids are : Kat, Jackson, Christie, Jack, Sis, and Holly. They are the cool kids. The other side is Nicole, Jessica, Kemi, Bella and Ovi is trying to land both ways. 

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7:53 AM BBT: Cliff says he trusts Ovi, Nicole, and Nick and he doesn't want to put any of them up. He says he doesn't think any of them would go against him. He really wants to work with Nick. But he says he thinks Nick is "playing with fire." Cliff says Nick is "a good player." Cliff says Nick is right when it comes to saying Kat is a "nothing player," but Cliff is worried about burning bridges. "I've got to think about it," Cliff says. He thinks it's too early after the veto ceremony to commit to anything. 


7:56AM BBT: Cliff says it's important that he stays flexible and adaptable. He wants what's best for everyone and hopes it's best for him too. He has to figure out how much he wants to drive the game or if he wants to stay hands off. Cliff says he doesn't know if he wants the next HOH or not. 

7:58AM BBT: Cliff debates if he wants to win the next HOH or not. He says he thinks he's done well so far. He thinks he lucky too. He talks about how to not be a target. Cliff tells us he does not have the power and he has no idea what it is or who has it. He says he doesn't think Ovi has it. He says he thinks Ovi would have told him if he has the power. 



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9:00am BBT HG are snoozing away. Someone is snoring loudly. 


9:36am BBT Cliff is awake again. He uses the WC and washes his hands. He heads back to bed and we get WBRB.



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9:36 AM BBT  Cliff had gone back to bed after his "show" this morning.  Everyone else is sleeping, some heavy snoring going on. Cliff gets up, goes to the WC, comes out, washes his hands, and goes back quietly to bed.  As soon as he opens the door, we get WBRB  possible morning wake up.

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9:51am BBT HG are awake. Jack and Sis, Jackson and Holly cuddle in the HOH bed. In the BY, Sam and Nick talk about Jack snuggling. NIck says Jack is PO at him, Jack is going to alienate himself. NIck says you cant be alone with another person cuz ppl will think things. Nick and Sam say they dont want to win HOH now, the only one he doesnt want to win it would be Jack, he doesnt trust him.

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9:52 AM BBT  Feeds are back.  Sam is in the SR exchanging his mic, Ovi comes in to do the same.  No game talk.  Sam said he was up at 6AM, but went back to bed.  In the HOH Jack said he was called into the DR at 4AM.  He also said he is so sweaty!  He is in the HOH bed with Analyse  Two other people in bed too.  Tommy comes up.  Jack is explaining what is being filmed and when it will show. 

Cam 1 &2 are on BY with Sam and Nick. Nick says Jack told him he needs to distance himself from Nick so people don't catch on.  Nick said whatever.  Nick said he and Bella were in a room together with Kemi, and he told Kemi she couldn't leave.  When Sam came in, he said Kemi could leave.  Nick doesn't want rumors.  He said Michie and Holly were alone together outside for 45 minutes.  People would come by and want to know if they were still out there.  Nick said people are talking about them getting so close, and getting a target on their back.   Javk said they have the numbers so it doesn't matter.  Nick said if they put 2 from the group up, then they don't have the numbers.  He said that mistake is on Jack.

10:00 AM BBT  Feeds switch to the KT.  Tommy comes in, says he didn't sleep well.  He said he is going to go check on Kat.  Bella, Kemi, Jess, Nicole are in the KT, Cliff is at the sink. Just general talk. Nick comes in and sits down next to Jess, she leans her head on him.

10:05 am BBT  Tommie is back in HOH.  Christie is getting ready for the day.  He bed is still full of the 2 couples.  Ovi is sitting on the bed, and Tommie is in the chair.  They discuss the early morning hour calls to the DR.  Jack is complaining about his hair being so wild.  They all tell him how it still looks good. He wants a french braid, they suggest 3 braids like some NFL player. 

The shower is still leaking!  Christie thought they were told not to use the tub, but it must be the shower.  She tells how Jess had it flood last night, and was having to clean it up.  Michie is telling everything he ate yesterday, his huge dinner, finished Holly's and Nicole's.  Worked out, then ate a salad with 2 pieces of salmon and 2 pieces of halibut.  He also had an egg white omelet with spinach, cereal, then later every type of cereal with chocolate milk.  He wonders if they have a montage of him eating and opening the refrigerator door.  ( wonder if he would survive on slop??)

People are talking about how tan Christie is, she says she never uses sunscreen  Now discussion goes to how cold the HOH room is.

Outside, Kemi and Bella are putting up the awnings.  

10:14 AM BBT  We get WBRB

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10:20 AM BBT  HOH crew is talking about Nick complaining about Michie and Holly being together all the time.  They said no one is talking about it but Nick.  He is going around room to room bringing it up.  Most leave, Tommie and Christie are left.  Christie said she wan't someone in the 8 to have a bigger target than her.  Tommie agrees.  He leaves.  Jack and some people from the HOH room are outside at the gaming table.  Tommy sees they have new fish.  He wants to know their names and what happened to the others.  He speculates they had a disease that spread.

10:32 AM BBT  Michie and Jack continue talking about Nick.  Michie said no one else is concerned except Nick.  He thinks Nick is just jealous  Jack said he is going to make some breakfast.  Tommie and Ovi are in the target bedroom, making the beds.  Tommy is singing that Nick will never make a bed, but that is okay., he still loves him.  Ovi and Tommy continue to clean and straighten the room. 

Michie goes outside, Kemi ells him they love him.  She said her first impression was a d-bag.  Michie said that he has been perceived like that his whole life.  Some get to know him and the perception changes.  Love fest over Michie.

Holly in the WA talking about the high cancer rates in Australia because there is no ozone layer there.    Sam comes in, and Jess thanks Sam for his stories every night.



(I am out for a while if someone else can take over)

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10:04am BBT: Cliff walking around in the KT while Nicole, Kemi, Jessica eat breakfast, Cliff ten walks out to the BY. Jack, Jackson, Holly and Sis  in the HOH bed talking to Tommy and Ovie about Jack's hair and getting it braided.

10:08am BBT: Jack goes to get in the HOH shower and it floods the floor again, Jack is cleaning the water up now. Christie tells him that BB said do not use it if there is a leak.

10:11am BBT: Kemi and Bella start putting the awnings down, Nicole and Jessica start playing cornhole then go to help with awnings. Cliff comes over and  helps the girls.

10:26am BBT: Cliff, Nick, Bella and Kemi are talking about how Kathryn is not cut out forthis game and how  she is always hanging around Jackson. Bella says it was nice of Sam to take Cliff off the block this week. Jessica and Nicole are still playing corn hole. 

10:45am BBT: Hg sitting around juat talking general talk.

10:53am BBT: Most HG sitting in the BY  talking about the feeds being live and giving shout outs to their families.

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11:01am BBT: Sam talking to kami,Nicole and Holly about acne and oils. They then start talking about what comps might be coming up. Jack and Nick come out and Holly goes to braid jacks hair.

11:16am BBT: Cliff in the shower while Sis is curling her hair, Most Hg in the BY  watching jack get his hair braided and talking general talk.

11:33am BBT: Nick and Bella snuggling on the BY lounger with sam, Nicole and kemi talking general talk. Tommy, Christie and jack in the STR looking through food to figure out what to make for dinner tonight.

11:45am BBT: HG just getting coffee and sitting around talking general talk.

11:49am BBt: Christie and Bella in the BRL talking and Christie talking about her nort being able to go to sleep lastnight that no one cared that she wanted to go to sleep.

11:53am BBT: Christie says i love having our alliance of 8 but now that Jack is the number one target i am glad that i am not. It is good to have a bigger target in the alliance. Bella is just agreeing with her. Christie says she did not come here to be in a relationship I came to play the game but i dont think Jack did.

11:55am BBT: Christie tells Bella that she is afraid if jack wins HOH that he will come after her because he wanted Kemi out and she got to know kemi and refused to backdoorher. She then tells her that jack said in the HOhR this morning that they need Kathryn to win the HOh and do their dirty work for them and  she did not like that.

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12:06pm BBT: Nick joins Bella and Christie in the BRL and tells them if he wins HOH he would like to backdoor Jack. they agree with him. Holly, Sis and kemi in the BR doing makeup and general talk about make up.

12:18pm BBT: Jack and Nick in the target BR and Nick tells him be careful with showmances and jack says it is not a showmance and Nick says i know but people talk so thats why i am never alone in a room with Bella so nothing is said.
12:20pm BT: Jack tells Sam and Nick that he is still upset that Christie did not put kemi up so they plan on if either of them win the next HOH that Kemi goes on the block and out of the house.

12:36pm BBT: Most Hg getting ready to go lay out by the pool. just general talk going on about  the heat and drinks.

12:44pm BBT: Most HG in the BY talking about the food and how they are almost out of food. Jackson says what they spend on fish he could live off of for a month. He says he can fix chicken and eat it all month.

12:52pm BBT: HG heading putside for an ODL Jessica getting snacks together as others get a drink to head out.
12:57pm BBT: All Hg outside sitting around the couches except Sam and Bella who are sitting with their feet in the pool. HG playing trivia questions about the rooms in the house.

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1:04 PM BBT  All HGs in backyard because the house is on lockdown



1:14PM BBT Christie thinks the feeds aren't on because they are on lockdown


1:28PM BBT Jackson to Jack "There's some shit you can't take back. I have shit I can't take back. Just gotta move forward....keep your eyes on the prize."


Jack- "You're a good f***in' dude and everyone is going to see it."

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2:04 PM BBT: Most houseguests sitting in lounge area outside just general chit chat. Kat was previously saying that should could fly planes but only in Maui. The other houseguests had a lot of questions about her training. 


2:06 PM BBT: Kemi, Bella and Nick laying out beside he pool. Not much going on on any of the cameras. Seems to be an outside lockdown. 

Sis and Holly talking about Sis distancing herself more from Jack. Sis says there's no chemistry and wants to talk to him about not being so affectionate. 


2:12 PM BBT: Still general chit chat from people playing pool/cornhole. Everyone else being lazy. (everyone seems to be dressed for a festival today... just an observation - JamieJamie) Pretty much nothing going on right now.


2:20 PM BBT: Bella complaining that the outside lockdown was supposed to be 45 minutes, but is longer. Now she is asking Nick what he thinks that America thinks of her. He told her he is meditating and wants to be quiet for now. 


Nicole and Nick are playing Jack and Kat in corn hole. Bella is now in the pool splashing Nick and Jessica who are still on the side lounging. (yep this is the most interesting thing going on -JJ )


2:27 PM BBT: Michie and Jack talking about working out and what they will cook for dinner. Steaks, burgers and pasta with leftover fish. Taco Tuesday is tomorrow night and they are talking about saving the eggs for Ovi who doesn't eat fish or pork.


Michie saying he will volunteer to be a have not when it starts. Kat saying she wouldn't mind being a have not. 


Christie saying that she feels like Sam or Tommy would be AFP. Now they are talking about how Frankie was funny and bubbly, but too staged and talked about his sister too much to actually win it. She feels that Tommy is a lot like Frankie but way more authentic. They are now arguing over whether Derrick or Cody won AFP that season. (Donnie actually won - JJ)



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2:35 BBT: General chit chat about hometowns and how everyone should come visit. Kat wants Cliff to bring his whole family to a cowboys game with her. 


Christie, Sam and Nick are talking about how Sam's pool needs to be fixed. They are shouting out for someone to fix it and he will post about them on Instagram. Christie says there's not much she wouldn't post on Insta. Now she is reconsidering that statement. Sam saying before he came to sequester, he had to do a promo for his local network for BB. Oh.. Now he is saying he did it once he got to sequester. 


Nick seems to have just fallen into the pool with the kayak. All the HG are laughing. 

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2:43 PM BBT: The HG are shouting out Rickey Thompson from Instagram and how funny he is with this videos. They all seem to know about him. Kemi now talking about how Coachella and Homecoming made her a Beyonce fan. Kat asking Kemi is she will teach her one of the Beyonce dances. 

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3:48PM BBT Ovi and Tommy are playing pool. Bella, Nick, and Nicole are still sunbathing. Michie and Sis are in the hammock. Sam is chatting with them and Cliff is walking around the yard.


3:53PM BBT Kemi and Kat join the sun-party


Jackson- I loved playing football....as a linebacker I could knock the shit out of people. I liked football. And boxing..

Sis: Oh you did boxing?

Jackson - yeah in college. So, there are 3 things that don't get enough credit for how hard they are 1. swimming....2. boxing....3. hot yoga, or just yoga in general...pilates

 "I've never felt more unathletic in my life and these older women...they mopped the floor with me.  There were 50 60 year old women that were so graceful...I was trembling just trying to hold my balance. It was so hard. Those are three things everyone needs to do because they won't know how hard they are until they do it. And you played soccer...volleyball?"

Sis - Yeah my freshman year but then I had to choose which one.  I was better at soccer

Jackson - You didn't play basketball did you?

Sis - no, only when I was younger

Jackson - there are two places I don't belong: a golf course and the basketball court




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