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Monday, July 1, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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1:00-2:00pm BBT: Hg on OLD talking general talk on the lounge area, Sam and Bella by the pool talking about meeting up and going out  with Sam's family for a day when they get home.Kathryn tells Holly and Sis she cant wait to get off the block so she can be herself and say what she wants about people in the house and start figuring stuff out.
2:00-3:00pm BBT: Hg still on ODL Bella says it was only supposed to be 45 minutes and its been alot longer. Sis tells Holly she needs to distance herself from jack as she does not have feelings for him like that and needs to tell him to stop being so affectionate. Jackson says when Have Nots start he will volunteer to be one first. kathryn says she will also. Hg talk about who won AFP some say Derrick did and some say Cody did. Just general talk going on with other HG.

3:00-4:00pm BBT: HG cooking  and eating as Cliff washes dishes. Some HG still laying out in the BY. Nicole and Bella lay in the sun and Nick comes and snuggles with Bella. Nicole says she feels like a third wheel and hugs them both as they laugh. In the KT Christie and Tommy make an alliance with Sam and Cliff there and they say they are the gaymance alliance. Jackson and Sis are in the hammock talking general talk. Christie cooking pasta in the KT.

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4:12PM BBT Cliff has been walking all around the yard and house clearly counting items...paying attention to details, likely suspecting he will need the information for an upcoming comp. The other HGs have not seemed to notice.

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4:10pm BBT: In the KT Christie, Jack and Ovi talking about makeup and cooking pasta, Christie says i keep singing and waiting for Bb to yell at me. Ovie goes out o the BY and joins everyone on the hammock just talking general talk.

4:14pm BBT: Jack sweeping the KT area while Christie finishes cooking, Jessica comes in and makes herself a drink.

4:20pm BBT: Bella comes in the KT and can not believe it is 4pm already she thought it was like 2pm Christie says yeah i thought it was like 1:30pm Because i have no consept og time in this house. Nicole comes in and gets food. Jack and Christie are cleaning the KT.

4:30pm BBT: Most HG in the BY around the Hammock, Kathryn jumps and says there is a bug there, Cliff is looking for it. In the KT Christie is talking to Nicole, Jessica and Kemi about how she would rather keep Kathryne this week as she does not know this game and she is a girl for numbers, She says she feels like she will vote for girls  and work for us. She then says Ovi i feel like will go after the girls and he knows the game but i would never tell anyone how to vote or to vote anyone out i just think Ovi needs outbecause i see him making it far in this game because of the way he works out he is a beast.

4:32pm BBT: Christie says i do not want to blind side anyone but i would rather ovi leave and if thats what the house wants i would rather tell Ovi like Wednesday morning so he will know and not be blindsided.

4:35pm BBT: Jessica says yeah i would rather vote with the house but the house is so split and i do not want to create that paranoia. Christie agrees. Christie says it is so sad because Ovi is being so graceful about everything and i feel bad but this is a game.

4: 37pm BBT: Tommy comes in and Christie says i wonder if the Wackativety comp will be played on Thursday Tommy says or maybe tomorrow. BB says HG please go inside immediately and close the sliding glass door. HG are looking for a banner and see nothing, Christie says maybe an intruder. Someone said they thought they heard yelling and it sounded like a bunch of college kids. Everyone is now in the house for an IDL.

4:42pm BBT: Christie, Jessica, Kemi and Nicole go to the BRL then Jack and Nick come in, Nick snuggles with Christie Just general talk going on. Cliff walking around the KT area while Jackson puts a headband on. Ovie, Sis, Holly and sam  are in the LVR waiting to get back outside, cliff comes in and  sits with them.Just general talk.

4:53pm BBT: Cliff ans ovie are wondering  what happens if they are locked up now and their towels are still outside. sam says no they said immediately so i think something was going on. Bella is standing in the WA screaming because there is a bug, Kathryne throws a towel over it and and they scream. Tommy comes in to get it and tries killing it then he screams also. Jackson says he has had enough of that and gets up, He goes to kill the bug.

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5:08pm BBT: Hg sitting around the house just telling random stories about their lives and being in pageants while waiting for the BY to open back up.

 5:17pm BBT: Hg still sitting around the LVR talking about the lighting in the house. In the BRL HG are snuggling and just talking general talk. BB tells Nicole and Sis to please stop singing. Hg start laughing saying BB is calling names out now.

5:21pm BBT: Tommy goes to the BRL and gets all the HG they are all meeting in the KT to start a game if hide and go seek. Tommy says every room in the house is open and nothing is off limits in the house.

5:24pm BBT: Tommy si now counting to 100 as the Hg go to hide,  Ovi is behind the couch in the WA and Nicole and Jessica put pillows over him. He is now searching for the HG.

 5:32pm BBT: Tommy has found everyone except Ovi and Holly and he can not find them. He finds Ovi in the WA and is now looking for Holly.

5:35pm BBT: All the Hg in the KT laughing saying we are gonna leave Holly wherever she is the By opens back up and they all go out to the BY and said they will see how long ti takes Holly to come out.

5:37pm BBT: Nicole goes to the BR and tells Holly they are messing with her and holly says are they really and calls them names. Kathryn comes in with Sis and laugh. Kemi is doing her make up.

5:45pm BBT: Most Hg in the BY playing cornhole or pool. Kemi, Nicole, Holly and Bella in the BR just talking about where people were hiding in the game of hide and go seek.

5:55pm BBT: Ovi and Cliff playing pool. Other HG just sitting around talking general talk about Instagram.

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6:45PM BBT Kemi and Bella in the hammock. It's hard to hear because they have mastered the whisper.

Bella- but I love Christie. I would never put her up

Kemi- I would never put her up

Bella- I wish I could pull her in our alliance, but it's like whatever. She does her own thing

Kemi- yeah and that's why Jack hates me so much because he found out I was talking game about him, (talking about Jack) wow, you're a f'ing idiot...you think you're so slick. I think Christie is going to use Jack to her advantage

Bella- yeah but then she would come talk to us

Kemi- maybe, but why would she even talk game...for what?  so that her game could be talked about? no. I respect that.

Bella- yeah

Kemi- she is a fan of the game; I respect it so much.....


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6:12 pm BT: Ovi, Nicole, cliff sitting in BY listening to nick about only one person can win this game and how people build relationships but it is still a game.

6:26pm BBT: Ovi, Cliff, Nicole and Nick are talking about past seasons of BB and how this is a once in a lifetime chance for them in here, In the WA Sam,Kathryne, Jack, Jackson and Holly are talking general talk.

6:33pm BBT: Bella and Kemi on the hammock laughing and talking, BB goes back to Cliff, Nick and Nicole talking about going home and watching the show.
6:49pm BBT: Hg are all over the house and By talking general talk. and just lounging around.

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7:58pm BBT:  Nicole and Isabella are playing billiards in the back yard, everyone else is inside the house.

General game chit chat


Jessica, Kemi and Holly are at the the table while other house guests are moving around in the kitchen.


Other house guests are coming into the back yard t sit on the sofa and Nick passes the camera going towards the workout area.


General chit chat in all the areas, no one is talking game. (but the night is early, we must not lose hope).


8:10pm bbt Jack tells Sis to tell Ovi he is fine when he asks. He qualifies saying that as not telling a lie.


In the back yard the group is talking about competitions that use their memory skills.


Isabella and Nick are off to the side, she tells him something has irritated her and she needs to cool off before she talks to him about it.

Camera moves.


In the back yard Ovi is trying to talk to Michie about the votes while they put up the awnings, but Michie seems to blow him off by just saying “I got you bro', then walking away.


Isabella and Nick have gone to one of the bedrooms, Isabella tells him that she did not like it when he was carrying Sis around. She tells him that it made her feel shitty, and if he wants to snuggle with other people he should not snuggle with her. Nick is sitting with his arms crossed, and tells her he talks about her all the time in the DR, mentioning how much he cares about her and she is his ride or die.

Isabella says the whole situation is irritating her, and Nick says he is upset that she is upset. He mentions Tyler and Angela had a perfect romance last year because no one knew about it. He says they have agreed to not make it public. He says he knew she was upset with him, that what he is doing is to help her. He tells her he wants to know what his boundaries are. He tells her again that he does not want her to be upset, and that he likes her a lot. He says he flirts with people to throw the trail off, but will not do it anymore. He tells her people are weirded out by showmances. He reminds her that she said she had something at home and that she was not into doing “this”.

Nick has moved to a crouching position near her head, and he says they have to be careful in public, they cannot cuddle as much in public. When she protests he tells her he is trying to be “smart about it”. He tells her Sis asked him to carry her in because she was dizzy. Isabella says she was trying to wait until she was less upset before saying anything to him. Nick tells her that Jack and Sis....(mumbles).

He tells her that she can flirt too, he tells her that he wants to kiss her all the time,but he can't.

Nick tells Isabella that when the girls sit on his lap or flirt with him he is innocent. He tells her that she sees what happened with Sis and Jack last night and they aren't sure they even did anything. (at a loss, not sure what Jack and Sis did). Nick keeps telling her that he cannot function without her, she is the reason he can even play the game. Isabella tells him that he needs to know that when the flirting happens she will continue to be upset.

Nick reminds her that three days ago she told him that they could not move further, that he respects her and loves her as a person and does not want her to be upset. He tells her that flirting with Christie does not count because she is a lesbian, and that she (Isabella) is just as pretty as Sis. Isabella is not really backing down on the flirting issue, and when he asks her to let him know as soon as she is upset. He tackles her on the bed, they giggle, and he tells her it is time to take a shower. They hug while Nick continues to beg her to let him know if things upset her. As they leave Nick says, “I need you Belle.” another hug. Isabella whispers something to him then leaves the room, checking to see if anyone is in the other room.


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8:39pm BBT Nick has gone to the back yard and is sitting with Cliff and Christie on the sofa. Sam and Tommy have just finished a game of billiards.


Cameras go to Isabella and Nicole in the showers to Michie eating cereal, Isabella leaves the shower and Jessica comes into the bathroom. Jessica says the pasta is not sitting well, she walked too soon after eating.


Isabella says the pasta was very acidic, and Jessica leaves to find the Tums.


Jessica is in the kitchen area just as Michie adds more cereal to his bowl. Christie is finishing the kitchen clean up.


Cameras return to the bathroom area, Sis is sitting on the sofa while Nicole cleaning her glasses.

Kemi comes in saying a bug bit her, and she is pouring what looks like peroxide on her hand. She isn't sure what bit her, but it had a stinger. Ovi comes to check on her and offers to go get ice. Kemi says it is really painful. Isabella comes to the shower door to look at it. Kemi says she has never been stung before. Ovi comes back with the ice, Nicole tells her if it starts swelling she should take a benadryl. Ovi says it looked like a mosquito and was very small. He says they were playing corn hole when it happened. He tells her to let him know if she needs anything.


In the back yard the men are sitting around the pool. Seems like general chit chat about the price of jeans. They are talking about the eviction vote. Sam says he is going to yell “Julie Chen Mooooonves.” He laughs and says he is not really doing it. Sam is talking about using the phrase, “send it” (I don't get it). They are comparing their crotch areas, and laughing about the loo not having cameras. More boy talk, subject not for ladies...)


Camera 3 is in the bathroom area.


Kemi is telling Isabella that she looks Korean, and asks if anyone has ever told her that. Isabella tells her she is Chinese, Kemi asks if that is bad to ask, but Isabella says it is fine to ask. Kemi is concerned people will be upset that she said that.

Kemi leaves to find pita bread and hummus.

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12:10am est


The girls are still wrapping up their showers and lotion massaging.


Kemi says she hates chocolate covered fruit or fruit baked in pastries.

Kemi says all the guys are matching in maroon shirts.


The girls are coming and going and just general chit chat.


The men are still surrounding the pool, they are talking about Vegas and card dealers.


In the bathroom area Kemi screams. She has seen a bee in her hair. Isabella (I think) traps it in a cup and takes it outside. Kemi is going outside to shake her hair.


General chit chat through the house and back yard.



I stepped away for just a minute and it looks like the house guests hve been provided with beer.

Michie has decided to shotgun his beer. They are yelling for him to take a knee, and he drinks it in just a few seconds. The house guests are impressed.


The back yard is filled with happy house guests and a party atmosphere is unmistakable. Michie does another shotgun. More disbelieve from the house guests. Michie explains his method amid the chaos.

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Jackson was in the porta potty (for a long time  Jack Shack 2.0) and missed the delivery. LOL


9:38PM BBT Ovi gets called to the DR 


10:00PM BBT Nicole and Kemi are on the hammock

Kemi - It's been a long time since a guy has bench pressed me.  But, I better not get dropped and end up like Christmas.


10:04 PM BBT  Jackson works out with Kemi 



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10:00PM BBT Tommy made his famous popcorn and loaded it with salt. (he makes it in butter on the stove top)


Bella- let's hide from everyone and eat it. (she takes a bite)...it's too salty.


Tommy- no, it's like at the theater


They hide in the boat room and eat the popcorn 


Nick finds them in there and goes under the covers to eat with them and hide. Nick suggest a threesome. He leaves then Sis finds them and begins eating the popcorn with them.

Tommy- you are the only one I was guilty about not telling I made popcorn. SIs leaves.


10:20PM BBT Tommy, Nick, Cliff, and Sam are in the boat room.


Nick- tell your toilet paper story, again.

Tommy starts telling his underage drinking story.  But, Nick and Sam begin whispering and not even listening. Cliff is completely engaged in the story.


"When I was 15... I am drinking with my friends. All my friends are older so I would get drunk with them. So I came home one night after partying with my friends and my mom---now my mom's a prude--- she did not like when I drink...anything...so I came home. It was like 2 in the morning. When I got home that night my mother said, "I know you're drunk. I want you to breathe into this machine." I was like, "What do you mean, no, I'm fine."  I was drunk...I was stumbling.  She made me breathe into a homemade breathalyzer.


Cliff- A homemade breathalyzer???


Tommy- The next morning when I woke up. I realized it was just a toilet paper holder...the cardboard from the roll. But, she wrapped it in tin foil and made it look like a machine. It was totally made up. But the night before when she made me breathe into it I started crying, "You're right. I'm drunk."  She caught me.




10:22PM BBT Tommy- wait, what is happening here? WHy are you guys whispering?


Nick- we were talking about sex. We didn't think it would interest you.


Tommy- I love talking about sex.


Nick- With a female though?


Tommy- yeah


Nick- well I'm not telling the story, bro. I'll tell ya tonight when we're snugglin'.


Tommy- alright (he seems perturbed)  sounds good to me


Nick- (laughing) wait, did you just say f**ck you? (with the hand to chin gesture)


Tommy- no I legit just scratched my neck, but you believe what you want. (Nick pinches his nipple)


Nick- wait... are you hard? 


Tommy- no


Nick- you said you had a baby carrot


Tommy- um, no. You would know. Believe me.  {They are just joking around, but Nick is so crude.  -MamaLong}


10:23- Kemi comes in

Nick- Oh, let's stop talking about her

Kemi- well, FU then

Nick- No, Kemi come in.  K E MMM

Kemi- Look, I have an idea....I want to lobby for (someone in production's job, I think) so when you go in the DR, tell them how professional I am


10:24PM BBT the cameras switch to the backyard


Christie- speaking of New York. I haven't seen Tommy since we got the alcohol.

Jess- I haven't seen Bella either.



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10:27PM BBT Jackson and Kat are sitting in the pool table chatting. Everyone is having a good time after partaking in the booze. Nicole did not drink, as she said she doesn't really like the taste of alcohol so she figured she would save it for those who do.

Kat- thinking about it?

Jackson- we could

Kat- we f'ing can...starts giggling

Jackson- that's a tempting offer

Kat- I'm very tempting

Jackson- Tis true....it is true

Kat-I'm so glad you're here

Jackson- Thank you, me too

Kat- you're precious to me

Jackson- Aww.....I'll try

Kat- I don't think you do...any other girls would be, "he's sucha  dick"

Jackson WHy am I a dick?

Kat- I'm kidding

Jackson- Oh, goodness, I was like how am I a dick?

Kat- no, you're funny

Jackson- how am I a dick?

Kat- No, you're cute you are such the flirt this season and I love it

Jackson- that is false

Kat- not false, but it's cute. I like it. I mean I don't like it if we were like in the real world, but I like it in this scenario because I think it's adorable

Jackson- well, I guess, Thank You...I don't know...I don't know  how to respond to that...Well, I'm hungry.

Kat- same

Jackson- I mean I'm very full, but I'm hungry, hungry

Kat- well, I hope there's enough food here

Jackson- what?

Kat- I'm kidding

Kat notices a bunch of cameras pointed at them so she shows Jackson

Jackson - Ruh Roh (Scooby Doo style)

Kat- they've been waiting for this showmance to happen, and now they are like, we got 'em

Kat- (whispers something I couldn't quite hear, but I think it was "they're still messing with us"

Jackson Shh

Kat- Oh

Jackson- I just don't want to get barked at

Kat- Hi! well how are you doing?

Jackson- tired and hungry

Kat- whispering very low... are you coming to my room tonight

Jackson- did you say cucumbers

Kat- Nooo ... whispers more

Jackson- if you want me to

Kat- well, if you want to

Jackson- That's not what I said. ...if you want me to

Kat- if you want to

Jackson- do you want me to

Kat- I asked, if you want to

Jackson- you can't answer a question with a question, that's not how this works

Kat- yes it does because I did

Jackson- you're frustrating....yeah, I can

Kat Okay, good





Jackson- I'm gonna fold these clothes

Kat- don't fold those clothes

Jackson- *he looks at her, like why?*

Kat- I mean, we got alcohol and then you worked out. Stop being responsible. Be reckless.

Jackson- laughs

Kat- I'm so glad you're here. I'm so grateful.

Jackson- I'm grateful to be here

Kat- do you think I'm safe

Jackson- I know you're safe, and if you ask me again, I'm gonna lose my shit.

Kat- laughs


10:30PM BBT 

Jackson- unfortunately Ovi is goin home, which is unfortunate because I like the dude

Kat- Yeah 888she whispers too low to hear

Jackson- not quite yet, I have to wait for the right time. It's too early to make those kind of moves

Kat asks Jackson to throw HOH to her. He tells her he has been working on it for the past few days, and that's his plan and if she wants it....he has a lot of people willing to throw it to her

Kat- Fuck, YES

Jackson- but you can't talk to anyone about it

Kat- yeah, are you kidding

Jackson- because you don't know who knows and who doesn't

Kat- I wouldn't.....I'm sick of being at the bottom of the totem pole

Jackson- well the best way to be at the top is to win HOH with everyone kissing your ass


10:33PM BBT  Kat- don't throw it to me unless I'm the last one

Jackson- I know. I know how to play these comps.

Kat- yeah

Jackson- okay I'm gonna shower. I stink so I'm gonna shower

Kat- but there's people in the shower, use the HOH shower

Jackson- I can't. It's the love shower

Kat- true

Jackson- if you got caught up there???  Maaaaan!

Kat- no, I'm not going up there


Kat- I was just giving you a suggestion

Jackson- I thought you were hinting

Kat- no  *laughing

Jackson- *laughing*  Hey, don't tickle my ass

Kat- giggling

Jackson- here he comes, the Man, the Myth, the Legend

Ovi- hey do you have the boat key?

Jackson- yeah but it's unlocked

Ovi- the DR wants it

Jackson- yeah it's on the window sill over there....what do you mean they want it

Ovi- yeah they just want it

Jackson- I don't want to even fold these clothes so it's not getting done

Jess comes out and begins helping with the laundry


Kat starts putting a load in the wash. SHe only puts in 2 things

Jess- wait, you're only putting that in there?

Kat- yeah, why?

Jess- put more because it's gonna take like 2 hours

Kat- Oh *she throws in some blankets* 

Jess- yeah, put all that in there

Ovi- *talking into his mic to production* They are talking but the key is over there and I'll get it in a second. In like 5 minutes I promise I'll go back and get it

Ovi walks away  (he had been talking in to his mic like secret service does, holding it up close to his mouth incognito LOL)

Jess- Wait! Who was he talking to?

Kat holds her shirt up and mimics his talking in his mic

*Kat and Jess start cracking up and the feed switches*

Jackson heads to bathroom where Sis and Holly are showering. He walks up and tells them, "she brings it up in passing...really passive aggressive way, but I wouldn't be mad, it wouldn't be bad". He then notices the cameras are on the girls and warns them to be careful

Holly- oh my god, my boobs are right here

Sis- I know, that's why I'm against this


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10:37PM BBT  Kat walks in and says, "Oh God, my bitches are conspiring against me"


*They all laugh*

Holly- wait you want to get it?

Kat- yes, and she pretends to get in with her.....just kidding

Holly starts telling the girls about some girl (I think Isabella) approaching her and wanting to sit down and talk. SHe just asked her what it's like to be so pretty. *the girls laugh*

Holly- like, girl, it's day whatever and you've never really talked to me

*they all laugh*



10:42PM BBT Jackson is on the couch in the bathroom whispering with Kat. He does not have his micro on, Kat tells him "Shh". Production then notices and tells him to put his micro on.

{these girls are really good at showering without taking their faces off  -MamaLong}

Sis gets out of the shower and Jackson gets in. Jackson starts teasing with Holly.

10:43PM BBT Jackson- why can't we have our showmance?

Holly- because you f'ed it up

Jackson- no I didn't, we can still do this

Holly- no you f'ed that up...you are an idiot! You put things where they shouldn't go

Jackson- well, let me be in a showmance with you, too....no, in all seriousness...you love me

Holly- yeah, I know


10:50PM BBT Cliff and Ovi in the bedroom. Ovi asking about the votes. Cliff said it might be good to talk to Sam because he seems to be the one everyone goes to. Ovi thanks Cliff for the advice. Then Cliff tells Ovi that he was thinking that it would be bad to get rid of him because it leaves them with 8 women and just 6 men. He said he didn't know if there was a girls' alliance but it's something to think about. Ovi thinks that's something to mention to the guys. Cliff tells Ovi he doesn't want him to go, but he doesn't want Ovi to be upset if he has to vote with the house. Ovi said he understands that he would have to vote with the house.

10:55PM BBT  Tommy is in the kitchen making french toast for everyone (what a guy)

Christie, Holly, and Kat are chatting

Christie says that maybe she was brought to BB to meet Tommy so he could get with her best friend, his soul mate. 

Holly- Do any of you have friends in search of a soulmate because I'm for hire

*Cliff brings Orwell to Holly

Holly- Ask and you shall receive

10:57PM BBT Ovi heads to backyard to talk with Jackson about the votes while he is folding laundry. Ovi brings up the count of boys vs. girls. Jackson says he knows. Ovi asks Jackson to petition for him...to put his neck out there because "you know I'm with you"

Jackson- I know, I just want to shake Chrisite and be like, girl? We had an easy option

Ovi- well the girls would have the numbers and just pick off the guys...the guys need reassurance

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