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James Plea!

BB6 James "I's all part of the game baby!"

NDR James." There's not a person whose more feared and hated than me."

BB6 James to Ivette." She pinky sweared the sympathy vote."

BB6 James.to Kaysar." You do that, you save yourself"

NDR James." My strategy was playing both sides."

BB6 James."You know they'll just turn on you next week."

NDR James." I kinda lied a lot."

BB6 James to Ivette." You have my hand on the bible"

BB6 Ivette." Promise?"

BB6 James to Howie." There's no swearing on the bible! Do you think I swore on the bible?

NDR James. Yes! I swore on the bible, yes I was lying, but, it turned around to bite me on the rear."

BB6 Howie." James, you're a dangerous dangerous player."

BB6 Kaysar." I nominate James for eviction."

BB6 April." I nominate James for eviction."

BB6 Maggie."I nominate James for eviction."

NDR James." I had to win the vetoes to save my a$$ or go home."

BB6 "Power of veto goes to James."

NDR James. "I got nicknames the veto king because I won 4 veto competitions."

BB6 Howie."If you guys have hopes of winning this one day, ya gotta get him out of the house."

NDR James." The house decided to come together to get rid of me."

BB6 "The whole house is against him and he knows it."

BB6 April."Yeah."

BB6 Howie." I don't want him, whether he's on this side, my side, he's dangerous."

NDR James." This time they were more efficient."

Julie.."James you have been evicted."

NDR James." I'm gonna go back in there with the same tenacity that I had before. You know I'm gonna play and I'm gonna win."

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Well, except he couldn't slither his way into winning last year. It'll be interesting to see how James deals in the house this year with a new crop and whether he can take a lesson from last year or not. I'm hoping he's learned a thing or two, but I guess you never know.

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true but, everything they learned from last year may be out the window considering you have a hodge podge of All-Stars from many seasons.... what would have worked last year.. probably won't this year. ... this is what is going to make this season so good..... it will be a huge trial and error situation.

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pulling for james but this season gonna be a tough one for him to keeping winning those veto to save his self.

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