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Tuesday, February 5, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Celebrity_Big_Brother_2 USA_HG_Reference_Sheet.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)

5th Avenue Bedroom (5BR)

Celebrity Building Bedroom (CBBR)

The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

Upstairs Lounge (BCNY)

Hotel Bedroom (HOBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

and let's just call the gym, gym
Here are pictures of the rooms

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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:27AM BBT Feeds are back! Tom and Natalie are talking in the KT along with Kandi. Dina and Lolo are in the SR. Tom is rocking the Tuxedo. Natalie says you won in it, might as well. Tom is HoH!

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1:35 am BBT Lolo and Natalie with Tom in kitchen talking about when his room will be ready and what might be in this basket compared to his last one.  The say they bet Tom's girlfriend will be proud of him. They are talking about Omarosa  being at their  HOH competition. 


Joined by a very quiet Ricky and a talkative Tamar. She is asking about Tom's girlfriend. 

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1:29AM BBT Tom pacing in the KT. Omarosa was at the HOH comp. Tom says he wants to rock his tuxedo he is wearing a little longer. Natalie tells him he should because he won in it. Kandi says that he has a reason to celebrate.
1:34AM BBT Tom is wondering about his room. He has been told 4AM. Kandi making burgers for everyone. Ricky laying in bed.
1:40AM BBT Dina is roaming the house as she has lost her mic. HG in the KT eating. They are talking about the comp. Tamar says she saw it about 2 seasons ago. She says you have to get the days or numbers. They talk about that it was amazing it didn't tumble with all of them having to go into it.
1:46AM BBT Tamar in the KT. She is upset that there is not more alcohol. She says she is not a drunk like Brandi. Tom says he will ask for a couple of bottles. 
 1:53AM BBT HG still cooking. Lolo makin gfish and Kandi making burgers. Ricky at the counter. Tamar getting oil for french fries. Tom was called to the DR.

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2:00AM BBT: The HGs are still in the KT eating and chatting. Tom is still in the DR. Lolo is telling everyone in the KT how to make fish. 

2:06AM BBT: Tamar and Natalie agree that Lolo's fish is "really good." Lolo thanks them and says, "now we wait for the burger." Ricky is still seated at the counter and Tom is in the DR.

2:07AM BBT: Dina asks Ricky if the burger is a steak. Ricky says it's ground beef. "A sloppy Joe without the sauce," Dina says. No one says anything while they prepare their burgers. Lolo says a cheeseburger is her comfort food and she likes to eat them after races. 

2:17am BBT: Kandi, Natalie, Lolo, and Tamar are eating around the counter. Ricky is seated at the table. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds here and there. 

2:18AM BBT: The four girls around the counter are talking about Omarosa. Tamar says she's a good person and in "real life," she's not like that at all. Lolo says she was great last season. 

2:21AM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are in the WA. Natalie says she likes Tom when he's being nice. Natalie thinks it's going to be better because Tom won't have "Kato in his ear." Tamar walks in. They try to figure out when their next live show is. 

2:23AM BBT: BB tells Lolo and Natalie not to talk about production. Lolo says she needs BB "to be nicer." Lolo then turns the hair dryer on so we can't hear what she and Natalie are saying. BB cuts the feeds. 

2:24AM BBT: Feeds are back and the hair dryer is off. Lolo is flossing and Natalie is sitting next to her. Tamar leaves the WA. They're whispering, but it's difficult to hear what they're saying, but it sounds like they're talking about Tom. 

2:26am BBT: Lolo tells Natalie she just wants to have an "honest conversation" with Tom tomorrow. Natalie thinks Tom will be going after Tamar since Tamar put up both Tom and Kato. 

2:28AM BBT: Lolo turns on the hair dryer again and she and Natalie are talking, we can't hear anything they're saying. BB tells Lolo to "stop it." Lolo says, "C'mon guys! Let us live!" She turns off the hair dryer and says BB is "PMSing tonight."

2:30AM BBT: Natalie leaves the WA, Lolo puts on make up. Natalie is in the HOBR, Tamar is sad and misses her family. Natalie tells her to "stop it," because Tamar had photos and a letter and she hasn't had anything. Natalie tells Tamar that Kandi is coming for her next and she's going next. 

2:31AM BBT: Tamar is upset BB took her photos once she wasn't HOH anymore. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds and when it's back Tamar isn't yelling at BB anymore. Natalie is upset she didn't win HOH. 

2:32AM BBT: Natalie tells Tamar she needs to "get it together." Tamar is really upset BB took her photos. Natalie hopes to win the veto, she thinks Tom will put her and Ricky up tomorrow. She asks Tamar who she would save if Tamar wins VETO, Tamar says she would save Natalie. 

2:34AM BBT: Tamar says Ricky needs to start winning stuff, because they can't be carrying him. Natalie does her make up. Natalie wants to try to get Tom to put up Dina and Kandi. "He's not going to do that," Tamar says. 

2:41AM BBT: Lolo joins Natalie and Tamar in the HOBR. Tamar says she wanted Natalie to with the HOH just as much as Natalie wanted to, Natalie says she's not "worried about it." Tamar thinks Kandi is "acting like a fool." "It's good for her game," Natalie says, Lolo agrees. 

2:43AM BBT: Lolo says Marissa didn't really do anything last season and she won. Tamar says Kandi doesn't have any blood on her hands. Tamar says no one would vote for her in the final, Natalie said she would vote for Kandi over Tom. 

2:44AM BBT: Lolo is upset that BB is keeping them up so late. She doesn't want to do a DR tonight because BB will just ask "the same f***ing questions" in the morning. Lolo starts to get angry and BB cuts the feeds. 

2:45AM BBT: Feeds are back, Natalie, Tamar, and Lolo are talking about Tom winning. Natalie leaves the room. Lolo goes to the WA, Natalie sits down on the couch. 

2:49AM BBT: Ricky, Kandi, and Dina are in the KT playing cards, Natalie walks in and sits down. Lolo is sorting clothes in the HOBR. Tamar is in bed and asks where Kandi is. Lolo says they're all waiting up to see Tom's HOHR. 

2:54AM BBT: Lolo says her face is pretty much "done" with make up. Tamar says her face has stopped absorbing the make up. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 

2:55AM BBT: Tamar tells Lolo that BB took her photos. Lolo is shocked. Tamar is really upset about the photos. Lolo starts to talk to BB about opening the DR, they cut the feeds. When the feeds are back, Lolo is in the LNG tweeting. 

2:57AM BBT: Ricky, Dina, and Kandi are in the KT playing cards, Natalie is sitting on the other side of the table, just watching them with her arms crossed. Tom is still in the DR. 



3:07AM BBT: Tom is out of the DR and making something to eat. Ricky, Kandi, and Dina are playing cards, Natalie is watching. Lolo is tweeting in the LNG. Tamar walks into the KT. 

3:12AM BBT: The HGs would like to go to bed. They say it's the latest DR they've had to do. BB tells Tom not to talk about the DR, he apologizes, but talks back to BB.

3:16AM BBT: Kandi thinks it's ridiculous BB is keeping them up this late. Lolo is in the DR right now. Natalie doesn't think Tom will get his room until 4:30. "They better let us sleep in tomorrow," Tom says. "I doubt it," Natalie says. 

3:18AM BBT: Kandi wants Tom to go into the DR and ask BB how much longer it will be. Tom says Lolo is in the DR, but he wonders if he can go upstairs and push that button and ask. 

3:21AM BBT: Tom hopes he'll have a letter from his girlfriend, if not, he'll be a "little worried." He tells his girlfriend he loves her and he's just joking around. 

3:24AM BBT: Tom tells Natalie, Dina, and Kandi that after BB he's going on a cruise to do stand up from Tampa to the Bahamas with the Trailer Park Boys. 

3:29AM BBT: Tom, Dina, Natalie, and Kandi are in the KT, Lolo is in the DR, and Tamar is in bed. Kandi tries to talk to BB about going to bed and BB cuts the feeds. 

3:31AM BBT: Feeds are back and everyone is still waiting to go to bed. 

3:32AM BBT: Lolo is out of the DR, she tells everyone in the KT that it won't be much longer, "soon guys, soon." Kandi wants details, Lolo starts to tell her and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 

3:33AM BBT: Kandi, Natalie, and Lolo are seated at the table. Tom paces around, Dina is at the counter. They all very much want to go to bed. 

3:34AM BBT: BB calls Tom into "the Diary Room downstairs." Everyone hopes Tom will get his HOHR now. Lolo talks about how she can't run in fake eyelashes. 

3:40AM BBT: Tom exits the DR and asks, "who wants to see my HOH Room?" Everyone says, "yes," and gets up and goes upstairs. Tamar and Ricky wake up and join everyone upstairs. 



3:41AM BBT: BB switches the cameras wrong and instead of seeing Tom enter the HOHR, we see FOTH with audio from the house. It sounds like they've given Tom photos of him and his mom as a baby and photos of his brother. 

3:42AM BBT: Tom's letter isn't from his girlfriend, he says his letter is from a friend Elle King. BB still hasn't worked out the cameras and it's FOTH with audio from the house. 

3:42AM BBT: Tom's letter: "Dear Tom, I hope this letter finds you well. What an insane journey you are on right now. You're doing great and we're all on the edge of our seats. Do it for America, do it for Canada, California is warm and dreamy and we're all missing you so much. We're counting on you buddy, you're a champion and I wish you the best. 
I hope you're enjoying it. We love you, your friend, Elle King. Sent from a payphone."

3:43AM BBT: Still no cameras on the HOHR, we hear the HGs looking through Tom's room. He has pizza rolls, ice cream, soup, wine, and new glasses. Tom says anyone is welcome to anything in his room. 

3:45AM BBT: Tom's going to save the bottle of wine for tomorrow night. BB finally gets the cameras figured out and now we can see the HOHR. Ricky and Tamar hug Tom and leave to go to bed. Kandi leaves also. 



3:46AM BBT: Natalie says she'll stay up if Tom wants a glass of wine. Tom leaves to go get the wine opener and cups. Lolo says she'll stay awake too. Tom pours Dina and Lolo wine and Natalie has powerade. They cheers.  



3:55AM BBT: Natalie says she liked Tom's speech after he won the HOH. They talk about the HOH comp. 

4:00AM BBT: Kandi joins Natalie, Lolo, Dina, and Tom in the HOHR. They're all talking about the HOH competition. Tom mentions numbers and Lolo thought Tom and Ricky would "go head to head."

4:04AM BBT: Tom doesn't understand how they only have ten days left but all of these people. Lolo says there will be double evictions. "It's gonna happen guys, I'm telling you," she says. 

4:05AM BBT: Tom rereads his letter. They talk about Elle King after he finishes. 




4:08AM BBT: The group in the HOHR keep singing, so BB keeps cutting the feeds. Tom talks about his musical career. BB cuts the feeds again. 


4:11AM BBT: Feeds are back, Tom is trying on his new glasses. Lolo thinks since it's Celebrity Big Brother, they should get designer sunglasses. 




4:12AM BBT: Lolo tells Dina she's rich. Dina insists she's not and then proceeds to talk about yacht hopping. Dina talks about her daughter. 


4:17AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about there only being two guys left in the house. Lolo says Ricky is "retiring from all competitions," after he's done with Big Brother. They talk about Omarosa.


4:26AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about the last season of Celebrity Big Brother. They talk about Ross playing both sides.


4:30AM BBT: Lolo leaves the HOHR and tells everyone good night. Kandi, Natalie, Tom, and Dina continue to chat in the HOHR. 


4:35AM BBT: Kandi says she's going to bed, she hugs everyone and says good night before leaving. 


4:42AM BBT: The three in the HOHR talk about the power. Dina says she knows, but she's not telling anyone because she wants everyone to be surprised. 


4:45AM BBT: Tom says they'll finish the wine and then go to bed. Dina still won't tell Natalie who she thinks has the power. Tom wants everyone to get together after the show. 


4:46AM BBT: Natalie tells everyone good night and leaves the room. It's just Dina and Tom in the HOHR now. Dina tells Tom she's happy he won. "It's a crazy ride," Dina says. 


4:49AM BBT: Tom and Dina leave the HOHR, Dina is going to bed and Tom is getting water. Dina's just talking about random things on the way down. Dina starts to whisper to Tom in the KT about Kato. Natalie is taking her make up off in the WA. 


4:52AM BBT: Dina stands in front of the photo wall and touches the photos while she says, "I get it, I get it, I get it," over and over again. They talk about picking photos before the show started. 


4:53AM BBT: Tom says he picked a "funny picture." Dina says, "no, it's a comedic picture." They talk a little bit about the production crew. Tom says he's forgotten where they are. Dina whispers a little about production. Dina hopes she comes off positive to the viewers. Dina talks about wanting to market everyone in the BB House. 


4:56AM BBT: Dina and Tom hug good night. They hope BB will let them sleep until ten or eleven. Tom gets water and goes up to the HOHR. 


5:01AM BBT: Tom listens to music in the HOHR while Dina gets ready for bed in the 5BR. 


5:03AM BBT: Tom is dancing and singing in the HOHR. Dina is in bed in the 5BR. The lights are off throughout the house except for in the HOHR. 

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10:57AM BBT Lolo and Ricky in the lounge. She wants to talk to Tom. Says she is an honest person and that she waned to roll with him but he broke up the alliance. She wants him to amend the alliance. She says that he is willing to honor what was broken. She says that Tom does not see that he broke the alliance.


11:04AM BBT Natalie, Ricky and Lolo continue to plan Lolo speaking to Tom. She says it is important that they tell him that they saved him over Kato. Lolo is pushing for Kandi to go. Lolo says that they need to tell him that they honored him and didn't send him home.


11:11AM BBT Lolo and Ricky pray. She prays for Tom to have perspective when she talks to him and to give her words like he gave Moses. She asks that God watch over her, Ricky and Natalie and that the talk goes well.


11:30AM BBT Natalie putting on make up and Dina in the WC. Natalie talking about how she thinks it is better that Tom is playing by himself now. Talk turns to jet skiing when Lolo comes in.


11:34AM BBT Natalie and Lolo are alone in the WCA. Natalie is wondering what Tom is thinking. Natalie doesn't think he will put up Lolo. Lolo says she was the only one that picked him yesterday. Lolo says it just depends if Tom wants to make amends.

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11:48 am BBT camera 3 and 4- Kandi checks in with Tom about his plan. HE said no change, it is two of the three. He said they need to think to the end of the HOH reign to the voting. HE is asking if Tamar would vote to evict those three. Kandi said yes. Tom asked Kandi to communicate these thoughts with Tamar since she has a good relationship. They agree that Tamar doesn't have to know until after nominations. 


Tom said he is going to approach Lolo about being a pawn on the block with the idea he is going for Ricky. They debate how to maneuver the three for nominations based on who would vote for who. Also considering the combinations that might be left on the block after POV.


Kandi is pushing to evict Natalie instead of Ricky. She presents some valid reasons. Tom said he wants Natalie to go next (after Ricky). He also said they are all strong and a threesome, so all need to go. Tom said basically he wants Lolo to stay out the three of Ricky, Natalie and Lolo. 


Tom again askes Kandi to whisper to Tamar and ask if he does not put her on the block, if she will not put him on the block if she wins HOH next. Kandi said she will talk to Tamar for him. 

12 noon BBT camera 3 and 4- Kandi and Dina talk. DIna does not have microphone on, called out sternly by production. It seemed they were agreeing they want Natalie out first, and Dina said he won't listen. Both laugh. Dina said "can we phone a friend" (I think meaning Kato). 

They then shift to talking about clothing, eye lashes and other random topics such as hair after Dina gets her microphone adjusted. 


Kandi stops at SR on way to WA and Tamar is in SR.  Tamar starts to raise her voice to Kandi and tell her to quit doing so much and just lay low. Kandi doesn't respond and leaves the room and goes to WA where DIna is washing her bangs to dry them again. Tamar goes into WA and brushes her teeth.  DIna asks Tamar how she slept and she replies horrible. Kandi leaves. 

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12:12 pm BBT camera 3 and 4- Tamar said to DIna in the WA- didn't I tell her to chill out? She said I said "Chill out".. she doesn't even know what she is doing! (talking about Kandi) Again Tamar said "Mama Dina- do you know how many times I told her to chill out"  


Dina said things are moving fast, so the way to the final five is there. Tamar is upset. Again, Tamar vents about Kandi. 

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11:45AM BBT Tom and Kandi talking. He says that they need to manage the back end of the his HOH. He says it will be one of the three. He asks Kandi how loyal Tamar is to the three of them (Ricky, Lolo and Natalie). She tells him that Tamar knows they have to vote them out.


11:53AM BBT Tom and Kandi continue to talk about his options. He may talk to Lolo about being a pawn and putting her and Ricky up. He is going over who would vote for who.


12:14PM BBT Tamar talking to Dina in the WCA. Tamar is upset. She says that she has told Kandi to chill and she isn't. Tamar says Kandi is selfish. She says that she hates when she wakes up this way. Tamar says that she told Kandi that she is doing too much.


12:26PM BBT Kandi and Lolo were talking and started discussing when Kandi was on Family Feud. Tamar comes out of the WCA with her make up half on and starts telling them about her time on Family Feud. Kandi gives up and starts prepping food.

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12:37PM BBT Tom passes Ricky in the SR. He asks Ricky if they can talk. He wants to talk to everyone. Ricky says yes and Tom leaves. 


12:43PM BBT Tamar goes to her BR and says to Ricky that Tom isn't going to meet with her. She says he didn't care about her and that she is moving her bedroom today. Ricky rolls his eyes and it goes silent in the room.


12:50PM BBT Lolo and Ricky talking about that Tom wants to talk to everyone. Lolo says it can be good or bad. Lolo says that she thinks it is a good thing he wants to talk. Lolo says she hopes she can show Tom that no one betrayed him. 



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1:01 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kandi, Dina and Natalie in the KT. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tom in the HoH. Tom talks to us. Tom says: Hello, I am back in the HoH room again. That's a relief. We are going to have meetings today and make deals. If I learned anything from before, it is that you are only HoH for a moment and then you are not. He wants to make some deals for future safety. He also has to figure out how to put 2 people on the block but not have the one who stays coming after him. 


1:07 PM BBT Tom shows us a picture of him and his mother. He is an infant in the picture. He shows us a picture of him and his brother, Joe. Tom "How do I do this. I guess we just do it." 


1:08 PM BBT Tom exits the HoH and tells the house that he is ready for one on one chats and they can come up an time he is ready. Ricky heads up first. 


1:09 PM BBT Tom and Ricky are alone in the HoH. Tom says he has a proposal. He wants to put Ricky on the block. Allow him to fight for veto. If he doesn't win the veto then Tom fights for his votes to stay. Ricky says that he thinks that is fair but he has a different proposal. Ricky reminds him he is only safe this week. If he doesn't put him up, he will ensure as much as in his power to keep him safe. Between Natalie, Lolo and himself, they had enough votes to evict him and didn't. If he keeps those 3 safe, his chances of staying go through the roof. 


1:13 PM BBT Tom tells Ricky that it would look weird if he didn't put him on the block. Ricky said that he fought to keep him so not putting him on the block would be paying him back. Tom asks him how that went down. Ricky says that Tom was safe. Kato was the target. If Kato come off with the veto, Kandi was going up and she would have been the target. They decided to save Tom. So, it would be returning the favor. 


1:15 PM BBT Tom reminds Ricky that he has been on the block twice. Ricky tells Tom to remember that he has given him sound advice all along. Even when they weren't getting along, his advice was always sound. Ricky's plan for Tom can't backfire. Even if Tamar or Kandi wins HoH, Ricky's plan still offers him 3 votes. Ricky says the last part of his plan is for Tom to nominate Dina and Tamar. That potentially puts everyone on his side. Tom and Ricky decide to process it. 

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1:20 PM BBT Tom is now talking to Natalie. If he doesn't put him up, she tries to keep him safe in return. Tom asks what happened last week. Natalie says she feels like her and Lolo were totally on board with everything. Then. for whatever reason, as soon as we started to stray from the main plan, things got dicey and started to change. Kato started to make them feel like Lolo was going on the block and she was getting replaced by Dina. 


1:25 PM BBT Natalie tells Tom that they started to get paranoid because Dina seemed to know things that she shouldn't know. Paranoia told them that if they used the veto, Lolo would be replaced with Dina. Natalie mentions Kato's blow up. Tom says that their alliance was clearly over by then. That was he and Kato breaking up with them. Natalie asks Tom what his thoughts are. Tom says he was to negotiate protection for next week. Natalie feels like she will be the next HoH. She wants a letter. 


1:29 PM BBT Tom tells Natalie that he is considering not putting her on the block. However, if the veto brings someone down then he may have to put her up as a replacement. However, his target will be the remaining original nominee. If she wins the veto, she will keep the noms the same. In return, when she wins HoH next week, she will talk to him about who they are putting up. She will protect him.


1:35 PM BBT Natalie tells Tom that she appreciates him keeping her safe and she will keep him safe next week. Tom says that is exactly what he wanted to hear. They hug as she exits the HoH.
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1:20 pm BBT- HOHR- Tom and Natalie- Tom tells Natalie the conversation should be private and she should not discuss with anyone, even Lolo,  Ricky and Tamar. He said if she agrees, he will not put her on the block at nominations if she will not put him up if she wins HOH. She quickly agrees. He then tells her that they should talk some more to waste time for the others to think they have more to talk about. He asks what went down last week and she tells her version of the events. 

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1:37 PM BBT Tamar has now joined Tom in the HoH. Essentially, all he wants is if he doesn't put her on the block, she doesn't put him on the block. Tamar tells him that she meant it when she said it was not personal when she put him on the block. She is trying to play smart. She is playing for her kid. Going against anyone in her room, that is the short way to lose. But, I won't put you on the block. 


1:37 PM BBT Tamar has now joined Tom in the HoH. Essentially, all he wants is if he doesn't put her on the block, she doesn't put him on the block. Tamar tells him that she meant it when she said it was not personal when she put him on the block. She is trying to play smart. She is playing for her kid. Going against anyone in her room, that is the short way to lose. But, I won't put you on the block. 


1:40 PM BBT Tom asks Tamar if he avoids putting her on the block, would she also let her vote go where he would like it to go. She asks which way that is. He doesn't know. She laughs and says you are going to have to tell me something. He said that they have time still and will talk before hand. Tamar says that if she wins she will go after the two strongest players in the house. Tom asks who that is but she avoids answering by talking about how Lolo likes Tom. 


1:45 PM BBT Tom is now speaking to Lolo. Tom's proposal is not going to be easy for Lolo to absorb. It won't sound perfect at first. Like he has done with everyone else, he asks for her to keep the conversation confidential. Lolo says she was loyal to the four so she will. He tells her that he wants to put her on the block. She wins the veto and takes herself off. If she doesn't win the veto, the other person is the target. Lolo asks him who the target is. He is pretty sure he knows who, and she can probably guess who that is, but it is fluctuating. If she agrees to this, and doesn't talk to anyone else, then his plan will work. 


1:48 PM BBT If he keeps her from going home, he asks that she not put him on the block. Lolo tells Tom that he really hurt her the last time he was HoH. They really thought they were going to the end together. He then wanted to back door Ricky and he got very close to Dina. She lost trust. That was very hurtful. Tom blamed her and Natalie for dismantling the alliance. She got caught in the backfire. Now, he is talking about putting her on the block. He and Kato broke the alliance. His proposal makes her uneasy but she understands it. Tom says he is being honest and truthful that she is not the target. Tom says that even if the other nominee wins the veto, the replacement nominee will be the target. Not a purposeful backdoor. 


1:54 PM BBT Lolo tells Tom that she didn't break the alliance and was ready to go the end with them. It is like a double whammy. Now he wants to put her on the block. At the end of the day, you are HoH and you know how this things go. You have the come back of desires and dream. TV loves an epic comeback and a great transformation. She admits that she likes what he is saying but wants to understand it more.


1:58 PM BBT Lolo reminds Tom that he has to play to win the game as well. Dina and Kandi aren't winning anything. They have no blood on their hands. They will be hard to beat in the end. Lolo says if he is thinking about the final, they had a team. He feels betray. Please go back and read the tweets. She thought they had a team. He admits that he may have misinterpreted some things. 


2:00 PM BBT Lolo asks Tom to repeat the plan. He puts her up, she either wins the veto and takes herself down and if not, she is not the target. She tells him that if he was truly trying to make amends, then why not put the others up, the ones who haven't done anything, and let them fight it out. I will be loyal, a team player, regardless.


2:02 PM  BBT Lolo "Whatever Tom, at this point I am preparing to go on the block. Tom "Good, I think you should and you should be fine." Tom asks why she wants to get rid of the ones who never win anything. Lolo reminds him that she has gotten into arguments with everyone. At the end, who is going to vote for her if she is up against someone with no blood on her hands. 

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2:06 PM BBT Tom says that Lolo does have some things that would help her in the final 2. He knows that Dina and Kandi are wealthy. Everybody is voting and if she is up against someone who is wealthy, they may vote with that in mind. He tells her that he isn't doing this for the money. She asks him what he is doing it for. He said the exposure. He doesn't need the money. Meanwhile the money would help her train in the next Olympics. Lolo "You aren't joking with me right now?" Tom "No, I am not." If she trusts him, she walks away safe. She says she wants to trust him and hopes that this is a real conversation. He said it would be too wrong to lie about that this way. She has tears in her eyes and says it would be someone using her hopes and dreams against her. He says that he understands and let's do this.


2:11 PM BBT Next up with Tom is Dina. He wants to make an agreement with her....she interrupts saying "100%, you don't even have to ask." He tells her to listen to the agreement first. No one talks about this. Confidential. He has a plan. He doesn't put her on the block and if she wins HoH, she doesn't put him up. Dina says of course. Tom "And I may need your vote to go a certain way." Dina says that Natalie is the most dangerous one. She has swindled the other guys in the house. She knew that Natalie was going to swindle him and Kato too. Dina says that Lolo is the emotional one but she hasn't won anything. Natalie is the shark. She is the ruthless one. Since day one, as a mom, she say that she has been rude. Her girls would never do that. She is married. What is she doing? She needs to get it together. 


2:17 PM BBT Dina tells Tom that Natalie and Lolo are the easy ones. Break that sh*t up. Between the two of them, Natalie is the worst and Ricky is the floater. Tom says his idea is that he has already divided Natalie and Lolo. We get Ricky out this week. Lolo works with us. We have a final 4, you mean, Kandi and Lolo. Dina doubts Lolo will honor that. Tom says that she wants to win. 


2:19 PM BBT Tom tells her that if Ricky wins veto, Natalie goes up and she goes home. Dina starts to him about Kato and how he was the villain of their duo and intimidated others. Tom says he wants to change the topic because he is tired of that energy. Dina tells him okay and that Kandi is very loyal. She would never go against them.


2:24 PM BBT Tom confirms the final plan. Dina stays off the block. In turn, she doesn't nominate him. If she wins the veto, don't use it and Ricky goes home. If the veto is used, Natalie goes up and she goes home. 

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2:45 to 3:20 pm - HOHR- Tom and Kandi talking. Kandi wants Natalie and Ricky on the block. She explains how the one in the trio not on the block could take the other off, so 2 would be safe. Kandi said Natalie could win VETO and take Ricky off, so both would be safe. Tom said, then we would have to vote Lolo off? Kandi said YES!  He said would she do that to Lolo? Kandi said YES. Tom goes back to Natalie promising him safety next HOH. Kandi said it wouldn't probably happen anyway. They are going to put Tom and herself up most likely.  Besides, she tells him, they are down there discussing everything you talked about with each of them anyway! She said HE needs to put the two he most wants to go home on the block together so at least one of them is guaranteed to go home! Tom struggles with the fact he already told Natalie she was safe. They think they can make Lolo appreciate not being on the block at all. 


Conversation ends shortly after Natalie rings doorbell. Tom tells her he is in one on one with Kandi and Natalie said "oh another one" implying he already talked to Kandi once. 


Tom and Kandi leave it that he will put Natalie and Ricky up. Tom leaves the HOHR with Kandi and wanders downstairs and then goes to DR.

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2:35pm BBT Natalie complains that Dina and Kandi don't do anything. Tamar agrees and hates that Kandi is there. Natalie says Kandi has Tamar to thank, and she'll thank you on the outside. Tamar doesn't know which one is worse. Tamar says if she wins Veto, she wouldn't use it. 

2:40pm BBT Natalie says she wants Kandi out before Tom. Tamar asks if it is personal. Natalie says no, because she can win. Natalie says she doesn't know what she'll do if she wins Veto. It could be worse who he (Tom) puts up in place of whomever I take down. Tamar says it could be me.  It'll be me.  If you win Veto, you have to use it, she says. Natalie says Ricky or Lolo will probably win Veto. 

2:45pm BBT Ricky tells Lolo, Natalie and Tamar that Tom is pretending to offer the HG something but already has his plan in place. He's just trying to hedge his bets for next time. Kandi is meeting with Tom and says that Tom should nominate his targets directly. Tom doesn't think Natalie would use the Veto on Ricky. 

2:55pm Ricky tells Natalie should tell Tom no deal.  He doesn't think Tom will nominate her after already promising him and Lolo they would be nominated. Tom tells Kandi that if he nominates Lolo, Natalie will think they are working together. Then they can get Natalie out next week because she trusts him. Kandi disagrees.

3:00pm Kandi tells Tom that Lolo will be more appreciative of not being nominated than Natalie. She tells him that Kandi, Natalie and Ricky are talking. Tom says they don't have a lot of options. Tom is worried about nominating Natalie and then her winning HoH next week and going after him. Kandi says they can always vote her out. 

3:05pm BBT Tom tells Kandi that Natalie (is to him) is her Ricky. Kandi says she's overall a better player than Ricky. If both are not nom together, one can take the other off and you cannot touch either. Tom says I agree but that means changing my deal with Natalie. She's going to gun for you either way, Kandi warns.

3:10pm BBT Kandi cautions that if Tom tells Natalie he's withdrawing their deal, she'll blame Kandi. Tom says he doesn't mind breaking the deal because they (Lolo, Ricky, Natalie) have been so rude to me. Kandi says basically, Ricky hasn't won any comps and so he's less of a threat.

3:15pm BBT Tom thinks if he nominates Ricky and Natalie and they vote Natalie off, then he can convince Ricky he's a friend. Kandi says at least he'll respect that you were honest. She says they are all lying.  The only one I half trust is Lolo. 

3:20pm BBT Tom tells Kandi that Ricky offered a Final 4 deal with him, Natalie and Lolo if he would put up you and Dina. But I'm not stupid, he says. He would rather nominate vote out Ricky, Lolo or Natalie and be evicted next than have any of them win the game. 

3:40pm BBT Natalie tells Tamar that Tom is avoiding her, and she's OK with that as long as she doesn't go up. Tamar agrees, he can stay away from her too as long as she's safe. 

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3:45pm BBT Ricky tells Natalie and Lolo that if one of them is going up, it should be him. She says he's crazy. The best chance they have, Ricky says, is if you two aren't stressed. He tells Lolo she's got this. He says he doesn't want this week to tear them apart. He's a healer and mentor and not into the competition.


3:50pm BBT Ricky tells Lolo and Natalie that he's enjoyed the conversations in the house more than the competitions and getting the HG to believe in themselves. He's OK if he's evicted and they win.  Rick tells Tom he looks stressed and offers a shoulder rub. Tom says OK, if you want another conversation. Natalie also tells Tom he looks stressed. Tom says he's still not sure what he's going to do.

4:00pm Ricky assures Natalie Tom is putting him and Lolo up and not her. He says he's Tom's nemesis. You can see it in his eyes. FotH. Possibly time for nominations.

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4:48PM BBT Feeds back. Natalie telling Tamar and Lolo to get their act together. She and Ricky are on the block. Natalie is furious that she is on the block.


4:54PM BBT Natalie is telling Tamar that she is a competitor and she is going to take Tom down. She is furious that she is n the block. She leaves the room and then comes back and tells Lolo and Tamar that Tom is hiding in the HOH room.


5:00PM BBT Tamar, Lolo and Natalie talking. They said Tom is a terrible person because he made deals with people. They are all heated. Lolo says that BB is editing and not showing all the manipulation Tom does.


5:11PM BBT Lolo and Natalie are in the lounge. Natalie says that she is glad that they didn't use the Veto on Tom. They talk about that Ricky is going to fall on his sword for them. They said Production can't tell him what to do. They said if Ricky wins the veto, he is allowed to do what he wants.



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 5:17PM BBT Lolo is upset that Tom used her Olympic dream as part of the game. She then calls Tom a male chauvinistic pig and cams change. The cam changes with that and we watch Ricky and Kandi playing cards.


5:26PM BBT In the BR, Dina, Natalie and Tamr talking. Natalie upset that Tom lied about her going up. Dina asks her what time she spoke with Tom to see if it changed. Natalie said it doesn't matter. She says Tom has lied about everything. Dina says she has to win somthing. Natalie says that Dina is sitting pretty and doesn't have to win. 


5:30PM BBT Tamar lying in bed. Talking about how sick she is. Dina tells her she has to go to the DR and ask for something holistic or something. Dina leaves the room and Tamar called her ditzy. Natalie says they need her vote.


5:47PM BBT Lolo and Natalie talking in the SR. Lolo tells her that she tweeted out that crying on command comes naturally to her. She just has to think about watching Tom Green movies. We get reels.

 5:57PM BBT Lolo tells Natalie that she would call Tom out at finale telling him that he is a greasy old man. She wouldn't care because Tom would be locked up in the house and she would be mingling backstage telling all the HG that Tom was just awful. We gets FOTH.

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