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Tuesday, February 5, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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6:01PM BBT: Lolo is talking with Dina in the BR about the shift in power.  The feeds go to WBRB.


6:03PM BBT: Feeds are back with Natalie complaining to Dina and Lolo about Tom lying to her.  They believe that Tom will be out following his HOH.  Kandi and Ricky continue to play cards at the KT table.


6:06PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie feed Dina their master plan and Dina is either playing dumb or really doesn't understand the game.  She says that she's tired, so not easily following their directions.


6:15PM BBT: Ricky joins Dina, Lolo and Natalie in the PBR, which shuts down their all girl F5 talk.  Kandi studies the faces on the wall in the KT.


6:20PM BBT: Lolo tells Ricky about her tweet joke about how she can start crying on demand, all she has to do is watch one of his movies.  She then says she should've said his comedy show instead.  Ricky says "are you taking shots at Tom?"


6:29PM BBT: Kandi is in the KT prepping brussel sprouts for cooking.  Back in the PBR, Ricky tells the girls how he went back to school 15 years after leaving and got his college degree in Educational Psychology and is currently working on his masters' in Chinese medicine.


6:48PM BBT: The house is fairly quiet as the chit chat has calmed down.  Tom is laying in bed watching Kandi cooking on the HOH monitor.


6:51PM BBT: Ricky explains to Natalie and Lolo that there's a healthy way to die and an unhealthy way to die, that is based on how you handle the end of your life and accept it.


6:53PM BBT: In the PBR, Natalie changes the topic back to Tom, and that he believes he changed his noms because he's overthinking everything.


6:54PM BBT: Tom comes down to the KT and asks Kandi where everyone is and are they ok.  He leads her back to the WA to talk.  She tells him that she plays cards with Ricky, but no talk other than that.  She heads back to the stove where her brussel sprouts are still cooking.


6:58PM BBT: Tom walks through the PBR and says hi to Natalie, Lolo and Ricky, says hi and asks if everyone's doing ok while giving them fist bumps.  When he leaves, they make faces and say that it's so uncomfortable now.


7:04PM BBT: Tom gets some food and sits down to eat with Kandi.  He brings up that being in the house is like being in a mall with a lot of people and half of them are mad at him.  They both want to go back later and try to figure out what was really happening in the house.


7:18PM BBT: Kandi talks to Tom about letting everyone chill today and that tomorrow will be better.  Kandi explains that they're angry.  He says well he's been angry for two weeks.


7:20PM BBT: Till in the PBR, Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are studying various household items and then move on to study the days.  


7:23PM BBT: At the KT table, Kandi suggests that Tom go in and hang out with the other HG.  He says no, they'll just glare at him.  She laughs and tells him to calm down and stop stressing.


7:25PM BBT: Kandi and Tom head upstairs to play pool.  Apparently the cards were going missing, so they had to order more.


7:44PM BBT: All cameras are still on Kandi and Tom playing pool.  No game talk other than where they're hitting the balls.


7:58PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie finally emerge from the PBR and go to the KT.  Ricky follows. They tease Natalie about fasting until 10pm.  They mention that now that there are less people, they can hear the cameras turn more.


8:02PM BBT: Tom came down from the HOHR and tells the others that he could hear the go carts.  Tamar is applying make up in the WA.  


8:06PM BBT: Tom tries to make conversation with Ricky, Lolo and Natalie in the KT, but they are acting very cold towards him.


8:07PM BBT: Kandi is tweeting in the lounge.


8:14PM BBT: Lolo, Natalie and Ricky are talking about fasting while drinking tea at the KT table. Lolo ties her fasting to the Bible/God and says that temptation is thrown her way when she does.    Tom heads to the lounge tweeting, and Kandi joins the others in the KT.


8:20PM BBT: Tom is talking to the lounge cameras about other HG, and how Ricky/Lolo/Natalie are like a zen-anger cult. He gives a shout out with his social media information and that his parents are running it for him.  He also says that he misses Ryan, Jonathan and Kato, because at least they were fun about the game.  He doesn't like the fact that the others are trying to intimidate him, which makes him want to win the comps more.


8:26PM BBT: Dina joins Kandi, who is laying in her bed because there's nothing to do. Dina makes it clear that she was not as dumb as she led on earlier with Natalie/Lolo, and whispers different scenarios with Kandi regarding the upcoming veto comp.   


8:36PM BBT: Tom is upstairs asking if anyone downstairs wants to play pool.  No response. Dina lays down on the bridge couch and says she's never fell asleep like that in her life.  She gets up to play a game with Tom.


8:40PM BBT:  Lolo, Natalie and Ricky. Nat wonders who thought of cards.  Ricky thinks that they started with Tarot cards and progressed from there.


8:48PM BBT: While playing pool, Tom tells Dina that she needs to win the veto.  They then return to their pool game, while wondering if Julie will have any twists this week.


8:54PM BBT: Dina says that they need to get some air outside tonight.  Tom jokes at how much fun all them would have to be out there together.  Dina said she doesn't "give a sh*t, who cares?"



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Cameras are on Tom and Dina playing billiards upstairs.


Dina has whispered several times to Tom, we can't hear what she says, but Tom responds with “I don't even care.”


Dina wonders what is on at the movies.


Camera 1 switches to Kandi, who is napping. Riveting stuff.


Just general talk for a few minutes and Dina asks Tom if he plays in the next HOH, he tells her she has to win the next HOH and the veto tomorrow.


Dina wonders if there will be a twist, Tom hopes not. Dina says maybe he can put a third person on the block and Tom says that would be a good twist.


Dina tells Tom that Tamar doesn't feel well.


Camera 2 goes to bedroom


Tamar and Natalie are talking about “her”--maybe Dina, but not sure--. Tamar tells Natalie that she tricked her.


Natalie tells Tamar that Dina is too friendly with Tom.


Dina comes into the bedroom and they leave the area.--she was called to the diary room.


Cameras move to the kitchen and we get WBRB for just a few moments, then goes back to WBRB again.


When camera returns it is to the kitchen where Kandi is at the sink and Ricky is at the dining table and Lolo is wandering around the island.


Tamar is not on camera, but we an hear her.


Ricky is snacking and playing solitaire—[Dina spilled the beans about Kandi using the cards to study days, so it could be that they have plotted to keep the deck busy]


Camera moves to bedroom


Natalie is talking to Lolo, says Tom has nerve to talk to her after he lied to her face.


Lolo mumbles and puts on her sunglasses.


Natalie puts her hood up, she wonders if it is a setup.


Lolo seems to think it doesn't matter at this point.


Ricky is still playing solitaire, Kandi is cleaning up in the kitchen and Tamar is sitting at the island.


Natalie and Lolo are admiring their sunglasses look, Natalie with a hoodie and Lolo with the fringe from the blanket over her head.


The girls are wondering what Ricky would do if he wins the game. Lolo says Tamar says she will buy a house, she says Tamar is on two TV shows, she doesn't get it.


Lolo says Tamar can't get Kandi out if she doesn't have Ricky around and Ricky is not talking to Tom at all.


Natalie says she is not talking to Tom either, but Lolo says she is a little.


The girls are feeling sorry for Ricky, he will be going out.


Lolo says Ricky has little hope of winning the veto. Lolo says she has noses, lips and eyebrows memorized and if it is that she can win it. Lolo says she hears leaf blowers out there, why would they need leaf blowers with pictures.


Natalie wonders if Tom has studied, she says last season it was pictures at this time.


Lolo says her favorite people were on CBB last year.


Natalie wants to know what Tamar is doing, Ricky—he came in a few minutes ago—says Tamar is cooking, eating, cooking eating. She is with Kandi.


Natalie and Lolo are talking about the games from last season, they are trying to remember what has not been played yet this year.


Natalie mentions speeches and Lolo tells her it is her time to shine. Lolo asks her what she will say.


Lolo makes a suggestion that makes no sense. “Do you want me to come back to this house as an enemy to you or a friend to you. Because I am coming back to this house.”--unless she is referring to Natalie's vote.


Room gets quiet. Kandi now has the deck of cards and is playing old fashioned solitaire, they are not placed in rows of five she uses to count days.


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Tom comes downstairs, says he has been playing piano. He is humming the tune. Bob says nothing.

He says it is like Northern Ontario jazz as played by someone who is not very good.


Kandi says it must be boring, Tom agrees and demonstrates with more humming. Bob says nothing.


Camera moves to the bedroom where Natalie, Lolo and Ricky are napping


Back to kitchen where Tom has stopped his concert.


Tom says he was surprised he did not do well at the Gallagher competition. He say he knew weird things like the number of watermelon seeds or colored balloons there were. Tom says it was super cool seeing him, he was an inspiration to him when he was younger. Tom had a Gallagher VHS tape years ago that he watched over and over.


Tom says he was a class clown and went to a comedy club to heckle, he says they were kicked out for distracting the comedian. There was an open mic night so they wrote down the number—with a pen and paper--. Tom left his name and number on an answering machine, he did a 7 minute routine. He was recognized as the kid who was kicked out the week before. The bouncer talked the manager into giving them a shot at it. Tom said he did pretty well for a 16 year old. The manager let him do the routines every week, and that's how he got started. They called him Little Tommy Green. Some of the people who were in this club became popular in United States later.


Ricky is called to the diary room downstairs.


Tom says Axle F was named about an Eddy Murphy role, Axle Foley...


Dina and Tom are repeating lines from older movies.


Tamar comes in and Tom offers to make her soup. He has famous soup for colds, his recipe is whatever there is in the storage room.


Tamar says she will have steak. Tom says steak is very good for colds.


Tamar goes back to the bedroom, Natalie says it seems like Kandi is on “his” team.


Tamar tells her she feels like she is back in high school, where she did things to make people like her, and she is too old for that. There is no reason for her to try to make a friendship with someone who doesn't like her—Kandi-- Bygones will not be bygones.


Tamar says no matter what she has done it does not matter to Kandi.


Natalie makes comments about Kandi being “out there” with them in the kitchen


Tamar says she is not willing to try more, and it seems blatant.


Natalie says Four of us saved her a^^.”

Tamar tells Natalie she is not going anywhere.


Natalie asks if Kandi has talked to Kandi at all, and Tamar says she is avoiding Kandi she made her act crazy. They saved her and she ran to the other side.


Natalie informs Tamar that Kandi had the power, Ricky told her.


Tamar changes the subject.


Natalie is angry because Tom told her she wasn't going up on the block, and she is on the block. All of them think Ricky is the target.


Natalie and Lolo have broken the agreement with Tom, they told each other that Tom told them they are not the target.


Tamar tells them if she wins veto she will not use it in case Tom replaces Natalie with Lolo.


Lolo says they told Dina that if she votes to keep Natalie they will keep her safe until the final. [I think final four,,just a guess]


Tamar says Dina is a floater, she will tell you whatever you want to hear. She is going to the kitchen to check on her steak.


Lolo says they are faced with a situation where they don't know what will happen, will it be Ricky, or will Natalie go and then come back into the house.


Natalie says if Ricky wins the veto and takes himself off they are f^^^^ed.


Lolo asks if Natalie believes Ricky, and Natalie says she does believe him. Lolo says Ricky is p^^^sed, that they should have kept him out of the alliance and let him free float.


Lolo says it would be amazing if Natalie wins tomorrow.


Still Crazy 8s in the kitchen, Tamar is at the stove.


Lolo says if she is back doored, there will be people in the house in their alliance.


Natalie says she is not ready for her game to be up.


Lolo says, “no of course not.”


Natalie says she is still upset that Tom won, his chances were so slim.


Lolo says he should have used his come back in a better way.

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10:25PM BBT: (estimated as i recorded) on BBAD, Dina was in 5BR with Tamar and said she ran into Eddie Murphy and was excited hoping Lindsay or Dakota would could be in a movie with him.


Just before this Tom was called into the SR and POP gave Tom some chocolates that have caffeine in them called Awake.  He figures it was because he walks around with Orwell a lot doing stuff late night.


10:38PM BBT: Tom and Dina headed outside (BY) to the fire.  Tom started doing a Tom and Dina fireside chat to the cameras.

He started a game with her doing celebrity name dropping.

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Crazy 8s in the kitchen-Tom, Dina and Kandi.


Natalie and Lolo in the bedroom.


Ricky in diary room.


Tamar cooking.


Dina checks and the back door is open. They decide to finish the game before going outside.


Tom is called to the storage room.


POP TV has sent a gift. Awake bar and a congratulation for winning HOH. Tom thanks them and gives them thumbs up.


He brings back the little box of chocolates with the owl on it. He says one piece is the same as an half a cup of coffee. He offers some to the others. Tom thanks POP TV again.


Tom tries the vegan cookies Tamar ordered, she says they are the best cookies she has ever had, and Tom agrees that it is an amazing cookie. Tamar says Joey told her about them, it makes her feel like they are healthy but they are not.


Tamar goes to lie down.


Tom shows Orwell the camera to say hello to POP TV.




Tom and Dina go outside. Tom welcome viewers to his fireside chat.


He describes the BB House.


He asks Dina questions about her life in the entertainment business.


He asks Dina about her favorite moments and people she has met during her long career.


She mentions Meryl Streep and her daughters, she says they are all lovely. She also mentions Jane Fonda.


Dina says she is anti-bullies, she says you see some of that inside the BB house, but it is strategic. She has met some amazing people, she gives shout outs to the house guests who have left.


To see the interview, you can rewind to 10:45 pm BB time.


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10:40PM BBT: They started talking about Lindsay's movies, mentioned Mean Girls.  Her other daughter's charity of choice against bullying.  She says BB has strategic bullying in it.


10:50PM BBT (or so) Dina and Tom talk about Kato leaving a potato under her pillow often calling them Kato Potatoes. They recap the past couple of days and how Kato left, Tom thought he was leaving. He mentioned how his alliances blew up.  Dina brings up that he had all these alliances without her.  She does a quick fashion show as Tom rambles on.


Dina continues about her kids.  Dakota will be modeling with IMG in NY and then LA.   One of her daughters is recording an album when she gets out.


Dina tells the cameras Tom has a beer and moonshine coming out. He gave out the link to the brewer in Canada. The beer is Tom Green Beer which is a milk stout.  didn't look up the other... more sales pitches from them about these.


11:05PM BBT Tom and Dina discuss the angry celebs in the house and how after 2 weeks of him being HoH, plenty are mad at him.  They also are surprised that people aren't better sports about the game.  He then describes how after the eviction, the one staying "will be fighting to win that(HoH) with such fire and vigor in their eyes with determination in their eyes, not because they are having fun playing a game, but because they want to get me out of this place.  They want to get me out of this place more than anything in the world. If they could wish for any one thing in the world, they would wish to get me out the door of this house."


They say the tension is real and exciting, but people have really gone cuckoo

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11:45PM BBT: Dina and Tom in BCNY playing pool.  Tom says he feels like he should have gone home a while ago and he's on borrowed time anyway.   Dina says she wishes they would have aligned with her a while ago but they figure that may have made her a target earlier too.  Tom shoots in Dina's ball, oops.  She then knocks in one of hers and his, oops.  Pool sharks they aren't.   They keep looking for Kandi hoping she isn't in the bedroom with the rest of the cast.  Just then she appears and a break,...


11:53PM BBT: Natalie just got out of DR and Lolo was called in.  Kandi is with Tom and Dina in BCNY while they play pool.  Kandi equated Tom to Gallum in Lord of the rings with the ring when he got the HoH Key.


11:58PM BBT BBAD ended as Tom, Kandi and Dina were trying to figure out when the next live show is.  

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9:00PM BBT: Tom and Dina are playing pool upstairs, Dina keeps whispering to Tom. Tom just keeps saying, "I don't even care." Dina talks about movies and asks if Tom gets to play in the next HOH. He says no. 

9:06PM BBT: Tamar and Natalie are talking in the HOBR, Tamar says, "can you imagine how embarrassed I am right now?" Tamar is upset and feels like she was tricked. Natalie says Dina is too friendly with Tom. Dina is called to the DR. 

9:08PM BBT: General conversation throughout the house, Ricky is in the KT playing solitaire and Kandi is at the Sink. Lolo is wandering around. 

9:13PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the HOBR, Natalie can't believe Tom had the nerve to talk to her after he lied to her face. Both are wearing their sunglasses because it blocks the light. Natalie thinks it could be a set up. Lolo says it doesn't matter at this point. 

9:17PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie talk about Tamar, Kandi, and Ricky. Lolo says Tamar can't get Kandi out without Ricky's help, but Ricky isn't talking to Tom right now. 

9:19PM BBT: Ricky enters the HOBR, they talk about studying the photos. Lolo says Tom gets up early and has lots of time to study. Ricky tells them Tamar is in the KT with Kandi. 

9:30PM BBT: Tom walks downstairs humming, he tells Kandi he was playing the piano. Kandi is playing cards. Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky are in the HOBR napping. In the KT, Tom is telling Kandi he's surprised he didn't do well in the Gallagher comp. He says he had a VHS years ago that he watched over and over again. 

9:40PM BBT: Ricky is called into the DR downstairs. "That means we're next," Natalie says to Lolo, who only grunts. General conversation throughout the house, Tom tells Tamar soup is good for colds. Tamar says she wants steak. 

9:45PM BBT: Natalie is putting on make up for the DR. Natalie thinks Kandi is on Tom's team now. Tamar says she feels like she's in high school again and she's too old for that now. Natalie tells Tamar that Kandi had the power and Ricky told her that. Tamar changes the subject. 

9:50PM BBT: Natalie is upset because she is on the block. They all think Ricky is the target and Natalie says they're "f***ed" if Ricky wins the veto and takes himself off the block. Tamar leaves the HOBR. T

10:00PM BBT: Tom, Dina, and Kandi are in the KT playing Crazy 8s. Natalie and Lolo are in the HOBR, Ricky is in the DR, and Tamar is cooking. Tom is called into the SR, POP TV has sent him a gift. 

10:16PM BBT: POP TV has given Tom a package, he says "thank you very much." POP TV gave Tom awake candy. Tom thanks them repeatedly. "We're in the Big Brother House!" He cheers before walking to the KT with his chocolate. 



10:19PM BB: Tom talks about his letter with Kandi and Tamar, he says he does have a letter from his girlfriend, but BB has it. He doesn't understand why they didn't give him that letter instead of the one he got. 

10:38PM BBT: Tom and Dina go to the BY, Tom welcomes everyone to his fireside chat. He talks about the BB House, asks Dina questions about her life, and about her favorite moments and people. Dina tells Tom she's anti-bullies and she sees some of that in the BB House. 

11:15PM BBT: Tamar, Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie are all in the HOBR napping, Ricky talks about his teacher. 

11:30PM BBT: Tom and Dina finish their show and interview. Tom and Dina go upstairs to play pool. Dina tells Tom she wants to save Natalie, Tom says they have to decide who they want to keep. Dina tels Tom Natalie us upset Tom lied to her. Tom says, "I did lie to her," but, "they lied first." 

11:40PM BBT: Tom tells Dina he doesn't like when people are condescending to him and he feels like Ricky is the source of that negative energy. He wants Ricky out and maybe everyone else with "lighten up." Tom tells Dina they don't really have to whisper anymore, because he put them on the block. It's not a secret he wants them out anymore. 

11:49PM BBT: In the HOBR, Tamar tells Natalie, Ricky, and Lolo that "these people f*****g crazy." Tom and Dina are still playing pool, Kandi joins them. Tom starts to talk about the veto, Kandi says, "can we please not talk about the veto?" Kandi says it stresses her out. Dina is hungry.

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