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Friday, January 25, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Celebrity Building Bedroom (CBBR)

The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

Upstairs Lounge (BCNY)

Hotel Bedroom (HOBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)
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and let's just call the gym, GYM
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12:03AM BBT: Jonathan is in the WA with Natalie, Tamar, Lolo, and Joey. Kandi and Dina are playing cards in the KT. Tom is in the CBBR pacing and talking to himself, trying to figure out what to do. He says he's waiting for Kato to get out of the DR.

12:06AM BBT: Tom says things are about to get crazy in the house. He doesn't want Jonathan to go home. Tom leaves the CBBR and thanks BB.

12:21AM BBT: Natalie and Tamar are in the HOBR whispering. Tamar says "they've lost their d*mn minds." Tamar thinks it's rude when people stop talking when you walk into the room. BB keeps jumping back and forth between feeds and "we'll be right back."

12:23AM BBT: Natalie tells Tamar that Kato and Tom are changing their votes. Natalie says Ryan and Jonathan have lied to them. Lolo enters the room. Tamar says the house is like a "G*d D*mn twilight zone." She sings the theme song and BB cuts the feeds.

12:29AM BBT: Natalie tells Tamar and Lolo that Tom and Kato want to talk to them, but not to Tamar. BB cuts the feeds again for a few seconds. 

12:30AM BBT: Tom and Kato are in the GYM, Tom says he's going to talk to Natalie and Lolo and tell them they need to save Jonathan. Tom is really frustrated with Ricky. Kato leaves to get Natalie and Lolo. Tom leaves, he says he'll get Natalie and Lolo. 

12:34AM BBT: Kato is standing on the balcony, he tells Dina, who is in the KT, not to be used. BB cuts the feeds. 

12:35AM BBT: Feeds are back to Kato telling Tom he's being emotional. BB cuts the feeds again. 

12:36AM BBT: Feeds are back, Kato and Lolo are in the GYM. Kato tells Lolo that Tom and Ricky are fighting. Tom and Natalie try to come into the GYM, Lolo says it looks too shady for them all to be together, so they do two on two in different rooms. Tom and Lolo talk in the GYM. 

12:38AM BBT: Tom doesn't think it matters if people see them talking. Tom tells Lolo he wants to change the vote for Friday. Lolo asks who he wants to go home, Tom says he wants to explain how he got to this conclusion. 

12:39AM BBT: Kato tells Natalie on the balcony that Tom wants to flip the vote and save Jonathan. Kato explains that Ryan, Jonathan and Joey would then join their alliance and they would "have everything." He explains the arguments between Ricky and Tom.

12:40AM BBT: Tom says Ricky is aggressive about the vote and Tom doesn't like being yelled at for wanting to talk about it. Tom says Ricky isn't letting them "discuss things," and Ricky just keeps saying, "we're not changing things!"

12:41AM BBT: Lolo is a little frustrated that Tom wants to flip the vote at midnight. She says she doesn't want to save someone who has tried to backdoor her twice. Tom says he's asking her to. Lolo is frustrated that it's ok for Tom to have emotions, but not her. 

12:41AM BBT: Kato says he likes Ricky, but things are going "weird" with him. Natalie says "no way," to Tom's idea. Kandi walks over and sits down. Natalie asks Kandi what happened with Ricky and Tom. Kandi says it's just Ricky's personality. 

12:42AM BBT: Lolo says she's not "f*cking stupid," and she doesn't want to flip the plan. Tom wants to explain more about why he wants to flip the vote. Tom says Ricky is "unpredictable," and that he's "attacking everyone."

12:43AM BBT: Tom tells Lolo that he doesn't think Ricky has any interest in being true to any alliance. He thinks Ricky is just wanting to cause confusion so he can win everything. Tom says Ricky is "brilliant" and "strong as hell," and that he's going to "steamroll through every competition."

12:44AM BBT: Kato leaves Natalie and Kandi. Natalie says Ricky and Tom got into it this morning also. She tells Kandi about that argument. She says Ricky called Tom a "pr*ck." Kandi shakes her head and says, "everyone in this house is weird."

12:44AM BBT: Kato walks in and says Kandi came upstairs. Lolo asks Tom to cut to the chase and tell her what he wants to do. Tom wants to tell Jonathan and Ryan what was going to happen, tell Jonathan that they're going to save them and then Lolo interrupts Tom and says, "No."

12:45AM BBT: Lolo does not want to save Jonathan. She asks Tom if he wants to be stabbed in the back or in the front, because Ryan and Jonathan will stab him in the back, but Ricky will do it to his face. Tom says both options "kinda suck."

12:46AM BBT: Lolo says Tom is too emotional and he shouldn't be making any decisions at midnight. Kato says Tom has been thinking about this for a few days now. Lolo is open to the idea, but she's not open to talking about it tonight. She wants them to wait until the morning to make a decision. 

12:47AM BBT: Jonathan and Ryan are whispering in the 5BR, they're discussing the Ricky situation. Ryan wants to talk to the girls about what Ricky told them. He says if he wanted one of the girls on the block, he would have put them on the block.

12:48AM BBT: Kato leaves the GYM, Tom tells Lolo he's going to talk to Jonathan tomorrow and tell him the votes are 5-2 for him to go unless he can join "their little crew." Lolo is against him doing that. Kandi walks in, Lolo keeps taking, Tom says he "doesn't want to talk about this in front of Kandi."

12:49AM BBT: Kandi leaves and Kato walks in. Lolo says she does not want to partner with Ryan because he's betrayed her over someone he's just met. Tom promises not to do anything unless Lolo and Natalie agree with him. Lolo says she needs time to process everything and she wants to talk about it tomorrow.

12:51AM BBT: Lolo asks who is going home if Jonathan doesn't. Tom says he doesn't know. Lolo says Jonathan will agree to anything because he's on the block. She says Jonathan wouldn't want to align with Tom because he has Ryan and Joey. Lolo begs Tom not to do anything tonight. Tom leaves. 

12:51AM BBT: Ryan and Jonathan are in the KT trying to figure out where Lolo and Tom. They think Lolo is in the DR, but don't know where Tom is. Ryan goes to lay on the couch in the LR. All four cameras on are him.

12:55AM BBT: Natalie walks downstairs. Ricky is at the table in the KT. Jonathan and Tamar are dancing. Tamar asks Ricky to go to bed "right now." Ryan and Lolo are in the HOBR, Lolo says "people are losing their f*cking minds tonight." Tamar and Ricky walk in.

12:56AM BBT: Natalie says she doesn't want to get involved in other people's drama. Tamar says everyone needs to calm down, Ricky agrees. Tamar says she's not on the block and "doesn't give a sh*t." Ricky asks if they're "supposed to walk around and not make people upset."

12:57AM BBT: Lolo tells Ricky, Natalie, and Tamar about the conversation with Tom. "It's a f*cking nightmare," Lolo says. 

1:03AM BBT: Ricky says it only takes four votes to evict someone. Natalie tells them about her conversation with Kato. Everyone in the HOBR is upset that Tom and Kato want to change the vote twelve hours before they vote. Ricky leaves. Lolo, Tamar, and Natalie all agree that "Tom has to go."

1:04AM BBT: Ryan and Jonathan walk in, wanting to know what's going on. They talk about Ricky attacking Tom. Natalie says Tom shouldn't be in this house because of his "emotional state." Natalie says Tom should have "stayed on the f*cking block."

1:05AM BBT: Lolo tells everyone in the HOBR that it will be a double eviction. Lolo tells Ryan and Jonathan that they only hang out with Joey and that things are shaky. Lolo asks if Ryan and Jonathan planned to backdoor her. They both say no. 

1:08AM BBT: Natalie says Ryan and Jonathan have acted fishy. They all talk in circles for a few minutes and discuss what happened around the fire. Natalie keeps shushing everyone. Lolo says she just wants everyone to be "honest" with her.

1:12AM BBT: Ryan says he's sorry, he tells Lolo he can't back track, he can only go forward. Lolo keeps telling Ryan what she would have done if she were in his position. Eventually she accepts his apology.

1:18AM BBT: Jonathan says he wants the five of them to be it until the end. He promises to keep them all safe if he stays and to work with them. Lolo asks if he talked to Ricky about that too, Jonathan says yes, that when you're on the block, you talk to people to try to get them to keep you safe.

1:20AM BBT: Lolo brings up Jonathan and Ryan not telling them about decisions again. They promise to talk to her from now on. Lolo says her trust with them is shaken. She says they're on eggshells. Lolo and Ryan argue about whether or not Ryan was going to put Lolo on the block. 

1:22AM BBT: Lolo keeps asking Ryan if he had a conversation about going to backdoor her. Ryan says he really doesn't know, but he does know that if he wanted to put her on the block, she would be on the block. 

1:24AM BBT: Ryan apologizes to Lolo for hurting her feelings again. He promises he's not backdooring her. Lolo says, "sounds good." Ryan apologizes again, he says everything before tonight is done and he's sticking with the five of them for now on. Jonathan agrees.

1:27AM BBT: Everyone in the HOBR hugs, Ryan and Jonathan leave.

1:33AM BBT: Ryan and Joey are whispering the 5BR. Joey wants to know what's going on. Ryan tells him a little bit, Joey said he put Ricky in his place earlier. Jonathan walks in. Joey says Ricky is in the KT, just waiting. Joey says Ricky is trying to be intimidating and weird.

1:35AM BBT: The three in the 5BR talk about how sensitive Tom is. Joey says it "doesn't matter" if he goes home and he doesn't "really care." Something turns on in the BB House, an air vent or something and it's difficult to hear what they're whispering about.

1:44AM BBT: Ryan, Joey, Jonathan, Natalie, and Tamar are joking around in the HOBR. Dina and Lolo are in the SR chatting about food while they go through everything. 

1:47AM BBT: Dina is talking to Jonathan and Ryan in the CBBR, they explain the voting to Dina. She's shocked that neither Joey nor Jonathan get to vote tomorrow. They tell her to vote for Kandi. Dina says she knows what she has to do.

1:49AM BBT: Ryan is worried about Tom, he wants to know where he is. No one knows where Tom is. Joey is chatting with the girls in the HOBR. Ryan leaves the CBBR, Jonathan explains the votes to Dina again. Jonathan is hoping for a tie.

1:55AM BBT: Ricky is in the KT, talking with Kato and Lolo. Kato plays cards with Ricky while they all whisper, Lolo tells them about the conversation the girls had with Ryan and Jonathan. Conversation stops when other HGs walk into the KT.

1:57AM BBT: Tom walks into the KT, Ricky asks if they can talk. They both walk into the LNG. Ricky apologizes to Tom. Tom accepts his apology. Ricky says he needs Tom's help in them getting along, he wants to know how to be a better friend to Tom. 

1:59AM BBT: Tom wants Ricky to allow Tom to express his opinions about the game moving forward. Ricky agrees to that. They talk about the argument in the BY earlier.

2:07AM BBT: Dina is talking in the WA with Kandi. She says the boys are starting something. Dina says Ricky is the leader. "We'll have to wait and see," Dina says. Kandi says she's just trying to be cool. Lolo walks in to brush her teeth.

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6:45 am Camera 1 cuts to the Bathroom ( I missed who went in )

6:48 am Cameras cut back to bedrooms

Somewhere between 6:48- 7:01 Camera cut to talking in the kitchen and then cut back to Bedrooms and guests sleeping

7:03 am Kato walks through 5th ave BR


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7:49 am BBT 

Joey in Bathroom 

Jonathan, Natalie and Lolo are in hotel BR

Ryan joins Joey in Bathroom

9:52 Tom takes a shower in the Bathroom 

Tamar is still in bed in Hotel BR

9:55 am Dina puts makeup on in 5th Ave BR

Hotel BR Ricky straighten his bed 

Lolo is still waking up 



Tom is saying things aren't getting to him 

Tamar enters Natalie says Toms in a mood


Camera 3 Ryan and Dina in SR 

Back ground Kandi is talking when she is going to dress up


10:05 am Ryan , Jon and Lolo in Kitchen 

Tamar and Kandi hug it out in the hallway '

Tamar in the KItchen start talking instructions Cameras switch to Bathroom

10:09 am Hotel Bedroom Tamar talks to Natalie about the Kato and Tom alliance

Tamar states that she can't vote for the girl 

and that they make her feel funny

Natalie says they need 5 to solidify and they only have 3

10:14 am Ryan in KT is Talking about his eyes and the effect of clorine 

Tamar and Ricky are in Bathroom 

KT Jonathan starts talking about what Julie will be wearing 

they discuss how they should walk down hallway '

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10:31 Hotel Room Tamar is venting to Ricky

Ricky says you can't predict about the game 

Tamar says she says its weird , she thinks them  ( assuming Tom and Kato ) voting along with the others makes it an alliance

she says Tom is in the shower singing and that makes her feel weird 

Ricky says she needs faith 

10;35 am KT

Joey is complaining that its unsanitary not having a dishwasher 

Ryan says BB wants ppl to argue about dishes. 

10:38 am Kandi is in the hallway doing makeup 


KT they are talking at the Table

Asking what language they speak in Lebanon

8 min to lockdown 

10:46 am Tamar says she is suprised no one wants to eat her faux eggs with her


10:48 pm Hotel BR 

Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are in the Hotel BR discussing strategy 

The girls are worried about being switched with Joey 

BB calls someone to DR

Natalie says she saw Jonathan trying to talk Tom is switched 

Ricky says Dina doesn't know what to do 

Natalie says they should do this right now ( like Ross, Marissa and Shannon )

Jonathan is manipulating Ryan 


In the LR Dina talks Vacuuming with Ryan 

10:55 Ricky starts talking about Jonathans statregy  and mistakes

KT Tom asks Tamar if she is having fun

positive energy 


around 10:58 Lolo stops and says something to Kandi ( maybe that she is good )

11:01 am Tom and Kato are talking about alliances in the celebrity room 

Tom wants to vote Kandi out so they have an alliance with the guys.  

Tom says they need to watch out for Lolo and Ricky

Kato brings up the idea of a fake fight to Tom again

11:04 WBRB

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12:07 pm BBT Celebrity Room Tom and Kato are talking about future voting 

Kato says everything is a chance , Tom says Ricky is going to win, Kato says he is confident that he can win 

Kato says he will have Tom's back

Kato says Dina , Ryan , Joey and Jonathan are all together

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12:04 PM BBT.  Tom goes into the CelebrityBR where Kato is.  Tom says I’m gonna go over this again.  He says Joey is fun.  Kato says I don’t want dun, I want to win.  Tom says sometimes fun wins.  He says I’d rather have fun people who work together than sulking angry people.  

12:05 PM BBT.  Tom says if you, Dina, Tamar and myself and vote out Kandi and before we do it we go to Jonathan, Joey and Ryan and say we are saving tou, now you save us.  He says now we have Ruan, Joey, Jonathan, you and me with Tamar oh and Dina against Ricky, Natalie and Lolo.  He says if we stick with them, we have no say, they won’t listen to us.  He says I went to talk to Lolo last night and she yelled at me.  Kato thinks there is no way the girls will listen to Ricky over us?  Kato says no way.  

12:08 PM BBT.  Tom and Kato still going over the possibilities.  Tom says Ricky is gonna kill us both and I’m
gonna be at home drinking a beer saying s**t I was right.  Kato says you don’t think we can beat him?  Kato says I am pretty confident in myself.  I can win when the time comes.  Kato says Dina, Joey, Jonathan and Ryan have all the strength if they all stay.  Kato thins that if Jonathan goes that Ryan and Joey will want to leave if Jonathan goes.  Kato says they have wives and they wanna go
home.  He says Joey subtly drops himts about eating at Mr. Chows tonight.  

12:13 PM BBT.  Tom says so there is no way that we vote Jonathan out and he doesn’t go?  Kato says no.  Kato says I am confident I can win veto twice and an HOH.  Tom says so Ricky doesn’t pick us off next?  Kato says no.  Kato says I feel I really understand Ricky.  

12:15 PM BBT.  In the gym, Tamar tells Ricky that she feels Jonathan is gonna try something to stay, some drama.  She says she feels it.  Ricky says it an’t gonna work.  

12:17 PM BBT.  Tom says we could say right after the vote to Ryan and Joey and say I’m sorry I was in over my head so the target isn’t on us.  Tom says I can say I wanted to save Jonathan but nobody would listen to me, then I can act despondent. 

12:20 PM BBT.  Tom says Ryan was right there when ricky went in on me so it’s believable that he intimidated us into voting out Jonathan.  Ryan is vacuuming the 5th Ave BR.   

12:27 PM BBT.  Tamar is working out.  HGs are cleaning or getting ready, not much talk. 

12:29 PM BBT.  In the gym Tamar asks Ricky if he made a final 2 deal with one of the girls?  He says was I supposed to?  She says if you win the last HOH who are you taking with you?  He says how can I decide this early in the game?  She asks why he came on the show if he doesnmt know the game?  He said I didn’t come to win, I came to be on tv.  She says shut up!  He says prople think of me as a football player and I want them to see me.  


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12:40 PM BBT.  All feeds show people cleaning the house. 

12:42 PM BBT.  We have reruns.  

12:46 PM BBT.  Tamar, Lolo and Natalie in the HOBR.  Tamar points to a bed and says he is weird.  They say Tom is too and needs to go.  She then talks about someone else saying how are you all namaste and you can’t touch your toes?  They keep talking about someone lying and they counted it was 9 times.  Tamar says but he lied on me!

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12::56 pm Kandi is trying to make sure her and Tom are ok

She mentions she left last night to get Kato to get Tom out of the politics tallk

Jonathan enters the room Kandi explains to him she and Tom were having a moment 

Jonathan Leaves 

Kandi talks a little more then leaves and tom starts singing laundy day in the celebrity br


In Hotel BR Tamar talking to Natalie Vacuuming Tamar is accusing some one of Lying 

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12:50 PM BBT.  In the CelebrityBR, Kandi wants to clear things up with Tom. He says I am on your side.  He says I saved you. Natalie is vacuuming the HOBR.  Lolo tells Tamar that they can’t get rid of him bcuz he is safe thris week. Tamar keeps saying he lied on me, how can u trust him?  Lolo said she has looked at everybody’s sides.  Natalie says Ryan lied to Lolo.  Tamar says again he lied on me, it’s different!  She is mad saying they don’t give a f**k about her, their girl.  Lolo says so u wanna keep Jonathan and Tamar says yeah.  Lolo says she needs time to think. 

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Tom approaches Tamar in the living room but she brushes him off 

1:04pm Joey says he is going to Jonathans dermatologist when he gets out 

He complains to dina about the laundry detergents=

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1:02 PM BBT  Lolo and Ryan are talking in the KT. He tells her that he has no idea what is going on. She tells him that they are anxious with too much time on their hands. Lolo and Natalie then go to the lounge to talk. They say that Tamar is driving them crazy. She is okay, she isn't okay, she is okay, she isn't okay. It's great for TV but driving them nuts. She is making it personal and it is draining.  


1:06 PM BBT Ricky has joined Natalie and Lolo in the lounge. Ricky says that Tamar has serious trust issues and asked him if he an alliance with the girls. Ricky "It's like a self fulfilling prophecy." He explains that if you expect to be betrayed you are going to end up that way. Her trust issues make her a terrible teammate. Ricky "I am still down, but I don't know how much more I can take." Lolo and Natalie are worried that her emotions and going to result in her blowing up their game.


1:10 PM BBT Ryan and Jonathan are talking at the KT island. Ryan tells him he thinks the others were going for him originally but after talking to them last night, he thinks they are going for Kandi now. 


1:12 PM BBT Ricky says he is going to ask Tamar straight up because he can't deal with this sh*t. Ricky goes to the hotel bedroom where Tamar is laying down. "Can I ask you one thing. Do you have trust issues?" Tamar "Where is this coming from? This is big brother." Ricky "Have you been betrayed by someone." Tamar "Who hasn't been betrayed before?" Ricky "I have a hard time coming up with a situation where I was betrayed that I didn't betray myself first."


1:15 PM BBT Tamar and Ricky are in the hotel bedroom. He is trying to explain to me that her lack of trust is evident in her behavior. She is asking him to clarify and he tells her that he is being real with her. Ricky says that everything he has done was to build some trust with her. Tamar "You came in here and asked me a question and then went on the attack." He denies it was an attack. She claps her hands hard and says "I let you talk, don't do that to me." She continues that he asked her a question and did not like her answer. 


1:20 PM BBT Tamar continues to explain that she honestly didn't know what Ricky was trying to get out of asking her about her trust issues. Ricky apologizes for coming at her and says that maybe this is his paranoia reflected at her. He is human, he can get better and he will. Tamar asks him if he noticed that he was going off on everybody. He said yes because he has his own anger issues. She asks him if he has trust issues. He says no, but he does have issues with being trusted. Tamar keeps trying to get him to give her details but he says this is not the time and place for that. 


1:25 PM BBT Tamar tells Ricky that if it is her time to go home, she will go. But she will not be around negativity. Ricky "Have you ever contributed to negativity?" Tamar says she won't say she never has, but she has never done it willingly. Tamar is accusing Ricky of getting loud and and he says that she is bull sh***ing him. Tamar gets very defensive and says she takes pride in being a honest a** woman; with her man, with her job. This is the second time he put that out there that she is bulls**t type person. This is number two, you don't get a number three. After she leaves Ricky tells Natalie that Tamar is a bully. She is the only one that gets to express her opinion.


1:28 PM BBT Ricky tells Natalie that you can't ever get to the truth with Tamar. Because she is a bully and goes off on you. You can't be real with her and get to the truth.

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1:06pm Lolo and Natalie are in the lounge talking about Tamar

Ricky enters the room and they say Tamar is off and Ricky says Tamar has trust issues and that she doesn't trust men


1:10PM Ryan and Jonathan are at the KT 

They are talking about Lolo and Natalie 

Ryan says to Jonathan that he thinks they are going for him


1:13 pm Ryan says shit is going crazy 

Jonathan moves to the lounge to talk to natalie

Ricky goes to the hotel accusing Tamar of trust issues 

he says she has trust issues and asks her is she has been betrayed


We switch to CBB 1 recaps 

Cameras are Back 

Ricky and Tamar are still in the Hotel BR'

Ricky says that there is no trust and Ricky starts building a story with Kandi and Betrayal 

Ricky says that he needs to tell her what to do how to get his trust

Tamar says he came in and then went an attack

Tamar says he asked if she has trust issues and then went up to 10 

Ricky says his intent was to connect and get trust and says he is projecting on to her 

He apologizes and then says he is going to pray

Tamar says he is going off -  Ricky says he wants to have a real talk and that when things calm down 


1:23 pm Cameras are back at BB1 Recaps 


1:25 pm Back with Tamar and Ricky 

Tamar says she is here because it is beneficial to her and her son

she says she would rather go home better than be hegative

Ricky says if you hide and accuses her of bullshitting him like he did to Tom

Tamar tells him he needs to quit and she leaves the room in a huff

Natalie comes in - That went well  - Ricky accuses her of being w bully

Natalie wants to know why she is upset - Ricky says she does this every time she's upset

BB tells dina to put on his mic

Ricky is in the bathroom ( I think alone ) 


Tom is alone in the Kitchen humming 

Ryan and Lolo are in the lounge talking about the mooch competition 

Ryan admits he guessed 

1:33pm Kato goes to bathroom to shower

Tamar vents to Kandi about Ricky in the 5th ave bedroom and leaves 

Tamar goes back to Hotel BR saying to Natalie she is tired of this.

Ryan is asking if Natalie and Lolo are working out 

Natalie says she wants to stay out of the Hotel BR because its world war 3 


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1:34 PM BBT In the hotel bedroom Tamar asks Natalie why she is breathing hard. She says she just did burpees. Tamar tells her that Ricky asks about trust issues every time that she (Natalie) is in the room. Every time. Natalie walks out. 


1:37 PM BBT Tamar is talking to Kandi in the 5th Ave bedroom. She says that she doesn't understand where Ricky was coming from. He just came in there talking about her trust issues.


1:41 PM BBT Tamar follows Dina in the SR. Dina is looking for mozzarella cheese. Tamar wants some kale chips. They discuss how Ryan gets to vote if it ends up being a tie. Meanwhile Tom joins Lolo in the lounge. He asks her to confirm that they are still on track for him to stay. She tells him yes. He says that he is just going to follow her lead then. Ryan interrupts the conversation saying that he needs to vacuum in there. 


1:44 PM BBT Lolo and Tamar go to the hotel bedroom to talk. Tamar says that she is feeling funny about Natalie. Natalie and her boy just came at me. F**k her and f**k her vote. Tamar "No one is coming at me like that. F**k a vote." Lolo tries to assure her saying she just spoke to Natalie but Tamar cuts her off to tell her how it went off. Lolo tells her that Natalie confronted Ricky to ensure they have his vote and maybe that is why he went off on Tamar. Lolo tells her to trust her. She just spoke to Natalie. Tamar "He lied right up on me." Lolo "You forget that Ryan straight up lied to Natalie too." Tamar says lying to each other is Big Brother. Lying on me is personal and not Big Brother. 


1:48 PM BBT Lolo tries to convince Tamar that she and Natalie have her and they are solid. Lolo says she and Natalie have asked Tamar that they have asked her 3 times what she wants them to do. Each time it blows up. Tamar says she has never questioned their loyalty. Lolo "What do you want us to do?" Tamar says that she doesn't need them to do nothing. This is crazy. But she ain't having no big dude going off on her. She don't even let her man, her baby father do that.


1:51 PM BBT Natalie walks into the hotel bedroom where Lolo and Tamar have been talking. Natalie says that she is tuning all of this out. Tamar "Why would you tune it out if you I am your girl?" Tamar says she would never stand by while someone lies on her. Natalie tells her that Tamar just screamed at her while she was vacuuming. Natalie goes to talk but Tamar cuts her off. Natalie gets right up in her face, points at her, and says that Tamar never lets anyone finish. Tamar goes to reply and Natalie says "see, you are doing it right now". 


1:54 PM BBT Lolo and Natalie are trying to convince Tamar that they have her back. Lolo even goes so far as to say she sees them as final 3. Tamar tells her that Ricky went at her very aggressively and he needs to go sooner than later because she doesn't feel safe with him. Tamar accuses Natalie of letting it all go down. Natalie says she only saw a few seconds of it and it was Tamar going off, not Ricky.


1:58 PM BBT Natalie tells Tamar that she needs to stop and just trust them. Natalie says they will use the men as long as they need to, but trust them and they can get to the end. She needs to pay attention and trust them.

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In the Hallway Tamar and Kandi are talking about Ricky

Tamar and Dina go to SR to get food 


Dina starts talking about voting .  Tamar states she isn't voting Jonathan out 

Tamar says Ricky is Crazy 

1:43 pm In the lounge Lolo and Tom are talking about voting 

Tom says he is going with the group

Lolo asks Tom about Ricky's apology Tom says he appreciated it,

Tamar starts talking to Lolo about Ricky

Lolo tells Tamar that Natalie went on him 

Tamar is upset that Natalie didn't ask that she was ok

Lolo reassures him that they are still tight 

1:49pm Lolo asks Tamar what she wants them to do

Tamar says she isn't going to have anyone go off on her

Natalie says she is tuning Tamar out 

Natalie and Tamar start arguing 


Natalie tells Tamar that it is her and Lolo and Tamar

Tamar says Ricky needs to go next 

Natalie asks if Tamar is still with them she says yes 

Natalie starts talking about Tom and Kato and they are only are in an alliance for a week

Tamar says she asked Kato and he said he had to talk to them 


Tom and Kato are in the lounge discussing votes


2pm Ricky comes into the Hotel BR 

he hugs Tamar, Tamar says she is going to shower 


2:02pm we get WBRB and bbceleb 1 recaps 

And I'm headed out 

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2:00 PM BBT Natalie and Lolo tell Tamar that she needs to not pop off. She needs to trust them enough to come to them first. Ricky joins them and he and Tamar hug. Natalie says she isn't sure what is going on with them. Tamar says there is nothing going on between her and Ricky.


2:06 PM BBT Kato, Tom and Lolo talk in the SR. Kato asks her to reassure him that they are following the plan. Lolo says that 100% they are on board. Lolo "100% it is happening today." Tom asks her why Ryan is acting like Jonathan is safe. Why is he so confident? Lolo says it is because he doesn't know the game. She promises Tom and Kato that they are still on board and if they want to fact check her, go to Kandi and ask about their conversation this morning. Kandi will confirm it. 


2:10 PM BBT Lolo is still talking to Kato and Tom in the SR. Tom asks her to swear to God that she is voting for... and Lolo immediately interrupts him. She says she is a Christian and will never swear on God. She promises that she is not betraying them though. 


2:13 PM BBT Kato and Tom are talking in the celebrity building bedroom. Tom asks him why Lolo would not swear to God. He is a christian too and he swears to God all the time. Kato tells him that it is actually an anti-christian thing to say you swear to God. Tom says that he didn't know that was a thing. Kato "It is a thing."  


2:15 PM BBT Tom, Kato and Ricky talk in the celebrity building bedroom. They are discussing how they could be blindsided with the votes tonight. They will know it if the 3 of them are the only ones that vote for Jonathan to go. Ricky says he will have no problem swinging with them if that does happen.


2:18 PM BBT Kato, Tom and Ricky are talking about how they can't play the game while being all paranoid. That's not how you win the game. It just makes you crazy. Feeds then switch to highlight reels. 


2:30 PM BBT We are still on highlight reels. 

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3:00 PM BBT We have highlight reels from the first season of Celebrity Big Brother.


3:36 PM BBT Feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 show Natalie in the hotel bedroom. They are talking about life outside the house. Feeds 3 and 4 who Kandi in the LR who is ironing her clothes on an ironing board.  


3:39 PM BBT Natalie and Ricky are in the bedroom talking about how you can get upset at something but handle it in a way where you do hurt anyone else in turn. Natalie says that clear as day, maybe it's the athlete in us, we are used to getting pushed. For others like her and Tom, they are too fragile. 


3:45 PM BBT Not much is going on. The HGs are getting ready for the live eviction. 


3:54 PM BBT Natalie, Lolo and Tamar are in the WA. They are rushing to get done what they need to get done because they expect to go to lock down for an hour very soon. Lolo "You are going to run out of time." Tamar "I am not running out of time, this is what I do for a living." 


3:58 PM BBT Feeds switch back to highlight reels.

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 6:14PM BBT Feeds are back.  Lolo tells Joey in the BR that she liked her speech. He said he feels the need to be honest with people when they're leaving and not be fake.


6:17PM BBT Tom, Ryan, Ricky and Kato are in the kitchen snacking.  


6:19PM BBT Natalie and Tamar are discussing how upset Dina was that Jonathan was evicted and then head out to the KT with the others.  


6:38PM BBT Tom, Kato and Kandi are in the lounge trying to figure out who Dina voted for.  Kandi appears hurt that she may have voted against her instead of Joey. 


6:40PM BBT Kandi is left in the lounge by herself to get her Tweet out.  Dina walks in and Kandi asks her what's wrong, and Dina replies "nothing.  Just chilling", but walking out with something clearly wrong.


6:50PM BBT Tom and Kato are in the BR discussing that they have power because they're still there.  They reconfirm that the two of them plus Natalie and Lolo are strong with the votes.


6:57PM BBT The feeds have gone to reruns from CBB season 1.

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