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Friday, January 25, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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8:18PM BBT  The feeds are back showing the HOH comp.  The HG are standing on a wall with their hands tucked into rocker hand symbols,  while dressed as 70s rockers.


8:20PM BBT  The HG are quiet on the wall while Ryan cheers them on, also head to toe in 70s rocker fashion.


8:24PM BBT It appears that the HG can remove their hands from the hand shaped grips while the wall is upright.  The HG have powdered sugar poured on their heads. (a little Def Leppard reference)


8:33PM BBT All of the HG are holding steady while the wall tilts forward and back.  They are all fairly quiet. The sugar seems to have covered their goggles enough that they can't see.


8:34PM BBT The HG were sprayed with a green jelly shot while Ryan is jumping up and down with glee.


8:36PM BBT Tom tells the others that while he's not giving up, he doesn't feel like he can win this comp. One of the girls (Lolo?) says that today was the wrong day to not wear deodorant.


8:44PM BBT Tom is embarrassed, but is the first to drop.  He held on without his feet on the ledge, just hanging from his hands.  Kandi is second down.


8:48PM BBT Tom says that he's had his stomach cut open a couple of times and isn't strong there, so this was hard on him because it's similar to planks.  Dina has not moved on the wall - she is concentrating hard.


8:51PM BBT Tom and Kandi explain to Ryan that there are cup-like holders on the inside of the "hands", kind of like rock climbing cups. The feeds are back on CBB1 reruns.



8:56PM BBT The feeds are back an nobody else has fallen.  Ryan and Tom predict that this goes on for another hour or so, although they notice some shakiness starting with the HG still on the wal


8:59PM BBT The singing voice says "it's time to party, who needs a beer".  They are sprayed with beer and some white discs, which the HG said hurt when they hit.  They are getting cold on the wall.


9:06PM BBT Ricky is the next to fall from the wall.

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9:15 PM BBT Joey, Lolo, Kato, Dina, Natalie and Tamar are hanging in there. BB hits them with a very large spray of what looks like liquid marshmallow. Tamar starts yelling to production that she needs a ladder. She is afraid of heights and is about to faint. Tamar says that she can't just jump. The others start asking for someone to help her.


9:17 PM BBT Tamar is close to having a panic attack. She is crying against the wall and Natalie is trying to talk her through it. She continues to cry and breath very loudly. The girls continue to try to coax her down and tell her that they are leaned so far forward that she will almost touch the ground if she just lets her feet go. Tamar eventually lets her feet go. She hangs there for a moment and then lets out a scream before finally letting go and dropping to the mat below her. She lays on the mat on all fours for a few moments before she has the strength to get off of the mat. 


9:23 PM BBT BB gives them a brief reprieve and leans the wall back to a more vertical position. Ryan and Tom talk about how this is a weird concept of arm and core strength. 


9:28 PM BBT BB Tilts the wall forward again. It has gone eerily quiet. Even the spectators are barely talking now. 


9:32 PM BBT Tom claps from the sidelines. Kato keeps shaking his arms out. Dina appears to be shaking now as well. Dina falls at 9:33 to much applause by the others. She lays on the mat for a moment saying that she can't get up. Lolo and Natalie tell her that they are so impressed with her. 


9:34 PM BBT Dina finally limps across the mat and Tom helps her up off the mat to the ledge where he and the other spectators are sitting. Dina crawls across the floor saying that she can't stand. Meanwhile the wall tilts them forward some more. 


9:36 PM BBT Dina says that she was just so cold that she couldn't hang on anymore. Tom calls out to ask if Joey is okay. He says he is okay, but it is freezing. Natalie and Lolo appear to be doing well. Kato is halfway turned sideways. From the sideline Tom claps his hands while saying "Amazing, amazing." 


9:40 PM BBT "This crowd is on fire" and production shows up with fire extinguishers, one for each of them. Left on the wall are Lolo, Natalie, Kato and Joey. The four of them get a full blast from the fire extinguishers in the face. Tamar cackles and laughs from the side.


9:42 PM BBT It is very hard to tell who is doing what because all of them are completely covered in every color goo imaginable. No surface of their body has not been splattered. Lolo and Natalie seem to be pretty solid. Kato is hardly moving as well. 


9:47 PM BBT Tom plays the role of the cheerleader, clapping and saying they are doing amazing. Kato and the girls are very quiet. Joey occasionally talks to the others.Dina asks Kato if he is good. He replies "On fire" 


9:51 PM BBT Joey says that this is bullsh*t. He says that he wants them to get going already. Lolo tells him to hang in there. Tom tells them if they fall, they can get going to eating dinner. 


9:53 PM BBT Lolo is starting to move around a bit more now. She asks if they think she can take her shoes off. Joey starts to talk about it not being worth it and Lolo falls. Kato tells Joey he is safe if he drops. Natalie agrees. Joey looks like he may accept it. Kato tells Joey that he has his word. Joey says he will stay as long as he can, but he is not going to risk another tear. Joey continues to hang on.  


9:55 PM BBT Joey is worried about a previous injury. He keeps rotating one arm at a time. Natalie is shaking, most likely from the cold. Kato still looks solid. Joey is doing rotations with his arms. Joey is rotating his right arm and it causes him to fall. All that is left is Natalie and Kato. Natalie has a conversation with Kato and drops. Kato has won HoH. BB raises the wall vertical and  Kato doesn't want to let go and won't fall. Kato asks BB to lower the wall so he doesn't have to drop so far. BB honors the request. The wall tilts forward and Kato jumps down.


Kato is the HoH.

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10:14PM BBT HG are cleaning up after the comp. 


10:21PM BBT Tamar still in the shower. Complaining her fingers are numb. She has been in the shower since they came in. Other HG are waiting for the shower.


10:27PM BBT Ricky and Tom eating in the KT. Tamar has gotten out of the shower. She says the hot water hurts.


10:30 P.M. Natalie and Tamar whispering about who is going up. Difficult to hear. Tamar saying she doesn't do heights. Natalie says it is too early for her to win a competition. She says she will win a Veto when she needs to.

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Kato won the HOH, and the house guests have re-entered the house.


Everyone is cleaning themselves up, quite a few are complaining that they were very cold after the competition.


Natalie and Tamar have finished showering and are whispering in the bedroom. Tamar is concerned about what will happen this week and Natalie assures her “that will not happen.” Natalie thinks other people will be nominated since they are in an alliance with Kato and Tom. Tamar disagrees with her


Tamar whispers that it should be “him” as she points at Ricky's bed, and Ryan. Natalie says she will win the veto because it really matters.


Natalie is still whispering, mentions Dina and Joey –that if they had won both her and Tamar would be on the block.


The girls continue to get themselves groomed while they talk and laugh about the competition. Tamar says she could have held on longer, then says, “for another 10 minutes”, they both laugh.


House guests are all over the place in various states of dress, underoos, bathrobes, bath towels and jackets.


Ryan goes into the room with Kato and says he knows he is a big target, he tells Kato if that is not the case, and if he is not nominated he will be a good ally. He plans to win every conversation. Kato says he had the understanding that Ryan wants to see his family, and Ryan agrees, but would like to stay as long as he can. Ryan blows up the girls' alliance. He repeats that he will work with Kato as he leaves the room.


Natalie and Ricky are talking about the difficulty in the competition, Ricky says his muscles were locked for a bit after he fell. Tamar and Ryan are talking about how hard it was for her to jump down from the platform. She says she felt like she was going to skydive. Ryan tells her they would not let the others help her.


Conversation changes to a jumble of subjects from food, to Ryan wishing he could have tried the wall. Someone checks to see if the yard is open. Leftovers are gone for the most part and Tamar says it is good that they are not wasting things. --these people seem very frugal in the kitchen, it is nice to see--.

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10:33PM BBT Tamar tells Natalie that she got cold on the wall but that she could have held on longer.


10:40PM BBT Ryan talking to Kato. Telling him that he and Jonathan had an alliance with the girls but it got screwed up and the girls have their own. Ryan telling Kato that if he keeps him on that he will be ally for him. 


10:50PM BBT HG eating and chatting in the KT. 


10:51PM BBT Natalie telling the others about a DUI she had. Says she will be sober 6 years. Said she did jail time. Feeds change.


10:58PM BBT Tamar picked up a pair of goggles and announced they were left on the sink. She throws them across the room onto the floor.

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Natalie is talking about her life, and the turning point where she began receiving help. Cameras moved so we do not hear the whole story, but she seems to be aware and able to share freely, so I must say bless her heart. The camera returns a few seconds later, and others are talking about alcohol in general. Kandi says her partner is a heavy drinker, she is not, however he has cut back in the last few years. So bless his heart too.


Conversation changes to what kind of chips are best, and how hard Natalie's husband must be working while she is in the house. Other jumbled conversation so we can't hear much of it.



Kato is called to the DR


Joey is upset because one of the beer mugs scratched his temple while he was holding onto the wall, he is also worried that the goggles creased his face. Ryan assures him the creases will go away shortly.


Tamar is laughing because no one this season really cares about the HOH room, Tom says the first person to use the HOH room will be looked at in a negative way. The house guests say from what they have seen everyone uses the HOH room, not just the HOH.


Natalie and Lolo are in the bedroom talking about Joey's behavior during the competition, he was fussing at production to hurry up the competition because he was cold.


Joey and Ryan are in the storage room, and Ryan is telling Joey about his conversation with Kato after the competition. Joey is fussing about the house guests leaving bags from laundry in the storage room. Ryan grabs some things and leaves.

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11:05 PM BBT Most of the HGs are still trying to clean up from the comp or are passing the time until they can shower. Many of them pass the time by snacking. Tamar tells some of them to grab something from the kitchen and go because they are dropping particles all over the kitchen. She says she showered for 30 minutes and she is still filthy.


11:12 PM BBT Lolo is having problems getting the goo out of her hair. She thinks there must some type of chlorine in it and her hair is just going to be green for a while. Joey is cleaning up the SR. They start talking about her publicist and hair dresser and the cameras shift. 


11:18 PM BBT Tamar says she is going to go help Lolo because her hair is green. "It is devastating." 


11:20 PM BBT Ryan wants to throw away a bunch of wooden utensils because they have plenty of plastic and no one is using them. Tamar says that is wasteful and put some in a cup for the next group that comes in. Ryan says that they will get all new stuff. She says but they won't be celebrities. "You gonna do it when I turn by back though."


11:23 PM BBT Lolo is upset. Tamar goes to her. Lolo says she has washed her hair 5 times and it is still green. She refuses to take it out of the towel that it is wrapped in. Lolo says add that to the fact that she took a cold shower, it just has her upset.


11:29 PM BBT Lolo says that she is going to lose her sh*t because Dina came out of the shower with no green in her hair at all. "She has no green at all, and why does my sh*t look like a mother fu**ing ninja turtle?" She admits that she lost it in the DR because on top of it all, they made in her chill in the DR while she has been sick too. 


11:34 PM BBT Tamar has been trying to calm Lolo down. She explains that something in the chemicals mixed and no one did this to her on purpose. It just happened. Lolo admits it wouldn't be as bad if it hadn't only happened to her. The fact that Dina didn't cover her hair either and it has no green at all means she is in this misery alone. 


11:42 PM BBT Ryan is in the KT with Ricky and Natalie. He says he just wants the noms to be over with because he knows he will be on the block. He and Natalie discuss their sobriety. She is 6 years sober on March 24th. She is proud of herself. Ryan says that he went to AA also. He went for 5 days because he used to mix his alcohol with Ambien which was so bad. 


11:44 PM BBT Tamar is looking through her belongings trying to find something. She refers to Lolo as Linda and yells out "Linda get it together. I will not tolerate this type of disorder honey. You got sh*t everywhere, I will beat your a**. No I won't, I am just joking. I will not tolerate this type of disorder. You know, my therapist told me the way you keep your house is a reflection of what you are going through." 


11:46 PM BBT Ryan and Natalie continue to talk about their problems with alcohol. Ryan tells her that he got a therapist because he knew the drinking and stuff was because of inner things. Natalie says that is very important and that is huge. She says working on her stuff has made her life better than her wildest dreams. 


11:50 PM BBT Ricky has joined Lolo and Ryan in their deep talks in the KT. Life is a struggle. It is how you overcome it. Ricky says he was this close (NFL stuff) to his life being ruined. He was almost labeled as the guy that got kicked out of the NFL. Ryan says that he is the guy that did that. And it was sh*tty that it happened but it made him fight harder than he ever fought before and he is a stronger and better person for it. 


11:53 PM BBT Ryan is talking about his conspiracies and how it effected him. He said it didn't just bring him to his knees, it buried him. He went from throwing money around to everyone to losing all of his sponsors. Sh*t got real.


11:57 PM BBT Tom is talking to Ricky in the upstairs lounge. Because he was shooting a show for TV, he had a 6 hour surgery with a camera above him recording everything. He was able to watch it afterwards and see everything including all of his intestines being taken out.

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