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  1. Kato starts agreeing with Tom about Ricky walking in. They keep talking strategies and outcomes.
  2. 2:51pm bbt Lolo starts asking Tamar about her habits (coffee) they also talk about stress KT Tom, Natalie and Dina are hanging out Natalie asks Tom where he lives, he says not far from bb house and She says she is going to visit him when they are out. He says sure him and his girlfriend, will make her and her husband dinner. We get cbb 1 recaps Then tom In Hoh room Tom and Kato are in Hoh Kato starts talking about Lolo and Joey reconciling Tom discusses his frustration that it wasn't run by them. Tom and Kato start discussing what the pop is. Kato starts talking about a conversation that him and Joey had about putting him and Tom on the block Kato asks Tom if he still has a feeling about Ricky Tom says he thinks it is Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are together hotel BR Natalie, Ricky and Lolo are discussing the games they have played. Lolo says she saw Dina, Tom and Kato are whispering about something Lolo says Tom is the 1st one to get off the track HoH room br they talk about backdooring Ricky 3:15 Natalie starts talking about possible putting the guys up next. Ricky and Lolo stop her. Lolo says that Joey said he had plans this weekend. Kato starts talking about the Bible study. Tom starts talking about changing the block
  3. 2:22pm Lolo, Natalie and Joey Are talking about dealing with the stress KT Kandi talks to Ricky how she deals with stresses Ricky talks about how he picks up on things 2:27 pm Lounge Kato is napping, Joey stops in to read then heads to Sr Ricky talks about dealing with sensitive people Back to Lounge Dina and Kato.wake up Ricky starts talking about Astrological signs and suns Kato starts talking about his digestive problems 2:35 pm CBB #1 recaps 2:42pm BBT. Gym. Tom and Ricky are Talking about who has pop Tamar stops at the WA and then heads to 5th Ave br Tom and Rickt are talking schedule in the Gym Lolp and Tamar start Bible study Natalie enters the Gym, they start talking about who has pop and trying to. Draw the person out
  4. 1:50pm KT Someone asks what time it is. They mention something is happening at 2pm Ricky corrects them and says 3 3:10pm BBT Back from a break KT : Ricky and Kandi are talking Gym : Tamar and Lolo are talking Lolo is working out 5th Ave BR Lolo and Joey are talking Nominations today and Veto tomorrow
  5. 1:45 pm BBt at the KT they mention someone has been in the DR for 2hrs Ricky joins the group in the KT They start talking about Keisha and Bb1 then Camera goes to Tamar in SR
  6. 1:40pm Gym Natalie and Lolo are discussing who has pop. 1:42pm Tamar and Kandi are in the SR talking about who is in cahoots together
  7. 1:25 bbt Kato is playing cards with Dina and Kandi asking who got pop Gym : Lolo and Natalie are working out Lolo whispers something ( I missed it) Camera goes to Tamar in lounge tweeting 1:31pm bbt Tamar returns to Kitchen
  8. 1:20pm BBT Lolo and Natalie are in the gym Tamar is tweeting in the lounge
  9. 10:00 AM BBT Kandi is putting makeup on the the hallway Dana is putting makeup on in 5th ave BR Natalie and Lolo are in WA Tamar just headed to WC 11:11 Am Joey goes to HOH room and asks Tom if he can use the Bathroom In Lounge Tom and Kato discuss Ricky and Stategy
  10. 9:23 AM BBT Natalie and Lolo are in the Hotel BR discussing skateboarding and making beds. Kato is in front of HOH room waiting for Tom to wake up. Kato goes to KT for coffee Tom is up and Joins Lolo in the SR Lolo goes to the KT with Natalie and Kato they discuss merchandise Tom is up and Joins Lolo in the SR Lolo goes to the KT with Natalie and Kato they discuss merchandise they discuss requests then WBRB they are talking about food sugar BB calls Natalie to DR BB Calls Tom to DR
  11. 1:47 BBT Natalie, Lolo and Ricky are at the chess table They seem to be discussing a game that happened They are also discussing who could be Taken off , they decide that Tamar should go. Gym Joey and Ryan are talking Joey is saying strange behavior Camera goes back to Chess table Ricky says something about he can't wait to see their faces. (no idea who) Celebrity BR Kato and Tom are discussing a game Tom gives us an update and leaves Camera goes to WA Natalie goes to HR and talks hair with Dina and Kandi Kato takes Dina to the lounge and discuss how she should play if she is picked. 2:05pm GYM Ryan and Joey discussing how they hate deceipt KT Tom and Kato are talking about possible outcomes Tamar and Dina are tweeting in the lounge In the WA Ricky asks Dina how she is feeling she talks briefly about flat ironing her hair KT Tamar, Natalie, Joey, Tom and Ryan are talking In the WA Ricky is talking about Horoscope types KT Joey starts talking about his workout routine 2:22pm BBT Kato takes Natalie off for a talk All Cameras are at WA 2:26BBT Hotel BR Natalie is fixing Kato's Makeup
  12. 12:54 BBT Kato, Tom, Ricky and Natalie are at the KT Lolo is cleaning the KT area Joey is in the 5th ave br packing Joey is doing burpees Tamar is sweeping the LR talking to Kandi 1:01PM BBT CBS.com has stopped working. Both my Roku and Mac are not picking up the website.
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