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Wednesday, July 4 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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Flashback to 2018-06-30 10:26pm BBT JC was mocking sex with a kitchen storage cannister on the Spy TV in the HoH.  One of a long list of sexual things he did in the house since arriving. No wonder Grodner told him to tone it down yesterday.

in-the-kitches-fun size 2018-06-30 10-26pm.jpg

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1:00am BBT Fessie, Haleigh, and Rockstar in the pink bedroom discussing the cameras and talking about them. Rockstar says they never follow her. They are doing a little bible/Quran study here in the BB house. Fessie and Haleigh giggle and whisper while Rockstar clutches the owl and reads.

1:12am BBT She says people will think she is stupid because the book is printed upside down and it looks like she is holding an upside down book reading. Haleigh crawls in bed, picks up her bible and the two read silently while Fessie naps.

1:10am BBT Fessie leaves the room and the whispering ensues. Haleigh says that Swaggy is playing the game SO HARD that all they have to do it sit back and watch him explode. She told him yesterday that Bayleigh was upset about how you spoke to her and he didn’t care.

1:15am BBT Haleigh and Rockstar are talking about the bros and their commitment to the game. Rockstar tells Haleigh that Winston looks like a Vietnam movie. Like when they come back from Nam, have you seen Forrest Gump? (They still think he’s a DR) He looks like a M*A*S*H surgeon.

1:17am BBT Hayleigh is watching her back with Fessie. She isn’t in the house to get involved. She says that she would get involved with Tyler before Fessie. She’s only flirty with Fessie.

1:20am BBT Fessie comes back in, game talk ends. Back to the bible study.



2:00am BBT With the house asleep, Baleigh and Swaggy perfect their secret handshake, secret dance and Bayleigh’s hand stand, and end the lesson with a sweet smooch. They head to the WA and brush teeth and chit chat for a minute before whispering and using weak sign language to have what looks like a serious plan.

2:10am BBT Bayleigh insists she is not sick that it is allergies. [Bayleigh, please remove your microphone before blowing your snot filled nasal cavities – Monadyan]

2:10 am BBT She puts little dots of some sort of cream on Swaggy’s face and neck. She says today was a great day and we need to make tomorrow a great day too. We need to do a little investigation on the staying power. Tomorrow is prep day, Thursday is “cute day” so my hair has to be done tomorrow. I have to get my curls done tomorrow so on Thurday they can be big. She will sit next to Swaggy, her make-up will be on point, she will wear eyelashes, a very cute outfit, and probably wear heels.

2:20am BBt She says tomorrow is clean day. She is going to move her drawers, find all the Swaggy shirts, and wash the sheets. (she says wash the sheets with a funny face, so one can only imagine). He reels her in for a little kiss, she heads to the WR and he heads to bed.


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12:14AM BBT: Winston and Brett are whispering in the Havenot room. Winston wants the house to unanimously vote Sam out and keep Steve. Brett says, "She [Sam} is mentally weak, she doesn't want to be here." Winston agrees.

12:17AM BBT: Winston tells Brett in the Havenot room that if they do keep Sam, "lines will be drawn...it will be a blood bath."

1:05AM BBT: Swaggy C and Bayleigh are going over their day and all of their interactions with the other HGs in the lounge. "I'm going to try to win, if I can win, I'm going to win," Swaggy tells Bayleigh. 


1:16AM BBT: He goes on to say that Kaitlyn told him, Faysal, and Haleigh that if she won she would put up Brett and Angela. But Scottie says that Kaitlyn told him she would put up Kaycee and JC. "Cop out," Bayleigh says.


1:17AM BBT: Swaggy tells Bayleigh that if Haleigh wins HOH, she would potentially put up Brett and Winston. Swaggy's unsure if that will happen because she's close with Brett. "She's savage," Bayleigh say, and that Haleigh she could do it.


1:19AM BBT: "Are we sure Sam is going home this week?" Bayleigh asks. Swaggy says that she is and eventually says that they can't risk Steve going home. Bayleigh says that Sam isn't with their group at all and that they "have enough babies in our group." Bayleigh says she doensn't have time to deal with anymore. "I understand," Swaggy agrees.


1:20AM BBT: "If Steve goes...we're f'ed," Swaggy tells Bayleigh in the lounge.

1:23AM BBT: Swaggy tells Bayleigh that if the crap apps aren't that bad, then the power apps can't be that good. He says that Faysal's app isn't that bad, so that whatever power app is in play can't be that good. He thinks the power apps will be just like last year's rewards. "Not the greatest ever," he says.


1:35AM BBT: Bayleigh says they need to "expect the unexpected," and then leaves to blow her nose. She's only gone for a few minutes. When she returns, Swaggy and Bayleigh continue to flirt in the Lounge...Bayleigh pops Swaggy's pimples. "You're a mess," Bayleigh says. They then talk about the progression of their relationship. Game talk ends for the moment.


1:47AM BBT: Swaggy tells Bayleigh that she makes him very happy. "You make me see that relationships wise, there's more out there," he tells her. BB cuts the feeds. 


1:50 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Bayleigh and Swaggy are still exchanging compliments on what they like about each other in the lounge.


1:52AM BBT: Swaggy tells Bayleigh about his new alliance with Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, and Faysal. It's called FOUTTE, which stands for Five Of Us Till The End. Kaitlyn made up the name. 

Swaggy tells Bayleigh about his new alliance.PNG

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12:00 am BBT Tyler and Scottie in the HOH darkened bedroom. The votes look like Steve will stay. It is best for Tyler/Scottie/Swaggy if Steve stays. Steve is Scotties Ride-or-Die.


12:05am BBT Scottie says if he or Swaggy gets HOH he will target the person who comes to suck up. That’s a telling sign so he and Tyler agree to cross reference the suck-up visits. Scottie thinks it will be JC.


12:10am BBT Scottie thinks Haleigh is a big flirt who makes a lot of physical contact with all the guys. Scottie says he will not go after her till after jury. It’s nice to get massages and stuff. Tyler says he thinks lots of people see what she is doing.

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12:08AM BBT: Faysal and Kaitlyn are in the lounge chatting. She tells Faysal that she was sleeping when they called her into the DR. Faysal asks Kaitlyn who she would put up if she wins HOH. She says, "I don't know...the originals?"


12:10AM BBT: Kaitlyn tries to bring up yesterday's Haleigh-Kaitlyn drama again, "I'm an intuitive reader," she tells Faysal when he tries to tell her that he didn't mean to leave her alone. He then tells her that they aren't going to talk about this again. Kaitlyn and Faysal horse around in the lounge for awhile.


12:16AM BBT: Kaitlyn and Faysal return to the WA where Haleigh, Swaggy, Bayleigh, and Rockstar are chatting. They all joke around. Kaitlyn wants to go back to bed.

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10:20pm BBT Girl talk in the HOH bed with Tyler/Kaitlyn/Haleigh/Rockstar. They are discussing the bible. Rockstar says she was reading it one day and thought… this stuff is scandalous! They all laugh. She talks about Isaac and Saul, his oldest son. She says, Isaacs wife loved Jacob, the second son the best. She convinces him to put this hair on his arms and go to his dad and ask for his blessing. And he does and steals his brothers birthright! Haleigh asks, what chapter are you on?????


10:30 pm BBT The kitchen is hopping. Fessie, Winston, Rachel, Tyler, Swaggy, Kaysee, Scottie and Bayleigh are gathered around chit chatting. And we have a rare Angela sighting! Rachel wonders how they look on TV and whether their families are watching. She says her mom is 70, had her at 39, and she’s a big fan. They always like the same people.

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10:50pm BBT Fessie/Scottie/Swaggy in the lounge playing Jenga. They want Rockstar or Steve to win HOH this week. That way they can all compete in the next one which will be endurance. (They think this time won’t).  


10:50pm BBT Scottie asks Swaggy if he talked to Kaitlyn. He says he did and he told her that he didn’t like her comment cause it reminded him of his ex who used to always tell him that sh*t.  She shouldn’t say that because #1, he’s the only black man on the show and she can’t do that.  “Say I’m scared and you’re attacking me.”  We talked it out though and we’re good.  

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7:55 am BBT Steve awakens. He saunters down the darkened hallway, triggers the lights in the kitchen, stumbles to the coffee maker, removes the pot, rinses and fills it with water. He empties the spent coffee filter and grounds, replaces the filter and adds the coffee for the first pot of the day. He’s not a measuring man. He pours the coffee from the large can and rakes out the proper amount with his hand. He eyeballs it, shuts the lid and flips the switch.

On to the ADLs. Teeth first, deodorant next. Paintball bruises can still be seen on his stomach as he raises his sweatshirt to apply the deodorant. A quick wipe of the face on the hand towel and off to the WC. Swift exit, a few coughs, and onto the awaiting coffee.

Just a wee bit of Coffeemate and the usual handful of sweet-n-lo. He takes his spot at the end of the counter and raises the cup to his lips and clearly enjoys the first familiar sip of warm artificial sweetness…

He quickly finishes the first cup and heads off to the WC.


8:20am BBT JC walks by on his way to the WC, and Steve says it’s 8:20. He walks back by and Steve says come and sit and have a cup of coffee with Big Steve. Come to the land of the wake up, he says, Nope. JC returns to the land of the asleep. Steve waves to the camera says good morning to all his kids and his wife, and blows a little kiss. Swaggy rises and heads for the WC, passing Steve along the way and does a cute little handshake greeting. Kaysee hops up and also heads to the WC, Swaggy exits the WC and Kaysee runs in w/o a word to Swaggy as she passes. Both Swaggy (having brushed his teeth) and Kaysee head back to bed. Meanwhile Steve is waving his hands around trying to Jedi mind trick the glass door open. Try one… fail. Kaysee walks by in time to see effort two on Steve’s part. Another failure.

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8:45am BBT Steve begins cleaning the kitchen with all the energy a pot of coffee allows him. He talks to himself often. No one else getting up? Crazy. 9:00 in the morning and nobody’s up? This is the time that I would go outside and smoke a cigarette. But I can’t, (Indoor LD) so what’s the next option? Back to bed? No. That’s the lazy way out. I’ll just sit here and stare at the wall. He moves to the dining room table and does just that.

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9:05am BBT: Steve is the only HG up this morning he is just sitting in the LVR just looking around.

9:30am BBT: Winston is up and walks through the KT tells Steve morning and heads to the WC.

9:50am BBT: JC is up in the KT  with Steve now making himself a drink while Steve drinks his coffee and puts a band aid on his leg. JC is having a fit about the milk and how he needs it to make slop. JC is mad they only give them so much milk for the week. Steve says it is our job to let them know we need more. 

9:54am BBT: JC tells Steve he is mad and he says you know what i am going to do? Steve says no what? JC says go back to bed. Steve laughs and says that is what you would do anyways.

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 10:01am BBT: Winston now in the KT with Steve  drinking coffee and eating breakfast. JC Comes out of the WA goes to KT gets a drink and heads back to bed. Rachel up and in the shower.

10:21am BBT: Winston and Haleigh in the WA talking about ti being the 4th of July. In the KT Angie, Steve and Sambot talking about cooking out for the  4th of July and what they did at home for the Holiday.

10:30am BBT: BB getting on to the HG about getting up out of bed for the day. Most HG are up doing ADL's 

 10:45am BBT: All the women are doing ADL's and putting on their swimsuits  just general talk going on about it being the 4th of July.

 10:50am BBT: Hg making more coffee and doing ADL's just general talk going on. Faysal goes to wake up JC before he gets in trouble with BB.

10:54am BBT: Kaycee talking to Brett and Winston about working out and she wants to workout in the front room so she does not get stuck in a bedroom for the whole day.

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12:50 pm BBT.  Bayleigh tells Chris her outfit is cute & makes her butt look good.  She asks Chris if America likes her.  He says America LOVES her.  She asks him if America likes black people.  He says we’ll answer that later.  She says she’ll try to do a better job of keeping her emotions in check but will still be dramatic.  



12:54 pm BBT.  Bayleigh tells Chris she wants to have “leigh” like in her name somewhere in her kids’s names.  Bayleigh telling Chris she is an advocate women’s rights/empowerment, victims of sexual assault & violence.  She’s good at dermatology, helping with your fitness needs, although she’s not a “muscle head” like some people in the house, she can braid or straighten your hair, good at customer service, domestic stuff...says she can do a lot of things & the boys love her.  She wears a lot of hats.  Scottie walks in & she asks his impression of her right now...he says the girl from popeye the sailor man.  


12:57 pm BBT.  Scottie tells Bayleigh he thought she would talk more.  Chris asks him to go out & come back in & do him.  He leaves, comes back in & says “I could dunk on that boy!”   He tells Chris he has been the same since day 1.  Bayleigh says they are leaders & don’t follow the crowd.  Bayleigh says she knew her & Scottie would get along cuz he was the only one who knew about anime.  Chris says he didn’t know & him & Scottie would click, but then Scottie talked about WWE & almost cooked his a** in the competition & thought ok...  

Kaitlyn & Tyler in pink bedroom.  Steve & Brett in blue bedroom.  Brett says his stomach hurts, they think it may have been the chicken.


1:00 pm BBT.  A lot of people napping right now.  Bayleigh, Chris & Scottie in the bathroom.  Bayleigh tells Chris she thought he would be the “typical” athlete & would be not nice & she thought he would’ve pissed someone off by now.  Rockstar joins the bathroom crew, her & Bayleigh are dancing in front of the mirror saying they need to give u “curve”!  Bayleigh says Chris is suave not a pretty boy.  She says he is pretty but a lretty boy is high maintenance & he’s not.  Bayleigh & Rockstar give themselves a snap in z formation.  


1:04 pm BBT.  Rachel, Sam & Kaycee in the LR.  Sam buys all her t-shirts & hoodies drom goodwill.  She says the clothes she wears to work get trashed.  Sam wants to learn to shoot a bow & arrow with her feet.  Rachel is lying on the couch with an american flag wrapped atound her.  


1:05 pm BBT.  Rockstar, Bayleigh, Scottie & Chris in bathroom asking questions to get to know each other.  Scottie’s favorite color is purple, so is Bayleigh’s.  Scottie loves breakfast.  They ask Scottie’s most embarrassing moment.  He says they don’t realize he is a big fool & he can’t think of a moment, then says his voice cracked once in front of a lot of people.  


1:07 pm BBT.  Bayleigh asks Scottie if he grew up in a 2 parent household & if they’re still together.  He says yes to both.  She asks who his favorite parent is?  He says he doesn’t have one but he is his parent’s 3rd favorite kid out of 4.  Bayleigh asks Scottie if he’s shy.   Then asks if he had to cut pizza or ice cream from his life forever, which one. He says he’s from Chicago & can’t give up deep dish pizza.  


1:10 BBT.  The bathroom crew is still grilling Scottie with questions.  Bayleigh asks burger king or mcd’s.  He says mcd’s.  She asks wendy’s or taco bell?  He says wendy’s bcuz of frosties.  Summer or winter?  He says summer.  Bayleigh says she looks like an Eskimo in winter.  Says she has 17 layers of clothes & no one can see her figure.  


1:12 pm BBT.  Bayleigh says she learned to drive in snow but it’s annoying when u have to start the car early to warm up.  


1:13 pm BBT.  Chris asks Scottie, ice skating or roller blading?  He says well I’ve never ice skated.  Chris says what??!!  He also says he’s barely roller bladed.  Bayleigh asks if he’s seen Roll Bounce.  Bayleigh says when she was little she was an ice skater.  She says her parents didn’t want her to have Timberlands cuz her parents didn’t want her to be a “little hood thing”.  She wanted some though cuz jenny from the block had them.  She said in Missouri they were Uggs.  She says she’s never had Jordan’s either, she’s not a tennis shoe girl but needs to learn how to rock them.  Says she needs cute tennis shoes but she has big feet.  


1:15 pm BBT.   Scottie asks Chris what his fav Jordans are?  He says he doesn’t really wear them, he wears Air Force, Nike.  Scottie says he doesn’t shop a lot cuz he doesn’t have money.  Chris shops for clothes, not shoes.  Scottie says he goes to the outlet store.  Sam, Angela, Rachel & JC are in the kitchen cutting pineapple & eating.  Sam starts imitating Julia Child.  The others try, but say they sound like Mrs. Doubtfire.  In the bathroom, Bayleigh asks Scottie to tell her about his best friend.  


1:21 pm BBT.  Bayleigh asks Scottie if he is calm or rowdy in reg life.  He says inconsistent.  Chris is called to DR.  Scottie asks Bayleigh what’s her most embarrassing moment.  Faysal comes in.  She says she ran track, the only long distance runner.  Her coach called her “hollywood” cuz she was dramatic.  She was running & was tired & not feeling it.  Her hip popped & she was having trouble running, the crowd was yelling to go faster.  She yelled to the crowd my f***ing hip hurts!   Her mom’s eyes widened in shock. She says she never lived it down.  Faysal says he did shot-put. 

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1:30 pm BBT Fessie, Scottie and Bayleigh in the WA talking about sleep walking. Bayleigh walks in her sleep and wanders. Her family talks to her and asks to borrow things and she wakes up. Scottie also sleep walks and talks. He talks about stupid stuff. 


1:32pm BBT War wound discussion. Fessie and his cousins and older neighbor were playing football and he reached for a ball and it caught his pinkie, broke it and he never got it fixed. He also has a messed up shoulder, 2 bulging discs and a scar on his brow.  Scottie does too. His happened in a basketball game. He and his brother both needed stitches and had to go to the ER. 


1:35pm BBT Angela, Kaitlyn, Brett and Winston in the BBR. Brett is in pain and getting an essential oil massage from Kaitlyn. The indoor LD is killing these folks. 


1:45 pm BBT Rachel and JC talking about DR sessions. Rachel says she is scared of them. (fish) 
Sam is cooking something in a wok and the others are coming by and getting bowls of it. Most of the HG are wearing some sort of red, white and blue clothing. Rachel has a flag wrapped on her like a skirt. 

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1:50 pm BBT JC and Sam in the storage room and JC says the frig makes his sad. It’s almost empty. He says if there is a glass of milk for him to drink, he’s happy. Sam tells him not to panic. 


1:55pm BBT Bayleigh and Swaggy enter the storage room. Haleigh follows them in. No milk for the cereal. All they seem to have is an abundance of bread and rice. Haleigh grabs a loaf of bread and heads out to make a PBJ. Bayleigh and Swaggy start kissing. 


2:00pm BBT Rockstar/Tyler/Fessie/Kaitlyn in the WA. Fessie is talking about a $19. bottle of water he got at a bar in Miami. Rockstar says it’s because they are there to sell drinks and the charge is a punishment for not ordering alcohol. 


2:05pm BBT Fessie went to a club where the cover was $60 and he and his friends all got in free. Rockstar asked if all his friends were pretty. Not all 6’5”, but nice looking. 

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3:15 pm BBT In the HOH. Rockstar is listening to music and dancing while Scottie lies in the bed. Winston and Kaitlyn are in the SR. Kaitlyn is eating Baked Lays and telling stories about celebrity encounters. Kaitlyn calls out to Ariana and Frankie Grande. They leave the SR and enter the LR where Kaycee, JC, Tyler, and Angela and Steve are lounging around. General TV show chit chat. Sam is by herself in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. 

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2:15pm BBT Tyler and JC in the HOH discussing the eviction. JC cannot talk game with Rockstar.  Tyler says she talks about people and doesn’t care who is listening. Kaitlyn walks in to use the potty and JC starts talking about beaches, muscle beach, Miami beach. Tyler says he thinks he’s going to move to Santa Monica with a friend of his. Kaitlyn says she loves Santa Monica. 


2:20pm BBT Kaitlyn exits the HOH potty and hops in bed between Tyler and JC. Game talk ends and peppermint tea talk begins. 

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3:50 pm Rockstar and Haleigh in PBR trash talking Sam’s game a little bit. Rockstar says cooking and cleaning will not save her. Haleigh agrees. Rockstar feels bad about Sam but thinks Steve is doing a better job of playing. She says he is very loyal and comes with Scottie as another number. They both leave the room and join the majority of HG in the LR. 


4:00 pm Sam and Brett in the kitchen talking about deer hunting with arrows

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4:34 pm Winston and Brett whispering in HNR. Winston says JC is a talker, he would have told us by now (it sounds like they are talking about the power). If he holds it and he has kept his mouth shut we need him on our side because he plays the game. “Then who has it?” asks Winston. He says the house seems to think the power is an extra vote. Brett says 100% that is just made up. Brett says they need to push for a vote to keep Sam with Kaitlyn. They will decide if that’s the right thing to do after they talk with her and feel her out. Winston sighs and says he still thinks the best move is to vote to keep Steve. Brett agrees. 


Angela joins them. Winston thinks they need to get everyone together to talk about this but why are they willing to expose their alliance just to keep Sam? Angela answers because she is a number. Winston says well what if we can get plus two next week? We can go with the flow and let Swaggy think he is running the house. Winston believes they can pull in Steve and Scottie next week if they unanimously vote to keep Steve. He continues emphasizing the risk in trusting that Kaitlyn will not vote with them and expose their alliance if the vote is 7-6. Brett says they just need to feel it out with Kaitlyn. Winston says it’s not worth it for Sam. She doesn’t know how to play the game. Brett says he loves her but her head is not in the game. They do not believe she would be loyal to them. 


(They continue to go back and forth with this idea, but that is the general idea of the Bros convo with Angela)


4:53 pm pm Meanwhile in the HOH, Tyler, JC, and Fesi are having their own game talk. JC does not think Sam is on either side of the house. Her game is weak which is beneficial to them. JC is trying to convince Fesi of the benefits of voting to keep Sam over Steve. Sam is a number up for grabs. Fesi agrees with JC that while they may not be aligned per say they do not need to gun for each other now. Fesi says he is a physical threat to the house but JC disagrees with that point and says the house doesn’t think that. JC thinks the only person that would go after Fesi right now would maybe be Angela. 


Rachel enters the HoH and Fesi changes the convo to talking about what they think the HoH comp will be. 

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08:00PM BBT Feeds resume with entire cast in the kitchen/living room.  They had a 4th of July party.


08:01PM BBT Bay and Rachel cheer into the bathroom mirror.  Bay explains to her that the live feeders like it when they talk directly to them.


08:03PM BBT Sam is cleaning the kitchen while Angela sweeps.  The others are going through the pizza boxes consolidating for leftovers.


08:04PM BBT Kaitlyn and Brett talk about setting him up on a date with one of her friends, and that it'll be a one nighter with a girl with a big a$$.


08:07PM BBT There's a line for the shower, as everyone is hoping to go in next.


08:13PM BBT The HG were given beer and wine.  And in addition to pizza, they had BBQ catered from Dickey's.


08:15PM BBT Rockstar and Fessy rehash talk of why they want to keep Steve and let Sam go.  If Steve stays, he'll stay on their side along with Scottie.  Sam is a wildcard.


08:17PM BBT Rockstar tells Fessy about Burning Man, as he's never heard of it before.  


08:23PM BBT In the Bathroom, Rachel (in the shower) tells the JC, Brett and Winston how Brett makes her nervous because he's intimidating - in a good way.


08:24PM BBT Bay is next for the shower up in the HOHR, while Haleigh exits.  Swaggy is sitting up there talking with them.


08:25PM BBT Tyler and Kaycee play foosball.  Tyler tells her that Sam has the power for a few weeks.



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9:40 PM BBT

Sam, Angela, and Rachel leave the WA, and Winston quickly checks to make sure no one else is in the WC or around them.  Once he’s sure they’re alone, he starts talking game with Brett.

Winston: “Rachel said that Haleigh is definitely voting for whatever JC votes.  Who the hell died and made JC king? … Rachel is like, ‘We all need to come to a consensus.’”  Winston tells Brett that he needs his help up there (in HOH) to convince Tyler (to keep Sam).  He adds about Rachel: “What makes you think Haleigh’s not playing JC and all of us? I don’t trust Haleigh.  She’s too good of a player.  She’s everywhere.”

Brett: (talking about what the power could be) “Steve started talking about the conjuring.  …..  like they have to redo everything.”

Winston asks who Brett thinks has the power.  Brett isn’t sure.  Winston tells him that JC slipped and said it was a girl who has it, by saying something like, “That’s for her to tell.”  Winston is scared that it could be Rockstar.

Brett: “[Steve] said it was someone not with them though.”

Winston says they can’t trust JC.  “I love the kid but I have no clue where he’s coming from.”

Brett says the only other girl he can think that might have it is Sam.

Winston: “She’s so dumb, maybe she forgot she had it.”  He adds about Rockstar: “How would she be trending? She doesn’t do anything.”

Brett: “Her fucking pearl hair, I don’t fucking know.”

Winston says he needs Rockstar out and that she’s climbing his list.

They first bump and stop talking for a minute to groom themselves.

Winston says the others know Rockstar is a swing vote, they’re not stupid.  He talks about how Rachel needs to calm down about the Haleigh/JC thing because, “Haleigh is playing such a good game, she’s not going to ruin it.  Not gonna happen.”

Brett says he doesn’t think Haleigh is gunning for them.  Winston doesn’t think so either, but reiterates that he feels she’s doing a good job of playing both sides.


[Just popping in for this brief update, but there's lots of pre-eviction angsting going on in the house tonight.  Hope someone can take over the late-night shift, I have to go to bed! -NotFornia]

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7/4 9:49PM BB Time

camera 1

Scottie and Swaggy are in the HOH room they are talking about someone in the house.

They haven't said a name yet, and the subject changed when Scottie sent

Kaycee to another room to pester other houseguests.

One of them asks, will we play for HOH during the live show, Winston says it usually

happens about the end of the show.

Swaggy: depends on how that goes

Winston: they will show footage of the week, then

the eviction,then we get dressed.

Swaggy :we do that (dress) during the live show?

Winston: oh yea I didn't think of that

Scottie is playing with some kind of controller, they think it

is glued together and they are wondering how old it is.

(it is an atari controller).

Winston: video games used to be so bad

Scottie tells them about pong.

They decided everyone who had wine earlier is wound down

The are talking about JC and how silly he is, he probably likes

edm music, and that moves the talk into the music on each person's list

for the HOH music. Winston is trying to avoid being specific,

he says he cannot remember but he is saying it several times. (I think maybe he does).

Now we are talking about favorite songs.

They are talking about the Fame album, and the dancing songs.

There is no game talk right now.


camera 1 returns and is taping the geometry room

JC, Tyler and Haleigh are in the room

JC: Remember they are competitors, they get the veto

they got to put someone. Me and you in that group (points

to Haleigh). Swaggy wins HOH, you think he will go for

you or me instead of Winston or Brett because he knows

they want him out? If you guys tell me I will keep secret,

I will do it

Haleigh: I think it is a good idea to keep Steve (whispering too softly)

JC: Those four crazy a**ed people on my side, they are

like pawns. When they were talking up there they would not

let us in their room. Don't be naive.

Angela: dont talk like that

Tyler: no one wanted anyone to come in. mentions Steve.

More murmering from Tyler.

JC: no matter who stays, next week none of three are going home

more murmering .

But he seems to be worried about

people staying loyal when they form groups early. He thinks

they won't be able to control Steve if they keep him. Steve won't be a

pawn for them.

JC: “I think he would be careful to use”.

Hayleigh: Right now they are counting for 7 to keep Steve, if I

don't vote they will know.

JC I dont want to be lone wolf. Lets sleep it over and we will

conversation tomorrow.

Haleigh: I am more comfortable that Steve comes with Scottie.

I have Scottie's trust, if he thinks for a second he can't trust me

-I have Scottie I have Steve. They are a powerhouse.

Tyler: He (JC) is thinking more like 6 weeks from now.

JC I am basing this conversation on things I have seen on

the show before. When you let them get too powerful-(refers

to Derek, Cody, and others). Let's show them we are on their

side, but not willing to give them full power.

Tyler: find the middle

JC tomorrow you will tell me a name and I will vote.

Tyler: I don't have a vote this week. You have a good point

she has a good point. There is not a viable tie. Says goodnight.

Haleigh: do you feel solid about him” (Tyler)

JC: yeah

Hayleigh: I cant even be around him or they start talking.

JC: all information goes from Baleigh to Swaggy. I like Swaggy

and other stuff but he is a target for other people. If we talk to

him we are targets too.

Haleigh: I don't like that Tyler won't give us anything, it is

his HOH.

JC: He wants to let everyone else do the vote and keep


Haleigh: I don't enjoy Steve's company, but a few days ago

but he said he was proud of me in the veto.

JC: 'Steve could literally take us out of the game', end quote.

JC tells Haleigh that Steve says things when people leave the rooms, has called

people names, but then seems to care about them when they

are in the room.

Haleigh wants to deal with it tomorrow and see where others

heads are, and if “she” (??) leans toward Sam I can say if you

do it I will do it too.

More murmering then FISH



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08:30PM BBT There's an ant issue in the house.  JC tells Rachel that it's because she's so sweet and made of sugar.


08:35PM BBT Haleigh is worried that she left her ring out by the weights two days ago and they've been setting up for the HOH comp and people have come and go.  She's going to talk to production.


08:41PM BBT Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Bay tease Winston about his last name.  He doesn't want to tell them what it is.


08:42PM BBT Winston doesn't believe that BB releases last names to the public.


08:44PM BBT Winston is called to the DR.  Bay, Rockstar, Haleigh and Brett talk in the LR.  Bay tries to decide what to wear, and then they talk about their dreams.


08:47PM BBT Rockstar said that JC made it rain cornbread in her hair.  


08:48PM BBT The HG are happy that they will have leftovers because they were running out, and they won't restock until Saturday.


08:49PM BBT Kaitlyn and Tyler are up in the HOHR bed while Angela and Rachel are on the couch.  Scottie joins them to tell a joke.


08:52PM BBT JC rings the HOHR doorbell and joins them.  They're looking forward to getting new music with the new HOH. 


08:53PM BBT Angela and Rachel ask Kaitlyn if she won the app power.  They decide that it's either Brett or Sam.


08:54PM BBT Kaycee comes out of the shower and joins Angela's place on the coch, as Angela goes into the shower.


08:58PM BBT Bay is talking about how Chima threw her microphone in the hot tub.  Steve is asking about the rules and the special powers, and how they work.  He doesn't understand how the POV works either.





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There is an important conversation at 11:10pm cams 3 and 4 between JC Fassy and later Swaggy but since JC is doing much of the talking is being done by JC I can't get it transcribed. Spent 30 minutes on 3 sentences. It is pivotal because this is a conversation that alerts Swaggy to the fact that Steve might go home tomorrow; and result in an alliance meeting of Swaggy's alliance and put doubt in their minds about Kaitlyn. Sorry but his accent is too strong

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