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Friday, June 30, 2017 BB19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother After Dark observations and screen captures here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.

Thank you!

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12:03AM - BBT: Alex, Jillian, Ramses, and Josh are in the Apple room talking. Paul and Christmas are trying to play a prank on Kevin. Jason is in on it. Paul scares Kevin from under the bed.


12:09AM - BBT: Jillian is a HN. General chit chat between Kevin, Xmas, Don, Jason, and Paul in the Power Room. Ramses is a HN as well. At least one of the beds in the HN room has big spikes on it. Cam changes to Mark and Elena lounging in Bathroom. Jillian and Ramses start talking about the curse again. Ramses says she will know when the curse happens. Jillian said she put her hand in the snakes mouth and it's eyes turned green. Cam changes to Jason zipping up Xmas into a piece of luggage. They're trying to prank Paul(?). I think Xmas just had a boob slip. Jason saw and took too long to tell her.


12:19AM - BBT: Paul and Ramses are talking now in the Apple room. Paul tells him he didn't get the "Blue eyes" and Ramses says he and Jillian didn't either. They talk about what they think the curse could be and what they were told rule-wise about the curse. Paul thinks Jason may have taken the 25k. They both think Josh may have taken it and then grabbed the golden apple to save himself and throw the HoH comp. josh comes in and tells them goodnight. Paul says he thinks Ramses is in a good spot, but Ramses disagrees.


12:26AM - BBT: Matt and Raven join Paul and Ramses. Raven gets called to the DR soon after. Cam changes to Bathroom lounge where Elena, Mark, and Dom are talking. Xmas joins them. Just general chat about food and dinner from tonight. Now talking about Xmas' nip slip.


12:34AM - BBT: Paul and Matt are in the Apple room talking. Paul says the girls are dangerous this season. Matt says he thinks they're alliance (the larger group one?) will last until jury, but then will break down. Paul says Raven is genuine, but all the other girls are sneaky. Ramses rejoins them and Paul says they were just talking about the 25k and who took it. Paul asks if everyone is awake right now and Matt says he thinks Megan isn't. (HA!) Talking about how Megan ruined it for everyone; Jillian, Alex, and Cody. General talk about how the house makes you think differently and how it brings out things in you you didn't know were there. Now talk of tattoos.


12:41AM - BBT: Josh joins them and asks if certain cameras are on. Paul tells them they're all always on. General chat in the bathroom between the people that were in there before plus Alex and Jason. Elena asks if Mark is a grower or a shower and he says he has a good balance. All 4 cams now on the boys in the Apple room and now FISH @ 12:46AM - BBT.

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12:05am BBT: Feeds 1/2 Xmas and Jason in the DBR discussing groups forming throughout the house.  Feeds 3/4 - Alex, Jillian, Josh, and Ramses in Lounge, Alex stating that before Megan left, she may have used a racial slur towards Alex. Differing opinions on if racial slur was used but general consensus was that Megan was bad mouthing Alex before she left.


12:12am BBT: In Lounge, Jillian and Ramses discussing being have nots. In the bathroom area, Mark is telling Elena that he thinks she looks beautiful. Back in DBR, Jason trying to put Xmas in a suitcase.


12:14am BBT: In the DBR, Xmas had a nip slip when coming out of the suitcase. 


12:16am BBT: In DBR, Xmas, Jason, Elena, and Kevin discussing Xmas’s nip slip [a result of the suitcase shenanigans]. Xmas upset that it’s the first night of the feeds and that happened. In the Lounge, Paul and Ramses are discussing strategy and how others are keeping information close to their chests.


12:24am BBT: Matt and Raven join Paul and Ramses in the Lounge. In DBR, Kevin, Xmas, and Jason discussing horse riding.


12:27am BBT: Mark, Xmas, Elena, and Dom in the bathroom area, discussing ADLs and the mess in the house. Kevin, Jason, and Josh discussing religion in the DBR.


12:34am BBT: Matt and Paul in the Lounge discussing how the girls are fierce and smart. Paul says to stick with their plan but they need to watch the girls. Matt says he and Raven have an agreement. Ramses joins them.

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12:46AM - BBT: Feeds are back. Jillian and Kevin are in the power room talking about the temptation and the consequence. Matt, Ramses, and Josh in the Apple room still. Josh is a HN. Alex and Kevin now in the Power room talking. Alex says Cody told her he wants to take all the couples to the end with a few singles. Says they're not gonna take Jillian or Jason, but will take Xmas and Paul, but will then cut them. Matt and Ramses appear to be passing out in the Apple room while Alex and Kevin continue to talk in the Power room now about family and stuff. Cody and Jessica are now on cam in the HoH bed cuddling and kissing a little. Jessica says when she wins HoH she'll put Josh up. Josh has now joined Alex and Kevin. Alex tells Kevin he's not gonna win because they're stacking the deck against him. Josh says once Cody got power everyone started kissing his ass and the ones that didn't (them) are now the outsiders. Alex says Cody told her that he didn't want to put her up, but someone else did and that's why she's up. Alex is trying to explain the game to Kevin and he's slowly catching on. Jillian is now with them and they are all telling Kevin he is safe for now and that the core group will drag him to the end as a pawn. Kevin keeps asking if so-and-so is with them. Mark? Yes. Ramses? They say they think he's more on the outs. Josh and Kevin leave Alex and Jillian. Jillian thinks if Alex is voted out then Jillian may be able to coast for a few weeks, but if she stays they will gun for her and Jason next week.


1:04AM - BBT: Jillian and Alex were trashing Josh a little bit saying he doesn't fully understand that they are now on the same side and if Alex goes it will affect his game. Kevin asks who Alex thinks would be in the top three, has the best odds. He asks "I'm not one of them?" She quickly says no and that the top Guy is Cody and the top girl is Jessica and Elena is up there to. Alex said she thinks Cody is only playing for jury and Kevin says that's so dumb. Why come here just to go to the jury house? Kevin says if he wins the HoV he's gonna give it away. The girls tell him he can't give it away. (This guy is gonna be a riot this season!) 

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12:48am BBT: Alex and Kevin in DBR, Alex saying that Cody told her that he wants to take the “couples”, says that since she didn’t want to play that game, Cody put her on the block. Alex mentions that she wants to play an honest game.


12:51am BBT: Cody and Jessica cuddling in bed in HOH [showmance in the making?], discussing getting Josh out next week.


12:55am BBT: Back in DBR, Alex thinks that someone told Cody to put her up. Josh has joined Kevin and Alex, talking about how the others have the numbers and the power currently. Jillian joins them. Alex says that they will take Kevin far, he says back that he would carry them. Josh says they have the numbers, but that the house can flip within a day.


1:04am BBT: Alex and Jillian discussing Josh and him putting a target on them while they are at risk on the block. Jillian says she will likely yell at him numerous times for taking the golden apple and putting them at risk while protecting himself.


1:16am BBT: Kevin, Alex, and Jillian in DBR saying that Megan blew up their game. Megan told Alex that Jessica had referred to her [Alex] as a “panda”. Alex says that Jessica later confronted her in the Storage Room stating that that was not true. Alex mentions going to the producers and then FoTH.


1:27am BBT: Alex and Jason in Storage Room discussing the couples in the house. Alex says if she wins HOH next week she would try to get Jessica out. Jason suggests Cody would be the better one to get out because he is a beast.

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3:05am BBT: Mark, Elena, Paul, and Christmas are ending a late night chat session in the lounge room. Paul and Christmas go to the kitchen to eat pizza, Elena and Mark stay in the lounge.


3:08am BBT: Mark and Elena sit close in the corner whispering. Mark tells Elena her hair is "freaking amazing." They talk about her piercings. 


3:10am BBT: Paul and Christmas eat pizza in the kitchen, talking about how much they like cold food. Paul teases his "early morning friendship chat with Paul" later.


3:15am BBT: Christmas and Paul get ready to go to bed and agree to cuddle


3:17am BBT: Mark and Elena hold hands briefly in the lounge. Elena tells Mark that he can trust her. Mark tells her she's safe with him and he would never put her up. Mark tells Elena she's hot and they talk about hair briefly. In the bathroom, Paul and Christmas talk about BB 18. 


3:20am BBT: Jessica walks into the lounge. She's upset about being called into the DR and BB cuts the live feeds.


3:22am BBT: Feeds are back. Christmas and Paul head to the DBR and wake Matt up, Mark and Elena stay in the lounge. Matt stops to talk to Mark and Elena, he calls them "adorable" before going to the kitchen.


3:30am BBT: Mark and Elena leave the lounge and go to the bathroom. Matt makes cereal in the kitchen.


3:36am BBT: Everyone is in bed.


3:40am BBT: Lots of laughter from the RBD. Paul jokes around with Christmas, Elena,and Matt.








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3:42am BBT: BB cuts the live feeds.


3:43am BBT: Live feeds are back. Everyone is in bed and all is quiet.


3:45am BBT: Jessica is out of bed, she goes up to the HOHR. She gets into bed with Cody.


3:53am BBT: Everyone sleeps.

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9:00amBBT: Raven and Matt are in the lounch discussing an accident with the coffee filter. Raven says that Matt over filled the coffee filter and coffee filter goes boom. Coffee filter goes boom all over raven. Matt says it only happened when she was in there alone, but Raven says that she has witnesses. Jillian and Pow Pow (I'm guessing they are comparing Alex to Paola from a previous season).


9:04amBBT: Alex and Jillian (Noms) are in the LR stretching. It sounds as if Jillian has been having issues with leg cramps (charlie horses) in her calves. Alex tells her that she needs more potassium. Cody called to DR.


9:07amBBT: Back to the lounge and Raven is talking about "when Ramses pulled the apple off the wall. It was so cool. It was a ripple effect" Then she lays her head onto Matt's shoulder. They are both falling asleep and telling BB they are contemplating life (probably so they don't get yelled at)


9:08amBBT:  FOTH as Cody comes out of the DR


9:09amBBT: Screen changes:


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8:39am Many HG are up doing ADLs. One of the girls says they still have 1 1/2 hrs. (Missed until what will happen) A whole group gets told to change their battery. 


8:48am Something stinks in the fridge and Kevin wonders who ate 2 day old pizza. Who eats 2 day old pizza unless you're in college. BB still trying to get ppl to change their batteries. Kevin, Josh, Cody and Jason in KT doing dishes and cooking. Alex is sitting on her bed curling her eyelashes. Matt and Raven in Lounge talking, they think there will be a comp today.


8:57am Alex and Jillian in WA talking about potassium and body cramps. (Alex is a vicious tongue brusher)


Flashback: after a long WBRB...8:25am BB tells the HG its time to get up for the day. 

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9:47amBBT: Most HGs are in the Kitchen area discussing picks for PoV. Kevin was picked to host. Alex and Elena are asking Paul what type of comp was first last season and he said "Dizzy Dog" (I think) where you had to spin around really fast. He then deadpans, "I won that competition." Alex says she hopes its a similar comp because she has a strategy for it. Paul say sit won't be. Elena asks if the comp will be today, Paul says yes, that is why we picked players.. right now.


9:47amBBT: Meanwhile up in the HoHR: "Of all the names" Jessica says. Cody says it worked out perfect. Dom says it will be interesting. Matt, Raven, Cody, Alex, Jillian and Jason will play in the veto competition, with Kevin hosting. The three of them are discussing when the comp will happen (day/evening) and Jess tells Dom to bring water and snacks with her. Cody wants to "sweep the week" by winning today's PoV.


9:52amBBT: Mark and Elena now in RBR. He crawls into a bed and she turns off the light and crawls into bed with him, they are cuddling. Mark says that they have 15 minutes because it's not 10 yet. Once they are nice and comfy, BB comes on and says, "The bedroom lights must remain on." As she is getting up to turn it back on, she is cussing and calls BB "real dream killers"


9:50amBBT: Matt walks into the HOHR and says that it couldn't have been more perfect. Jess and Dom talking about how they get to just sit back and watch this time. Jess tells Cody to come here and says "lets not have you put another person on the block this week so.." Paul says that if Jason wins, he can convince Jason not to use it by saying that you don't want to go against the first HoH as it puts a huge target on you. Paul and Cody said that they are all set.


9:53amBBT: They are discussing the type of comp it could be in the HoHR and they are hoping it's not spelling. Paul says that the spelling comp is usually the 2nd or 3rd PoV. Then he says that it doesn't matter because if it is, Alex is dyslexic and won't do well in that comp. They discuss how her demenor has changed since she was nominated. Paul said she probably got the curse too (The one Ramses says he got). Cody can't stand still. He is walking back and forth across the room.

Back down in RBR, Elena climbs back into bed with Mark complaining that the bedsheets are never fixed right and she is so cold. Christmas walks in and says she is jaaaaazzed. They are happy that its 3/3 and  then say how easily Jason can be convinced to not use it if he wins.


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9:55amBBT: Alex and Jillian in the WA. Hard to hear him as there is a lot of noise in the KT. Sounds like they think this is going to be a spelling challenge. They are talking about different words to use if it is. Jillian says she is really nauseous. Alex asks if she wants to lay in her bed, because it's flat. Ramses is trying to get into the DR but they aren't letting him in so they assume someone is in there.


9:55amBBT: Back up in the HoHR, Cody is telling everyone that he had a conversation with Josh and that by the end of it, he thinks that he has convinced Josh to tell him anything he finds out. They are saying how Josh is a liar, has "no chill" and that he is a compulsive and pathalogical liar that believes his own lies. Paul and Cody discussing surfing.


9:57amBBT: Jillian is laying down in the DBR and Alex asks if everyone laughed when Jason was picked and Jill says no, they weren't laughing at that. Alex offers to make Jillian some slop but Jillian doesn't want to eat that right now. Jillian says her leg hurts but she thinks she will be okay in the challenge. Jason comes in the room and Alex asks him how good of a speller he is and he says good. They tell her to stop stressing over it.


9:58amBBT: In the HoHR they are discussing the water when they go surfing. Christmas is sitting on the bed, Jessica is laying down. Raven walks in with a plate and cup. Matt leaves the room as Cody and Paul continue to talk about surfing.


9:58amBBT: In the DBR Jillian asks Alex how long before the competition. Alex says she doesn't think it will be long because it's not as hot out. In the past they had been trying to delay it due to the heat. Alex saying there were not a lot of chips to pull from. She doesn't think that all of the HGs had chips. (Lots of silence in between topics)


10:00amBBT: Cody and Paul still talking about surfing in HoHR. You can hear Jessica, Xmas and Raven talking but you can't make out much of what they are saying. Sounds like they are discussing Kevin and the f-bombs he has been dropping all over the place.


10:01amBBT: BB: "There is no napping, House guests". Alex talks directly into her mic saying that Jillian is not feeling well and wants to go into the DR. Jillian says she knows its a vitamin problem because back home she goes to the gym all the time and runs and doesn't have a problem. 


10:01amBBT: Paul now talking to Cody about snow boarding and biting it a lot like surfing. Cody says he is looking for something that costs no money, you get your physical fitness, has an element of danger, you get your high. Matt walks in with coffee for he and Xmas. Cody asks if it's "strong stuff" down there and Matt says yes. 


10:03amBBT: A lot of silence in the DBR. Jillian reallyl doesn't feel good. You can hear the noise from the KT and have to wonder why there is no cam on them.


10:03amBBT: Not a lot of interesting talk at this point. Various chats. Paul now talking in differnt languages. Says he is going to just speak Armenian for the rest of the season. Cody walks in on the girls in the DBR. Finds out about Jillian not feeling well.


10:07amBBT: Cody asking the two why they aren't trying to get along with the others and Alex said it's because they have said they don't like her. Jillian says she doesn't feel the same way, that she talks to them individually. Cody says that if they don't want to get along with the girls then they need to try to get in with the guys. Alex thinks that the racial thing didn't happen but something was definately said because "they" keep asking her about how like how do you know Megan is lying? Why don't you believe her? and we get brief Kitties of the House (probably telling them not to talk about DR sessions).


10:15amBBT:  Jessica keeps getting told to put on her mic and she keeps telling them that she is about to step into the shower, but she keeps talking to Dom. Back down in the DBR Alex offers to get Jillian some crackers, Jillian says she can't have them. They are convinced this is a potassium problem as there is none in the slop.


10:17amBBT:  The feeds are on Jillian in the DBR explaining to Paul about her issues. Up in the HoHR WA Dom has been brushing her teeth for a few minutes while Jessica gets into the shower. RBR Paul and Matt join Elena and Mark. They are talking about how cold it is. 


10:19amBBT: They are discussing how some people didn't even twitch when the music was playing.


10:20amBBT: Paul and Kevin in the SR. Kevin: Alex is telling me that she heard  that they just wanted the "six" to get picked, all the couples. Paul: You heard yesterday how it was going around that Ramses won the $25k right? You see how I'm spinning it? I've already told them that you are ok. They all like you and you are in a great spot. Whenever you hear them saying stupid crap like that, relay it to me and we can assess if it's real or not. Kevin: How are you doing? Paul: I'm doing okay. I almost won last season and I'm still here, they haven't even put me on the block. Kevin: that is because they are jerk offs. Kevin leaves the SR and Paul proceeds to give us the PeeWee Herman dance and then complains that there is no more granola and leaves the SR heading back to the KT.


10:30amBBT: (cam 3) Paul in the lounge talking to us about the two sides. Camera cuts in on: "Alex, Ramses, Josh, Jason, Jillian. That's five people. So we've got 5 and we've got 7. It's stil... I mean yeah, one of the sides thinks they have the numbers in the whole house but realistically, they don't understand that as the game progresses, things are going to go wild.

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11:04am Ramses called to DR. Dr. told Jillian to take electrolytes and double up on her vitamins a couple times for her vitamin deficiency that's causing her Charlie horses. Paul shouts out "Big Style" that's his word this season. (instead of Friendship). Kevin cleans the fridge. In WA the girls are doing their make up and saying how it feels like they've been there a month already. 


11:11am General talk. Kevin not only cleaned the fridge but he organized it. Elena loves it says its better then a ring. 


11:17am Kevin and Matt in SR, Kevin shows him that some one (she-5'1") hid some soda behind some stuff in a cupboard.


11:19am cam changes to Elena in Lounge sounds like she is promoting a book...cam leaves her. It's just general chit chat and singing "Please stop singing" says BB.

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11:37am Paul in WC and Jessica opens the door. Paul is just sitting there. Dominique tells Matt the WC is open....  Matt opens the door and Paul says Howdy buddy. Kevin gets into the shower and asks WTH is that. It's Ramses African black soap (that's the name of it). Cam shows it, it looks like poop in the soap dish.


11:44am Elena, Raven and Jessica in HOH WA talking about Jillian, they are going to stay away from her. How Jillian cant see how Paul is a threat.


11:47am HOH WA talk continues. Talk about how "they" have lost the head --Megan, and will lose their power--Jillian. That will leave Ramses and the rest weak. In the Den bedroom, Josh is reading the bible out loud, Ramses is laying in bed and Jillian finally got called to DR.


11:55am Paul and Mark sitting at the table. Marks finger is still bandaged. Paul and Mark are going back and forth about Footlocker, Mark says he needs a pedicure, where is the locker for his foot. Alex says she must still be asleep cuz she doesn't get any of it. Alex wants to go back to bed, Paul says his season F'ed it up for them all they did was sleep all day. BB isn't letting them sleep during the day.





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3:27pm BBT Feeds Back.  Paul says Good Job to Jillian.  Then he asks Jason if he had a good time.  Paul tells the other HG they have to be careful, if they curse on live TV they get fined.  FotH.

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3:44PM - BBT: Paul, Mark, Cody, Matt, Raven, Dom, Jessica, and Elena are talking Game in the HoH. Discussion is whether Ramses or Jason would be the better person to put Up in Alex's place. They want to still rule up Alex by possibly putting up Jason. Don says Alex is smart and says Alex knows Jason is in danger. Speculating that the next HoH will be how bad do you want it or an endurance. Apparently Josh wanted to change seats while watching the Veto comp for no real reason and they are wondering why he wanted to switch. Christmas joins the HoH group and then immediately leaves with Elena. Paul says the plan is to put up Jason and send him home. He then asks if they win next week if they should put Up Alex and Josh. Don says if she wins, Jillian is going up and Paul says Alex could be a backdoor option. They're trying to figure out who Alex would put up if she won HoH. If she would get revenge and put up Cody or who. They said Alex barely won the veto. Jason was gonna win and Alex pulled it out at the last second.


3:57PM - BBT: in the comp, they had to stack or balance some stars that were at the bottom of the pool. Paul said it was similar to last year's first PoV, but with a water element. Jason, Cody, Dom, Jess, and Paul talk about the PoV competition. Cody, Dom, and Jess discuss who they can take to the jury phase with their group of 9. Cody says he doesn't trust any of the outsiders. Dom asks how he feels about Alex. He likes and respects her, but their interests just didn't align this week. They're considering bringing her with the 9 because she would be an asset. Jessica is annoyed by Alex and says Mark and Matt dislike her too. Dom says let's talk it out. If they bring Alex, she says she thinks Alex would do what the house wanted. Jessica says Alex is the only outsider that is a threat. They speculate on what the HoH comp might be.


Gotta go for a bit! Be back later tonight!

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9:48 PM, BBT: Paul heading to bed after getting chided by production for napping multiple times. Almost all HGs complaining of being tired. Ramses, Matt, Raven, Jessica, and Jason shooting the breeze in the kitchen, trading notes on various injuries. Elena hurt her leg, unclear how.


10:05 PM, BBT: Kevin telling Ramses how he wants Ramses to cook him scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning. This is a playful callback to Kevin winning a bet about an hour earlier over what Dominique wants to call the BB chat show she intends to start when she gets out of the house. Kevin insisted it was BB After Dark Soup (as in Talk Soup). Ramses said that made no sense and was sure it was Scoop. Upon consulting Dominique, Kevin was right. He says Ramses has to make him French toast in the morning. Ramses never shook on it, so he argues there was no bet.


10:18 PM, BBT: Mark and Elena cuddled up on the couch in the LR. Mark calls over Ramses (calling Ramses a superfan; he plays this down, saying he's only seen three full seasons) to "rate [their] showmance." Ramses says they have a "funny dynamic" and "people are going to like that."


10:40 PM, BBT: Ramses, Mark, and Elena still sprawled out on couches in the LR, now talking about past seasons (18 and 16 specifically). Ramses says he would marry Zach Rance when he gets out of the house. Elena quickly seconds this.


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10:28pm BBT: Jessica in HOH doing ADLs, Ramses, Elena, and Mark in LR, chatting/joking about what’s happening out in the real world. Elena and Ramses teasing Mark a bit. Elena states everyone else in the house is in bed.


10:34pm BBT: Kevin joins Elena and Ramses in LR, Elena discussing the radio show she was working on.


10:48pm BBT: Kevin, Elena, and Ramses discussing have nots in the LR, Mark and Jessica in the kitchen. Jessica calls Elena Mark’s “better half”, and says they are “adorbs, five stars”.


10:57pm BBT: LR crew is now Elena, Mark, Jason, Ramses, Jessica, and Kevin. Just general chit chat.


11:07pm BBT: Josh now with the LR group, talk has turned to personal fight stories.


11:11pm BBT: All feeds now on the RBR, just sleeping HGs.


11:22pm BBT: Back to LR crew, down now to Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Elena, and Mark. They discuss someone taking a temptation and another HG getting a curse. Elena wonders why the cursed HG wouldn’t tell others about their curse.


11:24pm BBT: Kevin and Jason in DBR, discussing Kevin cracking a tooth. Jason mentions having some breathing trouble/wheezing but thinks it may be a reaction.


11:26pm BBT: Kevin/Jason discussing the couples and how they have votes. They wonder what will happen when they have to turn on each other. Kevin says Alex has done well against the guys.


11:39pm BBT: LR crew (to Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Elena, and sleeping Mark) just chatting, Kevin and Jason’s convo in DBR turns to Jason’s rodeo and farm history.

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Unless your name is: Dade, dargo21, DreamAngel, Fuskie, jky2f, Kelly6, PaganMom, or TheTwoOfHearts, YOU LET US DOWN.  Our Big Brother coverage is a commUNITY effort, you know, like Friendship. Come on, give it shot, we have a no criticizing rule so no one will make fun of you, we'd rather have a shoddy update than no update at all.

Coverage continues here:  Saturday, July 1, 2017 BB19 Live Feed Updates

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