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Morty's TV BB USA Season 19 Live Feed Meme Contest

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Row, a member of Morty's TV Facebook Group, saw a screenshot with Paul's face all green. It sparked a memory from the movie The Exorcist and he just couldn't resist. He had to remind me of the movie to get it. It had been way too long. :-) 




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On 7/11/2017 at 5:19 AM, Goldylucks said:

There are just a few days to get your meme entries in for Week 2. Cody is just ripe for meme makers and he may very well be gone after Thursday. 


Meanwhile, we do have a few more entries this week and again, most of them are from Morty's TV Facebook Group members. 

Neal brings us "Evicted" and Heather brings us "That One Drunk Dude" and "Emotions".






That One Drunk Dude.jpg





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We have a lot of new memes to round out Week 3.

Let's start with Tabatha, a member of Morty's TV Facebook Group. All of these are hers. She has had a busy week!


She brings us Whistlenut Story

Whistlenut Story.jpg





BB Horror Story

BB Horror Story.jpg


Had Enough

Had Enough.jpg


Stop That

Stop That.jpg'


Check Your Hair

Check Your Hair.jpg


Don't Question Me

Dont Question Me.jpg


Pass the Popcorn

Pass the Popcorn.jpg


Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors.jpg

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We have some great memes right out of the gate for Week 6.  All created by Morty's TV Facebook Group Members:


Fetch Me Some Water: by Aimee

Bend the Knee: by Melissa

Thy Will Be Done: by Melody

 and Grab Your Spaghetti-Os: by Alicia


Fetch Me Some Water.jpg

Bend The Knee.jpg

Thy Will Be Done.jpg

Grab Your Spaghetti Os.jpg

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