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Morty's TV BB USA Season 19 Live Feed Meme Contest

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On 9/2/2017 at 2:16 AM, Goldylucks said:

Never to be outdone, Todd (Morty's TV Facebook Group) brings us "Not Funny", "This Big", "Paul Told Me I Had To" and "Half the Disaster".



Not Funny.jpg

This Big.jpg

Paul Told Me I Had To.jpg

Half the Disaster.jpg

absolutely ugliest piece of clothing ever.

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Alright guys, here are the last 3 memes closing out the contest entries. All 3 of these memes come from members of Morty's TV Facebook Group.


So, here we are. The last 3.




Aimee: "Mugshot"




Todd "Might Win AFP" 

Might Win AFP.jpg



and Kathy "Hokey Pokey"

Hokey Pokey.jpg

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So, which memes were your favorite? Well, here are the 11 weekly winners so far. One more weekly winning meme will to go before Morty picks his Grand Prize Winner:


Week 1: Yellowbull created by Todd.




Week 2: Save Breakfast also created by Todd

Save Breakfast.jpg



Week 3: Be a Man also created by Todd

Be a Man.jpg



Week 4: Rehab created by....you guessed it.....Todd 




Week 5: Save the Little Kid created by Lisa 

Save the Little Kid.jpg



Week 6: Story Worse Than Yours also created by Lisa 

Story Worse Than Yours.jpg



Week 7: Mrs. Grinch created by Donna and Sun's Out Bun's Out created by Ziggy 49 because Morty loved them both too much to choose.

Mrs Grinch.jpg 

Suns Out Buns Out.jpg



Week 8: My Eyes My Eyes created by Millie 

My Eyes My Eyes.jpg



Week 9: Trust Me created by Todd 

Trust Me.jpg


Week 10: Good With That created by Melody 

Good With That.jpg



Week 11: Meeting of the Mindless created by Melody 

Meeting of the Mindless.jpg



Week 12:  Todd "Might Win AFP" 


Might Win AFP.jpg

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And the Winner Is.gif ............







Lisa with "Story Worse Than Yours".  Congratulations Lisa, winner of the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 19 Live Feed Meme Contest!

Story Worse Than Yours.jpg

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