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Morty's TV BB USA Season 19 Live Feed Meme Contest

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We have some first timers too for Week 10. All of these are from Facebook Friends of Morty Port


Jodi "Rodeo Clown"

Rodeo Clown.jpg




Tina "Meatballs are Mine"

Meatballs are Mine.jpg




Brannie "Gumpy Rat"

Gumpy Rat.jpg




Brenda "I Want My Mommy" 

I Want My Mommy.jpg




Linda "No Crying Today' 

No Crying Today.jpg




and Shanlee "Stolen from Jersey Shore"

Stolen from Jersey Shore.jpg

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And here we are. This is the last week to submit memes for the contest.   So, here we go......


Millie, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group created "I Was the Puppetmaster" and Melody, also of Morty's FB Group, created 2 new memes. "The Clown" and "Puppeteered Eviction"


I Was the Puppetmaster.jpg

The Clown.jpg

Puppeteered Eviction.jpg

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