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  1. Peanuts are banned in most schools now too, should they not be allowed to have them in the BB house? This isn't a kids show. They don't encourage it, they don't glamorize it, they showed it how it happened in all it's ugliness.
  2. My friend went to a destination wedding in the Bahamas 2 weeks ago, it was less than 4 days. The bride and her sister post (I shit you not this is not and exaggeration) over 3000 pictures of the trip. I honestly know what happened every damn second they were down there lol
  3. She's going to use it, and yes she must do the chant before voting begins
  4. Unless he toned her out and let her ramble hoping to get some action out of her. Word is they hung out for like 2 hours that night. I have a feeling it was more like, it took him 2 hours to get rid of her.
  5. That's what it is, there's 1 pic of them together she posted on her Instagram She mentioned it to him one night and he told her he didn't remember her.
  6. Really? You joined up after 19 seasons just to say that? You know, we didn't even know (or care) that you were watching in the first place. What makes you think we'd care you decided to stop watching? Thanks for letting us know, we'll light a candle for you, honest!



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