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Morty's TV BB USA Season 19 Live Feed Meme Contest

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And we have a couple first timers who have submitted memes for Week 6.


We have "Fighting the Manson Family" by Mary, a Facebook friend of Morty Port.


Fighting the Manson Family.jpg



And "Must Be Destroyed" by Andrea. Andrea is also a FB Friend of Morty Port.



Must Be Destroyed.jpg

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Donna, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group, brings up "Beam Me Up" and "Mrs. Grinch". 



Beam Me Up.jpg

Mrs Grinch.jpg


Melody, a meme making regular from Morty's TV Facebook Group has her entries in for Week 7 too: "Reigning HOH", "Another HOH in the Books", "Devilish Christmas" and "Just Here for Love". 

Reigning HOH.jpg

Another HOH In the Books.jpg

Devilish Christmas.jpg

Just Here for Love.jpg

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And here we have the last of the memes for Week 7. 


Aimee, member of Morty's TV Facebok Group,  brings us "Down the Drain" and "Ice Queen.

Down the Drain.jpg

Ice Queen.jpg




and Beatriz, also a Morty's TV Facebook Group Member, has an entry for this week "Christmas Making Final 2"


Christmas Making Final 2.jpg

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We have a few more memes for Week 8. 


Millie, member of Morty's TV Facebook Group has entered the contest with her meme titles "My Eyes My Eyes". 



My Eyes My Eyes.jpg



And Aimee is back with 3 new eclipse related memes for this week:

"See What I See", "How High" and "Blind Leading the Blind". 

See What I See.jpg

How High.jpg

Blind Leading the Blind.jpg

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