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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 10:00am BBT Good Morning Canada! BB let the house guests sleep in this morning. The lights came on a few minutes ago and the house guests started getting out of bed then the feeds went down.

 10:15am BBT Still locked out so we don’t know what we are missing. Recap: the PoV ceremony was held yesterday and the PoV was not used, so it looks like either Loveita or Sharry will be leaving the BB house this week. Which one would you like to see leave the BB house?

 10:23am BBT Feeds are back and Mitch, Cassandra and Phil are sitting in the BY talking about the coffee that smells like hot chocolate.  In the WA Joel and Loveita were talking when Dallas walked in and Joel said that he is just wondering how the votes are going so far for eviction. Joel walked out and Loveita said something to Dallas, but her mic was not on so we did not hear what was said.

 10:26am BBT In the WA Loveita is putting on makeup while Dallas is brushing his teeth. Down in the KT Tim is talking to Phil about Nikki, and then we get locked out again.

 10:28am BBT In the BY Mitch, Joel and Cassandra are sitting and talking about how last week seemed so full and this week seems so light with things to do.

 10:31am BBT Up in the pink BR Dallas is whispering to other house guests about walking in on Loveita and Joel talking. They think Loveita is sneaky and dangerous. Dallas leaves the room and said that he is going to do some work.

 10:33am BBT Tim is in the KT talking to Mitch and as Dallas walked out of the room he said unless I am reading it wrong, they do not have the numbers. Dallas walked back in the KT and Mitch asked him if he knows who he is leaning towards. Dallas said that he did until he walked into the bathroom and heard a conversation that Loveita was having. He was going to vote to keep Loveita, but now he is not.  

 10:38am BBT In the WA Loveita is putting on her makeup still while whispering to Joel about telling others that Sharry is not good at physical comps. She is telling Joel that the people that are voting for Sharry to stay are not his friends. Loveita does not understand why people in the house can’t stand on their own and have to be followers. Loveita wants Joel to know that he can vote for her to stay and just tell Jared that he voted for Loveita because she is his friend. Joel wonders why Dallas wants to talk to him.

 10:43am BBT Loveita said that if she stays in the game, she is still a target in the house. Loveita wants Joel to come with her and talk to Dallas in the HN room.

 10:45am BBT Loveita and Joel leave the WA and go in the HN room. Loveita then decides they need to talk to Mitch and told Joel “lets go back upstairs.” They walk in the WA and ask Mitch if they could talk and he said sure. They head back down to the HN room.

 10:48am BBT Loveita walked back in the HN room and Mitch followed her in. Loveita told him that she is big time campaigning today. Loveita said that she has had a lot of ups and downs and wanted to give people space. Loveita knows that Sharry campaigned yesterday. She sees the people in the HOH currently are power players and Sharry is in good with them. Loveita believes that she is a bigger target and a strong competitor. Loveita knows that there are some people that want her to stay and Jared don’t think that she has the votes. Mitch said that he prefers her to stay and he thinks that they have the votes.

 10:52am BBT Loveita thinks that there is a lot of fear with others voting and Jared is letting people decide who they want to vote to stay. Mitch told Loveita that he would let her know if she should campaign harder. Mitch thinks that Sharry is great, but on a game level he knows where Loveita stands. Loveita said that if she stays she wants to form a secret alliance and wants to point out the wild cards and how they are going to keep the votes even.

 10:54am BBT Mitch thinks that her best bet with Tim is to let him know that she is going to shake the house up. Loveita said that she will and she can’t play it safe. Loveita said that it does not make sense to keep Sharry in the game since she is close to the others. Loveita wants to break up the duo and she knows that she has two other votes guaranteed (Cassandra and Dallas). Mitch thinks that the brothers can easily be swayed.

 10:58am BBT Mitch thinks that everyone can see that Jared, Kelsey and Raul are very very close. Mitch said that Tim wants to do the things that make people feel unsure.

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10:50 AM BBT: Loveita is talking to Mitch and Joel in the havenot. Love says she has had some ups and downs but wants to campaign hard today. She tells Mitch that she is a larger target than Sharry. She says she is a lone ranger but there are a few people who would want to keep her but they are too afraid to against the HoH and they have already gave their word to Jared.


Mitch says he would prefer for Loveita to stay and they agree it's possible to get enough people for her to stay. Mitch thinks that people can be convinced to keep her and that he feels it's not the time yet for her to be campaigning super hard. He says he connects with her more on a game level over Sharry, who is more up in the air who she would end up working with and that it may not be him.  Loveita wants to make a secret alliance to against the power side of the house.  

They discuss Tim/Nikki about how they said they are going to split their votes.  Mitch says her best move with Tim is to let him know how she would shake things up. Loveita says she is a target and would be gunning for HoH since she has no choice. Loveita says she has two other guaranteed votes besides Mitch and Joel. Mitch asks who? Loveita says its Cassandra and Dallas. He thinks the brothers could also be convinced. They discuss the number of votes needed for her to stay. They believe that Raul, Kelsey and Jared are a dangerous and tight three.


11 AM BBT: Mitch thinks that Tim/Nikki could be convinced to keep Loveita since Loveita staying would cause more chaos since their target wouldn't go home.

Joel feels that he has connected with Loveita more over Sharry. Joel thinks that Love has proven to be a more physical comp threat. Joel says that he did talk to Sharry yesterday but overall she has not talked game with him as much as Loveita. They talk about how the brothers would vote with the majority but Loveita is scared to let them know the votes she thinks she would have and that it would get back to Sharry.


They discuss Maddy and how she has not talked much game. Loveita thinks Maddy could be convinced to vote in her favor if she finds out that she is the next target Jared/Kelsey would go after. So it would make more sense to keep a larger target in the house. 


Mitch says she needs to talk to Nikki/Tim next. Mitch thinks that Nikki would want to do something big before she leaves so they agree that they don't believe they would likely not split their votes. Mitch thinks that he is comfortable with Loveita telling people during her campaiging that she has the numbers to stay but not mention who they are. Mitch thinks that Cassandra and Dallas want to keep Loveita. Loveita says it'll be better to get as many votes as possible Loveita says she doesn't want to talk votes with Ramsey because it would be risky that Ramsey would let Sharry know. Joel is called to the DR.

11:15 AM BBT: Mitch/Loveita discuss about how to campaign to Maddy. Loveita says about what a mistake it was to tell Paige she was a pawn and how it blew up in her face. Mitch says she this is her  chance to recover from that mistake. Mitch tells her that Sharry's loyality would be more up in the air over Loveita. Loveita says she knows she can up her social game to Sharry's level, and that she laid low yesterday with game talk. She says she has every card to stay and she needs to make it happen today. Converstation ends between the two.

Loveita heads upstairs with Dallas. Dallas asks her what was up with Joel and her in the bathroom earlier. Dallas and Loveita head downstairs. She tells him that they were discussing votes with Joel earlier. She says she has four votes for sure locked in.


Dallas says he is still speculating and that there is something going on between Loveita and Joel. Joel joins the two. Dallas says he thinks there is a hidden agenda between the two.  Dallas says he heard his name brought up and then they stopped talking. He thinks that they were discussing about targets next week. Dallas says he is not buying that they were only discussing votes to stay this week. Joel says he was just discussing votes [rather akwardly] and Dallas still doesn't buy they were just counting votes.


They continue to discuss about Dallas walking in on the conversation between Loveita and Joel earlier. Joel stopped talking when he walked in and now Dallas is worried they are plotting against him.


11:30 AM BBT: Dallas asks Joel if he is making something out of nothing. Joel says he is. They each agree that they have nothing against each other. Loveita keeps reiterating about how she is a bigger target to stay over Sharry.  Loveita says this is stupid and that they are like best friends in the house to this point. 

Dallas says that Loveita is being way too off the top. Dallas wants their word 150 percent about what was discussed. Dallas shakes hands with Loveita and Joel and they promise to him all what was being discussed was votes this week. Dallas says he knows he is a big target and is ready to "throw down" and wants to know who is aligned with him.


Dallas says that it's time to rally up. Joel and Loveita think they are good vote wise. Dallas says that would not have Maddy or Christine. Loveita  tells Dallas he needs to talk to Maddy. Dallas mentions that this is just a week by week game. Dallas gives his word to Loveita for her to vote this week. Dallas says he doesn't want to be beaten around the bush again though if another situation arises like that. Loveita says she hasn't done anything to break his trust. Dallas agrees and then leaves.


11:45 AM BBT: Loveita mentions to Dallas that he needs to have a private converation with Dallas about voting for her. Loveita says he should also tell Mitch. Joel asks Loveita if he should say anything else about the earlier conversation mishap. She tells him to say he was just caught off guard. 

 Joel asks Loveita if she thinks him being shaky there has made things more sketchy. Loveita says it's good and that he might be more sketched out though and that he needs to be more direct in the future. Loveita says she can't tell him want to do but that it's his choice. She just wants him to be honest with him no matter what he is voting. She says this will sound weird, but tells him that she just wants to make jury. Joel says he will clear the air with Dallas later. Loveita says that she trusts him. 

11:55 AM BBT: Feeds have been cut.

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11:02am BBT: Joel tells Loveita that Sharry never comes to him much weather it be game talk or not she never talks to him much. Loveita says yeah. Loveita says that Cassandra is trying to get the votes for her to stay like Dallas.
11:10am BBT: Mitch tells Loveita that others is a bigger target than she is so she needs to let people know this . Loveita ask Joel and Mitch if they are willing to show their face to the others that they are not in an alliance with anyone and they you are both willing to do this? Mitch says yeah i would like to talk to them first though.
11:22am BBT: Joel and Loveita are in the BY talking to Dallas about keeping Loveita in the house this week. Loveita says everyone is so paranoid in this place and all i am saying is you need to keep me in this house. Joel is trying to tell Dallas that Loveita will help him and Loveita says Dallas i have your back in this game but if i go then Sharry is making you her target  and i am not against me. 
11:28am BBT: Christine laying in bed talking to Tim and Ramsey about Nikki laying in bed with a facecloth over her face.
11:31am BBT: Tim says he is not a hugging person and he just walks away and when he was on BBAU he said when he was in a competition and got mad cause someone won he would kick something and walk away they would get upset with him cause it was disrespectful. He ask if they do that here? Christine says i do not know.
11:39am BBT: In the BY Loveita is still talking to Dallas and Joel about how many votes Loveita will have this week as she needs six votes to stay. Loveita says that Kelsey does not even like Maddy that she is just being nice to her to get votes each week.Dallas says really? Loveita says yeah.
11:41am BBT: Loveita says i want you to keep me and i have your back. Dallas says i will keep you love you got me. Dallas says if we can trust each other then i want to hear what i need to hear as he walks off and goes back in the house.
11:44am BBT: Kelsey says we need to clean this house today as she makes breakfast. Jared ask what she repeats herself and says like clean the bathroom and stuff and he agrees.Raul, Ramsey and Philippe are also making and eating breakfast.
11:51am BBT: Most hg eating breakfast and talking about food then we go to the locked out screen.

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12:06pm BBT: Joel and Dallas in the  chapel talking and Joel ask Dallas if he trust him and Dallas says i told you if you can look me in the eye and not be a coward and shake my hand then i trust you i just hope this does not come back and bite me in the ass. Joel says it won't it won't.Dallas says there was already some people that i thought i could trust but now i know that i can't but i want to trust you man and i hope that i can. Joel says yeah you can trust me.

12:09pm BBT: Dallas tells Joel that Christine is going to vote for Loveita and Mitch is going to vote Loveita he then ask where Raul stands as Loveita walks in the room and she says i have Raul's vote. Dallas says i am going to talk to them and we get blacked out again.

12:20pm BBT: Loveita is talking to Maddy in the BY about how Kelsey is using her for votes and Maddy says if Sharry leaves and they win HOH again then you are the target again and Loveita says i know. Maddy says that's what i am saying you will be the target again. Maddy ask how many votes do you have and Loveita says i have four right now without the two wild cards. Maddy says ok.

12:23pm BBT: Maddy says people do not like Sharry she is to in your face and she was bulling Cassandra the other day. Maddy says Sharry thinks she is the best thing in this house. Tim comes out to excersize so talk stops and now they are talking about working out and the wobbling toilet. 

12:26pm BBT: Philippe and Joel  at the hot tub area, Philippe ask Joel where his vote lies this week, Joel says i am leaning toward Loveita then Philippe ask for her to leave and Joel says no for Loveita to stay. Joel tells him that if Loveita stays then she is going after the side and we will be safe next week. Philippe says yeah i agree.

12:33pm BBT: Philippe and Joel continue the talk about keeping Loveita and Philippe says i am going to talk to Loveita and i am leaning more towards keeping Loveita but i want to talk to Kelsey cause i kind of wasn't to stay close to the HOH and Joel says yeah i know. Philippe says i will get Loveita to talk to Kelsey.Philippe ask who all is voting to keep Loveita and Joel says Tim, Dallas, Raul and a few others a think. Philippe says ok we will talk again later tonight or tomorrow and they shake hands and leave.

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1:20pm BBT: Raul is sitting in the HOh rm mirror playing with the rubber duck from the pool.Jared is laying in bed covered up listening to music. Raul leaves the HOh rm and goes to the WA to put on eyeliner.

 1:22pm BBT: Raul is putting the eyeliner an mascara on the duck telling it that it is sexy.

1:26pm BBT: Raul puts lipstick and a headband on the duck then goes to show Maddy, Philippe, Nick and Joel the tuck they all say how good she looks.

1:33pm BBT: Tim talking to Maddy,Philippe and Joel about people that can not help themselves and how when you say evacuate then your body just does what it needs to do. Ramsey in the BR talking to Raul and Christine about doing a puppet show with the duck. Christine ask  if there is any other animals in the house to do the show with.

1:53pm BBT: Sharry, Mitch and Nick in the KT making food, Joel comes in with a bucket of slop.

1:57pm BBT: Sharry and Joel are making slop cakes with salsa, olive oil and vinegar for them to eat. Nick and Philippe are cleaning the KT. Just general talk about making slop going on.

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2:07pm BBT: Ramsey and Maddy talking saying they are going to power through the whole house with Dallas, Tim, Nikki, Philippe, Nick and Mitch. so we have most of the house 
2:19pm BBT: Loveita is talking to Jared crying in the HOh rm saying she does not want to leave this game feeling the way she feels. He hugs her and tells her that everyone likes her in this game. She says i just want to stay but i will feel happy if Sharry stays too but i just want to stay here as she cries even more.She says i do not want to fight anymore and i have talked to the people i need to talk to and Sharry knows i have but after i got to know people i was able to relax and talk to them but i am so guarded with you. Jared says i want to talk to you but i felt like i couldn't do you know what i mean?Jared says we all get to start over next week so we will see what happens.
2:35pm BBT: Kelsey talking to Jared about Loveita talking to everyone and how all of a sudden she wants to be chatty with everyone. Jared says i am just going to let everyone vote the way they want to and Kelsey says i think Loveita needs to go and Jared says i do not care who leaves anymore. Kelsey ask what all did Loveita say to you and Jared says she just kept talking and I told her i did not understand her and she cried. Kelsey says she cried? Jared says yeah she cried like twice and i had to hug her both times. Joel comes out and talking stopped.
2:42pm BBT: Kelsey is telling Joel and Mitch why Loveita needs to go this week and how she will use them then turn on them and how she will change. Kelsey says i think if Sharry stays she will be more of a target than Loveita will i mean like Loveita will just slide on through this game . Kelsey says i do not know i am just sticking to Loveita leaving this week.
 2:45pm BBT: Loveita sitting in the KT watching Ramsey put a pizza in the oven as Tim says i do not know how you people eat them things. Loveita says what Pizza it is good and Tim laughs. Sharry is eating her slop just listening.
 2:53pm BBT: Sharry is making tea for everyone and tells Loveita she has no choice she is having tea. Tim is washing dishes while Cassandra eats her slop.

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2:47pm BBT: Kelsey leaves to go inside and Mitch, Joel, Phil say they all feel that they are safer with Love staying. They aren't her immediate target. They are counting the votes and believe they can do. Phil says he thinks Dallas is stretchy. Mitch says he thinks Dallas may have learned his lesson and be more loyal next time. 


2:51pm BBT: Outside the 3 agree that no matter how they vote they should tell Jared/Kelsey side so they don't seem like they are trying to spite them. "Jared's a reasonable guy it's Kelsey that's not." They head inside and say they need to have talks with Cassandra and a few others.


2:55pm BBT Christine, Maddy and Tim in the BR Christine tells them she has had breakfast and lunch delivered to her now. Rual made her lunch today.



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2:00 PM BBT: Tim is talking to Loveita in the Hundo suite. Tim tells Loveita that Jared is the guy she needs to convince if she wants to stay. Loveita says Christine is voting for Sharry to stay, Tim says he feels that she doesn't care either way. Loveita says that Jared is not telling people who to vote for, but Kelsey is. 

Tim tells Loveita she needs to address her decisions as HoH she made in order to get through to people and for people to trust her now. Tim says she needs to come across genuine with people. Loveita says she is.

Tim says she is being forced to play a way she doesn't want to. She tells him he hit it on the head. Tim says she needs to readdress her thinking about how she is trying to save herself, and realize it's more than just a game and making social connections with people is important.  They leave the room and Tim starts to talk about Nikki and how she might not be there on the eviction day then the feeds are cut.

2:15 PM BBT Christine, Cassandra and Dallas are discussing being have nots and the have not comp last week. They think that Sharry was throwing it for some reason. Dallas then mentions about walking in on Joel and Loveita talking earlier. They agree that neither Shar/Love know about how they are campaigning against one another.

Feeds cut to Ramsey and Maddy talking quietly out by the pool. Ramsey says the most important thing is to not build the biggest alliance but a small alliance that they know is trustworthy.  Ramsay says they are going to make it far in the game and it's good they have the brothers on their side. 

Ramsey says they have a 56% of winning this next HoH in their favor. They think they'd have Dallas, Tim, Nikki, Sharry/Loveita on their side. Ramsey thinks the brothers would put up Dallas and that he would do everything possible to stop it from happening. 

Ramsay says about how it's good that he and Dallas are known to be fighting when they really are working together. Maddy thinks that she feels least comfortable Raul, Kelsey and Mitch being next HoH.

2:30 PM BBT: Loveita and Jared are talking in HoH. Loveita is getting emotional while she explains about her decision to nominate Kelsey. She said it wasn't her own decision, but it was a rational one for her game. Jared says he has no idea who is staying. He tells her he doesn't dislike her and that  most people didn't know how to take her. Jared says that even though their trust was broken, they can still build trust as the weeks go on. Jared says she still has a fighting chance. He hugs Loveita and tells her not to get down. 

Jared and Kelsey now talking outside and are smoking. Kelsey says she would rather have Loveita leave. They talk about his discussion with Loveita. Jared says he honestly zoned out as she just kept talking. Jared mentions that she cried and had to hug her and "that happened". 

Jared tells Kelsey if she wants to get the numbers to get out Loveita, he doesn't really care. Joel joins them outside. Joel asks them if they know what the vote is going to be. Both of them tell him it keeps wavering. Kelsey says that Joel is fine either way no matter who stays. Joel wants it to be a mutual thing between the group. 

Jared thinks it's going to be game time decision. Kelsey mentions that Loveita is now campaigning more than Sharry and that Loveita is more likely to make a comeback if she stays.  Mitch and Phillippe now join them. Mitch says his instinct is for Sharry to go.  Kelsey says she has changed her mind and now wants Loveita gone. 

2:45 PM BBT: Kelsey says, personal stuff aside, she wants Loveita to leave. Kelsey and Jared leave. Joel, Phillippe, Mitch now talking. Joel says he wants Loveita to stay and that he told Jared/Kelsey that. They agree that Jared/Kelsey are worried that more people are gettting comfortable with Loveita over Sharry. Mitch says Jared/Kelsey know that Sharry staying is better for Mitch/Joel/Phillippe's games.

Mitch says he is in a more comfortable position if Loveita stays. Phillippe agrees. He says that Loveita and her crew would not be going after him. They think that it's best for their game to keep Loveita.  Phillippe says he is trusting his gut on this decision and would regret voting out Loveita. He says that Sharry is  a way bigger gamble, using a casino analgy. Joel says that Cassandra also wants Loveita to stay.

Discussion turns to counting votes the necessary votes [seven total] and how Dallas/Ramsey/Maddy wanting Loveita to stay effect their decision to vote.  They think that they need to let Jared know either way on what they decide. Phillippe says he is sketched out by Dallas the most. 

They agree that Raul is voting with Kelsey no matter what. They agree that's important not to spite Jared/Kelsey no matter what way  they decide to vote, they will tell them. They agree it's Kelsey who would be upset, not Jared, who doesn't care.  Phillippe says if they could do it last week they can do it again this week. Mitch says they need to approach Cassandra at some point as a group (with Nick too) about keeping Loveita. 

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6:00 PM BBT Several HGs in the KT.  Nikki tells Joel what she is cooking.  General chitchat as HGs eat.

6:07 PM BBT Dallas is in the WA shaving.

6:08 PM BBT Jared and Kelsey walk through the BY.  Jared says he isn’t going to work out today.  They join the HGs in the KT.

6:10 PM BBT Tim and Joel in the WA talking about jingles and slogans as Dallas continues shaving. Joel asks Tim whether Australia still has idol.  Tim says no, it got cancelled a very long time ago.  They talk about Idol contestants whose careers have continued.

6:15 PM BBT Sharry is making a fuss over Dallas about his shave/trim.  She says she likes it a lot and says “YES!  We can rebuild him!”

6:17 PM BBT  Sharry chats with Ramsey and Phil, who are both having showers.  Ramsey talks about cutting his beard because he is bored.  Sharry says that he doesn’t need to.  He is more than his beard.  Sharry leaves the WA.

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6:20 PM BBT Ramsey tells Dallas that he will cook Dallas dinner every night of BB if he will go get the tongue and throw it in Phil’s shower.  Dallas heads out and Phil runs out of the shower after him to try and stop him.  Feeds go out.  When they come back, Phil is walking through the house with his towel on.  Phil eventually returns to the shower and says he would self-evict if Dallas had done what Ramsey asked.

6:34 PM BBT In the pink BR, Tim and Cassandra joke with Christine, telling her that Tim and Nikki are staying apart because Nikki is a “stage 5 clinger” and that is irresistible to Tim.

6:37 PM BBT Sharry chats with Ramsey in the BR.  Ramsey tells her that Joel and Mitch have asked him who is voting for.  Ramsey says Maddy has distanced herself.  This is a hard decision for Ramsey because he feels loyal to both Loveita and Sharry and trusts both of them.  He is trying to figure out how each of them might be influenced by others.  Others have commented that they are not sure where Sharry’s head is at.  Loveita has made things clearer to them.  Ramsey advises her to let people know where she stands, and Sharry tells him she appreciates this information.  She is worried about giving her word and not being able to keep it.  She could give an empty promise, but she doesn’t think that serves anyone. Sharry feels she is on the block because she was loyal to Loveita.

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6:45 PM BBT Sharry tells Ramsey that she had encouraged Loveita to campaign, but she feels that Loveita has thrown her under the bus.  Sharry tells him that he can trust her.  Ramsey says that he is leaning toward trusting Sharry more than Loveita.

6:48 PM BBT Sharry tells Ramsey that she is not playing that game of lying to people, and explains that when Nick and Phil wanted to know if she trusts them, she was up front and told them no.  She feels her honesty is costing her, but she doesn’t want to be false.  They talk about Dallas.  Sharry and Ramsey agree that Maddy will probably vote for Sharry.

6:52 PM BBT Nick and Nikki are playing pool in the BY.

6:53 PM BBT Jared and Kelsey are having a cigarette and talking to Dallas about being good at math.

6:58 PM BBT Cassandra, Christine, and Tim are talking about yoga

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8:25PM BBT Jared is locked away alone in his HoHR watching a movie on Shomi. Tim and Nikki talked while she eats in the KT. Kelsey and Nick chatting the in WC. Sharry finishing up pleaded her case to Phil outside. He promises nothing saying he has to talk to his brother and he loves both her and Love so he's still unsure of what to do. Sharry grills him about who's his targets are and who is on his radar and he says no one.


8:30PM BBT Keley now talking with Cassandra in the WC. Kelsey doesn't like that Sharry has been talking to Phil for that long so Cassandra decides to go get him and break it up. Phil tells Sharry he's struggling with the conversation.


8:35PM BBT Joel stops Cassandra in the hall and tells her that him Mitch and Phil had a talk and they are voting for Sharry, that he also had a long talk with Ramsey about who he would put up if he won and he told him that it would be the people that are stirring up trouble. Also that he felt bad for the way he (ramsey) is being attacked in the HoHR. He wants to see good people in the HoHR and feels that they made good social connections. Cassandra asked who he said he would put up if he won HoH? Joel says he said the big people and mentioned the 3. the walk down to the kitchen with Joel finishes that he thinks Ramsey will vote out Loveita. 


8:40PM BBT Feeds go out for a minute. Cassandra is now talking to Phil. She starts off ewith how smart Sharry is and Loveita is as well but Sharry is a social gamer and can make people feel like she is with them and cares about them. Phil tells her "you and I probably want to evict her for the same reasons. For me I'm not emotional. Are you emotional? Cassandra says "No". Cassandra continues to tell him how Sharry will be fake and not 100% and that people are lonely and will fall for it. She switches to she doesn't know where Dallas stands and that he has lied to every single one of them. She tells him one of them need to win HoH this week. She asks him what his gut is telling him and he says his gut is telling him it doesn't matter. Cassandra says "Well if you're working me I need something back or I will call you Loveita." He says I will talk to you next week, She says no I'm telling you, you need to tell me. He says true, I'm not being Loveita I'm just careful with me words. Out of everyone It's not you, Kelsey, Jared, Joel, Mitch. Cassandra asked if it's Ramsey he says he doesn't want to put up Ram. Kelsey joins and practically sits on Phil. They speculate and talk about double eviction. 

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9:00PM BBT Tim, Joel. Love, Cassandra and Phil hanging out in the KT with just some general chatting. Feed switches to Kelsey now laying on Nick. They talk about not knowing the game at all. Kelsey says she feels dumb. 


9:05PM BBT Raul comes over and tells him Maddy confirmed if she won HoH that she would put him up which means Ramsey would too. He asks who said that and she said Cassandra told her. Nick gets up and leaves. Raul asks if she would go talk to Maddy calls her a few names and is pretty heated. He says whatever that's obviously a compliment hes threatened ed by me. Maddy says no she just hates you like she hates everyone else. He says they need to put up Maddy and someone else that everyone else likes so Maddy goes. Maybe Nikki. 


9:10PM BBT Kelsey tells him she like the brothers more then Dallas and wants to work with them but Jared doesn't want to. Raul says if we work with the brothers what can be beneficial for us later. She says because they are smart. Raul says but it will be harder to get the brothers out later. Kelsey says she wants to let the biggest fart out on him and the get up and walk away from each other. 


9:13PM BBT Feed changes to the BR where Christine and Maddy have been all day. Christine is braiding Cassandra hair. Just talking about what cars they drive. Other feed changes from KT to Raul now talking to Mitch. He's telling Mitch how he had a convo with Maddy and apologized to her and made it all good but now he heard she said she would put him up. Kelsey joins them. Kelsey and Raul both ranting about Maddy and Dallas and Mitch is sitting there nodding staring off in to no where at times.


9:18PM BBT Feed goes off for a quick second and comes back to the KT. Other feed still on the BR. The 3 girls talking about the have not comp. 


9:22PM BBT Raul and Kelsey now outside smoking. Kelsey says she hope Jared doesn't get jealous when she hangs out with the brothers so much. Raul says just don;t do it so much. Kelsey says her and Jared are "it is what it is". She thinks the brothers are cute but they are 21 years old boys. Joel comes outside. They start to talk about the Jackpot sign and the complaint box and speculate what they are. 


9:30PM BBT Raul asks Joel if won HoH who would he put up. Joel tells them strong people. Raul jumps to say like Dallas and Kelsey jumps in and pushes how Dallas has lied and is in an alliance with Maddy. She doesn't trust Dallas, and doesn't understand why they trust Dallas all of a sudden. Joel says his second would probably be Maddy because they haven't talked much. Kelsey says Maddy needs to go for sure as she will always be Maddy's target. 



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9:33 PM BBT Joel, Kelsey and Raul are in the BY discussing nominees for next week Joel mentions Dallas because he doesn't know where he stands. Kelsey says she doesn't trust the guy because he lied to her for a week straight.


9:45 PM BBT: Raul and Kelsey are playing pool. They discuss about the brothers. Kelsey is worried she is upsetting Jared by being too close to them.

9:50 PM BBT: Raul and Kelsey head up to the HoH. Jared is still watching his movie so they leave. Kelsey is worried Jared is mad at her.


9:55 PM BBT: Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey, Philippe and Christine are talking about Bobby's fake plastic hanger immunity last season. Tim mentions how funny it would be if someone faked having a secret PoV this season.


9:58 PM BBT Tim tells them about some pranks he did during his Australian season. He says Big Brother caught him trying to hide chocolates and also putting food in his pockets.

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10;00PM BBT: Tim preparing to leave the bedroom and fix some antipasto and Chi. Nikki and Love on the blue couch talking about the rift between Kelsey and Love. Phil and Kelsey in bed chatting.  Raul Tim and Sharry now in the kitchen with Joel at the counter just chatting. Jared comes down from just having watched a movie in the HOH and the guys start talking about working out.  Mitch washing dishes as Raul complains about nobody saving him any chicken earlier.  Raul starts joking about the show now being PG and how he would warn his kids not to be like him.  Talk turns to the Sidewhow being on Slice still as opposed to Global and how Peter does a good job on that program.  Sharry still prepping something to eat and sampling her current slopcake. Joel tries it and says he will manage to get it down.  Raul tells himself to stop singing.  Jared now carrying Kelsey out to the workout area and she tells him she and Raul want to speak with him.  He wishes they had more room in the house to run and she replies that he can run back an forth. Mitch now comes out and the boys discuss what they will do for the workout tonight.  Jared says they will do shoulders, arms and back but nothing too crazy.  They don't want to do too much as Jared got sore after working out the other day.  They agree to run first to warm up and start doing circles around the BY.

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10:14PM BBT: Mitch runs into a camera and comments about it. Jared doing sidesteps and running backwards back and forth across the middles of the space as Mitch jogs in circles around the perimeter. Inside Tim Nikki and Nick are talking on the blue couches and the feeds switch to the boys in the backyard before fading to black. Feed returns in the bedroom with Phil and Kelsey in the bed with Cass next to them one bed over. Back to the kitchen we are taken where Sharry Raul Joel and Love are chatting about when they have been to Toronto before. Through the window we see the boys in the backyard starting to do some work with the hand weights.  Cass comes out to the kitchen and Raul tells her Sharry made her some pancakes so she sits at the counter and applies syrup to them before starting to eat.  They comment about how she has good timing in the house.  Raul digging into a bowl of slop. Kelsey wanders through and fills her water bottle saying she is going to go watch Jared work out. Raul complains about BB calling him to the DR just as he finished making himself dinner.  Joel and Cass talking about him not having a blanket last night and BB says to please stop talking about production.  Cass thinks that something is up because everyone has been napping all day and there was a warning last night about there being consequences for napping in the day.  She thinks they will be kept up all night as BB has been letting them sleep and once again he tells her to stop talking about production. Kelsey back in the kitchen and is being encouraged to try the slop which she is quite reticent to do.  She takes a small taste and declines eating any more.  She wishes she got to watch a movie today and tells the others Jared watched Friday Night Lights which Joel states is a food football movie. (I can believe he knows movies, but not football. - DRG) Raul has returned now and resumes eating his dinner.  Kelsey samples his meal and approves.  Nikki Nick and Love chatting on the blue couches talking about traveling and eating.  Love says she is very simple and not a complicated person and Nikki says she finds her easy to be around.  Nick asks what they would do if he came to visit her in the UK. She says they would go to SoHo at night but would have to do the standard sight seeing in the day. Love really wants to visit and tells Nikki she can't wait to see her clothing line on her website.

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10:35PM BBT: Love talks about what they were wearing when the first met upon entering the house. Cass and Kelsey heading out to the hottub to have a smoke and strategize about talking to the boys and making a deal with the boys and Sharry. They says that someting is sketchy with Loveita and Kelsey thnks that they really need to get rid of her and says that the boys will do it so they need to speak with them and then make a deal with Sharry. They concur that no one knows that they are working together.  Cass asks about the pros and cons of keeping each of the girls.  Inside group now all on the blue couches having been joined by Tim. Nikki talking about shopping comps in the UK version of the game.  Hot tub duo continuing to discuss the disadvantages of keeping either of the nominees.  They leave to head back to the house with Kelsey whining that she feels like she needs to poo.  They come into the kitchen where Kelsey teases Raul about doing the dishes. Cass starts whispering the plan to him and then heads upstairs too after Kelsey.

Tim talking about feeling inadequate to be there in the house and says he had to return to Australia for a job two days before the premiere and was not allowed to find out anything about the HGs. Cass and Sharry and Maddy in the bedroom talking about where Sharry sleeps. Downstairs Joel is stroking Nick's head which he has rested on Joel's shoulder. Feeds 1 and 2 switch to the HOH where Cass Jared Kelsey and Mitch are all on the bed.  Tim and Nikki talking about what they do in the DR in their versions of the game as opposed to this one.  Joel joins the HOH crew as downstairs Nikki is describing a tantrum she had in her season of BBUK. Tim says that is why they are in the house not because they are game players but because they are the two most bonkers.  Nikki says folks just have to realize she is just crazy and that is the way it is. Phil joins the HOH group briefly then departs again.  Tim talking about how his family dealt with him having been in the BB AU house.  Nikke allows that her mother begged her not to do it telling her they were going to chew her up and spit her out.  Ramsey says he is glad he decided to do the show as he would not want to have regrets.  Nick talks about there having been a rumor about Helen coming here and Nikki says that Helen is now banned from everything BB for having called on the the HGs in her season a rapist and generally she is now really hated.  HOH group talking strategy with Joel saying he would rather get out folks who he does not know what they would do. Raul thinks Sharry is more likely to make a big move if she stays and Joel agrees that Loveita is more shy and does not know how to connect to a group while Sharry is very good at that.  Joel wonders which way most folks are leaning and the answer is 50-50 but Cass thinks it is currently leaning more to getting rid of Sharry. They think Love is trying a little harder lately.  They wonder which of the two is closer to Dallas and Maddy.  Downstairs feed switches from the couches to the boys working out on the large balls in the backyard.  

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11:02PM BBT: Guys working on abs while the HOH gang continues to debate the pros and cons of which nominee to boot. (this crew has more flip-flops than Venice Beach - DRG) Nick has joined the boys in the backyard to work out while upstairs Joel continues to exercise his jaw.  He thinks that next week it is best to get out someone who has proven to be a liar and who goes back and forth on who he wants out (Pot meet Kettle much??? - DRG) Inside on the blue couches Tim and Nikki have left and the remaining folks are talking about them and how they have to be aware that their shows are so different that you can't judge them the same and they can't be too much like them and succeed in this version of BB.  Jared and Kelsey now in the HOH bathroom and she climbs in the shower to change. 

Dallas Mitch and Sharry have headed out to the hot tub and Mitch and Sharry have climbed in while talking about what time it is and how they are not really tired now.  They love the tub and the weather combination now. Joel has come down and returned to the blue couches with Nick Ramsey and Loveita general chatting occuring. Hot tub duo talking about when the Jackpot alarm goes off every day and what it might mean.  Loveita wants to know when someone is going to massage her feet and is not overwhelmed with volunteers.  Kelsey has now climbed into the hot tub as Cass passes by the blue couches.  Jared and Nick now outside as well. Inside Joel and Love talking about the large amount of down time they have on these days without comps.  He wishes he had is hacky sack with him and wants to see pictures of his siblings and get a letter from his parents as he wonders how they feel about him coming on the program.  He is someone who has always looked to other people for guidance whether at school or with personal problems.  Loveita says she can relate before getting up to go pee leaving him alone on the couch.  Everyone talking at once outside about nothing in particular. Tim wanders past Joel heading to get some icecream but stops saying he could go in the pool but really wishes he just had a pet to pet right now and they stark talking about doges that Joel has had in the past. All together he has had six dogs since being a boy.  He lived in a small village in the country on about 20 acres. Tim wonders why they did not get horses or buffaloes.  He replies that horses are really expensive and a big responsibility. Loveita returns as Tim remarks that he would love for there to be a secret room in the house for him to find.  Joel bets that there is. Tim thinks it is a beautiful house and he has never lived in a place like this and just wishes they had a maid to clean up.  General chatting ongoing as the outside crew endeavor to become a human stew.  

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