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Saturday, September 5 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1206AM BBT  We find Steve with a wet head walking around the HoH room.  Liztin are in bed in a darkened purple room.  Steve is mopping up the floor in HoH, seems he got it wet.  Liz and Austin are mumbling to each other while they cuddle. 


1218AM BBT The cams are now focused on what seems to be a sleeping Liztin, we hear a door close and Liz moans.  JohnnyMac is in kitchen drinking water. 


1225AM BBT  We  now find Julia in the WA putting cream on her face talking to Johnny Mac who is headed out of WA.  Liz is crying again and Austin seems to be trying to kiss away the tears.  Julia applies a bandade to her finger.  Liz still sniffling, Austin still kissing.


1235AM BBT  We are being shown dark bedrooms with all HG tucked in.  The crying has stopped.

1248AM BBT  We find Steve up wandering around the house,  He returns to the HoH room.  He starts his ADLs.  Brushing his teeth walking around with his letter in his hand. 


105AM BBT Even Steve is tucked in now.  So all are sleeping.

620AM BBT  All HGs are tucked.  Not even the ants are marching.

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9:00am BBT: Hg are still in their beds sleeping.


9:39am BBT: We now have FOTH as this could be the HG wake up call.


9:53pm BBT: Julia gets up and goes tot he STR and changes her batteries.Liz on top of Austin and kisses him the goes to change her batteries Julia has gone back to bed.

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10:00am BBT: Liz in the KT washing dishes. Steve pacing the house.


10:03am BBT: Steve and Liz in the Cabana rm talking Liz says i just wanted to let you know why i was crying like a baby yesterday but you pulled at my hear strings yesterday.Steve hugs her and says i am sorry. Liz says you just brought up the scamper squad and i had my feelings hurt and then i just had to have my little Audrey hospice moment.  Steve says that's ok i will have mine next week. Liz says this is the hardest thing ever but i had my little baby moment and now i am good. Steve says ok lets hug and i am truly sorry. They leave the  room and Liz goes back to bed as Steve paces the house.


10:11am BBT: Steve in the HOh WA walking around. Liz and Austin in bed kissing and snuggling.


10:14am BBT: Steve talking to himself in the HOH rm about the remote and he hits the button to turn it on and says  but it is not receiving  it even though the light comes on. He then says i told the twins everything you promised me and what i am going to do as he blows his nose. Steve then washes his hands and says that she is going to hate me now.


 10:18am BBT: Steve still pacing in the HOh rm repeating himself about telling the twins everything. Vanessa is in the DR. All other Hg are sleeping.


10:20am BBT: Steve still pacing in the  HOH rm brushing his teeth and talking to himself.


10:23am BBT: Steve leaves the HOh rm and  goes back down stairs. he then goes to the STR looks in and leaves, then back to the HOH rm.


10:26am BBT: BB calls Vanessa to the DR again and Steve is still pacing in the HOH rm. All other HG sleeping in their beds.


10:29am BBT: Steve now fixes the pillows on his bed and takes mic off grabs his teddy bear and gets in bed.


10:35am BBT: John is up and getting dressed. Vanessa still in the DR and all other Hg in bed sleeping.

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11:00am BBT: John still in KT eating again, All other Hg still in bed sleeping.


11:06am BBT: John now finished eating and in the WA doing ADL's.


 11:15am BBT: John is now back in bed with his eyes covered. All other Hg sleeping.


11:25am BBT: Austin is up and in the WC he comes out washes his hands, puts his mic on and goes to the KT and starts making coffee.

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12:00pm BBT: ALL HG in bed sleeping. 


12:41pm BBT: We now have FOTH as BB may be waking the Hg for the day.


12:42pm BBT: Steve comes  down stairs, Austin and john go through the LVR to the KT. John ask is it Noon? Austin says no it is past noon. Liz is up and heading to the KT now as well.Julia is out of the bed and Vanessa is sitting up in bed. 


12:44pm BBT: Vanessa gets up and runs through the house  yelling i need the bathroom I need the bathroom. Liz and Austin are making breakfast as john just watches them. Julia in the WA doing ADL's.


12:51pm BBT: Julia says she could not fall asleep lastnight after her napping all day so she tossed and turned. Julia ask how long will it be at least an hour right? John yells i chose Meg, I do not care if you are not here i chose you. Vanessa ask how many times did you pick her name and john says four.


12:53pm BBT: We are now on Jeff's reels as they may be starting the POV comp.

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3:26 PM BBT Vanessa and the twins in the WA, Austin in the Kitchen. Liz says Austin knew Steve and Johnny Mac were going to split them up and that's why he was acting cool as a cucumber.


3:27 PM BBT  Liz saying "I just literally like never want to talk to him [Austin] again." because she doesn't seem to understand that there can be only one winner in the game, and her boyfriend wants to win, too.  Vanessa is really laying it on thick with the twins trying to make jury points with them because she knows they're both probably on the way out.


3:28 PM BBT Vanessa says to Liz, "Oh, did you think he was going to use the veto on you?" Silence.  Vanessa - "Liz?" then Liz says "Mmm hmm...maybe" and starts to get tearful again. 

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3:10pm BBT Steve tells Austin he def wants to open his wine tonight. Austin has
a yellow unitard and tutu. The competition appears to have been one where HG
pick who is to face off against whom and it has created a lot of emotional
finger pointing.

3:12pm BBT Vanessa tells Julia she was going to save Liz but
to not tell anyone. Vanessa says Julia should have picked Jmac. She promises she
has information to give at a more appropriate time. Julia is convinced she is
the replacement nom but refuses to campaign against her sister. Vanessa does't
understand why Liz would cheer for Austin - it means she stays on the

3:15pm BBT Vanessa assures Julia she would stay over Liz - it's hers
and Jmac's vote over Austin's. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa's trying to set
him up to be the fall guy again. Liz agrees, she's been telling Julia stuff.
Austin will try to get Steve to put up Vanessa over Julia.

3:20pm BBT Liz is
worried about what Vanessa says she knows. She knows nothing, Austin says. On
separate feed streams, Austin and Vanessa call each other liars to Liz and Julia
respectively. Julia tells Vanessa she's afraid of Austin. Austin says if
Vanessa is nominated, she'll try to get Julia to vote out Liz. Vanessa
threatens to spill what she knows if Austin doesn't shut his mouth.

BBT Julia is wearing a pink tutu. Liz is crying and is ready to go. She's tired
of the game. Do you really want to give up, Austin asks? Liz joins Julia in the
WA with Vanessa who switches modes and says she was just trying to give honest
advice. Austin whispers to Jmac in the KT that it's always Vanessa. She was
trying to flip the vote and take me out!

3:27pm BBT Austin says he had to win
Veto to stop Vanessa from flipping the vote on him. They need to try and save
Liz and take out Vanessa next week (I thought he wanted Vanessa this week, but
it's a different audience, I guess - Morty). Jmac agrees, Van is good. Jmac and
Austin make a F2 pact and bro hug.

3:30pm BBT Liz tells Julia she learned a
lot about Austin today - he's selfish and no Clay. He could have let Julia win
Veto and saved all three of them. Jesse was the competition host and Austin's
excited that Mr. Pectacular gave his Veto to him. Liz thinks Austin knew he
wasn't the target, that's why he wasn't bothered when he was

3:35pm BBT Liz tells Vanessa she thought he would use the Veto on
her. Vanessa confronts Austin, justifying her advice to Julia. Meantime, John
tells Steve they are in a good position and it would be better to get Julia out
instead of Liz (presumably because they are fighting each other now - Morty).
Vanessa yells at Austin he wasn't going, he didn't need to win the Veto. Anyone
can go, Austin says, this is Big Brother!

3:40pm BBT Vanessa cries that she
gives people the best advice for their game, not hers. Austin apologizes if he
overanalyzed Vanessa's helping Julia in the competition. Steve agrees with John
that Julia will be the replacement nominee. Now they'll be good with Austin and
Liz, John says. Liz is crying about how much money she's turned down to pursue
art and Austin cuts her off - he's not going to just walk out the door like
Clay, he says.

3:45pm BBT Vanessa agrees Austin has the right to try and win.
He says he's staying this week and doesn't want to be fighting with anyone about
it. Alone, Austin says to not mess with Judas. Liz tells Vanessa and Julia
that if it's her time to go, it's her time to go. But she's upset Austin never
had any intention of throwing the comp to Julia. Vanessa swears they need to
believe her, Austin had no intention of...

3:50pm BBT Austin overhearsVanessa badmouthing him and round 2 ensues. She sits him down to explain why
he's such a piece of shitake. Liz is upset that Austin's not Clay, she says, and
Austin has no right to be upset that Vanessa gives Julia or Liz advice. Austin
says he's not mad and asks why Vanessa wants to keep this up.

3:55pm BBT Austin doubted Steve's reasons for not putting up Jmac. He tells Vanessa he's
still here and loyal to her to the end, F2. He asks what information she thinks
she has that she told Liz about? Meanwhile, Julia still wondering why Austin
didn't throw the comp to her. Austin says he needs to do damage control with
Liz and keep up the pretense that he's mad at Vanessa to keep Steve and John off
their trail.



3:44pm BBT Austin pulls Vanessa into lounge. He want to know what she has said to them. Vanessa says she defended him even tho she thinks he is a POS. When his intention was to throw it to Julia when it was down to 3...what was going to happen was julia would take down liz and I would go next to you. Austin says he thought she was with him, thats why he said it. Vanessa believes Liz shouldn't be mad at him, he has no right to be mad at Vanessa. She hopes he would have given them the same advice as her. Austin says he thought they were all out to get him. Vanessa says no. He says he is not as mad at her as she thinks. Austin says he has felt he was Steves target all along. Vanessa says not that she knows. Austin says Steve said he was at odds with John and he hasnt touched John. Austin says he isnt going to tell Twins that he and Van have a F2. Vanessa says when they came to her and said Austin just played her, she wanted to vomit on a plate, the amount of stuff she has. But she didnt say anything. Austin says she is right. Vanessa says if he wins or John wins doesnt matter to her. Who Julia plays matters All Austin wants is for Liz to not think he is trying to anything bad to her, he really loves her. But he cant lay over and die he has a family too. He is trying to what he can to save all 3 of them.


3:50pm BBT Vanessa says she didnt know he intended to throw it to Julia. Austin says he didnt doubt. He's main concern right now is to make sure that Liz isnt up set and that he isnt upset with Vanessa at all. With them fighting, Steve and John will think they are at each others throats. Vanessa says they can make up but not be friends. Liz looked at Vanessa and asked what she should do. Nobody expected Austin to throw it to Liz anyway. Austin says now he will be the agent to put the twins against each other. Vanessa says so dont use it...LOL....then he would really be....    Austin says trust him, he doesnt Steve to even think about putting Vanessa up. Austin says this was the perfect opportunity to go nuts with it.  Austin cant believe Mr. Pectacular was there, what a moment.


3:54pm BBT Austin says he can go out there and tell them he has adrenaline running thru his vains. He was wrong, they squashed it. Vanessa says every girl wants Prince Charming. Austin says he wishes he had the DPOV, he doesnt have the power to protect them. Austin says this has been is dream since season 1, he is not going to pull a Clay who doesnt give a damn about this game.


3:56pm BBT They agree to tell ppl that they cool, they are friends. Vanessa says she knows what its like to be on the block.


3:57pm BBT Austin says he knew it wasnt a set up when John picked Liz. Thats when he knew they were going after Liz. Austin says he dominated the comp, Vanessa agrees with him.

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4:06pm BBT Vanessa and Austin talk to Steve in the KT. Vanessa says if you want to know what happened, Steve got knocked out, Julia looked at Vanessa for advice on who to picked. She told her to pick Austin, that by keeping her mouth shut she would ruin her game. Austin got paranoid and told the girls he got played by Vanessa. Vanessa just went with her knee jerk thought.


4:07pm BBT Vanessa says a lot of over reactions happened, she thinks the girls realize it was a knee jerk reaction. There was no talking about it. Austin says its all squashed, water under the bridge, its over. Vanessa says it had nothing to do with Steve. All she did was honestly answer someone questions in the heat of the moment.


4:15pm BBT Vanessa and Austin go to Liz (who is in bed). Vanessa tells her she is so very sorry. She would never ever play her or her sister, that would be evil in her book and thats not her. Julia asked her a question and she answered it. She just worked out a scenario with Julia and told her who to pick, even if it had been Vanessa. Vanessa says she wants to work it out. Liz says TY.


4:15pm BBT Vanessa leaves and there is talking between Austin and Liz. Austin gives a couple of huge sighs.


4:20pm BBT Steve tells Vanessa that if anyone wants whine let him know. They could have it tonight. Austin says he didnt try to say anything to her. Steve says he isnt even going to get involved. (WOW the drilling is loud) Steve congrats Austin on his win. Liz gets called to DR. Steve says Austins cry after he won POV was an great TV moment...He yelled out "Austin is gone, Judas is here." He wants his name on his key changed.


4:23pm BBT when Jessi gave Austin the POV he called him Judas. Austin says one of Jessi's best friends is one of Austins best friends. They haven't met but know of each other.


4:50pm BBT In the KT, Liz tells Julia he is inthere bragging. Julia tells her he never would have thrown it to her. Julia tells her he is in a hard position too. His attitude, he is a lier. Liz says he basically told her she was the target. Liz says Vanessa and guys are going to take them out. No couple has made it to F2. He made himself a bigger target now. Liz says she is coming after Steve and Austin.


4:54pm BBT Liz says Mr. Pectacular was so cute, his muscles are so much better then... (there is a very loud ticking sound in the KT only)

5:00pm BBT Twins are in the CBR. Steve opens the door and Julia tells him they dont have lepersy he can come in. He asks if they are fine with that, she says of course. Steve gets his HOH laundry and brings it in. He tells them his whine is on the counter where the microwave used to be. Liz says she wants most of it. He says he only wants a taste.


5:04pm BBT In WA, Austin says its intense. John tells him to give her time. Austin says he will, they have nothing but time in here.

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5:08pm BBT Steve takes some clothes to HOH and puts on hoodie, he says its Amazing. In CBR, Austin sits on the side of the bed and asks Liz whats up, she says nothing, she is trying to sleep. He asks if there is anything he can do for her. hmmnm she says under the blankets. He sighs, sits there a bit. Steve comes in with some candy and lemon aide for Liz. She takes it and says TY. She whines she just wants her sister. Austin says he had to win it, then squash things with Vanessa. Its the worst feeling in the world, thats why he is so angry. Liz says his reaction proved everything and this wont turn out well. Liz says when he was in the room with all 3 of them, he says he was only in the room with Steve. He wasnt in on anything.


5:13pm BBT Liz says to hear Vanessa say she has so much stuff on him was hard, she cant wait to watch this. Austin says talk to her again she just said that cuz she was pissed. She doesnt have anything on him. Austin says he loves her. Only thing he has done is protect her, thats all he has done. He says he looked over and the whole house was rooting for Julie, it was like week 5 all over again. Liz says get out of here, bragging in the WA, he had to show Mr. Pectatular....


5:24pm BBT Austin says she is so off base right now, he ruined his life for her. He chose her over a girl at home, cuz he loves her. He left his GF for her. Liz says you said you were on the rocks anyway. He says he made it official. Liz says and thats ruining his life. He asks if she is really that made at home for winning the Veto? Liz says NO! its not that! Austin asks what is it then, he has never lied to her. She says walk away right now. Austin says he was willing to sacrifice his game for her, he loves her and if she doesnt believe everything he as done was real he doesnt know what to say. He walks out say unreal. Liz whispers get the F out.

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5:00 PM BBT Steve comes into the CBR where Liz is laying down and Julia is eating something using a pillow as a table.  Steve tells them he left wine on the KT counter.  Liz says she will be taking him up on that offer and asks if she can have most of it.  She says it’s the least that Steve can do. 


5:02 PM BBT Austin and JMac are in the WA talking.  Austin tells John that he thinks Liz is feeling betrayed because he is not going to use the PoV on her.  John and Austin agree that this is a game and it doesn’t have any bearing on how Austin feels about Liz.  He can’t put a girl he met two months ago ahead of his family.  John points out that Clay didn’t see that.  Clay told John that Clay only had one relationship, and that was in high school. 


5:04 PM BBT In the WA, John tells Austin that there is luck involved but the people who are still in the house are there because they made good decisions.  In the CBR, Steve is going through clothes and talking to himself, while Julia silently eats.  Liz is laying down.  Julia gets up and leaves.


5:09 PM BBT Austin goes into the CBR to talk to Liz.  He asks what’s up and she says nothing and covers herself completely with the blanket.  He asks if there is anything he can do for her and she says no.  There is long silence and then Steve comes in with presents for Liz.  She comes out from under the blanket, thanks him for the treats and pulls them under the blanket with her and pulls the blanket up to her neck.  Steve leaves and Liz tells Austin that she just wants her sister.  Austin tells Liz that he didn’t mean to hurt her.  When he was picked early, he had to win it.  Liz says she just feels like his reaction proved a lot to her and this probably isn’t going to end well and she is coming to terms with that.  Austin asks what it proves and begins justifying his actions.  Liz says she doesn’t know what to believe because Vanessa says she has a lot of information on Austin.  Austin insists that she doesn’t have info and all Austin is doing is protecting Liz and her sister.  Austin talks about what he was thinking about in the comp and Liz tells him he is full of sh*t.  Austin tells her that he ruined his life for her by leaving his g/f.  He loves her and can’t believe that she feels this way just because he won the veto.  Liz just wants him to leave.  Austin leaves shaking his head.


5:19 PM BBT Austin talks to John in the KT, telling him that John was right and he should not have gone in to talk to Liz.  Austin relays the conversation to John and tells John that Liz is putting things together incorrectly and that she thinks Austin was part of a plot to target Liz.  Austin wants John to tell Liz that there was no plot.  Steve goes up to the HOHR to talk to Steve.


5:20 PM BBT Austin goes into the HOHR and immediately tells Steve that he needs Steve to talk to Liz.  Austin tells Steve that Liz hates him and that she and Austin are done.  Austin tells Steve that Liz says Austin has been betraying her and lying to her the whole game and that Austin was out to eliminate them because he knew he was a pawn this week and that he was in a room with Vanessa and Johnny Mac and that he knew they were targeting her.  Steve asks if Liz just broke up with him and Austin says yes and Steve says “oh my God”.  Steve doesn’t understand what Liz is upset about.  Vanessa is called to the DR.


5:25 PM BBT Austin asks Steve to tell Liz that there Austin is a genuine person who loves her and would not do this to her.  He was ticked off during the comp because Julia picked him and that made him think there was a conspiracy.  He didn’t understand her rationale.  He didn’t think Julia would pick Austin until JMac was eliminated.  Steve tells Austin that he made a great TV moment. 


5:27 PM BBT Austin tells Steve that Vanessa told Julia to pick Austin and that made him think that Vanessa was masterminding something to target him.  He wants Steve to tell Liz that he has always tried to protect Liz and Julia.  Steve says it wouldn’t be a good time to talk to Liz.  Emotions are high for everyone. 


5:28 PM BBT Liz tells Julia in the CBR that she and Austin had the biggest fight and she still can’t believe it.  She is munching on the treats Steve brought.  She tells Julia that Austin told her that he ruined his life for her.  Austin said he loved her though.  Julia says that she thinks it just for show. 


5:30 PM BBT Liz wants Julia to go get the wine.  Julia says he’s gonna die when he sees all his stuff on the couch. The only person Julia trusts in the game is Vanessa and Liz.  Liz says Austin is a joke still walking around with the veto.  He is just too much today...he’s frickin’ insane.  Julia says it’s a joke that Austin says he ruined his life for her.  Julia points out that Austin is the one who came into the house knowing he has a g/f and then asking Liz to be his g/f.


5:38 PM BBT Julia has gone to get wine and she comes back into the CBR and reports that Austin was talking to Steve and now he’s talking to Vanessa.  Liz offers a watery “cheers” to Julia.  She’s crying hard and Julia tries to make her laugh.


5:48 PM BBT Vanessa comes into the CBR to talk to Liz and Julia.  She has a glass of wine and they raise their glasses and say “cheers.”  Vanessa says on her mother she has never done a thing against the girls in the game.  She tells Julia she hurt her game by giving Julia advice.  Her advice would have been different if she was looking out for herself rather than Julia.  Vanessa explains her view of what happened and her thoughts on game.  Vanessa defends Austin’s right to play the game.  While Clay was very romantic, that doesn’t make Clay a better man than Austin.  Liz isn’t mad about that, she’s mad about Austin’s reaction and his insensitivity.  Vanessa says no one is perfect and suggests that Liz put herself in his shoes.  Wouldn’t she have celebrated winning veto? 


5:54 PM BBT Liz cries and says she can’t help the way she feels.  Vanessa says she understands that she wants to be logical but her feelings are getting in the way.  Liz says she is embarrassed too and tells Vanessa what Austin said about ruining his life for Liz.  Vanessa says that she knows that Austin cares for Liz and there is no doubt in Vanessa’s mind that Austin is head over heels for Liz.  Vanessa relays stories about her and Mel and the things they disagree about when emotion overrides logic.  Liz seems comforted. 


5:57 PM BBT Austin, Steve, and John are in the KT talking about Jesse.  Steve thinks that Jesse must have been rooting for Austin.  Austin wants to have a match with Jesse.


5:58 PM BBT Vanessa, Julia, and Liz are talking about Amanda and McCrae.  Vanessa says that Austin and Liz are a good couple and Austin is definitely into Liz.  Liz whispers “he said he loved me”  Vanessa tells Liz that Austin cares for her, but is not the kind of man to abandon his own dream.  It’s been his dream for a long time, and he is hoping Liz will respect him for it.

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6:16pm BBT Vanessa tells the twins that what ever they decide she will have their backs. In the KT, the guys are talking about how many grams of protein are in cereal.

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6:35pm BBT Vanessa tells Austin (in the KT) that Liz just wants her time with her sister, give her a day. Austin says he was in the moment. He had been trying to get Jessi and him in the same room. The moment of Jessi crowning him the winner of POV was so amazing to him. It was like passing the torch, it could mean so much to his wrestling career.


6:39pm BBT Ausin asks for idea to get back in with Liz. Steve says maybe a massage. They say no, Liz would take it as him trying to cop a feel. He says speaking of trying to cop a feel, can he reach the M & M's from here? (in front of Vanessa), she passes them to him. He says can he reach the water from here. The reaches behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder. Vanessa says Lesbian in the house, there is no chance Steve. They all LOL.

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6:56 PM BBT Liz and Julia are trying to catch some sleep in the CBR. Vanessa, Steve and Austin are in the KT saying that it was a very eventful day.  Steve says that Vanessa has him thinking about “her” again.  Vanessa says that’s her job and aren’t those good thoughts?  Steve says he wishes something would have happened between us.  Vanessa says “never say never” and we get FotH. 


7:00 PM BBT Austin is at the KT counter chopping stuff and muttering “Oh Mylanta” to himself.  Steve is pacing nearby.  Vanessa has gone up to the HOHR WA to use the bathroom.


7:05 PM BBT We have had FotH briefly.  When we come back, Austin, Vanessa and Steve are in the KT.  Vanessa is explaining tax brackets to Steve and talking about how much tax you would have to pay on the winnings.  They talk about being able to write off costs for any clothes they were required to purchase for the show.  John joins the discussion briefly.  Vanessa goes to lay down and says to let her know if they do anything fun.   


7:08 PM BBT Vanessa lays down in the CBR.  Liz and Julia are already laying down there.  All is quiet.  In the KT, Austin continues preparing food while John sits at the glass counter.  Steve is back and forth.  Austin is chopping onions and saying “crying.” John leaves the KT.


7:12 PM BBT Steve talking to Austin in the KT about what a difficult day it’s been.  Steve says it will calm down a bit now, which is nice.


7:16 PM BBT Steve is up in his HOHR pacing between the room and the WA and eating a fruit roll-up snack.  He sits on the bed and looks at the pictures there.  He says “what do you think Harrison?” 


7:18 PM BBT Steve apologizes to Harrison[‘s picture] for skipping out on meeting him in order to be on a reality show.  Steve says he doesn’t want to get his hopes up, then says that Vanessa is doing something shady.  He finishes his fruit roll-up and gets up to throw away the paper.  


7:22 PM BBT Steve goes into the OBR to talk to John.  John was trying to sleep.  BB asks John to put his microphone on and John realizes he doesn’t have it and gets up to get it from the WA. 


7:23 PM BBT In the CBR, Liz says she has to go to the bathroom but she’s afraid to go out there.  Vanessa says it’s okay out there.  Liz just has to brave the world and go for it.  Empty that bladder.  Liz leaves the room. Vanessa tells Julia that all the guys are afraid to come in there.  The guys are terrified.  Julia refers to Jeff talking about a woman scorned [think that was James].  Vanessa says Austin knows he is in the dog house.  We get FotH.


7:25 PM BBT Feeds come back and Julia is telling Vanessa that she wishes they could fast forward.  She’s not happy about having to write another speech.  Great.  Just great.  Liz comes back into the room saying it’s so awkward with Austin.  Vanessa asks if Austin took the veto off and Liz says yes, it took him long enough.  Vanessa tries to smooth things over for him, telling Liz that Austin knows he is in the doghouse.  Steve pops in to toss chocolates to Liz.  Steve scampers inside and hides behind John’s bed.  Liz pelts him with chocolate.  Steve complains that he’s been nice and she pelts him!  Steve goes back to hiding and then says it’s really uncomfortable.  He gets into John’s bed to hide under the covers.  Liz says “Steve!”  Steve asks if he is interrupting something and they say no, they are just napping.


7:30 PM BBT Vanessa and Steve both leave the CBR, leaving Julia and Liz alone.  They talk about how awkward things are.  Julia says you always have to make up with him and Liz says that she doesn’t want to.  They talk about Jesse.

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7:32 PM BBT Julia says that she is sick of this emotional roller coaster.  It’s been so many days in this house.  It doesn’t matter to her anymore. She’s sick of it and ready for it to be over. She’s not a super-fan like Austin.  Steve told Julia that he drove an hour to go to a casting call.  Julia points out their accomplishments in the game...that they made it into the house and they made it this far.  Liz says she has tried to get over it, but she can’t get over that Austin is going to use the veto and Julia is going to go up.  If he had any sympathy, he could have thrown it and let the noms stay the same.


7:40 PM BBT Julia asks Liz if she is hungry and Liz says no.  Julia asks if Liz had lunch and Liz says she did. They settle back into trying to nap. 


7:45 PM BBT Steve, Vanessa and Austin are in the KT.  Austin is still preparing food. Vanessa is cleaning up a bit and teasing Steve that since he became HOH he thinks they have a maid.  Steve jokes back that he’s looking at the maid.  Vanessa says that she is not the maid.  She’s the house dog. 


7:48 PM BBT Vanessa and Steve banter while Austin brings the tray of chicken out of the oven and starts filling two plates.  Steve comments that he left his slippers in the comic room but he doesn’t want to go in there because they are probably sleeping.  He’s glad he could help by giving them sour patches and wine.  Vanessa says that Austin is going to serve his queen.  Austin says he actually wants someone else to bring it to them.  Steve asks if he can do it. 


7:51 PM BBT Vanessa, Steve and Austin are talking about who their favorite all-time BB player is.  Vanessa says no one has ever asked her that.  Vanessa thinks about it and then says Nicole and tells them what she liked about Nicole.  Austin is ready with the two plates for the twins.  He tells Steve which one is for Liz (the chicken looks like a heart).  Steve wants to take one at a time, and Vanessa and Austin both urge him to take both at the same time.  Steve ask Vanessa to open the door for him. 


7:52 PM BBT Steve goes into the CBR and tells them he brings dinner from Austin.  Liz says thanks but they don’t want to eat right now.  They ask what it is and Steve says it’s chicken in the shape of a heart and vegetables.  Steve starts to put the plates down in the room and they tell him to take it back out.  They will eat out there.  Steve leaves the CBR and carries the two plates back to the KT.  Austin sees him and Vanessa and asks if it was a bad idea. Vanessa tells Austin they thought it was cute.  She can’t believe they didn’t want it because they like to eat. Austin says that they must really not be feeling well.


7:58 PM BBT Julia says to Liz that at least Austin made her dinner.  Julia asks if they should get up.  Liz says that Julia can.  Julia says she isn’t going to eat that food without Liz.  Julia leaves the CBR briefly and comes back with a snack and laughing about Johnny Mac’s new bed...John must be sleeping in the OBR.  They share the snack and Liz whines that she just wants to go to sleep and forget about everything.  Julia reminds her that it’s a game and they made it this far.

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8:03 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin are in the KT.  Austin says he just wants this all to go away.  Vanessa says it just sucks.  Austin says that up until today, he didn’t think there was anything in this game that would make Liz not want to be with him.  He didn’t think this intense situation would happen.  He didn’t think anything could affect them, but now he’s worried that it will.  Vanessa says that people are always sensitive and worried about what others think of them, and this game heightens the paranoia.  Vanessa tells him they’ll be okay.  All couples have fights but theirs just happens to be on national TV and under more pressure.


8:07 PM BBT In the CBR, Julia is sitting up munching while Liz lays down. Julia tells Liz that on the bright side one of them will still be in this game and have a chance of winning.  Julia tells Liz that she has a really good chance of winning the half million.  Liz says that Julia has a chance of staying and Liz is the really big target.  Liz points out that her and Austin are really big targets and would go up again if Johnny Mac wins.  Liz tells Julia that the only ones Julia can’t win against are Austin and Steve.  Liz thinks that Julia could win against Johnny Mac.  Liz suggests that Julia include in her speech that she mention that the two are in it together and that they’re splitting the money.  Julia says no, she can’t say that.  It’s not allowed.  Julia says after one of them goes, the house will go against each other and not them.


8:12 PM BBT In the KT, Austin and Vanessa are talking about what a stressful afternoon it’s been.  Austin is frustrated that Liz doesn’t want to stay and fight.  Vanessa says that it isn’t that Liz doesn’t want to stay and fight.  She thinks there’s room for that.  They talk about scenarios for the next HOH depending on who wins. 


8:15 PM BBT Austin and Vanessa discuss that it’s really up to them who stays between Liz and Julia, since they are 2 of 3 votes. Vanessa says she wants to do the math on that. She goes to the WA and lays back on the pillows to think. 


8:20 PM BBT Austin joins Vanessa in the WA.  Vanessa says it’s huge that only four people are playing for HOH next week.  Austin says that if Julia stays, she is playing for third place.  Vanessa disagrees because others will want to take her to final two.  Vanessa thinks Liz is the favorite to win the game if she stays.  They talk about different scenarios.  Vanessa says that for Austin and herself, if they get rid of Johnny Mac, then no matter who is in final four, they will get taken to final three.  Steve and Liz will not want to take each other, and they both would want to take us, so that’s the best case scenario for both Vanessa and Austin.  In final three, they would just play it out.  They talk about how close they are!  It’s crazy close!


8:26 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin run through scenarios from various viewpoints. 


8:27 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that Austin’s best case scenario is to have Julia beside him.  They differ in their views of who would do what and they talk it through. 


8:30 PM BBT Austin is doubtful that Julia would work with him.  Vanessa says who else would Julia have to work with?  Austin says that Julia seems uncomfortable around him and Vanessa says that Julia is uncomfortable in the game.  This is not her thing.  They start to talk about different competitions and who is good at what.  Austin suggests mulling strategies over.  Vanessa asks Austin about a quote and he says “luck is the residue of design”  They talk about having made good decisions and they recap what great plans they have made plus a little luck along the way.

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8:34 PM BBT Vanessa reiterates that if Julia stays, it almost guarantees them final four.  Austin says he hasn’t thought about it this way so he needs to mull it over.  Vanessa says she has learned that not everyone thinks like her and then lays out multiple scenarios for Austin to illustrate her thinking and the choices that different people would face.  She is assuming that people will think logically.  Vanessa thinks that the odds are good that they will get to final three if they keep Julia.  Austin wants to keep thinking it through.  They talk about Liz as a strong candidate to win because she overcame the twin thing and she has won a lot of competitions.  Austin feels he also had to overcome the twin thing, but Vanessa says it’s different.  He has used the twins as a shield. 


8:43 PM BBT Austin says it’s job one to make sure that they are okay with the twins.  Vanessa thinks it will be okay.  They talk about things getting emotional because they are all so invested in the game.  Vanessa asks him if one of Austin, Vanessa, or Julia win final five HOH, who is the target?  Steve or Johnny Mac?  They talk about who would take who, and what the incentives are.  Vanessa asks how she targets Steve or Johnny Mac without killing her game with them.  Vanessa says it’s hard for her to want to win an HOH because she would have to make a visible choice.  If he needs her to fight for HOH, that will be hard for her. 


8:48 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin it’s better for Vanessa to be competing for him than Liz because no one knows they are working so closely together so they are more likely to be taken to final 3 together.  John comes into the WA, and the conversation turns to whether they should warm up the food for Liz and Julia.  Austin talks about that he is finally starting to calm down from the day.  He had a huge adrenaline rush during the competition.  John leaves and Austin starts preparing for a shower.  Austin asks what if there was a reset and Vanessa gasps at the thought.  Then she points out that their reset was when the twins came in.

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8:54 PM BBT Vanessa and Austin talk about the BY being open later tonight.  They were done at 3 so it shouldn’t be much longer. 


8:57 PM BBT Vanessa says she can’t wait to be normal again. She took her normalcy so much for granted!  Normal life was so much easier.  Easier over prison life and over being a rat in a cage.  There are messed up incentives and paranoia everywhere.  Vanessa says you can’t even talk in the DR because you don’t know what they are going to do with it.  BB warns not to talk about DR.  Austin says that was like the six-month fight and Vanessa says things are ramped up in here.  Austin says oh yeah they’ve been together for five years.  Vanessa says, not quite...maybe six months though.  She thinks they will do great.  If they can get through life in the house, think how great it will be on the outside.  They have had to be so serious in the house and haven’t been able to have that young-hearted fun.

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9:00 PM BBT In the WA, Vanessa tells Austin that Liz has calmed down a lot already. Vanessa says, she told Liz that everything Austin ever told her was good stuff. Austin says, he doesn't want her to start doubting him at this point. She says, they are going to be a winner no matter what. He says, she has been there to help him cope with stuff also. He says, he doesn't take that for granted that they haven't had real moments. Vanessa says, he gave up a lot to be with her. Austin says, he tried to tell her that, but she didn't want to hear it.


9:02 PM BBT Vanessa says, that's a huge deal that Austin would do that for him. Austin says, he needs to have his gymnastics & he is a reserved person. He says, he has the wrestling & gymnastics to release his energy. He says, he didn't have that there, & after winning the Veto he needed to be like that for a little while. He says, he wasn't trying to rub it in her face. John joins them in the WA.


9:04 PM BBT Vanessa says, they had that clash of moments & sometimes women don't get that. Vanessa tells Austin that he did calm down quickly though. Austin says, sorry feeders, the necklace was coming off. John says, he has to do laundry tonight, so he hopes the BY gets open. Vanessa says, she has to do laundry as well. Austin asks if the twins are sleeping? Vanessa says, as far as she knows, they were passed out. Vanessa says, they have percentages. Austin says, they should talk to the twins about stakes for after here. Vanessa says, they already said no. (They aren't go to blow their money in Las Vegas...LOL.)

9:06 PM BBT Austin asks if Steve is still in the DR? Vanessa asks John? John says, he's not out there, as he looks from the KT. Austin says, his will be long then. Austin tries to tie his ponytail beard with 2 ponytail holders. Vanessa says, "Final 5, good job." Austin says, "Now I sealed the deal, I was going anyway, but now I don't have to stress." Vanessa says, it is stressful. They keep yawning. Vanessa tries to make a shot in the trash can & misses. Austin wonders what he's going to do for his Veto speech.


9:09 PM BBT Austin wants his moment to shine for why he's using the Veto to save himself. He says, he wants to make Liz feel good.

9:11 PM BBT Austin says, on Thursday it will be day 85, so there will be 13 days left. He snaps his fingers & says, it should go by like that. Vanessa says, it's crazy, & so does Austin.


9:12 PM BBT Julia goes to the WC. Vanessa says, they are all sitting there not knowing what to do. Austin says, the POP TV audience is probably dwindling quickly & saying they are going to change the channel quickly. Vanessa says, they need to do a Podcast, but not today. They discuss the option.


9:13 PM BBT Julia comes out of the WC to wash & dry her hands. She tanks Austin for dinner, & tells him that Liz is still sleeping. Austin says, it's cold. Julia says, they can warm it up. Julia hopes the BY gets open tonight. Julia says, "Back to hospice," & she goes back to the CBR. Austin says, he felt the whole house was against him during the Veto. Vanessa tells him it was all in his head. Austin says, he looked at Jesse & he gave him a weird look. Vanessa says, he watches the show.


9:15 PM BBT Austin talks about Mr. Pectacular & how Jesse loves it. Austin says, he could never develop his character because he was all over the place. He says, he wants to be layered. They start talking about wrestling. John goes in the WA. Austin says, it's not real. He says, they put the good guy in, he cheats without the ref seeing what's going on, & they keep going. He says, a good bad guy gets the crowd to love them. He says, Mr. Pectacular is a bad guy.


9:21 PM BBT Austin talks about the different aspects of wrestling. He says, what different things you can do to get the crowd to like him. Then he talks about how to get his character made for the crowd to like him. Vanessa says, she's seen Judas make two cameos now. In the KT, John is eating some snacks from the glass table as he walks around a little bit, & stands by the glass table as well.


9:23 PM BBT The twins are both sound asleep in the CBR. In the WA, John has joined Austin & Vanessa again. Austin says, they are going to have a lot of hate mail when they leave. Austin says, he only had 11,000 followers on Twitter, & that's not a lot in wrestling. He says, he was respecting the WWE by not Tweeting for a year. He says, there was an article on-line that he was out because of a spinal injury, but he only had a hip injury at the time. He says, because of wrestling & BB, he should get a lot of followers on Twitter now, which will be good for him.


9:26 PM BBT Austin talks to Vanessa about his friend having a par core work out DVD. He says, it's called Out Of Your Mind Fitness. He says, his million followers on Twitter didn't buy hardly any of the videos. They discuss how it has to be targeted to the audience & priced correctly. Austin thinks it should be an instant download, instead of a DVD. Austin says, he would like to pay for a move for $5.00 rather than a $100.00 video. They discuss par core.


9:28 PM BBT John goes back in the WA to sit down after getting his pizza out of the oven, & cutting it up. He's eating it now. Austin shouts out another friend & a video he has out. He says, he does weekly videos & has a book on Amazon. Austin says, he wants to go that way. He says, people are looking at his website & they aren't going to find that stuff on You Tube. He says, or you can have some stardom like his friend does, which BB will help him, so he can do that type of stuff. Vanessa says, she can hook him up with Henry Atkins to help him out, because he does seminars around the world. She says, he gets $5,000 - $10,000 a day. Austin says, he wants to do something like that.


9:31 PM BBT Austin says, his friend will do seminars at Gold's Gym & places around the country. Austin says, he has the wrestling behind him so people want him there. Austin says, Vanessa may know one of his friends. Vanessa says, she may know him by face. Austin says, he's the head honcho. Steve goes to the WA. Austin gets called to the DR. Steve tells Austin he better be prepared to talk about his show today. Vanessa tries to find out more. Steve says, "I can not talk about that." BB says, "Steve, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions to other HG's."


9:33 PM BBT Steve jumps up & down & says, he didn't say anything. Vanessa asks if it's about his Judas moment? Steve says, yes. Vanessa says, it really was nothing. Steve pretends to jump rope & says, penis. Vanessa says it, Steve says it again, & so does John. She says, she can't say it loud on TV or her mom will get mad. John asks if he can go back to being a professional after this? Steve says, he can because others have.


9:35 PM BBT BB says, "HG's, the lock down is now over, feel free to move about the house." John, Vanessa, Steve & Julia go to the BY. They talk about how green & disgusting the pool is. Vanessa says, she needed the outside air. She goes back in the house. Steve goes back in the KT & is humming. He puts some pizza on a plate to eat & goes to find his blue hoodie.


9:37 PM BBT Julia goes to the KT & heats up her food. Liz puts on a grey hoodie. She goes to the KT. Steve tells her the heart shaped chicken is hers. Liz says, it's soo big & gross. Liz goes to the WC. Julia says, she's so happy they have the outside. Steve says, it's definitely nice. Steve wants to get a glass of orange juice. He says, he's almost done with the good orange juice in his room, so he wants to start having some of the crappy stuff.


9:39 PM BBT Liz goes back to the KT. Julia tells her she's glad the BY is open, because she is going crazy in this B. Liz asks Julia how long to warm up her food? Julia says, she put hers in for 1:30. Julia says, the food is really good. She says, "Thanks Austin." He is still in the DR. Liz starts singing, she says, "I been a fool & I've been blind." BB says, "Please, stop singing."


9:40 PM BBT Steve says, he should go in the DR & say something about the pool. Liz says, "Yeah." Steve opens the sliding patio door, stands there for a few moments, & tells John he'll be right out then. Steve gets a piece of pizza & walks around in the KT. Liz sits down to eat at the DT with Julia. Julia is eating as though she hasn't eaten in a year. She is chomping & hounding her food down loudly.


9:43 PM BBT Julia says, what a comp. Liz says, her thoughts exactly. Steve goes to the BY. Liz says, "Dude, I just want to leave already. I don't want to go through a week of this shit, I just want to go." She says, "Now I know how the other HG's have felt & I just want to sleep the rest of the week." Julia tells her not to say that, & they will talk by the jacuzzi. Steve goes back in the KT to get his plate & goes to the BY.


9:44 PM BBT Julia tells Liz she wants to go & Liz has won more than she has. Liz says, if she doesn't win she will regret it for the rest of her life. They argue over which one should stay. Liz tells her she loves her more than anyone in this world, & she doesn't want to jeopardize them. They both are crying. (So am I...LOL.) Liz says, she loves her more than herself.


9:45 PM BBT They wish they would have won the Veto. Julia gets two paper towels & goes back to the DT. Julia tells Liz if she's gone she's going to be soo upset. She says, it's not the fact that they will be separated, it's the fact of which one stays will have a better chance of winning the money. Julia says, she's clearly a bigger target than Liz.


9:48 PM BBT The twins discuss the next HOH, & if John wins it the one that stays will be put up. Julia says, if Julia stays no one will take her to the F2. Julia says, if Liz stays they will take her to the F2. Liz says, she will win if she goes to the F2. She says, the only one that may take her is Austin. (Austin said earlier he would take Vanessa over her.) Julia says, Liz & Austin obviously have a F2 deal. Julia says, if anything were to happen she would take Liz to the F2. Liz says, if she stays, she will obviously make a F2 deal with Austin. Julia asks who Vanessa will take.


9:50 PM BBT Liz finds an ant in her food. She says, this is why she doesn't let Austin cook for her. She says, "Another one, we're done here." She keeps eating her food. Julia says, ratings better go up, because this is crazy.

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9:52 PM BBT Liz gets up & cleans her plate off in the trash can. She starts to sing & we see FOTH. She washes her plate in the sink. Julia cleans her plate off as well in the trash can. She says, she doesn't feel like doing m f dishes. Liz says, she's only doing hers. Liz finds ants on the clean dishes & goes to the WA.


9:54 PM BBT Julia is washing her dishes in a disgusting sink. Liz comes back in & says, she can't believe that competition. Liz says, she's going to call Austin by the name of Judas at the Veto Ceremony. The twins go to the BY. Steve asks if Austin is still in the DR? They say, yes. Liz says, the pool is disgusting. Julia says, it looks like a lagoon.


9:57 PM BBT Liz says, it's actually cool out & she loves it. John says, it's fall. Steve says, no more midnight swims for him. Julia thinks this Veto Comp was picked because of Amanda & McCrae. Steve says, he thinks that the comps are picked before the season starts. Julia says, McCrae won & then so did Austin. She says, it's a guys competition. Steve says, he did good today. They joke about how he fell.


9:59 PM BBT Steve says, Jesse made fun of him. Julia says, Jesse has to watch the show because of how he said Steve's name. Julia talks about how good looking Jesse is. Others say, he's really short. Julia puts her fingers up to her cheek like a phone & say for him to call her. She hopes he'll be at the wrap party. She says, he's soo dreamy. Vanessa says, she's soo funny.


10:01 PM BBT The HG's by the jacuzzi talk about the shovel competition from last season. Julia says, she thought it was going to be a black box & she was wrong. Steve says, the comp they did started in season 15. Julia says, she knew the competition when she saw the tutu's. Steve says, he can't do spinning at all. Julia says, she saw Vanessa close her eyes when she was spinning. Vanessa says, she will get sick if she keeps her eyes open. John tells how he did it.


10:06 PM BBT Steve wants whoever goes in the DR next to say something about the pool. John says, there is chlorine in the duck. John says, they should know. Julia says, it smells like BBQ outside. Steve says, they forgot about the third take-out meal that they should get this week. Steve talks about a song called Chinese Food. He tells them the chorus of the song.


10:08 PM BBT The HG's talk about Rebecca Back coming out with a song about Saturday. John says, he loves not being locked inside. Steve says, Saturday nights are always fun. He says, it's a Saturday night, fun face. An airplane goes overhead. Julia looks for the moon. Steve tries to find it, & says, it's too cloudy. Julia asks if that's the one host for the season? Steve says, yes. Liz says, she doesn't know why everyone likes him soo much. She says, he was so bad at reading. Vanessa says, it's all about him. Steve says, he wasn't cast for his brains.


10:10 PM BBT They talk about the seasons that Jesse was on. They talk about season 11 more. Steve says, Jesse, Brian, Cowboy & Jessica were the returning Vets. Julia says, "Yeah, that's awesome." Julia asks what the most viewed season was? Steve says, it was season 1. Steve says, the ratings dropped dramatically, so things were changed in season 2. Steve says, he wasn't aware of BB until season 2. John says, 17 seasons. Vanessa says, it's been going on half of her life. Steve says, BB did an extra season of BB during the writer's strike. Steve says, it's been going on more than half of his life.


10:13 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa go back & forth about Survivor. Steve says, it has been two seasons a year the whole time. Vanessa says, TAR just started to do two seasons per year. Another airplane flies overhead. Vanessa is yawning. They talk about being born in the 90's. Steve tells Julia she is Clay's age. Steve says, he was born in 92, & Clay is 8 months older than him. Vanessa says, this is it with Austin in the DR. Steve says, "Girl, look at that body." They talk about Jesse some more. Julia asks how old Jesse is now, & does she have a chance? Steve says, he's probably 29. Julia says, that's perfect. Julia asks if he has a girlfriend or if he's married? John asks if she looked for a ring? Liz did look & he didn't have one. Vanessa asks Julia if she would ask him out? Julia says, she can't ask someone out.


10:17 PM BBT Steve says, the number one fear is the need to be accepted by your peers. He says, the reason the format of this show works is because it takes it away from them one person at a time. Vanessa says, for some people, it's multiple times. John says, he was already gone. Vanessa tell him he likes Victoria but different, because he's won comps. They try to figure out if Spencer won any comps. Vanessa doesn't think he won any. They talk about Chef Joe. Steve says, he didn't do anything. Vanessa says, he cooked, but apparently people didn't like his cooking. Steve says, he was too wasteful, & they would run out of food after two meals.


10:19 PM BBT Liz says, she asked Jesse what food he liked in the BB house? She says, he said slop. Steve says, he was probably really limited on what he could say. Steve says, Jeff talked to the people at the foam party. They talk about Amanda & McCrae. Steve says, Amanda was mean. He says, he thinks she is truly a mean-spirited person in real life. He says, Christine wasn't very nice either. Steve says, Zach was a bully last year. Julia says, they didn't have any bullies this season. Steve says, they had Jeff & Jason.


10:21 PM BBT Steve says, Jason talked about Austin eating all the food in the house. Vanessa says, Jason talked about everyone. John says, he said things, but it wasn't that they had to get people out. Julia wonders if he ever said anything about Vanessa. Vanessa says, probably after she back doored him. She says, she can add him to the list of people who hate her from this season. Vanessa says, she has to remember that she actually has people on the outside that actually like her. Julia asks if Mel's name is Melissa? Vanessa says, yes.


10:23 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa discuss Canada & Texas. Vanessa says, Texas wants to be it's own country, or it did at one time. Steve says, they don't like Democrats. Vanessa tells him he's treading on politics now & the state of Texas. Steve says, Texas is as red as a state as it gets. Steve says, if you want to hear about how Obama is a muslim born in Kenya, go to Texas, Alabama & Mississippi. Vanessa says, it's getting deep. Julia says, they might not be on cameras. Steve says, they are on feeds. (They are on BBAD).


10:26 PM BBT Julia wonders if POP TV will stop doing the broadcast at any time since they only have 5 HG's left. Steve says, this is the first year for POP TV because it uses to be Showtime 2. (He forgot about TVGN.) Julia asks if anyone has talked about the Veto Comp yet? Vanessa says, yes. They all go inside to get dessert. Austin is in the KT. He asks if their dinner was good? Julia says, yes, but Liz found 2 ants in her chicken. She asks Austin if he did it on purpose? Austin says, oh no.


10:29 PM BBT Austin goes in the WA to get ready to go & work out with Johnny Mac. Steve goes to the BY. He says, he thinks he set the record for most HOH laundry. John walks in the house to the bedroom area. Austin goes to the BY. Julia & Liz are starting a game of pool. Austin says, hello to Vanessa, as she's sitting by the jacuzzi. He asks where Johnny Mac went? All cams are on the BY. Vanessa says, she's going to go back to reading the Bible. Julia says, she will also.


10:32 PM BBT Julia says, she's going to read the Proverbs this week. Julia says a saying in Spanish with no translation. Vanessa gets told to please not obstruct her microphone. Liz asks what a Marica is? Julia says, it's like an idiot. (Google translates it as a sissy.) John goes to the BY to work out with Austin.

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10:35 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that the Final 4 HOH is useless. Vanessa says, they control who goes to the Final 3. Steve says, the Veto winner controls the vote. They talk about Derrick. Steve tells Vanessa that Victoria was third place & Caleb was fourth place. Vanessa says, Caleb & Cody probably had a deal to lock up finals. Steve says, exactly. He says, the Renegades did the same thing in season 10 with Jerry. There is a pause, & Vanessa says, "Yeah, fun facts." Vanessa wishes she could listen to the HOH music out there. She asks if they would be allowed? Steve says, he tried already, & they said no. Vanessa yawns again.


***Jerry is from BB season 10, not season 13. *** (I CORRECTED THIS ALREADY IN THE UPDATE ON LFU)


10:38 PM BBT Austin & Johnny Mac are working out at the weight bench. John runs back in the house because he forgot his microphone.

10:40 PM BBT John goes back out & Austin switches the weights for John's next round on the weight bench. Vanessa & Steve are still by the jacuzzi & Vanessa is yawning again. Steve yells to Liz & asks her if she ate any of the candy he gave her? Liz says, she can take the Sour Patch kids back, she likes the watermelon ones. Steve asks if she drank the drink she gave him? She says, she has her drinks, so he can take it back, & she thanks him. Steve goes in the house. Vanessa stands up watching the twins play pool. Julia is cursing up a storm while playing.


10:43 PM BBT Vanessa says, the pool is the greenest it's ever been. Austin says, they put shock in the water, so it's going to look like that for a while. Vanessa says, she doesn't think people will be swimming though, because it's getting cold. She lays down on the hammock with her right leg crossed over her left leg, & she pulls her turquoise hat over her eyes & folds her arms.


10:45 PM BBT Austin says, it's getting warm outside as he & John continue their work-out. The twins continue their game of pool. Liz says, their mom is going to be sad when Julia is put up with her. Julia says, she knows they weren't going to play Pot Ball tonight. Julia says, Mr. Pectacular is soo hot, he's perfect. Liz says, he was short & had a cute smile with little dimples. She says, he was staring at Vanessa. Julia says, she didn't notice.


10:47 PM BBT The twins keep cursing a lot while playing pool. Julia says, she's stinks. She says a couple words in Spanish. Liz says, she has a headache. Julia says, her head hurts now. She says, whoever gets put on the block should be given an automatic bottle of wine.


10:50 PM BBT Vanessa is still on the hammock. It's barely moving, & she has her legs stretched out with her left leg crossed over her right leg. She still has her turquoise hat pulled down over her eyes with her arms crossed.


10:52 PM BBT John takes his next turn on the weight bench. Austin says, only four more to go. Julia goes in the house with Liz following. They are going to get Advil for their headaches. Liz is looking for her cup with her name on it. Julia says, she'll get it for her. Julia goes in the CBR & puts something in her mouth that she is smacking & cracking on as she talks in English & Spanish. She says, she doesn't know where Liz' cup is. She says, Donde in Spanish, which means where.


10:54 PM BBT Julia gives Liz the Advil. They both take it. They decide to go to the jacuzzi. Julia says, "Put backs faced to them." Vanessa goes by the jacuzzi with them. She tells them they need to get back to working out tomorrow.


10:56 PM BBT Vanessa says, she has bad cramps & she wishes they had alcohol. Julia says, they made it to top six, & they can almost taste the end, & it sucks. She says, she knows he'll put her up & wonders if he'll tell her or not. Vanessa says, he has to tell her, because otherwise he'll put her or John up & then he will just piss them off even more & he will be the worst player in BB history to do that.


10:58 PM BBT Vanessa tells that that no one saw the showmance coming into things, & now it's 3 instead of 2. Julia wants Vanessa to help them make the decision of who stays & goes. She says, her opinion might come back to bite her in the a**, but she will try to help them. She says, she is definitely thinking about it.


10:59 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa she knows she will give her unbiased opinion, & Austin won't. Julia thinks if Liz stays she will still be the target. Vanessa says, 100%, because of her & Austin, & there will be more boys. BB tells Vanessa to please not obstruct her microphone. They talk about Christine last season, & how there will only be 2 girls left after this week. Vanessa says, this is not a girls game typically. They talk about the jury being all girls except James. They wonder what they are doing.

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11:02 PM BBT Julia says that she keeps realizing that they weren’t going to make it to top 2, and one of them would have to leave first.  Julia wondered why Steve didn’t just put the twins up together in the first place.  Vanessa explains that it was probably because if he left one of the stronger competitors off the block they could win the veto and all three would be safe.  Vanessa tells Julia and Liz that if they have any questions about Steve, she can usually tell them because he is very logical and she understands how he thinks. 


11:04 PM BBT Vanessa tells the twins she is so excited that she is going to see Mel soon.  Only 2 weeks and 4 days!  Vanessa asks the twins if they are going to Vegas after they go to L.A. and they say yes.  Vanessa says they will have to stay at her house.  They talk about her house. 


11:08 PM BBT John and Austin are working out in the BY while Vanessa, Liz, and Julia sit by the HT.  Liz is soaking her feet.  Vanessa is excitedly talking about what to do when they visit Vegas. 


11:13 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz and Julia that her and Mel really like to throw parties at their house.  Vanessa met Mel in Montreal, Quebec but they live together and they have to go back to Canada every six months.  Vanessa loves living in Vegas, and starts to list all the reasons that she loves it.


11:15 PM BBT Steve joins Vanessa, Liz, and Julia at the HT as Vanessa continues her long list of the wonders of Vegas.


11:19 PM BBT Austin and John are still working out.  Steve is telling Vanessa and the girls about his bubble bath.  They tell him that he is the first to use the tub and he says yes, this season.  He thinks he used too much of the bubbly stuff so now he can’t take another one.  Liz is called to the DR.


11:23 PM BBT Talk around the HT turns to last season. 


11:26 PM BBT Vanessa compliments Steve on his outfit.  She likes that color combination.  The shirt has the name of his home town on it.  Steve tells them about some incidents in their town and a movie that is based on one of the incidents.


11:29 PM BBT Julia asks when the next eviction is after this one on Thursday.  Steve tells her that his guess is Tuesday.  She asks about the one after that, and Steve says he doesn’t know, but the finale is in 18 days.  Julia hopes that her mom comes out.  Julia asks about jury phone calls and Steve explains that it’s very carefully censored calls and you are limited in what you can talk about.  They talk about why there is a jury house.  Having a jury house means that people can say whatever they want in the DR.  They talk about the jury having 9 people.


11:37 PM BBT Austin shows the HT group how to roll out from a drop and explains that it reduces the force that you hit the ground with.  Steve starts getting into the physics of it.  John joins the conversation.  Steve gravitates toward Austin to explain the physics. 


11:40 PM BBT Vanessa talks about sky diving and how amazing it is, saying it was exhilarating and life-changing.  It changes your perspective of the world.  Vanessa cried when she came down.


11:41 PM BBT John and Austin are in the KT after their workout, getting water.  They talk about Liz and that she seems better.  Austin says she still won’t talk to him.  When Austin thought he was being betrayed, he thought even Liz betrayed him and then his instincts kicked in.  He didn’t expect Julia to call his name. 


11:42 PM BBT Vanessa goes inside, leaving Julia and Steve sitting by the HT together and talking about prior seasons.


11:46 PM BBT Steve comes inside and talks to John and Austin about needing to take a nap.  He talks about how tired he was during the DE.  Austin is already planning tomorrow’s workout. 


11:48 PM BBT Steve makes plans to join Austin and John for their workout tomorrow.  Steve asks when he does his blog and twitter, and Austin says Tuesday.  Austin gives Steve advice about writing his blog and managing his time because it’s limited.  They talk about live feed update sites.


11:51 PM BBT Austin and Vanessa are in the CBR.  Vanessa asks Austin if he has talked to Liz yet.  Austin says that she won’t even look at him.  Vanessa tells him he should make the first move and Austin says he plans to.  Vanessa suggests what he should say and Austin talks about how he messed up and that he still loves her.  Vanessa says that’s amazing that Austin said that.  Austin says that he would have liked to have said it at a better time.  He wanted to say it last night.  Vanessa points out that Liz must feel strongly about him or she wouldn’t have felt hurt.  Vanessa encourages Austin saying that it’s a rough patch but they’ll get through it.  Vanessa says Liz is a strong girl.  Austin says this is all on Liz’s terms right now.  Whatever she wants him to do...kind of.  Except for the veto. Vanessa lets Austin know that Liz has said she doesn’t want Austin to use the veto on her.  Austin is glad Vanessa helped talk to her and he thanks her.  Vanessa says she did her best. 


11:55 PM BBT Julia comes into the CBR.  She apologizes to Austin for moving his clothes.  Austin says it’s alright.  Julia says they were placed, not thrown.  They were just in the way and she got tired of tripping over them.  Vanessa talks about plans for the next day, including a workout that she expects will help with the next competition.  They talk about preparing for the “Days” comp.  They talk about the shovel competition.

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