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Thursday, August 20 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT Steve and John head downstairs from the HOHR.  In the KT they discuss the chairs at the DT.  They aren’t staggered properly so they fix it by swapping two chairs of different colors.  Steve goes to take a shower and John goes into the CBR and puts away his toiletry bag, feeling his way in the dark and being quiet so he doesn’t disturb Becky. In the HOHR Liz is still complaining that Vanessa wanted her to do the talking to Johnny Mac. Austin reminds them that they should not let on that Steve was in the room at all.  They practise the story line for Meg and James, which is to say that they were reassuring Vanessa so that she will throw the HOH comp.  They are worried that Julia isn't listening and will accidentally tell the truth instead of the story line they have agreed on.  They make Julia repeat the story line.


12:10 AM BBT In the HNR, John and Vanessa chat as they settle in.  Vanessa mentions that he has to prepare his speech for tomorrow and then he can get off this block.  John says he can’t wait and thanks her.  Vanessa says she knew from the beginning that John would be fine.  She talks about some of the discussion around Becky staying because of her injury and the concern that she could heal before veto. Vanessa says she hopes the comp is physical because then she will get a workout. That seems to be the only time she does a workout.  Vanessa says that it would be good if the comp required flexibility...she’s weirdly flexible.  John calls her Gumby and Vanessa says her family calls her that sometimes. Vanessa offers for John to practise his speech on her tomorrow if he wants.  He says he will.  They say goodnight.

12:12 AM BBT In the HOHR they are watching Steve on the screen.  Julia thinks it’s creepy that Steve is staring at the memory wall.  Liz and Austin tell her that he is studying! That’s what you do.  That’s how Janelle crushed her competitions.  Jason studied too.  Julia worries about Steve seeing Meg and James if they come up.  Austin says that people expect to see everyone come to HOHR on Wed night to try and influence the HOH, but they are okay because the other groups in the house all want to take out Vanessa.

12:14 AM BBT Steve is wandering around the KT area by himself.  Austin gets into bed and Julia is still on the couch.  They think that Meg and James are sleeping and may not come up to the HOHR.  They watch Steve walking back and forth in the KT.  Liz comes back into the HOHR from the HOHR WA. Julia complains again that Vanessa did not want to do the talking.  Liz says that just proves that Vanessa knows John doesn’t like her.  Austin worries about keeping Steve out of things means that Vanessa has that on them.  She could flip on them and use the fact that Steve is working with them to blow up their game. 

12:19 AM BBT Julia turns out the lights in the HOHR as she leaves.  Liz and Austin cuddle in.  Liz complains about the camera following them.  Austin says not to let them get to her.  They hug.  Steve is moving around in the WA getting ready for a shower. 

12:25 AM BBT.  Austin and Liz are kissing and cuddling in the HOHR. Julia settles into her bed in the darkened CBR. 

12:28 AM BBT All the feeds show silent, darkened rooms.

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107AM BBT Becky and Steve are up in the Cabana room talking.  No game chat.  Chat goes to Vanessa and what "she" has done.   Everything that Vanessa has done with HoH has been a "house" decision.  Becky is icing her foot.  Talking about how they lanced her toe.  


116AM Antibiotic chat


145AM  Becky and Steve have moved to the kitchen. Becky is getting something to eat. Discussion is about her goodbye message.  Austin and Liz are now discussing how to stay in contact after the show.  Lizten are discussing when Austin first felt something for Liz. 


205AM  Becky and Steve still chatting back in the Cabana room.  No game talk, now College talk  General chitchat in HoH continues.


216AM  Cudding in HoH with Lizten discussion is Liz's weak spot on her ear.  Becky up walking around with Steve following they head to the Bathroom to do nightly ADLS...


225AM James up getting water out of fridge.  Wishes James a good night and goes back to bed.  No sign of Becky, she must have gone to bed finally.  HoH is quiet.  Camera switches to James talking to Meg in the dark. Steve in storage room and back out.  Liz says good night for sure this time ...


235AM All cams show HGs all quiet, but  no sign of Steve  At 245AM they show him doing a mouthwash in the WA and just walking around the house.  Now he starts mumbling to himself still wandering around the house.   247AM Steve heads towards the bedroom area going into the HN room, taking off his mic and settling into his chair.

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345AM  James is in kitchen getting a glass of milk.  Becky gets up and goes to the DR, James asks if she needs help, she says no and goes thru the door.  James walking around, but now has returned to kitchen.  (I think he has heartburn-Granny)


351AM  James washes out his glass, gets another clean one out of the cupboard and fills it with water.  Becky out of DR, James asks if se needs anything.  She shows him her toe and continues to hobble toward the bathroom saying she is fine.  James returns to bed.  Becky going to bathroom.  Becky now out of WC, washes hands, heads to kitchen, gets glass of water.  heads back to DR. (356AM).


357AM Becky out of DR, heads to storage, gets into fridge and takes out something.  Props up foot and seems to be taking pills then eating something out of small cup (yogurt).  Foot is propped on a suitcase while she eats standing up.  She finishes what she is eating, hobbles over and throws away container, leaves storage area, enters bedroom crawls across bed, seems to be taking some more pills, arranges pillows for her foot, and puts what seems to be an ice pack on her foot.  oh wait, she is up and hobbling to the kitchen again.  putting more ice in the baggie they gave her for her toe.  (Okay, Becky is walking stiff legged around the house) she returns to the bedroom with her filled bag of ice.  407AM Becky is settled back in bed.  All is quiet in the House

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7:10 am BBT Good Morning USA! Today is eviction day and so far we see Becky get up and go to the KT to get some more ice for her toe. She is doing a lot of moaning while she hops. She went to get her blanket and pillow and took them to the couch to lie down. BB turned on the lights in the LR and KT.

7:25 am BBT Austin is up and using the HOH restroom. The lights are still out in the bedrooms and all other houseguests are sleeping.

7:31 am BBT All house guests are sleeping. 

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 7:45 am BBT Wonder what kind of comp they will play tonight. What do you think?

 8:00 am BBT The lights are still out and all of the house guests are still sleeping. Who would like to see a Coup d’etat power or Pandora’s Box?

 8:25 am BBT Yep, the house guests are still sleeping and the lights are still out. It looks like BB will be giving the house guests a recess game to play and they are letting America vote. If you have the live feeds, you can vote for either Hide and Seek or Simon Says. If you don’t have the live feeds yet, you can still get them at http://is.gd/bb17feeds. There is 8 hours left to vote.

 8:43 am BBT FotH..maybe it is time to wake the house guests up! Austin has yet to be nominated. Do you think that he is playing a good game and do you think that Liz would choose him or Julia if it came down to it?

 8:48 am BBT False alarm..the feeds are back and the lights are still out with all house guests still sleeping.

 8:54 am BBT Becky is now up and sitting on the KT floor eating a bowl of something.

 8:57 am BBT Becky is done eating and we see her refill her ice bag for her toe and then she hopped to the LR couch to lie down.


Morty:(It does not seem that all of the posts are going through on twitter)

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9:00am BBT: Hg in bed sleeping .


 9:16am BBT: We are now on FOTH as BB wakes the HG .


9:26am BBT: Steve walking around the KT saying whats going on today we are getting cornered today, cornered in the HOh rm. John says it wont be long though and Steve says that usually doesn't work out. Steve heads to the STRb as John sits in the Kt alone.


9:37am BBT: Becky talking to Austin, Liz and Julia about if she stays she will not put them on the block at all she would be after Vanessa again. She says i feel like my game switched and i truly want one person put and i would approach you guys and ask what scenarios are going on.


9:40am BBT: Becky says that was my plea to stay so i would like to know what to wear cause i have my regular dress and my eviction dress and Liz says oh no. and we get FOTH.


9:44am BBT: Austin and Liz in the HOH WA doing ADL's. Steve helping Becky get ice for her toe in the KT. Austin telling Liz maybe they should keep Becky and Liz says  no cause who would she put up against Vanessa? Me she says and Austin walks  around saying yeah. Bb tells Liz to put her mic on and she says it is on  and Austin says  you can't talk to her like that and we get FOTH.


9:50am BBT: John is making Slop while Julia is making coffee. Austin is walking around the house, James is getting out of bed. Meg says her and James got up at  three and thought they was bad kids. 


9:55am BBT: Most Hg in the KT making food, Meg and James in the OBR James says if Vanessa wins HOH no I will not let that happen cause she will say lets  get James out.Meg laughs and says right.


9:57am BBT: John goes to the OBR to eat his slop and says glad to see you two up at this hour and meg laughs. Vanessa is now in the KT making a protein shake and ask Julia how much coffee she  is making and Julia says to the  eight and Vanessa says cool.


 9:58am BBT: Vanessa and Julia talking Spanish to each other and Julia says you are good. Liz and Austin talking about breakfast and waiting for coffee.

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10:04AM BBT The HG having breakfast. Julia has made a mistake with the coffee and Austin tells Liz to stay away. They all leave it alone. Vanessa says that she needs someone to help her with her hair.


10:14AM BBT James and John in the PBR discussing who they would put up. They discuss Vanessa. James says she has to go. Becky comes in and the convo turns to how she is feeling.


10:28AM BBT Vanessa is still trying to find someone to help her dye her roots. She asks James. He asks if she has aluminum foil because he prefers it when he does all the dying and flipping and rows. Vanessa gets excited and asks him if he knows how to do all that. James says no. The Hg will try to help her. She says that her hair stylist gave her some dye that was idiot proof.



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10:34AM BBT John and Becky lying in the PBR. John asks Becky if she knows what she is going to say yet. She says that they haven't told her if she is going out. She is upset because they won't tell her. She says they keep asking her to do their hair. She says even if she stays she would be a sitting duck because of her injury.


10:43AM BBT We have gone to Jeff Reels. The HG are in HOH for the LD.

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10:47AM BBT The feeds are back! Liz is having her hair colored. Austin and Meg are joking about answering questions. Vanessa is going downstairs. They are not on LD yet.


10:50AM BBT Vanessa brings the coffee maker up to the HOHR so they have a clock for the hair time. We then go to Jeff reels again.

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1:12pm BBT: Hg are all leaving the HOh rm .

 1:14pm BBt: Vanessa in the WA blow drying her hair, Steve carrying pillows back to the CBR, John just walking around the KT, Liz goes back to the HOH rm to pack her things with Julia and Austin help
1:21pm BBT: meg in the Kt eating, James walking around asking who's Monsters those are int he STr and Austin says  who knows  drink them no one wants them. James ask Vanessa if they are hers and she says yes they are.Steve in the Wa shaving.  Julia and Liz now doing their hair while Vanessa does her make up.
 1:31pm BBT: James is in the shower  while the other Hg are walking around getting ready for  the eviction tonight and wondering what to wear.
1:40pm BBt: Steve, Liz and Austin talking about playing in the HOh comp and how they need to win, In the KT Vanessa is eating, meg doing her nails and Julia walking around commenting Vanessa'a hair.
1:50pm BBT: Hg getting ready in the Wa doing hair cuts and makeup and shaving. Austin, Liz and Julia in the Kt eating .
 1:53pm BBT: Becky comes out of the Dr and says the Dr gave her a cane to use so she can walk easier. She ask Julia to make her a PB&J sandwich on wheat bread. Liz ask if she wants to lay on the couch and she says she is going to the WC first.
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2:01PM BBT Julia asks if they are on live feeds right now. Austin says no. That today is a surprise and that live feeders don't get to see the prep.


2:06PM BBT In the KT Austin and the twins argue about where they are sleeping. Liz and Austin want their bed back. Liz asks Julia where she is sleeping tonight. Julia says near them (guess they don't plan to win HOH). Becky in bed in the PBR with a ice bag on her head.


2:13PM BBT Vanessa finishing up Steve's haircut. Austin is flat ironing parts of his hair. Julia eating at the KT counter. She said it is a mixture of onions, ketchup mustard and mayo with a little red wine vinegar. She is using it as a dip for Triscuits.


2:26PM BBT Meg is vacuuming the house. Austin is still working on his hair.

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2:34PM BBT Vanessa says she cut her hair for the first time. She is very excited to have done it to herself. She says she cut a millimeter off. Austin is adding more pony bands to his hair.


2:41PM BBT In the KT Austin and Meg talk. Austin says if they take out John then Steve will flip out. They talk about Becky being on her death bed. James says they look like a bunch of a**holes. They talk about has this ever had this happened before on the show before.


2:43PM BBT Vanessa and Julia talk in the WA about votes for tonight. Vanessa tells her that the 4 of them can not put up each other ever. Julia says of course. Julia and Vanessa then talk about cute they are and call themselves Austin's angels.


2:47PM BBT Meg and John start to pack for Becky. She is asleep. BB had her take 2 Vicodin for her toe.


2:51PM BBT Austin telling Meg and James that it's better for Becky to go tonight. She has a week to get better and try to come back in. Says this way if tomorrow she needed medical care she will already be in jury.


2:54PM BBT Austin wets his hands and wipes his hands under his armpits. He then applies deodorant. Liz, Julia and Austin talking about packing for Becky. Liz says she won't help because meg needs to do it. She say Becky is part of that side of the house.

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3:00PM BBT Austin and Liz are adding braids to his hair. Small little ones in front. Steve and James talk about how fast comps will go with less people in the house now.


3:06PM BBT Becky is out of bed and trying to gather her things to pack. She says she is feeling better. She is happy to see they brought her suitcase in for her.


3:110PM BBT Vanessa in the WA talking to Austin and Liz. Telling them that they need to get on the same page for what they are going to tell Becky for why they are voting her out. Vanessa then asks Austin if they are in this together. She says if one of them goes up as a pawn then they have to save each other.


3:17PM BBT Meg and James are helping Becky pack. We go to Jeff Reels.

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7:21 PM BBT Feeds return. Julia is already out and sitting with Liz and Meg on the bench. James is talking about his face itching, but he can't scratch it. Meg and Liz are talking about how annoying it is to be sitting there.


7:24 PM BBT Vanessa twitches and a buzzer announces that she is out. She has released one of the three buttons and false starts.  Vanessa is out.  Steve stood as well but during a brief FOTH we return to see that Steve was not eliminated.


7:31 PM BBT Next race starts and it's close. BB mentions that not everyone hit the buzzer. Some of them run back and hit it again. We go back to Jeff reels so I can't tell who was last to hit the buzzer.


7:35 PM BBT Feeds return to show John is eliminated and on the bench, then immediately returns to Jeff reels.  James, Steve, and Austin are still in. ***at no point are we able to see the words being displayed for the runners


7:46 PM BBT Feeds return. No change. It's still Steve, James and Austin. We still can't see the words. Austin is saying OW and Steve says "This is not easy on your knees." James "No S**t" James is pretending to false start to try to throw the others off. Austin says "time out can we get a time out".  BB isn't biting. The girls and John are cheering on the bench "Go boys you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, go boys." Back to Jeff reels.


7:53 PM BBT Feeds return and it is just James and Austin. Steve is out. James keeps pretending to false start. The HGs on the bench keep telling him to quit playing.


7:58 PM BBT The final race is over. It's a photo finish. It appears to be Austin. We go to Jeff reels for just a moment and when the feeds come back, Austin and Liz are celebrating. AUSTIN HAS WON HOH. Liz places the key around his neck, says he is the hunk of household, and gives him a kiss. James "You stole my kiss man." We go back to Jeff's reels.

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8:07 PM BBT Liz & Austin are in the BR. She tells him she is afraid of James. He said he didn't throw it because they are in a good spot and everyone knows it. He says they can offer James a deal to keep him safe in case Jackie comes back. Austin goes to the DR to see if he can tell BB some things he would like in the HOH basket.


8:12 PM BBT Steve and John are whispering in the BR. They feel that they are in a good spot and expect Austin to target James. John admits he wasn't trying to win it, even though Austin said he would throw it to him if the situation was one in which he could safely do that. Meanwhile Austin whispers to James in the WA that he is going to tell everyone that he made a deal with James to not nominate him or Meg. In turn, James will honor that if he wins HOH next week. [it was practically a photo finish so I doubt anyone would believe there was a deal-Goldylucks]


8:22 PM BBT Austin and Liz go to the SR. He says he is going to tell Steve he has no choice but to put up him and John and then backdoor someone. He needs two pawns. He did NOT name who the BD would be. He tells her he wishes Johnny Mack had done better so he could throw it to him. Austin says he wished James had beat him. Had he been in the game alone, he might have thrown it. But, he has the twins to think about too. He is walking around with a big red lip stick kiss on his cheek.


8:30 PM BBT The HGs have gone back to ordinary things. John is unpacking. Meg, James, Steve, Liz, and Julia are in the KT either eating or cleaning up. Austin is working out on the floor of the LR.


8:35 PM BBT James and Meg are talking about Zingbot. They hope they get to see him next week. James says he will probably be there before the veto comp. [They are discussing it more like wishful thinking, not that they know for a fact he will be there-Goldylucks]

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7:21PM BBT: Feeds are back and we have still in Johnny, Vanessa, Steve, James are all still in the race.


7:25PM BBT: Austin in there too Vanessa is out

and back to the reels And Julia is also out, which leaves before it went to reels, Austin, Steve, Johnny, and James


7:31PM BBT: feeds back it's the boys now all the girls are out.


7:36PM BBT: Feeds are going in and out, Flashed John is out. now back to reels.


7:46PM BBT: it's Steve, James, and Austin still in and back to reels.


7:50PM BBT: the feeds are back on reels but before they went to reels, we could hear the girls, cheering on the boys in the background.


7:53PM BBT: Steve is out it's down to James and Austin at the ready.


7:55PM BBT: Liz is saying don't let go don't let go. they are waiting for GO, still waiting, in the back ground it's Irish vs. Spring.


8:00PM BBT: no one is saying a word as they wait for GO!! Big man outside, Little man in the middle. and Go and it's Austin Austin wins HoH


8:05PM BBT: Liz calls Austin the new hunk of household. they are standing around talking and we get the reels.


8:06PM BBT: feeds are back, Austin is talking to Liz, Austin tells her that he is not going after Meg or James. Liz is saying don't worry about it. Austin says he made a deal with James not to put them up this week during the HoH competition.


8:10PM BBT: Steve is walking out of the storage room with paper towels, Julia is eating nuts. Steve and John are talking in the ocean room, They think they are safe. Austin and James are in the bedroom. Johnny says he wasn't trying to win the HoH competition. Steve says Julie liked his speech. Johnny is worried if people figured out that he wasn't trying to win the HoH.


8:20PM BBT: Austin is talking to James telling him that this week could get real ugly. Steve is looking for his pork chop. Vanessa and Liz are also in the bedroom they are talking about what if Becky or Jackie comes back next week. Meg is in there too. They all walk out. Julia is making mac and cheese.


8:25PM BBT: Liz and Austin walk into the kitchen, Liz wants to start dinner. Johnny is in the ocean room unpacking. Vanessa is cooking pork chops for the Have-Nots. Austin says what if I get pandora's Box?


8:31PM BBT: Austin and Liz are talking in the storage room Austin says he wants to put up Steve and Johnny Mac.


He doesn't want to backdoor anyone. can't put up James and Meg. Liz tells him it will work out. now talking about who he will get a letter from. and they walk out.


8:35PM BBT: Austin is starting a work out in the living room . Johnny Mac is still unpacking and they are all still cooking dinner. Actually Vanessa is eating.


8:40PM BBT: James is washing out cups, Meg is asking when they do the HoH room, Liz says last time it was like seven in the morning. Julia doesn't know when to put in the noodles. Meg wishes for the Zigbot (be careful what you wish for. Julia is now talking about how to make the mac and cheese, "You use cream right."


8:45PM BBT: James is talking to Meg in the bedroom.

Meg says she can't win won. James tells her she will get one of them. Vanessa is now in the Have-Not room with Johnny Mac. Johnny says he worked out too much this week.


He pulled a muscle. Vanessa is talking about her false start. Austin is called to the DR, James says they will get Vanessa next week.


8:50PM BBT: Vanessa and Johnny are just laying in the Have-Not room. Now they are talking about the Veto competition which will be Saturday. Steve thinks the veto competition will be balancing you planets. Next week won't be endurance. Julia fulls a bowl full of M&Ms she is now eating them.

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8:50 PM BBT James & Meg get told by BB they are not allowed to talk about DR sessions with other HG's. John & Vanessa say Julia looked down during the HOH Comp.


8:52 PM BBT Steve goes in the HNR. He asks Vanessa & John if it's nap time. Vanessa says, she's just laying down because she just ate. John says, he's just trying to make it until 12 AM.  Steve takes Vanessa's shoes & socks off. Steve says, he's going to hide her tennis shoes. Vanessa asks him not to, so they don't get mixed in with everyone else's shoes. She puts her colorful socks back on that have yellow peace signs on them.


8:53 PM BBT Vanessa says, she may have hurt her neck. Steve says, he wants another massage from Austin. Vanessa walks out on the HNR. Steve tells John he's sucking up to Vanessa. He says, she won't go anywhere this week even if she's put up as a replacement nom. Steve says, Vanessa even cut his hair. Steve tells John he's sorry about Becky. He says, he's sorry about the last night intrusion also.


8:55 PM BBT John says, nothing was happening, & it wasn't like they were cuddling or anything. Steve tells him to just let him know when he's intruding, since he can't pick up on the cues. John tells him he's alright. He says, "Have a good nap, Dr. McGuire," and leaves the HNR. Steve goes upstairs with Vanessa to set up the chess board.


8:57 PM BBT Steve goes downstairs to get cleaner to clean the chess board area. In the KT, Liz & Julia seem to think that Austin's HOH letter might be from his ex-girlfriend. Liz thinks she might bash her. Julia says, if she does, she will go after her. Liz says, she's a Physical Therapist, & Austin says, she looks like Jackie, but with green eyes. Liz stirs her coffee while sitting at the glass table.


9:00 PM BBT James says, he can't believe they did a segment on him scaring Julia. Liz says, her parents & James' were probably going crazy. Liz is singing. James says, Julia has to get him back now that she told National TV that she will. Liz tells Julia that she looked foul wearing grandma pants. Liz says, Meg's face plant was everything. James says, they did it in slow motion to. Liz says, her hands did not touch at all, it was all her face.


9:01 PM BBT Julia says, the hoe is out (referring to Austin). Liz says, no. Meg says, only this hoe. Julia wants to make cupcakes. She looks at the back of the brown sugar & says they can make the coffee cake. Meg says, one of labels has a pizza crust recipe. Liz & Meg go in the SR to look for recipes on packages.


9:04 PM BBT Meg says, if you use baking soda & something else it will make yeast. Vanessa & Steve's chess game continues, while other HG's are cooking in the KT.


9:05 PM BBT The mac and cheese is finished cooking. James wonders if there will be a lock down for the table to be taken down in size. Liz asks Steve if Zingbot came in with 8 HG's left. Liz & Meg chant, "We want Zingbot, we want Zingbot." James says, Nicole missed Zingbot & came back in, & she told the DR she really wanted to see Zingbot. Liz asks how long it took for Nicole to leave again? Meg thinks it was the following week that she left again.


9:09 PM BBT James is cutting bacon up. Liz says, they have to wait until 12 AM to see the HOH room. James & Julia said they aren't waiting to eat. James says, sorry, not sorry HN's. He says, he's going to be a HN tomorrow. Liz says, it sucks so much. (Not like she's taking her HN turn.) Liz says, they won't get the pork chops again.


9:11 PM BBT Liz says ouch as she pulls her hand back from cutting chicken breasts up. Becky left her nut clusters that she didn't want anyone else to eat. Liz says, she wanted to eat them to. James wonders how Shelli & Jackie are doing in jury, & if they will be right on guessing who comes in next.


9:14 PM BBT The twins start singing The Final Countdown & we don't get FOTH. BB says, "Julia, Liz." Liz says, we know, you don't have to call us out. She says, calling us out, yo.


9:18 PM BBT James hopes they don't do HN's. He says, keep your fingers crossed. Meg thinks there will only be 2 HN's tomorrow. James says, it doesn't make sense to do 3 anymore. He says, if they do 4, it would be half of the house. Julia says, they never showed Derek or Frankie being a HN. John goes to the DR. Julia asks what the HN was? Meg says, it was the ice room.


9:20 PM BBT Julia wants to throw out the fruit because it looks old. Liz says, they don't need the potatoes anymore because Becky isn't there. She says, she's so sad. (It was her HOH that got her out.)


9:23 PM BBT Liz plays with her feet while sitting at the glass table. Austin comes out of the DR & says, "Who's ready for a takeover." Everyone tells him to shut up. He says, it was a good one. Julia tells him that they made the mac and cheese. Austin says, there second rate dish. He says, you did come in second place. Liz gets the first plate of food. She says, "Don't mind if I do." BB tells Liz, "Please, stop singing." Liz says, she's such a f*** up.


9:26 PM BBT All the HG's that can eat are eating their dinner now. Liz says, "Oh my God, Johnny Mac, when you come off slop you need to try the macaroni, it's so good." Liz is making noises every time she eats the macaroni. Austin says, it's not as good as the Chicken Cordon Blue. Julia asks, then why is no one requesting it? Liz says, they only make it on special occasions. Vanessa says, it's so weird that this is all the HG's left. Julia starts to sing.


9:28 PM BBT Austin says, Becky only got a clapping ovation that loud because she was limping out. Meg says, they gave her a cortisone shot, so she was walking a little better. Austin asks if she got the shot in the DR? He asks if it was Horiwitz? James says, you don't like him. Austin says, he wouldn't trust him & he does like him. He says, "How do you think I get the Vicodin when I don't have anything wrong with me?" Then, he says, just kidding. Meg says, hopefully her toe heals, & she comes back better. Meg thinks she would have been able to do the competition though. Meg says, she's a tough cookie. Steve says, she went through a lot, twice.


9:31 PM BBT Liz says, next week’s HOH comp will probably be a crap shoot. Austin says, he thinks it's endurance. HG's say this was endurance. Austin says, that sucked as endurance. Steve says, the twist resets next week. John asks what the comp was last year to come back in? James says, it was a crap shoot. Austin asks if it's hard to study in jury house? Everyone thinks, yes, unless they are taking it serious & are studying together. Vanessa says, it's probably easier to study there. Liz says, she can't believe there are 4 girls & 4 guys left. Steve says, 4 guys, 3 girls & Meg.


9:34 PM BBT Austin says, he made a lot of requests. Meg touches up her make-u[ in the WA. Austin says, they finally made a competition designed for him. He says, he hopes it's endurance next week, because then James will be set. He says, crap shoots suck, because anyone can win them. Austin talks without his microphone on. BB tells him, to please put on his microphone. Meg leaves the WA. Austin starts the HOT side of the shower.


9:39 PM BBT Steve thanks Austin for winning the HOH. He says, he did better than he though he would be getting 3rd. Austin says, it's o.k. they will talk. He says, they have to talk without Vanessa. Steve says, they are going to have a 5 person alliance. Steve says, if he wins HOH Austin is fine, & he walks out of WA. Austin lathers himself up with soap while in the shower.


9:42 PM BBT Austin is finished with his shower. Steve tells HG's at the DT that Becky can say whatever she wants to. Steve says, they probably will see the comps & speeches on the DVD's.


9:46 PM BBT Austin goes in the WC to blow his nose. The toilet paper is sitting on top of the holder in the WC. He puts the used toilet paper in the toiler, but doesn't flush it. He doesn't wash his hands either.


9:50 PM BBT Steve says, Becky made great fruit bowls. Liz & Julia both say, they will pick up the slack on the fruit bowls.


9:52 PM BBT Austin says, the DR is probably trying to find the music he requested. He goes to the CBR & throws his HOH key to Liz. He tells her to hold it for her. He gets in bed with her, kisses her & holds her. They are in Julia's bed right now. You can see the Polo Ralph Lauren label on his underwear.


9:54 PM BBT Austin tells Liz he kind of already went through the whole thing in the DR. BB says, "Austin." Liz says, he didn't say anything, they are going to tell him not to talk about his DR sessions. She says, gosh, they are being so mean tonight. Liz gets so excited to see Austin's pictures. He says, he wants to see a wrestling picture.


9:56 PM BBT Austin says, he's crazy & he's nuts. Liz says, and it's a turn on. Austin says, thank you. Austin starts to Liz & you can't hear him. Then he says, he has to talk to Steve. Julia walks in the CBR. She says, they're already in her bed. Liz says, if she keeps harassing them her ass will go on the block. Julia asks who he's going to put up? Austin says, he's not putting Meg or James up, so it's either John & Steve or John & Vanessa. He talks out different scenarios.


9:58 PM BBT Austin says, he & James talked & James wasn't going to win. Austin says, he might have tried though. Julia asks what will happen if Jackie comes back? Austin says, they will have to make a deal, otherwise they will lose 3 jury votes. He says, if John goes, who cares.


10:00 PM BBT Austin says, he likes James & Meg. He says, if James goes out then he can come back & they've lost them. He says, it may not be a good time to take Vanessa out this week either. He says, she already has a plan for them for this week. Austin thinks Vanessa threw the competition. Liz says, you want that bed. Austin says, he wants Liz safe. He says, if he would have lost & something bad happened that would suck. He says, if he can't win then whatever.


10:03 PM BBT Vanessa goes in the CBR. They do the Charlie's Angels guns. Liz says, they are all blonde again. Austin asks Vanessa if she felt that she came off the thing? Vanessa says, no. She says, her muscles cramped & started shaking. Austin says, he can sit there all day. He says, James had him on the reaction. They debate whether Julia showed be a HN with Meg & James. Julia says, she offered. Liz tells her to offer again. Austin says, if it's 3, then she will do it, but he wants them to figure it out for themselves.


10:06 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if he has a deal with John? Austin says, no, he has a deal with him. Vanessa tells Austin that John & James weren't giving the comp up. Vanessa tells Austin that he needs to get John out. Vanessa says, they need to convince John to play in the POV but to throw it, because they will tell him they won't use it. Vanessa says, or you can do the same thing with Steve.


10:08 PM BBT Vanessa says, they need to make sure they get their target on the block & spin a story that they need them up there, but they won't be going home. Austin says, he can't put Meg up as a pawn, then they can spin it next week if Jackie comes back & put one of them up as a pawn. Vanessa says, she would do it, but she doesn't trust Steve enough to do that.


10:09 PM BBT Austin says, John's speech didn't make sense to him. He says, what is he doing trying to go home? Austin says, Steve is going to wonder why he's not putting Meg & James up right away. Vanessa says, they can tell Steve that they are the back door targets. Vanessa says, she will help tell Steve. Vanessa says, you can't put Steve up right away, because John won't throw it. Vanessa says, they need to put Meg up, or the plan won't work.


10:11 PM BBT Austin says, Johnny Mac is the target. Vanessa says, he was connected to Shelli & Becky. Vanessa keeps coming up with ideas. He says, Steve & Johnny Mac can be pawns, & then he has to put up Meg or James. He says, they may get voted out, but then oh well. Vanessa says, he would have to.


10:13 PM BBT Austin says, he needs Steve for the upcoming comps. Vanessa says, the 5 of them going forward ensures they all march to the final 5. She says, she thought about it a lot last night. Vanessa says, she can explain things to Meg & James so they throw the POV.

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10:14 PM BBT Austin says, John pulled his hamstring because he worked him out so hard 2 days before the comp on purpose. Liz has Austin's HOH key around her neck. Liz tells Julia she needs to win next week. She says, no more of this. Julia makes the cat hiss noise to Liz. Liz says, she wishes she had done better so she could have some TV time. Vanessa keeps telling them all night to trust John.


10:17 PM BBT Vanessa tries to come up with something to say to John about him going up because of his girl. Austin says, he can tell him he's a pawn & he has to throw the Veto, or he will go home this week. He says, he doesn't want to Meg or James up this week, because otherwise it will be open season next week for them to go up as pawns.


10:18 PM BBT Austin says, he might be able to work up something out for John to throw the Veto comp to him & they would pull him down. Vanessa says, you can't do that. She says, you can't put Steve up there with him either. (Vanessa is trying to run this HOH already.) Vanessa says, Shelli & Clay told her that Johnny Mac told Clay that Steve & Johnny Mac had a final 2 deal.) She tells them not to let it leave the room.


10:20 PM BBT Austin says, he won't vote for Johnny Mac if he's in the final 2. Liz says, if she's not chosen tomorrow can he pick her to host? Austin says, he was going to choose her to play. Austin tells Julia she has a high chance to play. Austin says, he gets to play again. He says, he gets lots of comps & TV time. He says, he wants to be all over the show.


10:22 PM BBT Julia says, Zach went out this week. Vanessa says, it was an accident because Donny was supposed to go, but he won the Veto comp. Austin says, imagine if they were still doing BOTB. Vanessa says, they would all be on the block.


10:23 PM BBT BB tells Austin to please change his microphone with one in the SR. Austin says, he's been using his lucky spare. He says he's won every comp with the spare microphone. Vanessa & Julia can't figure out what happened with Zach & Donny. Julia says, she's tired, get your room & get your life. Vanessa asks who his last letter was from? Austin says, his family. He says, hopefully it's from them again.


10:24 PM BBT Liz wants to know what he wrote on his choices. Austin says, he wrote down what he eats in normal life, so it should be healthy. Liz says, he's probably going to get a Becky basket. Vanessa & the twins diss Becky about how she was able to walk out of the house. Austin says, cortisone doesn't make you able to walk like that. Austin says, he has to put Steve up. He says, he can tell him that he had a 1 week pass. Vanessa says, he doesn't want to get blood on his hands & he should understand that. She says, they can guarantee him the votes to stay. Austin starts singing.


10:27 PM BBT Vanessa says, Austin should get his room soon. Austin says, unless they can't find the artist that he wants. He says, he made them spell it out & they better f'n get it for him. He says, all of the other songs by the artist is no vocals. Liz says, she will judge him on the music he gets. He tries to kiss Liz & she teases him by pulling away.


10:29 PM BBT Vanessa says, all of a sudden Becky wasn't limping. Austin says, she was the biggest trip in the house. Austin says, Becky talked to Meg. He says, Becky tried to plead her case to him. He says, he told her it was a difficult decision. He says, she asked if it was Liz' decision? He says, no, it was all of them. He says, before he could finish the sentence telling her he felt bad, she walked out. Vanessa says, he has no idea, she did that her, because she can't think of anything to say when she's mad.


10:32 PM BBT Austin says, he knew he wasn't going to get a question from Julie. He says, they probably think he's going to say beef cake this or Irish Spring that. Vanessa says, she doesn't get questions either. Julia says, she was kind of embarassed when she answered her question. She says, she could have answered it better. Austin says, it was a good answer. Austin says, he just wants a damn question.


10:33 PM BBT Liz says, she wanted a letter from her dad, & her mom is too corny. She says, she didn't like that, & her dad writes better. Julia asks what Austin would do if it's from Jen? Vanessa says, she didn't sign anything so it shouldn't be from her. Liz says, she hopes it is to so she can get mad at him. Julia says, they said that Jen sends her love in the last letter. Julia says, she will die if there's a picture of her. Vanessa tells Liz, she's got nothing on her. Julia says, he's her bitch.


10:36 PM BBT Liz says, she started really liking Austin a couple of weeks ago, because he started being mean to her. Vanessa says, she did have a talk with him, & his beard isn't as bad with the braids. Julia says, she can tell she really likes him more now. Liz says, she can really do without the pony tail beard though. Vanessa says, he will be good to her. Julia says, he's a good guy. Julia says, he's 30 though, & she's never dated a guy that old. Vanessa tells them to calm down on the age thing.


10:37 PM BBT Vanessa says, the guy being older is better because they are a little more immature. Julia says, Clay is way to young for Shelli though. Vanessa says, that's not a good age different. Liz asks Vanessa's opinion since she's an elder. She says, her ex-husband wouldn't date anyone under the age of 25. Vanessa says, he was a very good looking man & he was a model when he was younger.


10:39 PM BBT She says, he broke the rule to be with her, because she was mature for her age. She says, he was 15 years older than him. She says, she was married for 5 years, but were together for 7 years. Julia is shocked that she was married for 5 years. She says, they were best friends, & the only thing that was lacking was their sex life. She says, Chad lived with them the last year of his life, & her girlfriend, Mel, took care of him.


10:40 PM BBT Austin goes back to the CRL. Vanessa says, they would give each other advice on girls. Vanessa says, she had another girlfriend she doesn't talk about. She says, it's a story for off the feeds. She says, she has juicy stories for later. Julia asks who brought up the divorce first? Vanessa says, it was just a conversation. She says, he was traveling for work, & they started spending less and less time together. She says, they met at her mom's in Florida for Thanksgiving, & had the talk.


10:42 PM BBT Liz asks her if he cheated on her? She says, yes, before they got married. Liz asks Austin if he's cheated on anyone? He says, no. Liz says, yeah, every guy has. Steve goes to the CBR. Vanessa says, they only spent 6 months apart, before they started being best friends again. Vanessa says, she was clearing out his deleted e-mails. She says, he forgot they were in the trash. She says, they eloped. Liz says, she can't imagine Vanessa is a wedding dress.


10:44 PM BBT Liz asks Vanessa if she's ever been more girly? Vanessa says, they would be shocked by what she wears. She wants to have a wedding. She says, she would dress Gwen Stefani style. Julia asks Liz why she's wearing Austin's HOH key around her neck? Liz tells him to take it, that she doesn't want it anymore. Austin says, she's calling the shots. Liz smiles ear to ear. Steve is sitting on the edge of the bed Julia is sitting in. Steve says, he went through Vanessa's laundry to get his name plate. He says, he wants to put his name on his bad. He puts it next to Julia's. Vanessa tells him to put it on Johnny Mac's bed. (Johnny Mac will sleep in his bed tonight.)


10:50 PM BBT Julia tells Steve she's pissed that Steve game away 3 boxes of sour patch kids. Julia asks Steve if he thinks his mom likes his hair cut? Steve says, she probably does. Liz tells Steve that he will a girlfriend with that hair cut. Vanessa tells him to tell the barber to use a #2 on the sides, with a clean line at the top, with a fohawk. Steve tells Vanessa she has clean lines. All the girls says Steeeeeve in unison. Julia asks Steve if he will let them come visit him at Fredonia? Steve says, yes, but he's only there a couple more months.


10:53 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa there is another hanger in the closet next to Julia's bed. In the OBR, Austin talks to Meg & James. Austin says, Vanessa just told him information that she's been holding back. He tells them that he was just told that Steve & Johnny Mac have had a final 2 deal. He says, it may or may not be true. Meg says, that's a Dah though. Austin says, if John goes out & comes back, he's less likely to hold a grudge. He says, if he wins the Veto, sorry Vanessa. James says, they will all be playing in Veto, except for 2 of them.


10:56 PM BBT Austin says, the only good thing would be Jackie coming back & hoping that she's on board with them & the twins. Meg says, she thinks they will. Meg says, she thinks it will be days next week. Austin says, he needs to talk to a lot of people, but he doesn't want to talk to Johnny Mac. He says, there's opportunity to work with Steve. Austin says, Steve will probably win the Veto if he's on the block.


10:57 PM BBT Austin says, this week's HOH may be considered endurance, but he's not sure. Meg says, maybe they just did it wrong. He says, this is the one time that BB built a comp for him.


10:58 PM BBT Austins says, he fell over the side at the end. Steve scampers to the OBR. He says, he added his name finally. He put it on the pull-out bed. Austin says, it's a good bed for him to scamper all night. Liz goes to the OBR & puts Shelli's crown on Austin's head. He says, this is a bad one & he throws it across the OBR to the floor. Austin asks what if there's a lot of Irish Spring in his basket? Meg says, they may not do it because of the branding. Austin says, they put a lot of brand name stuff in the baskets. He says, whatever is in his basket will become a sponsor. John goes to the OBR.


11:00 PM BBT John says, he hurt his left glut from the first run of the HOH Competition. They talk about the comp in the OBR.

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11:00 PM BBT In the CBR, Vanessa and Julia talk about studying for competitions, days, and counting the number of things in the house.  Vanessa brings up the luxury comp and that they have overlooked it in their previous studying.  Julia asks questions about prior weeks and Vanessa fills her in.  


11:04 PM BBT Julia asks Vanessa who she thinks will come back from Jury.  Vanessa says it depends on who they send to jury this week.  They discuss sending Johnny Mac.  Vanessa says they can’t control him.  Julia talks about James going.  Julia is nervous about James putting her up.  Vanessa asks Julia if Austin trusts her, and Julia says that he does. 


11:08 PM BBT James, Steve, Austin, Liz, Meg, and John are talking and laughing in the OBR.  They tease Meg about being pelted with chocolates and anticipate a zing from Zingbot about it.  In the CBR, Vanessa and Julia are still whispering.  Julia doesn’t think Austin will take James out.  Julia says that if Steve and JMac go up, JMac wins the veto, and the choice is between Steve and James, she would evict James.  Vanessa: of course.


11:11 PM BBT Vanessa runs the numbers with Julia.  They need 3 votes still, and there will be no HOH tie-breaker.  If Vanessa or John go up, they won’t have the numbers, but if they put up Steve, they do.  Julia wishes Steve had won.  They talk about scenarios of how the returning juror will affect numbers.


11:13 PM BBT Austin is called to the DR and everyone cheers.


11:18 PM BBT Meg, James, John, Vanessa, Liz and Julia are in the KT.  There is general chit chat as they wait.


11:22 PM BBT Steve is wrestling with Julia in the WA where John and Vanessa are hanging out too.  Austin comes out of the DR and everyone heads upstairs to see his HOH room.


11:23 PM BBT Austin waits for Liz to be beside him before he opens the HOH door.  They all chant “letter, letter, letter” and shout and cheer as they go in.  They yell “Clay Aiken.”  Julia and Vanessa head to the pictures and others go to the basket to see what Austin got.  They are all milling about.  Vanessa notes that Austin got a bathing suit.  Liz is checking out the fridge.  They start chanting “letter, letter, letter” again but keep exclaiming over his basket.  They finally settle down to listen as Austin reads. 

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Austin's HOH Letter: HOH again, that's great! We all miss you so much. I know it must be hard to be away from your friends and family, but please know that we love & we support you. Nikki's back home & already found a job. Gabby's busy with her designs. Eli's in summer school & went to San Francisco on a road trip. Jordan's been hooping every day, so he can beat you when you get out. We have been watching summer league basketball, & are looking forward to pre-season in the fall, & Halloween time movie marathons. Gabby & Jordan are thinking of ways to turn the family room into a haunted house. It's been really hard for us not being able to talk to you. Take of yourself. Love you so much. Mom & Dad P.S. We send big hugs & we love you so much

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11:27 PM BBT Liz and Julia debate whether Toby or Clyde is cuter.  Julia tries on a red clown nose.  Steve asks Austin who the people in the picture are.  Austin identifies one friend and someone else he only met one time.  Vanessa is sitting quietly on the couch looking sad.  Steve comes over and tweaks her cap as if he is going to take it and she leans away to prevent it.  Meg is sitting on the bed listening while Julia, James and Liz pace around and check things out. 


11:31 PM BBT Vanessa is checking out the music and shares the headphones with Julia.  James is flaked out on the bed, while Meg perches on the edge.  John, Vanessa and Steve are on the couch, Julia pacing, while Liz hovers at the table checking out the basket.  Liz comments that she is jealous of Austin’s basket and Meg comes over to tease Liz about how hard her life is.  They want to know why he got a clown nose.  Liz brings the clown nose over to put it on Austin.


11:34 PM BBT Liz tells Austin she ate all of his beef jerky.  He says he doesn’t mind.  The twins are helping themselves to whatever they want in Austin’s basket.  Meg comments that she can’t eat the beef jerky.   Austin is checking out his music.


11:42 PM BBT Vanessa is wondering if it might be midnight yet.  Liz is listening to Austin’s music and says she likes it.  James has custody of the clown nose.  Vanessa says the clown nose is epic.  Austin thinks that the clown nose has made an appearance in HOH baskets of the past.  He would have thought James would have gotten it because he’s the prankster.  Liz says it feels weird that it’s just them...they are missing so many people. 


11:44 PM BBT Steve is looking forward to sleeping in a bed and being able to finally have the treats in his HOH basket.  John comments that this is the hardest half hour.  Liz recommends the Mac and Cheese.  Steve asks Julia about her crepes.  He asks if he can have one. 


11:48 PM BBT The Have-Nots are counting down.  Steve, Vanessa and John leave to go prepare the food they can finally eat at midnight.  After they leave, Meg and James stay behind to talk to Austwins.  They get down to brass tacks. Austin says that Vanessa is already going off half-cocked with her ideas, and of course she had information that she withholds and brings up out of nowhere.  She obviously saved it for when Austin won HOH.  He thinks she has something she saved for each person in case they win HOH.    


11:50 PM BBT Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa was trying to plant the idea that James doesn’t trust Austin because he was competing so hard for HOH.  James says he didn’t want to appear to throw it because Vanessa would notice.  They complain about Vanessa’s game talk.  Austin thinks Vanessa threw the comp.  Austin says it depends on the veto whether she goes up or not.  Austin relays Vanessa’s pitch for not going up as a pawn because they wouldn’t have the votes if Vanessa is on the block.  Austin tells James and Meg that he doesn’t want to put either of them up if he can help it because he likes them better than anyone else.  Meg thinks Vanessa is all over the place.  Austin points out that if Shelli comes back she would work with Vanessa.  But so would Johnny Mac.


11:55 PM BBT In the HOHR, Austin, Liz, Julia, James, and Meg talk about the HOH comp and speculate what the comp will be next year and that it probably won’t be the same as last year.  James is asked for his opinion and he defers to Austin saying that it is Austin’s HOH and that he just wants to support.  Austin wishes that Vanessa could have just been happy he won and celebrated with him rather than going right in to giving him information about Shelli, who isn’t here anymore.  She could make up anything.  He wonders what she would have said about Austin to James if James had won HOH.  Meg comments on how terrified Vanessa has been and that Vanessa really has no idea what Austwins are thinking.  Meg is think about the DE and that Vanessa has had a hand in every eviction. 


11:59 PM BBT  Austin comments on how weird Johnny Mac’s speech was.  Meg asks if Austin is going to talk to Johnny about that, and Austin says no.  Meg thinks that Johnny has given up.  Austin just wants to make sure he makes the right move.  If he pulls the trigger on Vanessa it’s going to be holy he**.  Meg wonders why Austin is so terrified of Vanessa.  Austin explains he is thinking of numbers, and the returning juror, but he is tired of her talking.  He doesn’t think that Vanessa is targeting him.  There is a lot to think about with the numbers in the house so small.  Austin is thinking in terms of who is least likely to hold a grudge if they come back...he thinks probably Johnny Mac.

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