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Saturday, August 8 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


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Thank you!

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12:00am BBT: Jackie comes out of the DR in her full armor outfit.  Everyone comes to the living room to watch her 'shed' her costume.  After announcing that her 'service in the Big Brother house is over!", she does a playful strip tease of the costume while the other HGs clap along and scream.


12:10am BBT Vanessa/Steve in WA, Steve asks Van if she wants him to choose her if he draws the HG Choice chip for POV. Van:"I'd love to be able to play, however if you don't want to, I completely understand."


12:15am BBT Steve/James start a game of chess. Van/Austin discuss who would be best choice for Steve to pick for HG Choice. They think John may use the POV on Shelli, so decide Steve should select Meg if he draws HG Choice.


12:20am BBT Twins discuss if BB will call them to DR, or can the remove their makeup for the night. Van/Austin discuss again if John wins POV and takes down Shelli, Van may be the only option to put up, "They might do it during the DE, but not this week, unless they are stupid, which they are, but I don't think they are that stupid." Van thinks Becky was the worse to win HOH, because she's the only one that has issues putting up John.


12:25am BBT Liz finds aluminum foil voodoo doll that James left in her bed.


12:27am BBT Van realizes if she plays/wins POV, she could use it on Shelli, and 'force' Becky to put John on the block.


12:30am BBT Van/Austin/Liz realize Becky is playing both sides. Van says Becky told her 'I used to trust you/Shelli the most, but things have changed'.


12:40am BBT Aust/Liz appear to be asleep, Van laying in bed staring. Other HGs in LR random chatting.


12:42am BBT Becky informs the LR group "I got hit in the face with a bat one time, not a baseball bat... a bat flew into the car, hit her in the face, then flew back out"


12:46am BBT Meg walks from LR to WA, James escorts her, saying he's protecting her from muggers since they are in NY.


12:48am BBT Steve starts taking a shower, Meg gets called to the DR, Julia ponders why yawns are contagious, then LR group start making popping sounds with their mouths.

12:49am BBT John/Shelli talk, Shelli asks if Becky told John what the plan is, John says he thinks Van is on to it, Shelli is worried about that. John says far as anyone knows, it's 'me, you, Steve playing for our lives'.  Van has told them both that she wants to talk to them(individually) about information Van has 'once the yard is open'.  Shelli questions who she should choose if she pulls HG Choice. "Van would think something is up if I don't pick her since we are supposedly close.'  John tells Shelli that Van talked about an 8 person alliance that would be coming after John, Steve, and survivor of Clelli, but Van said that while she was part of the 8-person alliance, she also wanted to protect John.
12:55am BBT Shelli: So the plan really is to BD Vanessa? 
John: yes, but you can't say anything!  Us 3 need to use it.  
Shelli:So if I get HG Choice?
John: You need to pick me.
Shelli: She's gonna know somethings up.  I just worry there's a grand scheme to get me out.
John: We are either in a lot of trouble, or we are not. Do you notice the pattern, every single person that has gone out, Van has blown up on.
Shelli: She has said she didn't get a good feeling about you.  She wanted to keep me from getting close to you.
John: I went to Clay saying I didn't know who I should vote out, then Van came and...  you just can't give in to the paranoia... I should use it on you.
Shelli: I'm a big target, Steve isn't it... Jackie/James/Meg don't know you/Becky are close.
John: It's you, me, Steve, we have to win POV and the next HOH
1:04am BBT Shelli asks John what she'd tell Van as a reason for picking John with HG Choice? She already asked Van who Becky would put up if POV is used, and Van said John, so now if Shelli picks John, it will appear she is protecting him. Shelli will think more about what her reason will be.  Shelli says Van likes to say she is all alone, which doesn't make sense if Van is in an 8 person alliance.


1:08am BBT John/Shelli finish talking, Shelli's light is out, going to sleep. John finds Steve to update him.

John: If you get HG Choice, you need to pick me.

Steve: If you win, you'll use it on me?

John: I have to use it on Shelli, you ok with that?

Steve: I'm not sure, what's going on?

John fills Steve in on information Van shared about meeting last week. there was meeting of 8 people, everyone but you, me, Clelli... 

(Someone calls for Steve, so they start talking about counting POV comps)

John:Bottom line, it's you, me Shelli

Steve, what's up? Am I the target?  Is Shelli the target?

John: yea, I think so... (back to talking loud about counting comp)

John: you and Shelli are the only ones I trust now

Steve: You don't trust Becky?  John says no, says 'we are on the outside


Meanwhile, Julia has gone to Vanessa and says that John was talking to Shelli a while, and now he's talking to Steve...

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1:10am BBT shelli and John sitting in the purple room. He tells shelli that Van told them (steve and him) that the plan is to get shelli, john and steve out and that can said she's trying to have their back. Shelli says, what? Van is a part of the group that wants me out? And john replies yes, there's an 8 person alliance and you me and steve are the only ones not in it. Shelli says, holy crap! He says yup yup. Shelli the. Says, so do you. Think the plan is to really back door Van or is it just what they are saying to keep me calm. And he says I think so but you never know in this house. He the. Tells Shelli we need to win this veto. It's you me and steve we are backed up into the wall right now. She says yea. Shelli wants to pick john for veto now even thoug van says for her to pick her but Shelli doesnt want to if she gets houseguest choice. Shelli tells john she needs to think of a good reason to tell Van if she picks john.. And john suggests saying that they are alone in the game. She says to john I'm ride or die with you. John says he has some plans for the future but they need to get through this week first.

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1:20am BBT Van is up to use WC, Jackie heads to bed, says good night to Steve/John on her way to HNR.  James is making things with foil again.  Van finds Shelli, tells her she has handled everything well so far this week, asks if Shelli is missing Clay. Shelli says he left his shirt for her, it was weird today because everyone was sleeping and that's when she'd hang with Clay. Van says to get sleep, 'cause you need to win tomorrow, but how can you sleep with them being so loud in there?'

Van says Steve said told her he would pick John with HG Choice.  They agree Steve should pick Van to play POV. Van could take Steve down, John would go up, and Van/Aust/Twins/Steve would vote John out over Shelli.


1:28am BBT Shelli asks who Twins would have targeted if they won HOH this week? Van says likely John/Shelli, but Shelli would have been safe

Van: You need to go out tomorrow and play your heart out.  Worse case for us is John plays.

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2:10am BBT John and steve are sitting in the bathroom whispering , the twins keeps going in and out of. Bathroom. Julia goes back to comic room and tells Van and Austin that they are acting fishy.. The. All houseguests go to sleep and john and steve continue conversation, john telling ate everything Becky told him about the 8 person alliance and how they all agreed to get Shelli, steve and john out. John telling steve that he needs him to pick him for veto and he has to use it on Shelli, bc bec wants to put up Van and if it's shelli and Van most likely Shelli will go. And if steve comes down and Shelli up most likely john will be next to him so for both their sakes steve needs to stay up.. Steve goes Over all scenarios but agrees he understands why he should stay up. He wants to talk to Shelli.. John says def before veto he needs to pull her aside. John telling him how Van has had a fight with every houseguest who went home. And what is the irony of that. John says he knows he's Vanessa target and he really wants to win the veto and take Shelli down he wants to be the demise of Vanessa. He says she's got her hand in everyone's cookie jar.. If u stay up on block, and if it's with her, let her go around losing it, stay calm. Steve doing all his normal fidgeting and saying yea yea. John goes to bed and steve stands I. Hallway talking to himself, then he goes into cabana room and begins talking there and says mom I need you mom for the first time in 52 days, no that's no true I needed u before but this is a crazy decision... Should I tell john about freaks and geeks??? He repeats that several times and then suddenly says, that's it, it's decided I'm throwing it. He then goes into Dr and then out again and to bed

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1:42am BBT In the WA: John and Steve whisper. John says that the ppl Becky are with are trying to get Vanessa out. THey dont know that John knows they are trying to get Vanessa out. If they find out that he knows then John will be going home, if not this week then at DE. What they have to do is what they are doing anyway. John/Steve/Shelli are on their own. Steve says its the 3 of them against the other 7. John says Vanessa thinks she is one of the 7 then came down here to cover her bases with them. Austin and the twins have no idea. John says Vanessa is thinking ahead and will prob try to pin them working together on Becky. John says they should act like they dont know about the 8 person but they feel left out. Ppl think they are working together, they have to hang out, Steve has to pick him for POV.


1:48am BBT Steve says Vanessa approached him about picking her for POV. John says look at the memory wall, how many of the greyed out wall had a huge fight with Vanessa? Steve names them all. John says she did it with me too, so I am her target. Steve says Becky is not going to put you up. Steve says there are 3 alliances in the house. John says and Vanessa is in all of them. John says they have to win DE and pick a side.


2:36am BBT Steve looking at the memory wall saying he has no idea what to do. His 2 closest allies are against each other. He goes to the lounge room and says ok Steven lets talk. He takes his glasses off and rubs his eyes. "I feel stupid. Do we tell John about Freaks and Geeks?" "Do we tell John about the S & S? Vanessa told me." "I can pick John and Me and Vanessa go on the block till eviction night." "Mom, I need you right now. Need you right now Mom. First time in 52 days, no its not, but I need you right now." "Just I don't know what to do. The decisions I have to make." "I need to decide if I win the Veto or if I get HG choice. Picking John if I get HG choice. And am I throwing it? John/Shelli. I'm throwing it, that's done. I'm throwing it and I'm picking John." He says the last as he walks toward the DR. He whispers Thanks for letting him sit in here.


2:47am BBT Quick flash of Becky in the HOH flipping channels on the spy screen. Steve comes out of DR and goes to bed. Becky makes herself a cup of tea in KT, goes back to HOH and turns out the light.

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 8:06am BBT FOTH...wake up call.


8:23am BBT HG doing ADL's.


8:34am BBT Vanessa in KT saying she doesnt know what to do with herself its so early. Austin asks what time is it and then says he is going back to bed.


8:47am BBT HNR still sleeping, Shelli doing make up while Vanessa watches.


8:48am BBT Cam 3 is showing us a fluffy white stuffed llama on one of the nom chairs. Its just standing there, if its saying anything its whispering so quietly I cant hear it. In the WA talk is about bad deodorant, how some smells good on the stick and bad when it mixes with your body. Meg is doing her hair.


8:56am BBT Shelli says she is peeling, how is she peeling? She didn't get any sun. Meg says they had sun during the 2400 challenge. Shelli didn't think it was that much sun. In HNR, James keeps shifing around. Cam 4 on the llama now, its in one of the nom chairs.  Vanessa goes to CBR and asks Steve if she can lay down in bed.

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9:06am BBT Shelli making coffee, Meg in OCB, she gets meds from 3 different bottles and takes them w/o a drink. She checks in HNR then goes to KT and makes a protein shake. There is no talking between Shelli and Meg. In HNR James is snoring again while Jackie is oblivious to him.


9:12am BBT Meg goes into HNR, she is NOT quiet, the door slams behind her, the plastic on the chair squeaks as she gets in it. James all of a sudden lets out a huge snore. Becky gets called (twice) to go to DR.


9:20am BBT Meg gets out of HN chair and it wakes Jackie and James up. Meg took a shower and James asks her why, if she is picked to play in POV she will have to take another one. She says she was disgusting. She wonders how they can sleep in the chairs she was up all night. In KT: Shelli gets coffee and rinses her spoon.


9:36am BBT Shelli gets called to DR. Everyone else on camera is sleeping or trying to sleep.


9:46am BBT Steve gets called to DR.

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10:01am BBT: .All Hg seem to be in bed sleeping

10:09am BBT: Becky going in the DR. Jackie is now up and getting dressed and heads to the WC. Becky comes out of Dr and heads back to the hoh rm. She runs to her dresser and grabs pants then runs to the WA to change then heads back downstairs  back to the DR.
 10:18am BBT: Jackie in the WA doing her make up. All other Hg still in bed sleeping except Becky who is in the DR.
10:21am BBT: We are now on Jeff's Reels as the Hg should be picking players for the POV comp today.
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10:46am BBt: feeds are back and Hg are doing ADL's and eating. Steve says they did not say if we need athletic wear or not so i am just going to get dressed and see. Becky and shelli says they will tell you.


10:49am BBT: Becky, Steve, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, and Meg are playing in the PoV competition


10:53am BBT: Hg are in the KT eating or in the Wa doing ADL's. Just general talk going on. meg then says she has to get her brain together. James says you might need that brain today so you can win a comp today.


10:56am Steve is dressed now and is walking around the house. In the KT James and meg are making buns for breakfast. James says  you can drizzle maple syrup on top if you want. Just general talk with the other hG.

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 11:00am BBT Shelli tells John that it was the last chip she wanted to pick, she is sorry. John says she threw it last week, how do you miss the island. Shellie says she doesnt know what she will do. John will be hosting the POV.


11:03am BBT Steve gives Shelli a hug. Shelli didn't know what to do. Steve says she has 2 ppl playing for her, he dosen't think Vanessa would lie to her face like that. Steve tells her that they are on camera, AND in a parking log. They take the game so seriously and think how ridiculous this is.


11:05am BBT HG think it will be a game of numbers/counting. Steve says it seems to be a week of old comps. Meg is afraid of it, she always messed up when it was on TV. Steve says they are in a parking lot, winner gets to stay and loser gets a few weeks vacation. John walks by and Steve pulls him over. John says they have to win. Shelli/Steve wonder if Austin will throw it or play hard. Steve tells Shelli to play her *ss off for the Veto. Steve says if he doesnt win it....He didnt expect to make it to jury. He has been on borrowed time since day 15 (the first eviction).


11:12am BBT Shelli says she is tired. Steve says she can sleep thru the VETO. They LOL. They talk about OTEV comp. Steve says it scares him. In KT: James asks if in a comp there is a HAVE pass, would that cancel out Becky's HAVE NOT pass? Becky asks why would you take it. James says to win a comp.


11:18am BBT Steve asks Vanessa how many times she has applied to BB. She says since 2011. Steve, Shelli and Becky talk past seasons comps. In KT: talk is of who came in the house first. James finds dishes sitting on the table and says now he sees how it is. They don't want to put their dishes in the sink so they leave them on the table. (HG have agreed to wash their own dishes. Some even have names on them)


11:27am BBT KT talk continues about the Number guessing/betting comp. (that's what they think the comp is) One of the twins says BB only said that the Host doesn't get a costume. HG go ooh so maybe its not numbers. They talk about trying to smash the pumpkins and you couldn't hear any rattles of the keys.

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 11:37am BBT Becky says its so nice to have a clean house. The KT is so nice now that they do their own dishes. Shelli has been in bed, Steve goes to bed. James/Jackie/Meg lay down in the HN, Becky joins them. James says remember that just like the Price is Right go $1.00. The girls say that wont work. Becky tells them her convo with Shelli/Vanessa. how if Vanessa wins and pulls down Shelli does anyone want to volunteer since they are certain Steve will go home. That way Becky can put one of the twins up. Meg says we dont want Steve to go home. Becky says no that way Vanessa wont be pissed at her for putting a twin up.


11:45am BBT Becky tells Meg to pass, pass, pass. Becky will get the tickets. If its Vanessa and Meg left in the game. Let Vanessa guess. Meg keeps asking what if questions. Becky says Vanessa is paranoid she wont throw comps, its her strategy to not throw comps.


11:51am BBT John gets called to DR. Meg claps, she is excited. Austin says its not like the veto he has to win. Liz yells its starting. Austin asks for a good luck kiss. He goes for a kiss and Liz yells you didn't cover it, he says yes he did. Steve walks in and asks if there is anything he should know. Austin says he will try to give it to him. Steve asks if he will take him down. Austin says that would look kinda funny.

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 12:00pm BBt: Hg sitting around talking general talk waiting for the POV  comp to start.


12:04pm BBT: James , Meg and Jackie in the HNBR whispering and making fun of the other Hg. In the KT Liz, Julia, Austin, Vanessa, and Becky are telling story's about jumping off a cliff into water. 


12:08pm BBT: Feeds have gone to Jeff's Reels as the HG play the POV comp.

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1:00pm BBT We still have Jeff reels.


1:30pm BBT It's still Jeff reels. We are waiting while they play for POV. When feeds come back we will let you know ASAP.

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4:30pm BBT Guess what?! We still have Jeff reels.


4:58pm BBT We have had 4hrs and 50minutes of Jeff reels.


5:08pm BBT we are at the 5 hr mark. You think you've had it bad waiting....try listening to 20 minutes of reels over and over and over.

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5:34pm BBT Feeds back. Sounds like a contest where they had to do something for a certain time. Steve said it was a matching game, you had to see it on the board first, there were 17 things. Becky says they said some of them would be decoys. Julia asks when they get their comic. Someone answers on finale night. they mention it was 5 hours long (no kidding) Shelli says if each person was 30 minutes that would be 2.5 hours.


5:40pm BBT Vanessa in the shower tells Steve there were a few kept staring at and screwed up. He says he screwed up too. He asks her if she needs anything from him. She says no.


5:40pm BBT Steve has won POV....James and Becky in HNR. Becky says she is so happy. James said it couldnt have came out any better. Becky says Steve hates Vanessa so Steve is fine with it. Steve wants Vanessa out. Becky says be real nice to Shelli this week. Becky was in SR during comp and was so scared. In the KT: Becky says she was up there 17 min but it felt.

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8:52pm BBT Vanessa is out of the shower and Austin showering now. Shelli is looking through her cloths in the OCB. In HNR: Meg tells Becky in HNR that it was a hard comp. Meg says it couldn't have been better.


5:56pm BBT Meg says she cant believe her pic was with her mouth open. Becky does a big eyes open/mouth open hands flashing over her head and Meg goes YES! Becky keeps telling Meg the trouble she had, couldn't find out what the difference was, finally she just changed them and got it right.


6:00pm BBT Austin comes in HNR. He says he was sweating like crazy. He doesn't know how Steve did it so fast. Meg says she kept hearing them ask Steve if he was ok...FOTH

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6:04pm BBT Meg says that comp!! Austin says he has never done a swing rope like that, w/o a harness...FOTH. James is making his chair but not going to take a nap. Meg wants to sleep. James congrats her on how well she played. James is glad Steve won, it makes everybody's life easier. Meg says the running back and forth was the hardest, she was good at the jumping part. James tells her Austin said Becky was going to put up John as a replacement. James replied that he didnt know. Then Austin said as long it wasnt one of them (Austin/twins) or them he is fine.


6:10pm BBT James says he wants to tell BB that when he came into the house he WAS a small but now he thinks they should step it up to an M. He hopes his clothes at home still fit, if not he will head straight to the gym. Vanessa comes into HNR and says she is afraid Becky wont keep to the plan to put John up. Meg says she hasn't talk to her since comp. Vanessa congrats Meg on how well she did.


6:14pm BBT Vanessa leaves HNR and James phew she is stressed. Meg says what if she wins DE? James goes but someone has to vote her out this week. Meg goes oh duh. James says if for some reason he is voted out during DE he will come back. He doesn't see Vanessa or who ever beating him in a comp.


9:17pm BBT Shelli/Vanessa in WA. Shelli saying she is embarrassed by how long it took her. Vanessa says she should have done better, she is not as fast as the younger ones, she knows its an issue. Shelli says she was just so off her game, she needed it so bad and it made her more nervous. Back in HNR: Jackie comes in and says it couldn't have been more perfect. Of course Vanessa is freaking out. James says he told Becky he cant wait to see Vanessa's face (when she is nom)


6:23pm BBT Shelli telling Liz about the comp.  Liz jokes with Austin saying they had a HT party while they waited for the comp to end.


6:27pm BBT Austin says the Tuna cost $85. Why spend that kind of money on Tuna and not buy them other stuff. Talk goes back to the comp.

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6:32 PM BBT Steve, John, and James are at the Dining Table talking about how long the PoV competition took.  John would not have guessed it was 5 hours.  It felt like an eternity but he would only have guessed three.  James is shocked that it was 5 hours.  Steve notes that they had to reset and test everything after each competitor played. They continue talking about what types of competitions are left to go.


6:35 PM BBT Austin and Liz lounging in the WA as Shelli puts on her make-up.  John, James, and Steve continue chatting at the Dining Table.  Steve is asking if they have had an interview where they were asked... we get Fish.


6:38 PM BBT Shelli is telling Jackie, Liz and Austin about how her expectations threw her off in the competition.  She thought there would be clearer differences but the differences were so tiny. 


6:41 PM BBT Vanessa is laying down in the Comic Book Room with her hat over her eyes.  The camera zooms in and you can see that her eyes are open.  Feeds change to the group at the Dining Table.  Liz, Becky, Austin and Shelli are in the KT and they are all talking about Liz being the evil twin.  Liz jokes that she’s okay with being the evil twin because she IS evil.


6:46 PM BBT In the HNR, James asks Meg how to say goodbye in French.  He was trying to say “Bon Voyage” in one of his DR speeches and couldn’t pronounce it.  James tells Meg that Julia has a crush on Steve.  Meg thinks that’s weird.  James tells Meg that he asked Julia about who she would have a showmance with in the house and she told James it would have to be Steve.  Meg starts stressing about being wrong about the days in the house.


6:49 PM BBT James and Meg talk about their team.  Becky has speed and agility, James has endurance, Meg has brains, and Jackie is a good overall player. 


6:52 PM BBT Julia is setting up the Voodoo doll in the other nomination chair next to the Llama.  Julia insists that the voodoo doll is a girl and John says that’s good because then they can’t use voodoo on him.  Julia has given the voodoo doll green jelly-bean eyes. 


6:48 PM BBT Julia comes into the HNR to get James and Meg to come and see “Miss Voodoo”  They go out and join Shelli, Becky, and John in the LR.  Meg asks who you would evict between Miss Voodoo and Larry the Llama.


7:02 PM BBT James changes the eyes of the voodoo doll to red eyes, and sets it up with a knife in its hand.


7:06 PM BBT Becky, James, Jackie and John are in the WA chatting about the PoV.  James is still working on the voodoo doll on the nomination chair in the LR.


7:10 PM BBT Shelli, Liz, and Julia are chatting in the LR. Liz is convinced that a wadded bit of tissue is a voodoo doll left behind by Audrey. 


7:11 PM BBT Meg is having a cold shower.  Jackie, James and John are in the WA too.  James squirts something from a bottle into the shower area.  James looks at his hair in the mirror and notes that he has a lot of gray hairs and that his hair is thinning out.  He blames it on the stress of being in the house.  John laughs at him saying he hardly has any gray.


7:16 PM BBT Shelli is telling Liz and Julia about how badly she bombed in the PoV comp.


7:20 PM BBT Jackie and Meg in the WA talking gleefully about Shelli and Vanessa being up on the block together and duking it out.  They start talking game for the following week and anticipate making a deal with the twins.  Meg notes that they [James, Becky, Jackie, and Meg] are more likely to win and they have an extra number.  The twins have not won anything.  Meg says “and we have Steve on our side, too”


7:26 PM BBT Shelli tells the twins about where all the different PoV players had to stay while the others competed.  Meg had to sit on the sky deck.  Becky was first and had to sit on the floor in the storage room while all five of the others competed.  Shelli was in the Hammock room, Austin was in the HNR, Steve and Vanessa were in different bedrooms. 


7:28 PM BBT Meg and Jackie are in the WA crowing gleefully over how shocked Vanessa will be.  Meg thinks it’s great that it’s Becky is doing it...she’s the most random person.  Meg wonders what Becky’s speech will be.  Jackie sees Becky and calls her into the WA.  Meg tells Becky about Vanessa “flying” into the HNR to ask them if the plan is still the same.  Becky tells them that Vanessa was pressuring her even before the HOH comp. 


7:36 PM BBT In the LR, Shelli lounges on the couch watching as Austin leads Liz and Julia in some stretches. 


7:37 PM BBT Johnny Mac is flaked out in the Comic Book Room.  Vanessa is awake and tells Johnny Mac she needs to talk to him.  He says “yeah” and she suggests that they can talk on the hammock once the back yard is open.  He agrees.  Vanessa starts talking about the PoV competition.  She felt really sluggish and frustrated.  John says that he is feeling a lack of energy in general and doesn’t even feel like talking.  He thinks it might be because of the exertion of the HOH comp. 


7:42 PM BBT  Vanessa is looking very worried.  She gets up and goes to the HNR but finds it empty.  Meg and Jackie are chatting with Becky in the HOHR.  Meg comments about Shelli picking Vanessa for the PoV competition.  Becky says that Shelli and Vanessa will be side by side.  Jackie says they can campaign against each other and true colors will come out. 


7:45 PM BBT In the HOHR, Becky, Jackie, and Meg are talking about all the ways that Vanessa has caused trouble for them in the house. 


7:46 PM BBT In the WA, Vanessa is telling Steve that she is stressed.  She asks him if she knows if Becky is going to do it.  She tells Steve that Becky already changed the deal because Johnny Mac was supposed to be up against Shelli, not Steve.  Clearly, Becky doesn’t intend to put Johnny Mac up.  Vanessa is pointing out that the house could flip and she could go home.  Johnny Mac will vote to keep Shelli. Vanessa is upset because she had a great strategy for the comp but she couldn’t move fast enough.  Steve gives her a hug and reminds her that they are on a TV show in a parking lot.


7:51 PM BBT In the HOHR, Becky, Meg and Jackie are talking about who has campaigned against who.  Becky tried to tell them what she is going to say, but Jackie keeps talking over her.  James knocks on the door and joins the meeting.  Becky wants things to be cool and calm because everything was so nuts last week.  She wants to take personal responsibility and not blow anything up.  Anyone going to jury could come back in the game.  Becky wants to let Vanessa do her thing.  Jackie still wants to confront Vanessa about something.  Becky wants to take all the backlash because Vanessa doesn’t have much on Becky to use against her.


7:56 PM BBT Austin is still giving a yoga class to the twins in the LR, and Shelli is chatting with them as they go through their moves.  Becky is repeating how she wants to handle things and is articulating all the things that irritate her about Vanessa’s game.

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8:03 PM BBT Becky, Meg, Jackie and James are still complaining about Vanessa.  Meg comments that anything that Vanessa claims to have on them is fictional because none of them have said anything to her since Jeff left. 


8:05 PM BBT Jackie and Meg note that it’s a good thing Austin clued them in about flipping the votes between Clay and Shelli.  Becky is smug that she had worked on Johnny Mac and Steve and that she had them.  Meg points out that it wouldn’t have mattered because the blowout changed everything so that Clay could not have stayed.


8:07 PM BBT Becky describes how Vanessa puts people in danger so that she can “save” them so that they are grateful and give her their loyalty.  She notes that Vanessa did that to her, and that she also did it to Austin.  Becky re-iterates that she wants to say a minimum so as not to give Vanessa any ammunition and that she just wants to let Vanessa run her one-woman show and remain calm herself.


8:09 PM BBT Vanessa has joined the group in the LR.  They finish their yoga class.  Austin and Liz leave the LR area.  Shelli sits closer to Vanessa and Julia is still sitting on the floor of the LR.  Julia brings up the PoV competition, and both Shelli and Vanessa talk about what went wrong and how strong Steve was with it.   


8:15 PM BBT  Julia and Liz in the WA whispering about James, Jackie, Meg and Steve are upstairs talking.  Shelli comes out of the WC and corrects them...Steve is in the DR.  Julia is comforted that Steve is not up there.  Julia says that she also heard Steve and John talking ... they would be whispering and then when she walked by they would talk really loud about something obvious like comps.  Julia says “please guys. You make it so obvious!”  Liz leaves and Julia and Shelli keep talking.  Feeds change to Vanessa and Austin in the Ocean bedroom.  Vanessa tells Austin that she hasn’t asked him for a favor yet in this game but she has a favor to ask now.  Vanessa wants Austin to go up to the HOHR and talk about things about the four of them...She wants Austin to tell the HOHR group that Vanessa, Austin and the twins are willing to make a double eviction plan for next week.  Vanessa begs him, saying “Austin, I’m counting on you, please!”


8:18 PM BBT Austin complains to Liz about having to go upstairs [His assignment from Vanessa].  He’s worried he’ll burn it.  Austin comes into the HOHR and sits near the table.  Meg asks if he is coming to play with them.  They talk about the HOH and PoV comps at length. 


8:28 PM BBT In the HOHR they are talking about how Steve wins when he needs to... “Like Dan Gheesling.”  They talk about Dan and the fact that he has written books about how to win BB.  Meg says that Steve is still here because they are playing idiot games.  James says it will be an interesting HOH if Steve wins. 


8:32 PM BBT  The group in the HOHR are still talking about competitions.  They are speculating on what competitions are coming up and talking about Zingbot coming in. 


8:38 PM BBT Meg, Jackie and Austin are talking about the PoV competition again [Austin still hasn’t found an opening for the game talk that Vanessa asked him to pitch]


8:41 PM BBT Vanessa is in the WA putting nail polish on her fingernails. Shelli comes in and admires her fingernails.  They both agree that they are going to sleep well.  Shelli is emotionally drained.  She says the camera has been watching her sleep a lot since things happened.  She finds it odd, and yet normal in the BB house.


8:48 PM BBT Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac are in the Comic Book Room.  Steve puts shoes on and then goes over to tuck Vanessa in.  He kisses her forehead and goes.  She calls him the little brother she never had. 


8:49 PM BBT In the Comic Book Room, Vanessa tells John he has a cool way of talking.  She jokes about whether he really is a dentist and not Clay’s brother or cousin, or lead guitarist for Nine-Inch Nails or Pearl Jam. 


8:53 PM BBT Steve has joined the group in the HOHR and yes, they are still talking about the PoV competition.  Steve tells the group that the instructions contained the wrong form of “your/you’re” and it was driving him crazy.  In the Comic Book Room, Vanessa is asking Johnny Mac about his favorite music.

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9:17pm BBT Steve/Becky/Meg in HOH chatting about all kinds of things, they are talking about a mile a minute. In the KT: they talk about food, Taboo Tuesday and Twister, James is trying to figure out how to make a twister board.


9:21pm BBT James and Austin talk about sponsors, Suave, Tresemme. Shelli says if she doesnt have the fun of picking out the nuts she wants she eats less. In HOH: Jackie/Becky/Meg and Steve talk about the phrases that were on the HG comics during POV today.


9:30pm BBT In HOH: Becky tells Steve to channel his inner Stephan. Meg says everyone does dumb things. They wonder where BB finds these nutsos.

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 9:35pm BBT: Just general chit chat going on through the house.


 9:39pm BBT: James, Becky and john are in the By sitting with their feet in the hot tub . John says i have to tell you i had to do damage control with this week, he says those two had a straight face and kept talking. Becky says that's fine i have made my own decision and i will tell Vanessa that i did this myself i am my own person and i am doing it alone. I basically told James , meg and Jackie that i am putting her up and they are really excited about it. Becky ask him does Steve want Shelli or Becky out for  sure? john says he wants Vanessa out for sure. Becky says oh good i was kinda worried about him


 9:45pm BBT: Jackie and Steve IN THE hoH RM AND THEY GET UP TO HEAD OUT TO THE BY: Becky  sitting in the  BY at the Hot Tun telling Austin who just walked out that they do not know how long the BY has been open cause John comes  in the KT and says it is open so we just came out.


9:50pm BBT: Liz has made tacos and  She makes herself a plate saying this looks so good. She sits down asking where Austin is. Julia,Vanessa and Shelli making them a plate now.


9:55pm BBt: john and Shelli talking as they have their feet in the hot tub about Weather hiking. James and Austin are working out with weights.. IN the KT sitting at the dining table is Liz, Julia, shelli, Vanessa and Steve eating dinner and talking general talk.

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